14 Dec, 2017

Telegram asks for help in the UN

Human rights defenders ask the UN to intercede for Telegram in a dispute with Russia – the international human rights group “Agora”, representing the interests of the messenger, appealed to the UN special rapporteur on the right to freedom of speech, David Kaye, with a request to influence the situation.

Damir Gainutdinov, an advocate from Agora, asks Kaye to recommend to the government of the Russian Federation “to refrain from expanding the practice of arbitrary interference in the right of citizens to freedom of expression, privacy and anonymity, including online.”

Agora points out that the antiterrorist law obliges communication services to provide the FSB with the keys to decrypt user messages, and special services do not even need a prior judicial authorization to access such information.

“Agora” indicates that the technologies used do not allow Telegram to fulfill this requirement: regularly modifiable encryption keys are generated on users’ devices, and the transmitted messages are not stored on the service servers.

“No one, including the software developer and the service administrator, has the technical ability to obtain or make duplicates of these keys,” says Agora.

In the “Agora” they are sure: the actions of the Russian authorities are aimed at “destroying anonymity on the Internet” and contradict the resolution of the UN General Assembly “The right to privacy in the digital age”.

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Telegram appealed to the UN because of the threat of blocking the messenger in Russia

Telegram administration appealed to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights with a request to influence the situation around the messenger in Russia, the corresponding letter was published in his Telegram channel by the head of the human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

Trump announced the beginning of a “new economic miracle” in the US

President of the United States Donald Trump said that the country “is on the threshold of a new economic miracle.” This is reported by The Washington Post. It is noted that this statement was made during a speech on the upcoming tax reform.

Today we are on the verge of a new economic miracle. Our economy has already reached a 3% growth, which is much higher than the forecast in each of the two past quarters. – Donald Trump

US: Time to negotiate with Pyongyang has not come

Time for negotiations with the DPRK has not yet come, says the head of the press service of the US State Department Heather Nauert. At the same time, she stressed Washington’s readiness to sit down at the negotiating table

Facebook estimated the spending of the RF on the “intervention” in Brexit in 97 cents

Facebook has analyzed the actions of accounts that the US associates with possible interference by Russia in the US elections in 2016 and concluded that their activity during the referendum on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU in June 2016 was minimal, the British newspaper The Independent

Official language in Moldova officially approved Romanian

The ruling cabinet in Chisinau supported the change in the name of the state language in the Constitution from Moldovan to Romanian. The government gave a positive conclusion to the relevant bill, NewsMaker writes.

Trump will announce a new US national security strategy on December 18

US President Donald Trump is going to declare a new national security strategy on Monday, December 18. About this, with reference to the adviser to the president on national security Herbert McMaster reports Associated Press According to the publication, the strategy will include four points.

Erdogan called to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the “occupied state of Palestine” in response to the recognition of this city by US President Donald Tramp as the capital of Israel.

Tillerson offered the DPRK talks without preconditions

Tillerson assured that Washington does not seek a regime change in Pyongyang, nor does it seek reasons to strike North Korea. Earlier in the DPRK they said that they were ready to negotiate, provided that the US recognizes the country as a nuclear power.

Roskomnadzor threatened with Twitter blocking because of “Open Russia”

Roskomnadzor threatened Twitter with a blocking on the territory of Russia if the account of “Open Russia” was not deleted within 24 hours. This is reported by this organization with reference to a Twitter letter.

The US is concerned about the situation with freedom of speech in Poland

A spokesman for the US State Department, Heather Naouert, said that the US is concerned about the decision by the Polish authorities to fine the private television channel TVN for covering demonstrations outside the building of the Polish parliament last December.

Sands: Putin on Wednesday “from morning to night” preparing for a press conference

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a whole day preparing for a big press conference on Thursday. This was stated by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov. As reported by TASS, Peskov spoke about how preparations are being prepared for the event.

Of course, the imprint on the press conference and on the course of preparation is imposed by the election campaign, which is about to begin, and the fact that, as you know, the president announced his intention to become a presidential candidate once again, therefore, quite hard work is being done. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Lukashenko Announces First Meeting with Putin

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko plans to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a meeting of politicians may take place in the near future. On Wednesday, December 13, at a congress of scientists, Lukashenko

Trump attributed US victory over terrorists in Syria and Iraq

US President Donald Trump said that the US achieved victory over the terrorist group “Islamic State” * in Iraq and Syria. According to him, the military pursues militants in other regions.

As you know, we won in Syria, we won in Iraq. But they spread elsewhere. And we eliminate them as quickly as they spread. Over the past eight months, we have made great strides in the fight against the IG than the previous administration for the entire period of its existence. – Donald Trump

Ukraine has allowed the termination of the railway communication with Russia

In Kiev, talks are again being held about the termination of the railway communication with Russia – according to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan, the final decision will be made by the Ukrainian authorities in 2018. Now the leadership of the “Ukrainian Railways” is considering this issue.

Pamfilova promised to complain to the Kremlin because of pressure on voters

Head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova promised that the attempts of the regional authorities to raise the turnout at the presidential elections in Russia due to the administrative pressure on the voters will be severely suppressed.

Altai Territory is now my first! I will now prepare a serious report on the president’s name, so that on the eve of the elections some conclusions were drawn. We will not let someone cross out our huge work. – Ella Pamfilova


Israel closes the border with the Gaza Strip for security reasons

Israel closes the border with the Palestinian sector of Gaza on Thursday for security reasons, the army’s press service said. The adopted decision extends to both border crossings – Kerem-Shalom and Erez.

Militants in Syria blocked the delivery of humanitarian aid from the UN

Representatives of anti-government armed groups blocked on Wednesday delivery of 156 tons of humanitarian aid to civilians in the Syrian de-escalation zone “Homs.” This was reported at the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Identified the appearance of the fifth generation submarine “Husky”

The St. Petersburg Naval Bureau of Machine Building Malakhit is ready to present the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy with the design of the image of the multi-purpose nuclear submarine of the fifth generation Husky, said Oleg Vlasov, head of the robotics sector of the enterprise.

Pacific Fleet ships conducted training in the Indian Ocean

A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships conducted an anti-terror training in the Indian Ocean, captain of the second rank Nikolay Voskresensky, head of the information department of the VVO press service for the Pacific Fleet

Two US airplanes explored near the Russian border in the Baltic Sea

On Wednesday, December 13, two US reconnaissance aircraft conducted reconnaissance near the Russian border in the Baltic. Many hours of flying took place near the borders of the Leningrad, Pskov and Kaliningrad regions.

MiG-29SMT fighters returned from Syria to Astrakhan region

Fighter MiG-29SMT VKS Russia returned to the airfield of the permanent deployment in the Astrakhan region, the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry said on December 13. The fighting vehicles returned to their homeland after the successful performance of combat missions in Syria.

Today pilots, specialists of the engineering and aviation service, who completed the tasks of destroying the forces of international terrorism in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, returned to their native land. – Sergey Dronov, Russian military leader

The State Duma outlines the terms of ratification of the agreement on the Navy base in Tartus

The State Duma plans to ratify an agreement to expand the Russian Navy base in the port of Tartus until the end of 2017, said Speaker of the lower house of parliament Vyacheslav Volodin.
We will do our best to ratify the agreement before the end of 2017. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation arrived in the DPRK

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, did not reply to the question about whether the Russian Defense Ministry delegation’s visit to the DPRK could be considered an offer by the Russian Federation to mediate on settlement issues on the peninsula, and advised addressing this issue directly to the Defense Ministry.

The Pentagon questioned the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

In turn, another representative of the Pentagon, Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, is not sure that Russian troops will be withdrawn. “After Russia’s past declarations about planned withdrawal from Syria, there was no significant reduction in combat forces,” he told Reuters

The US and China discussed the plan of action for the case of the “fall of the regime” in the DPRK

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the United States agreed with China on a plan of action in case “disorders” begin in the DPRK “for some internal reasons” and “the regime will fall.”
The most important thing for us in this situation is to ensure the safety of those nuclear weapons that they already have, not to allow them to fall into the hands of those who, in our opinion, should not get them. – Rex Tillerson, 69th US Secretary of State

Israel strikes at Hamas military camp in the Gaza Strip

A blow was struck at Hamas positions in the south of the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks on the territory of the Jewish state. Previously, Life reported that the Israeli military intercepted two missiles fired from the Gaza Strip

Division S-400 “Triumph” was on alert duty in the Leningrad region

The division of the S-400 long-range anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Triumph” entered experimental and combat duty in the Leningrad Region. This was reported to REGNUM on December 13 in the press service of the Western Military District (ZVO)

In Kiev, they announced the “permission” of the US for the supply of lethal weapons

Endorsed by President Donald Tramp, the country’s defense budget for the 2018 financial year authorizes the provision of lethal defensive weapons to Kiev and significantly expands the parameters of Kyiv’s support, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Valery Chaly said.

In the congress, the USA was proposed to ban the sale of Javelin missiles to Georgia

The US and Georgia previously agreed on arms deliveries for $ 75 million. The US Congress is considering a bill banning the sale of 410 Javelin missiles and 72 bolts of sighting and starting equipment in Georgia.


The Fed expectedly raised the base rate

The Federal Reserve System raised the interest rate to 1.25-1.5% from 1-1.25% per annum, according to a press release from the organization. The decision of the regulator coincided with the forecasts of analysts who were previously interviewed by RIA Novosti. World oil prices after the news of the rate increase continued to decline

The head of the Federal Reserve told about the attitude towards bitcoin

The head of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), Janet Yellen, said that the agency does not consider bitcoin a reliable asset and is not going to deal with the regulation of this crypto currency. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to Yellen, bitcoin is an unreliable highly speculative asset.

American ExxonMobil bought a stake in the project on the shelf of Mozambique

ExxonMobil, an oil and gas company from the United States, has increased its stake in the Mozambique offshore gas project. The company bought from the Italian Eni a 25% stake in Eni East Africa, which owns a 70% stake in the gas block Area 4. On Wednesday, December 13, the companies announced the completion of the deal.

Irish entrepreneurs intend to invest about € 100 million in the Crimea

Irish entrepreneurs are going to invest about € 100 million in the implementation of projects in the Crimea. This is reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the co-chairman of the All-Russian public organization “Business Russia” Andrei Nazarov.

Polish company Lotos has signed an annual contract for the supply of oil from the US

Lotos, a Polish oil refiner, signed a contract for the supply of American oil by sea

Venezuela entered the stage of hyperinflation

Venezuela entered the stage of hyperinflation. “This is dramatic, as all of us equally deprive of capital,” – said the president of the Federation of Commerce and Industry Chambers and Associations of the country, Carlos Lazarbal.

Ministry of Energy offers new incentives for peat electricity generation

The Ministry of Energy of Russia equates electric power generation on peat to renewable energy sources. As reported by “Izvestia”, since the new year, the agency proposes to require the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to determine long-term tariffs for the industry

Austrian airline Niki stops flights

The Austrian airline Niki stops flights. This was reported on Wednesday by a subsidiary of the bankrupt German concern Air Berlin

Russia was included in the list of leading countries in the production of bitcoins

Russia was included in the list of leading countries in the production of bitcoins, Izvestia writes. Most of them are engaged in mining in the countries of Europe and Asia. But the leader in the production of crypto currency was China

Topilin told which families will receive payments at the birth of the first child

The family income, which will be able to expect to receive payments for the birth of the first child, should be up to 50 thousand rubles for two in the region of the Russian Federation, where the incomes of the population correspond to the average indicators, said the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin on Wednesday at a meeting of the State Duma.

Sberbank sold its Ukrainian “daughter”

It is specified that Sberbank is carrying out this transaction in the framework of implementing the strategy to exit from the Ukrainian banking market. Earlier it was reported that the AMCU allowed the Ukrainian businessman to buy a “daughter” of Sberbank.

Sberbank and Yandex signed an agreement on the creation of a joint venture

Sberbank and Yandex signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture (JV), the press service of the credit institution said.

The State Duma has deprived the Sberbank of a monopoly on the payment of military pensions

The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading a bill expanding the list of banks to pay pensions to military pensioners. The government bill deprives Sberbank of its status as the sole agent for the payment of military pensions.

The Crimea was allocated 200 million rubles for vineyards and cattle breeding

The government has allocated 200 million rubles from the Reserve Fund of the Russian Federation for subsidies for the development of vineyards and dairy cattle in the Crimea. The order is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. To increase productivity in dairy cattle breeding should go 120 million rubles

Alisher Usmanov decided to sell shares in Muz-TV and CTC

In fact, Tavrin buys 58.29% of Usmanov in Novy Media Holding (the parent company of UTV) and consolidates as a result 100% of the company’s shares. UTV controls the TV channels “Yu”, Disney (it is now 20% owned by the American Walt Disney Co.) and “Muz-TV.”

Sberbank approved dividends in 50% of profits from 2020

The Supervisory Board of Sberbank has approved a plan to increase dividend payments to 50% of profits starting in 2020, Bloomberg reports referring to three sources familiar with the discussion. As reported, on the eve of the Supervisory Board of the Savings Bank approved changes in the dividend policy of the bank

“Promsvyazbank” has earned 16 billion net profit for 11 months

“Promsvyazbank” for 11 months of this year earned 16 billion rubles in net profit, according to the preliminary financial institution reports.

ADB to provide 72 billion tenge for business development in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the Damu Development Enterprise and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a loan agreement of KZT 72 billion (12.7 billion rubles) under state guarantees, the ministry’s central communications service said on December 13. information and communication of the republic

Omsk region will take another loan from Sberbank for 6 billion

In the regional Ministry of Finance summed up the bidding for the right to provide loans to the Omsk region. For each of the three auctions, only one participant entered – the Omsk branch of Sberbank. The Bank will open the region 3 renewable credit lines for 2 billion rubles for a period of 2 years.

Data on unemployment in the UK came out worse than the forecast

Unemployment in the UK in August-October remained at the level of the previous three months at 4.3%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) of the country.

Binbank was one of the first to launch direct acceptance of American Express cards

Binbank was one of the first Russian banks to conclude an agreement with American Express for direct acquiring of cards of this international payment system. Now organizations that are clients of Binbank can accept AmEx cards for payment in POS-terminals

Transit of Russian gas through Ukraine is restored

Ukraine has resumed the transit of Russian gas to the European Union, told RIA Novosti adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Maxim Belyavsky. According to him, the volume was returned to the level of 260 million cubic meters per day.

LUKOIL continues exploration of the field in Iraq

The oil company LUKOIL has signed contracts to conduct seismic operations with the Iraqi State Oil Exploration Company (Oil Exploration Company), the company said in a statement.

The World Bank turns off support for oil and gas projects

The World Bank intends to stop financing projects related to the exploration, development and production of oil and gas, after 2019, said its President Jim Yong Kim, at a summit in Paris organized by French President Emmanuel Macron and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

In 11 months 23.6 tons of gold were mined in Chukotka

Mining enterprises of the Chukotka Okrug from the beginning of the year to November extracted 23.6 tons of gold and 121.5 tons of silver. Preliminary results were summed up in the government of the region, his press service said on Wednesday.

“Surgutneftegaz” refused to reduce oil production under an agreement with OPEC

The company will keep the volume of recoverable oil at the level of 61 million tons. Oil company Surgutneftegaz will keep its plans for oil production in 2018 at the level of 2017, despite the extension of the agreement with OPEC by the end of next year

Gazprom and NIOC signed an agreement on cooperation in the LNG production project

Gazprom, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and Iran Oil Pension Fund signed an agreement on cooperation in the project for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Iran, the Iranian agency Shana


Suzdal erupted the struggle of churches

The subject of the conflict were holy relics. Suzdal erupted the struggle of the churches: one church seized the holy relics from the other. At the time when the bailiffs came to confiscate the shrine, they were attacked by parishioners

A native of Denmark was deprived of citizenship for the support of DAISH

In Denmark, 22-year-old Anisa Larabu was sentenced to five years in prison for supporting the DAIS (the Arab name of the banned in the Russian Federation group “IGIL”). Also, a potential terrorist was deprived of citizenship, Tass reports.

Herman Sterligov started selling rods in his stores

Streligov’s village food stores “Bread and Salt” work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kirov and Perm. In early November, the businessman wrote “VKontakte” that he was going to sell his business in Moscow, but soon abandoned this idea and announced the opening of a new store in the capital.

We have good news for parents. In our shops, we have put on sale fresh rods. Inexpensive. No harm to the health of the child. Cut in an ecologically clean place, away from the highway. – Herman Sterligov,

On the site of the Kremlin’s gas station in Moscow decided to build a concert hall

Director of the museum Marina Loshak added that after the dismantling of the refueling in its place will be built glass concert hall in a “neutral” style. “The hall will be transformed, changing depending on the situation in the exhibition space or lecture area,” explained Loshak.

The State Duma passed a law on the extension of the freezing of the funded part of the pension

The State Duma on Wednesday adopted in the final, third, reading the bill, which proposes to extend until 2020 the period of accounting contributions for compulsory pension insurance

The State Duma clarifies the permissible “promille” for drivers

It is assumed that administrative responsibility will come in the case of the established fact of using substances that cause alcohol intoxication, which is also determined by the presence of absolute ethyl alcohol at a concentration of 0.3 or more grams per liter of blood.

Effective – in the presence of absolute ethyl alcohol in a concentration exceeding the possible total measurement error, namely 0.16 milligrams per liter of exhaled air.

According to the norms of the Vienna Convention, “in all cases, the maximum level of alcohol in the blood in accordance with national legislation should not exceed 0.50 g of pure alcohol per liter of blood or 0.25 mg per liter of exhaled air.”

Skvortsova told how the labeling of medicines in Russia will begin

Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that the labeling of medicines in Russia will start with expensive medications. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to the minister, the necessary software has already been created

The authorities of Saudi Arabia compensate the needy for the rise in prices for fuel

For low-income and middle-income households in Saudi Arabia, the authorities will pay compensation for rising fuel prices, an increase in electricity tariffs and a rise in VAT. The first payments will be made as early as December 21, 2017, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The State Duma has tightened the punishment for the Beladers

The State Duma adopted in the final reading a bill on toughening criminal penalties for cruel treatment of animals. The torturers of our smaller brothers will receive up to five years in prison. Actually, the fact that an animal can feel pain and suffer is legislatively enshrined.

Russians will be able to get millions for police help

Prizes to citizens for assistance in the disclosure of crimes and detention of criminals will amount from 500 thousand to three million rubles and more. The corresponding bill of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia was published on the Federal Portal of Draft Normative Legal Acts on Wednesday, December 13

Resettlement within the framework of renovation in Moscow will begin in February

The first resettlement of citizens in the framework of the program of renovation of housing in Moscow will begin in February, said the deputy zammera on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin. How many Muscovites will be able to move into new homes, zammera did not specify.

The court refused to consider Kashin’s claim against the FSB over Telegram

Kashin tries to challenge the FSB’s demands to hand over the keys of the messenger’s encryption to her. The suit was filed in late October, the court registered it, but decided not to consider it. “The court refused to accept the claim for consideration,” Bocharova said.

Moscow proposes to expand the program “Active Longevity”

Following the meeting, the public decided that the city program “Active longevity” should be expanded.

Therefore, in the declining years they have the need for their fruitful, labor, socially useful activities to continue. Every effort should be made to improve the quality of life and create conditions for active longevity of Moscow residents. – Arina Sharapova, Russian presenter

“Victory” banned the transportation of hand luggage in the cabin in excess of the free rate

The airline “Victory” banned the transportation of hand luggage in the cabin of the aircraft in excess of the free rate. “From December 1 to the passage in the cabin does not accept baggage for an additional fee”, – quotes Interfax representative of the company.

12 billion rubles will be used to create convenient platforms for MCC

The funds are pledged in the targeted investment program. About 12 billion rubles will be spent on the creation of convenient platforms near the Moscow Central Ring and the integration of the land line into the citywide transport network


Turpotok from Russia to Italy for the 9 months of 2017 increased by 8%

The flow of Russian tourists for the first 9 months of 2017 amounted to 644 thousand people, which is 8% more compared to the same period last year, said on Tuesday the executive director of the Roman office of the National Tourism Agency of Italy (ENIT) Giovanni Bastianelli.

Demand is growing. Ekaterinburg and Sri Lanka will be connected by direct flights

Koltsovo Airport from January 2, 2018, resumes direct flights to the island of Sri Lanka. After a long break, Ural tourists will be able to transfer from Ekaterinburg to Colombo without any transfers. Azur Air will carry out flights.

National Geographic named the most interesting places for travel

The National Geographic Magazine published a list of the most interesting places around the world for travel in 2018. The first line went to the city of Harar in Ethiopia.

The flow of tourists from Russia to Israel has increased by more than 40% since the beginning of the year

According to the Ministry of Tourism, in November the country was visited by 36.8 thousand guests from Russia, which is 11% more than last year. In total, during the 11 months of this year, 372,900 Russians have visited Israel, the number of travelers has increased by 42% compared to the same period in 2016

In 2018 in Turkey, expect about 6 million tourists from Russia

As reported BakuToday, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference after talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan December 11 in Ankara said that the flow of Russian tourists to Turkey in 2017 increased almost five times compared to 2016.

St. Petersburg is in the top five of the National Tourist Rating

Leningrad region took 25th place in the second rating group (positions from 21 to 69). The northern capital passed Krasnodar, Moscow, the Moscow region and the Crimea. From other regions of the north-west in the first rating group included the Kaliningrad region (15th place).

Sports tracks will open in Belokurikha-2 for the winter season

Tubing track on Mount Mishina and skiing and biathlon complex “Altai mountains” will be opened this winter in the tourist and recreational cluster “Belokurikha-2”, the administration of the region informs.

By the end of the year Saratov region will visit 680 thousand tourists

The internal tourist flow in the Saratov region, according to officials, is growing: from 641 thousand in 2015 the number of tourists reached 652 thousand people in 2016 and it is planned that by the end of 2017 the tourist flow will reach 680 thousand people

New Year celebrations in “Gorki Gorod” start on December 29

For New Year’s Eve at the resort “Gorki Gorod” a special program has been prepared – on December 31 the all-season and mountain resort starts to celebrate from 20:00. Guests will see the show of aerial acrobats, parade-defile on the main avenue of the resort with New Year’s characters, performances of cover bands, participate in the lottery

Yalta topped the list of the most popular cities near the sea for the New Year

The rating was compiled by the analysts of the Tvil.ru booking site based on the armor data from December 30, 2017 through January 8, 2018. Let us note that earlier Sudak already registered in the lists of Tvil.ru, having taken the sixth place among the most popular small cities of Russia for winter holidays

North Ossetia intends to develop domestic tourism

In North Ossetia, following the results of the interregional tourist forum “Discover the taste of the North Caucasus”, a major tour operator for incoming tourism from St. Petersburg was identified.

New requirements of Rosaviation for charter flights did not prevent the organization of New Year’s programs

The new regulations “On issuing Rosaviatsia permits for the implementation of charter programs” came into force on 4 December. Now, to obtain admission to the implementation of the charter program, airlines can not delay more than 10% of their flights per month


In Pennsylvania at shooting at university two persons were lost

At the University in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, shooting was opened.

The truck rammed a school bus in Florida, more than 20 injured

In Highlands County, Florida, there was a traffic accident involving a cargo van and a school bus, more than 20 people were injured, ABC Action News reported. It is noted that the bus, in which there were 39 students, stopped for the landing of children.

Dmitry Zakharchenko suspected of buying a castle in London

The investigation into the case of the former deputy head of the “T” department of the anti-corruption unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, suspects him of buying during a service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs abroad, including a castle in London. This is reported by TASS with reference to a source close to the investigation.

In Abkhazia, the organizer of the assassination attempt on the former president was shot

In Abkhazia, a car was shot in which the organizer of the assassination attempt on the former president of the republic Pavel Ardzinba was shot. On Wednesday, December 13, the “Echo of the Caucasus” reports. According to the portal, together with him Dmitry Khagba was traveling in the car, both men were killed on the spot.

In Austria, 40 people were injured because of acid leakage at the plant

Approximately 10 people were taken to hospitals due to acid leakage at the “Argana” starch production plant in Upper Austria. This was reported to the local police.

Krasnoyarsk salon tried to sell Bentley for 55 bitcoins

The Krasnoyarsk Territory Prosecutor’s Office announced to the director of one of the car dealerships a warning for the announcement of the sale of the Bentley Flying Spur car for 55 bitcoins, the press service of the ministry reported. According to the portal CoinMarketCap, now one bitcoin costs slightly more than 17 thousand dollars.

The head of Kolpino was sentenced to eight years for robbery in 2003

The Krasnoselsky District Court of St. Petersburg sentenced Vadim Ivanov, the head of the town of Kolpino (Leningrad region), to eight years’ imprisonment. The prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg spread information about this on Wednesday, December 13.

In the US, a new investigation into the director Polanski

Police in Los Angeles, California, began a new investigation against the director Roman Polanski, the Los Angeles Times reported. Earlier, American Marianne Barnard reported that she was subjected to harassment of the director in 1975, when she was ten years old.

A fragment of a US military helicopter crashed into the school grounds in Japan

A fragment of a military helicopter in the possession of the United States Air Force fell into the school grounds in Japan. On Wednesday, December 13, the NHK television channel reported.

Five people died in Beijing due to burning electric bicycles

The mayor of Beijing Chen Jining came to the scene of the fire, he also visited the wounded in the hospital, Xinhua reports. This is the second major fire in Beijing for the month – November 19, 19 people were killed in the fire in Xinjiang village, Beijing Daxing District, eight more people were injured.


The US Screen Actors Guild announced the nominations for the 2017 Award

The best actor can be recognized Timothy Shalame, who played in the tape “Call Me by Your Name”, James Franco (“Woe-Creator”), Gary Oldman (“Dark Times”), Denzel Washington (“Roman Israel, Esq.”) And Daniel Kaluy (“Off”).

For the title of best actress, Judy Dench (“Victoria and Abdul”), Sally Hawkins (“The Shape of the Water”), Francis McDormand (“Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”), Margo Robbie (“The Ice Bitch”), Sirsha Ronan “Lady Bird”).

For three years in the Ukraine banned the display of 646 films and serials

In Ukraine, for three years, the state agency for cinema has banned the display of 646 films and serials, including Russian projects. This is reported by the agency “Ukrainian News”.

The Association of Theater Critics called Malobrodsky’s “Person of the Year”

Aleksey Malobrodsky is recognized as the “Man of the Year” with the phrase “For Honor and Dignity”, the Association of Theater Critics (ATK) reported

Google named the most popular searches of Russians for the year

The draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup was the fastest growing among the searches of Russians in Google this year. As reported in the study, the second place in the top of events and phenomena was the World Hockey Championship in 2017, the third – the Confederations Cup.

“Titanic” and “Die Hard” recognized as the national treasure of the United States

The National Register of US Films has been supplemented by 25 more paintings that are recognized as having a cultural, historical or aesthetic significance and will henceforth be kept in the Library of Congress. The list was unveiled on December 13 on the library’s website.

“The Big Book”: named the best writer of the year

In Moscow, the winners of the prestigious literary award “The Big Book” were awarded. It is awarded annually to the best prose writers. This time, the jury and readers selected the same authors
Gold received “Lenin Pantocrator of solar dust”, author of the novel Lev Danilkin. The main prize of popular sympathy and second place in Sergei Shargunov’s “Kataev: The Chase for Eternal Spring” is a novel about the writer’s life in the context of the era. Closes the top three leaders of the “Brezhnev City” Shamil Idiatullina

Farhad Badalbeyli: “My best years are connected with Moscow”

Today in Moscow in the Concert Hall named after P.I. Tchaikovsky marks the anniversary of the Soviet and Azerbaijani pianist, composer, rector of the Baku Music Academy, founder of the Gabala International Music Festival Farhad Badalbeyli.

Medinsky opened in Troitsk an exhibition of embroidered icons “Painting with a needle”

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky on Wednesday opened an exhibition of modern icons “Painting with a needle” in the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in the city of Troitsk, a part of the new Moscow

December 13, 1971 on the screen came a comedy film “Gentlemen of Fortune”

The picture “Gentlemen of Fortune” was released on December 13, 1971, and the next day speculators massively bought tickets and sold them from their hands at an inflated price: three rubles against 20 kopecks.

Star of the movie “Mad Dogs” celebrates its 60th anniversary

American actor Steve Buscemi today celebrates his 60th birthday. In Hollywood, he earned respect, despite the fact that he plays almost no major roles. Steve Buscemi was born in New York and grew up a modest, quiet boy.

In Tatarstan, a documentary film about the history of the Koran began

The documentary will tell in particular about the “greatness and origin of the Holy Book.” Also the film will be dedicated to the contribution of the Tatar enlighteners to the development of the Koran printing and the history of the Koran edition of the DUM RT.

The VIII episode of “Star Wars”

On Thursday, December 14, the eighth feature film of the main saga of the legendary “Star Wars” is released. The action of “The Last Jedi” unfolds right after the events described in “Awakening Force” – the release of 2015, which is directed by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams.

Young filmmakers made films about the taxi

Most noteworthy is the picture called “God in the car” or Deus Ex Andrei Zolotarev. Fans of the short film “Lalai Balalay” – and there are many such, it will be interesting to learn that in the history of the taxi and about God is played not only by Sergei Shakurov, but also by the artist Pavel Vorozhtsov.

Grand Prix of the festival “Artdochest” received the film “Love is a potato”

The Grand Prix of the International Documentary Film Festival “Artdokfest” received the film “Love is a Potato” by the Netherlands director Alain van der Horst. This is reported on the website of the festival. The film tells about the author’s trip to the Russian village, where her mother grew up

Jennifer Lawrence filmed with the director of the film about same-sex love

Actress Jennifer Lawrence filmed with director Luca Guadagnino, known for the film “Call me by his name” about same-sex love, according to Variety. A new picture is called “Funeral Rites”. It is based on Hannah Kent’s book The Taste of Smoke.

Guillermo del Toro will put a remake of the Noir “Alley of Nightmares”

Guillermo del Toro plans to write a screenplay, produce and deliver a remake of the classic Noir of 1947, The Alley of Nightmares. Edmund Goulding’s picture “The Alley of Nightmares” – a screen version of the novel by William Lenzi Gresham. The film tells about a young and ambitious fraudster Stan Carlyle.

Bon Jovi and Dire Straits will be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Groups Bon Jovi and Dire Straits will be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, reports Rolling Stone. In the honorary list also hit the singer Nina Simon (posthumously). In addition, the group of The Moody Blues and The Cars will enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Perm Opera and Ballet Theater continues to collect prizes

The recording of Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony, made by the musicAeterna orchestra under the direction of Theodor Curentzis, was awarded the prestigious French award Diapason d’Or.

“Old New Rock” named the bands that will perform at the festival

The headliners of the festival will be the composer and performer of the Time Machine Alexander Kutikov, the pop-punk band “vulgar Molly”, “Kurara”, the SUiT Germans, the Gnoomes psychedelic trio and the Ural group “TOP”

Soloists from Italy will finish the project “Music without borders” in the Yusupov Palace

A well-known Italian singer, a soprano starred on the stage of La Scala, Sylvia Mapelli, clarinettist of the Italian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Turin Sergio Delmastro, cellist Frieder Berthold, pianist Margherita Santi, Trio named after Rachmaninov and musicians of the Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet will perform on stage.

Artists of the Vakhtangov Theater come to Kuzbass

According to the department of culture and national policy, the tour of the Vakhtangov Theater will be held within the framework of the “Days of High Art in Novokuznetsk” project. The project is timed to the 400th anniversary of the city, which will be celebrated in 2018

In Kurgan, they realized a project for “special children” in the Puppet Theater

In the Kurgan in the Puppet Theater “Gulliver” they realize the cultural and educational project “The World is full of fairy tales and miracles”. The project will allow children with special health and development to attend performances, excursions, lectures, and participate in productions.

Actors discussed theatrical premieres in Tver House

In the Tver house of the actor there was a discussion of three theatrical premieres of the season: “Kabbalah svjatosh”, staged after the play of M.A. Bulgakov (TADT, director Valery Persikov), “Fathers and children” IS. Turgenev / A. Shapiro (TADT, director Alexander Pavlishin), “King Lear” W. Shakespeare (Tver Theater, director Natalia Lapina).

Theater-studio “Be” invites to the premiere of the play “The Seven I”

The director notes that the artists will teach all those who came to escape from the turmoil and not to drown during the next family storm, and also not to die from boredom during a calm.


Robbie Williams canceled concerts in Russia because of pathologies in the brain

Later the singer underwent examination in London. The doctors found in the brain of Williams “something resembling blood.”

Actress Salma Hayek accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek is among the girls who accuse producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. She wrote about it in the material for The New York Times.

Star of the transfer of “House-2” Wenceslas found in the mental hospital

According to the media, one of the most famous participants of the project “Dom-2” was found in the mental hospital. Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky, known for his participation in the popular program “Dom-2”, was found in one of the psychiatric hospitals in Krasnodar.

Dana Borisova does not know: there were pictures of the TV presenter from the hospital

The photo shows a TV presenter who was hospitalized as a result of stress after a court siege. The well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova is in serious condition in a medical facility, the Russian Dialogue reports referring to the DID.

Timati girl showed her naked body for the sake of advertising

Model Anastasia Reshetova took part in the filming. All for the sake of art: the girl advertises her own beauty salon IN Hype Beauty Zone, the opening of which will be held in December in Moscow. Note that in the photos Anastasia completely naked, on her body you can see only crystals

The fraud in the sex scandal with Volochkova

Businessman and PR manager Chermen Dzotov, who was called the lover of Anastasia Volochkova, unveiled the video. He revealed the story of a scandalous story and announced a deception.
As reported by Dzotov, some time ago he was approached by a sex trainer Alex Leslie (real name Alexander Kirillov) and said that he posted some social photos on his social networks, which supposedly did not receive any attention. Leslie wanted to spoil on them, as well as “untwist” Anastasia Volochkova, with whom, as the sex trainer said, there is an arrangement. He offered to take part in this matter and Chermen Dzotov.

Alyona Vodonaeva became the face of online casinos

Many agreed that Vodonaeva simply struck her face in the mud. It is rumored that the owners of online casinos gave a tidy sum for this advertisement. I must say that before this person of this institution was the famous rapper Vitya AK-47.

Anastasia Volochkova confessed to a new love

The world-famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova in her account in the network of microblogging Instagram published a new photo, which excited her numerous admirers. The colors of roses dancer hinted at a new period of love in her life

Star “Eagle and Tails” Lesya Nikityuk marries

Long-legged Lesya Nikityuk is one of the most charismatic leading “Eagles and Tails”, it seems, found her own happiness, which she had been looking for for so long, including within the framework of one of the projects of the popular travel-show. True, the man of her dreams was not found on another continent, but literally at the next door.

The daughter and widow of Alexei Petrenko can not share his inheritance

The daughter and widow of actor Alexei Petrenko share the inheritance after the death of the father and husband. According to the daughter of the artist, the wife of the deceased pursues absolutely selfish goals. After the death of Petrenko, his widow, Azim Abdumaminova, stated for the first time what was really happening in their family

Actresses Bollywood complained of harassment

Several actresses working in the Indian film industry (Bollywood) complained of harassment from filmmakers and fellow actors. They faced coercion to enter into sexual contact in exchange for the role and promise of glory, writes The Guardian.

Beyoncé’s golden dress stunned the fans

Singer Beyonce published a photo in a gold evening dress in her Instagram account. Fans of the artist called the dress incredible.

Philip Kirkorov introduced New York to the “Anti-Hell” Gnoy

Philip Kirkorov walked through the streets of New York in a sweatshirt with the symbols of the creative association “Anti-Hell” rapper Gnoynogo, also known as the Glory of the CPSU. Pictures from the American megapolis artist shared in his instagrama

Kirkorov compared the cost of his attire to the budget of France

The artist repeatedly told the fans about the fashionable clothes that he gets from the world’s most famous designers. And many of the costumes to the performer are made to order. For example, a capsule collection specially for the pop king was created by Stefano Gabbana.

Maxim Galkin showed a homemade with children in Instagram

Maxim Galkin often shares with fans pictures and videos of his charming children. This time the parodist told how the morning of a simple father passes. It is known that Maxim Galkin, together with his wife Alla Pugacheva and the children of Harry and Lisa, lives in a huge multi-storyed castle.

Conflict Morrissey with the German media because of the words about Weinstein and Spacey has continued

Conflict of the British musician, the founder of the group The Smiths Morrissey with the German media because of the words about the producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey and US President Donald Trampe has continued, reports the Independent


Rostelecom allocated 260 million rubles. on the development of the search engine “Sputnik”

Rostelecom allocated 260.4 million rubles. on the development of the search engine “Sputnik”. This is reported on the site of public procurement.

Computers became co-authors of articles in British newspapers

On Wednesday, it became known that in Britain they took a few steps closer to this “bright future”. The Financial Times told its readers a curious story. It turns out that in dozens of British publications in parallel began to publish articles where authors are not only people, but also machines.

“The idea of a million”: in the first round of the show, startups won the creators of innovative prostheses

The winners of the first series of startup shows “The Idea for a Million”, which with the support of Vnesheconombank was launched on NTV channel, was the team of “Motorika” – developers of robotic prostheses for children

Scientists of Moscow State University have developed a quantum phone

Scientific employees of the Physics Department of Moscow State University have developed and tested a quantum phone

Physicists have determined the lower limit of the mass of magnetic monopoles

Physicists from the Imperial College of London theoretically examined these processes and calculated the lower limit for a possible mass of monopoles – it turned out to be slightly less than the proton mass. The article is published in Physical Review Letters, briefly about it is reported Physics

Genetics did not find traces of mass deportations in the Inca empire

German and Peruvian anthropologists and geneticists have refuted one of the episodes in the Inca oral traditions, according to which, after the conquest of the Chachapoyas region in the north of Peru, the Incas moved its inhabitants to other parts of the empire

Glaciologists have found the vulnerable points of the Antarctic glacier

The melting of Antarctica glacier marine areas affects the movement of ice on the continent within a radius of 900 kilometers from the melting point, glaciologists have found using computer simulations.

Global warming prevented forests from recovering from fires

As a result of global warming, the average number of fires has increased in recent years. Usually after a fire, there comes a period of low temperature and high humidity, which allows the forest to recover quickly enough

Hypersonic passenger aircraft are being developed in Russia

The project of creating a passenger hypersonic liner is being developed in Russia by the specialists of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)

In New Zealand, the remains of a giant penguin

German researchers discovered in New Zealand the fossilized remains of a penguin giant that lived millions of years ago
Ticks drank dinosaur blood 100 million years ago

Trapped and “sealed” inside amber mites are well preserved and represent a unique sample of the biomaterial for study – one of the ancient mites died, barely drinking the blood of an ancient dinosaur. The approximate age of the finds is estimated at 99 million years.

Global warming has led the Arctic to a “new norm” of temperatures

According to the report, the results of research in 2017 show: in the region a “new norm” of temperatures has finally been established. According to scientists, in the near future the Arctic will not return to the stable state of ice, the volume and thickness of the ice cover will continue to decline.

Small doses of X-rays do not harm stem cells

Biophysicists have shown that after exposure to small doses of X-rays, stem cells remain viable, actively divide and do not accumulate DNA damage in the next generations. The article of the international team of scientists with the participation of MIPT employees was published in the journal Aging.

The addition of titanium increased the efficiency of solar power plants

Employee of the Siberian Federal University (SFU) together with foreign colleagues increased the efficiency of coolants used for the operation of solar power plants. The results of the research were published in the journal Renewable Energy.

Genetics found out how many mutations the human brain accumulates for life

Scientists from Yale University and Harvard set themselves the task of finding out how many mutations occur in the human brain during life. For this, the researchers divided into two groups. One studied the organisms of embryos, the other – of adults, reports Science


Mexico will send eight robots to the Moon in the second half of 2019

Mexico plans in the second half of 2019 to send robots to a natural Earth satellite for the implementation of the project “Autonomous Construction of Structures on the Moon’s Surface”. This is reported by TASS with reference to the newspaper El Universal.

Scientists have uncovered the secret of the emergence of dangerous cosmic rays

Specialists at the University of Colorado have proved that high-energy electrons that are located in the radiation belts of our planet are formed because of cosmic rays that arise during the explosion of supernovae. These particles harm satellites, spacecraft and astronauts.

Blue Origin Bezos has tested the space ship New Shepard

The American company Blue Origin, owned by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, conducted the first tests of the new version of the New Shepard system, which includes a spacecraft and a reusable single-stage missile for suborbital flights.

Scientists: The first life originated in space, not on Earth

A group of scientists from Canada using computer simulations were able to prove for the first time that unicellular life forms originated not in the Earth, but far in space. This is evidenced by the results of research.

Four navigation satellites were delivered into orbit

The Ariane 5 rocket was launched from the spaceport in French Guiana on December 12 at 1:36 pm Eastern Time, carrying four new Galileo navigation satellites on board, which will join the existing 18

Scientists of NASA have developed a way to communicate with aliens

American scientists from NASA for the first time were able to develop a unique way that can transmit and receive information from space. Thus, mankind will be able to communicate with extraterrestrials in the future.

Russian businessmen will invest money in the fast conquest of space

It became known that Russian experts in the field of space exploration are already developing complex projects that can completely change everything that people know about navigation and cartography in space. In addition, together with foreign scientists, they are preparing for large-scale experiments in the ISS

US will save the international satellite attacked by Russia

The American Orbital ATK received a license from the Federal Communications Commission for the maintenance of a satellite attacked by the Russian spacecraft Luch and in orbit, said Space News.

Draft design of the Soyuz-5 missile is approved

“The Presidium of the Scientific and Technical Council decided to approve the materials of the preliminary design of the medium-range missile complex for flight design of key elements of the space rocket complex of the superheavy class,” the company said on its website

Roskosmos: The quantum engine will be built in 30-50 years

The quantum engine will not be built until 30-50 years later. Until this time, Russian spacecraft will fly on current units


Samsung will release a smartphone with two screens

Samsung will release a smartphone with two screens, according to the information-analytical edition Life.

A budget copy of the iPhone X was created in the Chinese company Leagoo

Chinese company Leagoo will introduce a new smartphone, which will be a copy of the iPhone X. This is reported by the portal The Verge. For the basis of the S9 model in Leagoo took the design and the main characteristics of the flagship from Apple. At first glance it is really difficult to distinguish models

Apple will invest $ 390 million in chip maker Finisar

The American corporation Apple will invest about $ 390 million in the manufacturer of microcircuits Finisar. This was reported to the company on Wednesday. In Apple noted that Finisar will open in Texas the production of vertical-learning lasers (VSCEL).

On the Internet, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

According to available information, on the eve of the Internet there were published renditions of the flagship novelties Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +. Judging by the images, the South Korean manufacturer will release devices in black, silver, lilac, blue and gold colors.

Invented 3D printer, built-in backpack

Chinese company MakeX released a 3D printer Migo, built into a normal backpack. Portable machine weighs only two and a half kilograms, and it can be transferred directly during operation, reports Techcrunch. The Migo device is an ordinary 3D printer, working with ABS or PLA polymers.

Company Datalogic launches new mobile computer Skorpio X4

Datalog ic announced the release of a new generation of secure mobile computer Skorpio ™ X4, which is specifically designed for use in mobile applications in retail outlets – both in the retail hall and in the store warehouse.

Xiaomi introduced a new stunning smart watch, and everyone already wants to buy them

The new stunning Xiaomi smart watch, in its two versions, is equipped with a ceramic case that allows them to dive with them to a depth of up to 5 ATM


Internet advertising sneakers blocked because of the drawn hair

Administration of the social network Instagram decided to block advertising of Chinese krossovki brand Kaiwei Ni for attached to the photo with the production of hair

Facebook blocks publications with links to the resource of Durova Telegraph

The social network Facebook blocks users’ messages if they contain links to the Telegraph resource created by the founder of the telegram messenger Pavel Durov.

Minkomsvyazi will launch a unified portal of state services in 2018

Kozyrev noted that for the implementation of such an idea a high-quality interface is necessary, convenient and understandable for the user. The Ministry of Communications has already developed the necessary concept. Now the government’s decision is being prepared to launch a single marketplace in 2018, the deputy minister stressed.

Instagram allowed users to subscribe to hashtags

In the Instagram social application, users can not only view photos and video files of friends, celebrities and visit interesting pages, but also subscribe to hashtags. This information was reported by the developers of the online service

Starbucks visitor got a virus for mining together with coffee

One of the visitors to the popular Starbucks coffee house chain in Buenos Aires, Noah Dinkin, drew attention to a 10-second pause when connecting the laptop to a free Wi-Fi network in the institution.

For smartphones on Android released “surrogate iMessage”

For all smartphones on the Android OS released a special application that has already been called behind the scenes “surrogate iMessage”. It is called weMessage and it can already be downloaded on Google Play, starting today.

Google will open an artificial intelligence lab in China

Earlier it was reported that Google will return to China, but not as a search engine. Now Google opens a laboratory for the study of artificial intelligence (AI) in China, Sina Tech reports with reference to Caixin.

Google overtook Facebook in terms of traffic for publishers

According to Parse.ly, Facebook sent 25% less traffic to publishers this year, and Google increased its traffic by 17%, writes Recode. Previously, the main source of referral traffic for web publishers was Google, but after some time, Facebook became the leader in this indicator.

Airbnb will allow you to inspect an apartment in virtual reality

The rental service Airbnb is going to add support for virtual reality, which will allow users in all details to consider the living space before booking it

Promsvyazbank warned about the upgrade of the WebQuik system

Promsvyazbank on December 18 plans to upgrade the WebQuik system to version 6.5.2. Correctly the system will work on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 10 and higher.

Twitter began to count the number of views in videos

Twitter announced that it will display the number of views of the video posted on the platform, the microblogging network reported. Read the views of Twitter will be in both organic and promotional video, except for pre-rolls.


Warner Bros. and Jam City announced a mobile game on “Harry Potter”

Recently presented “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” is gaining a number of new fans because of the active dissemination of news about this mobile game. Fans of Harry Potter and the first version of the game about the witch boy are actively studying the content and functionality of the new game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds called the worst game for Xbox

December 12 on the Xbox One came out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Previously, the multiplayer shooter sold 25 million copies on Steam. Players are now complaining about the performance of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

In the files GTA Online found traces of Red Dead Redemption 2

Fans found in the GTA Online files new information about Red Dead Redemption 2. This was achieved after the release of a new update, “Judgment Day.”

Quest Grim Fandango became free in the store GOG.com

Online site GoOG.com announced the beginning of the action, under the terms of which users can get the updated quest Grim Fandango completely free. The offer is limited in time and is valid until December 14 inclusive.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom relocated again

Studio Level-5 announced a new transfer of the output of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Now the game will be available on March 23 on the PC and PlayStation 4.

In Overwatch began the New Year’s event “Winter’s Tale”

More than 150 new items will appear for Overwatch

Authors To the Moon released the release trailer Finding Paradise

Studio Freebird Games has released a new trailer for its adventure Finding Paradise. It is timed to the release of the game and unlike the past trailer went calm and melancholic.

Square Enix introduced the mobile version of Life is Strange

Japanese video game developer Square Enix has presented a mobile version of its beloved by many players episodic game Life Is Strange, which tells about the unsafe and unusual adventures of girlfriends Max Caulfield and Chloe Price. The game will appear on iOS tomorrow, December 14.

Updated Steam will focus on games from the curators

Valve will present an updated Steam service that will focus users’ attention on games chosen by curators. Valve has made an attempt to remove intermediaries between trustees and developers, to exclude fraud

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins appeared the Horde regime

The company Ubisoft announced the release of an update for the role-playing action “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”, which added a new mode of the Horde to the game. Below you can see the trailer, dedicated to new content.

Titan Quest will be released on consoles

The company THQ Nordic has prepared a surprise for fans of the role-based action movie Titan Quest: the game will be released on modern consoles. On PS4 and Xbox One, the release will take place on March 20, 2018. Titan Quest will also receive a version for the Nintendo Switch, but the timing of its release has not yet been announced.


Fiat Punto became the first model with a zero of stars in crash tests

The hatchback Fiat Punto became the first model, which scored zero in crash tests Euro NCAP, the organization’s website reports.

Volkswagen Amarok came under review in Russia

German company Volkswagen announced the recall of almost one and a half hundred pickup trucks Volkswagen Amarok in connection with possible oil leaks in diesel 6-cylinder engines. As noted on the site Rosstandart, the service is waiting for diesel 137 “Amarokov”, which were implemented in 2017.

Cars of the project “Cortege” will be available for businessmen

There was information that the order for the production of machines of the “Cortege” line was completely formed for 2018. According to the Head of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, the entire first batch of “cortege” cars in full force will go to the garages of the FSO.

Mini cars will receive a new logo from 2018

The logo will appear on all MINI production cars starting in March 2018. The first electric car of the brand, which probably will be called Mini Cooper E, will not be an exception. The car will premiere in 2019. Earlier, the company Mini has a new chief designer

Ford Sollers has released a special version of Ford Transit for customs officers

In accordance with the requirements of the civil service, Ford Transit was converted into high-tech mobile complexes equipped with advanced control, inspection and information transfer, the Ford Sollers press service reported.

The new fastest coupe from Lexus will become 630-strong

Coupe Lexus LC F, which is designed to compete with Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe and BMW M8, will drive a 4.0-liter V8 with a power of 630 hp. According to the Japanese automotive edition of Lawrence Motorcycle X, the Carport modification of the upgraded coupe will receive a turbo-charged unit with a displacement of 4.0 liters

Skoda Fabia received a special version in honor of winning the race

The company Skoda introduced a special version of the hatchback Fabia. The car was dedicated to the successful performance of the Fabia R5 at the WRC2 races. The novelty is based on the modification of Monte Carlo.

The interior of the new SUV Mercedes G-Class was presented in Germany

The company Mercedes-Benz shared official photos of the new Mercedes-G-Class SUV. If the exterior of the model remained in the forefront of the predecessors, the intra-cabin space of “Helika” of the third generation was revised globally. Recall, the debut of Gelandewagen will be held in Detroit.

Kia introduced a new compact Ray

Manufacturers of Kia presented the public with a restyling version of Kia Ray compact. Within the automotive market, the model will appear at a price of 708,000 rubles. The vehicle is built on the Picanto platform

Renault plans to buy a large stake in the media group Challenges Group

French automaker Renault is going to acquire 40% in the French media group Challenges Group. Renault will buy part of this share by raising capital, wishing to supply drivers with content from the media group, PRIME reported.

The first buyer from Russia received the hypermarket Bugatti Chiron for € 3.5 million

Recall that the hypergore Bugatti Chiron presented in March 2016. The power of the new French car is 1500 horsepower, and the torque reaches 1600 Nm

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