6 Sep, 2018

The assassination of Assad was not discussed

Donald Trump commented on the information published in Bob Woodward’s The Washington Post, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” which refers to Trump’s order to destroy Assad in 2017.

“It was never even considered and did not reflect,” Trump said. He called Bob Woodward’s journalist of The Washington Post a “fiction”.

Earlier, The Washington Post published excerpts from the text of Woodward’s book “Fear: Trump in the White House.” It describes the events of April 2017: then in the province of Idlib, a chemical attack took place, in which Washington accused Assad, after which the United States struck a missile attack on Syria.

“Let’s kill him!” Let’s go, “- that’s exactly what Trump told his defense minister, James Mattis, from the book.

It also claims that Mattis announced his readiness, but put down the phone and told a high-ranking assistant: “We will be much more measured.” This is how the plan for air strikes was developed, the book states.

In addition, the book says that after a month of presidency, Trump asked General Joseph Dunford to develop a plan for a preemptive strike against the DPRK, which stunned the veteran of the fighting.

Woodward’s book is written on the basis of interviews with various people. Trump himself declined to meet with Woodward when the journalist wrote the book, states The Washington Post. The White House has already called the book “a collection of fabricated stories, retold by former employees, to expose the president in a bad light.”

Briefly about the main thing …..


The fight against the illegal turnover of medical alcohol will be strengthened

In Russia, the free circulation of alcohol-containing antiseptics can be banned. In general, the fight against the illegal turnover of ethyl alcohol in the form of a pharmaceutical substance will be strengthened. This was stated by the head of the Rosalkogolregulirovaniya (RAR) Igor Aleshin

The resettlement of emergency housing will allocate 433 billion rubles

The program for resettlement of emergency housing will provide funding in the amount of 433 billion rubles until 2024. This was stated by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities Vladimir Yakushev at a meeting of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction

The daughter of a State Duma deputy bought a mansion in the UK for 2 billion rubles

The daughter of the State Duma deputy from the Republic of Tatarstan, Rinat Khayrov, 29-year-old Elsina, bought an elite estate in the southern part of the English county of Surrey, according to the Daily Mail. Its cost was 22 million pounds, or 1.9 billion rubles.

Udaltsov stopped the hunger strike

Coordinator of the “Left Front” Sergei Udaltsov, who is under arrest, stopped a dry hunger strike, his wife Anastasia Udaltsova told journalists on Wednesday.

The former King of Belgium was not allowed into the bar because of the shorts

The former King of Belgium, Albert II, was not allowed to enter the bar of an elite yacht club in Italy because of improper clothing, as the monarch appeared in shorts. This is written by the Belgian site 7sur7. The incident occurred in the city of Santa Maria di Leuca in the south of the country

In St. Petersburg, the head of the trade union of free entrepreneurs was detained

Employees of the FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region detained the head of the nonprofit organization “Trade Union of Free Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Workers”, as well as the founder of OneShopWorld, registered in the UK, on suspicion of involvement in embezzlement of trade union funds, the press service of the department

“Total dictation” in 2019 will be written on April 13

The next world action to test literacy “Total dictation” is scheduled for April 13, 2019. This was announced on Wednesday by the organizers of the event

The first in Russia completely foreign clinic was opened in Skolkovo

The International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo opened the diagnostic center of the Israeli clinic “Hadassah”, a branch of the Israeli hospital Hadassah. It will be the first fully foreign clinic in Russia, the press service of the Skolkovo Foundation reports.

Moscow City Court left Alexei Navalny under arrest

The Moscow City Court recognized as lawful the administrative arrest of oppositionist Alexei Navalny for the unauthorized action “Strike of voters”, which took place on January 28, 2018. On August 27 the decision to arrest the politician for 30 days was taken by the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow.

The new perinatal center worth 3 billion rubles was opened in Ulan-Ude

The modern perinatal center was opened in Ulan-Ude after a protracted construction, which was to be completed in 2016. The ceremonial transfer of the symbolic key was held on Wednesday with the participation of the head of Buryatia Alexei Tydenov and representatives of the customer – the State Corporation Rostekh.

In the Gulag, priests went to church

Solovki recreates the church of St. Onuphrius the Great, in which they were allowed to pray to Solovetsky prisoners of special purpose camp (ELEPH).

The church is planned to be recreated, such plans exist at the Solovetsky Monastery, which we support. Only in this small modest church in the Solovki Special Purpose Camp it was allowed to pray to believers and priests exiled to Solovki, – said Dmitry Yaskorskiy, a freelance adviser to the governor of the Arkhangelsk region

In the Urals recorded a second earthquake per day

The magnitude was 4.4, and its epicenter was at a depth of 10 km. It is noted that the distance from the epicenter to Ufa is 131 km, and to Catav-Ivanovsk, where the first earthquake occurred at night, 22 km. Earlier, the EMERCOM of the Chelyabinsk region reported that on the night of September 5 an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred in the Katav-Ivanovo municipal district.

Feminist from Omsk accused of inciting hatred towards men

The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings against a graduate student at the Omsk State University. She is suspected of inciting hatred of the opposite sex and derogating his virtues.

In Australia, they decided not to raise the retirement age

This was announced by the new Prime Minister Scott Morrison, reports on September 5 on his website The Sydney Morning Herald.

The plans of the previous Cabinet included a phased increase in the age of retirement from 67 to 70 years, beginning in 2025. And although this intention was not approved in the legislative order, the government acted on the basis of this perspective, the newspaper writes.

Bank of Russia launches commemorative coin in honor of 200th anniversary of Grozny

On September 5, the Bank of Russia issues a commemorative silver coin with a face value of 3 rubles, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the founding of Grozny, the Chechen Republic. This is reported in a press release of the Central Bank of Russia.

Lukashenko gathered potato and watermelon crops in his area

It turns out that three types of potatoes are grown at the presidential site: “Uladar”, “Queen Anna” and “Satina”. During the day, Lukashenka’s active assistants managed to remove and sort all three varieties. They managed to sum up the first results of the summer season

The government wants to give VEB the status of a pension fund

The Russian government supported the idea of giving Vnesheconombank the status of a pension fund, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told reporters on the sidelines of the Congress of the Association of Banks of Russia.


Singer Yuliya Samoilova declared her readiness to emigrate from Russia

The singer Yulia Samoilova stated that she intends to leave Russia. This actress reported in her video message

Verka Serdyuchka refused touring in Russia

Manager Verka Serdyuchki (scenic image of Andrei Danilko) Andrei Urenev said that the artist does not plan to come to Russia in the near future with tours. He also explained why Danilko was seen at the opening of the New Wave festival in Sochi.

“It was a closed event, that is, he continues not to participate in box-office concerts. Here he was at the personal invitation of Igor Krutoy “, – Ureneva quotes RIA Novosti.

The patient is sold for 300 thousand

The performer, who has suffered a while ago, knows nothing about the fact that the artist’s assistants are asking for money for an interview with the singer.

He personally said in a telephone conversation that he would gladly give interviewees an interview, even inviting them to his home.

In the evening, the artist did not take off the pipe. Plans violated the enterprising administrator Boris Moiseyev Sergey.

“Why do you call first about him about an interview, not me? This is the first.” Second: what did you agree with with him? “You offered Boris Mikhailovich a fee? No? And who will do it for nothing, tell me !?” – quotes the assistant of the singer DailyStorm.

Learning that the artist has already agreed, Sergei just grinned. Like, anyway, you will not get through any more. And so – 333 thousand, and the problem is closed.

Ilon Mask again accused the rescued children of a diver in pedophilia

Participating in rescuing children from a flooded cave in Thailand, the diver is again accused of pedophilia. And again, the British accused the American businessman Ilon Mask. The head of SpaceX and Tesla stated that Verne Answorth had come to Chiang Rai not to climb the caves, but for something else.

Tsereteli plans to complete the monument to Kobzon before the end of the year

Sculptor Zurab Tsereteli said that he can make a monument to the deceased singer Joseph Kobzon before the end of this year. He said this in an interview with the Moscow agency. Tsereteli said that during his lifetime Kobzon asked him to make a sculpture.

She will portray a great artist in a suit and with a microphone in his hands – such as he was seen on stage. The height of the monument will be about 2.4 m. Perhaps I will finish it by the end of the year. – Zurab Tsereteli, artist

Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya was accused of forging her husband’s signatures

Elina Mazur accused the former wife of Armen Borisovich in forging the signatures of the famous spouse. The witness assures that Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya used the provisions and put the signature for Dzhigarkhanyan in documents relating to the financial affairs of the theater, whose director was the actor.

Buzova became a special guest of the opening of the first Turkish restaurant in Moscow

TV presenter and budding soloist Olga Buzova became a special guest of the opening of the first Turkish restaurant in the Russian capital. The audience was entertained by pop stars, participants of the project “Golos”, cover-band “Naumov Band”. Visitors saw belly dancing and high-quality performances by artists

The wife of Medvedev sang and danced at the concert Verka Serdyuchka

The wife of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev turned out to be a fan of Ukrainian artist Andrei Danilko, known under the pseudonym Verka Serdyuchka. Svetlana Medvedeva visited the concert of an outrageous star in Sochi, where she danced and sang for famous hits.

Grinev lives with Buzovy: fans revealed the secret of the personal life of the star

Fans are sure that after the shooting, Olga and Alexander, as they say, “declared themselves a couple” and now live happily together. As a source of such information, fans of the show call the former lover of another participant – the cheese maker from Suzdal Denis Lebedev.

The 39-year-old Vitas has radically changed his image

Last week, 39-year-old artist for the first time in a long time, released a new song, the style of which is radically different from what he did before. And on the eve of Vitas showed his new image. The performer updated the haircut and dyed his hair white

Residents of New Orleans filed for Brad Pitt in court

In 2005, the most destructive hurricane in the history of the United States, Katrina, struck New Orleans. Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation built new eco houses for the victims – cheap, but still not free, and now their owners are preparing a collective lawsuit against the actor. According to them, many of the buildings have already come to an extremely deplorable state, and because of the constant problems with roofs, electrical wiring, water supply and sanitation in them it is practically impossible to live.

Stefano Gabbana called Chiara Ferrandi’s wedding dress “cheap”

Stefano Gabbana was offended when his famous compatriot Chiara Ferragni ordered a wedding dress not for Dolce & Gabbana, but for creative director Dior Maria Gracia Cury. Otherwise how to explain that the designer left an unflattering comment under the photograph of the happy bride on the page of Harper’s Bazaar UK in Instagram.

“Cheap”, – briefly commented on Stefano wedding dress, provoking the wrath of the subscribers of the publication, who immediately rushed to intercede for the girl.

“Rough and tactless,” they replied. “Cheap is your behavior.”

Organizer Tony Robbins called the amount of his fee

The organizer of the speech of the Life Coach Tony Robbins and the rector of the school “Synergy” Grigory Avetov in his column on the site of Forbes magazine reported that the celebrity fee for the performance in the “Olympic” was one million rubles. He noted that this amount “in its pure form, without additional costs.”

The main fashionista in the royal family was Catherine, not Megan

No matter how glossy magazines sang praises to the new English princess – the Duchess of Sussex Megan, the fashionable tastes of the British continue to be influenced … by the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. According to the annual report of the largest online retailer eBay, unprecedented bursts of consumer activity always occur after the next release of the wife of Prince William! And most of all Britons inspire the outfits that Katherine chooses during pregnancy.

Dakota Johnson made a tattoo like Chris Martin

The example of Johnny Depp, who after each novel is forced to bring out tattoos dedicated to ex-girls, not everyone seems instructive. Dakota Johnson at the Venice Film Festival proudly demonstrated a new drawing on her hand – a symbol of infinity with two letters XX. Somewhere we already saw this … Oh, yes, on the hand of Chris Martin!


A brass band from Ohio congratulated Queen on his birthday Freddie Mercury

In an unusual way, Freddie Mercury’s birthday celebrated the members of the brass band from Ohio.

Eminem released a new video “Fall”

American rapper Eminem released a new clip for the song “Fall”. The track was part of his new album “Kamikaze”, which was released on August 31. The musician dedicated his new clip to critics of the previous album “Revival”

Soloists Deutsche Oper am Rhein performed in the Helikon-Opera

At the Moscow Musical Theater Helikon-Opera on September 4, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein (Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf) stars performed at the gala concert “Duet of Two Capitals”.

Russian-Chinese concert will be held at the estate “Volga” in Harbin

Tomorrow, September 6, in the city of Harbin in the estate “Volga” the audience will be presented a joint Russian-Chinese concert. From the Russian side at the concert will perform: “The Choir of Turkish” (female), the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Air and Space Forces, and others.

“Epidemic” will celebrate his birthday with a concert in “Izvestia Hall”

Power metal band “Epidemic” will give a traditional celebratory concert in honor of the birthday in the Moscow club “Izvestia Hall” on December 16, 2018.

Tom Yorke’s soundtrack to “Suspiria” will be released in October

The double album “Suspiria (Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film)” will be released on XL Records label on October 26, 2018 and will be available on CD and vinyl. The world premiere of the film “Suspiria” was held at the Venice Film Festival on September 1, the Russian film will be released on November 29.

In Ufa will be the II International Violin Competition Vladimir Spivakov

Ufa is actively preparing for the II International Violin Competition Vladimir Spivakov, which the maestro initiated two years ago. The main prize – a unique violin, created in 1912 by the Italian master Riccardo Antoniacci, the winner of the competition will already on September 21 at a gala concert on the stage of the State Concert Hall “Bashkortostan”.

Hip-Hop trio of Migos and DJ Durel in a new clip “Hot Summer”

“Hot Summer” is the latest hip-hop novelty from Migos after remixes released earlier on “Drip” Cardi B’s and “Swang” Rae Sremmurd. The producer of the track was DJ Durel, who has performed with a trio on live performances for the past 5 years.

The festival “Asia-Siberia-Europe” will be held in Krasnoyarsk

Eliso Virsaladze will come to Krasnoyarsk and begin rehearsals on September 20. The legend of Russian piano art will give a single concert on September 22 at the closing of the festival. Details of the festival program can be found here.

Sochi Festival of Classical Music “Petersburg Season” began

The twelfth festival of classical music “Petersburg season” takes place in Sochi from September 5 to September 15, during which time 10 concerts will be held in the city, one of which will be held on the roof of the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU), the deputy head of Sochi Irina Roman

Festival “Mad Days” will be held in Ekaterinburg next weekend

A large-scale musical marathon of classical music “Mad Days” from 111 concerts will be held from September 7 to 9 in eight festival halls: the Great and Chamber Halls of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic and the Theater, the City Music House, the Chamber and Educational Theaters, the Makletsky Hall


The Finance Ministry will increase the purchase of currency in September

The Ministry of Finance of Russia from September 7 to October 4 will increase the planned volume of currency purchases to 426.9 billion rubles. The agency estimates the daily volume of purchases of currency in the specified period of 21.3 billion rubles. As explained in the Ministry of Finance, taking into account the suspension of interventions by the Central Bank, before the end of September, the currency will be transferred to the treasury accounts from the Central Bank’s reserves.

Ministry of Construction of Russia allowed the growth of mortgage rates

Mortgage rates in the Russian Federation against the backdrop of financial uncertainty and the risk of an increase in the key rate of the Central Bank may grow, deputy head of the department Nikita Stashishin said at a meeting of the presidium of the public council of the Ministry of Construction.

The National Welfare Fund for August rose to 5.16 trillion rubles

The National Wealth Fund (NWF) for August 2018 grew in ruble terms by 6.5%. As of September 1, the volume of SWF amounted to 5 trillion 160.278 billion rubles. In terms of dollars, the volume of the fund fell to $ 75.79 billion from $ 77.16 billion on August 1, according to the materials of the Ministry of Finance.

“Magnit” launched a program of share buy-back

The buyout program is sold by the subsidiary of Magnit, JSC Tander, through Renaissance Broker LLC.

Rosneft selected Swiss bank UBS to buy shares of the company

“Rosneft” appointed the Swiss bank UBS as its agent for the repurchase of shares, a report on this is posted on the company’s website.

Bank “Otkrytie” managed to return two thirds of bonuses paid to management

Bank Otkritie FC received back 840 million rubles, which were paid to its management by former executives, or about two-thirds of total payments. This was reported by the head of the credit organization Mikhail Zadornov.

“They returned 840 million rubles from 1 billion 400 million. We expect that most of the funds will be returned through negotiations or judicial decisions, “he said, adding that 840 million were returned voluntarily.

RFPI and Mubadala closed the deal to buy 49% of Gazpromneft-Vostok

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) and Mubadala Petroleum (UAE) have closed the deal to buy 49% of the Gazpromneft-Vostok subsidiary from Gazprom Neft, RFPI reports.

The profit of Udmurtneft grew 1.5 times

Profit before tax amounted to 19.535 billion rubles, which is 46.1% more than in 1 m half of 2017. Recall that 2017, Udmurtneft completed, showing a decrease in net profit under IFRS by 4.3%, to 21.385 billion rubles.

Annual inflation in August accelerated to 3.1%

In January-August of 2018, prices increased by 2.4%. In August 2017, a record deflation of 0.5% was recorded. Inflation in Russia for the week from August 28 to September 3 was 0%, Rosstat said on Wednesday.

The Gazprom Management Committee approved the growth of the investment program

The Gazprom Management Committee approved an increase in the investment program in 2018 by more than 200 billion rubles, the company said in a statement to RBC. The total volume of investments is planned at 1.496 trillion rubles. This amount exceeds the approved in December 2017 program for 217.5 billion rubles.

Gazprom completed the laying of the second thread of the Turkish Stream in Russia

Gazprom completed construction of the second thread of the Turkish Stream in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Russia, the company said.

Ministry of Finance could not place OFZs for 15 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance was unable to place on Wednesday, September 5, OFZ for 15 billion rubles. with maturity in 2024, the Ministry reported that it recognized the auction as invalid because of volatility in the financial market. The auction on the placement of OFZs is usually held by the Ministry of Finance every week

Rosneft withdraws from Pechora LNG project

“The company currently does not see the prospects for the development of the project and comes out of it without any losses and liabilities,” a representative of Rosneft told Tass.

The Canadian Central Bank did not adjust the key rate

The decision of the regulator coincided with the forecasts of analysts, Finam reports. In July, the country’s central bank raised the key rate from 1.25% to 1.5% per annum. The regulator did not raise the interest rate from January 2018, when it was also raised by 0.25 basis points to 1.25%.

Mortgage rates in Russia can go up

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev predicted that the average rate on mortgage loans in Russia by the end of this year could drop to 9.1% per annum. Speaking about the prospects for housing loans, he noted that by 2024 the growth of the mortgage portfolio is expected to reach 16 trillion rubles.

“The mortgage portfolio, which we have by 2024, it will be somewhere around 16 trillion rubles … This will be 11% of the country’s gross domestic product,” predicts the head of the Ministry of Construction.

The Bank of Russia is increasing its gold reserves

Over the past 7 years, the share of gold in the international reserves of Russia has increased from 7.5 to 17.7%. At the same time, the current volume of all international reserves is still at the level of 2011.

In order to achieve the average gold share in international reserves characteristic of developed countries, Russia needs to double its gold reserves, i.e. purchase another 1800 tons. At present, the gold reserve of the Russian Federation is 1970 tons. Taking into account the current rate of replenishment, it will take about 9 years to double it.

Annual inflation in August accelerated to 3.1%

In January-August of 2018, prices increased by 2.4%. In August 2017, a record deflation of 0.5% was recorded. Inflation in Russia for the week from August 28 to September 3 was 0%, Rosstat said on Wednesday.

Qatar Petroleum wants to build an LNG terminal in Germany

The Qatar state company Qatar Petroleum is interested in the project of building an LNG terminal in Germany. Negotiations are currently underway with German companies Uniper and RWE on joint work on this project. Two models of participation are considered.

China will increase gas imports

China is going to increase the import of natural gas from Russia and Kazakhstan in the near future. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to the agency China News Servise.

The planned volumes of the increase in supplies, as well as the specific terms of information, are not given.

Rosatom hopes to get the status of the Northern Sea Route operator this fall

The state corporation Rosatom expects that in autumn it will receive powers in the development of the Northern Sea Route and adjacent territories. The bill is in the State Duma. Its consideration is planned for the autumn session.


Russia struck at the rebels “Djebhat an-Nusra” in Idlib

The official representative of the Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said that four Russian aircraft struck a blow at the positions of terrorists of the Jebhat an Nusra faction in the province of Idlib in Syria. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Demining the demilitarized zone of the two Koreas will take 200 years

Full demining of the demilitarized zone dividing North and South Korea will take about 200 years, a South Korean army spokesman said on September 5 on the air of the KBS radio station. In this case, these calculations can be implemented only taking into account the fact that all engineering units in the country will be involved in demining , noted the military

Israel strikes at 202 targets in Syria

As a rule, the Israeli military does not comment on the attacks on Syria. For eighteen months, the Israeli Armed Forces struck at 202 targets in Syria. These objectives, according to the IDF, were associated with the presence of Iran in the country, as well as the supply of weapons hostile to Tel Aviv forces.

Ukraine and Romania began “military-river” exercises on the Danube

Ukraine began joint naval exercises with NATO Romania. More precisely, for exercises the term “military-river” is more suitable, since they are conducted on the Danube

URIC “Uglich” replenished ammunition “Calibers” in the open sea

As reported by the press service of the South-Eastern Military District, the replenishment of the Kalibrov rocket ammunition in the sea to the small Uglich missile ship was provided by the military transport “VTR-79” moored on board.

UN demands to limit the use of combat robots

The group of governmental experts of the United Nations categorically believes that they should remain under the control of people, since responsibility for the use of weapons can not be entrusted to robots.

The United States has sent strategic bombers B-52 to Europe

The United States has sent B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers to Europe, which will have to take part in the NATO drills Ample Strike – 2018, held in the Czech Republic. This was reported by the spokesman for the US Air Force Renee Pittman

In Russia, they decided to revive the world’s largest amphibious aircraft

In Russia, they plan to resume production of the A-40 amphibian aircraft “Albatros”. The United Aircraft Corporation is working on the project, RIA Novosti reported.

The White House will present a new counter-terrorism strategy for the United States

“Very soon the White House will unveil a new courageous counter-terrorism strategy that will make our enemies think, and will also outline the path to victory over them,” said the head of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Kiev launched a criminal case against Russia

Ukraine has filed a criminal case against Moscow. The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Sergey Knyazev, accused the Russian Federation of the fact that it did not ensure the safety of weapons on the peninsula, and now it allegedly falls into the Donbas.

NATO reconnaissance aircraft seen near the Russian border in the Baltic Sea

The reconnaissance aircraft E-3A Sentry AWACS, owned by NATO, circled for several hours near the Russian borders. Having risen in a circle, the liner cruised in the sky over Lithuania to the northeast of the Kaliningrad region.

In the Mediterranean Sea there were exercises of Tu-160 bombers

As noted, the flight passed over the neutral waters of the Caspian and Mediterranean seas. As noted in the military department, the aircraft flew for 10 hours over a low-level terrain in difficult weather conditions. At the same time, bombers successfully conducted conditional launches of cruise missiles on ground targets


The third inter-Korean summit will be held from 18 to 20 September in the DPRK

The third inter-Korean summit will be held from 18 to 20 September in the DPRK, reports the agency Renhap referring to the special envoy of the South Korean president. Earlier it was reported that the emissary from Seoul met in Pyongyang with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no and handed him the message of the President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Zhe In.

Putin will visit the exercise “East-2018”

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said that after the Eastern Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit military exercises in which China will take part, the Izvestia newspaper writes on Thursday.

May named the suspects in the “Skrypalo case” by the GRU

“The government (the UK) has come to the conclusion that the two accused of involvement in the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal are members of the intelligence community – the military intelligence officers of the GRU,” May said in the parliament.

Construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline started in Finland

In Finland, they began laying pipes for the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in the Gulf of Finland. This is reported on the website of the operator Nord Stream 2 AG. The Solitaire vessel is engaged in the laying of pipes with a dynamic positioning system.

In Sweden, they spoke in favor of blocking the construction of the Nord Stream-2

Most political parties in Sweden are in favor of blocking the construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2, Sveriges Radio reports.

The Estonian officer was arrested for espionage in favor of Russia

The Harju County Court in Estonia arrested two people accused of high treason. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the prosecutor’s office of the country. The espionage is suspected of the officer of the General Staff of the Defense Forces, Major Denis Metsavas and his father Peter Volin

Journalist Kirill Vyshinsky became ill in the courtroom

The city court of Kherson was forced to suspend the meeting to extend the measure of restraint to Russian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky due to the fact that he felt ill. This was reported to the Ukrainian media by the lawyer of the editor-in-chief of the agency RIA Novosti-Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the Ukrainian side honored the memory of the deceased head of the NDP

The representatives of the independent republics were also supported by the Ukrainian side, which declared that it honored not only the memory of the leader of the People’s Democratic Republic of Germany, but also all those who perished in the civil war in the Donbas, with a minute of silence. Recall, Zakharchenko was killed during the explosion at the restaurant “Separ” in Donetsk on August 31.

“Ukrainian patriots” demanded from Maksakova to leave the country

A group of activists calling themselves Ukrainian patriots delivered an ultimatum to Maria Maksakova, the widow of ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was killed in Kiev.

“If the deputy of the party” United Russia “Maksakova does not listen to these conditions, we Ukrainian patriots will act towards her from the point of view of their conscience, continuing the work of all previous generations fighting for the independence of Ukraine,” Igor Gromov wrote on facebook , who called himself a journalist and public activist.

Ushakov named topics of talks between Putin and Abe for the WEF

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will talk on a tete-a-tete at the Eastern Economic Forum, discuss the peace agreement and the situation on the Korean peninsula, and a package of documents will be adopted, said Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov.

The Speaker of the Rada is being sued after his statements about Hitler

The Verkhovna Rada deputy Vadim Rabinovich is suing Parliament Speaker Andrei Parubia because of his statement about the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler.

With the fascists, we are not following the path. Today I am suing Parubia for propaganda of fascism, which is banned in our country. Today I appeal to all embassies of European countries, primarily Germany, to evaluate the actions of our government and Parubia and to stop all contacts with them. – Vadim Rabinovich, Ukrainian businessman

Syrian summit with Putin’s participation

Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the Russia-Iran-Turkey trilateral summit, which will be held on September 7 in Tehran, the Kremlin announced on Wednesday.

“This is a very significant summit taking into account the international situation and the situation in Syria,” Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov told journalists.

Russia, Iran and Turkey are guarantors of the “Astana process” launched in November 2017 in the capital of Kazakhstan to reconcile the conflicting parties in Syria. The summit in Tehran will be the third in this time, Ushakov recalled.

Lavrov and Pompeo will speak at the session of the UN General Assembly

Syria will become one of the main topics of the talks between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the UN General Assembly. This was announced by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. As the diplomat emphasized, foreign ministers maintain contacts on Syria

London asked to hold a meeting of the UN Security Council on the incident in Salisbury

Britain requested a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss new data on the poisoning incident in Salisbury, the United Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Karen Pearce, told journalists on Wednesday

The House of Representatives of the Congress passed a law on sanctions for cyberattacks

The House of Representatives of the US Congress on Wednesday adopted a law on cybercoupling and retaliatory measures, which provides for the imposition of sanctions against foreign individuals and organizations for organizing and conducting cyberattacks against the United States.

Delegation of public men from the US arrived in the Crimea

A delegation from the United States, which arrived in the Crimea, will travel through the peninsula for several days and meet with local residents to find out how the region develops after its accession to Russia, the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Sebastopol, Sergei Gorbachev, told TASS.


FMRI scan of the brain helps to detect depression

Scientists have studied the results of scanning for depression and bipolar disorder, including patients in a state of remission. The marker of diseases was the condition of the amygdala. The study will help to more accurately diagnose similar on the signs of disease.

Scientists have discovered the first shark-eating algae

Scientists from the University of California told about the found the first shark, feeding on algae. Malogolovaja-hammer-fish, distributed near the Pacific coast, is able without any problems to digest vegetative food

Artificial photosynthesis will make fuel from light and water

British scientists needed for this very little bit of water and light. Researchers “revived” the process of photosynthesis in algae, resulting in their enzyme hydrogenase began to produce oxygen. This is reported by the publication Nature Energy

Found a new reason for longevity

In Spain, scientists from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology found that in the genes there is a difference that allows people to live longer, unlike other primates. Thus, new causes of human longevity were revealed.

Twenty-five variants of DNA were found, developing in all separately. These genes were associated with the work of the cardiovascular system, the process of blood clotting, and wound healing.

What will happen if you never eat meat

The meat contains vitamins, which are needed for the normal operation of the body and without which a person with a high degree of probability can earn oncologic or autoimmune diseases. In addition, the rejection of meat fraught with headaches, loss of muscle mass and many other diseases.

Biologists have found out why white-striped fish for clowns

Scientists from the Ocean Observatory Banyuls-sur-Mer (France) followed 30 species of fish from the genus Amphiprion, which are also known as clown fish. A distinctive feature of these animals is the white strips on the body. The study of the ontogeny of different species has shown that they serve for recognition of species during mating and change during growing up. The work is published in the journal BMC Biology.

Physicists have confirmed the “duplicity” of electrons in the one-dimensional case

Scientists experimentally reproduced a model of a one-dimensional electron gas. In this form, the substance can be in hyperfine conductors, such as nanotubes. In this case, the behavior of electrons can be described as the interaction of two quasiparticles, one of which carries only the charge and the other only the spin. As a result, the authors of the study were able to confirm the predictions of the theoretical description of such systems, created in the middle of the XX century. The article was published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Scientists have discovered the oldest cheese dairy in the Mediterranean

The age of the finds was about 7,2 thousand years. This led to the conclusion that at that time people were able to produce cheese.

The Maxwell daemon ordered atoms in a three-dimensional optical lattice

American physicists ordered a system of 50 cesium atoms placed in a three-dimensional optical trap, using a real analogue of Maxwell’s demon. As a result, the entropy of the system decreased by almost 2.5 times. Previously, scientists were able to order atoms only in one-dimensional and two-dimensional lattices

Stratospheric glider Perlan 2 set a new height record

During the next tests in Patagonia, Perlan 2 broke another record, having risen to a height of 23.2 thousand meters; it is noted that the glider could even surpass the record of the US high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft U-2 Dragon Lady, established in 1989 and amounting to 22.5 thousand meters

It is assumed that the device will be able to climb to a height of about 27 kilometers and will be used to study the polar vortex and its effect on weather conditions. The wingspan of Perlan 2 is 25.6 meters, the length of the fuselage is more than 10 meters; The mass of the device is 816 kilograms.

The experiment refuted one of the fundamental physical laws

Planck’s radiation law was at the center of intensive testing for almost a century. However, as a result of the new analysis, scientists found that it does not work on the smallest scales. It is not yet clear what exactly this means for science, but usually when laws stop working, new discoveries can be expected. This will have an impact not only on atomic physics, but also on the whole of science as a whole, including the formation of planets and climate models. The results of the research may change our understanding of energy transfer. The study was published in the journal Nature.

In search of the fifth power of the universe

All that we know about the universe is about one-tenth of all that is in it. The rest of it is invisible, and we can not find it except for its gravitational effect on the matter accessible to us. Researchers call this missing part a “dark sector”: it is a class of energy and massive particles – presumably they should exist in the universe, but do not interact with visible matter in ways that we could register.

The National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy recently launched a project whose goal is to deal with dark matter with the help of a theoretical dark photon. If scientists really succeed in detecting a dark photon, then this will prove the fifth force of the universe, which in turn will become a serious breakthrough in physics.

Ancient global warming brought rains and floods

Previous global warming (PETM) – Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum, provoked by a sharp change in the composition of the atmosphere – lasted several thousand years and led to noticeable changes in the Earth’s climate and the extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants.


In Japan, the world’s first space elevator

As scientists explained, the space elevator is a system for lifting cargo and people into orbit in special cabins or containers. They will move along a rope stretched into space. The test model of such an elevator will deliver to space the H-2B rocket of the Japanese space agency (JAXA).

Observatory NASA managed to shoot a bright flash on the sun

The National Space Agency of the United States (NASA) managed to fix an amazing phenomenon on the Sun. The Solar Dynamics Observatory took a bright flash and burst out a huge fireball. Images of the phenomenon NASA published on the official page in Instagram.

China launched the first commercial missile with three satellites

The rocket is 1.4 meters in diameter and 9.5 meters in length. I-Space employees were the first in the history of China to launch a rocket, placing three satellites on board.

US develops a system of laser charging drones in flight

The desire to develop “perpetual” power supplies for drones led the US military and scientists to the first experiments to develop a remote laser charging system that can greatly simplify the use of UAVs for reconnaissance and strikes, New Scientist writes.

On Saturn, a hexagonal storm reached the top of the clouds

Scientists determined that on Saturn the hexagonal storm reached the upper edge of the clouds. Similar phenomena were previously recorded exclusively on the surface of the planet. For the first time the storm on Saturn was noticed by astronomers in the 80s of the last century with the aid of the Voyager probe

Around the star WD 1145 + 017 found a chain of debris of a comet

Astronomers are studying the star WD 1145 + 017, which attracts their attention with periodic flicker. Around the luminary rock fragments turn around, their presence, according to the scientists’ assumption, is due to the comet that was torn up earlier.

Scientists have refuted the theory of “vortex” Universe

The universe is filled with a multitude of moving parts connected together. However, some scholars do not agree that it is just a whirlwind, seeing in it something more complicated. The theory of the universe, which is not a vortex, is based on the general theory of relativity.

An inexplicable but surprisingly beautiful phenomenon photographed the Hubble telescope

The accumulation of gas and stars is in the constellation of Taurus. By the standards of the universe, it is quite small – its size is about 1/8 of the Moon. The Hubble telescope photographed a surprisingly beautiful nebula, which carries a complex index IRAS 05437 + 2502.

Astronomers discovered the object at a speed of 4 times the light

Astronomers have discovered a jet of particles, when observing an illusion that the jet moves at a speed four times the speed of light. At the same time, the actual speed of the jet is slightly less than the light speed.


The second generation of electric cars Nissan Leaf certified for Russia

After a string of rumors, the second-generation Nissan Leaf still appears on the Russian market. Approval of the type of vehicle (OTC) on it today appeared in the open base of Rosstandart

Mitsubishi launched in Russia the production of the updated Outlander

OOO PSMA Rus (a joint venture of PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi) has launched the production of an updated off-road vehicle Mitsubishi Outlander at a plant in Kaluga, the press service of Mitsubishi reported.

The KIA Telluride SUV is seen without camouflage

The company KIA is preparing for the premiere a new full-size SUV Telluride. Recently, a serial version of the model without camouflage was declassified by Korean auto bloggers, laying out fresh spy photos with her in his Instagram.

Volvo introduced the concept of electric drone

Volvo introduced the electric unmanned Volvo 360c concept car. An unusual car without a rudder and pedals, possessing a wide range of modern functions and capabilities, can provide passengers with the highest level of comfort

In the web declassified the new crossover Chery Tiggo 7

Chery will soon release an updated version of the crossover Chery Tiggo 7 to the Chinese market. Judging by spy photos recently published by local publications, the car is undergoing final road tests.

Updated sedan Acura ILX

Company Acura has updated the smallest model – compact sedan ILX. After restyling, the novelty received a modified exterior design, which is made in the brand’s new corporate style, as well as a number of new assistants

Supercar Jaguar C-X75 from the James Bond film was put up for sale

One of the “villainous” supercars Jaguar C-X75 put up for sale. Recall, this car was shot in the 24th and until the last film about James Bond “007: Spectrum.”

In Russia, sales of a special version of the crossover Suzuki SX4

Company Suzuki introduced in Russia a special version of the crossover SX4, over which worked street art artist Anatoly Atochkin, better known as Anatoly Akue. A total of 50 cars will go on sale.


Royal Battle of Black Ops 4 supports 80 players

The mode of the royal battle “Eclipse” in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 involves a fight of 80 players on one huge map, although Treyarch does not rule out raising the maximum number of participants in the future.

According to the “Lord of the Rings” will release a large-budget free MMO

If you genuinely love Lord of the Rings and MMO projects, but you can no longer play the hopelessly obsolete The Lord of the Rings Online, soon you may have a worthy alternative: the parent company of the creators of Warframe has announced the development of a new free MMO AAA-level for the Tolkien universe.

Two Point studio removed Denuvo from Two Point Hospital

The vaunted anti-piracy system failed to save the heiress Theme Hospital. And they finally broke up: the first patch removed the Denuvo system from the game, replacing it with the standard Steam DRM. The hacking of Two Point Hospital, by the way, did not lead to the failure of sales.

Kojima will come with Death Stranding at the Tokyo Game Show 2018

Apparently, a new batch of details about the mysterious Death Stranding we learn on September 23 – Hideo Kojima confirmed that he will visit the exhibition Tokyo Game Show 2018 and appear on the stage on the last day of the show.

The creators of Star Control: Origins showed the living universe of the game

On the official YouTube-channel Stardock Games published a new trailer for the upcoming game Star Control: Origins – “The Living Universe” (The Living Universe).

Bungie will reward those who play in Destiny 2

Bungie launched the loyalty program Bungie Rewards. Its launch coincided with the release of the large-scale add-on “Rejected” to the multiplayer shooter Destiny 2. The program will allow players to receive rewards for completing the add-on.

Animation adventure Forgotton Anne will be released on Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Collective announced that Forgotton Anne will be released on the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2019. 2D adventure platformer Forgotton Anne came out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in May this year almost all over the world, but not in Japan.

Trover Saves the Universe showed at PAX West 2018

California studio Squanch Games during the exhibition E3 2018 announced the game Trover Saves the Universe. Over it works the creator of “Rick and Morty” Justin Royland. And his hand is easy to recognize by a solid dose of insanity and black humor, which imbued the game.

Rayman does not appear in Smash Bros. Ultimate, despite the announcement

One of the popular heroes for gamers was, despite the abundance of new characters, Rayman. Developers Nintendo and Ubisoft quite well established cooperation recently, so it seemed that Rayman could appear in Super Smash Bros.Ultimate.

NVIDIA showed new footage from The Settlers

In the first trailer, the developers showed episodes from the daily life of medieval settlers. And now NVIDIA has published a video with a story about the technologies in the game

The unique Xbox One X “Shadow of The Tomb Raider” for 500,000 rubles

In the depths of Microsoft created a unique ultra-collector edication console Xbox One X in the amount of 1 (one) piece. I must say that the company’s goal is good: all profits from the sale will go to the benefit of the South American Society for the Protection of Stray Cats and Dogs

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