29 Mar, 2018

The difference between a tax of 13% and 15% is not

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich said that the government’s plans to increase personal income tax by 2 percentage points are related to the need to allocate funds for the development of road infrastructure.

“We must deal with roads in priority mode. This will be allocated resources. For this, in particular, taxes will be raised, which everyone can not like, “- said the vice-premier at the final board of the Ministry of Transport of Russia on March 28 (quotation on” MK “).

He added that the amendments introduced in the budget will entail systemic changes in the transport of the region, as well as in the logistics chains.

Earlier, the media reported that on March 22, the government discussed the possibility of raising personal income tax by 2 percentage points – from 13% to 15%, and to increase the value-added tax (VAT) from 18% to 22%.

Later in the Ministry of Finance this information was denied, and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, in turn, said that there was no difference between the income tax at 13% and 15%.

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North Korea and South Korea began preparatory negotiations for the summit

High-ranking representatives of the delegations of the DPRK and South Korea began talks on Thursday to prepare for the summit of the two Korean states. They are held in the Thonilgak building of the North Korean side of the demilitarized zone at the negotiation point of Panmunjom.

Vienna accused London of pushing the expulsion of Russian diplomats

The British Ambassador to Vienna repeatedly tried to exert pressure on the Austrian authorities to force them to expel Russian diplomats, Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Knaisl said. Her words are given by the publication Kronen Zeitung.

Kadyrov will punish the enemies of Russia

Head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov can find Ukrainian pranker Evgeny Volnov, who publicly disseminated false information about the number of victims of the fire in Kemerovo. This was stated by the Minister of the Chechen Republic for Affairs of Nationalities, External Relations, Press and Information Dzhambulat Umarov.

We are not cowboys with you, for someone to announce a reward. Everything is within the law. Why Ramzan Kadyrov has to plan something, when in the Russian Federation there is a mass of relevant competent bodies that should engage in bringing to justice, capture. – Dzhambulat Umarov, Russian politician

The Russian Foreign Ministry proposed to close the US Embassy in St. Petersburg

The Russian Foreign Ministry proposed closing the American diplomatic mission in St. Petersburg as a response to the closure of the Russian Consulate General in Seattle

The option of closing the US consulate general in the northern capital was chosen by most subscribers of the Twitter account of the Russian embassy in the US: after the official announcement of the expulsion of Russian diplomats, the diplomatic mission arranged an informal vote in the social network about which of the American missions in Russia should be closed in response.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine proposed to conclude a new treaty on friendship with Russia

The treaty on friendship with Russia must be concluded “on new grounds,” said Deputy Foreign Minister of the European Union for European Integration Elena Zerkal.

Austria proposed to “reconcile” Russia and Britain

Mediation in the settlement of “disagreements” between Russia and Britain was proposed by the Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneisl, the ORF-2 television channel reported.

“We are open to everyone, and if we are asked about mediation efforts, we are happy to be ready for this,” Knyazl said.

The White House looks forward to an early meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un

The White House noted the positive direction of the development of the situation around the Korean Peninsula, and also expressed the hope for an early meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-no.

You saw how he first left his country from the moment he became the leader of North Korea. We consider this as a positive sign that the campaign of maximum pressure continues to work. – Sarah Sanders, American politician

The Kremlin decided not to conduct an exemplary resignation of Tuleyev

The decision of the Kremlin to leave the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev from his post, which was made even before the tragedy in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”, killed 64 people, remains in force, but his indicative resignation in the near future is not planned

British Foreign Minister compared Russia with Rodion Raskolnikov

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, speaking at the Easter Banquet of the Mayor of London City, compared Russia with the main character of the novel “Crime and Punishment” by Fedor Dostoevsky Rodion Raskolnikov.

New York court has decided that Riyadh will pay for the September 11 attack

Representatives of the authorities of the Middle East and private Saudi companies earlier filed petitions to dismiss claims against the US court. Recall that the terrorist attack in the United States on September 11, 2001, carried out by 19 militants from the al-Qaida group, claimed the lives of almost 3,000 people.

Japan invited the DPRK to hold a summit meeting

As the Japanese newspaper Asahi writes, the proposal for a summit meeting was sent through the Association of North Korean Citizens of Japan. DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and head of the Japanese government Shinzo Abe could meet in June 2018, the newspaper writes.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands commented on the meeting of the leaders of the DPRK and China

The Netherlands expects that the last meeting of the leaders of the DPRK and China will help ease tensions on the Korean peninsula. This is the country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte told reporters on Wednesday

Presidents of Russia and Serbia discussed the situation in Kosovo

Presidents of Russia and Serbia Vladimir Putin and Alexander Vuchich during a telephone conversation discussed the problem of Kosovo settlement in the context of the incident in Kosovo’s Mitrovica, the press service of the Kremlin said on March 28.

US cuts contributions to UN peacekeeping programs

The United States intends to reduce its contribution to UN peacekeeping programs, the Associated Press reported on March 28. During the UN Security Council meeting, US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley said that the US does not intend to provide more than 25% of the financing of peacekeeping missions

The court in the United States made a lawsuit about Trump’s violation of the constitution

According to her, Messitt decided to give a further move to the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Maryland and Columbia, but limited their claims only to the business of the Trump Organization group of companies in Washington, specifically the finances of the Trump International Hotel

UN Secretary-General welcomes the meeting of the leaders of the DPRK and China

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un. This is stated in a statement published on Wednesday by his deputy spokesman Farhan Khak


Blogor Ilya Varlamov was detained in Moscow

At the disposal of the RBC television channel was a video of the detention of blogger Ilya Varlamov in Moscow. On the shots you can see that Varlamov begins to comment on problems with the urban environment. Law enforcement officers approach him and ask him to remove the phone.

Interviewed by RBC during a live broadcast, I was detained by FSO officers. – Ilya Varlamov, Russian businessman

Banquet of officials on the day of national mourning

Employees Tobolsk regional center of culture did not cancel the banquet, dedicated to their professional holiday, reports Ura.ru. The corporate day coincided with the day of national mourning, announced in Russia on March 28 in connection with the death of people in the fire in Kemerovo.

Sobyanin supported socially significant projects of charitable foundations

Sobyanin recalled that the capital created about 300 charitable funds of federal and regional significance. They are engaged in providing Muscovites with social, patronage, palliative care. And the government of Moscow does everything to help them in this

Liquidation of the emergency housing fund of Yakutia will require more than 90 billion rubles

Complete liquidation of emergency and dilapidated housing in Yakutia requires funding of more than 90 billion rubles, said Thursday at a meeting of the regional government and. about. Minister of Economy of Yakutia Denis Belozerov.

Faction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation submitted to the Duma a draft law on the progressive scale of personal income tax

The Communist Party faction in the State Duma introduced for the consideration of the lower house of parliament a bill on the introduction of a progressive scale of personal income tax (Personal Income Tax) with a minimum rate of 5%. It is proposed to set a lowered personal income tax rate of 5% for people who have incomes less than 100 thousand rubles a year.

In Venezuela, confirmed the death of 68 people in a fire in prison

As a result of the fire in the Venezuelan prison, 68 people were killed, the country’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on Wednesday night. Earlier, the media reported the deaths of 78 people, but according to unofficial data.

Police in the US detained a teenager after threats to open fire at school

Police officers in the US state of Pennsylvania detained a teenager for threatening to open fire at a state school.

The Ministry of Emergencies acknowledged the lack of inspections of the shopping center “Winter Cherry” from 2012

As the deputy chief of the head of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo region Pavel Kononov informed, the last real check of the complex was carried out in 2012, the REN TV channel reported. The TV channel published an audio recording of the conversation with Kononov.


In London, they suggested limiting the servicing of Russian Eurobonds

British Prime Minister Teresa May agreed to consider a proposal to impose a ban on leading Western clearing houses on servicing Russian Eurobonds, writes The Guardian. The British parliament on Wednesday, March 28, discussed possible financial measures against Russian capital.

Rostech and Renault convert 61.4 billion rubles. AvtoVAZ’s debt in shares

In 2016, the main shareholders of the plant – the alliance Renault-Nissan and Rostech – decided to re-capitalize the plant in order to improve their health. In the first phase of financial recovery in December of the same year AvtoVAZ attracted 26.1 billion rubles.

Traders warned of the risk of rising prices for gasoline to 5 rubles. per liter

Wholesale prices for gasoline on the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPbMTSB) on March 28 reached a historic high for the entire period of exchange trades since 2012, the noncommercial partnership “The Council for Commodity Markets” (SPTR, unites independent traders selling petroleum products in Russia), received by RBC

RussNeft cut its net profit under IFRS in 2017 by 1.8 times

The net profit of Russneft under IFRS as a result of 2017 decreased 1.8 times and amounted to 7.3 billion rubles. This is stated in the company’s accounts. The company’s revenue in the reporting period increased by 23% to 129.2 billion rubles.

“Rosgeology” can master and more

State holding Rosgeologiya asks to increase budgetary financing for the reproduction of the mineral resources base (VMSB) by 15 billion rubles. in year. Until 2020, the company is the sole executor of this program, receiving state contracts without a tender, and claims to extend this status.

Russian oil and gas workers will drill 80 wells on the Arctic shelf

Russian oil and gas companies are to drill 80 wells on the Arctic shelf. The work is planned in 2018-2026. Relevant information in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” is given by the Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Kirill Molodtsov.

The US increased its LNG exports in 2017 almost fourfold

The US increased its exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2017 almost fourfold compared to data for 2016: from 0.5 billion cubic feet to 1.94 billion cubic feet.

In Japan, launched a new LNG terminal in the port of Soma

In the port of Soma in Japan, a new LNG terminal was put into operation. It is built on the territory of a gas liquefaction plant in Fukushima Prefecture. The terminal, like the plant, belongs to the oil and gas company Japan Petroleum Exploration.

Minstroy has offered tax holidays to banks that lend to developers

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services proposed optimizing the tax costs of banks that issue project loans to developers. The corresponding draft amendments to the Tax Code have been published for discussion on the portal for disclosure of legal information.

The bank refused to comply with the lawsuits against Tinkoff Bank

The bank refused to comply with the lawsuits against Tinkoff Bank over the dispute over the trademark “Summer”. This was reported by TASS in the press service of the Bank’s Post.

In Stavropol they count on the transport corridor “North-South”

The launch of the international transport corridor “North-South” will help to double the export of grain produced in the Stavropol Territory to the countries of the Middle East and South-East Asia. This was announced on March 28 by the Minister of Agriculture of Stavropol Vladimir Sitnikov

The State Council of China approved a tax reduction plan for business

The decision to reduce VAT for small businesses and the entire manufacturing sector was taken at a meeting of the State Council of the PRC under the leadership of Premier Li Keqiang.

The net loss of Binbank in February amounted to 16.7 billion rubles

March 28, 2018 it became known that the sanated PJSC “Binbank” in February received a net loss of 16.7 billion rubles after the profit of 29.4 million rubles in January. In the credit organization, the loss was explained by the creation of reserves for corporate loans.

In Japan, adopted a budget with record spending

Parliamentarians today adopted a “draft” budget for the new fiscal year, starting in April. The volume of expenses in the draft law is designated at 97.71 trillion yen ($ 919 billion), which is 0.3% higher than the expenditure of the current budget.

The Cabinet of Ukraine decided not to raise the price of gas for the population until June

The price of gas for supplies to the population and TKE will remain at UAH 4,942 per 1,000 cu. M. m, and for the end user (including VAT and other charges) – 6958 hryvnia per 1,000 cube. m. Earlier, Naftogaz announced an increase in gas prices for the industry by almost 10%

Pertamina won tender for development of Mansuri in Iran

The state oil and gas company of Indonesia won a tender for the development of the Mansouri field in Iran, which Lukoil also claimed, Reuters reported citing the head of Pertamina’s exploration and production department Syamsu Alam.

Gas market in Russia

Reducing the volume of the domestic market will exacerbate competition and exacerbate the problems associated with the difference in the regulation of Gazprom and independent gas producers. Long-term demand for gas in Russia does not tend to grow – this is the conclusion reached by analysts Vygon Consulting.


Doctors refused Pugacheva in plastic because of heart problems

Singer Alla Pugacheva said that a few years ago, doctors refused to do her plastic surgery because of heart problems, diabetes and bad habits. The singer said that a few years ago she came to a Moscow clinic for a consultation, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda

Festival of cherry trees opened in Beijing and other cities of China

In Beijing’s Yuyuantan Park on Wednesday, March 28, the Cherry Tree Festival opened. Residents and visitors of the city, who in the coming days will come to the park, will be able to see the flowering of three thousand cherries at once.

The President of Estonia presented the British Queen with a jar of honey

Estonian President Kirsti Kaliulaid presented Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II a jar of honey that was collected from a hive standing in the courtyard of the presidential palace in Tallinn. This is reported on the website of the Estonian president.

Fans laughed at Naomi Campbell for a too thin nose in the photo

Fans ridiculed the model for a too thin nose in the picture. In a microblog, Naomi Campbell wanted to show her face without make-up, but overdid it with correction. The 47-year-old star of the world’s catwalks has made too many corrections to her appearance that the fans have noticed this.

Dzhanabaeva frankly told about her life with Valery Meladze

In the beginning, Janabaeva tried not to talk about her relationship with Meladze, because they had difficult periods in their life together. Only recently, the celebrity decided to tell the fans about her personal life.

Singer Nyusha told the media about her pregnancy

The singer said recently in the media that the woman, she believes, was created to “ever have a baby”. This, according to the artist, is “an absolutely natural process.”

“Therefore, with the thought that I will become a mother, I always live,” stressed Nyusha

Alesya Kafelnikova showed candid photos in a jacket on her naked body

Alesya Kafelnikova published new candid photos on the page in the social network Instagram. For filming, the young Russian model chose a rather ambiguous image, wearing a black jacket on the naked body.

Brother Enrique Iglesias twisted the novel with a copy of Anna Kournikova

It is known that Daniel leads a healthy lifestyle and plays tennis. According to Spanish journalists, half-brother Enrique Iglesias Miguel (son Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rainsburger) found his love. The chosen 19-year-old relative of the artist was 19-year-old Daniel Obolevich.

“The most beautiful criminal in the world” and Chloe Green await the child

“The most beautiful criminal in the world” 34-year-old Jeremy Mix and Chloe Green are waiting for the child. The information appeared in the Western media. In the summer of 2017, data appeared on a novel that began between Miks and the heiress of the head of Topshop.

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dress like a boy

The young daughter of the actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Vivien has long been boyish things, which surprises the public. In the photo, the girl looks like she likes clothes. Vivienne’s outfits already repeatedly caused many people to want to discuss what is happening.

Subscribers blame naive novels in unsuccessful relationships Victoria Daineko

Subscribers accuse naive novels in unsuccessful relations of Victoria Dayneko. Based on their version, the performer always expects too much, considering this the norm in relations

To shoot a competitor “Games of Thrones” will spend 1 billion dollars

The American company Amazon plans to allocate one billion dollars for the shooting of the series, which will be a direct competitor to the popular fantasy saga “The Game of Thrones”. This is about the adaptation of the series of books “The Three-Body Challenge” by Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, 360 TV channel reported.

The director of “Austin Powers” will shoot the series on the scandalous book about Trump

American director Jay Roach, who shot films about Austin Powers, wants to take on the series on the scandalous book of Michael Wolf about US President Donald Trampe

In Quasimodo for his new series will reincarnate Tom Hollander

Hollander will play the hunchback of Quasimodo, the bell ringer of the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Louvre has forbidden to exhibit “Mona Lisa” in other museums

The Louvre forbade exhibiting one of its main exhibits – Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” in other museums. The leadership of the French Museum argued that the work of the Italian artist of the early 16th century is very fragile, so they are afraid to move it from one floor to another.

Choreographer Azarius Plisetskiy presented his memoirs “Life in the Ballet”

Plisetskiy took part in the creation of the Cuban National Ballet, worked with ballet companies in Japan and the United States. Since 1992 he has been cooperating with the ballet of Maurice Bejart

Spielberg “banned” the network Carl’s Jr. call burgers in your honor

The chain of fast food restaurants Carl’s Jr. on the eve of the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s film “The first player to prepare” decided to name one of the types of burgers in honor of the author of the picture.

Lumen: “Young people today can ridicule everything – both cancer and war”

Group leader Tim Bulatov is not afraid to curl whirlwinds, raise a storm, because he confidently controls these forces, which seem uncontrollable. Their concentration, the presence of an internal core, motivation and purposeful advance allow the team to continue to make breakthroughs.

Jethro Tull to celebrate 50th anniversary of three-disk compilation

Jethro Tull will release a jubilee collection in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary. According to Rolling Stone, the three-disk compilation “50 for 50” will go on sale May 25, 2018 on the label Parlophone. Jethro Tull founder Ian Anderson personally selected 50 songs from 21 studio albums of the band.

A famous Ukrainian singer refused to sing in Russian

A Ukrainian performer named Irina Fedishin said on the eve that she would never sing her songs in Russian. According to the Ukrainian actress, she will not go to this step even if she is offered a very high payment.

Experts called Russian artists, who are falsified most often

Of the famous Russian painters, the most popular among the falsifiers was Isaak Levitan: out of 17 of his works submitted for examination last year, only three proved to be genuine.

There are in the practice of experts and very funny cases. For example, recently in Nine brought a landscape, which, according to its owners, was written by the artist’s spouse Alexei Savrasov (author of the textbook “The Rooks Have Arrived”) Sofya Karlovna Gerts

Netflix released the trailer for the film “Kodachrome” starring Ed Harris

Streaming service Netflix on its official YouTube channel presented a trailer for the film “Kodachrome”, which premiered on April 20. The film was directed by the Canadian Mark Raso. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.


The media reminded the people of Britain about the “Dead Hand” of Russia

The British edition of the Daily Star recalled the existence of the Russian nuclear strike control system Perimeter.

“Yars” started combat duty on exercises near Yekaterinburg

Mobile strategic missile systems “Yars” took field positions and began to carry out combat duty in the command-staff exercise in the Sverdlovsk region, said on Wednesday the Defense Ministry.

The main naval parade of St. Petersburg involves 41 ships

The first details of the future maritime parade in the Northern capital have become known, RIA Novosti reported.

The head of the People’s Democratic Republic of Ukraine announced the aggravation of the situation on the contact line

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, said that the situation on the contact line in the Donbas was aggravating, and that there were seriously wounded people.

In Syria, the Kurds attacked the Turkish military patrol and the headquarters of the militants

In the north of Syria, the Kurds attacked the Turkish military patrol and the armed formations of the so-called Syrian Free Army (SSA). As a result of a special operation on the highway Jindares-Afrin, two people were killed, six more were injured

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will remove films about all kinds and branches of troops

Filming of all kinds and types of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will begin this year, Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the collegium of the department.

The US Coalition acknowledged 855 civilian casualties of air strikes in Syria and Iraq

Since 2014, 855 civilians have been killed in Syria and Iraq as a result of air strikes by a coalition led by the United States against the “Islamic State” group (IG, banned in Russia), the monthly report of the Joint Forces Command says.

Su-57 armed with “supersonic death”

Russian Su-57 fighters are armed with an X-31 missile, which military pilots themselves call supersonic death. As military experts explain, the whole point is that this missile is practically invulnerable to the enemy’s anti-aircraft fire due to high speed and countermeasures systems.

The US gave the first South Korean fighter fifth generation F-35

The presentation ceremony of the fifth-generation multifunctional fighter-bomber F-35A for the South Korean Air Force took place on Wednesday at Fort Worth airbase in Texas.

Shoigu announced the high morale of the Russian military

To date, the level of moral and psychological readiness of servicemen to perform tasks on the destination is assessed as high. – Sergei Shoigu, Russian military leader


Avito launches a delivery service in Russia

Tinkoff Bank and Qiwi became payment partners for the project. Eric Finnas also noted that about 25% of transactions on the site are concluded between sellers and buyers in different regions. Avito expects a 25 percent increase in the number of users and transactions after the launch of the delivery service.

Systems Boeing attacked the virus WannaCry

Systems corporation Boeing attacked hackers. Attackers used the famous virus WannaCry, informs TASS. Chief engineer of the company Mike Vandervell said that the virus, like metastases, is rapidly spreading outside the enterprise in North Charleston

Facebook announces changes in privacy settings

Social network Facebook has announced changes in the privacy settings against the backdrop of a scandal involving user data.

Microsoft will send a ban for obscene language

The American corporation Microsoft is going to block users from May 2018 for obscene lexicon on the company’s services. This was told in the press service of Microsoft

Google bought the search engine GIF-animation Tenor

Google in its blog announced the acquisition of a platform for the search and exchange of GIF-images Tenor.

Malware GoScanSSH “afraid” of infecting government and military networks

GoScanSSH is written in the Go language, it’s pretty strange. The virus has a number of mysterious functions, uncharacteristic for this kind of programs. As features of the malicious application it is possible to name its inability to infect the governmental and military networks.

Mozilla has offered a tool to protect against Facebook

The developers of the Mozilla browser reported the release of the Facebook Container extension, which should protect the user from monitoring his behavior in order to offer him the most suitable advertisement.

Facebook found a “spy” function

Facebook confirmed that the information was really collected – in order to build on them based on the most effective algorithm for recommending new friends for users. This feature was introduced for Android users a couple of years ago.

The application of the crypto-data exchange Poloniex abducted the data of the clients

The phishing application of the crypto-exchange exchange Poloniex steals user data, said ESET security expert Lucas Stefanko, who discovered a malicious program.

The company Huawei introduced an analog headphone Apple AirPods

Chinese company Huawei, one of the largest enterprises in the PRC in the field of communications, presented to the general public new flagship smartphones P20 / P20 Pro and Mate RS Porsche Design, whose cameras experts recognized as the best in the mobile device market.

Huawei will “hide” the cutout on the displays of new smartphones P20

Developers of the Chinese company Huawei will “hide” the cutout on the displays of the new flagship P20 smartphones.

Vivo X21 UD with a fingerprint scanner on the screen went on sale

A little over a week ago, on March 19, 2018, the official announcement of the Vivo V21 UD smartphone took place, which received a screen with a cutout at the top, and a fingerprint scanner built into the display.

There were data on the new watch Apple Watch Series 4

How it will change the body of the Apple Watch Series 4 is unknown. The specialist also emphasizes that at the moment there are no new information from the sources in the network. Recall that the public will see the new “fruity” smart-watch Apple Watch Series 4 in the fall of 2018.

ZTE Nubia Z17S with four cameras came out in Russia

Merlion, the official distributor of Nubia in Russia, announced the launch of Russian sales of the flagship smartphone Nubia Z17S. The recommended retail price of the novelty was 39,990 rubles per version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM.

Smartphone LG K9 entered the Russian market with a price tag of 9900 rubles

In Russia, sales of a new smartphone LG K9 started. The model is positioned as a gadget from the ruler of the middle price segment. The recommended price of new items is 9900 rubles

Google Chrome has learned to broadcast videos, images and music on TVs

In the latest beta version of Google Chrome appeared support for a function called Cast File, through which you can select any file with music, video, image or anything else on the computer (tablet), and then start its translation on the TV screen.


Scientists have discovered a new “organ” in the human body

Researchers from the United States announced the presence of a previously unknown “organ” in the human body, which is a network of microscopic canals in connective tissue, and, possibly, associated with the development of oncology, reports Nature.com.

The technique of kirigami will make the plasters more sticky and reliable

Thanks to special cuts, the adhesive material will stop sliding during intense movements. The film will become more flexible and expandable, and will not deform. An improved patch should be used on the “problem” parts of the body – arms and legs.

Scientists have taught 3D printers to print water

Scientists have created a 3D printer that is capable of printing objects under water. To achieve this result, mineral oil was used as the basis of the material, and hydrophobic polymers were added to the composition. Now it is already possible to print water strands with a diameter of less than 1 mm with a length of more than a meter.

In Sydney University found a mummy in the “empty” sarcophagus

As informs ABC News Australia, in Australia randomly it was possible to find out an ancient mummy. For many years the sarcophagus was considered empty and it was never opened. By the way, the approximate age of the wooden ancient Egyptian sarcophagus is 2500 years.

Scientists have created a capable of killing the “supermicrobial” antibiotic

In the laboratory conditions, experiments were conducted on mice. During the experiment on rodents, scientists managed to cure them of the chronic form of the disease, experts discovered a new class of substances, they affect strains of a dangerous virus.

Scientists have created a budget robot pipette

Specialists from the American company “Opentrones” developed a unique robotic pipette that can evenly dispense liquid into 8 vessels at once. In this case, the device that was called “OT-2” will be budgetary, but it will take a lot of space.

Scientists have taught robots “humanly” not to cope with the task

On the eve of the conference in the US ACM / IEEE, where the topic of the interaction of people and robots was discussed. One of the scientists present on it, suggested that it is necessary to teach robots “humanly” not to cope with the task.

Scientists forced the hydrogen molecule to rotate in one plane

As it turned out, the anisotropic potential created inside the molecular plane of such a compound severely limits the translational and rotational motions on the part of the molecule. In fact, after that, it turns into a flat one.

Scientists have created a device for detecting a stroke in 30 seconds

As a result, it turned out that the patient detected a stroke in 93% of cases. In 92% of cases, it was able to distinguish sick people from healthy people. Note that the invention of scientists using radio waves tests the movement of fluids in the brain.


Scientists have discovered a very strange galaxy without dark matter

With the help of the Hubble telescope, astronomers succeeded in discovering in the constellation of China a very strange galaxy NGC1052-DF2, almost completely devoid of dark matter. This discovery has put scientists at a dead end, while opening up new horizons for research, transfers NASA.

US will put into orbit a telescope to search for exoplanets

NASA is completing preparations to put into orbit a telescope for the search for exoplanets. This is planned for April 16

The center of the Moon exploration will be closed in Russia

The Russian research center of the Moon will be disbanded as superfluous. The previously created center for research and development of programs for the development of the Moon did not even have time to proceed to the planned scope of work, as the media reported on its possible liquidation or merger with other divisions.

The dimensions of meteorites falling to Earth were exaggerated

Scientists recognized the fact that in determining the meteorites that fell to Earth, their dimensions were not established correctly. It turns out that the specialists were mistaken in establishing the falling meteorites and overestimated their sizes.

Scientists suggest that the magnetic field of Mars destroyed the water

Space scientists suggested that there was once a magnetic field on Mars, but the water destroyed it. Scientists think that in the past the “lifeless red planet” was very similar to the Earth.

Roskosmos will order a sketch of a superheavy rocket for 1.5 billion rubles

The maximum amount to be invested in the development of a preliminary design of the space-rocket complex of the superheavy class is 1.6 billion rubles.


In New York, Volkswagen presented a large pickup truck Atlas Tanoak

As part of the motor show in New York, Volkswagen presented the concept car Atlas Tanoak. The pickup is based on the MQB architecture. Its name was received in honor of trees that grow on the Pacific coast of the United States.

The new crossover Citroen C3 Aircross will appear in Russia from April 12

The acceptance of orders for the new French crossover dealers began in March, but in car dealerships “live” cars will appear only from April 12. The official presentation of the new crossover C3 Aircross for Russia was held on March 12. The car is equipped with two petrol engines Pure Tech to choose from.

Lincoln revived the Aviator model

The company Lincoln revived the model Aviator – a new generation of crossover was presented at the Auto Show in New York. The car, built on the rear-wheel drive platform, debuted as a concept car. The serial crossover will also have a rear-wheel drive, and a full crossover will be offered as an option.

Hybrid MINI Countryman prepared for long journeys

At the motor show in New York was presented hybrid SUV Mini Countryman Panamericana. The novelty is based on the top version of Mini Cooper SE Countryman All4 and is designed for use in long trips on extreme off-road

The new Jeep Grand Commander crossover is put into mass production

The crossover equipment will include an assistant on descent and ascent, two- or three-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, parking assistant, leather interior, panoramic roof and a modern multimedia system with a touch screen. The new Jeep Grand Commander will be on sale in late April.

Nissan officially introduced the new generation Altima sedan

In the US market, a new generation of Nissan Altima will go on sale in the fall.

Hyundai began selling a new hydrogen crossover Hyundai NEXO

The peculiarity of the car is that the fuel for powering the electric motor is hydrogen cells. The crossover is equipped with one 163 hp engine. The cruising range of the car is about 600 kilometers.

There was information about the new seven-seat crossover Chery Tiggo 8

The Chinese company Chery on the eve of the start of sales of the new seven-seat crossover Chery Tiggo 8 revealed technical characteristics and all the basic information about it. To begin with, the exterior design of the new Chery Tiggo 8 is very similar to the conceptual model of Chery Exeed TX, presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show last autumn

The new version of the SUV Infiniti QX80 will appear on the Russian market

The updated Japanese SUV Infiniti QX80 will appear at the Russian dealers in May 2018. Recall that restyling “eighty” was presented last fall at a motor show in Dubai. List of complete sets and official prices will be announced later

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