16 Feb, 2018

The immigration decree is contrary to the Constitution

The Court of Appeal of the State of Virginia (USA) has found unconstitutional the latest version of the immigration decree of US President Donald Trump, the American newspaper The Hill reported Thursday

Briefly about the main ….


Residents of China celebrated the New Year on the lunar calendar

Residents of China on the night of February 16 celebrated the offensive of 4716 on the lunar calendar, symbol of which is the Yellow Earthen Dog. The Spring Festival or Chunjie opened in Beijing a grandiose show lasting more than four hours.

In Japan, they will allow them to retire at the age of over 70

The Cabinet of Ministers of Japan approved on Friday a program that is designed to enable residents of the country, if desired, to retire at the age of over 70 years.

“We need to build a society where people of all generations could work and lead an active lifestyle if they wanted and if there were physical opportunities,” Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said at a government meeting.

Now in the country pensions are paid to citizens at the age of 65, but they have the right to freely retire at any time between the ages of 60 and 70 years.

If you want to retire before the age of 65, you will be paid a slightly reduced amount, and after the age of 65 you will receive a surcharge.

Now the government intends to allow retirement and at the age of 70 with a corresponding even higher premium.

The program also provides benefits to private companies that create conditions for hiring people older than 65 years.

Patriarch Kirill named the main mission of girls

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill said that the main mission of the girls is the birth of children and their churching. He said this during a speech with a sermon in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

OFAS recognized violations of the law in the transfer of the Sampsonievsky Cathedral of the ROC

The commission of the St. Petersburg OFAS examined the case of the transfer of the Sampsonievsky Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church and recognized that this transition was carried out in violation of the law.

The judge from Krasnodar at the meeting whispered the participant in the trial

The ordinance of. chairman of the Krasnodar Krai Arbitration Court Marina Krylova, on February 15, a commission was set up, charged with “conducting an internal audit of the judge.”

The Ministry of Communications allowed the blocking of Instagram and YouTube

The head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov said that access to YouTube and Instagram in Russia could be terminated because of the lawsuit of businessman Oleg Deripaska. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

In Roskomnadzor they told when they can start monitoring social networks

The issue of monitoring social networks for the purpose of identifying “columbine communities” should be addressed after the adoption of the bill on the blocking of websites that persuade children and adolescents to commit crimes and the definition of an agency that will decide on a ban, said the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov

In Russia, the quality management system of medical care is being formed

The Ministry of Health has set the task of improving the quality of medical care, and it is about equalizing the opportunity to receive quality treatment, regardless of in which region, which settlement people live.

Come later: a six-month-old Siberian woman can not get a doctor’s appointment

“The applicant was issued a coupon – she can not get to the endocrinologist for six months,” the assistant to the city prosecutor Marina Yashchuk told NG.S.N. The same patient with diabetes was given a referral today for a blood test from a therapist, but he was appointed only after a month and a half.

Chelyabinsk filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Ecology

The location of a landfill in the Poletaevo landfill can become a big risk and an environmental disaster. So consider the villagers, fearing that sewage from here, together with toxic substances, can get into the nearest surface and underground reservoirs.

Five of the pilots spent more than a year trying to cancel the decision of the Ministry of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk region. However, according to them, any contacts with the department ended with formal “unsubscribe”

The Russians were promised pensions of 25 thousand rubles

Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets said that the absolute priority that faces the pension system is the growth of pensions to 25 thousand rubles. The Hunger said this at the Russian investment forum in Sochi, TASS reported.

I will remind you that the strategy states the level that we must achieve, at 2.5 subsistence minimums. In today’s prices it is about 25 thousand rubles. We should strive for such a pension in today’s prices, we should reach such a pension today. – Olga Golodets, Russian statesman

Industrial production in Russia fell by 20% per month

The decline in industrial production in January compared with December was 20.4%.

Minpromtorg named the date of introduction of food cards in Russia

The government does not intend to abandon this program. This was said by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov at the forum in Sochi in an interview with RNS. A year ago, he assumed that the program of food aid to the poor would be launched six months earlier – in the second half of 2018

Banks will begin to calculate the total debt of borrowers

A survey of top 100 credit institutions showed that the majority of Russian banks, including Binbank, Zenit, Loko-bank, Ak Bars, Rosgosstrakh-Bank, are inclined to the option of independently calculating the debt burden of borrowers based on the data of the credit history bureau.


VTB bought a 29.1% stake in Magnit for 138 billion rubles

VTB bought a 29.1% stake in Magnit, the deal amounted to about 138 billion rubles, said the head of the second asset of the Russian bank Andrei Kostin. The corresponding agreement was signed within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum.

Russia in 2017 increased investments in US government bonds by almost 19%

According to RIA Novosti, for the year Russia increased its investments by $ 16.1 billion, or 18.7%. According to the Ministry of Finance, by the end of 2017, Russia was on the 15th place in the list of the largest holders of US government bonds. In this case, in the first place remained China, which invested in securities of about $ 1.1849 trillion.

Analysts of the agency Bloomberg analyzed the economic performance of 66 countries and compiled the ratings of the most and the least “depressed” economies of the world.

The most “depressed” economies of the world

When ranking economies, experts were guided by the level of inflation and unemployment.

For the fourth consecutive year, the anti-rating is headed by Venezuela’s economy. The second line was taken by South Africa, and Argentina closed the top three. The top ten “depressive” also included Egypt, Greece and Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Saudi Arabia.

The least “unfortunate” is Thailand’s economy, followed by Singapore. Third place was shared between Japan and Switzerland.

Further in the ranking are Taiwan, Israel, Iceland, Norway and South Korea; the tenth line was taken by Denmark and Hong Kong.

Industrial production in Russia fell by 20% per month

The decline in industrial production in January compared with December was 20.4%.

Non-profit organizations will have access to a single biometric system

In the next year, non-credit financial organizations – microfinance, insurance and management companies (UK, UK), non-state pension funds (NPFs) will get access to a single biometric system (EBS). This will allow citizens to receive services without appearing in the office – for example, to issue a micro loan, a MTPL and CASCO policy, to open an investment account.

Promsvyazbank can receive assets worth up to 1 trillion rubles

On the balance sheet of Promsvyazbank (located on a reorganization in the Central Bank) can be transferred up to 1 trillion rubles. loans issued to defense industry enterprises, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov (here and further quotes from Interfax): he can get the assets of other banks related to the blacklisted US companies.

This does not in any way affect the sufficiency of the capital of those banks that transfer such loans, because they transfer both assets and capital. Promsvyazbank will also receive loans and capital. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

International reserves of Russia for the week decreased by $ 2.4 billion

As of February 9, the international reserves of the Russian Federation totaled $ 447.4 billion, which is $ 2.4 billion lower than the level of the previous week, the Bank of Russia said. As noted by the regulator, the indicator fell by 0.5% as a result of negative exchange rate and market revaluation.

Ministry of Finance suspended the project to issue bonds in RMB

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has suspended the project on the debut placement of federal loan bonds (OFZ) in yuan, TASS said Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak

RFPI and Emirate fund Mubadala will buy 49% of Gazpromneft-Vostok

The Russian company Gazprom Neft, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) and the state fund of the United Arab Emirates Mubadala agreed to sell 49% of Gazpromneft-Vostok for $ 325 million, Kommersant reports citing sources in the industry. The agreement was signed in December 2017.

Russia was not satisfied with the price of gas offered by Belarus

Russia was not satisfied with the price of gas proposed by Belarus for 2020-2024, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich in an interview with TASS. Belarus and Russia continue to negotiate the price of gas for the republic for 2020-2024.

Terminal for transshipment of LNG Novatek in Kamchatka to be built by 2023

The terminal for transshipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be built in Kamchatka by 2023, first deputy chairman of the board of PJSC “Novatek” Alexander Friedman told journalists in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on Thursday. According to him, the volume of investment in the project is estimated at $ 1-1.5 billion.

Thanks to this project, we will increase our energy security. We will receive even greater volumes of gas from the gas than we get from the fields that are currently exploited. This will ensure the needs of the private sector of the economy. The case is very important and necessary for us. – Vladimir Ilyukhin, Russian statesman

Aksenov allowed privatization of the company “Chernomorneftegaz”

The head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, did not rule out the possibility of privatizing the state-owned enterprise Chernomorneftegaz.

Gazprom and ChTPZ agreed on the production of pipes for offshore fields

Gazprom and the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant signed a roadmap to develop production of pipes for offshore fields, the gas holding said.


Kadyrov Wishes Putin to Manage Russia for Life

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, expressed his gratitude to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for his trust in him and wished the incumbent head of Russia “to manage the state for life”.

The United States accused Russia of attacking the NotPetya virus

The US authorities accused Russia of the cyber attack of the NotPetya virus in June 2017, Reuters reported citing a statement by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Citizens of Ukraine for refusing to condemn Bandera will not be allowed to go to Poland

Citizens of Ukraine who are planning to get permission to reside in the country can ask about their attitude to Stepan Bandera and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation). This is reported by the newspaper Rzeczpospolita

State Department Speaks of Meeting between Tillerson and Erdogan in Ankara

The State Department called a productive meeting between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

They had a productive and open talk about a mutually beneficial way of promoting relations between the US and Turkey. We look forward to further progress in negotiations with our important NATO ally in tomorrow’s talks with Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, “the State Department spokesman said.

Ukraine demanded from the RF to repair and return ships from Crimea

In Kiev, they said that Ukraine would be ready to withdraw its ships from the Crimea only after Russia repaired them.

They broke all our ships. And we are now like people who do not respect themselves, we kneel before them and will take? No! Through the court will return the renovated, in such a condition, in which they captured. And not otherwise. – Mikhail Koval, Ukrainian military leader

About a new section of spheres of influence …

The Munich Conference on Security opened in Germany, which discusses the most important international problems every year.
Russia will be represented at the event by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

As expected, the event will be attended by 80 defense ministers, 30 heads of state and government, general secretaries and presidents of international organizations.

Germany will be represented at the conference by Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, in addition, the participation of a large delegation from the United States is planned.

According to experts, a non-state conference will discuss the issue of a new division of spheres of influence in the world. Washington is concerned about the increased military power of Russia and China and intend to oppose its diplomatic steps.

The day before the head of the conference, Wolfgang Ischinger stated that the European Union was defeated in the Syrian conflict. This was largely due to the fact that the EU countries lacked solidarity in developing a joint strategy in the Middle East.

In this regard, another possible topic of the conference will be the need to create a European army.


Reuters named the number of civilians killed in Syria

“About 300 men who were involved in or worked for the Kremlin-linked Russian private military company were killed or wounded in Syria last week,” the broadcaster said. In particular, one of the unnamed military doctors told the agency of the death of 100 Russian citizens.

The Russian Navy produced more than 100 cruise missiles during the operation in Syria

During the operation in Syria, the Russian Navy released more than 100 cruise missiles on the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” *, naval aviation carried out more than 400 sorties, striking more than 1,250 targets, the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper reported, citing the commander-in-chief of the Navy Admiral Vladimir the Queen.

US is worried about new Russian cruise missiles

General Lori Robinson, who heads the Northern Command of the US Armed Forces, expressed concern about new Russian cruise missiles capable of flying longer distances than previous versions.

Turchinov spoke about the impossibility of declaring war on Russia

Ukraine does not have sufficient funds to conduct military confrontation with Russia, if the latter will use nuclear weapons, said the head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, the television channel 112 Ukraine reports.

That is why the declaration of war in February-March 2014, and, unfortunately, now, when we have a battle-worthy army, a defense-industrial complex, a weapon that is sufficient for the defense of the country, but now, unfortunately, we can not declare war on the aggressor. – Alexander Turchinov, Ukrainian politician

The factory tests of the new multipurpose MiG-35 fighter have been completed

The Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC) MiG completed the factory tests of the new multipurpose MiG-35 fighter, Tass learned from the press service of the corporation.

Defense Ministry wants to prohibit military personnel from using smartphones

It is reported that virtually all Russian servicemen, including leadership, are offered instead of modern smartphones to use the simplest models of button phones that do not have the function of photo and video shooting and do not track geolocation.

The Russian fleet in the coming years will receive eleven nuclear submarines

In the next few years, Russian submariners will receive eleven atomic and some diesel submarines. On this February 16, the publication “Red Star” with reference to the report of the commander of the Russian Navy Vladimir Korolev

“Iskander” Russia neutralizes the possibility of an attack by neighbors

The deployment of the Iskander OTRK in the Kaliningrad region “should be viewed not only as a symmetrical response to NATO actions, but primarily as part of an integrated system for strengthening Russia’s defense capability.”

US equipped in Syria, 26 strong points for the preparation of militants IG

This was carried out at the American military bases of At-Tanf and Al-Shaddadi. Later similar information was published by the Lebanese edition of Bousla news. It published a video of the interrogation of a captive terrorist who admitted that he had been trained under the leadership of the Kurds in the camp on the eastern bank of the Euphrates

The Pentagon decided to rearm its newest destroyers – “invisible”

“After a comprehensive analysis of the requirements for ships of the Zumwalt class, the Navy leadership decided to reorient the main purpose of these destroyers – from striking ground targets to fighting surface ships,” the publication quotes an excerpt from the draft Pentagon budget sent to members of Congress on February 12

The United States once again called on the UN Security Council to take action against Iran

The United States once again called on the UN Security Council to take action against Iran for the supply of weapons and ballistic missiles to Yemen. As follows from the statement of the US mission, Iran does not comply with the UN Security Council Resolution 2216, despite the weapons embargo imposed in 2015.


The fire on the anti-submarine ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov” is extinguished

Specialists completely extinguished the fire on the large anti-submarine ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, which caught fire at “Dalzavod” (part of the DTSSS), told RIA Novosti spokesman DTSSS. The ship of the Pacific Fleet caught fire in the port of Vladivostok on Friday morning.

The Florida shooter confessed to killing 17 people

Nicholas Cruz confessed that he opened fire on Wednesday, killing 17 people at the school in the American city of Parkland (Florida). This was reported on Thursday by CNN with reference to the court materials that appeared at her disposal.

Anders Breivik first announced his repentance

Condemned for the massacre of 77 people in Norway, Anders Breivik first repented of what he had done, reports Verden Gang, a Norwegian tabloid. According to the newspaper, in a letter to the prison administration, the prisoner also stated that he no longer adheres to fascist and neo-nationalist ideologies.

In Dagestan, stray dogs killed a child to death

For four years the child was killed in the suburbs of Makhachkala, presumably from the massive bites of stray dogs that attacked him.

The parents asked the police that their child of four years had disappeared somewhere. After the search the baby was found dead. On the body of the child there were numerous bites of dogs, – the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan informed.

Recall that on the evening of February 19 last year on Peter I Street in Makhachkala, a nine-year-old girl was ripped apart by a pack of stray dogs.

Former Prime Minister of Dagestan illegally kept a gold pistol

Arrested on suspicion of fraud, the former Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdusamad Gamidov illegally kept the so-called TT gold gun. The former official did not have permission documents for this weapon.

Snowboarder crushed on the slope of Krasnaya Polyana

Pine height of about 20 meters fell on a girl on the slope of the resort “Rose Farm” in Sochi. Sharply tilted and broke the fence tree crushed a young snowboarder as she descended the slope.

In New York on the suspicion of making bombs detained two brothers

On February 15, 28-year-old twin brothers Christian and Christopher Thoreau were arrested in New York. Law enforcement officers charged men with attempting to manufacture explosive devices.

In the US, the freight train derailed and caught fire, there are injured

In the US state of New York, near Attica, the railroad train that transported cars caught fire. It is specified that the incident occurred on Thursday, February 15, in the afternoon.


Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston announced a divorce

Today it became known that 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux announced a divorce. Despite all the rumors that went on in the press for two and a half years of celebrity marriage, the actors continued to assert that in their family life everything is more than perfect.

Anna Semenovich came out in a transparent skirt on the Kremlin stage

The company Semenovich at a concert in honor of Valentine’s Day was composed by such performers as Olga Buzova, Kristina Orbakaite, Elena Temnikova, Gluk’Oza and others. Anna appeared in front of thousands of people in the hall and on TV screens in a vulgar transparent skirt of black color in the floor

Grebenshchikov called the scenario of the film about Tsoi “a lie from beginning to end”

The singer and composer Boris Grebenshchikov called the script for the film directed by Cyril Serebrennikov about Victor Tsoi “a lie from beginning to end.”

I read the script that they sent me, and I immediately wrote that the script is a lie from start to finish. That we lived quite differently, we had another motivation. He has hipsters in his script, today’s Moscow hipsters. – Boris Grebenshikov, singer

Naked torso and tattoos surprised admirers Dmitry Malikov

Malikov in the bathrobe tells the fans what he has to do now, shows a bucket with pieces of ice. Then he appears already naked in the shower, where he pours a bucket of water on himself. Before the audience appears pumped up a muscular body with tattoos.

Omsk Symphony Orchestra is preparing a concert with cars on stage

A concert for two cars with an orchestra “Instruction on Survival in Emergency Situations” will be held on March 21.

“In this work of the modern Russian composer Dmitry Kurlyandsky, along with other musicians of the orchestra, their parties must perform cars, placing themselves right on the stage of the Concert Hall,” says the official group of the Omsk Philharmonic.

In Thailand, denied the closure of the beach, famous for the movie with DiCaprio

The head of the department of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in Krabi province denied information about the upcoming closing for three months for tourists to visit the Mei beach on the island of Phi Phi Lei, renowned in 2000 for the whole world thanks to the movie “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, informs on Friday the Internet version of the newspaper Nation

Volochkova obmaterila “beloved women”

All “hayters” who dare to write to her or her beloved muck, secular lioness mercilessly blocks. This process, apparently, even gives her pleasure – Volochkova dedicated “unmarried women” a whole post.

Vladivostok is the first in Russia to hear the new album of the band “Mumiy Troll”

The premiere of the new album “Mumiy Troll” will be held on the night of February 17-18 in Vladivostok

Lolita Milyavskaya was sued for refusing to appear in the Crimea

The sponsors were the organizers of the tour of the pop star. They urge the celebrity to pay a penalty, as the singer did not appear on her own performance in the Crimea. Sponsors said that the event cost them 6 million rubles.

Grebenshchikov introduced a new album

The singer, composer and leader of the group “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov presented to journalists in St. Petersburg on Thursday a new album titled “Time N”

The court dismissed the lawsuit against Taylor Swift about plagiarism: the song is too banal

Unexpected prudence of the judge ended the trial of Sean Hall and Nathan Butler with Taylor Swift. The reason for the dispute was the chorus of the song Shake it off, which looks like this: Cause the players gonna play, play, play And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

“Alice” will celebrate its 35th anniversary in two capitals

The jubilee concerts of the Alisa group, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the band, will be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the autumn of 2018. October 27, “Alice” will perform with a large-scale show in the SKK “Petersburg”, and on November 2 will take place a jubilee concert in Moscow on the stage of SC “Olympic”.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor will leave the series “Obvious” because of harassment

Actor Jeffrey Tambor will leave the series “Obvious”, where he performs the main role, due to accusations of harassment

Actor Willem Dafoe will receive the Golden Bear for his contribution to the cinema art

Who knows how to play decisively everything – from the symbolic incarnation of absolute evil in the film “Shadow of the Ghost” to the no less symbolic embodiment of absolute good in the film “The Last Temptation of Christ.” To him, the Berlin Festival presents the Golden Bear for its contribution to cinema.

Producer “Furious” launched in production a film about Alfred Nobel

Moritz produces the project together with Ori Marmur, who worked on the films Green Hornet, Jack the Conqueror of Giants and Passengers. In 2014, the telefilm “The Only Love in the World” was released, in which Austrian and German filmmakers explored the relationship between Kinsky and Nobel


Hackers cracked the “impregnable” protection of Windows 10

The grouping of hackers CODEX announced the breaking of the “impregnable” protection of Windows 10 UWP. According to the ANTI-MALWARE portal, cybercriminals have overcome all five levels of digital restriction (DRM or digital restrictions management).

Users found a way to “kill” the iPhone

IPhone owners accidentally found out that devices running on iOS, it’s easy to break, sending a message with just one character, according to the portal MobileWorld.

It is noted that Apple’s smartphones fail when they receive a symbol in Telugu (India) – జ్ఞా (translated as a “sign” – Ed.). The device starts to “hang”, because it is not able to read it.
According to experts, you can “fix” the iPhone by sending another message and deleting the entire history of the dialogues.

Microsoft will introduce the maximum performance mode in Windows 10

It is expected that the new mode will appear in the variation of Windows 10 Pro under the number 17604. This mode is intended for those who want his computer to work at full power

Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3v and Alcatel 1x will be shown on MWC 2018

Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3v and Alcatel 1x will be officially presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Representatives of the company noted that all new items will belong to different price segments, which will make the users happy. Alcatel 5 will become the most compact device in the series.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will be the most powerful processor in the world

The main part of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will be the analog-digital signal converter of the latest generation of Snapdragon X24 LTE, designed for operation in 4G networks and designed for a speed of 2 Gb / s. At the same time, today’s maximum reaches only 1.2 Gbit / s. The debut of the technological novelty is expected in the summer, but for now information about the top processor is reported by insiders.

Samsung has taught “smart” watches to measure blood pressure

South Korean corporation Samsung has patented a technology that measures blood pressure with the help of “smart” watches, reports GSM-Arena. The sensor on the back of the watch, adjacent to the wrist, measures blood pressure with a beam of light.

Nokia will review the business of smart smart gadgets for health

After the transaction was completed, the transfer of connected medical devices Withings under the brand Nokia. At present, the Digital Health division offers products such as smart watches, scales, etc. Nokia does not specify exactly what changes will be made to the business of smart smart gadgets for health.

Volkswagen focuses on Apple in the design of electric cars

The company Volkswagen is guided by the products of Apple in the creation of their electric cars. This is reported by Automotive News with reference to the chief designer of the German brand. With this approach, Volkswagen plans to make its electric cars profitable

Facebook Messenger Kids App appeared on Android

Previously, Messenger Kids was available only on mobile devices running iOS, as well as Amazon Fire tablets. Now the application has appeared on Google Play for devices running Android.

The first details of the design of the smartphone LeEco Le X

In the Chinese social network Weibo were published images of the image of the smartphone LeEco Le X. Thus, even before the official announcement of the device users can draw conclusions about that device

Microsoft launched a team chat on Xbox for Android and iOS

The Xbox app for iOS and Android is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Found a way to permanently save a message in WhatsApp

A way to save messages in WhatsApp is found even if the sender removes them. As the portal The Next Web notes, correspondence can remain in memory thanks to the citation.

The WhatsApp statement states that messages can only be deleted within seven minutes of sending, but the possibility of extending their retention period with quotation marks or a response function does not say anything.

Earlier, experts found the ability to recover deleted messages from the history of Android notifications

Hackers learned to crack passwords on computers through Word files

Hackers have found a way to hack computers through Word files. As experts from Trustwave Spiderlabs told, scammers have developed such a method for stealing access passwords. It is noted that you can get infected from documents in the format DOCX, RTF, HTA, VBScript and PowerShell


Japanese scientists have created an instant-acting drug against influenza

Clinical trials of a medicine curing the flu in 24 hours, Japan’s Shionogi company completed. At the same time, the creators claim that only one dose of the drug will be enough to recover. The difference between the drug is that it affects the body at the stage of infection.

The health-conscious napkin is invented

American scientists have created a special napkin that can monitor the heart rate and the speed of rotation of the eyeballs. It can be used to diagnose various diseases. With its help, the pulse is monitored and the main changes in the human body

Nanobots are created destroying the cancer

A group of scientists from China developed nanorobots from DNA strands that can recognize cancer cells and block them with oxygen. This is reported by the site of the Arizona State University research institute with reference to an article published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Microbots are created that can move around different surfaces

The microrobot moves under the action of a rotating magnetic field. This device is moved by tumbling over the surface

The rescue of the Amazonian forests turned out to be pointless because of fires

The reduction of deforestation has a positive impact on the Earth’s climate. But the results were practically reduced to “no” fires in the Amazonian tropics, reports Nature Communications. Scientists for many years have been monitoring the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Scientists have discovered the source of youth

In this they were helped by fruit flies, for which they observed for a long time. As it turned out, the fruit flies of aging, associated with ribosomal DNA, do not occur.

They found out that the progeny cells were able to restore the number of ribosomal genes at the 10-day age. This self-renewal is necessary for insects, so that stem cells do not lose their functions with a change of generations.

In the United States approved a blood test for concussion

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of a blood test to understand the degree of brain damage after concussion. Thus, the patient will be able to quickly and inexpensively diagnose in contrast to the MRI procedure.

Overcooled metal helped the composite to increase stiffness under deformation

Engineers from the University of Iowa, led by Michael Bartlett and Martin Thuo, developed a composite material that sharply increases its stiffness in response to mechanical stress: it hardens if it is bent or twisted into a spiral.


Kepler discovered another 100 exoplanets

Since the breakdown in 2013, the telescope Kepler continues to search for exoplanets, 95 space objects similar to the Earth have been discovered over the past time, said American scientist Andrew Mayo of the National Space Institute of Denmark (DTU Space) in his work published in the Astronomical Journal.

Russia will launch into space two satellites from glass

As the newspaper Izvestia reports with reference to the message of the director of the SPC Jury Roy, Russia prepared for launch 2 Blitz-M satellites made of glass, which are planned to be launched together with the Gonets spacecraft in October 2018.

In the desert of Israel, a simulation of the expedition to Mars

At the bottom of the crater Makhtesh-Ramon, Israeli experts built a model of the Martian station. For several days, two women and four men will share a small module that mimics life on Mars

Hubble NASA captures a giant dying storm on Neptune

The huge dark storms on Neptune were first discovered in the late 1980s by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft. Since then, only Hubble has had the harshness in the blue light to track down the elements on the planet. The telescope detected a giant storm for the first time in 2015, but now it is shrinking.

Explosions of comets destroyed and created the atmosphere of the planets near star TRAPPIST-1

The researchers note that in this case the strong ultraviolet of the red dwarf TRAPPIST-1 could not deprive the planet of this system of their atmospheres and oceans

Scientists study the possibility of a mission to the diamond planet 55 Cancri e

Planet 55 Cancri e is about 40 light-years from the Earth, astronomers believe that “diamond land” can be visited in a couple of decades. The purpose of the future space mission to the exoplanet is to get acquainted with the basic processes of shaping life on the planet.


Boat from Mercedes-AMG …

The ship was named Cigarette Racing 515 Project and it is made in the style of the new Project One hypercar with a power of 3100 horsepower strong, which will be dispersed on water to 225 km / h.

It is reported that for maximum speed in the fuel tank of the boat it is necessary to pour sports fuel, then the engine power will increase to 1550 hp. The ship was named Cigarette Racing 515 Project and it was performed in the style of the new Project One hypercar. In the boat used carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Crossover Honda Vezel updated first in the global family

Under the name Vezel hides a small 4330 mm long SUV, which is on sale in the Japanese market since 2014. The car was successful and until the release of the Toyota C-HR model was the best-selling crossover on the Islands, but last year demand fell by just 13% to 64 thousand cars.

The new Toyota Supra will get a “six” and will be faster than the Porsche 911

According to the publication Best Car, the novelty will receive a 3-liter six-cylinder engine with a payback of 340 horsepower and torque of 450 Nm, which will accelerate the car much faster than the Porsche 911 in the last generation

Toyota recalls models Toyota Camry and Lexus because of the danger of fire

The reason for a possible fire in the listed models is hidden in the incorrect operation of the fuel system. Because of this, the Japanese automaker decided to launch a revocable campaign that affects 11,800 Toyota Camry new generation business sedans

Photo-spy was able to look into the interior of the new cross-coupe Bisu T6

The basis for creating a cross-coupe is a similar base as the T5, which is now very popular on the Chinese market. True, the new Bisu T6 exceeds its donor in size. Under the hood of the novelty, the developers have installed a 197-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

New Toyota Yaris converted to crossover

Japanese automaker Toyota held a presentation of a cross-version of its new Yaris hatchback. This vehicle will be sold in the automotive market of South Africa. What is the price of new items not yet spoken.

Subaru named the cost of the new Ascent SUV

Japanese automaker Subaru announced the imminent premiere of the new 8-seat SUV Subaru Ascent and announced prices for it. At once we will notice that in a ruler Subaru the novelty will replace former flagman model Tribeca, removed from manufacture four years ago

In the advanced equipment, the cost of the new Subaru Ascent will be $ 34,195, and in two TOTs the price tag will reach $ 38,995 and $ 44,695, respectively.

In the company Jaguar do not plan to abandon diesel engines

Today, February 16, design experts of the car manufacturing company Jaguar, reported the development of hybrid and electronic engines to replace diesel.

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