12 Jun, 2018

The goal is achieved – “the process is launched”

President of the United States Donald Trump and leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un completed a tete-a-tete meeting in Singapore and began the expanded summit.

The first summit in the history of the two countries takes place on June 12 at the Capella Hotel on the Singapore island of Sentosa. As planned, the first part of the talks lasted 45 minutes.

After the one-on-one meeting, Trump said that he had excellent relations with Kim Jong-no and the meeting went well. In turn, the North Korean leader expressed the hope that Pyongyang and Washington will overcome the problems in their relations.

During the summit, both leaders intend to discuss the issues of full denuclearization of the DPRK and the normalization of US-North Korean relations.

After the end of the Korean War (1950-1953), the United States and the DPRK formally are in a state of military conflict, since the peace treaty was not concluded.

At the meeting in an expanded format, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton, Chief of Staff of the White House John Kelly, Deputy Chairman of the Labor Party of Korea Kim Yong Chol, Deputy Chairman and Head of the International Department of the Central Committee Lee Su Young, Foreign Minister Lee Yong-ho attended.

Briefly about the main thing … …


Lavrov and Klimkin discussed the exchange of “detained persons”

According to Lavrov, the ministers touched upon the issues that the Russian and Ukrainian presidents discussed during the telephone conversation. “We discussed, among other things, the issue of the exchange of detained persons and the need to strengthen the OSCE mission in the Donbass by the UN authority,” Lavrov explained.

The US expanded sanctions against Russia

The United States added to the sanctions list three individuals and five companies from Russia. Under the restrictions were Vladimir Kagansky, Oleg Chirkov and Alexander Tribune. As stated in the US Treasury, they are all related to the company “Divevtehnoservis”.

The enterprises that have been included in the sanctions list have contributed to the improvement of Russia’s cyber and underwater capabilities through their work with the FSB, and therefore jeopardize the security of the United States and our allies. – Stephen Mnuchin, American businessman

Pashinyan says about new stage in Armenia-Russia relations

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said at a meeting with the new Russian ambassador Sergey Kopyrkin that a new stage has begun in relations between the two countries, that the government is interested in developing cooperation in all spheres, “the government press service said.

In the US, they proposed to legislatively ban Trump from accepting Russia in the G7

US Senator Robert Menendez introduced an amendment to the military budget, which proposes to ban US President Donald Trump from taking Russia back to the G-7. Trump previously stated that Russia should be at the negotiating table in the G-7.

May called the condition of Russia’s return to G8

The head of the British government, Teresa May, during her speech in the parliament called the conditions for the beginning of negotiations on the return of Russia to the G8.

“Any talk about the possibility of Russia returning to the table (the G8 – Ed.) Can not take place until Russia changes its attitude (to the issue of the Crimea.” – Ed.), “May said. the answer to the question of Labor representative Ben Bradshaw.

South Korean leader spoke about expectations from the US-DPRK summit

South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying expressed his hope that the summit of the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, and US President Donald Trump on Tuesday in Singapore will be successful and “open a new era of complete denuclearization, peace and a new relationship between South Korea, North Korea and the United States.” “.

Ukraine told how to defeat Russia

Counting on Western sanctions to defeat Russia is foolish to prevail over the “enemy”, it is necessary to make Ukrainians happy, said Vadim Rabinovich, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the leader of the party “For Life”, on 112 Ukraine TV.


US Navy shock group returned to the Mediterranean Sea

The US Navy’s airborne strike group, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Harry Truman, returned to the eastern Mediterranean region on Sunday, June 10, the naval website reported.

Russian aviation helped prevent the breakthrough of militants under Palmyra

Syrian troops, with the support of Russian military security services, prevented an attempt to break through the militants in the south of Homs province, the Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties reported. It is noted that the militants tried to break out of the area of El Tanf in the direction of Palmyra.

NATO Air Force intercepted Russian planes over the Baltic States eight times

North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) fighters were escorted by Russian military aircrafts in the sky over the Baltic Sea from June 4 to 10, the statement published on the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense said. It is reported that on June 4, the Il-20 and Su-24MR aircraft were intercepted

ДНР reported on Ukraine’s preparation of provocation against the EU delegation

The delegation of the Committee for Political Security of the European Union will visit Ukraine from June 13 to 15, including areas adjacent to the contact line in the east of the country

International coalition struck another air strike in Syria

Aircraft of the international coalition led by the United States struck at a residential village in the south of the province of El Hasaka, killing 18 refugees from Iraq. This was reported by the Syrian national agency SANA, referring to sources.

NATO will invite observers from OSCE countries to exercise in Norway

Observers from the states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) will invite NATO to the military exercise Trident Juncture 18, scheduled for autumn in Norway. The presence of observers from Russia is also not excluded.

The US resident was sentenced to 15 years in prison for trying to support IGIL

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Western District of New York in the United States sentenced a resident of the city of Lakavanna to 15 years of imprisonment for attempting to support IGIL * and “Ahrar al-Sham” *

The Ministry of Defense will purchase balloons in large quantities

To improve command and control of the troops, the Russian Defense Ministry will buy a batch of balloons with a restraining device that has no analogues in the world, Interfax reports.

The UN declared its readiness to support the nuclear disarmament of the DPRK

The UN is ready to support the process of nuclear disarmament of the DPRK, said Secretary General of the organization Antonio Guterres. Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is not an easy task, Guterres said, Tass reports.

In Europe appeared “Abrams”, equipped with active protection systems

American tanks M1A2 Abrams equipped with Israeli active protection systems (KAZ) Rafael Trophy. This is evidenced by the photo from the NATO exercises Saber Strike 2018.

Trophy can protect a combat vehicle from anti-tank missiles, creating a protected and controlled hemisphere around it, this will help to increase the survival of the tank.

The complex determines the location of the threat and calculates the trajectory of the missile’s flight, and then destroys it. In this case, the system can reflect several attacks from different sides.

Iran arrested terrorists who planned terrorist attacks

In Iran, security forces detained more than 20 militants who planned terrorist attacks and attacks during the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. This was reported in the Ministry of Information and National Security of Iran. The terrorist attacks were planned in Tehran and other large cities of the country.


Taken in hostages in the US, four children are found dead

As reported by Orlando Sentinel with reference to the police, the dead children were between the ages of one and 12 years. “Four children were found dead almost 24 hours after they were taken hostage in a multi-apartment complex in the west of Orlando,” said police chief Orlando John Mein.

In Estonia, a Russian cargo ferry was arrested

Russian cargo ferry Petersburg, owned by Black Sea Ferry & Investments, was arrested in the Tallinn port of Paljassaare to cover debts, Sputnik Estonia reported. The vessel was arrested both for debts to the ship’s supply company, and for debts to pay salaries to the crew.

In Stockholm, the DJ of Avicii was buried

In Stockholm, the Swedish DJ Avicii (Tim Bergling) was buried, who died on April 20. His relatives reported this, Express writes. As noted in the message, the funeral was closed.

In Volgograd there is an identification of victims in state of emergency with water courts

There is an identification of passengers killed in a catamaran collision with a barge in Volgograd, told RIA Novosti in the Emergencies Ministry. On the evening of Monday, a collision of a barge with a catamaran occurred on the Volga River near the cargo port of Voroshilovsky district of Volgograd

The car drove into the crowd of people on the transition to Tokyo

The car drove into a crowd of people at the pedestrian crossing of the Shinjuku district in Tokyo. As a result of the incident, six people were injured, the NHK television channel reported.

In Romania, robbed the Russian ambassador

The unknown kidnapped a wallet from the Russian ambassador to Romania Valery Kuzmin in the central square of Sibiu, TASS reported citing the diplomatic department.

In the Irkutsk region, two people died while rafting on the river

A boat with four rafters turned over on the river Kitoy in the Irkutsk region, one of them managed to escape, two died, the search for another one continues,

In Ireland, the plane made an emergency landing because of a note on the bomb

In Ireland, a United States American airline, traveling from Rome to Chicago, immediately landed at Shannon Airport because of a bomb report. This is reported by Reuters, citing its source, close to the investigation, and the newspaper Irish Sun.

The military helicopter Mi-17 collapsed in Bulgaria, two people were killed

In Bulgaria, near the airport of the city of Plovdiv (at the airbase Krumovo), the Mi-17 military transport helicopter crashed. He carried out a training flight, on his board were three people, all – servicemen. The helicopter fell from a height of 50 meters, reports TASS.

British family prevented the attack of terrorists in Australia

A family from the United Kingdom helped the security services prevent an attack of terrorists on the market in Australia. According to the newspaper Herald Sun, militants tried to recruit several members of the British family and force them to lay a bomb in the market of Queen Victoria in Melbourne.

In St. Petersburg, arrested a man knocked down four pedestrians in a van

Petrodvorets Court of St. Petersburg decided to arrest driver of the van Jan Atrashkevich until August 9 on charges of willful attack on four passers-by. This is reported by the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg in the messenger “TamTam.”

In an accident in Cuba, injured 36 people

As a result of the incident, 36 people were injured. Three people who were seriously injured were hospitalized, Tass reports. The incident occurred in the province of Granma in the east of the island

The disappeared US Air Force officer was found 35 years later

In the US state of California, law enforcement officers detained former US Air Force officer William Howard Hughes Jr., who disappeared 35 years ago. This is reported by the Associated Press with reference to the Office of Special Investigations of the US Air Force

Hughes Jr. was detained following a fraud investigation using a fake identity

The agency says that 35 years ago an Air Force officer had access to classified information. He was engaged in the creation and analysis of the operation of NATO tracking systems during the Cold War.

In Japan, at least seven children were hospitalized because of the smell in school

The management of one of the junior schools in Fukuoka Prefecture in southwest Japan notified of the appearance of a strange odor in one of the rooms, at least seven children were hospitalized.

In Bulgaria, they decided not to put the cow that illegally crossed the EU border

A cow named Penka, illegally crossing the border of Bulgaria and the non-EU Serbia, will not be put to sleep.


Retirement savings of Russians are frozen forever

According to First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, the government is not going to unfreeze the pension accumulation of citizens.

In addition, the institution of mandatory contributions wants to liquidate. He told about this at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

In 2014, members of the government planned to freeze pension savings for a year, and then return the money with a surcharge. But four years have passed and all this time the frost was prolonged. At the end of 2017 Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the extension of the freeze right up to 2020

FSIN invites to get education

The FSIN told us that the prisoners not only work, but also study. So, study is conducted on 168 names of various professions. They are united in such blocks as “Art and Culture”, “Computer Science and Computer Engineering”, “Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries”, “Mechanical Engineering” and others.

In Kemerovo, the volleys of a grandiose fireworks to the 100th anniversary of the city

A bright spot in the sequence of events was the fireworks on the University Bridge, which began at 00:23 on June 12 and ended in 11 minutes. Salute was launched after the concert of People’s Artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov. More than 1,000 volleys rattled over the city, illuminating the center of Kemerovo.

In Dagestan, the police take receipts for non-leave at the time of the World Cup-18

Policemen in Dagestan conduct explanatory talks with local residents, who are on the preventive account of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about the undesirability of traveling outside the republic for the time of the World Cup, and take receipts for non-exit for the time of competitions from previously convicted persons on “extremist” articles.

ROC will continue to consecrate missiles after coming to Roskosmos Rogozin

Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate for the relationship of the church with society and the media Vakhtang Kipshidze told the correspondent “Says Moscow” that the ROC is ready to continue to consecrate missiles if such appeals are received.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin headed Roskosmos in May this year. Later he informed journalists about the upcoming personnel changes in the rocket and space industry. Rogozin said that the rearrangements will be point-like.


Businesswoman Oksana Lavrentieva got married

Last year, Oksana Lavrentieva and Alexander Tsypkin announced their relationship. Together they began to maintain a common account, which was called “Dialogues with a seal.” Here they wrote about their feelings, emotions and superhuman happiness that they give each other.

Offended Timati has a scandal

The media writes that for Timati the MUZ-TV award was a real failure, because neither he nor any of his players were awarded a prize. In addition, the rapper was also humiliated before the audience. In particular, the presenter of the ceremony Ksenia Sobchak openly spoke to the chosen actress Anastasia Reshetova, who was next to the rap singer. The audience reacted with laughter, and the couple, put in an awkward position, preferred to remain silent.

However, later through the social network, Timati commented on the situation, writing that he was disappointed with the premium, which does not change from year to year.

“All this is somehow ridiculous and strange,” the rapper complains, noting that he is not afraid of reaction and is not offended, just wants to express his opinion.

The main event of the evening for him was the promise on the part of Grigory Leps no longer to be nominated for any awards.

Silicone “Barbie from Berlin”

27-year-old Paris Herms (Paris Herms), better known as “real Barbie from Berlin,” inserted in the chest silicone implants of a very large size. Now her breasts weigh more than four kilograms.

“When I woke up after anesthesia, I felt very happy. Although it was not my goal, it’s nice to have the biggest tits in Germany. I like the big breasts, because it is feminine, “she said.

Igor Krutoy lost 15 kilograms due to health problems

Recently, fans of the musician began to notice that he looks haggard and tired. Journalists found that Igor Krutoy lost 15 kilograms due to health problems. It turned out that the cause of such changes in the appearance of the star was diabetes.

The son of Tatiana Bulanova admitted that he does not like mother’s songs

The boy admitted that he was not upset, because the tasks on the subject were complicated. Also, 11-year-old Nikita said that he likes to change hairstyles and style, and an example often takes from Elgeya, parents do not mind and support their son in every way.

Urgant reacted to rumors about the acquisition of Israeli citizenship

Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant commented on media reports that he became a citizen of Israel.

I really went to Israel … For two days. Here women are buried, who raised me and whom I love very much – my great-grandmother and my aunt. I remain a citizen of Russia, I really love my country and I’m not going to leave it. – Ivan Urgant, Russian actor

Fans criticized the new style of Zemfira. “Farewell, Youth”

Zemfira’s fans did not appreciate her new style – instead of jeans, the star wore a black dress for the concert. The picture after the performance of the singer was published in Instagram. Zemfira’s clothes have confused her fans, Express newspaper writes, because the dress is badly associated with the image of a rock star.

“They are prostitutes”: Olga Buzova with a hint expressed about razluchnitsah

Olga Buzova recently with a hint expressed about razluchnitsah, referring, of course, specifically Kostenko, calling them “prostitutes.” According to the newly-born singer and restaurateur, for such women with a low level of social responsibility, a married man is not taboo.

Star of the series “Enchanted” showed nude buttocks

The actress has published a video on which she is embodied in a transparent spiral skirt. At the same time this outfit emphasized the naked buttocks of the star.

Fans have calculated secret lover Katya Zuzhi

In late January, the former leading “House-2” Katya Zhuzha intrigued the fans, sharing pictures of the rooms of the Maldivian hotel. The star was posing on a bed decorated with flowers.

Ekaterina Klimova was named an object for the envy of Olga Buzovoy

Catherine’s admirers admired her beauty, compared with a nymph and a beautiful butterfly. Many noted that domestic stars should envy the beauty of the actress, some gave an example to Olga Buzov, noting that Klimova is for her an excuse for envy

In Paris, the artists held a rally in support of Peter Pavlensky

In Paris, ten French artists, a film director and an honorary judge of the Paris court held an action in support of the imprisoned artist-actor Pyotr Pavlensky. It was held in front of the Ministry of Justice of France in Vendôme Square, RFI reports.

Robert De Niro ripped off a standing ovation for public insult to the US president

Sunday evening in the music hall of Radio City in New York, where the 72nd ceremony of the Tony Awards was held, definitely became brighter and hotter from the appearance of Hollywood star Robert De Niro on the stage.


A film about the father of Xenia Sobchak

In the Russian hire is a documentary film “The Case of Sobchak.” This work is devoted to the political fate of the father of the famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. It is reported that the premiere screening of the film will be held on Tuesday, June 12, at the Oktyabr cinema.

Director Bekmambetov told about the new film in a special Internet genre

In an interview after the press-show of a new picture “Search” Timur Bekmambetov said that the screen life genre he created was the future of the cinema. A press-show of a new film by the director Timur Bekmambetov “Search” was held. This is the story of the father who is trying to find the missing daughter.

Gal Gadot will be shot in a comic thriller with Dwayne Johnson

Gal Gadot will take part in the shootings of the action comedy Red Notice in conjunction with Dwayne Johnson, who will perform the main role in the film. The director’s chair of the project is Rawson Marshall Törber, who worked with Johnson on the films “SpyLOG” and “Skyscraper”.

Jeff Jones left DC Entertainment

One of the creators of the movie-based, comic-based DC and head of DC Entertainment Jeff Jones leaves his post. This urgent news was distributed by the publication Deadline.

The Dutch director Ben Van Lishaut arrived in Severomorsk

Ben Van Lishaut intends to continue filming a documentary about the Kola Peninsula, started by him in the winter.

Square Enix announced the action movie The Quiet Man

During the presentation within the framework of E3 2018 company Square Enix announced a new game The Quiet Man. So far, all that we have been shown is a trailer with live actors, in which a deaf-mute youth skillfully smashes a couple of street hooligans.

Trailer “The Avengers: War of Infinity” set a record on YouTube

Trailer of the third part of the film “The Avengers” set an absolute record on YouTube. The video was published in November last year. By mid-June, the number of views exceeded 200 million.

Head Ubisoft intends to return Splinter Cell

Most likely, Ubisoft decided to drop a new part of Splinter Cell, along with the already confirmed continuation of Watch Dogs, to follow-up events, when the release schedule of the company will become slightly more relaxed.

Film Ksenia Rappoport received a special prize at Kinotavr

The short feature film “Farewell, Beloved!” Won the prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics of Russia at the Kinotavr Film Festival, which ended on the eve of Sochi. The award is given “For the original solution of the traditional theme of parting in the spirit of modern times.”


Residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory are being harassed with rusty tap water

Residents of the city of Igarka of the Krasnoyarsk Territory complain about water from the tap. They claim that they are being rusted.

Rospotrebnadzor studied the air above the villages next to the burning dump

In the air above the villages of Solnechny, Zonalny and Jubilee Saratov, the concentration of air pollutants does not exceed the maximum permissible values. This is reported today by the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the region.

Ulan-Ude turns into a wilderness desert

To be precise, the air in the Buryat capital is poisoning benzapyrene. According to Rosstat, in February last year its concentration in Ulan-Ude exceeded the norm by 24 times.

Ecological situation in the world

Not so long ago, specialists from the Norwegian University of Natural and Technical Sciences published a large study of the ecological situation in the world. More specifically, the rating of cities that most harm the environment and contribute to global warming.

They reviewed carbon dioxide emissions in 13,000 cities around the world and made up 500 of the most dangerous.

The first place was given to Seoul (South Korea), and the last – to Waterloo (Canada). In the list there are several other Russian cities – Moscow (15th place), St. Petersburg (79th place), Novosibirsk (160th place), Omsk (177th place), Kazan (188th place), Sverdlovsk (191st place), Rostov- Don (199 place) and so on. Judging by this rating, the situation with ecology in the Russian city of Kursk (496 place) is the best.

“Greenpeace” is concerned about oil production in natural parks in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District

In the natural park “Kondinsky Lakes” in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, in which the company “Lukoil” operates, an oil spill occurred. Eyewitnesses told the media that the oil contaminated with water fell into local swamps, Greenpeace notes.

Sakhalin Tourist Club cleared the coast of the Lunsky Bay from debris

Enchanting species that open from the northern coastal zone of the Lunsky Bay are hardly left indifferent.


Where are the additional oil and gas revenues of Russia

The head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov said that Russia managed to achieve growth of additional non-oil and gas revenues by almost 60 billion rubles. This allowed the redistribution of more than 220 billion rubles of budgetary funds.

Of these, 97 billion rubles will be spent to support the country’s defense and security, 41 billion to develop domestic industry. About 15 billion rubles will be allocated for the growth of pensions for military pensioners.

Part of the funds will be spent on additional financing of the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk and the additional capitalization of Rosselkhozbank and Promsvyazbank, the “Parliamentary Newspaper” reports.

Amendments to the law on the budget for 2018 provide for revenue growth by 1.815 trillion rubles, including oil and gas at 1.755 trillion non-oil and gas – by 59.8 billion rubles, the publication specifies.

Amendments to the law on the budget in the State Duma will be adopted by the end of June.

NBU filed 10-billion lawsuits against Kolomoysky

The National Bank of Ukraine filed new lawsuits against the former co-owner of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky. The NBU is seeking repayment of five refinancing credits, which the National Bank provided to PrivatBank in 2008-2015

“Yandex” will buy from the market shares worth up to $ 100 million

The Board of Directors of Yandex N.V. approved a share repurchase program worth up to $ 100 million, the company said on Monday. “Yandex” will buy from the market shares of Class A, the timing and volume of transactions under the buyback program will depend on a number of factors, including market conditions, the company said.

Saudi Arabia increased oil production to 10 million barrels per day

Up to 10 million barrels per day increased oil production in May, Saudi Arabia. This Monday, June 11, reports Bloomberg, referring to unnamed sources. Compared with April, oil production in the kingdom increased by 162 thousand barrels.

Inflation in Venezuela in May exceeded 24 500% year on year

In May, prices in Venezuela grew by 2.4% every day, and the inflation rate exceeded 24 500% on an annualized basis, the head of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly Rafael Guzman said. The National Assembly (Parliament) blames the country for the situation on the country’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Breaking the South Korean Stock Exchange brought down bitcoin

The currency exchange Coinrail reported the theft of a certain amount of alternative crypto currency after a hacker attack. The exchange said it was working to recover lost assets. In February 2018, bitcoin collapsed below $ 6 thousand.

US banks banned buying crypto currency on their credit cards

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, which make up the so-called Big Four of US banks, have banned their credit cards from being used to purchase crypto-currencies, Bloomberg reports. The latter joined the measures of Wells Fargo.

IMF worried about Russia’s external debt

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) noted that Russia’s national debt looks “substantially low,” and recommended taking more – of course, within reasonable limits. Interest in the IMF, in general, is understandable: this is a credit organization

Russia’s total foreign debt is now 525 billion dollars. This is one of the lowest rates in the world. For comparison, the debt of Britain is $ 7.5 trillion, France – five trillion, Germany – 4.8 trillion. Throughout the euro area – 14 trillion, and in the US – more than 21 trillion.

In Stavropol in 2018 will create a club of exporters

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stavropol Territory plans to unite the region’s exporters on the same platform for the exchange of experience. The club of exporters is planning to set up in 2018, TASS president Boris Obolenets said.

Russia claims the second place in the world for the export of grain

Russia is the second in the world in terms of grain exports by the results of 2017-2018. The first place still remains for the United States, on the third – Ukraine.

The head of Mordovia urged “Mordovcement” to increase production volumes

The head of Mordovia, Vladimir Volkov, met with the chairman of the board of directors of the holding company Eurocement Group, Filaret Galchev. He stressed that the main task for 2018 for the plant “Mordovcement” (part of the holding) is to increase production volumes.

German Knauf buys US building materials manufacturer USG for $ 7 billion

German manufacturer of building materials Knauf buys US competitor USG for $ 7 billion. For the share will be paid $ 44 – $ 43.5 in cash upon completion of the transaction and 50 cents in dividends after the transaction is approved by the shareholders.

In Ukraine, found a shortage of coal

The coal of the gas group at Ukrainian TPPs became even smaller: its reserves fell by 39.2, Ukrainian media reported. It is worth noting that Ukraine last year arranged a real epic with the purchase of coal. So, Kiev tried to buy coal from the USA and South Africa.

The prices for gasoline at metropolitan gas stations declined for the first time in a year

In Russia, gas stations for the first time in a year lowered the price tags by 7-8 kopecks. Information with reference to experts provided the news portal Oane.ws.

Armenia and Russia will begin negotiations on gas prices in November

Negotiations on prices for Russian gas between Armenia and Russia will be held in November. This was announced at a briefing on Monday by the Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republic Arthur Grigoryan

Kazakhstan in January-May 18, increased by 6.4% the production of oil and gas condensate

According to the Deputy Minister of Energy, oil exports for the reporting period amounted to 30.6 million tons of oil, which is 5.7 percent more compared to the same period last year. Kazakhstan increased oil and gas condensate production in 2017 by 10.5 percent to 86.202 million tons.

China considers its participation in the project “Arctic LNG-2”

Chinese companies are discussing the possibility of entering into a new project of Novatek for the liquefaction of natural gas “Arctic LNG-2,” Alexander Novak, the head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, said on the First Channel.

In Serbia, the price of gasoline exceeded 100 rubles in local currency

A liter of gasoline grade AI-100 is estimated at 102 rubles, reports TASS. According to the agency, a sharp jump in fuel prices in Serbia provoked protests in several cities of the country.

ONF receives complaints about the overestimation of fuel prices

The All-Russian People’s Front (ONF) launched a “hot line”, which should reveal the facts of overstating prices for oil and gas engine fuel.

Jordan explained the cancellation of the agreement with Rosatom for the construction of nuclear power plants

The Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission made a statement on Monday explaining the decision to cancel the agreement with Rosatom for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the country by the fact that the Russian side appealed to Amman to take loans from commercial banks for the implementation of the project.

Under the VAT: how will the tax increase affect the economy?

An additional 2 percentage points (and we are talking about an increase in VAT from 18% to 20%) may add to the treasury another 500 billion rubles. Consequences for all The increase in the value-added tax will primarily affect the level of inflation, the rate of the Central Bank and the state of health of the business as a whole.

Net capital outflow from the Russian Federation jumped by 24% in January-May

The international reserves of Russia for five months increased by 25.9 billion dollars, while last year the growth amounted to 16.9 billion dollars for the same period.

On social payments to the Crimeans from the beginning of the year allocated almost 4.3 billion rubles

In January-May, almost 4.3 billion rubles were spent on social payments to Crimeans. This was reported by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan Irina Kiviko.

The Ministry of Finance will offer OFZ investors 20 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia plans on June 13, 2018 to conduct auctions on placement of federal loan bonds with indexed denomination (OFZ-IN) of issue No. 52002RMFS in the amount of 10 billion rubles.


Ilon Mask: Tesla autopilot will become completely autonomous

The head of the company Tesla Ilon Mask promised to solve problems with the autopilot in the electric car. As reported by the media, Mask said that the software of the Autopilot system, which is used on electric vehicles of the company, will be updated to “version 9”. This will happen in August this year.

Scientists have extracted a glass of fresh water from the desert air

American scientists from the University of Berkeley were able to extract a glass of water from dry desert air, according to Science Advances. Last year, researchers presented a device that, they said, could extract water vapor from the air, for which only heat and sunlight were needed.

Japanese chemists made a copy of Saturn from the molecule of fullerene

As Toyota notes, chemists have long been trying to use fullerenes as components of other, more complex molecules within which they could freely rotate and perform complex actions

Scientists: Whale sharks choose a warm shallow ocean

Scientists have studied areas of the ocean, where the most common are large groups of whale sharks. The study found that they are collected in certain places because of the presence of warm water and a sharp drop in depth.

Microbiology will help in identifying the thief-burglar

Experts of the microbiological society of the US ASM Microbe, during the briefing in Atlanta, proposed a new unusual method of identifying any homicide thief from his individual microbiome. It has long been known that each person has its own unique microbioma.

Scientists: Strong depression “erases” memories in memory

German scientists at the University of Ruhr after research have indicated the ability of severe depression to “erase” memories. It affects the memory of a person and the ability of the brain to record important events.

Playing the violoncello improved the audience and motor connections of the brain

Canadian scientists conducted a long-term fMRI study, during which they taught the volunteers lying in the scanner to play the cello, and found out that during the training the functional connections of the auditor and motor sections of the brain improve

Mobile application EVIDENT II will help slow the aging of the arteries

Spanish scientists at the University of Salamanca have created a special mobile application that can significantly stop the aging of the human arterial system. The algorithm that calculates the required amount of physical activity was called EVIDENT II.

Scientists managed to track 10 thousand genes in a cage

Previously, scientists were able to observe, with the help of existing methods, not more than 4,000 genes in a cell, and the proposed technology, called seqFISH, extends the figure to 10,000.

Scientists: War and stress increase the risk of infertility in men

Participants in combat actions subsequently experienced a decrease in sperm motility. To fix an increased risk of infertility was achieved in about 37% of citizens who faced the war.

Experts: Orange-colored products keep eyesight

Experts at the Botkin Hospital recommended patients to consume orange products, as they are able to preserve their eyesight. People over 45 years of age are advised to take medical examinations with an ophthalmologist more often.

In Canada, they learned how to make fuel from the air

Canadian experts from the company Carbon Engineering have developed a method that will allow using chemical reactions to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And it, in turn, can be used in the production of gasoline and diesel fuel

The second in the history of the certificate of the crucifix found in Italy

There are many records of executions through the crucifixion on the cross, but very few archaeological materials; The find from Gavello can only be the second known evidence of the existence of this cruel practice.

Metal-organic skeletons adapted for air purification from nitric oxide

In their study, scientists found that the metal-organic framework MFM-300 with aluminum ions is very suitable for the selective adsorption of nitric oxide (IV).

Tyumen doctors introduced a new method for diagnosing cancer

At the workplace, physicians studied the features of the implementation of this technique, indications and contraindications to its conduct, as they were able to get acquainted with the archives of medical images. The same methodology of scintigraphy is the obtaining of a two-dimensional image of the organ, by injecting a radiopharmaceutical into the bloodstream, which, after emitting radiation, indications.

Physicians disclosed the principle of the “fat trap”

Often losing weight people face the so-called problem of “fat trap”. The abdomen is flat and elastic, and on the sides there are accumulations, which can not be removed. The researchers disclosed the principle of its work. According to physicians, you can remove these sides solely by cosmetic procedures. This can be an injection or a special massage. To get rid of these savings through diet or exercise will not succeed. All because in the body there will be no excess of fat and thus you can only hurt yourself.


Japan successfully launched the missile with an intelligence satellite

The Japanese space agency JAXA has successfully launched the launch vehicle H2-A with a new reconnaissance satellite IGS-Radar 6. The broadcast was conducted live on the agency’s website.

Astronomers were discovered by stars surrounded by clouds of nanodiamonds

Astronomers from the University of Cardiff (Wales) discovered the stars, surrounded by clouds of “diamond dust”.

Businessmen gathered to get gold from asteroids for $ 700 quintillion

The amount of potential profit is colossal – 700,000,000,000 billion dollars. Bankers from Goldman Sachs declare that several businessmen and companies have already gathered gold in the bowels of asteroids. They look to the future and want to be the first in the space mines industry.

Scientists have explained the reason for the appearance of mysterious circles on the field of Kazakhstan

Scientists explained the reason for the origin of mysterious circles in the field of Kazakhstan. According to the mapper Alpamys Ospanov, mysterious circles are not a trace from extraterrestrial ships. This is an ordinary agricultural plot with agricultural crops.

Scientists discovered the planet, where the year lasts only 19.5 days

The duration of the year at the site is only 19.5 days, reports ScienceAlert. Today, exoplanets are not uncommon, and scientists have already confirmed the existence of more than 3.7 thousand of them. The new planet was called EPIC 211945201b or K2-236b, and it is 27 times more massive than Earth.

Booking a mini-cabin in a space hotel will cost $ 55 million

Booking one mini-cabin in a space hotel will cost 55 million dollars. It is known that some financial magnates already reserve their seats. The desire to surf space can shorten the launch start-up period by two years and successfully implement the project until 2022.

The launch of the new module “Science” to the ISS will be transferred to 2020

Initially, the “Science” was planned to be sent to the International Space Station in August 2019. The launch of the new module “Science” to the ISS can be postponed to 2020. The launch, scheduled for next August, will not take place.

Scientists of NASA have reported a giant dust storm on Mars

A team of NASA scientists reported a rare occurrence on Mars, namely the giant dust storm that covered the planet. This information was provided by the journalists of the information portal VistaNews. According to NASA, as of Friday (June 8), the storm covers more than 18 million square kilometers of Mars.

Russia will establish the exchange of data with the ISS on the quantum channel

It is about the formation of a super-secure channel for data exchange between the Earth and the International Space Station (ISS). The technology of quantum communications is based on the fundamental laws of physics. The concept involves the transmission of information using single photons.

The history of star formation in the universe can be revised

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) reports on the discovery, which, quite possibly, will make a new look at the evolution of galaxies, and also change our understanding of the history of star formation in the universe.

ESA showed a fascinating photo of the Wolf-Rayet star in the clouds of colored gas

The European Space Agency (ESA) published a picture after the explosion in the nebula NGC 3199 in the constellation Kiel one of the stars Wolf-Rayet. Highly ionized wide waves of helium, nitrogen and carbon are shown in yellow and violet shades.


Fiat introduced the Fiat 500X in the special version of the Adventurer

The Italian company Fiat introduced the Fiat 500X in a special version of the Adventurer in order to revive the demand for the car. The new SUV “adventurer” from Fiat is based on the “average” Trekking modification.

The first renders of the new crossover Peugeot 1008

Artists of the western edition of Motor1 tried to imagine the appearance of the most compact crossover in the model range of Peugeot. Our colleagues presented their vision of a possible novelty on the rendered image.

The new generation of the sports car Porsche 911 will debut in the fall

Due to the new platform, the weight of the car will decrease. Even in the new generation there will be a large number of aerodynamic elements, and in the salon there will be a new digital instrument panel, as well as a modern multimedia system with a touch screen.

Turkey will start production of electric cars of its own production

It is assumed that the new models will be designed for citizens with medium and high income. Luxury cars will not be produced yet. Recall, at the end of last year, Republican President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of the development of the first car of its own production

Chinese crossover Baojun 530 peaked

The new 7-seat crossover Baojun 530 sets records of sales in the Chinese market. Only in April of this year dealers managed to sell more than 15 thousand. Copies of this model, ahead of its Japanese rivals in the face of Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai, etc.

The exterior of the new Porsche Macan Turbo is revealed

In the Internet leaked the first spy photos of the updated German crossover Porsche Macan, seen by the journalists of the American motoring magazine Motor1 on one of the parking garages in Germany without the camouflage of the film on the body.

G-Power built a 750-horsepower BMW X6 M

Tuning studio G-Power presented a new project, based on the updated crossover BMW X6 M.

The concept of Toyota Crown became a production car

In the summer of this year, the car should stand on the conveyor belt and the automaker decided to release the serial images of the model. As expected, the commodity car differs little from the concept presented earlier. For the first time in history Crown acquired additional windows in the rear pillars


On the web there were pictures of the new iPhone X Plus

Images of the new flagship iPhone with a triple main camera hit the web. Present the new model the manufacturer plans in early autumn of this year. The image of the 3D model of the new iPhone has already appeared on the web.

The most powerful smartphone in the world is recognized by ASUS ROG Phone

Experts recognized the right to be considered the most powerful smartphone in the world for ASUS ROG Phone. The specialists’ conclusions are based on the results of testing the device with the well-known Geekbench

IPhone massively break after 1.5 years of active use

“Seven” massively break down due to permanent deformations of the body, invisible to the human eye. The audio chip is constantly moving away from the motherboard, disabling the microphone. Fix the breakdown is possible only in the service center, paying from 3 to 9 thousand rubles.

The budget camera Xiaomi Redmi 5 caught up with the quality of the iPhone 7 Plus

The difference in the price of devices is large, because the “apple” model costs the buyer more than 4 times (30 thousand rubles against 8). As shown by experiments under different conditions, the budget camera Xiaomi Redmi 5 caught up with the quality of the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Snapdragon 680 appeared on the Geekbench with impressive results

Recently, the mysterious Snapdragon 680 SoC was found in Geekbench. In multi-core and single-core tests, the chipset showed results equal to 5153 and 1940 points, respectively. On the test device, the processor interacted with 6 GB of RAM and the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system.

Samsung Mongoose M4 promises to be many times more powerful ARM Cortex-A76

It became known that the new processor from Samsung Mongoose M4 promises to be many times more powerful than ARM Cortex-A76. The manufacturer does not disclose fuller characteristics yet.

LG will release a smart watch on Wear OS

It is reported that the “smart” accessory will work on Wear OS and receive interfaces Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but not be able to connect to the cellular network. Previously known that the development will be called Watch Timepiece. It is expected that the smart watch from LG will be presented this fall.


Google this year will release Android Messages

Google understands this perfectly, therefore, a few months ago it decided to release a “killer” of these services, albeit simplistic. The developers of Chromium Gerrit team noticed that Google is working to release a “killer» WhatsApp and Viber to the masses

Firefox has received two experimental extensions

In Mozilla Firefox, two new extensions are tested. One of them suggests that users will be given much more opportunities in terms of adjusting the appearance of the browser. In addition, users can simultaneously view multiple tabs

Google deceived subscribers to Play Music again

Google has again deceived the subscribers of the Play Music service. The matter is that now, as before, the subscription cost 159 rubles a month. Earlier, the corporation began sending letters to users about the reduction of this price.

Millions of users around the world are left without Twitter

The official Twitter client stopped working on gadgets that use the operating system Windows Phone 8.1. The social network was inaccessible to millions of users. Twitter has announced the end of support for the Windows 10 Mobile system from June 1 this year.

AdBlock Plus will allow you to disable all buttons on all sites

Released on June 9 this year, the latest version of the extension has a special feature that allows you to disable any social networks at all sites, also including saytbare widgets. The user of AdBlock Plus to lock the buttons should add a filtering list to the browser extension

The messenger Yahoo will stop working July 17

Oath-owned (part of Verizon) announced that the service will be terminated on July 17, although experiments in this area are not ruled out and the company has not yet decided whether it has a future against the background of the overwhelming dominance of Facebook and other mobile messengers

Google faces $ 11 billion fine from the European Union

Politico suggested that the amount of the fine could significantly exceed the previous $ 2.7 billion debt imposed by the European Commission against Google and reach $ 11 billion or 10% of the company’s annual turnover.

Facebook began to fight with Twitch and YouTube

Facebook has created a new service that will be able to compete with the competition between Twitch and YouTube. In the social network Facebook there was a new service. Fans of e-sports and games industry will like it.


Ubisoft showed Jade in the new trailer Beyond Good & Evil 2

During yesterday’s Ubisoft conference, new videos of Beyond Good & Evil 2 were shown, in one of which the players noticed Jade, the protagonist of the first part.

E3 2018: The first trailer of the gameplay Death Stranding

Kojima Productions made a presentation at the Sony conference at E3 2018 and presented the first gameplay trailer Death Stranding

At E3 2018 showed the gameplay trailer The Last of Us Part 2

Naughty Dog studio showed its fans an 11-minute video game of the new game The Last of Us: Part 2. It was separately noted that the developers completely changed the engine and reworked the combat mechanics.

Capcom compared the original and a remake of Resident Evil 2

Capcom presented a comparison of the original and updated versions of Resident Evil 2 – the latter was presented tonight as part of the Sony press conference at the E3 2018.

Authors Max Payne and Alan Wake announced Control

Publisher 505 Games and studio Remedy Entertainment, familiar to players on the Max Payne series and Alan Wake, as part of a press conference PlayStation announced the action Control. The debut trailer can be viewed below.

Microsoft confirmed the development of Xbox next generation

The company announced the new console during its own presentation at the main gaming exhibition. As Spencer noted, at present Microsoft is actively working on the architecture of the next generation of consoles.

Showing the new gameplay Spider-Man

Sony Interactive Entertainment and studio Insomniac Games in the E3 2018 show showed a new gameplay Spider-Man

Microsoft introduced the first trailer of a new game about Lara Croft

The action of the game is now unfolding in the places where Maya lived. The heroine will need to destroy a multitude of tombs and save the world from an eerie apocalypse. Now at the gaming exhibition at the stands Square Enix and Xbox Experience you can get to know more closely with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

RS Gaming Show: games and trailers in the range

Coffee Stain Studios, the authors of the famous goat simulator, showed the trailer Satisfactory

Elijah Wood introduced the Transference

Players can watch events from three different points of view. Transference will be available for virtual reality helmets (PS VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) and classic platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One) this fall.

In The Division 2 there will be raids, and all DLC will be free

The Division 2 will be released on February 15, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In the first year, the authors of the project promise to release as many as three additions, and everyone will be absolutely free.

Ubisoft announced a new game for Wii and Xbox 360

Just Dance 2019 will be remembered not only by the unexpected opening of the Ubisoft press conference at E3 2018, but also by an unusual choice of platforms. The French publisher, even in 2018, continues to release its games on the systems of 2005 and 2006. Speech, of course, about the Xbox 360 (with the support of Kinect!) And Wii.

The Elder Scrolls VI is at an early stage of production

Announced this morning The Elder Scrolls VI is at an early stage of production. Now the team of Todd Howard, apparently, is just beginning to fantasize about the filling of a full new part of the “Ancient Scrolls”.

Ubisoft showed the gameplay Skull & Bones – the game will be released in 2019

Studio Ubisoft Singapore in the conference E3 2018 introduced a new trailer Skull & Bones, followed by a gameplay that demonstrates the beauty and capabilities of the project. The game will be released next year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

At the end of the year, PUBG will release a new winter map

After the release of Sanhok will begin active work on the winter map, which so far has no name. The developers of Bluehole Studio did not exist, but their game PUBG not so long ago came out on the Xbox One consoles, so Microsoft employees were pleased to show what their partners are preparing this year.

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