2 Mar, 2018

The fifth-generation Russian fighter was tested by Syria

The Russian fighter of the fifth generation of the Su-57 has successfully completed two-day tests in the Syrian Republic. The newest combat vehicles were not alone, they were accompanied by laboratory aircraft.

They really were there. Were not long, two days. During this time, they carried out a test program, including combat ones. There were two planes. They were accompanied by aircraft-laboratories and aircraft, which tracked all the parameters of the operation of the weapon. I can say that the tests were successful. – Sergei Shoigu, Russian military leader

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In Hollywood, we installed a gold statue of Weinstein in a dressing gown

The statue of Harvey Weinstein of golden color appeared in Hollywood. The director, known for his sexual harassment, is depicted dressed in a robe and sitting on the bed.

Maria Kozhevnikova criticized what is happening on television

An actress, a former State Duma deputy, a large mother, a former sportswoman and simply a beauty Maria Kozhevnikova criticized programs on federal channels and television in general.

The Air Force will withdraw the series on the cycle of novels “Flat World” by Terry Pratchett

Scenario based on the “Flat World” was written by Simon Allen, who worked on the series “Response” and “Musketeers”. In the literary history of Pratchett, this film adaptation will not be the first. At this point in the work is a series based on the novel “Good Wishes”

“My heart is broken”: Olga Buzova canceled a concert in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

After the unsuccessful concert in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk the singer will perform in Vladivostok. On the eve of the concert Buzova in Khabarovsk, an armed man burst. He explained the reason for his behavior by the fact that he is annoyed by the singer and her fans.

I’m sorry, but my desire to be with you today is powerless before the weather conditions. I believe that I will be able to fly to you very soon. My heart is broken, I so dreamed of showing you my show and getting warm in this cold with you under your favorite songs. – Olga Buzova, Russian singer

Louvre will “share” Gioconda with other museums

One of the most famous canvases by Leonardo da Vinci “Mona Lisa” for the first time in more than 40 years at the time will leave the Louvre. According to the Minister of Culture of France Francoise Nissen, the picture “will lend” to other museums for the exposition, reports Nation News.

Julia Savicheva told how she got into show business at the age of 16

Russian singer Julia Savicheva told subscribers how she started a career in show business at the age of 16. The success of the star is due to Maxim Fadeev. The singer Julia Savicheva told in her Instagram how she started her musical career.

Iggy Azalia desecrated the church in her new video

Last Thursday, the famous American singer Iggy Azalia released a new video for her song entitled “The Savior”. Judging by the name it may seem that there is nothing surprising in the fact that this video was filmed in the church

Ex-husband Whitney Houston made a confession about the cause of her death

Recognition of ex-husband Whitney Houston Bobby Brown about the death of the singer impressed the public: he believes that the star could have died, not because of an overdose of cocaine. Until now, it was the versions of the drug overdose that most media and celebrity fans adhered to.

Reporters found the “real” father of Prince Harry

Western reporters once again found the “real” father of Prince Harry. Journalists are convinced that the parent is an officer of the Welsh Guard Mark Dyer. For years, it has been said that Harry is not the son of Prince Charles.

Yamal tundrovichka has charmed Igor Nikolaev

Singer Igor Nikolayev could not contain the admiration of the colorful lady, who came to Salekhard on the “Buran” for his concert, which took place the day before. Enchanted by the fan of his emotions, he shared on his page in the social network.

Angelina Jolie is again treated by a therapist because of Brad Pitt

The well-known actress, director and screenwriter Angelina Jolie is forced again to be treated by a therapist, since recently she has a depressive and nervous condition.

Vasil Oblomov introduced a new ironic clip “Life is getting better”

Fans of Vasi Oblomov highly appreciated the new clip “Life is getting better” and in less than a day looked at it 80 thousand times. Also, this song earned 8,000 approving likes and a lot of comments with thanks from listeners.

Mikhail Turetsky called Russia “a woman’s country”

Star actor noted that if a man really loves his woman, then he is ready to pray for her. He touched upon Turkish journalists and the topic of Ulyanovsk and how the city has changed over the past few years. According to him, today in the region there is a real and powerful economic growth.

Directors can not undress actors and ask them to imitate sex

American filmmakers will no longer be able to use the right to undress actors and ask them to mimic sex. This innovation is associated with the release of a manual for filmmakers by the Equity Actors’ Trade Union.

In the United States after the release of the “Black Panther” from the shelters dismantled black cats

In the US, animal shelter workers reported that after the release of the Marvel “Black Panther” movie, many black cats found a new home and loving owners, People magazine writes


Cinemas will open in Saudi Arabia after 30 years of ban

The Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia has started issuing licenses for the management of cinemas, which should be opened all over the country after a 30-year ban. Recall that the authorities of Saudi Arabia closed all theaters in the early 80’s.

U.S. News & World Report named California the worst quality of life by the state

In the backward, as the newspaper writes, California was due to poor ecology and low social activity of the population. The latter is explained by the personal qualities of the Californians, whom the rating compilers called “intolerable people”

Ministry of Culture suggested that the HRC see the “Death of Stalin” in the social network

In response, Deputy Minister of Culture Sergei Obrivalin said that the ministry does not have digital copies of the film, but the “Death of Stalin” is in the public domain and can be viewed on the link in the social network Odnoklassniki.

The draft law on banning passengers from disembarking to frost was approved

The bill of the Ministry of Transport of Russia on prohibiting carriers from dropping passengers in case of threat to their life and health passed interagency coordination, said Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Nikolay Asaul.

The number of Russian tourists in Turkey increased by 70% in January

In January, the number of tourists from Russia to Turkey increased by more than 70%. This month more than 68 thousand citizens visited the country. In terms of the number of arrivals, the RF market has become the fifth among all entry markets in Turkey with a share of 4.68% of the total.

Issue of tourist visas to Saudi Arabia will start on April 1

Saudi Arabia will start issuing tourist visas from April 1. Forbes writes this with reference to the Crown Prince of the country – as noted in the foreign press, Mohammad bin Salman is taking steps to mitigate the strict rules of the state.

Maduro promised to raise the minimum wage in Venezuela to $ 2

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro promised to raise the minimum wage in the country by 58%. This is reported by El Nacional.

According to the head of state, from March 1, the minimum wage will grow from 248 thousand to 392.5 thousand bolivars. As reported by El Nuevo Herald, relating this amount to the actually used in the country national currency rate, settled on the black market, the promised salary increase approached $ 2.

At the official rate, the new minimum wage exceeded $ 12.

Unemployment in Japan in January fell to a minimum in almost 25 years

Unemployment in Japan in January 2018 fell to a minimum level in almost 25 years, indicating a continuing improvement in the labor market.

Organizer of cocaine smuggling from Argentina to Russia arrested in Germany

In Germany, the alleged organizer of cocaine smuggling from Argentina to Russia Andrei Kovalchuk was detained, his lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov told RIA Novosti.

In Taganrog, employees of the aviation enterprise were poisoned with thallium

According to “Kommersant-Yug”, 25 employees of the enterprise registered poisoning with toxic metal, 17 of them are on inpatient treatment in the hospitals of Taganrog, Rostov and Moscow. All the poisoned – office workers, employees of the legal and economic departments

In Tuapse, the police will check the killing of stray dogs company

In Tuapse, the police will check the firm and its employee who killed stray dogs instead of keeping them. This was reported on Friday in the GU MVD of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory. As it turned out, the bodies of dead dogs in the area of the road in the village of Gezel Dere were discovered by local residents

The plane from the US urgently boarded in Magadan

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was forced to land at five in the morning at the airport of Magadan. During the flight, one of the passengers, a US citizen, became ill.


Trump’s speech crashed the US stock market

The main US stock indices on the basis of the trading session on March 1 declined after the speech of the head of the White House Donald Trump about new duties, this is evidenced by the data of the bidding. So, the industrial index Dow Jones decreased by 1.68%, to 24 608.98 points.

The net profit of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange under IFRS in 2017 fell by 19.6%

Moscow stock exchange in 2017 received a net profit of 20.26 billion rubles, which is 19.6% lower than the same indicator in 2016, follows from the reporting of the trading platform by international standards (IFRS). For the fourth quarter of 2017, profits fell by 12.6%, to 4.82 billion rubles.

Gref after the message of Putin promised a mortgage from Sberbank at 7%

Sberbank plans to reduce mortgage rates to 7%. This was stated by President and Chairman of the Board of the Bank Herman Gref, commenting on the message of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, Tass reports.

Sberbank will reduce mortgage rates to 7% within one to two years. – German Gref, Russian statesman

Sovcombank reduced the yield of deposits in rubles

Sovcombank has reduced interest rates on deposits in rubles by 0.2 percentage points.

International reserves of Russia fell by $ 3.1 billion

“The volume of international reserves for the week declined by $ 3.1 billion, or 0.7%, under the influence of negative revaluation and on February 23 was $ 450.9 billion,” the report said.

National Bank of Ukraine increased its discount rate to 17% per annum

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) raised the discount rate from 16% to 17% per annum from March 2, 2018. This is reported by the press service of the NBU.

“Naftogaz” announced the loss of Gazprom’s right to take or pay in 2018

The head of the Ukrainian Naftogaz, Andrey Kobolev, announced the loss of Gazprom’s right to take or pay in 2018 due to the refusal to supply gas. About this Kobolev said in an interview with the Ukrainian “Channel 5”.

Vuktylskoye field will become an underground gas storage facility

In Komi, the Vuktyl deposit can become an underground gas storage facility. This possibility is considered by Gazprom.

Britain for the first time in eight years, faced with a shortage of gas

For the first time in eight years, Britain faced a shortage of gas – the largest national grid company National Grid recognized that in the next 24 hours the country could find itself without blue fuel and called for austerity, the BBC reported.

Gazprom Neft will attract Novatek to the development of the Bazhenov suite

While the design of the Bazhenov suite is at the project stage. Joint work with specialists of the gas company Novatek will, in the opinion of the management of Gazprom Neft, accelerate the transition to practical work.

The net profit of Gazprom Neft in 2017 increased to 253 billion rubles

Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, income tax and depreciation) increased by 20.8% compared to 2016, amounting to 551 billion rubles. – It is noted that this is the highest level in the history of the company.

Gas in the UK rose to a maximum in a decade

Prices for natural gas at the British National Balancing Point (NBP) in the course of trading on Thursday jumped to 250 pence per term, which is the maximum rate for a decade, reports Bloomberg

Investors agreed to redeem the former company of Harvey Weinstein

Investors believe that this transaction will allow the film studio to avoid bankruptcy and lay the foundation for the process of settling government lawsuits brought against the company after accusing its former head Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

“Rosneft” will independently continue projects after the departure of ExxonMobil

The oil company Rosneft will continue to independently develop joint projects, the release of which was announced by the US ExxonMobil.

FTS filed a lawsuit on bankruptcy “VIM-Avia” with a claim of 251 million rubles

Earlier, the Arbitration Court of Tatarstan recognized as justified the application for bankruptcy of VIM-Avia, filed by Spektr-Avia (Ulyanovsk Region), whose claims amounted to 3.7 million rubles. A follow-up procedure was introduced with respect to the debtor.

US imposed duties on imports of steel and aluminum

The US next week will impose duties on imports of steel and aluminum. Such a statement was made by President Donald Trump at a meeting with metallurgists. The amount of duties will be 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminum.


“Putin is waving a nuclear cudgel”: the reaction of the German press

“Putin is waving a nuclear cudgel”, “Putin is threatening”, “Explosive speech”, “Putin is presenting new missiles” – under such headlines were articles in the German press dedicated to the Russian president’s message to the Federal Assembly on March 1.

Hungarian Foreign Minister said that Ukraine is hitting Europe in the back

According to the minister, Ukraine expects solidarity from Europe and at the same time “strikes back” with brutal measures against the national communities. “Ukraine can not be taken seriously as a country that really wants to strengthen its ties with the EU and NATO,” he concluded.

Russia warned the US against accusations of using chemical weapons by Damascus

Russia warns the US against attempts to use Damascus’s unsubstantiated allegations in chemists as a pretext for strikes against Syrian authorities. This is stated in the statement of the Russian embassy in the United States in social networks

Puchedemont offered an alternative candidate for the post of head of Catalonia

The former head of the government, Carles Puicdemont, refuses to run the government of the autonomous community in favor of the imprisoned politician Jordi Sanchez, he said in an appeal from Brussels.

This evening, I asked the chairman of the parliament on a temporary basis not to represent my candidacy for the procedure for assuming the office of the chairman of the Catalan nationality. I declare that “Together for Catalonia” will propose deputy Jordi Sanchez as a candidate for the presidency. – Carles Puchdemon, Spanish journalist

Negotiations between Russia and the United States on strategic stability broke down

The new round of US-Russian bilateral talks on strategic stability “apparently will not take place.” A well-informed source in Washington informed Tass.

Elections of the President of Venezuela postponed to May 20

The head of Venezuela’s national electoral council, Tibasai Lucena, announced on Thursday that she was postponing the presidential elections on May 20. Earlier they were scheduled for April 22, but then the authorities named the second half of May as the date, without specifying the day.

The Russian Embassy named the main purpose of the US accusations in the Syrian conflict

Accusations of Russia’s non-compliance with its obligations in Syria are aimed at preserving the extremist enclave in Eastern Gut, the Russian embassy in the United States said in a statement.

Armenian parliament elected Armen Sargsyan president of the country

Armenian Ambassador to Great Britain Armen Sargsyan was elected the new president of the republic. These are the results of closed (secret) voting, which took place on Friday in the country’s parliament, chairman of the temporary counting commission Gagik Melikyan said.

FBI began to check the Trump Organization deal involving the daughter of Trump

As the data of the TV company testify, now the agency is engaged in studying of transactions and foreign business contacts of Donald Trump’s daughter. The inspection is carried out to approve the issuance of a permanent admission to state secrets to it.


The Pentagon commented on Putin’s statements about new weapons

The US Department of Defense said that it was not surprised by the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the newest strategic weapons that sounded during the message of the head of state to the Federal Assembly.

In the US, they promised to modernize the nuclear arsenal after Putin’s words

The US will continue to modernize its nuclear arsenal. This was stated at a briefing by the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, commenting on the message to the Federal Assembly of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tass correspondent reports.

The US approved the sale of Javelin complexes to Ukraine for $ 47 million

The US State Department approved the sale of Javelin missiles and launchers to Ukraine. About reports Reuters referring to the statement of the Pentagon. The amount of the contract, which includes 210 Javelin missiles, 37 Javelin ATGMs and training of Ukrainian military, will not exceed $ 47 million.

VCS of Russia intercepted five foreign aircraft in a week

Aircraft VKS of Russia carried out five interceptions of foreign military aircraft at the borders, the publication of the “Red Star” says. In addition, 22 foreign military aircraft carried out reconnaissance flights along Russian borders

Complex “Dagger” will expand the capabilities of the Russian military command over the response to aggression, help to deter potential adversaries from ill-considered actions, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin, commander-in-chief of aerospace forces said.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force has revealed the range of a hypersonic missile

“The presence of the Dagger complex significantly expands the capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces to respond to possible aggression against our country and, along with other strategic weapons systems, will help to contain potential adversaries from ill-considered actions,” the commander-in-chief said.

A high-precision hypersonic missile, Surovikin said, has a range of more than two thousand kilometers and can strike without entering the enemy’s air defense zone.

Militants are demonstratively executed by those trying to leave East Gutu

The militants expose those who are trying to leave East Gutu. This was reported by the head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties Yuri Evtushenko, reports TV Center. To this are added regular violations of the cessation of hostilities.

Employees of PMC Wagner could die in Syria by accident

Employees of the German magazine Der Spiegel conducted their own investigation of what happened in Syria on February 7-9 and concluded that the employees of the Wagner’s PMCs who died during the fighting in the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor were under fire accidentally

The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy spoke about the capabilities of an underwater dronesman

Intercept Russian submarine drones with a nuclear power plant, which Russian President Vladimir Putin described during a message to the Federal Assembly, will be virtually impossible, Navy Commander-in-Chief Adm. Vladimir Korolev told reporters.

Unmanned underwater vehicles will have an almost unlimited range of navigation, have low noise and high maneuverability. All this will allow them to secretly go to the objects of defeat. – Vladimir Korolev, Russian military leader

In 115 districts of the Turkish province of Diyarbakir imposed a curfew

The authorities of the Turkish province of Diyarbakir in the south-east of the country imposed a curfew in 115 districts for an anti-terrorist operation. This is stated in the statement of the Office of the Governor of Diyarbakir, posted on Friday on the website of the department.


Smartphones on Android attacked by an eavesdropping virus

It became known that smartphones running on Android, threatened by a new virus. Attacking a large number of gadgets malicious program has the capabilities of a listening device and keeps a hidden record of everything that happens around the phone.

Nokia has released a “smart” jacket for rescuers and policemen

The company Nokia has released a “smart” jacket for rescuers and policemen, which collects data on the state of the human body. Special sensors, built into the clothes, determine the heart rate, body temperature and the environment, as well as the location.

Xiaomi showed a computer mouse with a fingerprint scanner

Employees of Xiaomi have demonstrated a new computer mouse, called Smart Fingerprint Mouse. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. It is intended for office workers and its output will be held next month.

Light Phone 2 – the most minimalistic and compact in the world phone

Smartphone Light Phone 2 is the most minimal and portable in the world phone with which you can make and receive voice calls and also work with SMS-messages. The first generation of this mobile device, debuting in 2015, is skillful only to call and nothing more.

On the Russian market launched sales of ultra-thin laptop Dell XPS 13

Dell announced the sale of its new ultra-thin laptop, called XPS 13. The corresponding laptop runs on the basis of Kaby Lake-R, that is, the 8th-generation Intel chipset.

The size of RAM is from 4 to 16 GB, and the screen resolution is 3840х2160 px. Developers focus on the dimensions of the laptop, because in such a thin PC can fit very capacious SSD-disks.

As for the amount of physical memory, it varies from 128 GB to 1 TB.

The basic version of Kaby Lake-R will cost the buyer 99 thousand rubles.

Uber launched a service for the transport of patients to medical institutions

With the help of the new service, Uber customers will be able to reach the rehabilitation centers, hospitals and clinics without problems. It is worth noting that leaving medical facilities has become much easier: you do not need to go into the mobile application in order to order a car Uber.

Chinese presented watch Haier Asu with projector images on hand

Chinese developers presented a smart clock with a built-in projector, capable of broadcasting information to the hand of its owner. This is reported by the “Russian Planet”. As it is noted, that in the unique Haier Asu watch there are several entertainment modes.

“Odnoklassniki” launched the function of face detection and photo search

“Classmates” launched the function of face recognition and search by photos, the press service of the social network reported.

Dutch engineer invented the cat recognition system

To save the whole door, Arkaits assembled the device with a camera and a motion sensor. Face ID gives a signal that the cat went to the door of the balcony, and, therefore, it is necessary to admit it. The program recognizes the Bobs face.

Instagram will have video calls

According to TechRadar, the company in closed mode is testing the system of calls. In “Instagram” the journalists refused to comment on the proposal. According to analysts, Instagram does not want to lag behind Snapchat, which launched video calls back in 2014

Twitter has an opportunity to save tweets in bookmarks

You could save a tweet earlier, but for this you had to put a mark of “Like it”, which other people could learn. When you add a publication to the bookmarks, it falls into the list that is visible only to you. This list is available through the main Twitter menu

Google launches its own corporate messenger Hangouts Chat

Google will launch the corporate messenger Hangouts Chat for all users until March 4, 2018, according to the company’s blog. Google shared Hangouts with two services – Chat and Meet

Google expanded the block with the answers

Google launched the feature Multifaceted Featured Snippets, expanding the block with answers. The format is for queries that can display more than one result

In China, created an application to find the closest toilet

The State Administration of Tourism of China and the online provider Amap have launched a special application for tourists to find the nearest public toilet in the whole of China

Facebook caught in the shadow of the network users

The largest social network in the world of Facebook can monitor every Internet user. This became possible with the help of secret files. They look like harmless applications that may not be directly on the social network page

Microsoft created a navigator application for the blind

Microsoft has created an application for a smartphone that allows blind people to navigate in the city. It works together with headphones, through which the user hears hints about the surrounding objects, according to the company’s blog.

Viewing races on the F1 TV channel via VPN will be banned

Frank Arthofer, Director of Digital and New Business of Formula 1, said that all available measures will be taken to prevent viewers from using the VPN to view broadcasts in regions where there is no access to the service.

There was a photo of the smartphone-clamshell Gionee W919

The prototype smartphone-clamshell Gionee W919 hit the lens of insiders. Novelty Gionee W919

AirPods headphones will monitor your health

In future versions of AirPods headphones, medical sensors will appear. This hints at a patent registered by Apple, reports UberGizmo. According to the patent specification, it will be “headphones configured with one or more biometric sensors”. It receives two 4.2-inch diagonal displays with a resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels.


Biologists found that dolphins make up an action plan for hunting

According to biologists, aquatic animals use information about the location of the prey that they received during previous dives. They can not stay in deep water for a long time, so planning helps dolphins to find food faster and calculate the amount of atmospheric air in the lungs.

Scientists have created robots to develop homemade furniture

Engineers MIT in the United States “taught” robots to cut parts for self-made furniture.

The first experiment at the NICA collider was started in Dubna

Scientists of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna near Moscow, together with foreign physicists, have started experiments on the NICA heavy-ion collider (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility) program. The device itself has not yet been built, the work is being carried out at the Nuclotron accelerator.

Mask showed the interior of the passenger capsule of the Hyperloop train in Dubai

Ilon Mask presented in Dubai the interior of the passenger capsule of the vacuum train Hyperloop. Information about this is reported by the TV channel “360”. The photos show that the passengers will be in a spacious cabin.

Carbon-13 proposed to use for chemical encryption of drugs

American chemist James La Claire proposed a method of chemical coding by introducing carbon-13 isotope labels into apigenin molecules. Such a cipher can be used, for example, to protect medicines or paper documents.

Scientists: The brain is able to save the body from hypothermia

American scientists representing Wayne Medical School in Michigan state that the brain acts on subcooling at low temperature

By the results of the experiment it was established that during the time of finding a person in conditions of low temperatures, the brain starts to activate. Also, the nervous system and the intercostal muscle, which absorbs glucose, work intensively. The brain independently relieves the body of the negative consequences provoked by hypothermia.

Silicon connected different types of polymers for 3D printers

Harvard University researchers have come up with a new way to connect elastomers and hydrogels, suitable for a variety of production methods, for example in 3D printing, and joining sequences.

A prolonged depression destroys the brain

Long-term mental disorders adversely affect the state of the neurons of the brain, which leads to devastating consequences. This conclusion was made by Canadian scientists from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health at the University of Toronto


US launched Atlas V rocket with meteorological satellite

The launch of the heavy Atlas V booster rocket with the GOES-S meteorological satellite on board was carried out on Thursday from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida. It is reported that the US company United Launch Alliance broadcast the launch.

Scientists: In 2018, more than 30 asteroids will converge with the Earth

It is predicted that this year asteroids, whose size is more than 100 meters across, will approach the Earth 34 times. This is reported in the Center “Anistychia”. The organization notes that last year more than 730 asteroids approached our planet.

The NASA will postpone the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope until 2020

NASA will postpone the launch of the most expensive space telescope, James Webb, until 2020. This is reported by the publication SpaceNews. The launch is postponed due to the detection of problems in the operation of the deployment of its main mirror.

The Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 took the first pictures of the asteroid Ryuga

Scientific employees of the National Aerospace Agency of Japan received the first images of the asteroid Ryuga using a Hayabusa-2 probe. Japanese scientists have launched a project to obtain and send to Earth samples of the asteroid soil.

ISS will go to commercial companies

ISS, in which the United States, Russia, the EU, Japan and Canada are participating, is due to complete its work by 2024. Russia and China are planning the deployment of national orbital stations, the existing international station is planned to be transferred to commercial companies.

NASA and ESA study microelectronics in Belarusian textbooks

Specialists of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) study on Belarusian textbooks – a series of works by Belarusian specialists was published last year, the “MIR 24” TV channel reported. Having studied the materials, the American publishing house was interested in research in space microelectronics.

Mars Curiosity taught to drill a new way

American NASA specialists have taught the Curiosity rover to be drilled in a new way. This was needed after the main drill of the apparatus ceased to operate in December 2016.

The British company will launch the first satellite with a variable configuration

Eutelsat calculates that the Quantum satellite will be able to reformat its configuration, for example, to change the frequency of the emitted signal or to retarget to other areas on the Earth’s surface. The British company is confident that the creation of such spacecraft will be a real breakthrough.


The new GMC Sierra pickup truck

American engineers presented a GMC Sierra pickup truck of the next generation with unique options.

The car was the first in its niche, which was equipped with a multifunction rear door, a cargo platform made of carbon fiber, a multi-color projection display and a rear-view mirror, which visualizes the image from the camera.

The doors, hood and rear door of the new GMC Sierra pickup truck are made of aluminum. Steel was used for the wings, roof and standard cargo platform of the machine.
Lightweight materials have reduced the weight of the novelty by 163 kg compared to its predecessor. The composite platform reduces the mass of the car by another 28 kg. The rear door of the GMC Sierra pickup truck, called the MultiPro, can be used as a mobile workstation, a limiter for long cargo. It also provides easy access to the cargo hold.

For the towing system ProGrade Trailering an application is provided that allows you to monitor the state of electronics in the trailer of the novelty. Also the option reminds the user about the need for maintenance.

The new GMC Sierra is equipped with LED optics, a multimedia installation with a navigator, a circular view, adaptive suspension and much more. The power line of the car is represented by gasoline eight-cylinder engines with a volume of 6.2 and 5.3 liters, as well as a new three-liter diesel unit. All engines have a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota will present a new crossover Toyota C-HR in Russia on March 3

According to some information, dealers do not know how many crossovers a company can put into the country, so the reception of orders is not yet implemented. For Russians Toyota C-HR will be offered in a single package with two power units. Compact crossover in Russia will receive two petrol engines

Volkswagen in Russia announced the start of pre-orders for the new Teramont

The company Volkswagen will launch sales of the large crossover Volkswagen Teramont as early as March 12, 2018. In total, the buyers will be available four versions of the complete set with a 7-seat saloon and all-wheel drive.

Jeep showed the interior of the new seven-seat crossover Grand Commander

Seats and the front panel of the car will be trimmed with leather, as well as an information and entertainment system with a large touch screen. In addition, the crossover will receive a panoramic roof.

The head of Volvo showed the first photo of the new generation Volvo S60 sedan

Swedish automaker Volvo conducts final tests of the new generation of the Volvo S60 sedan, the first photo of which showed the head of the company Hakan Samuelson.

Special versions of Stelvio and Giulia Alfa Romeo will devote the Nurburgring

Alfa Romeo dedicated Nurburgring special versions of Stelvio and Giulia, where the models set records. Crossovers and sedans of a special version will receive an exclusive body color, plates with the number of the series, as well as an expanded list of equipment.

Mercedes has published the first image of the “green” crossover EQC

Just a few minutes ago (today, March 2), the press service of the legendary German automaker of premium cars – the company Mercedes-Benz, published photos from the tests of its new crossover Mercedes EQC

For sale put the strangest Ferrari

As the auction house RM Sotheby s, in the near future will be held bidding, within which will be sold a unique conceptual model of the Ferrari 328 GTS Conciso

Pagani will release an electric supercar

The head of Pagani Horatio Pagani confirmed the work on a fully electric supercar. The novelty, which will become the fourth model in the line of the brand, will not appear until 2025. This site informs Autodato.

Mulliner unveiled a unique version of the Bentley Bentayga crossover

British automaker Bentley together with the tuning workshop Mulliner introduced the updated crossover Bentley Bentayga in a unique modification. The official presentation of the luxury crossover tuning from Mulliner will take place on March 13 at the festival in Chertny.

Genesis G90 prepared for the red carpet “Oscar”

Premium South Korean brand Genesis, which produces business sedans from the company Hyundai, has prepared an exclusive version of the G90 sedan for the red carpet of the upcoming Oscar. It is reported that Genesis G90 cars will deliver Hollywood stars for both the award and after it.

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