5 Mar, 2018

The film about doping won OSCAR

Brian Vogel’s documentary film “Icarus” about the doping scandal in Russia won the award of the American Film Academy.

It was Vogel who personally helped Rodchenkov escape from Russia to the United States.

The creators of Icarus from the stage noted that “this film is a call to awakening.”

“Yes, he is talking about Russia, but more importantly, about the need to tell the truth, especially now,” the film’s director said.

Vogel dedicated his film to the ex-head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov, whose testimony formed the basis of his picture. Kinodel said that Rodchenkov’s life “is in danger.”

Recall Rodchenkov after his escape to the US began to talk about the existence in Russia of a grand doping program, supported at the state level. In particular, he reported on substitution of doping samples of Russian Olympians through a hole in the wall of his laboratory at the Sochi Olympics. This was the reason for a major international scandal and the most severe sanctions imposed on Russian sports.

In the Kremlin he is called mentally ill person, and the Investigative Committee of Russia is a liar. At the same time, the SC accused Rodchenkov of solely implementing the doping program – he himself supplied doping athletes and changed the results of testing.

Briefly about the main …..


Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church spoke in favor of monitoring the content of children’s books

Children’s books should not “propagate bad taste and all kinds of ugliness,” said Metropolitan Hilarion, chairman of the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate.

As an example of the negative impact on children, he brought modern cartoons in which “some monsters.”

“That aesthetic paradigm, which with the help of these cartoons is laid by our children, in my opinion, is very dangerous,” the clergyman emphasized.
The building of the studio “Soyuzmultfilm” on Dolgorukovskaya street in Moscow was given to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russians owed “black micro-creditors” almost 100 billion rubles

According to him, the number of illegal microcredit in Russia at the end of January 2018 exceeded the number of legal MFIs by three times. At the same time, the population owes illegal creditors almost 100 billion rubles.

OCCRP learned about the receipt of Cyprus citizenship by Oleg Deripaska

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska “bought” a Cyprus passport through a “controversial” scheme that allows investors to obtain citizenship and the right to visa-free entry into the European Union, the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP) reports.

In the regional center of the Smolensk region road pits are being repaired … with snow.

On the shots you can see how the pits on the road are covered with asphalt interspersed with snow. After that, workers rammed the train, several times driving through the “repaired” section on the “KamAZ”. In February, photos appeared on the network, where residents of Voronezh sealed the road pits closed with mattresses.

Tatarstan’s debts for utility services exceeded 5.8 billion rubles

During the meeting in the Cabinet of the Republic of Tatarstan, Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan Irek Fayzullin said that, taking into account the collection of payments, the debt for utility services in the whole country amounted to 5.87 billion rubles.

A unified medical database will appear in Russia.

Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that the experience of the Sverdlovsk region on the use of unified medical databases will be extended throughout the country.

We saw unique equipment, computer and electronic, which, as I decided today, will serve the whole country. This is a single database of cancer patients, a single database of pregnant women. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian statesman

The State Duma suggests that all Russians be trained in resuscitation skills

“The introduction of universal defibrillators will allow us to save, in fact, the population of a small city – yes not a small one, 80-90 thousand people we can save!”, Said the chairman of the Duma committee on health protection.

In Yekaterinburg, a priest was sued for his words about Lenin

In Yekaterinburg, the trial of the rector of the Cathedral in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Evgeny Popichenko will begin.

The head of the Union of Public Organizations of Military Service Veterans and other law enforcement agencies of the Sverdlovsk Region, “Defenders of the Fatherland” Nikolai Ryabchevsky, sued him.

According to the plaintiff, the priest insulted thousands of people, comparing Lenin with Hitler.

Yevgeny Popichenko made a polemic revolution when discussing the problem of renaming the streets of Yekaterinburg on the air of one of the radio stations.

In particular, the public official says that the words of the priest discredit his honor and dignity.

Nikolai Ryabchevsky requires public apologies from the archpriest and the reaction of the church to his words. In addition, in his opinion, a criminal case must be opened against a cleric on an article on extremism.

The regime of the anti-terrorist operation was introduced in the Tsumadinsky district of Dagestan

The regime of the counter-terrorist operation (CTO) was introduced in the Tsumadinsky district of Dagestan. This was stated in the operational headquarters for the republic.

Sanitary aviation will be given a scale and acceleration

From next year, sanitary aviation will start operating in all regions of the country, the Health Ministry expects. Aircraft will be ready for flight no later than one hour after the call in the warm season and two in the cold. Now sanaviatsiya works in 34 regions, and the time of departure to remote places until 2017 was up to four hours. The Ministry of Health sets a goal to further reduce this figure to 15 minutes.

The man shot himself in front of the White House

An unknown man went to the fence of the White House in Washington and shot himself, BBC News reported on Sunday referring to the American Secret Service.

Hymn of Germany proposed to make “gender neutral”

The text of the German anthem should be changed for gender neutrality, said Christine Roze-Mehring, the Commissioner for Gender Equality in the Ministry of Family Affairs

In the US, a student shot and killed his parents from a police officer’s pistol

The student shot his parents from the pistol of his father, who worked as a policeman. The tragedy occurred in the American city of Mount Pleasant (Michigan) in the hostel, Tass reports. According to the agency, the shooting opened 19-year-old black student James Eric Davis.

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Burkina Faso

The cell of the terrorist organization Al-Qaida (banned in Russia) claimed responsibility for the attack on government and diplomatic facilities in the capital of Burkina Faso.

In the cities of the World Cup 2018 there will be shelters for dogs

The Organizational Committee “Russia-2018” and the Ministry of Sport intend to oblige all regions participating in the World Cup to build shelters-exemptions for homeless animals. Monitoring and verification of the constructed facilities will be carried out by the State Duma Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection.

Russia will expand the network of centers for the examination of drunken drivers

The Government Commission for the Prevention of Offenses recommended that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs expand the network of organizations that are engaged in the certification of drunk drivers. “Izvestia” got acquainted with the minutes of the meeting signed by the chairman of the commission of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev.


“Mystery Coco” received an “Oscar” in the category “Best Animated Film”

Animated tape of American studio Pixar “Mystery Coco” (Coco) was awarded an Oscar for Best Animated Film.

“Dislike” Andrei Zvyagintsev was left without an “Oscar”

The film by Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev was left without an Oscar award. The picture claimed to win in the nomination “Best film in a foreign language”.
The victory in this nomination went to the film “Fantastic Woman” by Chilean filmmaker Sebastian Lelio.

Sam Rockwell received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

The award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Oscar” in the nomination “Best Supporting Actor” was won by Sam Rockwell, who played in the movie “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri.”

Putin sang a hymn at a rally-concert in the “Luzhniki”

Russian presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, along with his supporters at the rally in Luzhniki, performed the national anthem on Saturday, noting that his performance at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was banned for Russian athletes.

Here today there are wonderful people, our wonderful sportsmen. We all saw, remember how our guys, hockey players, after winning the medals of the Olympics sang a hymn, but for some reason we did not hear the music. Let’s make it together with the music of our national anthem. – Vladimir Putin

Russian singer Elina Nechaeva will represent Estonia at Eurovision-2018

Russian singer Elina Nechaeva will represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, in May. The 27-year-old Elina Nechaeva is a graduate of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.

Dana Borisova publicly insulted the “petty” ex-spouse

Telesvezda is seen for public insults. “Trivial” ex-husband Borisova received a message to her address in the social network Instagram because of her own daughter. In Instagram, on the page of Dana Borisova, the day before, a new record appeared about the situation in her family.

The singer Tatyana Bulanova told about the new marriage

In a recent interview with Telenedelya, Tatyana Bulanova mentioned a third marriage, which she does not rule out (according to rumors she meets a married businessman), especially since psychics predicted her two more marriages in the future.

Soloist Rammstein can be the father of Svetlana Loboda’s child

Earlier, journalists reported that Loboda’s and Lindemann’s romance began at a music festival in 2017. The father of the future child of the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda was named soloist of the group Rammstein Till Lindemann. A report on this was published by the Telegram-channel SUPER.

Volochkova with his beloved Mikhail visited the monastery

In the Instagram-microblog Anastasia Volochkova shared another snapshot with the new elect Michael and told about their visit to holy places, including the New Jerusalem Stavropigial Monastery.

The worker shot a rap clip about the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant

A worker of the Bryansk Engineering Plant, Sergei Hryza, made a rap clip about his company. Black and white clip, published on YouTube, talks about the workplace of the plant

Model Alyona Shishkov began to gain weight rapidly

The popular Russian model and the former wife of rapper Timati Aliona Shishkov began to rapidly gain kilograms. Fans were happy for the girl, because they believed that Shishkova was on the wound of anorexia.

The son of Yana Troyanova committed suicide because of guilt

The actress has often talked about how she lost her only heir. According to Troyanova, son Nikolai decided to take his life with him because of the pangs of conscience

Kanye West has met the need in front of his wife and paparazzi

The incident occurred in Tokyo in the courtyard of Haneda Airport immediately after the pair left the plane. 40-year-old West decided to use the wall as an improvised urinal.

Fans of the star couple were not surprised by the rapper’s new escapade. Moreover, the spouses have long been surprised by their unpredictable behavior in different everyday situations, and Kardashian herself also causes an ambiguous reaction of Internet users with her vivid images that seem to many “unnatural”, although the celebrity claims the opposite.

The ROC approved the idea to withdraw the continuation of the film “The Passion of the Christ”

The intention of the American filmmaker Mel Gibson to film the continuation of the film “The Passion of the Christ” can only be welcomed as another testimony of Jesus Christ, said on Saturday the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

Anyuta Rai in the advertisement of the villa appeared nude

Anyuta Rai, hiding behind only one magazine, advertises the villa in Bali. The famous Russian model was exposed for an advertising image, where the girl, hiding the nakedness behind the magazine, shows: it’s great to have a villa in Bali, or at least rent it.

Model Alena Shishkov was called a “bald boy”

The Russian model of Alyona Shishkov has published another photo in Instagram. Subscribers were surprised at the hairdo and called it a bald boy. The model published a picture on its page, which was not signed in any way.

In Yekaterinburg, the film festival “Man of Labor” opens

On the site of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio, the “Man of Labor” film festival starts. The inauguration ceremony will begin on March 3 at 7:30 pm – along the red carpet the participants, jury and experts of the film forum will take place. This year the organizers invited many stars of Russian cinema.

The 46th Belgrade International Film Festival ended in Serbia

Continuous films were shown for 10 days. In the main competition program, 16 bands took part – two of them Russian – this is the film “Dovlatov” by Alexei German Jr. and the tape “Rock” by Ivan Shakhnazarov.


In Ankara, the US embassy is temporarily closed due to security threats

“The embassy in Ankara informs US citizens that the US Embassy in Ankara will be closed to visitors on March 5, 2018 because of a security threat,” the statement said. The embassy will announce the opening as soon as its work is resumed.

Putin refused to extradite the accused in the intervention of Russians

Russia will not give out to the United States its citizens who were accused of interfering in the US elections in 2016, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with NBC.

I know that they do not represent the Russian state, the Russian authorities. What exactly they did, I have no idea. If they did something, then let the American colleagues provide us with materials, details and data, we will study them. – Vladimir Putin

A torchlight procession directed against Poland passed in Lviv

In the evening of March 4, Ukrainian radicals held a flare march of anti-Polish orientation in the center of Lviv.

As RIA Novosti reports referring to Zaxid.net, walking along the central streets of the city, activists shouted the slogans “The City of Lions is not for the Polish gentlemen”, “Remember, the stranger, here is the Ukrainian owner” and others

Guatemala will transfer the embassy to Jerusalem in May after the United States

The authorities of Guatemala intend to move their embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May 2018, the move will take place two days after a similar step the US will make.

Premier of China announced plans to continue reform of the armed forces

China will continue the reform of the national defense and armed forces, the government report, which Premier Li Keqiang said at the opening of the session of the supreme legislative body of China (NPC), said in a government report.

The Kremlin called illegal the extension of US sanctions

The US anti-Russian sanctions in the Kremlin are not only illegal, but also harmful to the whole world, Russian press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Saturday, commenting on Washington’s decision to extend restrictions against the Russian Federation.

This is not our agenda item. As the president said, we have never been the initiators of these sanctions. We consider them illegal and harmful not only to the peoples of our two countries, but to the whole world. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Putin congratulated Bulgarians on the anniversary of liberation from the Ottoman yoke

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to the Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev, in which he congratulated him on the 140th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke

In China, they said that they do not seek a trade war with the United States

“China does not seek a trade war in the US, but if the US takes action that could harm the interests of the PRC, we will not sit idly by, and take the necessary measures,” said Zhang Yoshui at a press conference on the eve of the opening of the NPC , answering the question about the future in the relations between the two countries.

President of South Korea to send two special envoys to Pyongyang

President of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Mun Zhe Ying, will send two special envoys to the DPRK on March 5 with the purpose of bringing together two states and strengthening the dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington. This was reported on Sunday by the Yonhap agency referring to the assistant to the South Korean leader.

The European Commission confirmed the conscientiousness of gas supplies from Russia to the EU

Russia fulfills all obligations for the supply and transit of gas to the European Union, RIA Novosti has been told by the press secretary of the European Commission.

“All the existing obligations for the supply and transit of gas to the European Union are respected,” the report said.

Trump threatened the EU with a car tax

US President Donald Trump threatened to impose a tax on European cars if the EU continues to increase duties for US companies operating on the continent.

If the EU wants to further increase the already high tariffs and barriers for US companies that work there, we will simply impose a tax on their cars that are freely supplied to the American market. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Netanyahu called the main topic of negotiations with Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the main topic of the upcoming talks with US President Donald Tramp

“I will talk first with the president about Iran … We will discuss Iran’s aggression in our region as a whole and especially in the context of its nuclear program,” he said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister added that he would discuss with the American leader the issues of a peaceful settlement of the conflict with Palestine.

Trump said he was not afraid of impeachment

American President Donald Trump explained why he can not be afraid of impeachment. According to media reports, on Saturday evening, Trump said that the head of state can not be impeached if he did not commit crimes. Journalists of the White House press pool told about it.

Donald Trump for the “lifetime” rule of Xi Jinping

Trump, at a private meeting with Republican sponsors at his Mar-o-Lago residence in Florida, admired the “lifetime” rule of Xi Jinping.

“Maybe we will give it a chance someday,” the American president stressed.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at the end of February spoke in favor of changing the Constitution of the Republic and proposed to remove from it the phrase that the PRC President and his deputy can be in their posts no more than two five-year terms in a row.

Xi Jinping heads the PRC from 2013, the decision to extend his powers, as well as amend the Constitution, will be adopted at the March congress of the All-China Assembly.


The ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov” will be strengthened with shock rocket weapons

The strategic missile submarines of the Pacific Fleet Project 667BDR after the factory repair are in combat readiness.

National Interest tells how Poland intends to confront Russia

As the newspaper notes, the ruling party of the Seimas “Law and Justice” has always characterized Russia as the greatest threat to the national security of Poland and from the moment of its election to parliament in 2015 laid the foundation for the creation of the “Territorial Defense Troops.”

Japan refuses to develop its fighter

Recall, earlier in Japan had its own project of a fifth-generation fighter. This is a project called Advanced Technology Demonstrator X (ATD-X), developed by the Japanese side in recent years.

Missile destroyers of the US Navy Carney and Ross left the Black Sea

The USS Carney rocket destroyer left the Black Sea where he stayed for 14 days. According to the portals that publish photographs of the passage of the ship across the Bosporus Strait, during the stay in the Black Sea, the destroyer visited the Bulgarian port of Varna

Erdogan said there was no disagreement between Turkey and Russia over Africa

Turkey and Russia have no disagreement over the ongoing “Olive Branch” military operation in Syrian Africa. This was stated by the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a press conference on board the plane, when he was returning from the tour around the countries of Africa, TRT Haber television channel reported.

In Russia, the Avangard missile system was launched

The hypersonic missile system “Avangard” was launched in Russia in a batch production. This is reported by RIA Novosti referring to the military-diplomatic source.

The APU was told about the disappearance of classified military documents

The criminal case was opened under the article “Loss of documents or military materials containing state secrets”. According to the publication, “one part” in Vinnitsa means the very command of the Air Force of Ukraine – it is in this city is the headquarters of the Armed Forces.

Contact group announced a truce in the Donbass since March 5

The Contact Group for the Conflict Resolution in the East of Ukraine has agreed on a statement of a truce in the Donbass since March 5.

Today, the contact group, with the participation of representatives of certain regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, has confirmed its full commitment to a comprehensive, sustainable and indefinite cease-fire, which will begin at zero one o’clock on March 5, 2018. – Boris Gryzlov, Russian politician

Militants prepare sabotage against UN humanitarian gum in Syria

The provocation aimed at disrupting the UN humanitarian convoy in East Gut is being prepared by the fighters of the terrorist group Jebhat an Nusra (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation)

The media reported on a secret training ground for the training of Ukrainians by the US military

The former Soviet Yavorov training ground in the west of Ukraine is one of the most secret places in the country, since in 2015 it was converted to train soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU) by American specialists. This is the Swiss edition of Le Temps.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine told about the strength of the country’s armed forces

More than 250,000 people serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said. “The number of armed forces in 2014 was 150 thousand people, and in 2017 – already 255 thousand people”, – quotes Poltorak official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

We provided all the armed forces with basic weapons and equipment. Tank, artillery brigades, those that are ready, tucked in, and they are ready to perform tasks in difficult conditions. – Stepan Poltorak, Ukrainian military leader

Kurds claimed the death of 59 Turkish military and militants in Syria

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey on January 20 announced the beginning of the operation “Olive Branch” against the formation of Kurds in Syrian Africa. Simultaneously with Turkey, the militants of the “Syrian Free Army” are active. Damascus strongly condemned Turkey’s actions in Africa, noting that this territory is an integral part of Syria.

Russia has completed tests of a nuclear power plant for missiles

A source in the military-diplomatic circles said that in Russia tests of a nuclear power plant for the newest cruise missiles and small-sized deep-sea vehicles were completed.

The US and Israel are launching large-scale missile defense exercises

The United States and Israel are launching joint exercises of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense forces, in which several thousands of servicemen of both states will take part. The military maneuvers “Juniper Cobra” will be held in Israel for the ninth time since 2001.


China in 2018 will increase the military budget by 8.1%

The military budget of China in 2018 will grow by 8.1% to $ 175 billion, according to a report on the work of the government, which was made public at the annual session of the National People’s Congress.

European gas cost Ukraine four times more expensive than Russian gas

Ukraine buys gas in Europe at a price four times higher than that of Gazprom, said commercial director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko. Vitrenko also thanked all “conscious Ukrainians” for reducing gas consumption.

Development Fund of the Far East will receive an additional 11 billion rubles

The Development Fund of the Far East (FRDV) in 2018 will be capitalized by 11 billion rubles. The decision was taken by the Russian government, TASS reported citing the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev.

The second tanker with Russian liquefied gas moored in Boston

Recall, the first Gaselys tanker with LNG of Russian origin docked at the terminal near Boston on January 29. Later, Bloomberg, referring to Kpler SAS, which tracks the movement of cargo ships, reported that a second tanker with Russian gas is being prepared for shipment.

Small business is sent for export

The SME development strategy until 2030 promises that in 12 years the share of small business exports in its total volume should increase from 6.5% (data of the FCS for 2015) to 12%.

Alekperov discussed oil production in Iraq with the Iraqi premier

The head of Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov, discussed oil production in the country with Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al-Abadi. This was reported on Sunday in the office of the head of the Iraqi government. In particular, Alekperov and al-Abadi talked about the development of the West Qurna-2 and Rafia fields.

Egypt’s currency reserves have reached a record level for the last 30 years

Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves have reached a record level for the past almost 30 years, exceeding $ 42 billion, according to a special communiqué of the Central Bank of the Republic released on Sunday.

Korotchenko: Others have nanotechnologies, and we have nanoworks

“Rosnano” and the Spanish company Windar Renovables agreed to launch in Russia the production of towers for wind turbines.

China plans to open a manufacturing sector for foreign companies

Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang stated that in 2018 the country’s manufacturing sector will be fully open for foreign entrepreneurs.

In the UK, expect a new batch of Russian gas

How the partnership between Russia and Europe is developing is in the RT material. Gas shortage in Britain On Saturday, March 3, The Financial Times reported, citing sources, that Russia will supply the United Kingdom with a liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Bloomberg reported on Europe’s dependence on Russian gas

Strong frosts in many European countries have increased the demand for heat and power, from which a significant reduction in gas reserves is observed in Europe, reports Bloomberg. Therefore, according to the agency, the countries of Europe are forced to purchase natural gas in Russia in record volumes.

Moscow’s revenues exceeded 2 trillion rubles

The capital annually lost about 170 billion rubles. Moscow managed to fully compensate for the losses, says Redkin: from advertising revenues, from the use of property, the sale of patents to labor migrants, the introduction of trade fees.

Egyptian exports to Russia grew by 35% and for the first time reached $ 500 million

Egyptian exports to Russia in 2017 increased by 35%. Such data was released by the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Arab Republic, Tarik Kabil, the financial and economic portal “Amual al-Gad” reported on Saturday.

“For the first time in history, exports exceeded $ 500 million, reaching $ 504.6 million during the past year, compared to $ 374 million a year earlier,” he said.

According to the minister, the leap was noted in the export of fruits and vegetables – only in this article the increase was 39%, which in money terms is $ 359 million, 115% in food supply, 600% in household appliances and 48% in medical preparations.

More than 20 billion rubles will be required for crops in Tatarstan

The Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan, Marat Akhmetov, said during the meeting of the regional government that more than 20 billion rubles are required for crops in the republic. As the Nation News writes, these funds are needed for fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products and so on.

The UK is losing almost $ 1.4 billion a day due to bad weather

At least one billion pounds ($ 1.38 billion) a day is losing the budget of the UK due to frosts and snowfalls. The newspaper The Observer reports.

The world’s largest oil shale deposit is being developed in Ugra

The first well is drilled at the Bazhanovskaya formation. Its depth should be 2750 meters. In the near future, another 13 wells will be drilled.

This field scientists studied over 50 years. At the first stage, it is planned to produce up to 10 million tons of oil per year. Explored reserves – over 100 billion tons

Medvedev said the risk of the appearance of a mortgage “bubble”

Dmitry Medvedev, the head of the Russian government, believes that lowering the mortgage rate will create favorable conditions for the development of the Russian economy. At the same time, he stressed that the situation should be carefully monitored so that the so-called bubble does not appear, as it happened in the United States.

In the US, the smell of a 2008 crisis

The US real estate market is brewing new problems. The index of expected home sales in the secondary market in January suddenly fell by 4.7% compared to last December, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported the other day.

Mortgages at 6% at all will not suffice: almost 2 thousand applicants for 800 loans

In the Omsk region, a preliminary list of those wishing to take part in the pilot project of preferential mortgage lending at 6 percent per annum is being formed.

40 cities of the world completely switched to renewable energy sources

To date, we know about 40 cities in the world that have completely switched to providing energy needs with renewable energy sources. Another 100 cities are only 30% dependent on carbon energy sources (oil and natural gas).


Experts calculated the average period of use of devices from Apple

Experts of the analytical company Asymco have determined that the average period of use of devices from Apple is just over four years. This writes Business Insider.

The expert told about deception of users by geocards Apple

Adobe Senior Manager Arthur Grabowski revealed a scheme for deception of Apple’s geocards, which provide users with inauthentic geodata. Grabowski came to this conclusion by analyzing the data of navigation systems Google, Waze and Apple.

Google made an application for working with video, not requiring a hromakey

For Google, this difference seemed insignificant, and she decided to fix it with a new application that will have unique features. The program will be able to change the background of the background at the request of the owner, and for the operation of such a plan, it will not require a “green screen”.

Hackers cracked Sony PlayStation 4 and opened access to paid games

Software that can crack the firmware on the latest PS4 models, appeared on GitHub. According to the portal AKKet, also on YouTube hackers published a video, which shows the process of downloading all the games for free

Users complain about changes in the Apple Watch smart watch

The probability of a positive result is leveled when the device is used for 2 years and longer period. The only solution to the difficulties with the poor autonomy of Apple Watch is the replacement of the 1st generation with new smart watches, and the company does not provide any discounts.

DANGER: “digital medicine”

The National Health Service of Britain is promoting modern applications with chat bots to reduce the burden on general practitioners. But, according to representatives of the health service, such technologies must be subjected to strict control and must have a CE safety label, since they can lead to increased mortality in need of treatment.

Journalists of the British newspaper The Sun conducted an investigation and found out that chat bots misinform Web users: for example, the described symptoms of dangerous diagnoses, such as sepsis, the robot gave out for sunburn.

In describing the symptoms of a heart attack, chat-bot diagnosed an “anxiety disorder.” All descriptions of the symptoms were written in Facebook Messenger. After the results of the study, doctors were alerted that now the number of deaths of patients may increase.

“A system that uses instant messages based on robots through social networks can lead to significant risks.Patients are people, not computer puzzles that can be solved in many ways” – Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard

Also, Stokes Lampard beats the alarm over the fact that modern users are increasingly trusting the recommendations of the Internet and robots, and the result often leads to omission of treatment of serious diseases.

Fitbit introduced the smart watch Ionic: Adidas

Company Fitbit presented a smart watch Ionic: Adidas. According to information from representatives of the brand, the release of the new device should allow to overcome the crisis, formed due to the low demand for the devices of the concern.

On the MWC 2018 presented a smartphone BLUBOO S2

On the margins of the technological exhibition MWC 2018, which ended the day before in Barcelona, they presented a new BLUBOO S2 smartphone from the Bluboo brand.

Of the novelty features, there is a 6-inch screen SHARP, which received a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, a capacious battery of 4.3 thousand mAh and Android 8.1.
In addition, experts were pleased with the 21-megapixel camera, located on the swivel block. It simultaneously performs the functions of both main and self-cameras, the creators note. The BLUBOO S2 is made of metal with ceramic on the back panel. A rotating camera can withstand more than 100,000 turns.

Samsung introduced a heavy-duty smartphone SM-G888 for police and rescuers

A special smartphone, designed for rescuers and policemen, was created by Samsung engineers, the product received the factory index SM-G888. The device is an impact-resistant and super-secure mobile device

Company Yesodoo Web introduced a children’s smartphone Rhonecode

The Spanish company Yessudo Web presented a phone for children under the name Rhonecode at the annual exhibition MWC in Barcelona. This is a full-fledged mobile phone, albeit designed for the smallest age category of users.


Scientists have found in Antarctica a 1.5-million colony of Adélie penguins

These birds live in Antarctica, also nest on the South Shetland and Orkney Islands. According to scientists, recently in the western Antarctic Peninsula there has been a decline in the populations of Adélie penguins, and in the area of the Ross Sea and in eastern Antarctica, on the contrary, there have been more

Physicists photographed the quantum “ball lightning” created by them

Physicists have created a quantum magnetic vortex that strongly resembles a natural ball lightning in its shape and properties. They photographed the phenomenon and accompanied a snapshot article for the magazine Science Advances

Explosives in Australia will start printing on a 3D printer

A new 3D-printing technology, the purpose of which is the production of explosives, will be tested in Australia soon. A local arms manufacturer, DefendTex in cooperation with DST Corporation, has already started implementing a prospective project

Scientists have developed re-emitting pigments for solar cells

Scientists from Germany at the Braunschweig University created re-emitting pigments for a solar battery. Such a development will allow to collect sunlight from huge areas on panels of small size. Experts used two pigments, which alternately re-emitted light on the surface

Biologists explained the secret of the incredible survivability of mosquitoes

Biologists explained the secret of the incredible survivability of mosquitoes. The results of the relevant study were published by the journal PNAS. Scientists, observing the larvae of African mosquitoes, came to the conclusion that they can completely dry themselves during a drought.

Stem Cells Treat Spinal Cord

Cells for transplantation were taken from the emerging spinal cord of an eight-week embryo – at this stage of development, the neuronal progenitors especially actively build up long cell shoots-axons, through which an electrical impulse runs.

Scientists photographed the molecule in a nanoscale using an MRI

Scientists-physicists photographed the molecule in nanoscale. In their work, the staff of the leading research universities in Canada and the United States used the newly opening possibilities of MRI.

Eyes will tell you about possible memory problems

Cognitive disorders cause both damage to the large arteries of the brain, as well as violations in the work of small blood vessels. Unfortunately, due to the small size, it is extremely difficult to observe the state of these vessels, and this greatly complicates the diagnosis of memory loss in the early stages

The conditions of the earth’s core caused xenon to react with iron and nickel

Chemists have discovered that xenon can form stable compounds with iron and nickel at a pressure and temperature corresponding to the conditions of the Earth’s core

Korean scientists have created a battery that charges in 30 seconds

Korean scientists from the Higher School of Energy KAIST invented a battery that can fully charge in just 30 seconds. However, it does not pose any threat to man or the environment as a whole.

The breed found “stocks” of oxygen, made by bacteria 1.6 billion years ago

Paleobiologists from Sweden and Denmark investigated fossils of 1.6 billion years old, found in Central India. They found tiny spherical cavities left by the bubbles of oxygen. About their study, scientists told in the journal Geobiology.

Scientists attributed termites to the cockroach detachment

Currently, about 3 thousand species of termites are known, which were referred to a separate detachment close to cockroaches. Disputes about the similarity of these insects were conducted since the 30s, when similar bacteria were found in the intestines of termites, helping to digest wood.

The size of the brain can be associated with muscle mass

American natural scientists have suggested that in primates, the size of the brain can be in inverse proportion to the size of the musculature. In other words, the more a brain has, the less muscle – and vice versa. It is possible that the body “finances” the brain and muscles from one “budget”


“Roskosmos” is developing a mobile application for imagery from space

State Corporation Roskosmos began work on developing an application for smartphones, through which anyone can access the database of space images or be able to order a new survey from Russian devices in orbit.

Russia and China will jointly explore the Moon and the far space

Roskosmos and the Chinese National Space Administration will jointly explore the Moon and the far space. This is reported by RT, referring to the press service of Roskosmos

In China, representatives of civilian professions will be able to become cosmonauts

Recall that Chinese scientists are working on the creation of an orbital space station. It should enter service in 2022. It is assumed that the station will not operate for at least 10 years.

By 2025, China will build an innovative x-ray telescope eXTP

Experts of the Chinese scientific academy by 2025 intend to launch an innovative telescope eXTP working in the x-ray range into Earth’s orbit. The device is designed to investigate black holes, informs portal China Daily

Physicists in the USSR tried to turn the Earth into a spaceship

In the 1950s, physicists in the USSR developed the concept of an interstellar spacecraft, which was proposed to make the entire planet Earth. Astronomers considered our Sun to be a very unstable object, so the Earth was planned to be launched into flight.

Astronomers specified the distance from the Earth to the North Star

For the first time, the distance to the Polar star was determined in the early 1990s by the Hipparcos satellite, designed to solve astrometric problems. Refined data were obtained thanks to new telescopes, allowing to observe the spectrum of stars in ultra-high resolution.

According to the latest research of a group of scientists from Belgium, Canada and Ukraine, the Polaris is located from the Earth at a closer distance than previously thought. It turned out that the distance from our planet to the Polaris is 323 light years. This is 111 light years shorter than the previously calculated value.


The competitor Tesla Model S in the face of Jaguar XJ was shown on the first render

Recently, the first image of a car to compete for the attention of customers with Model S has been published. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has not yet posted official photos of the next-generation Jaguar XJ model.

The new roadster Mazda MX-5 will get a more powerful engine

It is noted that the Mazda MX-5 2019 model year will be equipped with a gasoline engine capacity of 181 horsepower. Interestingly, this motor will be the only power plant for the roadster. At the moment, the MX-5 drives the 4-cylinder Skyactiv-G engine at 155 “horsepower.”

In Geneva, a new generation of pick-up SsangYong Musso

Korean machine-building brand SsangYong is busy preparing for the European presentation of its new car. It’s about the new generation of the pickup SsangYong Musso. More recently, the world wide web has images of the novelty, which was brought to Geneva.

The Germans will bring to Geneva an updated Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Exclusive CLA Shooting Brake in the version of Night Edition externally differs bumper with wide air intakes for additional cooling of brakes, overlays on thresholds and the modified rear bumper.

Prices for Geely Boyue restyled crossover became known

The cost of Geely Boyue will be 121,800 yuan minimum or 1,087,000 rubles. The top option will receive a price tag of 159,800 yuan or 1.4 million rubles.

Updated Honda Pilot crossover was noticed during tests on the road

An updated version of the Honda Pilot was seen by photo spies during road testing. It was possible to establish that the novelty uses a large number of details of external design, similar to the current modification of Accord. On the Internet there was information about the updated crossover

Volkswagen presented a new model of Vento Sport

The car, intended for the car market in India, received many improvements to the exterior. The new Volkswagen Vento Sport is notable for the special version of the logo on the front fenders, black roof, spoiler and strips on the sides of the body, as well as 16-inch wheels of the Portago wheels

The first “live” photos of the updated Mazda 6 station wagon

While there is preparation of the stand of the Japanese manufacturer Mazda at the International auto show in Geneva, the ubiquitous paparazzi were able to take photos of the updated Mazda 6 station wagon.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Harrier received tuning from the studio Wald

Tuners from the studio Wald International offer packages of add-ons for two models of the Japanese company Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Harrier. Note that the second crossover is essentially a copy of the premium Lexus RX.

New Toyota RAV4 2019 demonstrated on the next render

A few days ago a new model was demonstrated on the next render. The visualization was performed on the basis of a test machine RAV4 2019, a prototype of which passes tests in the US on the roads of Michigan. The original was captured by car paparazzi, but the car was hidden under a dense camouflage

In Dubai, sell the new BMW M4 nicknamed the “frog”

The sports car was left without tuning, and it still has a 3.0-liter 431-horsepower engine. In Dubai, sell a BMW M3 sedan with the nickname “frog”

Revived coupe Stratos showed on the video before the premiere in Geneva

Manifattura Automobili Torino is going to take part in the Geneva Motor Show, which will start just two days later. The brand will bring the Stratos coupe to the event, the basis for which was the sport car Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

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