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8 Сен, 2022

Tesla, Block and Blockstream team up

Tesla has teamed up with Block (formerly Square) by Jack Dorsey and infrastructure company Blockstream to build a bitcoin mining data center.

A $12 million pilot project will be launched in Texas (Block and Blockstream each invested $6 million). A 3.8 MW photovoltaic solar array and a 12 MWh Megapack energy storage device from Tesla will be installed at the facility. The hashrate will be 30 PH/s.

The project will be as transparent as possible and will be able to display performance metrics in real time, including power output and the total number of bitcoins mined.

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The Panasonic online store will resume work in Russia on September 7 at the new Eplaza site. The press service of the Russian division of Panasonic said that «the company has moved to a new location.»

Recall that the Japanese company suspended the supply of products to the Russian Federation in March. Panasonic equipment can be imported into Russia via parallel import


Sollers Auto will release the first commercial vehicles under its brand on the basis of the former Ford Transit production at the end of 2022. New range of light commercial vehicles to be based on the platform of an unnamed Chinese partner


Apple introduced the new Apple Watch Series 8. The new model has a body temperature sensor, cycle tracking, an accident detector, as well as enhanced security measures — only the user will have data about his health. The price is from $399.


The new generation — Apple Watch Ultra is made in a titanium case. Designed for use in «extreme conditions». In power saving mode can work 60 hours.

The Apple Watch Ultra has been designed with custom bands for a stronger and more comfortable fit, as well as custom display designs for better readability.


Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 and iPhone14 Plus.

Chip A15 Bionic (as in the iPhone 13 Pro).

Enlarged OLED display with a diagonal of 6.1 and 6.7 inches, respectively.

American models do not have a SIM card tray.

Front camera TrueDepth with fast aperture and autofocus.

The main cameras are 12 megapixels.

Accident sensor, possibility of emergency SOS signal via satellite.

Cost: iPhone $799 and iPhone 14 Plus $899.


New iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The phone lost its branded «bangs» and received a new color. A16 Bionic processor, 48 megapixel main camera. Cost: $999 and $1099 respectively.


The profit of Russian insurers in the first half of 2022 decreased by 62% — to 46.1 billion rubles — compared to the same period last year, according to a review of key performance indicators of insurers prepared by the Bank of Russia.


The Bank of Canada at a meeting on Wednesday raised the key overnight interest rate by 0.75 percentage points to 3.25% per annum


People aged 70-90 are the fastest growing population in Europe, Asia and the USA. In 1950, only 5% of the world’s inhabitants were elderly; by 2050, the figure will rise to 16%. These conclusions were reached by an international group of scientists, among whom were experts from the Laboratory for the Analysis of Population Health Indicators and Digitalization of Healthcare at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


In Kazakhstan, parliamentarians have deprived the First President’s Day of the status of a public holiday. This holiday was established in 2011 «in order to recognize the achievements» of Nursultan Nazarbayev.


Brazil celebrates 200 years of independence. On September 7, 1822, the country declared independence from Portugal.


The head of the IT giant Google, Sundar Pichai, admitted that the corporation made a deal with Apple and paid her for the opportunity to be the default search engine in the Safari browser.


Roscosmos «transferred the first mission of Russia to the moon. The launch of the Luna-25 apparatus has been postponed to 2023, said the head of the corporation, Yuri Borisov. In July, a device for a soft landing of an automatic station manufactured by Rostec was recognized as not meeting the requirements of the technical specifications for accuracy.

«Luna-25» should become the first Russian station on the Earth’s satellite. The purpose of the project is to send an automatic probe for research in the region of the south pole of the moon. In May 2021, Dmitry Rogozin stated that sending a mission to the Moon should take place before the end of September


American exports to Russia in July increased after 4 months of decline — to $82.5 million (from $58 million in June), Russian imports to the United States continued to decline and amounted to $484.8 million (against $661.1 million a month earlier), follows from the American statistics


The new iPhone 14 will be delivered to Russia by parallel import, the Russians will be able to buy them. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Manturov to RIA Novosti.


The Verkhovna Rada allowed foreign troops to enter Ukraine for joint military exercises in 2022. 318 people’s deputies voted for the corresponding presidential bill. Thus, about 11.5 thousand NATO servicemen with their equipment will visit Ukraine in 2022 for joint military exercises.


Kommersant reports that the global office of the German company SAP is preparing to sell computer equipment from its own data centers in Russia — a total of 3.5 thousand pieces of equipment. The book value of the equipment is 3 billion rubles, and the market value, taking into account depreciation, is about 1.4 billion rubles. According to Kommersant, Rostelecom, a longtime SAP partner in the development of data centers in Russia, is interested in buying equipment.


In Austria, they decided to freeze electricity prices for a year and a half. It is planned that this measure will be valid from December 1 to June 30, 2024.


More solar energy was produced in the EU during the summer than ever before. Compared to the same period last year, the increase was 28%, according to the German news service Tagesschau, citing an analysis by the analytical center Ember Climate.

In total, solar energy accounted for about 12% of all energy produced from May to August. According to calculations, to generate this amount of electricity using gas, purchases of 29 billion euros would be required.

Most solar energy was produced in the Netherlands: with its help, it was possible to close 23% of its own consumption. In second and third places are Germany with 19% and Spain with 17%.

Poland has made the most progress in scaling up solar power systems, with the country increasing its capacity 26 times since 2018.


Russians are massively denied entry to Georgia. According to Yegor Kuroptev, director of the Free Russia Foundation in the South Caucasus, Georgia tightened border controls for visiting Russians a few weeks ago: now several dozen people are now denied entry every day.


Scottish scientists have come up with a hearing aid that reads lips even through a mask. For this, artificial intelligence is used — the radar scans the movements of the lips and determines which sound they are characteristic of. For open faces, the accuracy is 95%, for closed faces, 83%.

The scanner will help people hear well both in normal conditions and in noisy environments. Prior to this, the hearing impaired were provided with devices that read lips with the help of a camera. But the video recording of the interlocutors could violate their privacy.


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