30 Oct, 2018

The action “Bell of memory” has begun

On Tuesday, millions of people in Russia remember that in Soviet times they came under the rink of political repression. On the occasion of the memorable date in different cities of the country is an action “Bell of Memory”.

On the eve of the Kolyma opened a new monument, according to the TV channel “Russia 24”. In Ust-Omchug, three hundred kilometers from Magadan, a monument was erected, which, in the opinion of the creators, would make people think and feel for a second what the prisoners survived. Not far from the village in the 30s of the last century was located one of the worst camps where radioactive uranium was mined.

Briefly about the main thing …


Coordinated rallies against the landfill “Yadrovo” mayor resigned

Petr Lazarev was elected head of Volokolamsk in 2016. It was during his leadership that a scandal occurred in the city over air pollution at the nearby Solid Waste Landfill. Since February, residents of the city have complained about a bad smell, the permissible concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and chlorine have been exceeded in the air.

Against the background of the ongoing rallies against Lazarev, a criminal case was opened on suspicion of fraud, on April 13 searches were conducted in his house. In a conversation with RBC, the mayor said that he linked the searches “with threats that came from the higher authorities” in connection with the “Yadrovo” test site. The mayor’s son, Pavel Lazarev, linked the initiation of a criminal case with the approval of rallies against the test site.

Russians written off 5 million car fines

The traffic police could not make decisions on more than 5 million fines due to a technical error in the database. Reports about it “Kommersant” with reference to the chief of a state traffic inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov.

The rightholder of the image “Zhduna” filed a lawsuit against the First Channel

As follows from the court proceedings, the CD Land Contact Company, on the basis of the license agreement concluded on April 25, 2017 with the author Margrit van Brifort, holds exclusive rights to the work of fine art “Zhdun”

Every doctor must be a nutritionist to some extent.

Chief Nutritionist of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation Viktor Tutelyan considers it necessary to introduce a course of nutrition in medical universities.

“There is a department at the first medical state university – the department of food hygiene, there is a course in nutrition, this is a postgraduate education. But this is necessary for all students at the basic education level, because every doctor must be a dietician to some extent,” Tutellian said. Agency “Moscow”.

Sheep were brought to the building of “Novaya Gazeta” in vests “Press”

Three cells with sheep, dressed in vests with the words “Press”, were brought to the editorial office of Novaya Gazeta in Potapovsky Lane in Moscow, the press-secretary of the publication Nadezhda Prussenkova told RIA Novosti; this is the third action against publication

The founder of WWF in Russia died in the Bryansk region

American Laura Williams – one of the founders of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Russia died in the Bryansk region. “An accident occurred while training a horse,” said Laura’s husband, photographer Igor Shpilenok. Williams worked on the project “Man and Horse”

Words don’t fit … Laura is gone. Forever and ever. Accident when training a horse. The time of the funeral in the village of Chukhrai, Bryansk region will be announced at the beginning of the week. – Igor Shpilenok, photographer

By 2022, 30 new Orthodox churches will be built in Moscow

“By 2019, construction of ten complexes will come to an end, in a year they will be a dozen more, and by the end of 2021, construction of 10 more churches will be completed,” said Sergei Levkin, head of the Moscow city planning policy department

The number of people infected with HIV in Russia is approaching a million

Over 51 thousand people managed to get sick in the first half of the year. According to a number of experts, given the current situation, by the end of 2018, the Russian Federation will step over the number of HIV-infected people in a million people. It is noted that the situation with HIV directly in Russia remains extremely tense.

The Ministry of Finance commented on the incident with the participation of an employee of the Ministry

Pavel Efimov, Deputy Director of the Project Finance and Investment Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance, fired a traumatic pistol at his neighbor in self-defense. This is stated in the message of the Ministry, received in RBC

In the Kuban filed a case of negligence of officials flooded area

In the Absheron district of the Krasnodar Territory, a criminal case was initiated concerning the negligence of officials of the administration, which, according to investigators, resulted in the death of four residents as a result of a disaster (part 2 of article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

“The investigation sees a direct causal link between the improper performance by officials of their duties and the death of people, causing significant harm to the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, legally protected interests of society and the state,” the message says on the Absheron district administration website.

The average mortgage check in the country amounted to two million rubles

According to the United Credit Bureau (OKB), in the third quarter of this year, the average amount of a loan to buy housing in the country amounted to two million rubles. Thus, over the year, this figure increased by 10%.

Ministry of Health Prikamye infringed the rights of private clinics

In the medical organizations of Kama region, paid psychiatric examinations are regularly carried out. It turned out that the regional Ministry of Health issued permissions to carry out these examinations only to state medical institutions.

The FAS saw this as a violation of the rights of medical institutions and sent a warning to the Ministry that it was necessary to once again allow private clinics to conduct examinations.

The Ministry of Finance announced a tax increase on luxury homes, apartments and yachts

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the agency plans to increase taxes on luxury property in the future.

One cannot but agree that the difference in incomes, of course, creates tension in society. We are often told that “let’s raise taxes on the rich.” In fact, we did it – increased taxes on luxury property complexes, cars, yachts, apartments, and so on. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

Russians plan to notify about debts via SMS from 2020

The procedure for SMS informing citizens about debts should be earned from January 1, 2020, said Dmitry Aristov, Director of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP), in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper. According to Mr. Aristov, postal services are not always effective.

Twitter decided to abandon the like button

The company Twitter plans to soon abandon the “like” button in its social network, reports The Daily Telegraph, citing the words of the founder and head of the company, Jack Dorsey

Five concerts were canceled in Nizhny Novgorod because of obscene songs

Concerts of five contemporary performers were canceled in Nizhny Novgorod due to violations found during the prosecutor’s check concerning the protection of children from harmful information and the development of information, the prosecutor’s office of the Nizhny Novgorod region reports.

Ministry of Economic Development proposed not to consider fences and sheds as real estate

The Ministry of Economic Development proposes not to consider as real estate any structures that “do not have the property of capital.” Butovetsky listed among such greenhouses, fences, sheds and gazebos, “not having a strong connection with the land.”

The cost of building the foundation of the main military temple has become known.

The FSAU “Property Management of Special Projects” of the Ministry of Defense of Russia concludes a contract with a maximum cost of 620 million rubles for the construction of the foundation foundation of the main church of the Armed Forces, follows from the materials on the government procurement portal.


Aeroflot will open hubs in the regions

The airports of Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk may become new regional hubs of Aeroflot. This was announced at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin by the general director of the airline Vitaly Saveliev. The transcript of their talks published on the website of the Kremlin.

We are successfully developing, and Sheremetyevo is developing. But all the same, we see that once there will be a limit for us. We want to consider four points: this is Sochi, where we will be based, and not just fly, Yekaterinburg, where we will be based, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. – Vitaly Savelyev, Russian businessman

Japan decided to use Transsib as an experiment

Japan intends to conduct a logistics experiment, using the Trans-Siberian Railway and the ferry line between Russia, Japan and South Korea.

“To this end, in April of this year, Tottori Prefecture, interacting with representatives of Jilin Province, provided the DBS ferry service to the port of Zarubino, followed by customs clearance and cargo transportation from the port of Zarubino to China in a test mode. transportation speed, at the same time, a number of tasks were identified that need to be addressed, “said Nogawa Satosi, vice-governor of Tottori Prefecture

Yandex net profit increased by 549 percent

The net profit of Yandex grew by 549 percent to 4.8 billion rubles. And this, if you do not take into account Yandex.Market. This is stated in the message of the company, which deals with financial results for the third quarter of this year.

Ministry of Agriculture will double the state support of winemaking

State support for the wine industry in the Russian Federation will increase by more than two times in 2019 and amount to 3 billion rubles. against 1.4 billion rubles. in 2018. This was reported by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Oksana Lut at the opening of the federal action “Days of Russian wines” organized by the Ministry of Agriculture jointly with the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade and aimed at increasing the awareness of the products of Russian winemakers.

Russian Ministry of Finance will help Venezuela cope with the crisis

First of all, according to Lavrov, those who came to Venezuela should take part in an expert group meeting that will help develop measures in the field of economic management in a crisis situation. Among the participants of the meeting will be the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Storchak.

Retailer “Lenta” will spend up to 11.6 billion rubles to repurchase GDR

Retailer “Tape” has launched a program of redemption of global depositary receipts (GDR). This was said in a statement.

VTB sued Deripaska for £ 100 million

VTB Bank filed a lawsuit in the High Court of London for the recovery of Basic Element Holding, owned by billionaire Oleg Deriraske, over £ 100 million, the Times newspaper reported.

Central Bank appointed the head of the new department of banking supervision

It is noted that earlier Polonsky served as deputy director of the department of monetary policy. According to RBC First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin, the department for providing banking supervision emerged as a result of the reorganization of the department of banking supervision.

IBM buys developer Red Hat cloud software for $ 34 billion

IBM has reached an agreement to purchase a developer of cloud software (software) Red Hat. The amount of the transaction will be $ 34 billion.

In China, can halve the tax on the purchase of cars

China is considering the possibility of reducing the tax on the purchase of cars by 50%, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing sources familiar with the situation.

NLMK invests in increasing the production of raw materials

The project implementation period is until 2020. Investments will amount to 15 billion rubles. The new section will operate in a single technological chain with three operating sections of the processing plant: the ore, which has passed all stages of grinding and enrichment, will be sent for the production of pellets or shipped to NLMK, follows from the company’s message.

In the Kaliningrad region increased exports of agricultural products

According to regional authorities, the value of goods exported in the first eight months of 2018 was $ 840 million, which is 1.4 times more than in the same period of 2017. A significant share of exports are cereals, which are supplied to more than 30 countries of the world.

The volume of the program of investments of the Russian Railways to 2025

The volume of the long-term investment program of the Russian Railways to 2025 will be about 10 trillion rubles. until 2025, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting on the long-term development program of Russian Railways.

“A long-term investment program has been prepared – its volume until 2025 is about 10 trillion rubles,” Medvedev noted. The most important tasks require 9 trillion rubles. “In order to solve them, we need new investment models and additional sources, especially for financing the most important projects. There are up to 9 trillion rubles or so in total,” the head of the Russian government said

Moldovan migrants sent home nearly a billion dollars

Thousands of natives of Moldova work in Russia and in Europe. They send a significant part of their earnings back home – to their relatives and friends. From January to September 2018, the total amount of such transfers amounted to $ 955 million, which is 23 percent more than in the same period in 2017

The average mortgage check in the country amounted to two million rubles

According to the United Credit Bureau (OKB), in the third quarter of this year, the average amount of a loan to buy housing in the country amounted to two million rubles. Thus, over the year, this figure increased by 10%.

Dmitry Medvedev threatened the oil industry with harsh measures

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev threatened to impose prohibitive duties on oil and oil products for these purposes. He instructed the Ministry of Energy, together with Russian oil companies, to work out an agreement that would contain the growth of prices for oil products in the domestic market. Kozak appreciated the possibility of introducing such measures as high, the agency said.

“The market is a market – we will have to introduce protective duties on oil and oil products in order to make the sale of oil and oil products on the foreign and domestic markets equally profitable,” said the Deputy Prime Minister. He added that such measures could be introduced “literally next week.”

Gasoline rises in price despite the wishes of the government

In Russia, fuel prices at gas stations are becoming more expensive – despite measures taken by the government, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday. To resolve the situation, he did not rule out the introduction of a protective tax on the export of oil and oil products.

I would like the Ministry of Energy to hold consultations with our oil companies in the next few days. We agreed that a work plan and a definite agreement would be adopted to maintain the current price level for petroleum products in the domestic market. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Ministry of Energy has developed a plan for the inventory of oil fields

The Ministry of Energy prepared a draft “roadmap” for the inventory of oil fields in Russia. Now, the department will have to approve the methodology for determining the quality of the reserves together with the Ministry of Natural Resources, after which the yield of the subsoil will be assessed and an audit of the benefits for companies will be carried out.

The amount of debt for gas consumed in Bashkiria

Since the beginning of the year, residents of Bashkiria have consumed natural gas for a total of 40.6 billion rubles. This was told by Albert Akhmetshin, General Director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Ufa LLC. According to him, arrears amounted to 2.5 billion rubles. The share of industrial enterprises accounts for only 256 million rubles of this amount. The share of the population – 442 million rubles.

On the shelf of Montenegro, on November 1, oil and gas exploration will begin

On November 1, seismic surveys of gas and oil reserves will begin on the shelf in the Montenegrin waters of the Adriatic Sea. This was stated by the Minister of Economy of Montenegro Dragica Sekulich. She recalled that a concession agreement has been concluded with two foreign partners.

“Hole” in the budget of “Gazprom” has grown to almost $ 8 billion

Gazprom’s pipeline construction projects in Turkey, China and bypassing Ukraine continue to rise in price, and the concern’s budget gap has reached almost $ 8 billion.

Exports of Sakhalin LNG increased by 43%

Last week, exports of Sakhalin LNG increased in the fuel and energy sector, the cost of implementing the LNG project in the Khabarovsk Territory was revised, the Sakhalin-1 PSA was extended, and the results of gas and coal production for the first nine months of the current year were summed up EastRussia newsletter.

The government approved a draft agreement on railways in Cuba

The Government of the Russian Federation approved the draft agreement on cooperation between the Russian Federation and Cuba in restoring the republic’s railway infrastructure, a decree signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev is posted on the website of the Cabinet.

Consumers will respond for new rates of environmental collection

“The increase in the rate of environmental collection … will lead, in addition to the rise in price … of food products, to the fact that companies will have to reduce their own investments in the development of a system for the collection and recycling of waste” Dmitry Medvedev.

Brewers are concerned about the proposal of the Ministry of Environment to increase the ecological collection for metal packages made of aluminum from the current 2,423 thousand rubles. per ton up to 20 thousand rubles, and for packaging material made of polymer – from 3,844 thousand rubles. per ton to 10.432 thousand rubles. In his letter, the head of the union asks not to raise the stakes in 2019.

“In order to avoid a shock effect, we further propose to apply the formula of gradual increase in rates for the most sensitive positions for a business over three years,” suggests Vyacheslav Mamontov.

Russians scored record loans to pay off loans

The Russians in the first half of 2018 scored new loans to cover the old 68.3 billion rubles. This exceeds the figures for the same period last year by 1.7 times, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Equifax credit history


Merkel will leave the post of Chancellor after 2021

Angela Merkel announced that she would leave the post of German Chancellor after 2021. By this decision, the head of government pushed the results of regional elections, in which her CDU party showed very weak results.

I am ready to continue to work as a chancellor. The fourth term of the Chancellor is my last. In 2021 I will not be a candidate for the post of chancellor and will not qualify for a place in the Bundestag. I say for the record – I generally will no longer hold positions in politics. – Angela Merkel, German politician

Trump has announced its readiness to “fight” with Clinton in the elections in 2020

US President Donald Trump said he was ready to “fight” with the country’s former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections in 2020. About it reports television channel Fox News. Trump said he “likes Clinton and all the candidates from the US Democratic Party.”

Trump instructed to prepare a report on the “violation” of the Russian INF Treaty

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, commissioned a report to the congress on the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF), which will speak of a “violation” of the treaty by Russia. The corresponding document circulated the White House.

Ecuadorian court denied Assange a claim for the protection of his rights as a refugee

Ecuadorian judge Carina Martinez denied on Monday the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange in a lawsuit to protect his rights as a refugee hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

Georgian CEC announces final results of presidential elections

According to the CEC, the independent presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili, supported by the ruling Georgian Dream party, gained 38.64% of the vote (615,433 votes), candidate from the Power in Unity opposition group – 37.74% (600,970 votes ).

According to the electoral code of Georgia, in order to win in the first round, the candidate had to get at least 50% plus one vote.

Putin appointed Alexander Efimov Russia’s ambassador to Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed Alexander Efimov as Russia’s extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to Syria. The corresponding decree of the head of state was published on the official portal of legal information. Until October 11, Efimov served as Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Arab Emirates.

In Belgium, the money disappeared from the frozen accounts of Gaddafi

According to one of the versions, these funds, according to one version, could be used to finance Libyan groups, according to RTBF channel, since 2012, Euroclear has disappeared from Eurobank accounts.

Putin and Cuban leader to discuss strategic partnership

The parties plan to discuss the state and prospects of deepening the Russian-Cuban strategic partnership in various fields and exchange views on topical regional and international issues. The official visit of the Chairman of the State Council of Cuba to Russia will begin on November 1, RT reports.

The Kremlin called the main purpose of the meeting between Putin and Trump

The main goal of the upcoming meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is the “reconciliation of hours,” said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He noted that the presidents of Russia and the United States traditionally have many topics on which they need to exchange views.

The main goal is to check the clock. You know that the presidents of Russia and the United States traditionally have a lot of questions on which to exchange opinions. There are still a lot of issues related to strategic stability, especially in the context of the announced US intention to withdraw from the INF. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Dmitry Medvedev will visit China on an official visit on November 5-7

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will pay an official visit to China on November 5-7, the press service of the Russian government said.

He will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Shanghai and take part in the opening ceremony of the First China International Exhibition of Imported Goods.

On November 7, in Beijing, Medvedev and Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Li Keqiang, will discuss key issues of the Russian-Chinese trade, economic, investment, energy, interregional, border and humanitarian cooperation, the report says.

Chinese authorities intend to open a permanent airport in Antarctica

The project is planned to be implemented in a few years. The airport will be built right on the glacier covering the surface of Antarctica. The experts working on the air harbor construction project chose locations where the ice mass “moves slightly and evenly.”

In Poland, they saw a threat to the economy in the shortage of workers from Ukraine

The head of the Polish recruitment agency, Krzysztof Inglot, said that the possible outflow of Ukrainian workers to Germany is a threat to the Polish economy. According to RzeczPospolita, in Germany they can simplify the obtaining of a working visa for visitors from non-EU countries

The first trans-Korean train from Vladivostok

South Korea hopes to launch the first train from Vladivostok to Seoul after the merger of railways with the DPRK in three to four years.

Trump believes in the conclusion of the “great” trade deal with China

US President Donald Trump said that he believes in concluding a “magnificent” trade deal with China, but China is not ready for it yet.

“China took advantage of our country economically. And you will see, we will win (economic confrontation with the PRC) … I could make a deal right now, but they are not ready yet,” he said on the Fox News channel.

The United States prepared a New Year’s “gift” for China

The United States intends to announce new duties on Chinese goods and services in early December. The document will take effect in time for the Chinese new year on the lunar calendar in February. As reported by Bloomberg, the total amount of fees could reach 257 billion dollars.


In the United States began the exercise of strategic nuclear forces Global Thunder

On Monday, the Global Thunder-2019 strategic nuclear forces annual exercise began in the United States, within which special emphasis will be placed on nuclear deterrence. This was stated by the head of the strategic command of the US armed forces, General John Heithen.

The media reported on the use of US coalition phosphorus bombs in Syria

An international coalition led by the United States inflicted airstrikes on the Syrian city of Hajin (Deir-ez-Zor province), using phosphorus bombs. On this Monday, October 29, the agency SANA. Confirmation of this information yet.

Shoigu discussed with the head of the Ministry of Defense of Greece security issues

Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu and Head of the Greek Defense Ministry Panos Kammenos discussed international security issues during a meeting in Moscow

Hypersonic Avangards will be handed over to the Russian army next year.

Ballistic missiles with hypersonic combat units Avangard plan to put into service the Russian army in 2019.

Techmash is developing a new aviation rocket

Speaking about the timing of the creation of a new product, the interlocutor of the agency explained that this is “not a fast process”. According to Lepina, the rocket is designed for combat aircraft and helicopters, and its development is carried out in a proactive manner.

The United States will send several thousand soldiers to the border with Mexico

Reuters agency on Twitter reports that the presence of the US military on the border with Mexico may increase to several thousand people. Data led the official representative of the United States.

Russia is preparing a base in Tajikistan to protect against UAVs

The Russian 201st military base deployed in Tajikistan received the latest Silok electronic warfare systems (EW) to fight drones. On this today, October 29, reports “Sputnik Tajikistan” with reference to the information of the Central Military District of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The ministry noted that the Silok complexes would increase the anti-terrorist security of Russian military facilities in Tajikistan.

All countries are against the treaty banning nuclear weapons

According to a joint statement by the five permanent representatives of the UN Security Council of Russia, Britain, China, the United States and France, posted on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all of the above-mentioned countries oppose the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (DZNO).

Japan to build a military base on an island in the East China Sea

The Japanese authorities want this year to begin construction of a military base on the remote southwestern island of Ishigaki, there will be a garrison of five to six thousand people and batteries of land-ship and earth-to-air missiles.

US will not give up cluster bombs

The main problem of cluster munitions is that up to 20% of combat elements do not explode and in fact turn into mines. Because of this, the civilian population may suffer from them even several years after the end of hostilities.

A resident of Yakutia who fought with militants in Syria received 20 years

A resident of Neryungri in Yakutia, who tried to illegally enter Russia after training in a militant camp in Syria, was sentenced to 20 years in a strict regime colony, the press service of the regional department of the FSB said on Tuesday.

Commercial launches of Topol missiles

According to him, Yuri Solomonov, General Designer of the Project Directorate of the United Rocket and Space Corporation, the management of Roscosmos, the investing fund, and the government supported this project. Now you need to get approval from the president. The conclusion of the head of state will arrive no later than November, Solomonov said while speaking at a conference in Moscow.

Japan intends to resume construction of a military airfield on Okinawa

The Japanese government intends to resume work in the near future on the construction of a new airfield for the American armed forces on Okinawa, Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya told reporters on Tuesday.


Google may offer a single subscription for paid Android applications.

Few people like to pay for applications, especially when there are free counterparts in the same stores, and if you want, you can download hacked versions of paid programs for free at various resources, but this does not apply to the topic of this note.

The function of ECG metering in the Apple Watch Series 4 will be available in Russia

The ECG metering feature in the Apple Watch Series 4 can be available in any region outside the US. This was announced by developer Guilherme Rambo in a column on 9To5Mac.

The Snapdragon 8150 platform architecture is very similar to Kirin 980

Renowned network informant Roland Quandt (Roland Quandt) reported that the single-chip Snapdragon 8150 system architecture is very similar to Kirin 980. Qualcomm, working on Snapdragon 8150, does the same thing that Huawei implemented in Kirin 980.

New smartphone Panasonic Toughbook P-01K received IP68 protection

Today it became known about the beginning of the sale of the new Japanese smartphone Panasonic Toughbook P-01K, which has the maximum level of protection and durability. In particular, here the developers have applied the IP68 standard, which allows to secure the gadget as much as possible from external influence and impacts.

Asus is preparing to release a 49-inch gaming monitor ROG Strix XG49VQ

Asus held a special event this week in Malaysia, where it demonstrated its promising new products. Among them was a large ultra-widescreen monitor ROG Strix XG49VQ, focused on gamers.

4K-projector VAVA VA-LT002 will cost less than $ 3000

Sunvalley introduced the VAVA VA-LT002 projector, which supports 4K and HDR-10 video, yielding a 105-inch image from a distance of only 22 cm. The novelty is characterized by the ALPD3.0 laser projection system, a maximum luminous flux of 2000 lumens, a contrast ratio of 200: 1, the presence of features “person detection”, acoustics Harman Kardon, Bluetooth support, as well as the SmartTV shell based on Android 7.1. According to the manufacturer, the VA-LT002 will be the first projector of this class with a price of less than $ 3,000.

Google can make a single subscription for paid applications.

Google marketers are working on a new way of “hilling” an audience that doesn’t really want to buy paid mobile apps. It is, as reported by thematic media, about the possible appearance of a single paid subscription to Android applications.

“Yandex” presented the heat price cards for housing

To make it easier for users to navigate the housing markets of the two capitals, we added heat maps to the service. They clearly show how the prices for apartments and rental rates vary from area to area. “Yandex. Real Estate” Green means low price, red means high.

Tinder will become a Google programmatic partner

Match Media Group, which owns the Tinder dating application, has entered into an agreement with Google, under which the company will send ads to a search engine server, Digiday reports. The advertiser will be able to buy impressions from the ad server at a fixed price.

The web version of YouTube will be adapted for vertical videos.

In the near future, the web version of YouTube will adapt to play vertical clips. Recall that the mobile version of the application works with similar videos. YouTube video hosting developers have recognized that vertical video is widely used by users.

Mozilla decided to make money on VPN

The ability to protect communication channels using a VPN is one of the most frequent wishes of Firefox users, browser developers explain. ProtonVPN adheres to strict rules for the protection of personal data and does not record the actions of users, emphasize in Mozilla.

In Google, engaged in the development of a cloud platform for robots

Google has begun developing a cloud platform to optimize the use of robots in production, according to the Cloud Robotics project website. Cloud storage is called online storage using distributed servers.

Beeline hired the first robot

Employees of accounting and control services of the effectiveness of SSC with the support of IT participated in the creation of algorithms of artificial intelligence. The team of experts from the center of robotization of the SSC, in collaboration with EY, was engaged in setting up, training, and implementing RobBee.

Apple intends to introduce a new iPad with a powerful processor

The American company Apple will soon present the new iPad with a more powerful processor and a cheaper model of the MacBook, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing analysts. Official information from Apple that she plans to present, is not reported.

Samsung launched sales of a memory card for 512 GB smartphones

The Korean company has estimated its memory card at 300 euros, and it is worth noting that at the start of sales for Note9 it was not offered. There were rumors about the new product, and later it appeared on the company’s website in Germany.

Drone DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise priced at $ 2,000

DJI has expanded the range of quadrocopters with the Mavic 2 Pro Enterprise model, which is designed for rescuers and professionals in various fields.

Radeon RX 590 video card will be presented on November 15

Technological edition Wccftech said that the video card Radeon RX 590 will be on the market in two weeks – the new product from AMD will be on sale November 15, and its retail price will be about $ 300 (19.7 thousand rubles).


Off the coast of California on video got an octopus with ears

Scientists have noticed the octopus Dumbo while researching the Davidson underwater mountain in the Monterey National Marine Reserve. Experts filmed a marine inhabitant on video.

Recall, this octopus is known for having small pterygoid fins that resemble ears. This makes the creature look like a cartoon character.

It is noted that this species lives at a depth of 100 to 5000 meters, and tries to stick to the very bottom of the ocean

Physicists have described the gravitational-wave tweezers

On the other hand, the electromagnetic forces remotely resemble the forces of gravitational attraction – both forces are transferred by massless particles and have an infinitely large radius of action, and Newton’s law, which approximately describes gravity with a small curvature of space-time, coincides with Coulomb’s law

Coral larvae first successfully survived the freeze cycle

Scientists for the first time were able to quickly and successfully freeze the coral larvae and get viable individuals after thawing. The tried and tested method can be indispensable in order to preserve the biodiversity of corals, which are suffering greatly from climate change.

In Russia, they plan to process products with ionizing radiation.

According to Russian news agencies, over the next two years, Rusatom Helskea will be implementing a system that will allow processing of products sold in Russia with ionizing radiation. This will be done in order to increase the shelf life of products.

Psilocybin clinical trials for depression to begin in the US

Compass Pathways has received permission from the FDA commission for use in clinical studies of psilocybin contained in hallucinogenic mushrooms. The US Department of Health has assigned the status of “breakthrough therapy” in the treatment of depression to the use of psilocybin.

Intestinal microflora is poorly restored after antibiotics

Oluf Pedersen (Oluf Pedersen) with colleagues from the University of Copenhagen and the BGI Institute in Shenzhen studied the dynamics of the intestinal microflora in 12 volunteers before and after taking a wide range of antibiotics. Observations have shown that its composition returns to normal only about six months after such treatment — and by no means completely. Some types of bacteria disappear from its composition, while others – not always beneficial for the organism itself – are fixed here.

Dogs have learned to identify malaria from people by smell

Experts say that people suffering from this disease do not always show symptoms of the disease, but infected people do have a peculiar smell that only dogs can catch. Experts conducted an experiment in which thirty malaria schoolchildren from Gambia took part

Scientists have created a smart bracelet, giving a signal about the attack of epilepsy

Developed a new smart bracelet scientists from the Netherlands, whose main goal was to prevent the death of epilepsy attacks, especially during sleep. The new device has already been tested on volunteers.

Physicists have turned a laser into a pocket detector of poisons

Physicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University and the Russian Quantum Center have figured out how to use a cheap laser diode to create an ultra-sensitive pocket gadget that can search for traces of poisons, determine the chemical composition of beverages and find dangerous microbes in the exhaled air.

Robots will create a 3D map of the universe.

If successful, a detailed 3D model will help find answers to many astronomy questions, including giving an opportunity to explain how the Universe looked before star formation, how space and time are distorted, and also to find traces of ancient sound waves.


Audi recalls 6.7 thousand cars in Russia

Audi has announced the recall in Russia of 6687 of their cars because of a malfunction in the engine cooling system

In Russia, began the release of a new Nissan X-Trail

Nissan has launched a new X-Trail crossover at a factory in St. Petersburg – the test assembly of the new item has been in progress since April 2018. The car received a new look at the expense of other bonnet, grille, headlights and bumper, lights and rear bumper.

Jaguar introduced special versions of the F-Type Coupe and Roadster

Special versions of the roadster and coupe got the name Checkered Flag Limited Edition. The company Jaguar in honor of its 70th anniversary showed a special version of the coupe and roadster F-Type. Cars built on the basis of picking R-Dynamic.

Mitsubishi L200 with Xpander design

The Thai division of the brand has published a regular video teaser for the new generation of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck, on which the front of the car flashes.

It can be noted that the front of the pickup L200, known in the Thai market under the name Mitsubishi Triton, will be made in the same style with the Xpander and Deilca D5 minivans. The car will receive a “two-story” front optics with narrow headlights on top and vertical blocks in the bumper. The rear lights will be vertical and thin, but not as strange as on the platform Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV

Students have made a 600-strong version of the Honda Civic

Employees of the Honda office in the United States decided to find out the potential of students from the International Center for Automotive Research Clemson University. They were instructed to build a racing car for the rally, which ride would be breathtaking.

Tuners studio Gruma created pickup Mercedes-Benz X-Class for hunters

Atelier specializes in preparing cars for hunters. German pickup got a matte green body color and black inlays. In the back, experts from Gruma installed a cage for transporting dogs, as well as a compartment for storing weapons.

KIA Tusker will launch on the US market next year

Kia plans to conquer the North American market with a full range of crossovers, from compact to full-size cars with three rows of seats. So, in March, Americans will be able to purchase the Tusker model, which is a converted Creta, from dealers of the brand.

BMW will release the model M3 with a station wagon

The German carmaker BMW intends to release a version of the M3 model with a station wagon. The relevant information has been published by foreign specialized media. Recently viewed vehicle was spotted at the legendary Nürburgring race track.

Great Wall Haval F7 sales start November 6

The Chinese auto giant Great Wall will begin selling the new “youth” crossover Haval F7 in the home market already on November 6th. The novelty, presented at the end of August at the Moscow Motor Show, will be available with 1.5- and 2.0-liter turbo engines at prices ranging from 140,000 to 160,000 yuan (approximately 1.3-1.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate). Serial production of the “Russian” version of the model, the appearance of which is expected in the spring of 2019, will be set up in the coming months at the new Haval plant in the Tula region.


The giant sculpture of Peter I was offered to be installed in the waters of the Neva

In Smolny, an exhibition of works by participants in an open competition to create small architectural forms and concepts of beautification of St. Petersburg was held. This writes the Petersburg Diary.

One of the participants suggested placing a giant figure of Emperor Peter I in the Neva water area between the Palace and the Trinity Bridges. Most of the sculpture, conceived by the authors, should be hidden under water. It is assumed that only a few parts of the body will remain on the surface. The head was offered to be placed at the Palace Bridge, one palm – at the Hermitage, the other – at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Legs, according to the project, should rest against the Trinity Bridge.

“Maya Plisetskaya. Dedication. Gala Concert of World Ballet Stars

On November 27, 2018, a gala concert of world ballet stars Maya Plisetskaya. Dedication.

The concert will be held in the framework of the new annual project of the People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa “Autographs and Images” – a kind of anthology of the work of outstanding dancers of the 20th century.

The brightest ballet stars and soloists of the largest theaters of the world will gather to commemorate the great actress. The program will include ballet parties that have become the hallmark of Plisetskaya. During the evening, rare documentary footage from the life of the legendary ballerina will be shown.

In Damascus, restored the sculpture of the lion of the goddess Allat

The sculpture of the lion of the goddess Allat was exhibited for visitors to the National Museum in Damascus after partial restoration. The statue was blown up by Syrian gunmen. This sculpture adorned one of the temples of Palmyra.

Premieres of the Bolshoi Theater troupe will perform in Seoul

The leading ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Svetlana Zakharova and the Bolshoi Premiere Denis Rodkin will perform in Seoul in the Korean production of the ballet “Bayadere”, reports TASS. Rodkin and Zakharova will perform the main parts together with the ballet troupe “Universal” on November 1 and 4. Russian dancers rehearse with South Korean colleagues.

Festival “National Unity Day” will be held in Moscow

From 3 to 5 November, the festival of the Day of National Unity, devoted to the culture and traditions of the regions and peoples of Russia, will be held in the center and districts of Moscow. Venues of the festival “Moscow Seasons” on the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, Orekhovy Boulevard, Novy Arbat, on Revolution Square, Manezhnaya and Tverskaya Squares will operate from 12.00 to 19.00.

The ministry clarified the procedure for exporting cultural property from Russia

The Ministry of Culture has developed a “Memo on the import and export of cultural property.” It is posted on the site office.

As Vladislav Kononov, director of the Museum Department of Museums, explained, “the ministry receives a large number of requests every month to clarify the procedure for importing or exporting cultural property. The memo explains in detail what is needed to obtain permits and what items can be exported or imported.”

In China, the exhibition of fake works of Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami

Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami are considering the possibility of bringing lawsuits against the Chinese company, which held exhibitions of works of artists without the consent of them. Some works, the authors believe, are fakes.

Gala concert of ballet stars Dance Open will be shown in the TV version

If this year you missed one of the biggest events from the world of ballet – the gala concert of the Dance Open festival – you will have a second chance to become its audience: on November 3, the show will be shown on television on the Russia-Culture channel at 22.30.

Sound installation “Parade of Planets” will present the Museum of Cosmonautics

Right in the museum, the musicians will play the roles of planets and satellites, stars and asteroids. And the museum itself will be transformed into alternative outer space, where each planet has its own character, sound and inhabitants. Visitors will admire the dance of Pluto and Jupiter, watch the lunar rover, and hear the moon-jazz. Beginning November 4th at 23:00.

The IV Children’s Theater Festival “Marshak” started in Voronezh

The festival is held in the days of the autumn school holidays. The program – 57 shows twenty-eight performances for children and their parents. Theaters from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Voronezh, Saratov will present their productions, as well as foreign guests – theater companies from France and Switzerland. The festival opened with the play “The Last Pope” of the Saratov Theater for Young Spectators. Yu.P. Kiselev staged by director Natalia Shumilkina.

Moscow Theater of the musical began touring in India

The Moscow Theater of the Musical under the artistic direction of Mikhail Shvydkoi opened a tour in India on Sunday. The artists presented the plastic performance “Reverse” in Delhi, the press service of the theater reported.

Literary festival brings together Russian-speaking writers around the world

Last weekend in the Yalta House Museum of Chekhov took place the IX International Literary Festival “Chekhov Autumn – 2018”. Participants showed themselves in author’s song contests, read poems about the sea and met with colleagues on the pen.

In St. Petersburg, awarded the winners of the “Golden Soffit – 2018”

The award ceremony for the winners of the “Golden Soffit” was held today, October 29th. All winners can be divided into four categories: representatives of state, non-state, musical theaters and puppet theaters.

A complete list of all winners, including non-state theaters, musical theaters, puppet theaters in various nominations can be found on the website of the Golden Sofit.


Kiss will give a farewell concert in Moscow

American rock band Kiss has included Moscow in the schedule of its farewell tour “End Of The Road”. The performance will take place on June 13, 2019 at the Dynamo stadium.

During its 45-year history, Kiss has repeatedly confirmed its title as one of the most spectacular rock bands. They have more than 100 million albums sold, and the fan Kiss Army numbers millions of people in countries all over the world, say the organizers of the show.

50 Cent said he bought 200 tickets to the concert Ja Rule

As specifies Page Six, the Atkinson concert should be held in Texas on November 9. Curtis bought 200 tickets in the front rows so that, according to him, “they were empty”. In response to the words 50 Cent Ja Rule posted in his Twitter his photo in the image of a woman, calling the rapper “crazy.”

Eurovision-2019’s motto will be “Let yourself dream”

“Dare to dream” (Dare to Dream) – this is how you can translate the official slogan of the international song contest “Eurovision-2019”. Information about this is posted on the official website of the project. There are 200 days left until the final – the competition performances will be held on May 14, 16 and 18, 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Group Bon Jovi goes to Moscow for the first time in 30 years

The famous rock band will fly to the Russian capital with a concert on May 31, 2019. The last time the musicians were in Moscow in 1989. Like 30 years ago, Bon Jovi is planning to perform at the Luzhniki stadium, according to the concert agency SAV Entertainment.

Glenn Hughes will arrive in Moscow in November with hits of Deep Purple

Former bass guitarist and vocalist of the British rock band Deep Purple Glenn Hughes will perform hits of the band at two concerts in Moscow. The musician will perform at the Moscow International House of Music on November 19 and 21, the press service of the organizer of the tour, Moscow Show, said on Monday.

Fans of classical music gathered “Virtual Concert Hall”

According to the director of the drama theater Sergei Samodov, in the future, the program of the All-Russian Virtual Concert Hall will not be limited only to musical works, and plans to broadcast performances

“Melody” released Anton Batagov’s live recordings

The company “Melody” released a double album “Big My Secret” with recordings of concerts by the same name by the composer and pianist Anton Batagov, held in December 2017 in the Moscow International House of Music.

“The performance of Anton Batagov includes works of different epochs: plays by Jean-Philippe Rameau, John Bull, Bach’s choral preludes, soundtracks by Michael Naiman, Mozart’s fantasies,” reports the company Melody.

Kovacs debuted in Moscow

Kovacs debuted in Moscow Singer from the Netherlands Sharon Kovaks arrived in Russia as part of a tour in support of her second album, Cheap Smell. Boris Barabanov believes that the concert in the “Izvestia Hall” was the beginning of her great friendship with the local audience.

American singer LP will perform in Irkutsk on March 22

The American singer, author and performer Laura Pergolitstsi, performing under the initials of LP, will give a concert in Irkutsk on March 22, 2019, the organizers told the IrCity news agency on October 30. The concert will begin at 19.00 on the main stage of the Palace of Sports “Trud”

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