2 Sep, 2018

Surprises of the first month of autumn

Benefits near Moscow pensioners

Since September 1, pensioners from the Moscow region over the age of 60 will be entitled to free ride on any public transport in the capital: in the metro, on a bus, trolleybus, etc., except for taxis. Almost 1.4 million people will be able to use this privilege. At the same time, they will save at least 2.3 thousand rubles, which is quite weighty considering small pensions.

Benefits Moscow graduate students

Moscow post-graduate students of full-time education will receive the same benefits for travel in public transport (metro, MCC, commuter trains), which students and residents have. Almost 50 thousand people will be able to use these privileges. Monthly travel by subway for an adjunct will cost 380 rubles. instead of the current 2 thousand 75 rubles.

Morning greeting

In the Moscow metro, in the mornings, the drivers and station managers will greet passengers as crew commanders do in airplanes. Their speeches will begin to sound before the first departure of the train and before leaving for change. And the station managers will talk to the subway visitors twice a week at 08:00. To make the workers of the subway heard well, at some stations they will change the loudspeakers. Such measures should improve the quality of passenger service, says Telegram-channel Mash.

The order of inheritance of property

From September 1, a law will be enacted that extends the ability of citizens to dispose of their property after death. There will be a new concept for Russian law – the hereditary fund. It will be a legal entity that will manage money, business and other assets of the deceased. The Foundation will act after the death of its founder on the terms that it will determine when drafting a will, and no one can change them. Thus, the Russians will not be able to wait for the inheritance for six months. However, according to this law, creditors of the deceased have the right to present claims for the payment of debt to both heirs and the fund.

International passport

Biometric passports will start issuing at least one multifunctional center (MFC) “My Documents” in municipalities with a population of more than 50 thousand people. Since August 3, the duty for a biometric passport has increased to 5 thousand rubles, and for a child passport (up to 14 years) – up to 2.5 thousand rubles.

Silk-screen transport

In Moscow, ground transportation will completely remove the turnstiles. For this purpose, new validators are purchased. And 531 new buses and 20 trams, initially equipped with light-rail access, will be delivered to the capital.

All operations with their credit card under control

Since September 4, banks are required to notify borrowers about the situation with their credit card after each transaction: what is at the particular moment they have a debt, what credit limit still remains. They will need to send notifications in the form of SMS or e-mail. One of these methods should be prescribed in the contract.

Penalties for the unauthorized extraction of semiprecious stones

Since September 17, increased fines for the unauthorized extraction of semi-precious stones, included in the list approved by the government of Russia. Individual “prospectors” will have to pay from 200 thousand to 500 thousand rubles., Officials – from 500 thousand to 800 thousand rubles, and companies – from 10 million to 60 million rubles.

Students will be able to work

Students of pedagogical universities can get the right to lead circles and sections. It is expected that, starting from the third year, students will be able to be the leaders of the respective circles. It is planned that these rules can be earned as early as September 1. Now, the professional standard of supplementary education is being amended accordingly.

Growth of scholarships

The former head of the Ministry of Education and Science, and now the Minister of Education Olga Vasilieva promised that student scholarships will increase by 4% from September 1. “In 2018, the volume of the scholarship fund will grow. It will grow by 3 billion 700 million rubles. In the federal budget, funds are allocated to increase the scholarship by 4% from September 1, “Vasilyeva said earlier.

According to Rosstat, as of January 1, 2017, the minimum monthly stipend for university students was 1340 rubles. Note that the rate has not changed since 2014.

National payment system

Since September 26, changes in the law “On the National Payment System” come into force. Changes will affect the issues of blocking fraudulent transactions on bank cards. The money transfer operator will be entrusted with the right to suspend for a period of up to two working days the execution of the order if there are signs of an operation without the client’s consent, which are set by the Central Bank.

It also establishes the procedure for the actions of credit institutions to return money when they receive a notice from the payer – the legal entity about writing off money without his consent.

Duties on oil

The Ministry of Economic Development defined export customs duties on oil and certain categories of goods produced from oil for the period from September 1 to September 30, 2018. For the reporting period, the duty rate will be:

The Ministry of Economic Development defined export customs duties on oil and certain categories of goods produced from oil for the period from September 1 to September 30, 2018. For the reporting period, the duty rate will be:

  • crude oil – $ 130;
  • spent oil products, fuel oil – $ 130;
  • light and medium distillates, benzene, toluene, diesel fuel – $ 39;
  • Straight gasoline – $ 71.5;
  • gasoline for sale – $ 39

Expertise of computer programs

From September 1, the compulsory examination of programs for electronic computers is introduced. According to this law, if for the purposes of preparing documents that justify the safety of nuclear facilities, it is necessary to build computational models of processes that affect the safety of objects, then computer programs that have passed expertise in the organization of scientific and technical support of the authorized body of state security regulation are used for their construction. Examination is carried out at the expense of its customer’s funds. The subject of examination is an assessment of the possibility of using computer programs for the purpose of constructing computational models. Documents issued earlier confirming the possibility of using the relevant programs will be in force until their expiration date.

Risk factors for consumer loans

The Central Bank changes the scale of risk factors for loans for consumer purposes, depending on what the full cost of the loan will be for a citizen.

For loans with KPS in the range of 10-15%, the risk ratio will grow to 130% (now – 100%); at rates of 15-20% – the risk ratio will increase to 150% (so far it is 110%); with rates of 20-25% – the risk ratio will increase to 180% (currently – 120%); CPM of 25-30% will lead to an increase in the risk factor to 200% (currently – 140%). The requirements apply to banks with a universal and basic license, which will issue consumer purposes after September 1.

Accreditation rules

The Federal Service for Accreditation reports on the application of the new provisions of the law on accreditation when applying for the provision of public services. In particular, the requirements to the application for accreditation have been supplemented. It must contain the applicant’s email address. At the same time, applications submitted to Rosakcreditatsiya after September 2 and not containing the above information will be returned without consideration.

Briefly about the main thing ….


Iranian airline announced the start of regular flights to Kazan

Regular flights Kazan – Tehran start on September 2. At the international airport “Kazan” will land the board of the Iranian airline ATA Aіrlіpes. Later, the Tatarstanians will be able to go to Iran twice a week – on Thursdays and Sundays.

In Dominica after simplifying the visa regime

August 28, an agreement on introducing a number of changes to the visa regime between Russia and the Commonwealth of Dominica entered into force. Now you can stay in this country for up to 90 days every few months. …

Uninhabited island on the Kolyma will be given to tourists

The uninhabited island of Zavyalov in the Magadan Region will make the tourist pearl of the region. In 50 km from the regional center, the implementation of a large project began. At its first stage, twenty-five cubs of musk oxen were brought to Kolyma from Arctic Yakutia, RIA Novosti reported.

Service to find cheap air tickets earned in Russia

Service to find cheap air tickets in a spontaneous direction “anywhere” has earned in Russia, PR-director of Aviasales tourism service Janis Dzenis told the Interfax-Tourism portal.

“We noticed that not all travelers know where they want to fly, but they clearly understand that they want to meet certain dates or a specific amount, and they are focused on a new service that will help inspire interesting proposals and choose a country for their trip,” he.

North Korea boasted a huge water park in Pyongyang

The water park “Munsu” was opened in Pyongyang in November 2013. On an area of 15 hectares, there are several open and closed swimming pools, volleyball and basketball fields, climbing wall, as well as a buffet, a cafe, a bar and a hairdresser

Tourist boats with music and alcohol can ban on Majorca

The authorities of Mallorca plan to ban tourist boats, so popular with travelers. The fact is that the locals consider these boats too noisy. This was reported by the Daily Express.

Aeroflot launches direct flights to Denpasar from October 28

Aeroflot will launch direct flights to Denpasar from October 28, 2018, the company’s press service reported.

Sakhalin and Hokkaido signed an agreement on the development of ferry communication

The authorities of Sakhalin and the Japanese island of Hokkaido signed an agreement on the development of ferry communication and economic exchanges. The agreements were reached at the traditional meeting held in Japan, the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports.

Venice and Paris most “hit the pockets” to Russian tourists

The experts ranked the most expensive and most affordable cities in Europe, where you can go on the weekend. The ranking of the most “beating by the pocket” and the most budgetary for a weekend trip to the countries, were specialists of the Pomogator tour search service with a link to Post Office Travel Money.

The “Marco Polo” liner will deliver 700 foreign tourists to Arkhangelsk

On Tuesday, August 28, the cruise ship “Marco Polo” will enter the port of Arkhangelsk. The liner will be stopped within the 18-day trip from the UK to Norway and Russia. In addition to the capital of Pomorze, he will go to Murmansk

Eco-tourism: in Amsterdam, travelers were asked to collect garbage

The campaign was initiated by environmentalists from the organization Plastic Whale. They suggested that tourists spend time with benefit for the planet. As a leisure, travelers can catch garbage from canals

Tourist cards will start selling in Prague from April 1, 2019

The card will be serviced by the capital company Operator ICT, which in 2016 developed a transport map of Prague – Lítačka, and is also known for such projects as WiFi benches, smart trash cans. In other Czech cities, “Guest cards” are already operational.

Egypt aims to attract Chinese tourists

The advertising campaign is designed to meet the growing demand of Chinese tourists for cultural events, whose popularity has exceeded the popularity of shopping trips. The goal of Egypt – to attract one million Chinese guests this year

In Russia, the first plant for the production of autocampers

Today in the city of Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia’s first factory for the production of motor homes and residential modules “AutoCamper Prom” was opened, the press service of Rosturizm.

Suzdal and Gorokhovets were recognized as cities of worldwide importance

The Russian cities of Suzdal and Gorokhovets are included in the World List of Special Tourist Attractions, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization.

In addition to Suzdal and Gorokhovets, 33 sites were added to the World List, including the British Museum in London, the Antwerp Zoo, the “Great Mosque” in Kuwait and the “Forbidden City” – a unique architectural complex in Beijing.

Now the list contains 2178 objects of particular importance for the development of tourism.

National Museum in Prague

After seven years of reconstruction, the National Museum in Prague will open. It will start on October 28 (the 100th anniversary of independent Czechoslovakia and the 200th anniversary of the construction of the museum itself): on this day there will open a major exhibition dedicated to the history of the creation and development of the Czechoslovak Republic.

And in full the museum, including its permanent exposition, will start working for the public only in 2020.


Thousands of fish “cooked” off the coast of California

Thousands of fish have recently died off the coast of Malibu Bay in California, not because of toxic “zombie” algae or chemicals, but because of the excessively high temperatures of the water in which they were burned alive, according to an online edition of Live Science.

Facebook will switch to renewable energy by 2020

Facebook in its blog said that by 2020 it will completely switch to renewable energy sources. The company also promises to reduce the greenhouse effect from its actions by 75%.

Cedar holiday in Courley awaits its guests

In the village of Kurlek, Tomsk district, on September 2, the II regional festival “Celebration of the Cedar” will be held. Within the framework of the festival, guests will be able to visit the unique Siberian Academy of Trees and Shrubs, take part in various thematic competitions.

The innovation of the event this year will be “Environmental Robotrop”: schoolchildren with robots will stand on the protection of the cedar wood from garbage. Traditionally, one of the central events of the holiday is the “Cedar of Our Family” action, during which newlyweds will plant their family tree in the cedar park.

The European Union has banned halogen lamps

The European Union imposed a ban on the use of halogen lamps. The decision was made in the framework of the energy-saving policy and will come into force on September 1. This is reported by The Guardian.

Under the ban, first of all, the lamps and candle-like lamps fall. Buyers are invited to switch to energy-saving and LED lamps. So, LED lamps consume five times less electricity than halogen models. Refusal to use halogen lamps will prevent emissions of 15 million tons of carbon emissions per year

In Cheboksary, the invasion of admirals

As it turned out, in Cheboksary at the end of this summer, namely in the beginning and the middle of August, a real mass appearance of the butterflies of admirals from the Nymphalides family

Ob has become shallower

Novosibirsk rescuers warn of a drop in the water level in the Ob River – this could lead to accidents on the river.

“The Ob at the moment has its minimum values for the water level. Now the fishermen will go fishing – a predator, it starts very actively by September, “the head of the municipal emergency rescue service Dmitry Fokin told the NGS correspondent. He noted that such fishing takes place at night, when it is even more dangerous to be on the water.

He stressed that now on the water you need to move on a small stroke – to choose small speeds, since you can run aground in places where the boat could sail safely in the summer.

Check on Lake Baikal revealed violations of the law on the protection of the lake

The interregional environmental prosecutor’s office conducted an on-site inspection. In particular, it touched enterprises in the village of Vydrino and Severobaikalsk in the Republic of Buryatia, which operate sewage treatment plants.

The activists completed the expedition on the right bank of the Sūursk reservoir

Member of the Geoecological Commission of the Penza regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Natalia Filatova explained that, in particular, volunteers explored the river Medoyevka and the Round creek that flow into the reservoir.

“We took a water sample in the Sur Lake reservoir, rivers and streams flowing into the sea and described the natural complex of mixed and pine forests on the watershed,” she clarified.

Natalia Filatova also noted the severe pollution of the water protection zone with household and other wastes.

Kursk Region attacked the Black Mustache

According to the Rosselkhoznadzor department for the Kursk region, the quarantine pest has chosen pine forests of Zheleznogorsky district. Black barbel is not only that turns the trunk into a sieve, but also carries a pine stem nematode.
Satellites showed accumulations of aerosols in the Earth’s atmosphere

Even if the air looks clean, millions of solid particles and liquid droplets penetrate your body. These substances, known as aerosols, can be found in the atmosphere above the oceans, deserts, mountains, ice, forests and every ecosystem between them.

If you have ever observed smoke from a forest fire, volcanic ash erupting or wind-blown dust, you saw aerosols. Earth satellites of NASA, such as Terra, Aqua, Aura and Suomi NPP, also see them, only from a perspective hundreds of kilometers above the surface of the planet. The NASA model version, called Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP), offers an extensive view of atmospheric aerosols

Ecological collection should be sent to recyclers

Experts of the All-Russian Popular Front (ONF) “General Cleaning” project suggested that part of the environmental collection be sent to enterprises that produce goods from recyclable materials. This was told on Saturday by the reporters coordinator of the ONF “General Cleaning” Dmitry Mironov at the forum of the youth line ONF “Youth ONF” “Rubezh.”

“We propose to start stimulating the production of goods from secondary raw materials, for example, part of the funds coming to the budget from the environmental fee from enterprises should be redirected to organizations that produce products from recycled waste,” Mironov said.

What are the consequences of volcanic eruptions

Geologist Matthew Gendj from the Imperial College of London explored the effect of separation of charges in the column of the volcanic eruption. It is known that during eruptions volcanic ash is released – up to several hundred cubic kilometers of ash enters the atmosphere. It consists of a suspension of solid particles about a micron

Interestingly, after the separation of positively and negatively charged particles, a negative charge remains at the ash column – thus, it even more repels the charged particles from itself, which gives them acceleration, N + 1 reports. This leads to the fact that within a few hours the particles can scatter hundreds of kilometers from the volcano, staying at a height of several hundred kilometers, which is called the electrostatic levitation effect.

A high concentration of negatively charged particles in the ionosphere for about 100 seconds after ejection can cause a strong charge. In turn, it will provoke the formation of thunderclouds and subsequent heavy rains.

The park of electric cars in Russia reached 2,5 thousand copies

Analysts of the agency “AUTOSTAT” conducted a study of the Russian fleet of cars and determined that as of July 1, 2018 in our country there are 2.5 thousand electric vehicles.

More than 70% of the total volume falls on one model – Nissan Leaf, which is registered in the amount of 1.8 thousand units. Next comes the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (294 pcs.). The top three also includes the Tesla Model S, represented by 202 pieces. Experts note that these three models account for more than 90% of the entire Russian fleet of electric vehicles.

Less than a hundred cars in the park belong to the VAZ development – the electric car LADA Ellada (93 pcs.). The remaining electric cars have even lower indicators: Tesla Model X – 88 pcs .; Renault Twizy – 27 pieces; BMW i3 – 11 pcs., Tesla Model 3 – 1 pc.

Approximately every fourth electric car was registered in the Primorsky Territory (586 pcs.). This region in terms of the number of “clean cars” left behind Moscow and Moscow together (369 and 98 units respectively). In the Khabarovsk Territory, this indicator is 244 units, in the Krasnodar Territory – 190, in the Irkutsk Region – 146 pcs., And in the Amur Region – 113 pcs. In St. Petersburg there are 73 electric vehicles, in the Samara region – 57. In the remaining Russian regions, less than 50 electric cars are registered.

The prosecutor’s office organized a check on the fact of pollution of rivers in Yakutia

According to the fact of pollution of the rivers Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobuya, Vilyui as a result of breach of dams at the firing ranges of the deposit “Irelyakhskaya placer” of ALROSA (PAO), inspections are carried out, the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic informs.

In Russia, 16.4 million people breathe polluted air – these are the data of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

One of the most polluted regions of the Siberian Federal District is the Kemerovo Region.

The economy of the region is concentrated around three spheres: coal, metallurgy and chemical industry. In Kuzbass, 50 enterprises of these regions operate. In this case, often boiler houses, plants and factories are located within the city and daily throw tons of harmful substances into the air.

The health of the inhabitants of the region is rapidly deteriorating. According to the organization “Ecodefence”, life expectancy in the Kemerovo region is 3-4 years less than the average Russian indicators. In addition, 2.4 times more mentally retarded children are born in the region.

“For 15 cancer diseases, the indicators in the Kemerovo region are higher than the national average. 93.8% of the sources of drinking water in the Kuzbass do not correspond to the state standards, “the report of Ecodefense says.

The cause of the polluting emission in the Crimea is named

Experts have established that the release of an unknown substance in the Crimean town of Armyansk occurred at the plant “Crimean Titan”. On this, on Thursday, August 30, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Republican government Igor Mikhailichenko. On the night of August 24, an unknown substance was released in Armyansk.

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