24 May, 2018

Tehran put forward seven conditions to Europe

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei presented to the European leaders seven demands, under which Tehran is ready to stay in the agreement on the atom, according to its official website.

Among these conditions – providing guarantees from European banks to continue trade cooperation with Iran, the EU countries’ guarantees regarding the sale of Iranian oil.

Tehran also calls on Europe not to affect the Iranian missile program and its regional activities during the talks

In the event of the slightest delay with the response from European countries, Iran reserves the right to start its nuclear activities. – Ali Khamenei, Iranian statesman

Briefly about the main thing …


Deputy Foreign Minister of North Korea threatened to reconsider the decision on the summit with the US

North Korea may reconsider the question of the summit with the United States in case of their “unreasonable” behavior, and also make them experience a “tragedy that they never experienced and could not imagine,” says the official statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPRK, Choi Song Hee, published the North Korean agency of CTC.

Putin at the SPIEF to meet with heads of state and international companies

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with state leaders, heads of international companies, investment funds and news agencies at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Putin will pay an official visit to China on June 8-10

Russian President Vladimir Putin will make an official visit to China on June 8-10, where he will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. This was reported by the presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.

Zakharova reported on the development of Lavrov’s visit to the DPRK

“The visit of the Russian Foreign Minister to the DPRK is being worked out, and specific dates will be announced additionally through official channels,” RIA Novosti quotes her. In early April, Lavrov accepted the proposal of the Foreign Minister of North Korea, Lee Yong-ho, to visit Pyongyang

In the State Duma, the idea to equate the promotion of sanctions to the state treasury

The draft law on responsibility for the implementation of sanctions was discussed in the State Duma. The deputies were offered to give companies the opportunity to refuse cooperation with organizations under sanctions, if this leads to large losses for them or for Russia as a whole.

In addition, there were ideas that this composition can be transferred to the state treasury. – Andrey Isayev, deputy

Ukraine banned the import of slate from Russia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to ban the importation of Russian slate into Russia in response to “discriminatory and unfriendly” actions by Russia, according to the website of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers.

The Verkhovna Rada reported on the Crimean bridge to Ukraine

The Crimean bridge “belongs” to Ukraine, as well as the peninsula itself, said Verkhovna Rada deputy Nestor Shufrich.

In my opinion, as a citizen of Ukraine, our Crimea is Ukrainian. Consequently, all infrastructure facilities built on the territory of the Crimea are also Ukrainian. If our Crimea, then our Crimean bridge. And, thank God, that he is. – Nestor Shufrich, Ukrainian politician

Diplomat from the USA complained about sound “anomalies” in China

An American diplomat based in China reported on his “abnormal” auditory sensations and pressure

The US is still set up for a summit with the DPRK in June

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington is still inclined to hold talks with Pyongyang on June 12, RIA Novosti reports.

The Polish media told about the withdrawal of Ukraine from the CIS

As noted in the material, Kiev did not ratify the Charter of the Commonwealth, but signed “thousands of documents” within its framework, including agreements on visa-free travel, migration and humanitarian cooperation and cooperation of investigative bodies, as well as mutual recognition of documents.

Now Kiev must determine which of them “do not correspond to the interests of Ukraine.”

“If Ukraine broke these agreements, more than three million Ukrainian workers could not work in Russia. In Kiev, they will do everything to come out just for show. So did Georgia, which left the CIS, but respects its agreements, “said Professor Andrei Sudachev.

As the newspaper writes, Ukrainian economists consider the most important free trade agreement.

“Termination of this treaty would lead Ukraine to multi-billion losses. The conclusion of new trade agreements, for example with Belarus or Kazakhstan, is not a matter of one day, “noted Ukrainian economist Alexander Okhrimenko.

Trump said that even a spy in his headquarters did not find a “collusion with Russia”

US President Donald Trump said that the secret informant of the FBI, who worked in his campaign headquarters in 2016, did not find any “collusion with Russia.”

The spy was at the very beginning of the campaign and yet never reported collusion with Russia, because there was no collusion. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Trump worried about “weakened” control at the border of China and the DPRK

According to media reports, Trump said that the border with the DPRK is a very important element. He admitted that he was not satisfied with the current state of affairs with the weakened border control. The head of the White House shared this information during a meeting with South Korean President Mun Zhe In in Washington.

In the US, the first gubernatorial candidate was an African American

In the United States, a candidate for the post of state governor from the Democratic Party for the first time in history was a woman. Stacy Abrams won the election for candidates for the Governor of Georgia. Her opponent was White Stacy Evans.

Peskov announced Bulgaria’s interest in major energy projects

At the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Bulgaria’s leader Rumen Radev, there was no task of agreeing on gas issues, the Bulgarian side shows interest in major international projects. This was stated by presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA Novosti.

You know that there are projects that are now under implementation, a certain interest of the Bulgarian side is evident, but yesterday there was no concrete talk on this matter, and could not be conducted, such a task did not stand. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman


The Pentagon wants to accelerate the supply of weapons to Ukraine

The Pentagon is looking for a mediator who will be able to carry out direct supplies of weapons to Ukraine on a regular basis, Defense One portal cites the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for the acquisition, technology and logistics of Helen Lord.

In the DNR announced the liquidation of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs

The armed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic destroyed in the Donbass a group of Ukrainian saboteurs, who planned terrorist attacks on the territory of the republic. This was told to the journalists by the representative of the operational command of the Democratic People’s Republic of Tajikistan Eduard Bazurin.

Thanks to the professional actions of servicemen of the armed forces of the DNR, a group of terrorists, during the distracting battles near Gorlovka, two days ago managed to identify and destroy. According to the information available to us, the terrorists had the goal of penetrating Gorlovka to shoot civilians. – Eduard Bazurin, military leader

The US Congress approved the plan for the creation of a new nuclear weapon

The lower house of the US Congress – the House of Representatives – opposed a bill that could limit the country’s armed forces in creating low-yield nuclear warheads

Israeli F-35 fighter could cause a failure of Syria’s air defense systems

According to some experts, in late April, Tel Aviv made an electronic attack. Experts believe that the reason for the failure of air defense systems of government troops in Syria could be an F-35 fighter that used an innovative system to suppress enemy radars.

Montenegro does not plan to deploy NATO bases

In 2017, Montenegro was admitted to NATO. Earlier, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis at a meeting with his counterpart from Montenegro Predrag Boskovic said that the countries shoulder to shoulder with other NATO allies are opposed to Russia.

Poroshenko called the terms of application of Javelin in Donbass

Ukraine uses the anti-tank missile systems Javelin received from the US in the zone of operations in the Donbas in the event of a full-scale offensive by the militia. Such a statement was made by the country’s President Petro Poroshenko

Israeli military destroyed a tunnel of Palestinian militants in Gaza

The Israeli military last night destroyed another “attacking” tunnel of Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said.

The United States will stop the production of Tomahawk missiles

Modern means of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense, electronic warfare complexes and other countermeasures significantly reduce the effectiveness of Tomahawk cruise missiles, Defense One writes.

After repairs, “Admiral Kuznetsov” will serve the fleet for 20 years

The Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” after repairs will serve the fleet for 20 years. Alexei Rakhmanov, the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), told Interfax. At the same time, Alexei Rakhmanov stressed that since the launch of the ship the technology has gone far ahead.

Syria accused the US of deliberately shelling oil fields

The diplomat noted that a number of oil fields are now controlled by various groups, including Kurdish detachments of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF).

Terrorists began to earn less

Payments to ordinary members of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia) from 2016 reduced by 90%, and its “budget” in 2017 amounted to $ 400 million

This was stated on Tuesday by Russian journalists in New York Deputy Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Feoktistov

He took part in the next round of Russian-American consultations on countering the financing of terrorism.

Kunashir will launch the air defense operational zone by the end of the year

On the island of Kunashir before the end of the year will be put into operation the zone of combat duty of air defense, reports TASS on May 23 referring to the instruction of the first deputy defense minister Ruslan Tsalikov.

The US strengthened the fleet, based in Japan, with another destroyer

The weapon is aimed at the target using a computer system. The command of the US Navy explained the permutations. The Pentagon was informed that the deployment of such vessels helps to ensure stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Russia will keep in secret the properties of the nuclear submarine-drones “Poseidon”

Russia will not disclose the characteristics of the new underwater nuclear drones, said the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (OCK), Alexei Rakhmanov. Recall that in late March, the Russians chose the names for the latest weapons, deciding to call the drones “Poseidon.”


Medvedev instructed for a month and a half to find money for the May decree

Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development to find sources of financing for the national projects envisaged by the May presidential decree by July 6. At the same time, project proposals should not unbalance the budgets of Russian subjects (now many of them are scarce).

In Russia, excise taxes on gasoline will be reduced

In Russia, they plan to reduce excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, this will happen no later than July 1, 2018. He noted that excises on diesel fuel will be reduced by 2000 rubles per ton from operating ones, for gasoline – by 3,000 rubles.

This is such an important factor that indicates the pressure on oil products, and in this connection it was decided to reduce them to diesel fuel by 2 thousand rubles from the current ones and not to introduce an additional 500 rubles per liter. And gasoline – for 3 thousand rubles per tonne to reduce the amount of excises. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

Rosneft’s “daughter” has opened a new field in Iraq

The subsidiary company of Rosneft is Bashneft International B.V. – opened a new oil field in Iraq, which was called “Salman”. This is stated in a press release published on the company’s official website

The US called the condition for lifting sanctions from the company Deripaska

In May, the businessman resigned from the board of directors of En +, and soon left the board of directors of Rusal. In April, the US imposed sanctions against Russian businessmen, companies and officials, including Deripaska and his company.

Top-managers of “Rusal” resigned

Acting CEO Yevgeny Nikitin was appointed. Applications for resignation were also submitted by top managers Vladislav Soloviev, Sigfrid Wolf, Maxim Sokov, Dmitry Afanasyev, Gulzhan Moldazhanova, Olga Mashkovskaya and Ekaterina Nikitina.

Russia seeks to exclude Syria from the FATF gray list

Russia is seeking to send an international mission to Damascus to exclude Syria from the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering [FATF], but this is hampered by the United States.

Roskazhestvo revealed violations in a quarter of the sold butter

Roskazhestvo found various violations in 25.6% of the butter sold in Russia, according to the agency, falsified non-dairy fats the goods occupy 13.56% of the market.

Siluanova re-elected the head of VTB

First Deputy Prime Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov was elected Chairman of VTB’s Supervisory Board following the results of the annual meeting. This is on the air “Russia 24” said the head of the bank, Andrei Kostin.

Trump was going to impose a 25% duty on car imports

US President Donald Trump’s administration is considering the possibility of imposing a 25 percent duty on the import of cars and parts to protect the US auto industry, the Wall Street Journal wrote on Wednesday. This issue was given to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the newspaper reports.

Russia signed an agreement on the creation of an industrial zone in Egypt

Russia and Egypt signed an intergovernmental agreement on the creation and maintenance of conditions for the operation of the Russian industrial zone in the economic zone of the Suez Canal, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the signing ceremony.

Sberbank estimated the economic losses from cybercrime in 2018

Last year, Sberbank estimated the corresponding economic losses of 600-650 billion rubles. According to Kuznetsov, the amount of losses can be reduced if a breakthrough is made in matters of information security.

Putin was offered a way to attract foreigners into the economy

For companies that started investment projects in Russia’s constituent entities before 2017, Titov proposes to consolidate the federal rate of 2% if the reduction in the regional rate of income tax is not provided for by regional legislation (“grandpa’s reservation”).

Inter-American Development Bank suspended lending to Venezuela

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced the cessation of the issuance of loans to Venezuela. This is due to the failure to pay Caracas 88.3 million dollars after 180 days, reports TASS

Russian banks will increase rates on foreign currency loans

Russian banks can raise interest rates on foreign currency loans because of the announced increase in risk factors by the Central Bank, said Andrei Kostin, the head of VTB.

“This can have a short-term negative effect for banks, perhaps for borrowers, because banks can raise them a stake in this matter,” Kostin told reporters.

He noted that in the future this is the right decision, “because we need to dedollarize our economy, especially taking into account external factors.”

Poroshenko called the volume of Ukraine’s gold and currency reserves

International (gold and currency) reserves of Ukraine have reached the level of almost $ 19 billion, said on Wednesday, May 23, Ukrainian leader Pyotr Poroshenko.

The Russians lent the state 93 billion rubles

The Russians lent the state nearly 93 billion rubles over the past year, according to figures from the Bank of Russia. This amount was formed from the debt securities purchased by Russians – federal loan bonds, Izvestiya newspaper writes

The FAS explained the rise in fuel prices

Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia Anatoly Golomolzin explained the increase in fuel prices in 2018. This is reported on the organization’s website.

“The main reasons for the increase in prices are the growth of taxes, the growth of world prices, the holding by oil companies of unscheduled repairs of oil refineries, the inadequacy of supply by motor companies of motor fuels on exchange trades,” Golomolzin said.

“Gazprom” refused to sell Latvia cheaply the shares of the operator of its GTS

Latvia can not agree with the Russian concern Gazprom on the conditions under which the state could acquire the shares of the operator of the gas transportation system Conexus Baltic Grid.

The prices for gasoline and diesel grew in the Murmansk region

From 30 to 96 cents was the increase in the cost of AI-95 gasoline at various filling stations in the Murmansk region.

Rosneft has opened a new oil field in Iraq

Rosneft also said that the depth of the exploratory well was 4277 meters. The resulting flow of oil allowed specialists to talk about the discovery of industrial reserves.

Poland reduces the share of imports of Russian gas

In the first quarter of 2018, the Polish state PGNIG reduced Russian gas imports from 84% to 78%. This was said in a statement.

In Bashkortostan for the fifth time in May rose the price of gasoline

According to Andrei Khomyakov, the prices on the wholesale market over the past 2 months have increased by 40%.


Businessmen suggested officials refuse to rest in the sanctions countries

The Russian civil servant should refuse to rest in foreign countries that imposed sanctions against Russia and sell the property there, from an open letter from Russian businessmen sent to the speakers of the State Duma and the Federation Council, Vyacheslav Volodin and Valentina Matvienko, who was at the disposal of the RIA Novosti agency “.

The daughter of the rector of the St. Petersburg university asked not to let Russian oligarchs go to London

The daughter of the rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, Vladimir Litvinenko, Olga asked the British Foreign Ministry not to issue a visa to her father. Also in the message she pointed out two billionaires, the shareholders of the company PhosAgro Andrei Guriev and Igor Voloshin.

The State Duma is recommended not to legalize cohabitation

The State Duma Committee on Family Affairs did not support the bill, which actually offered to legitimize “actual marital relations,” the correspondent of the REGNUM news agency reported on May 23. The parliamentarians are sure that the adoption of the law will bring confusion to the existing relations.

Experts named the number of Russians suffering from schizophrenia

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology of RNIMU him. N.I. Pirogov Andrei Shmilovich said that “the prevalence of all possible psychopathology in our country can fluctuate from 20 to 25%, that is, every fourth or fifth person.”

Chief physician of the psychiatric hospital № 1 named. ON. Alekseeva, Moscow’s chief psychiatrist Georgy Kostyuk noted that the most rare disease in the country is schizophrenia, which affects about 1% of the population:

“This number is the same for all times and nations.”

Kostyuk also said that there should be a “service to protect the rights of the mentally ill.”

Guardian: every British family lost about € 1,000 due to Brexit

The head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, said that each household in the UK lost about € 1,000 (£ 900) after a referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU)

Moscow City Court has recognized as legal the administrative arrest of Alexei Navalny

The politician started broadcasting in Instagram. At the same time, the Tverskoi court was considering the case of the spokesman for Navalny Kira Yarmysh. She was also accused of violating the rules of the rally and appointed 25 days of administrative arrest.

The court has forbidden Trump to block Twitter subscribers for criticism

The statement said that Trump, blocking subscribers to Twitter, violates the provisions of the first amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees the right to freedom of speech and expression of protest. The plaintiffs believe that the president’s microblogging is a platform for public disputes and discussions

ECHR for 20 years recovered from Russia € 2 billion of compensation

Unjust Trials and Torture For 20 years, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has awarded € 1.95 billion in complaints against Russia

In the Russian Academy of Science the number of HIV-infected Russians was named

The number of people living with HIV diagnosed in Russia, according to personalized records, as of May 1, is almost one million people. However, the total number of infected people may be about 1.3 million people. This was reported by RIA Novosti referring to the head of the federal scientific and methodological center for the prevention and control of AIDS, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vadim Pokrovsky.

According to Pokrovsky, by May 1 of this year, 287 thousand people died from the virus, with the counting going on since 1987, when the first death from HIV / AIDS was registered. He noted that the death rate from the effects of the virus is growing.

The State Duma passed a law on the sale of micro-shares in apartments

The State Duma in the first reading passed a bill on restricting registration in third-party flats and selling micro-shares. The new bill proposes to prohibit owners from registering tenants, if they account for less than the accounting rate of the area.

The Pension Fund named the age of the oldest working pensioners

The oldest working pensioners in Russia are five 100-year-old citizens. RT was informed about this by the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). It is noted that three of them live in Moscow, one in the Moscow Region, another in the Krasnodar Territory

On the development of tourism in Omsk

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Varnavsky will offer to give the guests of the city an extreme: take them for a hundred kilometers from the city, just when the rain will pass, and let in excursions along local roads. Impressions are unforgettable, and money from such tourism can be allowed to repair roads.

Full people will be given a free seat in the plane

The American airline Southwest Airlines has offered full people free use of the second seat in the plane.

The cost of travel on the new section of the Moscow-Petersburg highway is named

The cost of traveling through the through section of the M-11 route, taking into account the opening of a new two-hundred-kilometer section in the Tver and Novgorod regions (334 km – 543 km) will be 356 to 660 rubles for cars, the Avtodor press service reports.


The Federal Prosecutor’s Office in the United States began to investigate the Weinstein case

Usually, harassment is not investigated at the federal level, but remains within the competence of state procuratorships. Now federal prosecutors, in order to bring charges against Weinstein, it is necessary to prove that his actions went beyond the limits of one state

Elena Malysheva called herself a rebellious and sexual

Well-known Russian TV presenter Elena Malysheva called herself “rebellious and sexy” when she looked at the portrait of Robert Rozhdestvensky’s daughter. The latter appeared on the filming of one of the shows on the air of “The First Channel”. The daughter of Christmas photographed many celebrities.

Valeria Meladze was convicted for a luxurious life because of a new expensive car

The singer was reproached for a luxurious life, instead of helping the needy, but he replied that he always did charity, but he does not think it is right to advertise it. The scandal among Meladze’s subscribers broke out because of his snow-white Mercedes CLS, against which he was photographed

Ex-spouse Dmitry Peskov getting married

The former spouse of the press secretary Dmitry Peskov Catherine very soon marries. It became known that last weekend a woman received a marriage proposal from her chosen one. The future husband of Catherine – Andrei Grigoriev. who is 11 years younger than the chosen one.

Tolkalina’s love is forced to maintain a positive attitude for her daughter’s sake

Love is not only a successful Russian actress, but also has time to devote his daughter Maria, born of Yegor Konchalovsky. The actress admits that she is trying to maintain a positive attitude for the sake of her daughter.

Hvorostovsky allowed another man’s wife

Florent Illi in the “Live” Andrei Malakhov told the whole truth about the life and illness of her husband. Dmitri Hvorostovsky died last year, at the end of November from brain cancer. Only six months later, his widow was able to break the silence and gave the first after the departure of the opera singer interview.

“Soyuzmultfilm” returns to the screens of the parrot Keshu

The company “Soyuzmultfilm” plans to shoot new series of the animated series about the adventures of the parrot Keshi. This was announced by RBC Chairman of the Board of the company Juliana Slaschova, who told about the new image, which the multipliers are developing for the parrot.

We are doing a pilot episode. And if it turns out, we’ll launch a series in the production, and then a full-length film. One of the ideas is to make a modern standup from Keshi. He, in fact, was always like that. – Juliana Slascheva, Russian coach

In Sevastopol, the film festival “Golden Knight”

The organizers of the film festival are the city government, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia with the participation of the Union of Cinematographers and the State Film Fund of Russia. Film forum “The Golden Knight” will last until May 31.

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay will film for Netflix

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and the creator of Transformers Michael Bay will film 6 Underground for Netflix, this will be their first experience with streaming services, the Deadline portal reported May 22. The authors of “Deadpool” Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese will work on the script

Liam Neeson will join the spin-off “People in Black”

In the spin-off will not appear Will Smith, nor Tommy Lee Jones, but the new film will expand the world of the original franchise. Directed by the spin-off is F. Gary Gray (“Fast and the Furious”), and above the script work Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (“Iron Man”, “Transformers: The Last Knight”).

Hollywood urged to increase the number of films with LGBT characters

LGBT organization GLAAD analyzed the recently released Hollywood movies and concluded that the number of paintings with LGBT characters is very small. In particular, in 2017, 109 films were released, of which homosexuals, transgender people or bisexuals appeared only in 12%

Published the first teaser of the series “Too old to die young”

In the network appeared the first teaser of the series of Nicholas Winding Refna “Too old to die young,” where a policeman, performed by Miles Teller, gradually sinks into the criminal world of Los Angeles

Shakira rides the world with the last in his career tour

The concert will take place in the framework of the sixth world tour of the singer, named El Dorado, as well as her new music album. Tickets for a star that has 12 Grammy prizes for its shoulders can already be bought. Shakira will perform in Turkey on July 11, this will be the last trip in her career.

Anastasia Volochkova explained why she publishes “bare” photos

Celebrity told in detail why she began to actively publish provocative photos. It turns out that this story dates back to seven years ago, when in 2011 Volochkova first staged a “public” candid photo session in the Maldives.

The ballerina explains: in those days around her person there was a huge rush among the paparazzi. Reporters dreamed of making secret photos of nude Volochkova, and at some point this obsession began to bother Anastasia. The ballerina decided to stop hiding – so she significantly reduced the value of photos of the paparazzi:

“Then, on vacation, it really got me. I said: “Guys, why do you watch me? I’ll show you everything myself! “.

Gauguin Solntsev: “My wife will give odds to any young woman”

True, many newlyweds were convicted because of the huge age difference: Gauguin is 37 years old, and his wife Catherine – 63. The person-memorial of Gauguin Solntseva is not known only by the lazy one.

Anfisa Chekhova calls deception the image of the mothers who lead the blog

Anfisa Chekhova decided to discuss mother bloggers who publish many posts in social networks, and they assure that they have time to follow the child. The TV presenter calls deception stories about how they combine work, playing sports and caring for children.

Star of the series “The Magnificent Age” disfigured his face

The last pictures of Meryem Sahre Uzerli impressed the fans. Some web users reproached the actress and model for excessive love of modern cosmetic procedures, because her face changed a lot. The series “Magnificent Century” glorified Meriem Sahre Uzerli for the whole world.

Clint Eastwood will again be a grandfather

One of the two younger daughters of the actor announced the pregnancy 24-year-old Francesca Istuvd will soon make his father Clint happy with another grandson. However, Francesca herself will become a mom for the first time. The other grandsons of the 87-year-old actor are the merit of her six brothers and sisters.

Ex-guitarist Sex Pistols will perform at the border of the DPRK and South Korea

Glen Matlock, previously a member of the famous British rock band Sex Pistols, will take part in a concert in the demilitarized zone between the Republic of Korea and the DPRK.

The Organizing Committee urged not to book tickets for the Israeli “Eurovision”

The Eurovision organizing committee urged the fans not to rush with booking tickets for Eurovision-2019, which is to be held in Israel. The organizers announced this on their social networks page.

“Are you already preparing for the next” Eurovision “? We, too! But do not book tickets until you get information about where and when [Eurovision] will take place, “the organizing committee said.

The main problem of the organizing committee is the likelihood that Israel will try to solve political problems at the expense of the contest – in particular, the Israeli organizers of the contest can hold a contest in Jerusalem

Shnurov spoke about his drunken hallucinations

The permanent leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov told how he had drunk to a white fever. The soloist of the collective even saw hallucinations in the form of devils. Revelations about his relationship with alcoholic beverages Shnurov shared in a documentary on the work of the group.

Whether I imagined it myself, because I remember it perfectly, and the white fever is unconsciousness. If I saw it, then most likely it was a hallucination. – Sergey Shnurov, Russian actor

Richard Gere for the first time in 30 years will star in the series starring

Famous American actor Richard Gere will take part in creating a television series on the BBC channel 30 years after such an experience, reports Deadline.

Damon Lindelof spoke about the series based on the comics “Keepers”

In a long letter Lindelof talks about getting to know the “Keepers” and about his love for comic book characters. Also, the script writer apologizes to those who are not enthusiastic, that it is he who is engaged in adaptation


As a result of the explosion in Baghdad, killing seven people

Earlier it became known that as a result of the explosions in three churches on the island of Java in Indonesia, killed at least 11 people, more than 40 were injured of varying severity.

FSB shows video of detaining recruiters of IG in Kaliningrad

The FSB spread the cadres of detention in the Kaliningrad region to eight recruiters of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia). Video published a local publication Klops.ru.

In the US, a truck rammed a school bus

Suffered 20 people, four have serious injuries. According to local authorities, there were 33 people on the bus at the time of the accident. The truck driver, presumably, did not manage to manage.

The Russians and Ukrainians were arrested for cybercrimination in Azerbaijan

It is specified that citizens of Russia and Ukraine have been arrested. “Russian citizen Lunin Pavel Sergeevich and citizen of Ukraine Serb Andrey Borisovich were arrested on suspicion of misappropriating million sums from Azerbaijani banks as cyber-ports,” the message of the public relations department of the Azerbaijani SGB said.

Uber will stop testing unmanned vehicles in Arizona

The company Uber decided to stop testing unmanned vehicles in Arizona, where on March 18 there was a deadly road accident involving an autonomous vehicle. We will remind, the jeep of Volvo was brought down by 49-year-old bicyclist Элейн Херцберг.

Residents of Kopeisk condemned for attacking fighting dogs on the child

The owner of fighting dogs in the Chelyabinsk region was sentenced to corrective labor for the attack of pets on a nine-year-old child. The boy was in intensive care with severe trauma to his face. According to the investigation, the pit bull and the Staffordshire terrier attacked the child on the street in Kopeysk.

In Ufa, a woman died after plastic surgery

According to the investigation, on February 12, 2018, a 33-year-old female resident underwent a plastic surgery in a private clinic in Ufa. After discharge, the woman’s health deteriorated, and a few days later she died. The management and employees of the clinic are interrogated.

Former mayor of Yalta Andrei Rostenko was detained in Moscow

Employees of the central office of the Investigative Committee detained in Moscow the former mayor of Yalta Andrei Rostenko. On Wednesday, May 23, the investigation plans to petition for the election of a preventive measure, a source familiar with the course of the investigation told RBC

Police in the US detained a “defenseless” cyclist’s backpack

Police officers of the American city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) detained a bicyclist who did not wait for the sappers and “cleared” the suspicious bag himself.

In Hungary, an accident with a minibus from Romania killed nine people

A minivan from Romania collided in Hungary with a truck, killing nine people. The identities of the four victims have already been established, the rest will be identified by DNA analysis, the press service of the Romanian Foreign Ministry reports.

Eight sperm whales thrown ashore and died in New Zealand

Eight sperm whales threw themselves ashore in New Zealand and died, the environmental department of the country reported. The incident occurred near the town of Haver on the North Island, writes The New Zealand Herald.


Ilon Mask decided to create a service for fighting fakes Pravda

“I’m going to create a site where users will be able to assess the reliability of any article and keep track of the truth rating of every journalist, editor and publication,” Musk said. Also, according to the inventor, he thinks to name the new service Pravda.

I’m going to create a site where the public will be able to evaluate the reliability of any article and eventually track the reliability rating of any journalist, editor and publication. I’m thinking of calling him Pravda. – Ilon Mask, American Engineer

Facebook will continue to collect user data

Facebook will continue to collect data about users, including mobile applications and services, including WhatsApp, which use technologies that are somehow related to the social network – such as the Like button, as well as analytics and advertising products.

The price of a paid subscription on YouTube in Russia is announced

According to information available in the YouTube app store on the App Store, a subscription called YouTube Red (A) will cost 249 rubles, YouTube Red (B) at 229 rubles a month.
iGuides.ru believes that it’s about YouTube Premium Subscriptions and YouTube Music Premium, which will cost US residents $ 12 and $ 10 monthly, respectively.

Instagram will allow to ignore posts of the user without an answer

The social network Instagram has added a feature that allows you to hide the user’s publications in the stream while retaining the subscription. This is stated in the company’s blog. Users will be given the opportunity to choose which publications to ignore.

Yandex and Gallery began selling digital outdoor advertising in Moscow

Outdoor digital advertising will be distributed through the operator Gallery, which owns the largest number of electronic billboards. According to the company “ESPAR-Analytic”, the Gallery 169 units. billboards, and in total there are 618 units throughout Russia.

Twitter made a digital genocide

Service began to ban users for using Cyrillic. Social network users are outraged why the service arranged a “digital genocide to Slavic bloggers.” The fact that several Bulgarian users reported that the service for unknown reasons blocked their accounts.

The new Instagram update will notify you about the posts viewed

At the disposal of the user will get a repost of any photo placed in Stories, “Using Data”, notification of the posts viewed. A new Instagram update will allow the user to take advantage of previously inactive social networking options.

To Google filed a lawsuit because of the surveillance of iPhone users

More than 4.4 million iPhone users accused Google of espionage, collecting personal information and filed a class action lawsuit against the company, which will be tried by a British court

Google launched a new version of Lighthouse

Google launched a new version of the tool for auditing sites Lighthouse – 3.0. The extension has an updated reporting user interface, several new audits and other changes.

Study: More than 50% of US households own smart TV

“Consumers have been using more devices, including smart speakers, smart TVs with voice control, smart locks and thermostats, and even connected refrigerators,” says Manar Alazma, vice president of product management, Nuance Communications.

How to transfer files over Wi-Fi without the Internet

Experts told how they can exchange files between smartphones, if there is no USB cable, the Internet, and Bluetooth does not work.

It’s very simple, because the answer is hidden in the phone settings. In smartphones there is a standard function Wi-Fi Direct, which is located in the settings in the WLAN section.

The Wi-Fi Direct function needs to be activated on both gadgets and establish a pairing.

Next, select the desired file and click “Share”, then select the type of transfer over Wi-Fi Direct.

Yelp and Trip Advisor teamed up against Google

The coalition, led by Yelp and Trip Advisor, accuses Google of abusing a dominant position in the local search. Yelp has already put forward official anti-trust charges against Google

Internet search engines began to exclude the Telegram from the issuance

The search engines Mail.ru and Sputnik excluded the site of the Telegram messenger from the issuance. Google and Yandex are still exploring this possibility. In this case, market participants doubt that the removal of links to the mobile application blocked in Russia is reason enough.


Sberbank will begin shipping cash with drones in late 2018

Sberbank arranges the delivery of cash and cargo using unmanned aerial vehicles to remote regions of Russia. The new delivery system will begin work in November-December this year, said Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the bank’s board.

Nuclear fuel from waste confirms its operability

Deputy General Director of Rosenergoatom Concern (included in Rosatom) Alexander Shutikov told about the testing of the new Russian nuclear REMIX fuel

The first time in Russia was the line of high-speed quantum coupling

Earlier in Russia, separate lines of quantum communication were already being launched. But for the first time technology has reached a level suitable for working with large data centers.

For the drones came up with a special parachute

The parachute system is hidden in a square block, which is installed in the upper part of the DJI series of the Mavic Pro and Phantom series. In case of force majeure (for example, engine failure), the device will respond to the loss of altitude and throw out the parachute.

Scientists: Eggs reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

9985 people died from these ailments. Thanks to the research, the researchers found that people who ate at least five eggs a week were 28% less likely to die from a hemorrhagic stroke. Also, they were 18% less likely to die from life due to cardiovascular disease.

Chemists got the substance with a new kind of spatial isomerism

Chemists at the University of Sydney (Australia) managed to synthesize the substance with a new kind of spatial isomerism, according to Nature Chemistry. On this issue Australians worked together with experts from China. They called the new type of isomerism “akkttzizomeriey”

Danish scientists turned jellyfish into chips

Danish scientists from the University of Odense have turned jellyfish into crispy chips by converting tentacles. A new product may cause increased interest in the population. The author of the study Mathias P. Klyauzen said that the jellyfish are 95% water and 5% protein.

Chemists have synthesized millions of new proteins that are not in nature

The MIT team came up with a way to independently assemble new amino acids from amino acids (which, naturally, do not occur in nature) – including those that are mirror images of natural substances.

Long sleep on weekends can prevent early death

Observations were carried out for 13 years on a sample of 38 thousand Swedes, according to an article in the Journal of Sleep Research. Researchers found that people under 65 years of age with a dream on weekends less than five hours and a half times the risk of death compared to those who slept seven hours.

Disney engineers have created a robot that makes a somersault in flight

Engineers from Disney Research designed a robot that can do a somersault in flight from a cable. The robot looks rather unusual, it consists of three segments that can be folded in flight, because of what it rotates, says the popular scientific publication N + 1.

Rice yield increased after gene modification

The study showed that the pyl1 / 4/6 genes respond best to such changes. Rice with gene modification was grown in different provinces of China, it was established that in each case the yield increased from 25 to 31 percent.

Global warming has increased the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics

American and Canadian scientists have shown that the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics increases with increasing air temperature. In particular, a temperature difference of 10 degrees leads to an increase in resistance of the most common bacteria to drugs by 2-4 percent.

Novosibirets created a wheelchair, driven by the power of thought

A graduate of the Novosibirsk State Technical University Ivan Nevzorov presented a prototype of an innovative wheelchair that can overcome stairs and other obstacles

In the periodic table, Antarctica may appear

In the periodic table, Antarctica may appear. Russian scientists suggest that this is the name that will be opened next. They have opened a collection of signatures in support of the initiative and are negotiating

IBM created a pocket detector for detecting counterfeit goods

The analyzer identifies the optical parameters unique to each object or substance, and uses the trained AI to compare the original “fingerprint” of the substance with the reference. For example, it is possible to distinguish between organic and genetically modified cereals


In Russia there will be a “national” domestic SUV

Representative cars of the project “Cortege” of Russian production under the new brand Aurus officially debut on August 29 this year in Moscow.

They will start registering potential customers after the car dealership, but next year we will not be able to just begin to ship for export simply physically. Production volumes will all go to Russia. We proceed from the fact that it is possible to export at the end of 2020 – this is the earliest. – Denis Manturov, Russian politician

Ferrari showed the only copy of the exclusive coupe Ferrari SP3

Ferrari showed the only copy of the exclusive Ferrari SP38, which will be shown the elegance competition Villa d’Este in Italy, and then transferred to the client. The specialists of the Special Projects department were engaged in the release of the unique car, which took 1.5 years to create the model.

NYT: Apple and Volkswagen will release an unmanned vehicle

The American corporation Apple in partnership with the German autoconcern Volkswagen will develop a unique unmanned vehicle. According to the newspaper The New York Times, the corresponding agreement between the companies has already been signed

Company Changfeng has launched sales of a new crossover Mattu

In China, sales of the crossover Changfeng Mattu started. The car is offered to buyers in seven trim levels ranging from 116.8 to 158.8 thousand yuan (from 1 133 000 to 1 540 000 rubles).

Details on the new Kia Ceed for Russia appeared

It is expected that the new KIA Ceed will be available for sale on the Russian market in the third quarter of this year.

According to the information in the document, the five-door hatchback will be equipped with 1,4- and 1,6-liter atmospheric engines with a capacity of 100 and 128 hp respectively. Couple they will be a 6-speed “mechanics” or a classic 6-speed “automatic”, which will go in more advanced trim levels.

Also in the engine lineup of the model will be a 1.4-liter 140-strong GDI turbo engine, working in conjunction with a 7-step “robot”.

Serial production of the Russian version of the new KIA Ceed will be set up at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad

Peugeot in autumn in Paris will show a new concept car

Foreign media published information that Peugeot this fall in the car showroom in Paris plans to present a new concept car

The Aston Martin DB5 James Bond car will be sold at auction

Bonhams put up for auction the Aston Martin DB5 James Bond, who took part in the filming of the movie “Golden Eye”. Thanks to this film, this model is one of the most popular amongst the retro brands of the British brand.

The BMW company has shown the crossover X5 of the new generation

The company BMW showed the crossover X5 of the new generation. While in camouflage, but at the same time, so to speak, in action. Bavarians distributed a video on which the tests of the model are shown.

In the US, pre-orders for Nissan Altima will open

It is expected that the car will be booked starting from June 15. Deliveries of Nissan Altima to the American continent will begin already in the autumn of this year. However, soon, namely from June 15, it will be possible to leave preliminary applications

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