10 Oct, 2018

The Constitution of Russia is imperfect

The Constitution of the Russian Federation does not clearly distinguish between the powers of the president and the government, demonstrates an inadequate balance between the branches of government, said the chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin

The judge attributed to the defects of the Constitution and issues related to the status of the presidential administration, the powers of the prosecutor’s office and the delimitation of powers between the federal and regional levels, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

But such shortcomings are completely correctable by pinpoint changes, and the deep legal meaning laid down in the constitutional text makes it possible to adapt this text to the changing social and legal realities within the framework of the living constitution doctrine adopted in the world constitutional practice – Valery Zorkin, Russian judge

The current Constitution of Russia was adopted in December 1993. The Constitution is the supreme law of the country, all other laws should be brought into line with the Constitution, which establishes the basic parameters of the country’s existence – the name and structure, rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as some other provisions.

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In the south-west of Poland, vandals desecrated the graves of Soviet soldiers

The cemetery of Soviet soldiers was desecrated in the town of Jelenia Góra in Lower Silesian Voivodeship in southwestern Poland, head of the Kursk public organization dealing with the restoration of Soviet memorials, Jerzy Tyc told RIA Novosti.

Debtors for alimony will lose the right to deferment from the army

The government of the Russian Federation agreed to cancel the deferment of military service for the debtors for alimony. The corresponding review was prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers on the draft law developed by the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Andrei Krasov.

State Duma returns licensing bus transportation

The State Duma at a plenary meeting on Tuesday adopted a bill that returns the previously revoked licensing of bus transport. In particular, “licensing activities for the transport of passengers and other persons by buses” is being introduced.

In the State Duma did not support pedestrians

The government of the Russian Federation discussed the initiative of officials to penalize the owners of vehicles spraying people walking along the sidewalks, but State Duma deputies did not support pedestrians.

In the State Duma offered to limit Wi-Fi in schools and kindergartens

State Duma Deputy Ivan Sukharev told RT that he was preparing a request addressed to the Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva with a proposal to consider the possibility of banning Wi-Fi in schools and kindergartens. In his opinion, wireless Internet not only distracts children from classes, but also negatively affects their health.

A court in France ordered Abramovich to pay 1.2 million euros in taxes

The Court of Cassation of France obliged Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to pay 1.2 million euros in taxes for the villa Château de la Croë in Cap d’Antibes in southern France. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Deputies supported the ban on advertising writing diplomas and coursework

In the second, main reading, the State Duma adopted a bill on the prohibition of advertising on writing diplomas, term papers, dissertations and other works related to certification in the educational sphere.

The Russians called the reasons for the refusal of young people to work as teachers

Low wages are the main reason for the failure of young people to work as teachers. So say 55% of Russians according to the results of a survey conducted by VTsIOM. Moreover, every fifth (21%) believes that young people do not choose a profession because of the difficulty of working with children.

Greek authorities have banned fat tourists ride on donkeys

The Greek Ministry of Agriculture has banned tourists weighing more than a hundred kilograms from riding donkeys on the island of Santorini. According to activists, animals are injured because of this.

Moskvich put up for sale an apartment with an 82-year-old mother

A resident of Moscow put up for sale an apartment in which his 82-year-old mother is registered and lives. He himself, being the owner of housing, lives in Ecuador with his wife and child, pass “News”. Natalia Malitskaya appealed to the courts, but lost.

As the newspaper notes, a few years ago an elderly woman was ill, so she asked her son to privatize the apartment and write it down. She received housing from a construction company where she worked. Later, the pensioner recovered, and her son married and left.

Named the most popular profession in Russia

According to Smelov, we are talking about specialists engaged in the fields of information technology, sports, science and health care. He clarified that the bachelors who have received education in the field of IT are most in demand on the market. At the same time, they have the highest average salary in the country (54 thousand rubles).

Altai neo-pagan acquittal in the case of insulting the feelings of believers

The industrial district court of Barnaul overturned the punishment of the neo-pagan Natalia Telegina, who was sentenced to two years of imprisonment on probation for insulting the feelings of believers and extremism.

The statement on Telegin, who led the VKontakte group on the Scandinavian Asatru beliefs, was written by a pagan Yevgeny Saltykov in 2017. He was offended because of the image on the social network of a male figure with the hammer of Thor, hoisted over a burning Orthodox church. As the woman explained, the picture found in the search engine was created for the reconstruction festival in Novgorod and illustrated the historical attack.

Chinese tourists are taught how to behave in Russia

Published a memo for Chinese tourists who have difficulty understanding the culture of behavior in Russia. The brochure “Chinese diploma” is available on the website “TuTu.ru”

“These are eight tips that will help the Chinese tourist to fit into society, understand another culture and not get into awkward situations. You can download it and hang it in a hotel, shop, add it to a booklet or a book, ”the service specialists explained.

In Russia, individual heat meters can be introduced.

In Russia, individual heat metering can be introduced in apartments. This was told to Izvestia in the Ministry of Construction, which submitted a draft of the relevant decree for approval by the government.

Thai authorities have banned tourists to spend the night on the islands near Phuket

The Department of National Parks and Natural Resources Conservation of Thailand has banned tourists from spending the night in the Similan Islands, located near Phuket and belonging to the South Thailand province of Phanga, the online version of the newspaper Khao Sot said on Tuesday.

Russians will refuse to travel on November holidays

Most Russians said they would refuse to travel for the November holidays. Participants in a survey conducted by the portal Tutu.ru, decided that now is not the best time to travel. This opinion is shared by 77% of respondents.

The court ordered the Berlin authorities to restrict the movement of old diesel cars

The city authorities of Berlin, by decision of the administrative court, are obliged to approve restrictions on driving old-style diesel cars on busy streets. It is noted that the verdict was issued in response to a lawsuit filed by the environmental organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe.

Diabetic in Saratov died due to lack of drugs

In Saratov, a woman suffering from diabetes died after doctors for five months were not able to prescribe her preferential medications. The point was not in the reluctance of physicians, but in the banal absence of the necessary drugs. This was reported by RIA “News”.


NCSP shares rose 12% on the back of a deal with Transneft

Shares of Novorossiysk Sea Trade Port (NCSP) at the opening of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange rose by 11.9% against the background of the transaction to increase the share of Transneft in NCSP. As of 10:08, NCSP shares rose by 8.44% to 7 rubles. for the paper. The deal was closed on the eve of October 8

Deripaska may transfer part of En + shares to a trust

Oleg Deripaska, a Russian businessman, plans to transfer part of the shares of the En + group of companies to an American trust, Bloomberg reports, citing informed sources.

Central Bank reported anomalous drop in imports

The situation is abnormal, the Sun warns: if these are not statistical errors, the markets “do not accept” imported goods. The last time imports in Q3 declined in quarterly terms in 2014 — at the height of the crisis, he notes.

Capital outflow from Russia increased 48 times

Net outflow of capital from Russia in the third quarter of 2018 increased 48 times compared with the same period in 2017 – $ 19.2 billion against $ 0.4 billion, according to the Central Bank.

Sibur will buy Eurobonds up to $ 200 million ahead of schedule

Sibur is ready to buy out Eurobonds with a maturity in 2023, totaling up to $ 200 million, the company said. The buyback price is 97.4% of the nominal. Now in circulation are the debt securities of this issue for $ 500 million, the coupon rate – 4.125%.

Central Bank told about the outflow of deposits due to the “media effect”

In August-September 2018, there was a short-term tendency to reduce the volume of bank deposits: in August, the decline was 0.6%, and in September, 0.8%, Central Bank Chairman Vasily Pozdyshev told reporters, RBC reports.

The central bank will delay the tightening of regulations for banks

Since January 1, 2019, Russian banks will not have to apply increased standards for calculating capital adequacy, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev told reporters.

Central Bank Places 13th Issue Coupon Bonds for 25.6 Billion Rubles

The Bank of Russia placed coupon bonds of the thirteenth issue for 25.597 billion rubles at face value. The demand for securities amounted to 25.597 billion rubles at par, according to the materials of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The volume of supply amounted to 566.315 billion rubles at par.

The use of cards of foreign banks will fall under the control of the Russian authorities

The State Duma in the first reading will discuss the bill, suggesting increased attention from the Russian authorities to operations to withdraw cash from the cards of foreign banks, reports REGNUM news agency.

Management companies were allowed not to disclose owners under sanctions

The Russian government has allowed management companies (MCs) not to disclose information about shareholders, including controlling ones, if foreign sanctions are imposed on those. This is stated in the decision of October 5, published on the portal of legal information.

The number of new pensioners will decrease by 300 thousand by the end of 2019

In 2019, the number of new pensioners will be reduced by 300 thousand. The head of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Anton Drozdov told Izvestia. At the same time, he noted that raising the retirement age would save about 90 billion rubles.

This money is now being spent on indexation of pensions, as well as on the provision of additional benefits, which were introduced there on the second reading of the budget law. For example, benefits for women who have given birth to 3-4 children. – Anton Drozdov, economist

Board of Directors of Transneft discussed the repurchase of securities of the company

Members of the Transneft Board of Directors discussed the possibility of repurchasing preferred shares of the company, one of the directors of Transneft, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirill Dmitriev, told reporters.

Set a new minimum of insurance premiums of volunteers

We are talking about determining the amount of insurance premiums for citizens who work outside the labor contract and voluntarily enter into legal relations on compulsory pension insurance. Previously, the minimum contribution to extrabudgetary funds was determined on the basis of double the minimum wage. The government proposes to revise this provision, since from May 1, 2018 the minimum wage level has grown to the sum of the subsistence minimum and now averages 11.2 thousand rubles. Therefore, at the suggestion of the government, the minimum amount of insurance deductions should be determined depending on one minimum wage.

The State Duma introduces a return of insurance in case of early repayment of the loan

The idea is to allow citizens who have entered into a consumer loan agreement to return part of the insurance premium. Such rules will be possible only if the citizen repaid the loan ahead of schedule. The bill complements another government initiative, which the State Duma adopted in the first reading on September 19. Now the government proposes to fix the rules in the Civil Code.

Central Bank will extend benefits to creditor banks of sub-authorized companies

Banks lending companies that have fallen under sanctions will not be able to create additional reserves for such clients until 2021, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev told reporters.

The profit of Moscow enterprises increased by 42.6% in 2018

During the first half of 2018, the metropolitan industry showed a significant increase in business profitability compared to the same period in 2017. This was reported to a REGNUM correspondent in the press service of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of the city of Moscow on October 9.

“During the first half of this year, the success of business in the capital increased by 42.6% compared with January-June 2017,” said Vladimir Yefimov, vice mayor for economic policy and property and land relations.

“Elgaugol” of Mechel Group for 9 months increased coal mining by 28%

Coal processing increased by 17% to 1.9 million tons. Shipment of finished products increased by 36% – to 2.7 million tons. Earlier it was reported that Elgaugol LLC in 2018 plans to produce up to 5.3 million tons of coal in the Elginsky open-pit mine, which is 26.2% more than last year.

Germany agreed on the creation of a joint venture “NOVATEK” and Fluxys for LNG logistics

The German antimonopoly regulator agreed on the creation of a joint venture for the logistics of liquefied natural gas in the German port of Rostock by Russian NOVATEK and the Belgian gas transmission operator Fluxys NV / SA, the ministry said.

Google will not participate in the competition for participation in the Pentagon project

Google has decided to withdraw from the bid to receive an order for $ 10 billion from the Pentagon in the framework of the project Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), reports Bloomberg.

The project JEDI, the application for the development of which was made in March, provides for the transfer of all data of the US defense department into a single cloud. Applications for servicing this cloud service from technology companies the Pentagon accepts until October 12.

China launched a new cargo route from Qinghai to Barnaul

Delinha City is located in the Haishi-Mongolo-Tibet Autonomous Region of Qinghai Province, in the Tsaidam Basin, rich in fossil resources. China-Europe trains leave Qinghai regularly since 2016

The head of the Ministry of Finance of Turkey called on business to reduce prices by 10% due to inflation

Turkish business should announce at least a 10 percent discount on goods and services by the end of this year, said Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, announcing measures to combat accelerating inflation in the country, reports Haberturk.

Agricultural Bank has placed bonds for 13 billion rubles

According to their data, the bank collected applications on October 9, the technical part of the placement was preliminarily scheduled for October 19. Last time, the Agricultural Bank placed bonds at the end of April of this year. Then the amount of placement amounted to 10 billion rubles.

Pakistan intends to apply to the IMF for financial assistance

The government of Pakistan has decided to turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for help in overcoming the financial crisis. This was announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Finance of the Republic, Asad Umar.

Seven hydrocarbon fields discovered in Mexico

The total proven, probable and possible reserves of discovered hydrocarbon deposits are estimated at about 180 million barrels of oil equivalent. The sites where they were found are located in the Manik and Mulach zones near the coast of Campeche and Tabasco.

US allowed Iranians to produce gas in the North Sea

About obtaining a license from OFAC announced today the British Serica Energy. The company clarified that OFAC assured BP and Serica that the development of the large gas field Rhum together with the Iranian NIOC, which owns 50% of it, will not entail American sanctions

In Moscow, housing prices have risen sharply in the secondary market

Since the beginning of the year, apartments have risen in price by more than 20 percent. The agency “NDV-Real Estate” reported a significant increase in prices for apartments on the secondary market in Moscow. According to the report, the average cost per square meter in the “secondary housing” for the second quarter of 2018 increased by 11 percent.


The head of the FSB reported on the destruction of 50 militants in the North Caucasus

Thanks to the actions of law enforcement agencies in the North Caucasus, since the beginning of 2018, six terrorist attacks were prevented, its chairman, director of the Federal Security Service of Russia Alexander Bortnikov, said at a meeting of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC).

The specific results of the operational and combat measures conducted this year are six prevented terrorist acts. 63 bandits and 142 accomplices were detained. 50 militants were destroyed, including the leaders of the terrorist groups operating in Chechnya and Dagestan. – Alexander Bortnikov, Russian judge

In Slovakia, explained the position on the “Nord Stream – 2”

Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Laichak told a press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that it is important for his country that the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline project does not weaken Europe’s energy security.

Suspected of the brutal murder of a Bulgarian journalist arrested

Police detained a suspect in the murder of Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova. It is reported by Reuters, citing a source in the government of the country. “We can say that the suspect is detained,” – said the agency interlocutor, but he refused to specify the identity of the detainee.

Kim Jong-un invited the Pope to visit the DPRK

The head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, invited the Pope of Rome Francis to visit Pyongyang.

It clarifies that the President of South Korea Moon Jae Ying during the upcoming visit to Europe will give the Pope an invitation from Kim Jong-un.

Trump is considering five candidates for the post of UN Representative

US President Donald Trump is considering five candidates for the post of UN envoy after Nicky Haley’s resignation. This is stated in a statement by the American leader, distributed by the press pool on Tuesday.

A new meeting with Kim Jong-un will take place after the elections

US President Donald Trump announced that his new meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will take place after the elections to the American Congress.

Ukraine intends to submit a draft resolution on Crimea to the UN

Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN, Vladimir Yelchenko, said that the Ukrainian side plans to introduce a draft resolution of the UN General Assembly on Crimea. Reports about it RIA “News”. According to him, Ukraine is counting on “preventing Russia” with the help of this project.

Putin will be presented with the idea of moving the capital of the Far Eastern Federal District to Vladivostok

Presidential plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev supported the proposal of the acting governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako about transferring the capital of the Far East from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok.

Therefore, I told Oleg Nikolayevich Kozhemyako that I am ready to support this proposal, but I think he needs to discuss this with the head of the presidential administration Anton Eduardovich Vaino, with Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, and having already received their position, contact the head of state. – Yury Trutnev, Russian politician

Petro Poroshenko suspected Russia of involvement in the bombings in Ichnya

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Russia could be involved in the organization of explosions at an ammunition depot in the Chernihiv region.

Given the proximity to the Russian border, it is not by chance that the main version of the Security Service of Ukraine, the military prosecutor’s office, is sabotage. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Ukrainian writer made a scandal on the air because of the Russian language

Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy made a scandal live on the TV channel NewsOne, after which she left the studio

Novak promised to complete the “Nord Stream-2” despite the sanctions

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be completed, even if sanctions are imposed on the project. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak, reports TASS.

We expect no sanctions. If this happens, the project will still be implemented – there the laying has already begun … For all the parameters set and in accordance with the calendar work plan – today’s deadline is the end of 2019, absolutely in terms of. – Alexander Novak, Russian politician

In Britain, called the time to reach an agreement with the EU on Brexit

British minister for Brexit Dominic Raab said that the UK expects to reach an agreement on the terms of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union in the autumn of 2018.

Polish authorities decide to recalculate the amount of required reparations from Germany

Poland will recount the losses of the country in the Second World War using the new technology in order to make Germany claim reparations. This was announced on the air of the RMF FM radio station by the head of the parliamentary committee on reparation payments Arkadiusz Mulyarchik


Large-scale exercises of the Black Sea Fleet held in the Crimea

Large-scale military exercises of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) with the participation of airborne troops and aviation were held in the Crimea, said Captain 2nd Rank Captain Alexey Rulev, head of the information department of the fleet.

Ukrainian military held a training exercise on the coast of the Azov Sea

The Ukrainian military conducted a tactical exercise to repel the landing of a naval assault force on the coast of the Sea of Azov, the press center of the United Forces of Ukraine reported on Facebook on Tuesday.

Bashar Asad pardoned deserters evading conscription

On Tuesday, October 9, Syrian President Bashar Asad announced a general amnesty “for those who evade military service inside and outside the country.”

Sweden and Finland will provide airspace for NATO exercises

Sweden and Finland will open their airspace for operations within the framework of the largest NATO exercises in recent years, Trident Juncture, which will be held in the fall in Norway, Lieutenant General Norwegian Armed Forces Rune Jacobsen said on Tuesday.

The Russian Embassy in London denied data on Russian troops in Libya

The Russian diplomatic mission stated that the publication in The Sun newspaper about the alleged transfer of Russian special forces to Libya is nothing more than an attempt to transfer responsibility for the destroyed country and the lives of millions of Libyans to Russia, which has nothing to do with NATO’s military invasion country in 2011.

Russian sappers will go to neutralize American bombs

First of all, Russian sappers will have to extract American cluster anti-personnel bombs from Laotian land. During the Vietnam War (1964-1973), the United States made 580,344 sorties over Laos, dropping 260 million bombs with a total capacity of more than two megatons.

The United States adopted a strategy to combat electromagnetic weapons

The United States has adopted a strategy to combat electromagnetic incidents, including natural phenomena and the possible use of electromagnetic weapons.

US closed military base in Cyprus

The United States closed the military air base in Cyprus, which was formed in September 2013. According to ABC, about 40 contractors and five helicopters were deployed at this facility. Washington spent approximately $ 70 million to support the contingent

US sales of arms to foreign countries increased by 33%

US sales of weapons and military equipment to foreign countries increased in the fiscal year 2018 by 33% to $ 55.6 billion.

For the first time, the airborne troops of Russia will take part in exercises in Egypt

For the first time, Russian troops from the Novorossiysk airborne unit will take part in international antiterrorist exercises in Egypt. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Poroshenko ordered, together with NATO, to protect the warehouses of the army of Ukraine

Poroshenko ordered the Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak and Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin to hold talks with NATO countries on the protection of the warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, there is not a single ammunition depot in Ukraine that would fully comply with NATO standards.


Apple removed from production and sales of adapters for 30-pin ports

The Apple Company stopped producing and selling an adapter from Lightning to a 30-pin connector, which was needed to connect to old accessories, for example, speaker systems.

New color google pixel 3

Sources have posted a photo of the official brochures of Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL smartphones, which will be announced today. Finally, we know what the official color names of smartphones will be. White color will be called Clearly White, black will be called Just Black

Huawei on Twitter showed the gaming smartphone Huawei Mate 20X

The Chinese manufacturer on Twitter showed a teaser for the new Mate 20X smartphone. This model has not been reported once and now it was a big surprise for fans of the company.

Became known characteristics of iPad Pro new generation

Became known characteristics of the iPad Pro new generation. Reports IXBT with reference to the sources involved in the development of future Apple tablets. IPad Pro’s large and small tablets will be released in four versions each: two with LTE support and two without support.

Apple has released a bug fix iOS update

After the release of the new Apple iPhone Xs, its users sent a huge number of complaints related to smartphone malfunctions. It is known that the American corporation has released the first update of the iOS operating system. It is worth noting that OS version 12.1 is still in beta testing.

Nubia X dual-screen smartphone debuts Oct. 31

Nubia (ZTE sub-brand) is preparing a smartphone with two screens for the presentation. The debut of the apparatus Nubia X, according to the official teaser, will take place on the sixth anniversary of the company – October 31. The smartphone, formerly called the Nubia Z18S, is based on the Snapdragon 845.

HP x360 14 chromebook priced at $ 599

HP has expanded the range of laptop-transformers model x360 14, which is running Chrome OS. The novelty boasts a thickness of 16 mm and a very flexible transformation due to the loops with a 360 ° opening angle. Also equipped with a 14-inch Full HD-display, Intel Core i3 or i5 processor of the eighth generation, up to 8 GB of RAM and SSD up to 64 GB, two USB ports connected to the USB-C connectors, one full-sized USB port, microSD slot and headphone jack. HP x360 14 will be on sale October 21 at a price of 599 dollars

Exit Honor Magic 2 will be held October 31

At the annual international exhibition of consumer electronics IFA in Berlin, the most interesting part this year was the teaser about the release of the new smartphone Honor Magic 2. The official website of Huawei posted the release date of the novelty – October 31, 2018.

Thermaltake View 21 TG RGB Plus housing priced at 145 euro

The company Thermaltake has expanded the range of computer cases with the model View 21 TG RGB Plus, one of the pieces of which was the side panel of tempered glass.

HyperX Cloud MIX headset can be wired or wireless

A HyperX Cloud MIX headset is introduced that can work over a wired connection, supporting Hi-Res Audio in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 40 kHz, or wirelessly for 20 hours.

Huawei presented a new generation battery

Huawei has introduced a new-generation lithium-silicon battery. According to the developers, the new technology allows you to accumulate more energy, charge faster, and therefore can be revolutionary.

IPhone independently ordered presidential suite

The smartphone connected to the charger (exact iPhone model is not specified) independently opened the Ctrip application, which is very popular among travelers in the Asian region. The smartphone chose a hotel in Shanghai and booked a presidential suite that costs more than $ 1,500. After that, the smartphone opened the WeChat application to pay for the number. As soon as Miss Cheng removed her smartphone from charging, he stopped behaving as if someone was controlling him.

The updated Google Chrome will consider more than 1000 sites dangerous.

The updated and stricter security browser Chrome 70 has questioned the work of more than 1000 sites. On these resources, Symantec certificates do not meet modern security standards, and the developers considered them dangerous.

Instagram has improved user account protection

The users of the Instagram social network got additional protection in the form of two-factor authentication.

“Yandex” has suspended the service to find companions

With the help of the service, the passenger could find a fellow traveler who is ready to go with him at the time of the request. Companion could be found for travel length of 10 km.

“At the beginning of the year, we launched the experimental service Yandex.Poputka in some regions. Now it is suspended, because it did not meet with sufficient response from users. We are thinking about reformatting it and, perhaps, we will return to this service later, ”the agency quotes the representative of the company.

The flagship smartphone ZTE Axon 9 Pro are starting to sell in Russia

In the Russian market is preparing to sell a smartphone ZTE Axon 9 Pro. October 22, he will go to retail. ZTE is ready to sell its flagship smartphone Axon 9 Pro in Russia soon.

In the Ivanovo region created a 100 percent domestic laptop

In LLC “Group of Companies Aquarius” informed that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation issued an opinion on a laptop Aquarius Cmp NS 565, which is produced in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Asus Chromebook C423 Chromebook has two USB-C ports

The assortment of Asus has expanded the Chromebook C423 mobile PC. The price of the Chromebook is not announced, but it certainly will not be the cheapest in the class. The novelty has received a 14-inch screen resolution of HD or Full HD, which can optionally be touch

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Box S prefix at Google presentation

The company Xiaomi also introduced a new device – a prefix called Mi Box S. As expected, this is an international version of the Mi Box 4, which is already sold in China. Google and Xiaomi have confirmed that in the United States Mi Box S will be on sale from October 19 at a price of $ 60.

Owners of Nokia 6.1 Plus have access to the beta version of Android 9.0 Pie

The developers did not say about the exact date when Android 9.0 Pie will be available to users, but promised to do so soon


Ancient Egyptians first began to knit and wear colored socks

Residents of ancient Egypt preferred bright colors in clothes, scientists found out. Experts from the British Museum in 1914 received at their disposal a sample of children’s clothing, made in ancient Egypt. As it turned out, the ancient Egyptians were the first to start knitting and wearing colored wool socks.

Early lung cancer will reveal a new diagnostic system.

Scientists from the University of California have created a system for diagnosing lung cancer, which in the early stages will detect the presence of the disease and allow it to be eliminated through surgical intervention. The study is described in “EurekAlert!”.

Scientists for the first time managed to restore memory in Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research were able to fully restore long-term memory and rehabilitate broken neural connections in the brain.

The level of the World Ocean will rise to 15 meters by 2300

Scientists have made an important statement, if greenhouse gas emissions remain at the same level and higher, the average level of the World Ocean can rise by almost 2.5 meters by the year 2100 and by 15 meters by 2300. The Eurekalert scientific publication shared information.

Scientists have been able to prove the ability of nerve cells to recover

Researchers at Columbia University found that nerve cells are still recovering. The last study showed the continuity of neurogenesis. In humans, including the elderly, a lot of new neurons form in the brain.

Scientists for the first time edited the DNA of the embryo in the womb

For the first time, molecular biologists were able to repair a dangerous mutation in the DNA of the embryo inside the womb of the mother, preventing the early death of mice because of the destruction of the liver in the first days of their lives. Their findings and the results of the experiments were presented in the journal Nature Medicine.

Sharks have partially lost their sight and scent in the process of evolution.

Researchers from Japan found that it was common for sharks to lose their scent and color vision during evolution. In their work, the scientists sequenced the genomes of several species of local sharks, and then were able to recreate the genome of the whale shark with multiple coverage, writes the publication Nature Ecology & Evolution.

CRISPR editor split in half cured mice of phenylketonuria

In the new work, scientists from the Higher Technological School of Zurich used a “base editor” to correct a mutation in the PAH gene, leading to the development of phenylketonuria, in the liver in adult mice.

What happens if you eat radioactive food?

Many foods that are consumed by an ordinary American or European family are radioactive. Food can be “infected” through the soil or, for example, water, if we are talking about seafood

Honda created a smart crossroads warning of pedestrians around the corner

In the US, the Honda auto concern has created an innovative intersection that can communicate with cars. This will give the opportunity to warn drivers about the approach of pedestrians from around the corner. Innovative intersection equipped in the city of Marysville.

Created a neural network that predicts growth and formation of DNA

Created by American scientists, an algorithm based on neural networks can predict growth and level of education based on DNA analysis data. About the next achievement of AI reports the publication Genetics.

FZD4 protein has revealed its structure to researchers

Article published in the journal Nature. Important pharmacological target The transmembrane domain of a protein called FZD4 has become an object of interest for an international group of researchers from China, the United States and Russia.


Space Internet will launch a Russian rocket

The first launch of the test satellites of the OneWeb space Internet system is going to be organized from the French Kourou cosmodrome in South America. The Russian Soyuz-ST rocket should put satellites into orbit. The launch is scheduled for February 7, 2019.

Russia and the United States will launch a joint mission to Venus

As REGNUM news agency reported, Russia intends to launch a mission not only to Venus, but also to Mars. To do this, as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is planned for 2019. And as part of the new study of the Moon, Russian experts intend to land at the poles of the satellite

Astronomers have discovered a new phenomenon.

Previously it was thought that the star from the Chanterelle constellation broke out as a result of the so-called “star vampirism”, but modern studies prove that the result of this phenomenon was a direct collision.

The white dwarf, being a superdense star, collided with a brown dwarf. So called “transitional stage” between the star and the planet, because the heat inside is not enough, with time the object cools. During the collision, all the matter of the brown dwarf was burned white, as a result of which it was turned into lithium and, together with other heavy elements, was thrown into space.

China launched a satellite with an innovative upper stage

According to News.ru, the new unit is capable of making the rocket more multifunctional, promoting its position in the commercial aerospace technology market. It is worth noting that the first Yaogan Earth Remote Sensing Satellite was launched in 2006.

Astronomers have discovered huge ice spikes on Europe

The 15-meter ice spikes found above the surface of Europe will significantly complicate the landing of the descent vehicles on this satellite. The relevant results of the research of scientists were published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience

In the Milky Way found one of the oldest stars of the universe.

Experts managed to find in the halo of the Milky Way a star, almost devoid of carbon. It was called Pristine 221. It also turned out that the metal content in it is extremely small.

Virgin Galactic will fly into space in the coming weeks.

The company Virgin Galactic, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, intends to soon open the era of private space tourism. Recall that the Virgin Galactic plans to send tourists outside the earth’s atmosphere.

NASA promises to solve the problem of Supervolcano Yellowstone

American volcanologists say that Supervolcano Yellowstone in Wyoming is awakening. At the same time, NASA promises to prevent danger and prevent a catastrophe. According to experts, the temperature in the volcano is growing and is already close to critical

Petersburg scientists want to install a radio telescope on the moon

According to TASS, with reference to the Director of the Institute Dmitry Ivanov, on the moon go to create navigation. Therefore, the institute had the idea to put a radio telescope there, which would work on remote space objects together with radio observatories located on Earth.

Japanese billionaire “announced a set” in the team of the first tourists to the moon

The first space trip will last a week. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maedzawa, who in 2023 as part of the new project Ilona Max will become the first space traveler, at a press conference in Tokyo “announced a recruitment” to the team of the first tourists to the moon.


Skoda showed teaser new model

The premiere of the model will take place before the end of 2018. The whole world will debut in the spring of 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. Judging by the teaser, the hatchback will be the “ideological continuation” of the new Skoda design concept presented in Paris on the example of the electric car Vision RS

Audi has brought to Russia a version of the A8 sedan with a new powerful engine.

Audi dealerships started taking orders for the most powerful modification of the flagship A8. Live sales will begin in December. Under the hood of the sedan in this version is a 4-liter TFSI unit with a return of 460 hp. with a peak torque of 660 Nm.

Mazda recalls more than 20 thousand cars in Russia

Mazda recalls first-generation Mazda 6 sedans in Russia in the amount of 20,890 units. Under the service action got cars sold by official dealers in the period from June 2002 to December 2008.

“The reason for the recall of vehicles is the long-term effect of high absolute humidity, which can lead to a violation of the integrity, cracking of the buildings of the gas generators of frontal airbags,” the report says

Named Russian prices for the crossover Subaru Forester fifth generation

The network “leaked” the official prices of the crossover Subaru Forester of the fifth generation for the Russian market. The novelty will arrive to dealers in six trim levels at prices ranging from 1,939,000 to 2,549,000 rubles, and the basic version of the model will thus rise in price by at least 260,000 rubles.

KIA KX3 has turned into an electric car

It is known that the crossover received a single 110-strong electric motor, which allows accelerating the KX3 EV to 150 km / h. On the dynamic characteristics of the model and the power reserve is not reported. There is no information about the possible price of electric news in the local market.

New UAZ “Patriot” will get a Chinese transmission

According to specialists, a new Chinese transmission will equip Ulyanovsk SUVs in the next modernization process. Today, UAZ “Patriot” put the gearbox of the Korean company Dymos, which supplies are from the Middle Kingdom.

Hybrid version of the crossover Jeep Renegade will be released in 2020

Concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) intends to release up to 12 electrified versions of its models by 2022. The first sign will be a plug-in hybrid Jeep Renegade PHEV – it will appear in 2020.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup will get three axles

Polish tuners decided to convert the standard Mercedes-Benz X-Class into a six-wheeled. For this, we have already prepared materials and created not only sketches, but also computer renders. The project has already begun to work.

Land Rover will collect a special Defender in the men’s clothing store

Within four days, the car will be assembled again inside the store. SUV called Selfridges Edition is based on the Defender 110 Pick Up 2016. The hood of a special Defender is colored traditional for Selfridges yellow.

Spy photos of the new Audi A6 Allroad appeared

Audi has rolled out for tests a pre-production version of its new cross-station wagon Audi A6 Allroad. Spy photos of new items published by the Western edition of Motor1.
According to experts, technically Allroad will be largely identical to the usual A6 Avant, not counting the higher ground clearance and default all-wheel drive Quattro.

Pickup GAZ “Vepr Next” sell in Moscow for 2.89 million rubles

This truck is based on Sadko GAZ-33088. A 4.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine rated at 149 hp is installed under the hood. The length of the pickup is 6,430 mm, the clearance is 315 mm, and its gross weight is 6.8 tons.

The “NEXT Wild Boar” is equipped with a rigidly connected front axle, self-locking differentials on the front and rear axles, a mechanical winch, and other systems that will be needed for serious off-road.

Hyundai introduced a new hatchback Hyundai Santro

The new Hyundai Santro received the following dimensions: length – 3 610 mm, width – 1 6 45 mm, height – 1 560 mm, wheelbase – 2 400 mm. According to the automaker, the car is built on a new platform.

Hawtai is preparing an update for the 2010 clone Hyundai ix35

The model with the changes already noticed photospies, thanks to which it became known that the crossover will receive an update. The crossover was created on the 2010 Hyundai ix35 platform. The updated model has new bumpers, a different grille, as well as an updated optics.


Directed by Ridley Scott began work on the series about androids

Renowned director Ridley Scott will take part in the filming of the series “Raised by wolves.” This will be the first episode filmed by Scott.

Sony for six months moved the date of the premiere of the new film by James Gunn

Sony film company moved the date of the premiere of the new horror BrightBurn, which is produced by the director of the first two parts of the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn

The trailer for the dirty serial “Dirty John” about the rogue Mihan was released

YouTube has published the first trailer for the mini-series “Dirty John”. The main roles in the project were played by Eric Bana and Connie Britton. In the series will go the story of the fraudster John Mikhan and his relationship with the business woman Debra Newell

Brad Pitt will return in the sequel “War of the Worlds Z”

It would seem that the sequel to the fantastic blockbuster “War of the Worlds Z” is frozen until better times, but unexpectedly producer Dede Gardner announced the imminent start of filming. In an interview with Variety, she confirmed that Brad Pitt will return to her role in the continuation, and the production of action will start in June 2019

The trailer for the film adaptation by the author of “Oldboy” book by John Le Carrre

Like The Maid, The Little Drummer is an adaptation of the book. This time, the choice fell on the eponymous politically-colored bestseller by John Le Carré (“The Night Administrator”) in 1983.

The creators of “The Big Bang Theory” announced a new sitcom

“Chief of the sitcoms” Chuck Lorry, whose “Big Bang Theory” has just entered its final season, Eddie Gorodetsky (“The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a half people,” “Mother” with Anna Faris), Alan Higgins (” Mike and Molly, “Malcolm in the Spotlight”) and comedian actress Gina Yasher (“By Friends”, “For Laughter for the sake of”) announced a new multi-part television comedy for the CBS channel.

Benedict Cumberbatch found a partner

The project was produced by Ben Pag, Rory Aitken (“Invisible Man”, “Sand Castle”, “Titan”, “On the Other Side of the Door”) and Josh Varney from Company 42, as well as Adam Ekland (“War of Currents”), Benedict Cumberbatch himself and Leah Clark from SunnyMarch, Dominic Cook and Tom O`Connor.

“Murder in Alaska” – another decent winter thriller

He sticks out in a hateful dreary backwater, however, not just like that: he expects payment from the customer of the murder he had just committed, which recently shocked the whole town with his cruelty

Sacked director of the Guardians of the Galaxy will write a script for the film DC

James Gunn, whom Disney dismissed from his post as director of the third part of The Guardians of the Galaxy, will write the script for the sequel to the “Suicide Squad” of companies Warner Bros. and DC.

The first picture of Ruby Rose appeared in the image of Batvumen

American television channel CW posted the first photo of actress Ruby Rose in the image of the main heroine of the TV series “Betvumen.”


A new clip of Lady Gaga Look What I Found

The video for Lady Gaga’s Look What I Found was published on YouTube. The song was included in the soundtrack to the movie “Star was born” by Bradley Cooper

“Aquarium” is sent in the autumn tour of the country

The group “Aquarium” goes on tour in the autumn of 2018. The tour will start on October 9 from a concert in Zhukovsky near Moscow, and will end on October 20 in Kostroma. In addition, the staff of Boris Grebenshchikov will perform in Smolensk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl and four other cities, the musician said in his instagram.

Choir Sretensky monastery performed in the capital of Qatar

The Katara Cultural Village Amphitheater site in Doha hosted a concert of the Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir. The event was held in the framework of the cross-cultural year of Qatar and Russia in 2018.

Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders announced a solo album.

In the live podcast The Trap Set, the musician admitted that he feels confident in his decision. According to Helders, he does not write lyrics – only music.

I feel I have to do a certain amount of work before the album is worthy to see the light. I don’t want to release it too soon and then regret it, like “I shouldn’t have to publish it.” I want to record a lot of music first, and then choose what I really like. I think I have reached a point when a certain style has already been developed, and I understand what I want better than ever.

Jazz singer Charlie Armstrong will perform for the first time in Chelyabinsk

For the first time, a South American pop and jazz singer and composer Charlie Armstrong will give a concert in Chelyabinsk. The popular artist will be the guest of the III Charity Music Salon.

American Music Awards

Pop singer Taylor Swift won the American Music Awards (AMA) music award in the main nomination “Artist of the Year.” The 46th annual awards ceremony was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles (California) on Tuesday and was broadcast on ABC.

The best pop / rock performer was recognized by Post Malone. In the category “Best pop / rock duet or band,” the award went to the hip-hop band Migos, who managed to beat Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5. The best pop / rock song of the year was Havana single by Camila Cabello and rapper Young Tag. The video for the last song was also named “Best Video of the Year”.

The best rap / hip-hop singer was Cardi Bee, who bypassed Post Malone and Drake in this category. The best debutant of the year was Kamil Cabello, who defeated Cardi Bee and soul singer Khalid.

International Festival “Jazz Kazan”

Larisa Dolina and the Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan will open the concert season of the collective and the V International Festival “Jazz Kazan”, the press service of the Tatgosfilarmonia informs. The event will be held on October 12 on the stage of the Tatar Philharmonic Society in the framework of the concert program “Carnival of Jazz”.

Radiohead Group nominated for inclusion in the Hall of Fame rock and roll

In addition to the British band, the band claims The Cure and Roxy Music, as well as performers Stevie Nicks, John Prins, Janet Jackson and others. According to the rules of the Hall of Fame, musicians have the right to enter the list 25 years after the release of the first record.

Soloists of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia performed in Magadan

At the invitation of the Magadan Regional Philharmonic in the city were three brilliant baritones – David Gvinianidze, and the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia Andrei Breus and Konstantin Suchkov

Group “Survive” released an album in honor of Halloween

Members of the electronic group “Survive” Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who worked on the music for the mystical series “Netflix” “Very strange things,” released an album with their tracks, which were included into the soundtrack of the second season of the show

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