13 Feb, 2019

The general level of distrust in Russia

More than half of Russians (57%) believe that now there is “more disagreement, disunity” in society. This follows from the survey results of the Zirkon research group, Kommersant writes. Another 30% believe that in the country as a whole “cohesion and harmony”

The overall level of distrust between people is very high, it follows from the survey data. 65% of respondents stated that they should be careful, and only 31% expressed the opinion that the majority can be trusted

Almost half of respondents (45%) said that in Russia the most acute contradictions now exist between the government and the people, 40% between the rich and the poor, 24% between people with different political views. AT

In 2015, a survey of the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences showed that 37% of respondents felt the contradictions between the rich and the poor, 32% between the authorities and the people, 6% between people of different political views.

75% of survey participants noted that they are ready to unite for joint actions with people with whom their interests and ideas coincide, 15% are not ready for this, 10% were undecided.

Briefly about the main thing … ..

Internet for security forces and government agencies

The Ministry of Communications supported the proposal of Rostelecom, Tele2 and the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS) to make them the sole implementers of the project to create a cellular network and broadband Internet access for the Ministry of the Interior, Rosgvardiya, the Emergencies Ministry and socially significant facilities, the Kommersant newspaper reported with reference to a letter from Deputy Minister Yevgeny Kislyakov to the analytical center under the government.

The project budget until 2024 is estimated at about 73 billion rubles. According to Ivanov, in 2019 5 billion rubles will be allocated to connect and pay for the traffic of social facilities, in 2020 – 8.65 billion rubles, in 2021 – 13 billion rubles.

Hungary sells all its fighters MiG-29

The Hungarian Ministry of Defense put up for sale the entire fleet of Soviet MiG-29 fighters available in the country. This is reported by portal Jane’s 360. All fighters are sold as one lot. It is expected that the initial price of the lot will be $ 10 million, while the transaction must be approved by the Russian government.

“19 fighters are included in one lot (some of them are unsuitable for flight or partially disassembled), 20 engines and 293 other items, including complete armament,” the publication specifies.

In Canada, released more than 40 “slaves” of Mexicans

Canadian police immediately freed 43 Mexican citizens who lived in the actual situation of modern slaves and were forced to clean the premises in the province of Ontario, local police said. A special operation to free “modern slaves” was carried out by 250 police officers in the cities of Barry and Wasaga Beach.

In the UK, fired five pilots for racist statements

Five pilots from the UK were dismissed because of a complaint from a colleague, after which an internal investigation was conducted, reports The Daily Mail.

In the UK, created an application for dating cows

In the UK, created a mobile application for dating, in which the cows will be able to find an optimal pair for themselves, reports The Daily Post. The app should help animals find a breeding pair. It is assumed that the owners of cows should still use this application.

In Madrid, unknown desecrated the grave of Dolorus Ibarruri

Unknown vandals desecrated the grave of the former secretary and chairman of the Communist Party of Spain Dolores Ibarruri and the founder of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party Pablo Iglesial, according to El Pais. About the act of vandalism reported granddaughter Ibarruri.

Poland announced the consul of Norway persona non grata

Poland announced the Norwegian consul in Warsaw was persona non grata, said Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Shimon Shinkovsky Vel Sienk on Twitter. As the deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Shimon Shinkovsky Vel Sienk specified, this measure is a response to the expulsion from Norway of the consul Slavomir Kowalski.

Earlier, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Polish consul Slawomir Kowalski was declared persona non grata. The reason is called “personal behavior incompatible with the role and status of a diplomat”

In Bulgaria, investigating poisoning, similar to the “case of Skripale”

The UK joined the investigation into the poisoning of a Bulgarian businessman Yemelyan Gebrev, which took place four years ago. It is said that the assassin was also used to use the “Novice” toxic substance, and the performer is considered to be a certain Sergei Fedotov, the third person involved in the “Scripals” case, according to the British.

The duty of Maria Butina’s family to lawyers has reached 40 million rubles

The debt of the Russian student Maria Butina detained in the United States to lawyers increased to 40 million rubles. About this “Izvestia” told her father. Valeriy Butin noted that due to the lack of funds, the defense (consisting of two American lawyers) may refuse to provide services to a Russian citizen.

The first serial “Almaty” will go to the troops before the end of the year

Until the end of 2019, the Defense Ministry will receive 12 tanks and four armored repair and recovery vehicles (BREM) T-16. Serial “Armaty” somewhat different from the experienced machines. On the T-14, new systems have appeared, some components and assemblies have been replaced, according to Izvestia, citing sources in the Ministry of Defense.

In Japan, tied military compensation and a peace treaty with Russia

The head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry Taro Kono said that the conclusion of the Japanese-Russian peace treaty involves not only resolving territorial issues and ending the state of war, but also resolving issues related to military compensation.

“The investigation is not completed yet”: Zakharova about the crash of MH17

Before the trilateral consultations with Australia and the Netherlands, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, recalled the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 that the investigation into the disaster had not yet been completed. Zakharova’s statement is given on the department website.

“Russia is ready for substantive and professional conversation on all aspects of the ongoing international investigation, a different approach is unlikely to be of practical value,” says Zakharova on the MFA website.

In Estonia, convicted two accused of spying for Russia

Harju County Court in Tallinn found Denis Metsavas and his father Peter Volin guilty of treason. Metsavas was sentenced to 15 years and 6 months of imprisonment, and Volin to 6 years. About this on Monday, February 11, the press service of the court.

“The state did not ask to give birth” resigned from the civil service

The former head of the youth policy department of the Sverdlovsk region, Olga Glatsky, resigned. The former official has created an account on instagram where she plans to write only the truth – “even if it is bitter”.

From today I am not an official, which means I can say in public what I think, without fear that they will not understand me correctly. This is not my first life change. 20 years ago I started my career in professional sports, 10 years ago in the civil service, and now a new stage has begun. – Olga Glatskikh, Russian athlete

Guayido announced the transfer of the first batch of humanitarian aid to Venezuela

The head of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself acting president of the country, said on Monday about the transfer of the first batch of humanitarian aid, which the official authorities of the country refuse to let into their territory.

Tymoshenko announced plans to return the Crimea to Ukraine

One of the primary tasks for the new Ukrainian authorities after the elections is to return control over the Crimea and the Donbas, the presidential candidate, the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, said at a meeting with voters in the Lviv region.

“We need not only to return the occupied territories of the Crimea and Donbass, but also to attract Russia as an occupying state to justice, to pay damages that our country has suffered,” said Tymoshenko at a meeting with residents of the Lviv region.

British Secretary of Defense announced the creation of a “squadron of drones”

The head of the defense department of Great Britain, Gavin Williamson announced the creation of a “squadron of drones”. This was reported by Gazeta.ru with reference to the British media. According to the minister, London is capable of using “hard power” against enemies.

China has tested the most powerful naval gun in the world

China tested the most powerful naval guns that may appear in service in the mid-2020s. According to CNBC, this is the railgun, which Chinese developers first installed on a warship

In 2019, naval units of the military police will appear in Russia

The first subdivision is formed in Kamchatka; in the future they will also be created in the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas. It clarifies that among the tasks of the police at sea will be the inspection of warships and vessels of the Ministry of Defense in coastal waters, as well as cargo inspection.

Pension Fund warned of the appearance of fake organization sites

The Pension Fund of Russia warned of the appearance of sites on which fraudsters offer “dubious services” for a monetary reward, allegedly on behalf of the FIU. These sites use hyperlinks leading to the pages of this site of the FIU, and real phone numbers.

“It’s easy to learn such sites, in most cases they are made in a single pattern and use numerous borrowings from the official site of the FIU in the form of copied menu elements, sections, videos and symbols of the FIU,” the press service of the foundation said.

Russian perfumers warned of a possible shortage of perfume

According to the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetic Association, this is due to the introduction of mandatory labeling of perfume and eau de toilette.

In Primorye, more than 30 deputies were fired during the year due to corruption

Prosecutors in Primorye for the year achieved an early termination of powers for more than 30 local deputies who violated the law on countering corruption, acting prosecutor Vyacheslav Shaibekov said at an extended meeting of the board of the regional supervisory authority.

In Primorye, wage arrears on the “Radio Equipment” exceeded 300 million

Tkachev was appointed to this post last December and oversees the Far East. Earlier, he stated that the debt in the DFO is maintained in the amount of more than a billion rubles. Half of the debt falls on Primorye, and in the very province the main part is provided by the Radio Instrument.

In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, deadlines for the construction of 15 facilities were disrupted

The plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the DFO was displeased with the visit to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Yury Trutnev found out that in the city the deadlines for the construction of 15 facilities were disrupted, the Vostok.Today correspondent reports with reference to TASS.

There are a lot of complaints about the administration of the Khabarovsk Territory, there are complaints against the federal departments, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education. We discussed in detail each object, updated the dates. We have no other options – we are obliged to implement a comprehensive plan. – Yury Trutnev, Russian politician

Dagestanis through the boycott achieved lower gasoline prices

The republic managed to reduce the price of fuel in an unusual way. There are lists in social networks with the names of gas stations, where it is better not to refuel because of the price of gasoline.

All schools in Izhevsk have been quarantined

All schools in Izhevsk were quarantined from February 12 to 18. Unplanned vacations await all students of general education institutions from grades 1 to 11, Dmitry Chistyakov, acting deputy head of the administration of Izhevsk on social policy, told reporters. According to him, the adoption of this decision is associated with the unfavorable situation with the incidence of ARVI and influenza

Winery “Kuban-Vino” has released a quiet premium wine “Chateau Taman Elite”

The largest winery of the country “Kuban-Vino” continues to expand the range and delight its audience with exclusive new products. So, at the exhibition ProdExpo-2019, which is taking place in Moscow these days, the presentation of the Chateau Taman Elite was held. Dry rose wine with a protected geographical indication “Kuban. Taman Peninsula ”was prepared in the best European traditions, the bottles themselves are decorated in a European-style and original way. “Chateau Taman Elite” – the result of joint work of the main winemaker “Kuban-Vino” Wanda Botnari and the Italian consultants of the company “ENOFLY”.

This wine will especially appeal to the fair sex. It is made from Zweigelt grape harvest of 2017, carefully harvested by hand from the vineyards of the Taman Peninsula. The average age of the vines is 11 years. “Chateau Taman Elite” released in limited edition – 20,000 bottles

In Russia, increased demand for passports

According to the agency, from January to November last year, passports were issued by almost 20 percent more than in 2017. In addition, it is noted that from 2014 to 2016 there was an extremely negative trend – then the number of issued passports decreased by 65 percent.

Medicine in post offices Russian Post

A new project is being developed by the Russian Post together with its partners, DEITA.RU reports. We are talking about the organization of telemedicine points in post offices. On the basis of post offices it is proposed to organize sessions of online consultations with medical institutions, the WG

In Russia, they want to develop a program for the replacement of dilapidated elevators

As noted, we are talking about the project “Housing and urban environment”, in which the lifts used for more than 25 years must be replaced. In addition, mechanisms are being developed for the replacement of lifting mechanisms.

Nearly 150 banks in Russia are on the verge of bankruptcy

Nearly 150 small banks in Russia are on the verge of bankruptcy, financial market participants told Izvestia. The resilience of such organizations is undermined by increased contributions to the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). The situation is aggravated by the fact that since 2019, the DIA insurance has spread to the accounts of small and medium-sized businesses, due to which the amount of bank contributions has increased.

Submarine “Podolsk” disposed of nearly one billion rubles

The disposal of the nuclear submarine Podolsk will cost Rosatom about one billion rubles. It belongs to the submarines of the project 667BDR “Kalmar”. The boat will be disposed of until November 30, 2020, Vesti.ru reports.

At the airport of Barnaul, six people fell off the plane

At the airport of Barnaul, when boarding a passenger plane, six people fell off the plane, two of them were hospitalized. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies in the region.

Italian authorities have allowed the sale of gold reserves because of the “hole” in the budget

Earlier, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that the government is considering using part of the gold reserves held by the Bank of Italy to cover the budget deficit in 2019 and to avoid the increase in value added tax (VAT) planned for next year.

Zvezda to build LNG tankers

The Arc7 gas carrier is estimated at $ 383 million. However, this price is only when the shipyard is fully loaded with other orders, otherwise the lead ship will cost the customer $ 698.2 million – twice as expensive as in South Korea. The budget is going to compensate Zvezda for 30% of the cost of a gas carrier at Asian shipyards ($ 315–330 million).

Savings on the security of small banks face major

Saving on the security of small banks threatens a large hacker attack on the Omsk IT bank not only caused damage to the credit organization itself, but also threatens the other players.

In three banks without licenses found signs of asset withdrawal of 5 billion rubles

The former management and owners of the MVB carried out operations with signs of asset withdrawal of at least 471 million rubles. The bank credited borrowers with “doubtful solvency”. With assets of 568.3 million rubles. liabilities to creditors amount to 934.6 million rubles.

The cost of national projects until 2024 will exceed 25 trillion rubles

The government has published on its website the amounts of funding and tasks of national projects for the period from 2019 to 2024. It is planned to spend 25.7 trillion rubles on their implementation. Of this amount, 13.1 trillion rubles. will be allocated from the federal budget, another 7.5 trillion rubles from extrabudgetary sources.

The Russian government has distributed 9.9 billion rubles. for Russian universities

“The signed order approves the allocation in 2019 of subsidies from the federal budget in the amount of 9.9 billion rubles to 21 Russian universities in order to increase their competitiveness among the world’s leading scientific and educational centers,” the report said.

Development of the Baikal region requires systematic measures

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation (Joint Venture of the Russian Federation) conducted an audit, following which it concluded that the Baikal region, which includes the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia and the Irkutsk Region. According to the results of the audit, it was revealed that for the Baikal region, at the national level, the objectives of priority development, stages and terms of their implementation are not defined.

Meanwhile, according to the department, investment in the Baikal region under federal programs in 2018–2020 will amount to 491.3 billion rubles, with more than half of this amount being federal budget funds.

Mars One volunteer mars went bankrupt

Later, the start was postponed to the 2024th and 2026th. At the same time messages on the development of the ship or any technology did not appear. Nevertheless, the company actively recruited candidates for a team of colonists.

Medinsky Tregulova reprimanded after the theft of Kuindzhi

The general director of the Tretyakov Gallery, Zelfire Tregulova, was reprimanded after stealing a painting by the artist Arkhip Kuindzhi, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement to RBC.

The growth of the UK economy slowed in the IV quarter

The UK economy in the fourth quarter of 2018 added 1.3% yoy, after rising 1.5% in July — September last year.

“Inter RAO” increased its net profit in 2018 by 21%

The total assets of PJSC Inter RAO as of December 31, 2018 compared with December 31, 2017 increased by 38.3 billion rubles. up to 506.4 billion rubles. The Inter RAO Group is a diversified energy holding operating assets in Russia, as well as in Europe and the CIS.

Venezuela hid oil and gas revenues in a Russian bank for years

Venezuelan Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo said that the Venezuelan state oil and gas company PDVSA opened accounts in a Russian bank many years ago, reports TASS. He did not specify what kind of bank in question.

Central Bank purchased currency for the Ministry of Finance by 12.5 billion rubles

The Central Bank of Russia bought the currency for the Ministry of Finance in the domestic market by 12.5 billion rubles on February 7. This is evidenced by the data of the Central Bank. From February 7 to March 6, under the budget rule, the Ministry of Finance will send 194 billion rubles to purchase currency

China’s foreign exchange reserves rose more than expected in January

China’s foreign exchange reserves in January rose slightly more than expected, amid a strengthening of the yuan. Photo: EPA / PETER TREBITSCH Reserves last month increased by $ 15.2 billion to $ 3.088 trillion, according to the People’s Bank of China.

DEA Friedman starts gas production at two new fields in Egypt

DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG, controlled by businessman Mikhail Fridman, began (together with BP) gas production at the Giza (Giza) and Fayoum fields in the West Nile Delta (WND) project in Egypt, according to a DEA report.

Boguchanskaya HPP set a record for winter production

In January 2019, the Boguchanskaya HPP produced and supplied to consumers 1 billion 235 million kWh of electricity. This is the maximum result for all the winter months for all the years of operation of the hydroelectric power station, until now the output in the winter months did not exceed 1.18 billion kWh.

Oil record set Kazakhstan in 2018

Oil production for the first time in history reached 90.36 million tons. Record oil was extracted by Kazakhstan in 2018, the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Kanat Bozumbayev said at a meeting of the extended board of the Ministry.

In the Belgorod region, housing from the beginning of the “zero” has risen in price by 10 times

Belgorodstat cited statistics on the growth of housing prices in the primary and secondary market over the past 18 years.

The average cost per square meter in the primary market in 2000 was 5,172 rubles. In the secondary market, the average price was lower – 4746 rubles.

To date, the following average prices of “square meter in new buildings” have been established: – apartments of average quality (typical) – 45058 rubles – apartments of improved quality – 54712 rubles – luxury apartments – 60925 rubles.

Senator Arashukov complained about the lack of hot water in the cell

Ivan Melnikov, Executive Secretary of the Public Observation Commission of Moscow, said that the arrested Senator Rauf Arashukov complained about the lack of hot water in the cell.

 “Rauf Arashukov complained to the PMC members about the lack of hot water, because together with his father they were transferred from quarantine to double cells, to which hot water is not supplied,” Interfax quoted Melnikov as saying.

In Buryatia, the authorities fictitiously employed the living and dead unemployed

Several dozens of residents of the Zaigraevsky district of Buryatia, registered at the local Employment Center, suddenly found out that, in the spring of 2017, they were employed and even performed work in one of the local public utilities organizations and received money for it

Irkutyanin shot a clip about the miraculous power of the portrait of Putin

Artyom Galanov, a musician and creator of copyright songs from Irkutsk, published a “Putin portrait” video on YouTube in early February. The main hero of the song and the video was a young man who hung a portrait of the President of Russia in the kitchen. After that, miraculous changes took place in his life.

Film Zhang Yimou excluded from the competition Berlinale

Some experts associate the exclusion of the film from the program by the censorship of the Chinese authorities, which the picture did not pass. The press service of the festival told Interfax that instead of “One Second” on February 15, one of the previous films by Zhang Yimou will be shown at the screening.

Museum opened in Kachalov Theater

Today, a museum has opened in the Kachalovsky Theater, which also bears the name of a great actor and teacher. Exhibits collected a lot – thousands – so the exhibition took up two floors. She was shown to the State Councilor of the Republic, Mintimer Shaimiev.

Exhibition of works by Vasily Surikov in Krasnoyarsk

Exhibition of paintings by the great Russian painter, a native of Krasnoyarsk “Surikov. Taking the Snow Town ”will open on February 20 in the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum. The general partner of the exhibition was PJSC “Unipro”.

The company financed delivery to the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum named after VI. Surikov original works from the collections of 6 museums in Russia:

  • State Tretyakov Gallery;
  • State Russian Museum;
  • Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local History;
  • Museum-estate V.I. Surikov;
  • Historical and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve “Shushenskoye”;
  •  Minusinsk regional museum of local lore named after NM. Martyanov;

Another part of the exhibition is the works of friends and contemporaries of Vasily Surikov – Ilya Repin, Konstantin Korovin, Nicholas Roerich, as well as historical documents and photographic materials of the beginning of the 20th century, objects of Siberian life and decorative and applied arts. More than 150 exhibits in total

Created the longest ad in the world

Old Spice also launched a website where ads can be viewed forever. The “infinite” ad was shown by Old Spice for 14 hours on Woohoo TV channel, it became the longest advertising campaign in the history of television, once in the Guinness Book of Records, reports The Drum.

There was a second season trailer “Fall of the Order” with “Luke Skywalker”

On the official page of the series “The Fall of the Order” on Twitter, there was a two-minute trailer for the second season. As previously announced, one of the notable new roles in the History TV show will be performed by Mark Hamill, the legendary Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars saga.

“B-2” presented a single and showed unpublished photos before

Russian rock band Bi-2 presented the first single from the new album Odd Warrior 4. Part 2. Retro edition. About this writes NSN.

Like most of the project’s compositions, the song “Unison” was written by Uncle Shury Bi-2 Mikhail Karasev. Along with the song, the group also released a lyric video, consisting of exclusive photos of the group, which had never been published before. You can watch the video on the band’s official YouTube channel. The release of the new album is scheduled for March 1, 2019.

Film Festival “Message to Man-2019” announced the start of receiving applications

XXIX International Film Festival Message to Man announced the start of receiving applications for 2019. This was reported on Monday by the press service of a review of documentary, short fiction, animation and experimental films held in St. Petersburg.

Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he will play the new Wolverine

All beloved Harry Potter, in the world of Daniel Radcliffe, who has recently been removed only in art-house low-budget, suddenly provoked heated discussions on the Web

Tom Hiddleston spoke about the second season of “Night Administrator”

In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Tom Hiddleston said that now everything is in the hands of the maestro himself and his sons, the owners of the production company

Screenwriter “Gladiator” joined the work on the film about the first president of the UAE

Indian director Shekhar Kapur, who shot the films “Elizabeth” and “New York, I love you”, will shoot a film for STXfilms about the first president of the United Arab Emirates, Zaida ibn Sultan Al Nahyan. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The new film focuses on the liberal ruler, who was also a powerful personality.

The first shots from the TV series “Chernobyl” from HBO

HBO channel shared the first shots from the historic Chernobyl mini-series, in which the main roles were played by Stellan Skarsgård, Emily Watson, Jared Harris and Jesse Buckley. The plot unfolds in 1986. At the nuclear power plant in a small town an explosion occurs.

The first frame of the TV series “Pennyworth”

Channel Epix published the first frame from the TV series “Pennyworth”, presenting the future butler and mentor of Batman – Alfred Pennyworth played by Jack Bannon. The project, which tells about the youth of Alfred, develops Bruno Heller, who worked on “Rome”, “The Mentalist” and “Gotham”.

In Kislovodsk will hold a music competition in memory of Chaliapin

More than seven dozen young performers will take part. Contestants will compete in two categories: solo and ensemble academic singing. The jury will give preference to the works of Chaliapin.

IOS 12.1.4 Update Complicated iPhone Worldwide

The update of the iOS 12.1.4 platform led to a partial loss of performance of many iPhones in several countries around the world. In particular, the owners of “apple” devices complain of interruptions in social networks.

Online check-in on flights called dangerous for passengers

Researchers at the largest company in the field of Internet security have found that at the time of online registration personal data of passengers can be stolen by hackers, reports The Sun. As the experts found out, some airlines send unencrypted links to online registration. If the hacker is on the same Wi-Fi network, he can easily intercept the credentials.

Dating site on the contents of the refrigerator

Samsung has decided that food preferences and gastronomic habits are an excellent opportunity to find a soul mate, and have launched the Refrigerdating dating service, which will select a life partner based on the contents of refrigerators Samsung’s Refrigerdating dating service allows you to reveal your habits and interests honestly and without embellishment

Service HeadHunter began to block users for downloading the summary database

HeadHunter, which owns a well-known job search and job vacancy service, has begun to block accounts whose owners unload the resume database using various services. About this in social networks began to report the developers of such applications.

Huawei will release AR-glasses with built-in watches

The company patented the device Eyeglass Frame – augmented reality glasses, combined with a smart watch. This equipment will connect to a mobile phone. It does not have any displays, microphones or cameras.

The new iPad mini will get the old design

The network has information about the new generation of the tablet iPad mini, the output of which is expected this year. According to the source, the novelty will receive the same design with a headphone jack, a Lightning port and a Home button, but you should not count on a thin frame in the spirit of the iPad Pro

YouTube will stop offering pseudoscientific videos and conspiracy theory videos

On YouTube’s video hosting, users will no longer be recommended to watch videos with questionable facts and conspiracy theory. In Google, this decision has already been called “historic victory”. Information about this appeared in the official YouTube blog.

TATNEFT has tested the Belarusian technology for hard-to-recover oil

The essence of the technique is that in the productive interval of the cased column perpendicular to the axis of the well are filtration channels with a length of up to 100 meters. This network allows you to increase the zone of drainage formation and the permeability of the bottom zone. Thus, the flow of oil increases. The operator controls the process of operations online using computer and automation, and displays the results on electronic and paper media.

5G communication networks will appear in 10 million-plus Russian cities by 2022

Communication networks of the fifth generation (5G) will be created in the same city of Russia with a population of over 1 million people in 2020, and by the end of 2021 the number of such cities will increase to ten. This is stated in the materials on the national project “Digital Economy”, published on the government website

Apple will refuse to install USB-C connectors on iPhone 2019

American smartphone maker Apple decided not to install USB-C connectors in the new iPhone 2019 and leave the Lightning standard. This writes the Japanese portal Mac Otacara.

The four-footed robot taught to move on skates

The developers have developed for the robot movement, which allowed him to move on ice on skates and ride on wheels along the way. The new robot combines two types of foot design. He is able not only to walk, but also to move on even surfaces due to installed devices.

The first megaliths were built in France

Centuries ago, scientists believed that the first megaliths appeared in the Middle East or in the Mediterranean – and from there knowledge about how to build these structures spread to other places by maritime merchants or believers in the megalithic religion

In Russia, learned to identify lung cancer using AI

Russian scientists have created an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that recognizes oncology by X-ray images. The neural network, which was created by Russian scientists, was tested on 355 three-dimensional x-rays of the lungs, which belonged to patients with cancer of various degrees.

Oscillatory neural network taught to recognize images

Russian scientists have proposed a new type of oscillatory neural network and taught it to recognize the simplest images. Presumably, such networks with an adjustable synchronous state of individual neurons work in the same way as neurons in the living brain.

In China, they began to test unmanned 5G-buses

In China, they began an experiment involving 5G buses. The machine, using a lidar, communicates with the command center via the protocol 5G. The bus itself can hold 12 passengers. It is expected that 5G will soon begin to make a profit. Many automakers plan to start testing their autonomous vehicles with the new standard of communication

Scientists have denied the existence of “safe smoking”

ERJ Open Research published an article in which scientists conducted a study proving the uniformity of the negative effects of conventional cigarettes and tobacco heating systems on the human body. Experts tried to show that new ways to reduce the harm from tobacco products are ineffective.

Self-healing rubber printed on a 3D printer

A group of scientists from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern California developed a rubber-based material using 3D printing that can recover from punctures and tears.

Scientists have found a new cure for old age

Unexpected additional properties of the drug lamivudine, which is used in the treatment of HIV, have emerged. He successfully fights chronic inflammation and other signs of old age. As reported by ToDay News Ufa portal Medical Xpress, this drug can be used to treat age-related diseases. These are type 2 diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, alzheimer, etc.

In Russia, suspended work on sending a mission to the Sun

At the start of the project, the device was planned to be launched in 2015, but the lack of funds forced the deadlines to move. In Russia, suspended the work on sending a satellite to study the Sun “Interheliozond”, while the planned launch date of the device is scheduled for 2026, reports TASS.

The demand for new buildings in the capital in January decreased by 38%

In January, the demand for new buildings in Moscow declined by 38% compared with December 2018, experts estimate “Metrium”. The number of mortgage deals for the month decreased by 41%, however, in annual terms, the dynamics of customer activity in all segments of the capital’s housing market is positive, including the secondary sector, which is ahead of the primary one.

“Increasing mortgage rates will help customers return to the market for more affordable housing under construction,” says Larisa Shvetsova, CEO of River Park LLC. – A higher rate for them means higher prices for finished housing, so in order to save such clients, they will again start looking for apartments in residential complexes under construction, which still offer better prices. In addition, an ambitious reform portends a price increase for such a product, so current projects will gain additional attractiveness in the eyes of the buyer. ”

Soldiers banned smartphones

A government bill prohibits servicemen and draftees from transmitting to the media and publishing information about themselves and co-workers on the Internet, including information that will allow them to determine their department, part or disclose their duty.

US congressmen have compromised to avoid a new “shatdaun”

Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress reached an agreement in principle on border security issues. This was announced by Republican Senator from Alabama, chairman of the appropriations committee of the upper house of Congress Richard Shelby.

We had a good evening. We have reached an agreement in principle. – Richard Shelby, American politician

China urged the United States to abandon proprietary views on space

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunin said that the United States has no right to regard outer space as its property, and attacks against China and Russia, allegedly encroaching on Washington’s security beyond Earth, are unacceptable.

FSB has expanded the list of terrorist organizations

According to the list, the Chistopol Jamaat organization, recognized as a terrorist by the Privolzhsky District Military Court in 2017, and Rokhnamo ba sui davlati islomi (The Guide to the Islamic State), recognized as a terrorist by the Moscow District Military Court in 2018, were added to the register. Both are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. In total in the register 29 terrorist organizations are registered.

NATO began to prepare defense measures in the conditions of the gap

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is beginning to prepare defensive measures in the face of the termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) .H

Shoigu tasked the generals

The Russian armed forces must be prepared to expand the spectrum of military conflicts, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said, opening a mobilization gathering of army command and control personnel.

Under the influence of these factors, the nature of hostilities is fundamentally changing, new elements are emerging in the work of commanders, commanders and staffs for the management of troops and weapons. – Sergey Shoigu, Russian military leader

Russian military in Abkhazia received the latest armored cars

The units of the Russian military base in Abkhazia received the newest armored Tiger-M vehicles. This was stated by the head of the press service of the Southern Military District (SKR) of Russia Vadim Astafyev.

In the US, North Korea suspected of creating more nuclear bombs

North Korea continued to produce fuel for nuclear weapons and during denuclearization talks with the United States. Perhaps it produced enough of it in 2018 to add at least seven nuclear weapons to its arsenal.

The State Duma adopted a law banning the collection of social benefits

As the chairman of Godsumy Vyacheslav Volodin explained, the prohibition on enforcement of social payments has existed in the legislation before. “But the mechanism was not perfect – the bailiffs and banks saw the debtor’s account, but they didn’t see exactly what funds were being transferred to it,” he noted.

Bailiffs and banks saw the debtor’s account, but didn’t see exactly what funds came to him. Now, every receipt of social funds will be indicated in the banking system in order to protect such payments from recovery. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Krasnodar rented a tram and rolled free of charge to citizens

A resident of Krasnodar, Ivan Kalugin, took a tram for a day and drove passengers on route No. 5 all day for free. This was February 12 told in the tram-trolleybus management (KTTU). Rent cost Kalugin more than 50 thousand rubles. In the car, a man posted an ad with the inscription: “Today this tram rides for you free of charge. Your trip sponsor is Ivan Kalugin “and a link to your social network account.

The authorities offered to pay war veterans

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection made a proposal to approve an annual payment to veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 10 thousand rubles each. The corresponding proposal of the Russian department is posted on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The money will be transferred to all veterans who are Russian citizens. In this case, payments will be transferred even to those who live in the territory of neighboring states: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. About the Russian veterans in other countries, the document does not say anything

Metro builders of St. Petersburg again came to Smolny about salary

Employees of construction organizations involved in the construction of tunnels and metro stations of St. Petersburg, on Tuesday, February 12, again came to Smolny to find out the prospects for repayment of wage arrears. This is the second visit of the metro builders to the officials in recent days.

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation allocated 700 million rubles for a sports palace in Saratov

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the allocation of 695.4 million rubles from the federal budget for the construction of a water sports palace in Saratov. The document is published on the government website.

In the Russian Museum found roof leakage

In the halls of the Russian Museum, where the fund of ancient Russian art is located, as well as the painting foundations of the XVIII — XIX centuries, leaks from the roof due to snow were found. This Tass reported in the press service of the museum.

Emergency response work began in Moscow at the Children’s Musical Theater

In Moscow, began rescue work in order to avoid the collapse of emergency areas of the Children’s Musical Theater on the street Makarenko in the city center, said the Moscow Heritage

Gorduma Ekaterinburg allowed to build a temple in the square near the Drama Theater

The City Council of Yekaterinburg approved a new edition of the rules of land use and development, in which the square at the Drama Theater was transferred to religious lands.

On the eve of the electoral commission of Yekaterinburg agreed on an application for holding a city-wide referendum on the inadmissibility of building a square near the Drama Theater. The city council will have to decide the final fate of the referendum.

In Ufa, after a mass survey, only 14% of citizens recognized healthy

According to the chief specialist of the department of organization of care for adults, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus of Venus Mustafina, the second group of health was assigned to 31.5% of the citizens who were examined. This means that they are still healthy, but are at risk for some diseases. Chronic diseases of group 3A were diagnosed in 46.4%, group 3B in 7.8%.

The Ministry of Economic Development explained the drop in incomes of Russians

The decline in real incomes in 2018 was affected by the fall in revenue from deposits and the growth in interest payments on loans, and this primarily affected affluent Russians, according to the picture of the Economy Economy Ministry monthly report.

Ministry of Finance refused to extend capital amnesty

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin said that the Ministry of Finance will not extend the amnesty of capital in its current form. Reports about it RIA “News”. At the same time, Trunin noted that Russia is ready to provide the same guarantees to investors who will transfer their assets to special administrative areas.

“[We must] keep the existing volume of guarantees provided for by the law on voluntary declaration, provided that the assets that are declared are re-registered in special administrative districts and funds are transferred to Russia,” said the deputy minister.

In the Federation Council offered to enroll personal income tax at the place of residence

The budget committee of the Federation Council has prepared recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation in which it proposes that the tax on personal income be credited to the budget at the place of residence of the taxpayer.

Kazakhstan’s GDP grew by 2.9% in January

According to the results of January 2019, the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in Kazakhstan amounted to 2.9%, said the Minister of National Economy of the Republic Timur Suleimenov, Kazinform agency reported on February 12.

Central Bank placed coupon bonds of the 18th issue for 500 billion rubles

The Bank of Russia placed coupon bonds of the 18th issue for 499 billion 999.992 million rubles at face value. Demand for securities amounted to 764 billion 166.527 million rubles at face value, according to the materials of the Moscow Exchange. The volume of supply amounted to 500 billion rubles at par.

In January, ALROSA reduced sales of diamonds and diamonds by 44%

ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, reduced rough and polished sales of rough and polished diamonds in January 2019 by 44% due to low market demand.

Nissan’s net profit for the first 9 months of 2018-19 Fingoda fell 1.8 times

The net profit of the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor, attributable to shareholders of the parent company, for the first nine months of the 2018-2019 fiscal year (ended December 31) decreased 1.8 times yoy and reached 316.7 billion yen (2.8 billion dollars) follows from the financial statements of the company.

The COP is obliged to calculate the value of property seized for state

The Constitutional Court (CC) of Russia found the statute does not comply with the Constitution, which does not allow to take into account the market value of real estate when it is withdrawn from the owners for state needs and paid the corresponding monetary compensation to them, follows from the court materials.

Non-residents of the derivatives market will be exempted from taxes in the Russian Federation

It is proposed to exempt income received by foreign organizations that do not operate in the Russian Federation through permanent representative offices from the tax on income from sources in Russia on exchange-based derivative financial instruments.

Deputy of the State Duma, head of the Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov believes that the removal of taxation of transactions of foreign players in the derivatives market – what is called “at source” – will increase the interest of non-residents in the sale of oil products in Russia. It is also necessary to solve the question of introducing the concept of netting (profit) of profits and losses on such transactions, as it has already been implemented in securities transactions.

Soldier-conscript died in the hospital due to running pneumonia

A 20-year-old Dmitry Popov, a conscript soldier, died in the Vishnevsky Central Military Hospital. In early January, after participating in a ski race on the territory of a military unit in the city of Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region, the serviceman fell ill. The soldier was treated for almost a month, but could not be saved.

Member of the “March of maternal anger” was fined 250 thousand rubles

Activist Maria Kozhevatova came to the action with a poster and was detained by the police. Krasnoselsky District Court of St. Petersburg punished activist Maria Kozhevatova with a fine of 250 thousand rubles for participating in the Мар March of Maternal Wrath ’action. She was convicted under Part 8 of Art. 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (“Violation of the established procedure for organizing or holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, procession or picketing”). This was reported in her Facebook activist Yevgenia Litvinova.

Activists demanded to stop political repression in the country. They decided to hold the rally after initiating two criminal cases against Anastasia Shevchenko and Liya Milushkina. The 17-year-old daughter, Shevchenko, died after the arrest of her mother, who asked the court to release her to look after her sick child.

“Red Sonya” postponed because of a scandal with Brian Singer

Although Millenium Films was going to start filming a remake of Sony’s Redhead in April, the company has now officially suspended work on the film. The reason for this was a series of scandals involving fantasy-tape director Brian Singer.

Hulu is preparing to launch four animated series on the Marvel Universe

Hulu Stream Service will create four animated series on the Marvel Comic Universe. These are “Howard Duck”, “M.O.DO.K.”, “Hit-Mankey” and “Show Tigers and Sparks”

In Norway, will make a film about the creation of the painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch

Norwegian director, screenwriter and producer Erik Poppé (“Utaya. July 22”, “King’s Choice”, “The Evil Case is Simple”) will make a film about his compatriot – artist Edvard Munch, but not “an ordinary biographical tape”, but a film picture about the creation of famous works of Munch – the picture “Scream”. Which was originally called “Despair”.

The trailer of the movie “Tricks 22” by George Clooney

Streaming service Hulu presented the debut trailer for the mini-series “Trick-22” (“Catch-22”) – an adaptation of the eponymous satirical novel by Joseph Heller in 1961. The director, producer of the project and at the same time the performer of one of the roles was George Clooney

In Petersburg, they will shoot a cartoon about a brave girl from Tuva

In St. Petersburg, a group of students from the Institute of Film and Television is filming a cartoon about a young resident of Tyva, Saglana Salchak. The whole country found out about a four-year-old girl two years ago when she walked eight kilometers through a snow-covered forest to save her grandfather.

Phone Inoi 246Z keeps charge for 2 months in standby mode

For two months in standby mode, the new Inoi 246Z phone keeps on charging; on February 12, it is reported on the site ixbt.com. The company Inoi officially introduced the “capacious” mobile phone. The Inoi 246Z has a battery from which other mobile devices can be charged.

Yandex has launched a service for teaching IT professions

By the end of the year, the educational service will start preparing backend developers and product managers. Training in the Workshop lasts 6 9 months, the company said. In addition, each student has a mentor practicing developer.

In Russia invented insoles with a GPS tracker

GPS tracker allows you to track the location of the owner of the insoles through a special mobile application. Thanks to this, a child, a forgetful elderly person or an avid hunter will not be able to get lost – their location can always be established.

Cadillac Escalade turned into a luxurious armored car

The American company AddArmor, founded by former members of the security services, presented an armored modification of the Cadillac Escalade SUV. The car received not only protection from weapons of different types, but also a luxurious interior.

On Earth began a massive extinction of insects

Scientists have announced the beginning of a new mass extinction. The first victims will be insects. They may disappear in the next hundred years, says a new study by the University of Sydney.

Acid turned into a switch of the color of a porous material

Researchers from the University of Hokkaido, Japan, and the University of Castile-La Mancha, Spain, have created an organic porous material that can change color when acid fumes are affected by its hydrogen bonds.

Contraceptive pills reduce the ability to recognize emotions

Scientists from the University of Greifswald conducted research that made it possible to determine that taking birth control pills leads to a decrease in the ability to recognize the emotions of other people. Article relevant content published in the foreign edition of the Daily Mail.

Reverse flag taught to generate electricity from wind and light

The developers chose the design of the reverse flag – it is similar to the usual flag, but the canvas is turned not against the wind direction, but towards it. Due to this, with proper selection of stiffness, it will alternately swing in the wind in both directions.

Scientists have shown the effect of nicotine inside the cell

Scientists have clearly shown the effect of nicotine, trapped inside the cell, based on an artificial system of two proteins. Research materials provided by the Journal of General Physiology.

When inhaling, the tobacco house passes the blood-brain barrier and quickly finds itself inside the brain, targeting acetylcholine receptors located on the surface of nerve cells. As a result of this interaction, a person feels a slight euphoria. Toxic molecules can also penetrate deep into neurons. Nicotine negatively affects cells and shortens their lifetime.

Sun flares affect the cells of the body

Russian scientists from the universities of Tomsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Voronezh and Sevastopol carried out a study, setting themselves to find out how flares that occur on the Sun affect the human body. According to the co-author of the work, scientist of the Biological Institute of the TSU and SSMU Nikolai Ilyinsky, a number of scientific works indicate that solar activity and flares affect the physiological characteristics of the organism – in particular, blood pressure, coronary blood circulation, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, light response time and sound signals and others.

BepiColombo flying to Mercury will hold two gravitational maneuvers in 2020

The BepiColombo device will conduct in 2020 two gravitational maneuvers around the Earth and Venus. This will be done to gain the necessary speed on the way to the orbit of Mercury.

Mission BepiColombo is a joint project of the European Space Agency and the Japanese Space Agency JAXA. The probe was launched into space on October 20 last year.

UK physicists recreate “black holes” in laboratories

Physicists from the Black Holes Lab at the University of Nottingham in the UK are studying and recreating black holes. They cannot yet create spatio-temporal portals themselves, but some research helps them to develop them. So, they make a green wave surface and a hole in it, which is a model of real cosmic black holes.

Scientists want to build a space station inside an asteroid

Scientists are working to implement the idea of locating the space station inside an asteroid. This can simplify the journey of man through the universe. According to the authors of the study, an asteroid stone is capable of protecting a person inside from the destructive radiation

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