24 Oct, 2018

Tehran is ready for dialogue with the United States

Iran is ready for a dialogue with the United States, said on October 23, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic Muhammad Javad Zarif, the Turkish Anadolu news agency reported.

He made such a statement in an interview with Japanese media.

“We have no preconditions, but we can say that dialogue requires mutual respect, not mutual trust,” the diplomat said.

“Usually the people who participate in the negotiations do not necessarily trust each other, but mutual respect is necessary,” he added.

Recall, on November 4, the next stage of US sanctions against Iran should come into force, which will affect oil imports from the country

Briefly about the main thing …..


The Kremlin has not yet formed a position

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has not yet formed a position on the proposed idea to introduce fines for self-employed Russians who do not pay taxes.

“You know that (the State Duma) has many initiatives. They are then worked out, in fact, in the relevant committees, if they are accepted for consideration, ”said Peskov.

Citizens of pre-retirement age will receive tax benefits

From 2019, citizens of pre-retirement age will receive benefits when paying land tax and property tax on individuals. The relevant law was supported by the Council of Federation Committee on Budget and Financial Markets.

Gambling zone “Azov-City” in the Krasnodar Territory liquidated

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ordered the liquidation of the Azov-City gambling zone in the Krasnodar Territory from December 31, 2018. The corresponding order was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Twitter mistakenly blocked the page of Ilona Mask

Tesla’s founder and CEO Ilona Musk on Twitter was mistakenly blocked by the administration of the social network, which considered that the entrepreneur’s page was hacked.

Twitter thought I had a hacker attack and blocked my account, hahaha. – Ilon Musk, engineer

Putin gave Sirius the status of a “science valley”

According to the interlocutor of RBC, “quite a large part” of the Olympic Park is attached to “Sirius”, in addition, three scientific laboratories have already been opened in the center. “Sirius” and its creators The educational center “Sirius” in Sochi was established by the Foundation “Talent and Success” in 2014 at the initiative of Vladimir Putin

Uber top manager quits amid harassment charges

Uber’s head of corporate development, Cameron Petcher, resigned after accusing him of inappropriate treatment of female subordinates in the workplace. Nelson Chai was appointed acting head of the department.

In Sovfede offered to raise the age for the purchase of weapons

Olga Kovitidi, a senator from Crimea, proposed to amend the federal legislation to increase the age of possession of all types of weapons to 21 years.

240 billion rubles. distributed among the regions of Siberia on the development of health care

The volume of financing of health care in the regions of Siberia until 2024 will amount to 240 billion rubles. Such information was given by the plenipotentiary plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District (Siberian Federal District) Sergey Menyaylo in Novosibirsk at a meeting of the district

Budget money in Dagestan was given to false disabled people and Syrian militants

High-ranking Dagestan officials issued medical insurance and debited money from the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund (MHIF) to natives of the republic who went to fight on the side of the militants in Syria. About this in an interview with TASS said the head of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasiliev.

Payment of 23 salaries to a dismissed official was recognized as legal.

The payment of the “golden parachute” in the amount of 23 salaries by the acting deputy governor of the region, Yuri Agibalov, was recognized as legal. The inspection was carried out at the request of the vice-governor himself, the agency said. “The grounds for taking prosecutor’s response measures have not been established,” the statement reads.

In the State Duma created a working group on age marking

At the meeting of the Committee on Culture at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Committee Elena Yampolskaya said that the situation with the marking of artistic works was brought to the point of absurdity and there was no respect for creativity.

“I hope that the created working group under the leadership of Alexander Sholokhov” very quickly sketches some proposals for marking works of art, and we will hold an expanded committee meeting on these proposals, “said Yampolskaya.

The ban on wearing niqab recognized a violation of human rights

The UN Human Rights Committee said on October 23 that the ban on wearing the niqab, in force in France, is a violation of human rights. This was reported by Reuters. According to the Committee, fines against women in niqab are a violation of human rights.

Experts named the most drinking cities in Russia

Saratov became the leader in the ranking of the most drinking cities in Russia. This is according to the results of the federal opinion poll reports agency ZOOM MARKET. Khanty-Mansiysk ranked second, closed the top three Perm.

The top 10 also includes Saransk, Krasnoyarsk, Chita, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk and Novokuznetsk.

St. Petersburg is located on the 11th place. Moscow was on the 16th line. Closes the rating of Kazan (25th place).

Ministry of Health supported the increase in 10 times the fine for the sale of tobacco to children

Deputies of the Leningrad Legislative Assembly took the initiative to increase by 10 times the monetary penalty for the sale of cigarettes to children. Currently, the maximum amount of penalties for individuals is 5 thousand rubles, for legal entities – 50 thousand rubles.

Insurers will be able to participate in the payment of pensions

Life insurers wanted to participate in the payment of funded pensions. In this regard, they are listed in the new version of the draft law on individual pension capital (IKP), told Izvestia in the Central Bank.

In St. Petersburg, they sanctified the temple with a high relief of a local businessman and Christ

Parishioners of the new church in St. Petersburg are greeted with a high relief with the image of businessman Vyacheslav Zarenkov and his family members, who hand over the church to God, reports Fontanka.

Leningrad official threw a bribe during a car chase

The police in the Leningrad region arranged the pursuit of those who tried to escape with a bribe received by the head of the administration of the village of Toksovo, Andrey Kozhevnikov, and his other deputy. Suspects during the chase threw money out of the window onto the track.

A court in Switzerland revealed the reason for the refusal of Abramovich in a residence permit

The Swiss Supreme Court lifted restrictions on the dissemination of information about the reasons why Russian businessman Roman Abramovich was unable to obtain a residence permit in this country. According to Bloomberg, the court did not support Abramovich, who insisted that the release of such information would damage his reputation.

According to the agency, the court referred to the Swiss police’s concern that the entrepreneur is suspected of money laundering and possible contacts with criminal structures, and his Swiss assets may be of some sort of illegal origin. Such a response was given by the police at the request of the migration service.

It also follows from the decision that the provision of a residence permit to Abramovich could threaten public safety and create a reputational risk for Switzerland.

The rate of land tax in Perm increased by 3 times

On the eve of Perm, elected representatives of the people voted to change the land tax. They supported the idea of increasing the tax on land for residents three times – to 0.3.

According to RBC, the deputies of the Perm city Duma for the first time since 2005 increased the tax rate on the plots allocated for the construction of individual housing (IHC). In addition, the growth will affect the areas under the engineering infrastructure and housing stock.

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations proposed to recover from the fishermen the costs of their rescue

The head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Yevgeny Zinichev, proposed collecting fishermen who went out on the ice in spite of warnings to save their expenses. He stated this during a joint meeting with the government of Sakhalin Oblast. The head of the department noted that their rescue entails large financial costs.

In Switzerland, opened a criminal case on the “Russian spies”

The Swiss Federal Council authorized the prosecutor’s office to launch a criminal investigation into two Russian citizens suspected of spying on the territory of the country. This was told by the spokesman for the General Prosecutor’s Office of the country, Andre Marti.

Chelyabinsk Diocese again demands not to celebrate Halloween

Explaining their position, the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church operated not only with quotations from the Bible, but also with extracts from the presidential decree “On the strategy of national security”, which Halloween, in their opinion, does not fit. Halloween, in particular, is so dangerous that it threatens to ruin the country, priests say.

In his address, the diocese complains about the “ambiguous” position of the regional authorities on the issue of celebrating the eve of All Saints Day, which testifies to the “lack of strong state will and irresponsible attitude to the problem of spiritual security.”


Chinese banks do not want to serve the Russians because of the sanctions risks

As Kommersant found out, the sanctions really complicate the work of the Russians not only with the West, but also in the markets traditionally considered to be free from these risks, in particular in China. At the end of September, Moscow directly posed to Beijing the question of difficulties in servicing Russian clients in Chinese banks. Market participants and experts confirm the seriousness of the problem. It is particularly acute for people from the US SDN list, but there are also restrictions for those who are not formally affected by sanctions. The Chinese side is not in a hurry to take measures, calling into question the effectiveness of the notorious “turn to the East” and the prospects for this market as an alternative to tightening sanctions.

VTB and Sberbank plan to create a regional airline

VTB and Sberbank have begun work on creating a regional airline, head of VTB Andrei Kostin told RIA Novosti. He explained that the company may appear from scratch or on the basis of one of the existing airlines.

The total assets of banks in the Moscow region in August rose by 3.2%

The total assets of banks in the Moscow region (excluding PJSC Sberbank) in August 2018 increased by 3.2% to 53,847.3 billion rubles, Prime Agency was told in the Central Administration of the Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District.

Yandex.Taxi bought a platform for managing Nautaksi taxis

The taxi order service Yandex.Taxi has bought an online platform for managing Nautaksi taxi companies – it is being developed by a company of the same name. The representative of Yandex.Taxi, Vladimir Isaev, told Vedomosti about this. The co-founder of Nautaksi, Vyacheslav Parkhomenko, confirmed the deal.

FC Otkritie will establish a branch in Greece based on the branch of Binbank

The Supervisory Board of Otkrytie FC made a decision to establish a Greek branch on the basis of a branch of Binbank in Greece. This is stated in the materials of the first organization. This branch of FC Otkritie will be located in Athens

“Novatek” extended until 2021 a deal with “Enel Russia” for the supply of gas

Novatek extended the deal with Enel Russia for the supply of gas for three years – until 2021, the Novatek said. The previous contract expires at the end of 2018

State Duma extended non-tax transfer of foreign assets to Russia

Until 2019, the period of non-tax transfer of foreign assets to our country was extended. The bill on this passed the State Duma. His goal is to stimulate this process.

Central Bank completed the centralization of banking supervision

“The main objectives of the banking supervision reform are to ensure uniform approaches and standards in supervisory work throughout the country, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of supervisory actions, introduce a consolidated approach to assessing the risks taken by credit organizations, and optimize the interaction of the regulator with credit organizations,” the CB said. .

Ukraine plans to issue new Eurobonds

Ukraine will issue bonds with a maturity of 10 years, Ukraine Channel 112 reports October 22. According to the report, Kiev plans to issue Eurobonds in such a way that in 2018 foreign borrowings will be worth almost $ 2 billion.

70% of Kazakhstan residents expect devaluation

Against the background of instability of the tenge against the dollar in Kazakhstan, the devaluation expectations of the population have significantly increased. The published review by Halyk Finance Research states that they increased to 70.7% (66.9% were in August), which is the highest figure since January 2016.

“In the consumer behavior of the population in the first three quarters, there is a sharp change in preferences in favor of non-food products, the amount of funds directed to the acquisition of currency also increased, which can be regarded as a desire to save savings due to volatility in the foreign exchange market and rising inflation expectations,” review.

Total began exporting LNG from Ichthys project in Australia

Total began exporting LNG from the Ichthys LNG offshore project in Australia. This was reported in the press service of the company. “The first batch of LNG with Ichthys LNG left the city of Darwin in the north of Australia,” Total noted.

Saudis to invest $ 5 billion in Arctic LNG-2

Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), who was present at the Middle East Investment Forum in Riyadh, said that Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khaled al-Faleh had announced Riyadh’s readiness to invest in the Arctic LNG-2 project $ 5 billion

FAS has approved the purchase of insurance business VTB “Sogaz”

FAS approved the petition of Sogaz for the purchase of VTB Insurance, informs Interfax, citing the press service of the antimonopoly service.

Increase government procurement from small businesses to 5 trillion rubles

Putin said that almost 70% of purchases fall on technically complex products and services. The president recalled that back in 2015, companies with state participation were buying from small and medium-sized businesses not more than 100 billion rubles.

“Hole” in the capital of the bank “Ugra” exceeded 160 billion rubles

The negative difference between assets and liabilities of Ugra Bank (“hole” in the capital) at the date of recognition of a credit institution as bankrupt increased to 160.9 billion rubles. Such data follows from the consolidated report of the interim administration published on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Putin ordered to extend the moratorium on checks for some small companies

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his speech at the Small Business – National Project forum, proposed extending the moratorium on scheduled inspections for some small companies and self-employed citizens for two years.

In December, a three-year moratorium on scheduled inspections for most types of state control over small companies ends. This measure has affected more than half a million entrepreneurs, allowed to support the business, reduce its costs. – Vladimir Putin

VTB bought 24.8% of Transcontainer from Fesco

VTB bought out Fesco (32.5% owned by the Summa group of Ziyavudin Magomedov) 24.84% of the shares of PJSC Transcontainer. The organization’s message is posted by the information disclosure center.

Ex-owners of “Morton” will open a network of spa centers for 4.5 billion rubles

Investments in one spa will amount to 150-300 million rubles. Thus, the minimum investment in the opening of the entire network of complexes will amount to 4.5 billion rubles.

Banks raise rates

Banks continue to actively raise interest rates on deposits both in rubles and in dollars. On October 12, for the second time this year, Sberbank, the country’s largest, raised interest rates on all ruble deposits by 0.15–0.5 percentage points. In addition to Sberbank and VTB from the top 10 banks in terms of deposits, Rosselkhozbank, Alfa-Bank, Binbank, Otkritie FC, Promsvyazbank and Raiffeisenbank raised rates in October as well. Moscow Credit Bank and Gazprombank last raised rates on deposits at the end of September.

“Victory” ordered 20 new Boeing totaling up to $ 1.5 billion

Pobeda Airlines ordered 20 new-generation Boeing-737MAX8 aircraft for a total of up to $ 1.5 billion, Interfax reports, citing the government procurement portal. Of these, no more than 15 aircraft “Victory” will lease for 10 years from the Irish SMBC Aviation Capital.

Tomsk municipal debt will grow to 6 billion rubles by 2022

Earlier, the deputy mayor told that as of January 1, 2018, the volume of municipal debt was in the amount of 3.52 billion rubles, and the budget deficit was more than 600 million.

RBS will allocate £ 2 billion to finance SMEs during Brexit

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will allocate £ 2 billion to finance small and medium-sized businesses to help them cope with the consequences of Brexit. Funds will be provided in the form of loans to companies that export or import from the EU (trade financing, long-term financing and increase liquidity of enterprises).

Gazprom: Poland increased purchase of Russian gas

Poland is one of the leaders in boosting demand for Russian gas and has increased its purchase by almost 10%, Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, told reporters.


Trump confirmed the possibility of meeting with Putin in Paris

US President Donald Trump confirmed the possibility of meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Paris in November.

“It is not yet organized, but probably we will meet,” RIA Novosti quoted Trump.

Earlier, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said that “the presidents will hold a bilateral meeting” after the celebrations in Paris.

Erdogan called the planned operation of the murder of Hashukji

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashukji is the result of a planned operation

Before meeting with Putin, Bolton laid a wreath at the site of the murder of Boris Nemtsov

“Boris Nemtsov tried to make Russia more free and prosperous both as a politician and as a leader of the Russian democratic movement. The memory of him continues to inspire people,” the US embassy notes in a Twitter post.

Shoigu noted the gradual restoration of the dialogue between Russia and the United States.

The dialogue between Russia and the United States is gradually being restored after the meeting of the presidents of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki on July 16.

After the meeting of our presidents, we can state the gradual restoration of bilateral dialogue. I am sure that even small steps will benefit our relations and restore confidence. – Sergey Shoigu, Russian military leader

China will not tolerate blackmail on joining the INF Treaty

Beijing does not accept blackmail in any of its manifestations and advises Washington to think again before deciding to withdraw from the Treaty. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Hua Chunin, commenting on the White House’s demand for China to be included in the INF Treaty.

18 criminal cases were initiated following the September 9 elections in Russia

Eighteen facts of violations of the electoral legislation in the course of the Single day of voting became the basis for initiating criminal cases, said the head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova.

Already in one criminal case from these all actions are completed. This is in the Republic of Buryatia: the illegal issuance of a ballot paper, the penalty is very high there. – Ella Pamfilova, politician

Greek ambassador summoned to Turkish Foreign Ministry

Greek Ambassador Petros Mavroidis (Petros Mavroidis) was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, a representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti on Tuesday. “Yes, we confirm the ambassador’s call,” the agency’s source said, without specifying the reason for the call.

Britain has not appealed to the Prosecutor General of Russia in the case of Skripale

The UK did not contact the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation with any inquiries in the Skripale case, official spokesman Alexander Kurennoy said on Tuesday. Earlier it became known that the GP of the Russian Federation received the official refusal of Britain to assist in this case.

In Kiev, the court continued to consider the case of Yanukovych on treason

The court provided an opportunity to continue his speech in the framework of the debate to private lawyer Alexander Goroshinsky. The court in late June 2017 began the consideration of the merits of the case of treason against Yanukovych

Putin and Erdogan will meet on Saturday in Istanbul

On Saturday in Istanbul, the Russia-Turkey-France-Germany Summit will be held. The event will include a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Tehran is ready for US dialogue

Iran is ready for dialogue with the United States, Muhammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic, said on October 23, Turkish Anadolu news agency reported. He made such a statement in an interview with Japanese media. ”

The United States launched the first cyber operation to protect the election from Russia

The US cyber command, which reports to the country’s defense ministry, is trying to dissuade individual “Russian operatives” from spreading misinformation and interfering in the November midterm congressional elections, intimidating them, The New York Times reported, citing informed officials.

The court left Cyril Vyshinsky under arrest until November 4

The next court session in the journalist’s case, according to the lawyer, is expected next week, since “the term of detention will end on November 4, and, presumably, applications for the extension of the preventive measure will be served”.

The United States accused Venezuela of financially supporting the caravan of migrants

US Vice President Mike Pence accused Venezuela of financing a multi-thousand caravan of migrants from Honduras, which is moving to the borders of the United States. This Pence said, referring to a conversation with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez

Federica Mogherini called the Black Sea “European”

The Black Sea is European, and the EU does not want to see military gain in this region, said European Union spokeswoman Federica Mogherini. She also added that the militarization of the Sea of Azov could turn into a destabilization of the situation in the entire Black Sea region.

Let me remind you that the Black Sea is the European Sea, and we don’t want to be witnesses of the next military gain in our nearest region. – Federica Mogherini, Italian politician

€ 15 billion more due to Brexit

Germany will contribute 15 billion euros more to the EU’s total budget due to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. It is reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

It is noted that this is also associated with new spending on border protection and security. It is assumed that Germany will pay 45 billion euros each year.


About 1.5 thousand Russian military took part in maneuvers in Abkhazia

“About 1,500 Russian soldiers during the offensive tactical exercises freed the village from conditional militants, and also repelled the attack of conditional amphibious assault forces on the coast of Abkhazia,” Astafyev said.

The two-medium automatic automatic gearbox was adopted by the Russian army.

Komarov said that the two-medium ADF machine gun was already adopted by the Ministry of Defense. He told reporters that this weapon caused the greatest interest at the exhibition, and there are already first orders

North delivery to posts and lighthouses of the Pacific Fleet completed

The ships of the Pacific Fleet made calls to Bering Island and to the village of Okhotsk, which allowed the personnel and civilian specialists serving there to replenish stocks of fresh produce, seasonal vegetables and fruits

“Queen Elizabeth” escorted warship of the Netherlands

The ship of the Netherlands Navy will be included in the British carrier strike group (AUG) during the first cruise of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier in 2021, the press service of the British Prime Minister reports.

Israeli intelligence reported where Iran “hides” ballistic missiles

Iranian facilities for the production and modernization of ballistic missiles were discovered in Iraq by Israeli intelligence, the Israel Today newspaper reported.

Ukraine is preparing crews for boats received from the USA

Ukrainian naval forces are preparing crews for Island-type boats received from the US, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday. In late September, the US Coast Guard transferred cutters Drummond and Cushing Island cutters to Ukraine.

The capabilities of the IL-76MD showed the Russian military to Egyptian colleagues

At the Cairo-Vostochny airfield, Russian paratroopers familiarized their Egyptian colleagues with the capabilities of Russian military transport aircraft. This is reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

F-35 with a thermonuclear bomb can get to Moscow

The information portal “Army Standard” published an interview with the former head of the Main Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Viktor Yesin, on the modernization of the American B61 bomb. According to Colonel-General, the United States turned a tactical weapon into a strategic one that is a threat to Russia.


HTC introduced the world’s first cryptocurrency smartphone Exodus 1

As described in the company, the world’s first cryptocurrency smartphone has a wallet that will be used to store cryptocurrency, while access to the Android OS will be closed to it, and this will ensure security

OnePlus will launch 5G smartphone next year

The head of OnePlus, Carl Pei, said at an event in Hong Kong that his company will launch a 5G smartphone next year, GizmoChina reports. Pei announced from the 4G / 5G Summit 2018 scene that in 2019 the first OnePlus smartphone will be released, working on fifth-generation networks.

Samsung may introduce the first folding smartphone on November 7

South Korean company Samsung may present the first folding smartphone on November 7 at a special event in San Francisco. About this electronics manufacturer hinted in his announcement, published on Twitter.

Russian price for Sony premium headphones WH-1000XM3 announced

Sony has announced the imminent start of sales of premium Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones in Russia. They will appear in November, but for now you can place a preliminary order at a price of 29,990 rubles. The WH-1000XM3 has a new QN1 noise canceling HD processor.

Introduced compact body SilverStone Raven-Z RVZ03-ARGB

SilverStone has expanded the range of enclosures with the Raven-Z RVZ03-ARGB model, which is suitable for creating a compact gaming system.

Class A2 MicroSDXC

Sales of Lexar High-Performance 633x microSDXC UHS-I memory cards with a capacity of 512 GB will begin at the end of this month at a price of $ 300 schA apiece

The prototype of an unmanned air taxi created in Russia

In Russia, they are working on the creation of a valid model of unmanned aero taxi, they write, “Izvestia” with reference to the specialists of the prototype center of NITU “MISiS” “Kinetics”. In the so-called electrict, the developers have combined the functions of a quadrocopter, a “flying wing” and the so-called convertiplane.

Huawei announces the start of sales of the Band 3 Pro smart bracelet in the Russian Federation

Huawei Corporation announced the start of sales of the Band 3 Pro smart band bracelet in the Russian Federation, the gadget has a touch screen and improved sleep and pulse monitoring functions. To assess the quality of sleep technology involved Huawei TruSleep 2.0.

Samsung ponders over laptop with flexible display

Samsung laptop with a flexible display is unlikely to see the light earlier next year. And even after the sale of such laptops will remain a niche products because of their unusual and price, which will be quite high

Misfit Vapor 2 Announcement – Smart Watch with NFC and GPS

Today, October 23, 2018, there was an official announcement of a smart watch called Misfit Vapor 2. They are remarkable because they have NFC and GPS modules, and the main priority in them is made on an active lifestyle, that is, on training and other activity

Unveiled Xiaomi Roidmi F8E Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for $ 130

The company Xiaomi presented a relatively affordable wireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8E. The novelty of the older model differs less capable 300-watt motor. Externally, the Xiaomi Roidmi F8E is not very different from the Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner presented in the spring.

Facebook introduced a simplified version of the Messenger application.

Facebook has introduced an updated version of its instant messaging application. Facebook presented an updated version of its Messenger application to users, which, according to developers, has become more powerful and secure.


In Russia, the construction of ultra-long sea drone began

In the central design office “Lazurit” in Nizhny Novgorod, construction began on a long-distance sea drone for the Northern Sea Route. This was told by the head of the physico-technical studies of the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI) Igor Denisov.

Scientists have successfully tested “vaccination” against smoking

The NicA2-J1 protein has already been successfully tested in laboratory rats accustomed to nicotine, made it possible to monitor its content in the blood and reduced craving for it. About this scientists report in an article published in the journal Science Advances

The Dead Sea Scrolls from the US Museum were fake

German experts have found that 5 of the 16 Dead Sea Scrolls stored at the Museum of the Bible in Washington are fake. About this reports Live Science.

The real scrolls of the Dead Sea are in fact the earliest surviving fragments of the Old Testament. These are original texts that were found in caves on the shores of the Dead Sea in the 20th century. Over the past 20 years, there have been a lot of such fragments on the antiques market, so experts have begun to doubt their authenticity ….

Scientists have adapted the drone to track birds

Monitoring of rare birds can be done with the help of drones – say the scientists who created the prototype of such a system. The development, according to its authors, is an excellent alternative to traditional monitoring methods based on the use of radio transmitters.

New catalysts will help fight the greenhouse effect

With increasing concentration of carbon dioxide, the Earth begins to gradually warm up, like a plant in a glass greenhouse, so this effect is also called greenhouse. Fighting excess CO2 in the atmosphere is a very important scientific task.

A device that stimulates the brain theta rhythm improves memory

Scientists from the University of California (USA) investigating the brain theta rhythm have suggested that it is capable of influencing human memory. To test the hypothesis, the researchers conducted two experiments with the apparatus, stimulating this rhythm. The results confirmed the assumption.

Russia is testing a new drug against HIV

Clinical trials in the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor are undergoing a new anti-HIV drug. It will allow patients to replace the regular intake of pills with a monthly injection, they write on October 23 “Izvestia”. The drug is based on nanosuspensions, which are slowly consumed in the body.

Scientists are close to creating a black widow’s heavy-duty web

Very poisonous black black widows and related species that are spread all over the world are famous for their incredible strength – they became the objects of research of scientists from Northwestern University of the USA and San Diego State University

Scientists have learned about the ability of dogs to distinguish between human speech

US scientists have found that dogs can distinguish words from pseudowords. At the same time, in animals when perceiving pseudowords, the temporal-parietal lobes of the brain are most active, whereas in humans it happens the other way around – when real words are pronounced

Asian elephant females have math skills

Previously, the mathematical ability of elephants proved by Japanese researchers, they are confident that animals can count to eight. As evidence, the experts trained three adult Asian elephants – two females and one male.

Biologists have found a “switch” of pleasure from alcohol

Biologists from the United States of America were able to determine the molecular pathway that releases dopamine into the body after drinking. Proper targeting can cause the human brain to stop taking alcohol as a source of pleasure and relaxation.

The existence of exotic star-sized particles is predicted.

A group of Russian scientists has developed a mathematical model that describes the behavior of dark matter inside galactic halos and predicts the appearance of exotic stars consisting of Bose-Einstein condensate. Such objects can cause radio bursts and other observable anomalies.

The new method diagnoses all known pathogens at once.

Scientists have developed a new way to diagnose blood, which can simultaneously detect the presence of 307 types of bacteria, including all known causative agents of human diseases. Also, it can be much faster than before, to find out whether certain microbes are resistant to antibiotics.


NASA plans to send its crew to the ISS on the “Union” in December

NASA plans to send its crew to the International Space Station at the Soyuz in December, said the head of the space agency Jim Braidenstein during a speech at a meeting of the National Space Council, chaired by US Vice President Mike Pence.

Gravitational waves will help clarify the rate of expansion of the universe.

Twenty years ago, scientists came to the conclusion that our Universe is expanding, and faster and faster. It was surprisingly difficult to calculate the exact speed of this process, the so-called Hubble constant. Until now, there were two methods of calculation, and they gave different results.

Oumuamua asteroid disappeared from astronomers

American scientists have tried to discover a space object, which was opened last year called Oumuamua. As a result of research, it was discovered that an asteroid resembling a cigar, disappeared from the field of view of astronomers, leaving no trace of its existence.

The first ever interplanetary cubsat photographed Mars

Tiny low-cost devices for the first time proved their worth as researchers of the solar system. The camera of the first Kubsat sent on an interplanetary journey successfully photographed Mars.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have agreed on space monitoring of the Earth

The national company Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary and the state committee of Uzbekistan on land resources, geodesy, cartography and the state cadastre signed a memorandum of mutual cooperation in the use of data from the Earth remote sensing system of Kazakhstan in the interests of Uzbekistan, reported October 23, Kazinform agency.

NASA has found an iceberg of perfect geometric shape.

NASA experts have found an unprecedented – iceberg of a flat rectangular shape. It is seen near the Larsen Ice Shelf, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Extraterrestrial life may have a purple tint

Extraterrestrial living organisms can be purple, suggested by American scientists. Such a conclusion they made, examining the early history of the Earth, reports Live Science. Modern plants use chlorophyll pigment to get the energy of the Sun, but it is not able to absorb green light.

Halley’s Comet will destroy the Earth in 2061

MIT scientist Markus O’Neill and his colleagues drew attention to the student’s dissertation on the calculation of the motion of Halley’s comet during its stay in the Solar System. They found out that the object would destroy the Earth in 2061, and also found many errors in the previous forecasts of experts. While the probability of the forecast is almost 82%

The student discovered the slowest pulsar

Chia Ming Tang was part of an international team of astronomers that made observations using a LOFAR radio interferometer in the Netherlands. During research, he discovered the slowest pulsar known to science.

The Hubble Orbital Telescope will soon resume work

About two weeks ago, we recall, NASA reported a failure of the Hubble orientation system. One of the gyroscopes went out of order, and the space observatory had to be transferred to safe operation. To return the long-lived telescope, it was decided to use the backup gyroscope


Kia has announced prices for new versions of Sportage

The company Kia called the cost of the updated Sportage crossover in Russia – the model will cost from 1.3 million rubles. In the Russian market, the model will receive two petrol engines – a 2-liter, 150-horsepower and 2, 4-liter, 184-horsepower – and 2-liter, 185-horsepower diesel engines

Volkswagen has posted a video of the smallest crossover T-Cross

Volkswagen has announced the premiere of the new subcompact crossover Volkswagen T-Cross final teaser video. The presentation of the smallest SUV Volkswagen will take place the day after tomorrow, October 25, at a special event in Amsterdam, and official sales will begin in the spring of 2019

Nissan will bring the updated Maxima sedan to the Los Angeles auto show

The Japanese company Nissan announced the premiere of the updated flagship sedan Nissan Maxima. The presentation of the novelty will take place at the end of November 2018 at the Los Angeles International Motor Show.

The network has photos of the sports version of the new Ford Focus ST

Spy shots of the new “charged” Focus ST ST hatchback have appeared on the Web, the mass production of which will start soon. Seen the car is not covered by camouflage

Sedan Lynk and Co 03 began selling in China

The Chinese brand Lynk and Co, created jointly by Geely and Volvo, presented the third model – the sedan with the index 03. According to the portal Wroom.ru, Lynk and Co 03 is a golf class sedan with a length of 4.64 meters.

Published the first video with Ferrari Purosangue crossover

In September, representatives of the premium brand Ferrari reported that they were working to create the first crossover in the lineup. The network published the first video, which showed the electric SUV Purosangue

BMW withdraws 1.6 million vehicles worldwide

The German company BMW announced the launch of a program to recall about 1.6 million cars. The reason is that a number of models have problems in the gas removal system.

Sedan Lynk and Co 03 began selling in China

The Chinese brand Lynk and Co, created jointly by Geely and Volvo, presented the third model – the sedan with the index 03. According to the portal Wroom.ru, Lynk and Co 03 is a golf class sedan with a length of 4.64 meters.

The network showed a sports version of the crossover Renault Arkana RS

The debut of the new French crossover, which debuted at the Moscow Motor Show, did not have time to fade when the shots of the “charged” version of Arkana appeared on the Web. The new Renault Arkana was presented with great fanfare at the end of August as part of the MIAS.

Faberge and Rolls-Royce created the Spirit of Ecstasy Egg

The egg weighs 400 grams, its height – 160 millimeters. The authors of the concept are Rolls-Royce Motor Cars designers Stefan Monroe and Alex Innes. Sketches were refined by Faberge’s chief designer Lisa Thalgren, and company master Paul Jones created the egg itself in a single copy.

Harley-Davidson will withdraw 238,000 motorcycles from the market

The largest American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson voluntarily withdraws from the market 238.3 thousand motorcycles to eliminate problems with the hydraulic clutch.

Audi has published the first image of the updated Audi R8 supercar

Announcing the ambulance premiere, the manufacturer published the first teaser image, judging by which car will receive an updated exterior, where a modernized front bumper, modified air intakes, and updated optics will appear.

Dyson will start producing electric cars in Singapore

The British company Dyson, known to the whole world for its vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and other household appliances, will be engaged in mass production of electric cars in its own factory in Singapore. Construction of the new enterprise will begin in December and will be completed in 2020.

Chevrolet Camaro will be a hybrid with a 6.2 V8 engine

Two hybrid versions will be added to the motor range of the sports car. The basic version of the new Chevrolet Camaro will be equipped with a 2.7-liter turbo engine from the Silverado model, whose power will be 310 hp. and 472 Nm of torque. With such a power unit, the coupe will dial a “hundred” in 5.2 seconds.

Toyota presented the anniversary version of the crossover Toyota RAV4 in Russia

The cost of a Toyota RAV4 in the 25th Anniversary version starts at 1,966,000 rubles for a car with a 2.0-liter engine, and a 2.5-liter engine model will cost buyers at a price of 2,092,000 rubles.


Disney negotiates to restart Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney Film Studios began negotiations with Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who were rumored to have written a script to restart the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. As “Gazeta.ru” writes with reference to Deadline, producer Jerry Bruckheimer will continue to work on the franchise.

The film “Death of Stalin” nominated in the category “Best Comedy”

The film “Stalin’s Death” (banned in Russia) was nominated for the European Film Award (EFA) in the Best Comedy category. The list of candidates for the award was published on the EFA website.

In St. Petersburg, began filming a new spy thriller

In the northern capital, work has begun on a new spy fighter “Varyag”. In the center of the storyline is a merciless employee of the Russian special services.

The budget of the film “Donbass. Outskirts “amounted to about 120 million rubles

The film, which tells about the events in the Donbass in 2014, presented Russia in the official film screening program. According to Renat Davletyarov, the project was also supported by a private investor, provided that his name will not be mentioned. The film’s co-producer is actress Anna Peskova, who starred in it.

Johnny Depp will play drama with Robert Pattinson

Film company Johnny Depp Infinitum Nihil took up the screen version of the novel John Coutzee “Waiting for the Barbarians.” The main roles in the film will be performed by Depp himself, as well as by the star of the Twilight films Robert Pattinson. The tape will be produced by Andrea Iervolino, who previously worked on the films “The Merchant of Venice”.

The festival of German cinema will be held from 25 to 28 October in St. Petersburg

The festival of German cinema will be held from 25 to 28 October in St. Petersburg, according to “Nevskie Novosti”. As the opening film, the film “Transit” by Christian Petzold was chosen, which premiered in February at the Berlin Film Festival

Julia Roberts in the Return Home trailer

Amazon Prime has published the second trailer for the dramatic thriller “Homecoming”, in which the main role is played by Julia Roberts. The director is the creator of “Mr. Robot” Sam Esmail, the series also starred Stephen James, Shay Wigham, Sissy Spacek, Bobby Cannavalee, Dermot Mulroney and others

Makhachkala will host the North Caucasus Film and Television Festival

The festival will feature 50 paintings and will determine the winners in five categories.

New Bruce Wayne Performer Announced

The creators of the movie “Joker” decided on the candidacy of the performer as Bruce Wayne. According to the Comic Book, the future guards of Gotham will be played by the young artist Dante Pereira-Olson, with whom the leading actor Joaquin Phoenix has already met on the set of the film “You have never been here before.”

In St. Petersburg, will present the film Paolo Sorrentino about the life of Silvio Berlusconi

“Loro” will be the third available for display in Russia by Paolo Sorrentino. In 2013, his film “Great Beauty” was released, and in 2015, the film “Youth”. Recall that Sorrentino came to St. Petersburg to the festival “Message to Man.”

“Stalker” goes to re-hire

Cinema Concern “Mosfilm” and the cinematheque “Art of Cinema” are releasing the film “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky. The restored version of the film adaptation of the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic “can be seen in more than ten cities of Russia.


Igor Butman will hold the festival “The Future of Jazz”

The sixth international music festival “The Future of Jazz” – a project by Igor Butman – will be held in Moscow from November 9 to 11. Traditionally, its main venue will be the PI Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky.

An opera singer from Yakutia debuted on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater.

Grigory Chernetsov, a performer from Yakutia, made his debut on the stage of the legendary Mariinsky Theater. The singer is a soloist with the Mariinsky Academy of Young Opera Singers. The debut of Grigory Chernetsov took place the other day at Ruggero Leoncavallo’s opera “Pagliacci”, where he performed the part of Silvio.

Group Imagine Dragons released a video for the song “Zero”

Famous American indie band Imagine Dragons has uploaded a music video for the song “Zero”. This song is the soundtrack to the new Disney animation film. “Ralph vs the Internet” is a sequel to the Ralph cartoon.

New life to the songs of Elvis and The Beatles

The famous Swedish conductor Ulf Wadenbrandt will bring a series of unique symphonic tribute concerts to Russia.

The first concert of this series will take place on January 25 at the Plekhanov Congress Center. They will be Let It Be. The Beatles Symphony. Together with the Liverpool tribute group, accompanied by the eminent Academic Orchestra named after Yu.V. Silantyev will be performed the most famous hits of the “Liverpool Four”.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, on March 6, the golden fund of the heritage of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley performed by one of the best cover performers Elvis song in Europe Henrik Aberg will play from the stage of the Plekhanov Congress Center. The most lyrical, heartfelt songs of the great Elvis will acquire a new sound, accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Martin Harriks became the best DJ for the third year in a row

Profile edition DJ Mag has published a rating of the hundred best DJs in 2018. For the third year in a row, he was headed by the Dutchman Martin Garriks – in 2016, he also became the youngest DJ ever to reach the top of the list.

St. Petersburg will host the festival of animal art “ZooArt”

In the center of design ARTPLAY will show exhibitions of artists, will hold a charity fair in favor of animals and present a musical program. St. Petersburg will host the festival of modern animal art “ZooArt”. The event is held for the fifth time.

Prague Philharmonic Choir will give a concert in Moscow

In the House of Music, the group will present a program composed of famous choral works. The concert of the Prague Philharmonic Choir will be accompanied by the New Opera orchestra of the Moscow Theater, conducted by conductor Jan Latham-Koenig.

Alolay musician from North Ossetia recorded a song in the national language

Singer from Vladikavkaz Soslan Aguzarov recorded a new musical composition. Known under the pseudonym Alolay, the guy performed the song in the Digor dialect, which is mainly used by residents of the western part of North Ossetia, as well as those living in the Digor Gorge.

“Circle” has prepared “Lunch” – a new album of new wave punk

Drive Moscow representatives of the new wave of punk “Circle”, who chopped off simply and fiercely, decided to embark on experimental work, having recorded “Lunch”. The result was an album without ironic imitations, but with suitable references.

Firm “Melody” released an anthology of creativity Rachmaninoff

The recording company “Melody” released the largest anthology of creativity by Sergei Rachmaninov in the year of the 145th anniversary of the composer. This was reported on Tuesday in the press service of the company.

Svetlana Surganova gave a mini-concert at the airport of Montreal

On October 22, 2018, the band flew to Montreal, where a concert was scheduled for October 23. Right at the airport, the soloist of the group Svetlana Surganova could not resist the opportunity to play the piano.

Maxim Fadeev will give the first concert in 25 years

Maxim Fadeev will give the first concert in 25 years. The composer will perform with a special device that will block his hearing. Maxim Fadeev made a gift for his fans that they hadn’t even dreamed of

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