3 Апр, 2021

The fortune of Russians continues to grow

The combined wealth of the richest Russians in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI) in the first quarter of 2021 grew by $ 23.969 billion. Now the rating includes 25 Russians.

Top 10 Russian billionaires:

  1. Vladimir Potanin (Norilsk Nickel) — $ 30.3 billion (+ $ 235 million),
  2. Leonid Mikhelson (NOVATEK) — $ 29 billion (+ $ 4.27 billion),
  3. Vladimir Lisin (NLMK) — $ 26.4 billion (+ $ 2.56 billion),
  4. Alexey Mordashov (Severstal) — $ 25.6 billion (+ $ 2.51 billion),
  5. Vagit Alekperov (LUKOIL) — $ 19.9 billion (+ $ 2.61 billion),
  6. Gennady Timchenko (NOVATEK, SIBUR) — $ 19.7 billion (+ $ 3.1 billion),
  7. Alisher Usmanov (Metalloinvest, MegaFon) — $ 19.7 billion (- $ 1.38 billion),
  8. Andrey Melnichenko (Eurochem, SUEK) — $ 19 billion (+ $ 928 million),
  9. Roman Abramovich (Evraz) — $ 17.8 billion (- $ 665 million),
  10. Viktor Vekselberg (Renova) — $ 16.9 billion (+ $ 762 million).

The only woman in the list of the richest Russians, the founder and CEO of the largest Russian Internet retailer Wildberries Tatyana Bakalchuk, is ranked 18th. Since the beginning of the year, her fortune has grown by $ 222 million, to $ 9.31 billion.

BBI is calculated based on the value of stocks of companies in which billionaires have stakes. For some companies, the ratio of the company’s capitalization to EBITDA or share price to earnings per share is calculated. In total, the ranking includes the 500 richest people in the world.

Sputnik will cease editorial work in the UK

Sputnik, an international news agency, has decided to transfer English-language editorial work from the UK to offices in Russia and the US The press service of the agency told reporters about it.

Izvestia: The rise in prices for air tickets in Russia amounted to 120%

In Russia, a jump in prices for air tickets for domestic flights was recorded compared to the same indicators for 2019. Thus, the cost of tickets departing in April-June rose by 15-120% in some cities, provided that they were purchased in January-March 2021. Experts noted that the greatest increase in the price of air tickets on the directions from Moscow to Tomsk, Cheboksary, as well as Nizhnekamsk and Naberezhnye Chelny.

The Ministry of Transport denied reports about the rise in price of air tickets

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation said that the information of a number of ticket aggregators about an increase in the cost of air tickets from 2019 by 15-120% does not correspond to reality.

Attendance at shopping centers in Moscow in 2021

Roman Skorokhodov, president of the Watcom consulting group, which specializes in the analysis of traffic in shopping centers, estimated the traffic figures for shopping centers in Moscow a year after the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus pandemic. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

“The indicators of the Shopping Index of Moscow in the first quarter are on average lower than in the same period last year — by 23.1%. Compared to the first quarter of 2019, the attendance is 18.4% lower, ”Skorokhodov said.

The volume of water in the reservoirs of the Crimea

Precipitation in March replenished the surface runoff reservoirs in Crimea, which has been suffering from the drought of recent years, by 13 million cubic meters, but the water there as a result is almost half as much as a year ago — only 61.4 million cubic meters, local forecasters calculated.

«By the beginning of April, the total total volume of water in reservoirs located in river beds amounted to 61.39 million cubic meters, which is 13.082 million cubic meters more than a month ago, but 44.87 million cubic meters less than in 2020, «- said in the material on the website of the Crimean hydrometeorological center on Thursday.

Croatia resumes issuing tourist visas to Russians

The Croatian Embassy in Russia on Thursday, April 1, resumed accepting applications for tourist visas. Writes about this «RIA Novosti». Documents can be issued in Moscow and regional visa centers. They operate in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and several other cities in Russia.

FBK announced the verification of the fund for extremism by the prosecutor’s office

The prosecutor’s office is checking the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, included in the list of foreign agents) for extremism, said the director of the foundation, Ivan Zhdanov. On the air of the YouTube channel «Navalny Live» they showed documents on the inspection.

“They came to us to check for extremism. FBK is now suspected of extremism. <…> We have no extremism. And the check is underway. Maybe they want to blame us or shut us down for extremist activity. I don’t know what their plans are, ”said Mr. Zhdanov on the air of the program.

Shoigu’s daughter’s company received an advertising contract in Omsk and Novosibirsk

Rosturizm signed two contracts with the Information Technologies company for the amount of 40.7 million rubles. Ksenia Shoigu owns half of the shares in this company, according to Open Media. For this money, it is necessary to create an advertisement for domestic tourism, which will be broadcast at gas stations and in business centers.

Government approves single tax payment for businesses

The Russian government approved the amendments of the Ministry of Finance, extending the mechanism of the single tax payment (STP) to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. It will allow one order to pay arrears, taxes, make advance payments and pay off debts. According to the press service of the ministry, if the amendments are adopted, the EPP for business will be valid from January 1, 2022.

«Tyazhstankogidropress» notified about the reduction of employees

The Novosibirsk heavy machine building plant Tyazhstankogidropress has notified about the layoff of 325 employees — this is almost all of the plant’s personnel, except for the employees of the accounting department, the personnel department and personnel to maintain the safety of equipment, the chairman of the Novosibirsk regional organization of the Russian Trade Union of Industrial Workers Evgeny Plakhov told Kommersant-Siberia.

Rusal does not want to revise Norilsk Nickel’s dividend policy

Rusal, founded by Oleg Deripaska, is opposed to changes in Norilsk Nickel’s dividend policy. Rusal is the second largest shareholder of the plant (27.8%), and the largest shareholder — Interros of Vladimir Potanin (34.6%) — insists on changing the formula for calculating dividends, they say, it is necessary to increase the investment program and invest in the environment.

Now the company pays dividends in the amount of 60% of pre-tax profit (EBITDA) with the ratio of net debt to EBITDA below 1.8 (at the end of 2020, this figure was 0.6). Rusal’s argument is to preserve the existing formula — Norilsk Nickel has not been absorbing more than 75% of the investment program funds in recent years, it is necessary to cope with the existing amount of money first.

Physicists questioned the theory of the expansion of the universe

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have questioned the existence of dark energy, which is believed to be responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe and accounts for 70 percent of all existing mass energy. According to the new assumption of physicists, in fact, it is dark matter. This is reported in a preprint published in the arXiv repository.

Biologists have described the last common ancestor of all bacteria

In the mid-2010s, the team of Professor William Martin, head of the Institute for Molecular Evolution at Heinrich Heine University (Düsseldorf, Germany), identified a set of 355 genes and described the physiology and habitat of the last universal common ancestor (LUCA) — the last population of organisms from which all living things are not on Earth.

Physicists have discovered an overdamped phase of light

The previously unknown state of light quanta was found by German scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics. It is based on an invention by physicists at the University of Bonn who identified a new light source a few years ago (a single superphoton made up of several thousand light particles). Research published in Science

In the United States, 15,000 bees flew into a car parked outside a store.

On March 28, the fire department of the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico, received an appeal from a man who returned from a shopping center and noticed a swarm of bees in his car. Rescuers arrived and fenced off the area to ensure the safety of other buyers.

Four people were detained in Moscow because of the action near the embassy of Belarus

In Moscow, four people were detained at a rally of solidarity with protesters in Belarus. The policemen did not like the red and white ribbons, the national Belarusian flag and the inscription “Long live Belarus” on the scarf. The detainees were taken to the Basmanny District Police Department. Employees promise to release them after a preventive interview.

In Donbass — a new aggravation of the conflict.

On March 26, in the area of ​​the Ukrainian village of Shumy, four servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed and two more were wounded. Kiev stated that they were killed as a result of mortar shelling by armed groups of the Donetsk People’s Republic. In Donetsk, they denied their involvement in the shelling and said that the Ukrainian military was blown up by a mine.

“That which was so difficult and bit by bit restored for almost a year can be destroyed in a second. The aggravation of the situation is especially noticeable against the backdrop of the first months of the ceasefire, ”said President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov confirmed the growing tension in the region, shifting the responsibility for it to Ukraine, saying that «Ukrainians absolutely reject the idea of ​​any dialogue.»

The head of the Pentagon said that the United States will not leave Ukraine and will not allow Russia’s aggression

Washington promised support to Kiev in the event of an escalation of «military aggression» by Russia. This was reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense following telephone conversations between the military ministers of the two countries.

US led troops to Europe to maximum readiness

US European Command has raised its alert to its highest level since fighting resumed in Donbas

Egypt will demand compensation for the elimination of the congestion in the Suez Canal

The Egyptian authorities will demand a billion dollars in compensation for expenses incurred during the week during which the container ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal.

“We will ask for a decent amount. We saved the ship without any serious damage or loss, ”said Osama Rabia, head of the Suez Canal Administration. At the same time, Rabia did not specify who should pay compensation.

Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed employees

In January, it became known that several decisions of the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court, Ekaterina Ignatova, made in September 2020, ended with the phrase «suck pussy» written in white. After publications in the media, the court began to check. During the check, the employees involved in the publication of the «inappropriate inscription» were identified and fired. Whether Judge Ignatova suffered any punishment is not reported

Anatoly Bykov is trying to appeal this status

Anatoly Bykov, a former deputy and a respected businessman, complained to the Krasnoyarsk court against the administration of the pre-trial detention center, where he is sitting on charges of murder. He accidentally discovered that he was registered as a “leader and active member of negative groups” and was trying to appeal against this status, Bykov’s lawyer told Open Media.

Akhmat Kadyrov’s private foundation to start working on the Chechen Ministry of Culture

The Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, which is headed by Akhmat Kadyrov’s son, will lease a ten-story building with a boiler room for 10 months to the Chechen Philharmonic Society for 40 million rubles. Such a contract was found by Open Media on the public procurement website. According to the service «Kontur.Fokus», the agreement with the Philharmonic is the first state contract that the fund has concluded

Everyone chooses the nationality they want

Rosstat explained how «Russian Cossacks» and «Orthodox Cossacks» appear during the population census. On the eve, Zakhar Prilepin was outraged that in Rostov the Cossacks «decided to separate them into a separate nationality» and called it «a merciless path to separatism.» Rosstat spokesman Igor Vagan told Rise that there is no new edition of the population census, and anything can be entered in the corresponding column.

“A person in the question of nationality can even write“ swinging bamboo ”. This is his own business. That is why, during the 2010 census, we identified a certain number of trolls, elves and other evil spirits. «

Igor Vagan noted that when coding the results of the census, Rosstat will rely on the directory of nationalities and ethnic groups of the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but it is not planned to prohibit people from self-determination.

“We do not decide how many nationalities are correct — in this case, we will very quickly come to the year 37. Someone thinks that the presence of Jews in Russia is justified, while for some it seems superfluous. If someone does this, it is unethical. But this is not a question for us. We do not divide into Orthodox and non-Orthodox. Just as we do not divide into good and bad. «

Share of Russians who estimate their income as exceeding the subsistence level

According to the Levada Center (recognized as a foreign agent), only 25% of Russians now say that their income exceeds the subsistence level (not official, of course, but the level that people themselves consider the minimum).

The court fined Twitter for refusing to remove calls to participate in rallies

The Magistrates’ Court of the Tagansky District of Moscow fined the social network Twitter 3.2 million rubles for refusing to delete information calling for minors to participate in uncoordinated rallies. The company was found guilty under an administrative article on violation of the procedure for restricting access to prohibited information. The maximum fine under this article is four million rubles.

There is no such issue on the agenda. This is scientific research

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called scientific research the proposal of the assistant to the head of state Vladimir Medinsky to think about how the Great Russian lands ended up on the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

«There is no such issue on the agenda. This is scientific research,» Peskov told reporters, commenting on Medinsky’s corresponding statement. He stressed that Medinsky’s remark has nothing to do with the agenda of the presidential administration.

«Dom-2» is restarted with the preservation of the classic format

The project will be led by Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, Olga Orlova, Vlad Kadoni and Andrey Cherkasov. Channel Yu also announced that it plans to «keep the star-studded reality team with new characters to join.»