25 Apr, 2018

The Internet belongs to special services

Alexander Zharov, the head of Roskomnadzor, in an interview with journalists compared the Internet with housing that brings good income, which is inhabited by very different people, including terrorists.

The owners of this house are special services, and therefore they have every right to demand keys from each apartment from the owners.

In the case of Telegram, the owner of the messenger is the owner, and the FSB officers logically acted by contacting them, asking for the keys, so that it is possible to take the necessary actions. However, the owner refused. Zharov believes that if the administration went to a dialogue, then there would be a way out of the current situation, which would suit both sides. However, there is no dialogue, and the messenger officially blocked, although the program itself continues to work fully.

Briefly about the main thing … …


The meeting of the opposition leader with the interim Prime Minister of Armenia has been canceled

The meeting of the leader of the opposition movement, MP of the Armenian parliament Nikol Pashinyan and acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan was canceled. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the press secretary of the opposition movement My step Tigran Avinyan.

This is not a negotiation or a dialogue, but a voice only of one’s opinion and one’s agenda, up to the determination of our negotiators instead of us. Having some experience in negotiating, I have never heard of negotiations in such a format. – Karen Karapetyan, Armenian statesman

“Information on figures does not correspond to reality”

Earlier it was reported that spending on health, education and infrastructure in Russia could grow by 10 trillion rubles. until 2024, the agency Bloomberg indicated that such funds will be required for the implementation of new decrees.

As for the money changes, which, in particular, you were quoted, this information is not true. There are other figures, different from what was published, we will not run ahead. At least, the expert study has so far been conducted on the basis of other, different numbers. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Russia received answers from Britain on questions in the case of Skripal

The Permanent Mission of Russia to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons reported on the British response to questions on the case of the poisoning in Salisbury of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, Tass reports.

The confidant of Putin was detained in Ukraine

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office officially handed in a notice of suspicion in the state treasury to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authorized representative in the election of the head of the Russian state in the Crimea.

Being the confidant of the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation, V.V. V.V., she illegally organized and held in the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol a collection of signatures in support of the nomination of Putin as a candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation in the 2018 elections. – Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukrainian politician

Shoigu announced the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping in Qingdao

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet at the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the Chinese city of Qingdao. This was announced on April 24 by Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

In Armenia, they remember the victims of the genocide in the Ottoman Empire

Armenians on April 24 recall the victims of the 1915 genocide in Ottoman Turkey, which killed more than 1.5 million Armenians.

Macron said the need for a new “nuclear deal” with Iran

After talks with US President Donald Tramp, French President Emmanuel Macron said that both countries should begin developing a new agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. About this, according to Reuters, Makron said at a press conference after the end of negotiations in the White House.

Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia called on Qatar to send troops to Syria

Qatar should send its troops to Syria, if the country does not want to lose military support for the United States. This opinion was expressed by Saudi Foreign Minister Adil al-Jubeyr

The US Senate appointed General Nakasone to head the NSA

The Senate of the US Congress approved the candidacy of Lieutenant-General Paul Nakasone for the post of director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Cyber Command. This is reported by The Washington Post.

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe threatened Russia with measures for non-payment of contributions

Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjen Jagland threatened to take action against Russia, which does not pay contributions to the organization’s budget. He called the fact that Russia does not pay contributions, “absolutely unacceptable.”

There is a rule in the committee of ministers that if a member state does not pay contributions for three consecutive years, the committee of ministers must take some action. Now we are approaching the end of this period, at the end of 2019, and then the committee of ministers will have to take action against Russia. – Thorbjørn Jagland, Norwegian politician

Russian diplomats left the residence of the Russian Consul General in Seattle

The Russian diplomats expelled from the US left and closed the residence of the Russian Consul General in Seattle, Washington, Interfax advisor Halit Aisin told Interfax on Tuesday.

G7 countries called Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine unacceptable

The G7 countries are concerned about Russia’s “destabilizing” actions in Syria, Ukraine and neighboring countries, the joint statement of the foreign ministers and security ministers of the G-7 countries says.

President of Abkhazia Appoints New Prime Minister

President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba signed a decree on the resignation of the republic’s Prime Minister Beslan Bartsits, who headed the government since August 2016. Gennady Gagulia was appointed new prime minister. This is reported on the website of the head of the republic.

The House of Representatives passed a law banning the US from helping Syria

The lower house of the US Congress on Tuesday adopted a bill that prohibits any assistance from the United States in the restoration of Syria in territories controlled by the Syrian authorities, according to a statement by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house.

Foreign Minister of Germany called for a revision of the world security policy

German Foreign Minister Haiko Maas, speaking at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, called for “a dialogue instead of confrontation.” “We must bet on prevention, not interference,” Deutsche Welle quotes his words.


The developer told about plans to raise a new Tu-22MZM to the sky in August

The aircraft was adopted in 1989. The bombers were regularly used to attack the positions of militants in Syria. Tu-22MZ took off from the territory of Russia, flew over the territory of Iran and Iraq and then inflicted a group strike on terrorists.

The Black Sea Fleet of Russia began working off the sea battle in the Mediterranean

Frigates “Admiral Grigorovich” and “Admiral Essen” and patrol ships “Pytlivy” and “Smetlivy” conduct “bilateral exercises in the far operational zone”, during which the crews “work out the algorithm of conducting a sea battle by a detachment of ships,” Tass reports a press service The Black Sea Fleet (BSF).

In St. Petersburg, a new-generation anti-mine ship will be launched

A new generation of anti-mine defense ship for the Russian Navy, Ivan Antonov, will be launched at the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard April 25, RIA Novosti reports.

France will remain in Syria to continue the fight against terrorists

Emmanuel Macron at a press conference following the meeting with Trump in Washington spoke about France’s position on the situation in Syria. President Emmanuel Macron said that the French military will remain in Syria to continue to fight terrorism and give the Syrians the opportunity to live in peace.

New US missile defense strategy takes into account the competition of great powers

The new American Strategy for the Further Development of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense (ABM) System will be built taking into account US rivalry with Russia and China, US First Deputy Minister of Defense Patrick Shanahan confirmed, RIA Novosti reported.

Russia will raise the combat readiness of military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Russia increases the combat readiness of its military bases in Central Asia to prevent the penetration of terrorists from the north of Afghanistan on the territory of the allies under the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

In the Russian army will introduce mandatory annual medical examination

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will introduce mandatory annual medical check-ups for servicemen, which will become their regular benefit, along with free travel to the duty station or sanatorium treatment, Izvestia reports.

The Syrian army with the allies continues the assault on the Yarmuk camp

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues the counter-terrorist military operation on the southern outskirts of Damascus. As the news agency Al Masdar News reports, the militants of the “Islamic state” (the organization banned in Russia – prim.red.) Continue to systematically lose their positions

The authorities of Finland refused to give money to citizens

The authorities of Finland decided to abandon the continuation of the experiment on the introduction of an unconditional base income in the country. As the newspaper The Guardian reported, in 2019 payments will cease.

In January 2017, Finland began a two-year experiment with the concept of unconditional basic income. By random sampling, two thousand unemployed Finns aged between 25 and 28 were involved in the project. They began to pay monthly 560 euros, while payments remained in effect even in case of employment.

It was assumed that this amount would replace young people all social benefits

Igor Rotenberg sold a stake in TPS Real Estate a week before the sanctions

The deal was completed “before the introduction of new US sanctions”, under which Igor Rothenberg got on April 6, a representative of TPS Real Estate said. Igor Rothenberg’s representative specified that the date of the deal was March 29, but she did not say the amount and other details.

The court found the son of former Prime Minister Chernomyrdin bankrupt

On Tuesday, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared Vital Chernomyrdin, the son of the former prime minister of Russia, bankrupt VTB, the Interfax correspondent reports.

The Cabinet has allocated 5.2 billion rubles for investment projects in the agro-complex

“From the reserve fund of the Russian government are allocated funds in the amount of 5.2 billion rubles for the implementation of investment projects for the development of the agro-industrial complex using the mechanism of concessional lending,” the explanatory note to the document says.

“Tatneft” has recalculated oil and gas reserves

Based on the results of the audit, the proven drilled oil and condensate reserves were 3,419,727 thousand barrels of oil and 788,738 million cubic feet of gas. Proved drilled undeveloped – 2,186,158 thousand barrels and 511,370 million cubic meters. feet.

Russia remained the main supplier of oil to China in March

The second largest supplier of oil to China in March was Saudi Arabia, the supply of raw materials from which increased by 1.2 percent in the annual comparison to 1.08 million barrels per day.

Consumers believe that they overpaid 400 million rubles

Large consumers of electricity appealed to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to investigate the reason for the increase in wholesale prices in the first price zone (the European part of the Russian Federation and the Urals), where prices rose by almost 10% in early April.

The Ministry of Finance supported the intention of the Central Bank to tighten currency lending

The RF Ministry of Finance fully supports the intention of the Bank of Russia to tighten requirements for the risks of foreign currency lending: safe currency crediting of exporters is an illusion, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said.

VTB capitalizes on Ukrainian subsidiary VTB Bank for UAH 2.58 billion

VTB’s Supervisory Board made a decision on the advisability of capitalization of the Ukrainian subsidiary VTB Bank by 2.58 billion hryvnia, according to the materials of the Russian bank.


Officials from Russia buy the iPhone X for 90 thousand rubles for budgetary money

As it was found out to a number of mass media, the RF authorities buy the iPhone X in the top version with 256 GB of permanent flash memory, but this is done for budgetary money, that is, money that is collected from taxes of ordinary Russians and private companies.

Access to Telegram is important for a quarter of Russians

For 24% of Russian Internet users, it is important to keep access to the Telegram messenger, which Roskomnadzor is trying to block from the beginning of last week. This is evidenced by the data of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM)

The terms of transportation of Ulyukaev to the colony

Former Minister Alexei Ulyukaev, sentenced to eight years in prison, may be transferred to the colony the next week, before the May holidays, told RIA Novosti responsible secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission (OOC) of Moscow, Ivan Melnikov.

The average salary of teachers in Moscow is named

The average salary of teachers in schools in Moscow in the first quarter of 2018 exceeded 89 thousand rubles, said the head of the Department of Education of the capital Isaac Kalina

The defense appealed against the extension of house arrest to Serebrennikov

Lawyers appealed against the extension of house arrest to director Kirill Serebryannikov, accused of embezzlement, told RIA Novosti press secretary of the court Yunona Tsareva.

Deputies of the Kuban adopted a law that protects the rights of defrauded co-investors

As the deputies said, the law on additional measures to protect the holders’ rights will allow “to put things in order in the construction market of the Kuban”. According to the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Yuriy Burlachko, there are no similar laws at the federal level.

“The law provides for compensation to the developer or investor who takes upon himself the burden of completing the problem house,” explained the governor of the Krasnodar region Veniamin Kondratiev at the session.

The head of the region added that the law provided for the norm, according to which if within half a year after the end of the term under the contract for exploitation the house was not handed over, then the authorities will be able to terminate the right of the unscrupulous developer to the land plot.

“None of the unscrupulous developers will not lose responsibility – in the first place, and secondly – will lose its property,” – concluded the head of the region.

The Taganrog court decides whether Pinocchio was Jesus Christ

In the Taganrog District Court of the Rostov region, a lawsuit is heard about the recognition of the fairy tale Golden Key, or The Adventures of Buratino, an extremist one. Read more ……

Ministry of Health called smoking in airports contradictory to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

“The implementation of innovations may entail a violation of the citizens’ rights to a favorable environment for living without environmental tobacco smoke and health protection from exposure to ambient tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco consumption in airport buildings, which contradicts the provisions of Article 55 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation,” the ministry said in a commentary

Ministry of Labor proposed to simplify the rules of labor book management

Ministry of Labor proposed for public discussion a draft departmental order to simplify the rules for the management of labor books, the press service of the ministry reports. The order must eventually replace the rules approved by the government resolution in 2003.

Moscow authorities increased payments to blood donors by 20%

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin increased payments to donors of blood and its components by 20 percent. This measure should make donation more attractive for Muscovites.

Study: almost 50% of school teachers in Russia are forced to earn extra money

Almost half of school teachers in Russia are forced to earn extra money. This is stated in the study of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service under the President of the Russian Federation (RASHiGS), which is available to TASS.

The number of road accidents due to poor road conditions decreased by 5%

The number of road accidents due to unsatisfactory state of roads in Russia in 2017 decreased by 5%, indicated in the report of the research center under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As they told in Rosavtodor, the decrease in the accident rate was influenced, among other things, by large-scale repairs of federal routes.

Women will be required to receive permission for abortion in the ROC

Women of the Belgorod region will be required to obtain permission for abortion in the Russian Orthodox Church, reports the information and analytical publication evo-rus.

Pregnant women will have to sign special documents and pass a commission. It is known that in the Department of Health and Social Protection of the region have already developed a workbook for those who want to terminate pregnancy.

The document should be signed by the head of the women’s consultation, a medical psychologist, an obstetrician-gynecologist, as well as representatives of the Diocese and the Crisis Center.


The shooting in Dallas: seriously injured two policemen

The city of Dallas (USA, Texas) was shooting. As a result, two policemen received serious injuries. Also, one civilian was injured, nothing is known about his condition.

Schoolgirl died of electric shock in a bath in Krasnoyarsk

Investigators opened a criminal investigation into the death of a 13-year-old girl in Krasnoyarsk. She dropped the phone in the bath and got an electric shock. According to law enforcement agencies, my mother heard a cry from the bathroom and started knocking on the door, but the schoolgirl did not answer.

A Russian woman died during a plastic surgery

According to preliminary data, a 32-year-old woman died on the operating table during a plastic surgery in a private clinic in Chapayevsky Lane in the north of Moscow. Appointed forensic medical examination.

In Tatarstan, the FSB detained 14 members of a terrorist organization

During the large-scale operation of security agencies in Tatarstan, 14 participants of the international terrorist organization “Hizb-ut-Tahrir al-Islami” banned in Russia were detained. As reported in the FSB for the region, the so-called Kazan cell of the organization included residents of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and surrounding areas.

About 40 people were injured in the earthquake in the southeast of Turkey

In the region of Samsat in the province of Adiyaman in the southeast of Turkey, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 occurred. According to the latest data, 39 people were injured, the National Health Ministry reports.

The Chinese woman got to the hospital because of the dog that fell on her from the “sky”

A resident of China came to the hospital after the dog fell on her. The incident was filmed by a security camera, reports the Daily Mail. On the shots you can see that the woman was approaching the entrance of the apartment house when a dog fell on top of her.

A patient with a head injury accidentally operated a leg

In India, at Delhi State Hospital, the senior doctor mistakenly operated a leg to a patient who was brought to a medical facility with a head injury. As the Indian media write, the surgeon mixed up various patients, deciding that he was facing a patient with a broken leg.

Leslie and Rybka do not plead guilty in pimping

“None of the eight defendants on articles on creating a criminal community, conspiracy to commit unlawful acts and organization of the provision of sexual services in the criminal group did not plead guilty today during a teleconference with the court,” the lawyer said.

Creator of “Peace” was beaten in the village near Moscow

In the village of Lyzlovo (Moscow region) severely beat one of the creators of the Mir and GLONASS payment system Sergei Nagibin. On this Tuesday, April 24, “Lente.ru” reported a source in law enforcement.

“The incident occurred in mid-April. According to preliminary data, the conflict between Naghibin and unknown malefactors occurred on financial grounds. The offenders of the victim wanted to repay the debt, “he said.

Russians accused of terrorism in Afghanistan, returned to their homeland

Together with their children they were detained in Kabul prison. While in detention, women expressed a desire to return to their homeland. In this regard, the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan provided active assistance in their release from prison, establishing contacts with relatives and returning to Russia.

In Arizona, the US Air Force fighter crashed

In the US state of Arizona, the fighter of the Air Force F-16 C crashed, ABC News reported with reference to Luke airbase. The plane crashed on the morning of April 24 during a training flight. He crashed when trying to land at an airport in Lake Havasu City.

Two policemen were killed during the riots in Nicaragua

During the riots and protests in Nicaragua last week, two police officers were killed and 121 injured. This is reported by TASS with reference to local media. The condition of one injured policeman is assessed as very difficult.

At the airport in Rio de Janeiro found 100 kg of heroin

The customs officers of the Rio de Janeiro airport found about 50 kg of explosives and 100 kg of heroin in cargo from China, RIA Novosti reports. The cargo was detained at the airport in September of last year due to problems with the documents, but only now the customs decided to check its contents.

The Moscow City Court recognized the verdict to the ex-director of the library Sharina

The Moscow City Court confirmed the legality of the verdict against the former director of the Moscow library of Ukrainian literature Natalya Sharina, sentenced to four years probation in the case of extremism and embezzlement. This is reported corr. TASS from the courtroom


Tina Kandelaki denied Bruce Willis

Tina Kandelaki shared her personal history with fans, which could be a fateful turning point in her life, but for some reason she did not. A well-known TV presenter talked about her unfulfilled novel with a star of Hollywood fighters – “tough nut” by Bruce Willis

Scarlett Johansson changed her image and showed the tattoo on her back: photo

Scarlett Johansson changed her image and caused a heated discussion of her renewed appearance. The 33-year-old actress appeared at the premiere of “Avengers-3” on arm with her new friend Colin Jost. Scarlett changed her hairstyle – now she is not blonde, but brown

Emily Ratakovski showed fans a new nude shot

Emily Ratakovski delighted the fans with another nude shot. His new post in the social network Instagram model signed the word “New York” – probably, the shot was made in this city. Emily Ratakowski is one of the most popular models in the world.

Netflix will remove the animated series based on “Fast and the Furious”

The catalog of animated serials of streaming service Netflix will be replenished with the project, the storyline of which will unfold in the universe of the popular franchise “Fast and the Furious”.

Tom Hardy obeyed black slime in the first trailer “Venom”

The video is published on YouTube-channel Sony Pictures Entertainment. Venom is an anti-hero from the universe of comic books Marvel about Spider-Man. He appeared due to the merger of a symbiote, a sensible extraterrestrial creature in the form of black liquid, with reporter Eddie Brock (Hardy)

Started the first series for smartphones

The project of Mikhail Zygary, journalist, former editor-in-chief of the television channel Dozhd, History of the Future, in cooperation with film companies, announced the launch of Digital, the first documentary series for smartphones, which will tell about the late 1960s

Apple will pay $ 1 million for the film about Ed Shirane

According to the source, the Cupertin players paid for the rights to the film “the sum with six zeros”, but not more than $ 5 million. The insider believes that the buyopik cost the American company about $ 1 million. Earlier the film debuted at the Berlin Film Festival, today it will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival

Due to the shooting of the “Game of Thrones”, the schedule of visiting the ancient Roman city

The first phase of the shooting will take place in the Roman amphitheater of Italy and last until May 2. In connection with the shooting, changes will be made to the schedule of visits to the ancient Roman city. From April 3 to May 18, an observation deck of the Roman Theater will be open

The annual “Shanson of the Year” music award was held in the Kremlin Palace

The poets and composers Mikhail Gutseriev, Igor Slutsky, Konstantin Gubin, Arkady Ukupnik, Andrei Misin, Sergey Revtov, Viktoriya Kohana, Andrey Ktitarev and other authors were awarded with special diplomas of the “Chanson of the Year” -2018 Award.

Fever Ray – the first headliner Bosco Fresh Fest 2018

Karin Dreyer Andersson, or simply Fever Ray, became the headliner of the first day of the Bosco Fresh Fest 2018, which will be held in Moscow’s Skolkovo on June 10-11. About this “Afisha Daily” was told by the organizers of the festival

International music ethno festival will be held in Tyumen

The dates of the international ethnofestival “Heaven and Earth” in Tyumen are named. This is reported by Infox.ru. According to the organizers, the festival will be held from 8 to 12 June, within which more than 40 teams from different cities of Russia will perform.

The court allowed to put on sale intimate letters and Madonna’s underwear

Singer Madonna was not able to stop the sale at auction of personal belongings and a letter received from rapper Tupac Shakur. The court ruled that bidding with the objects belonging to the pop star is legal, reports The Telegraph on Tuesday, April 24.

Boyarsky’s wife told about the actor’s alcoholism and attempted divorce

The wife of actor Mikhail Boyarsky Larisa Luppian admitted that the singer suffered from alcohol dependence. His pernicious habit almost brought the couple to a divorce.

Emma Watson wanted to turn into a sex slave

Earlier, the arrested on suspicion of organizing sex trade star of the series “Secrets of Smallville” Allison Mack tried to recruit NXIVM and British actress Emma Watson in motion. This is reported by Business Insider.

“A special day”: Sedokova chose a wedding dress for herself

On the page of the ex-soloist of “VIA Gry” Anna Sedokova in “Instagram” appeared an interesting publication. In the photo, a 35-year-old pop singer poses in a luxurious white dress with a deep neckline, holding her little son Hector.

Chris Kelmi taken to the hospital in serious condition

Popular singer of the 90’s Chris Kelmi got to the hospital. According to doctors, his condition can be regarded as severe because of alcohol intoxication. On April 21, the celebrity of the 90’s Chris Kelmi celebrated his 63rd birthday.

Katy Perry became the bride of Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry said she was engaged to her chosen one, the star of The Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom. About the joyful event became known on the show Entertainment Tonight, where the 33-year-old singer was with her colleagues, judges of the American Idol contest Lionel Richie and Luke Brian.

Medinsky asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate the case of unreleased films

The Ministry of Culture asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to conduct a check and bring to justice those responsible for the non-return of budget funds allocated for the production of films. This is stated in a message published on the ministry’s website.

According to the deputy for the festival “Artdkofesta”

Employees of the Investigative Committee interviewed the organizer of the international documentary film festival “Artdokfest” directed by Vitaly Mansky.

According to Sergei Badamshin, an advocate for the human rights of Open Russia, who represented the interests of the director in the framework of the audit, the audit was conducted on the basis of an application by Anatoly Greshnevikov, a State Duma deputy from the “Fair Russia”, “MBH Media” reports. The latter complained to the festival that there is “propaganda of national hatred and the incitement of hatred towards the Russian people.”

Tarantino and DiCaprio talked about working on a film about Manson

The film’s premiere is expected in August 2019. “It will be the most exciting stellar work since Paul Newman and Robert Redford,” the director said. DiCaprio noted that he is very pleased with the upcoming work in the film with actor Brad Pitt.

The first trailer of the film “Venom” with Tom Hardy in the title role is published

On Tuesday, April 24, the first trailer of a fantastic action movie “Venom” appeared on the network. The main role in the picture is played by the famous actor Tom Hardy. The video was posted on YouTube-channel Sony Pictures Entertainment.


Allergy and asthma increased the risk of mental disorders

Taiwanese researchers concluded that people with allergic diseases – bronchial asthma, pollinosis and atopic dermatitis – are at a higher risk of developing mental disorders than the general population.

Scientists have modeled the expansion of the universe in the laboratory

Scientists managed to simulate the expansion – for this they used sodium-23 atoms, cooled to fifty nanokelvins and placed in an optical laser trap. Then the resulting structure was subjected to a variety of experiments – for example, the inflation expansion

Black holes replaced the magnetic field like a superconductor

Two theoretical physicists from Germany and the Czech Republic have shown that charged black holes displace an external magnetic field from their volume regardless of their geometry, although the flux of the intrinsic magnetic field through the hole is different from zero. This effect is analogous to the Meissner effect in superconductors

The aging of galaxies makes them more voluminous

Specialists from Australia conducted a scientific study of a young galaxy, in which, as it turned out, the stars move in an orderly manner around the disk of the galaxy. Externally, the galaxies resemble oblate spheres. The older the star clusters become, the larger and larger their shapes become.

NASA showed the rotation of thousands of asteroids in the solar system

In 2013, the infrared space telescope WISE opened the first asteroid after a two-year “hibernation”. From that moment he worked for four more years and photographed 29 375 objects. NASA used this data to create a simulation of the rotation of asteroids in our solar system.

Uranium clouds smell of spoiled eggs

Embed from Getty Images Scientists from Oxford University have determined what clouds of Uranus smell. As reported in an article published in the journal Nature Astronomy, astronomers managed to determine the composition of clouds through spectral analysis of radiation reflected by the upper layers of the atmosphere of Uranus.

Americans will hold competitions on high-speed launch of satellites into orbit

The main feature of the contest is that information about the payload, the target orbit and the cosmodrome will be disclosed to the participants only a few weeks before the launch, and the second launch should occur a few weeks after the first.

The Spanish professor created a method of teaching using video games

Professor of Italian language, literature and culture Simon Breni decided to resort to video games for the teaching of a foreign language. The professor works at the University of St. Louis in Madrid. Playing a video game Spanish scientist began in the mid-70’s and has not stopped playing since.

Scientists created the first industrial exoskeleton in Russia

The developers called the exoskeleton – ExoChair. The device is designed to reduce the risk of occupational diseases, which are associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, in people working in static poses in industrial production. It is attached to the lower part of the body.

A means of rejuvenating the heart and blood vessels

Scientists of the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA) found that mitochondrial antioxidants contribute to rejuvenation of blood vessels for 15-20 years. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Scientists have established a connection between the shape of galaxies and their age

Australian scientists have established a connection between the shape of galaxies and their age. The results of the study were published by astronomers from Sydney University. The researchers examined hundreds of galaxies, and then came to a certain conclusion.

Transylvania found a fossil mammal with a tiny brain

Romanian paleontologists have discovered in Transylvania a new genus and species of mammals that lived at the end of the Cretaceous. As scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences write, rodent-like Litovoi tholocephalos belonged to a group of multi-horned and lived on an island.

A new form of DNA was found in human cells

Australian scientists have discovered unusual structures of DNA in the cells of the human body – i-motifs (intercalated-motif, i-motif). Previously, they could only be obtained in the laboratory, in living cells they were found for the first time. The study is published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

Children were hardier than professional athletes

Muscles of children get tired more slowly and recover faster than even professional athletes. This conclusion was reached by scientists, having studied the features of energy metabolism in adult and children’s organisms. The results of the study are published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology.

Light can relieve pain

EMBL identified a class of nerve cells responsible for sensitivity to the slightest touch and causing a feeling of pain in neuropathic patients. Then there was created a chemical that reacts to light and interacts with these cells.

China in May will launch three satellites for the lunar mission “Chang’e-4”

China in May 2108 plans to launch into the space satellite retransmitter “Quetziao” (letters from the Chinese “Sorochy Bridge”) to provide communication with the automatic interplanetary station “Chang’e-4” with its forthcoming landing on the opposite side of the Moon.


FAS suggests preinstalling on Russian smartphones

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia proposes to make changes in the legislation making mandatory availability of pre-installed Russian software on mobile devices, the press service of the ministry reports on April 24.

How to enable the new Google Chrome design

Everyone can install the Google Chrome build in an updated design. It should be noted that the new version of the browser works in test mode. Google applies this practice to all of its products.

A feature of updating the browser in its design, made in the traditions of Material Design. Chrome’s interface is minimalistic.

To activate the browser version, you need to do this manually. To do this, enter “chrome: // flags / # top-chrome-md” in the address bar, then find the “UI Layout” section and select “Refresh”. Then you need to do a restart.

Viber spoke about problems with users due to Telegram blocking

Users complained about problems with access to the Viber messenger due to the Telegram lock.

Trello added a personalized news feed

Service for project management Trello added a personalized news feed, reports RNS. In the “news” there will be cards of tasks sorted by the date of execution, as well as messages that require attention, and all events in the boards and commands that occurred during the absence of the user.

Instagram allowed users to download all photos and videos

The tool allows you to download all your content, previously downloaded to Instagram. As stated by the representative of Instagram to the journalists of TechCrunch resource, and at the moment the Data Download function is available for all users through the service site, and for mobile applications will appear in the near future.

Customers of the Moscow Credit Bank became available Apple Pay

It is noted that now clients of the Moscow Credit Bank do not need to have a card with them to pay for the purchase. From now on they can use their “apple” smartphones for this. All you need is to tie the ICB card to the Apple Pay.

Amazon develops home-based robot assistants

Employees of the American technical giant Amazon are developing a new robot, which will become an assistant in domestic affairs, reports Bloomberg. It is noted that the home robot will be given the name Vesta, in honor of the goddess of the home and coziness.

Published new images of the flagship smartphone LG G7 ThinQ

The network has new photos of the flagship smartphone LG G7 ThinQ, which is next week will be presented to the public. Unique photos on the Internet have been published by the popular blogger Evan Blass. It is worth noting that the novelty is shown in the photo in all angles.

Smartphone OnePlus 6 will be equipped with a glass case

According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, the device will receive a glass case, in the development of which tested more than 70 types of glass. In addition, it is known that the device will receive the function of wireless charging.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X appeared on the “live” photos on the web

In the web before the official launch of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6X appeared “live” photos of the mobile device. In the Chinese market, the upcoming novelty will be available in 5 color variants. The amount of RAM Xiaomi Mi 6X will be 6 GB, and the external storage – 128 GB

The first smartphone Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus appeared on the web

Recently, the first smartphone renderings from the South Korean company Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus appeared on the Internet. It is known that this smartphone is an average price segment, but it looks very stylish.

Primebook uses Rockchip processor and Android OS

The release of a curious portable computer Primebook, which is adjacent to the hardware platform on the architecture of ARM and the operating system based on Android. The laptop is equipped with a 14-inch display diagonally.

In Moscow, using Wi-Fi in transport is more active than New York

In Moscow, they use Wi-Fi in transportation more actively than New Yorkers. This is the conclusion of experts from the company EY. It is known that for 46% of the residents of the Russian capital this way of connecting to the Internet is the main

Alibaba has developed voice control for Daimler, Audi and Volvo

Chinese company Alibaba, developing IT-technology, introduced a new artificial intelligence system for companies Daimler, Audi and Volvo. The development of the unit will be used in the cars of these companies, intended exclusively for the Chinese automotive market.

Facebook said that advertisers know about us

The web has information that is available to advertisers Facebook. This was told by the vice-president of the advertising company Rob Goldman in the newsroom of the social network. As he said, advertisers use first of all the open information of a profile – a floor, age, a city, friends.

Google temporarily suspended the development of instant messenger Allo

Google has decided to suspend the development of the Allo application. They worked hard to work on Android Messages. This decision is caused by the promotion of a new way of exchanging Chat messages.

Facebook disclosed to users the rules for removing posts

Social network Facebook for the first time described the internal rules by which moderators delete posts, photos and videos of users. The head of the global policy unit, Monica Bickert, also told what actions can cause the user’s page to be blocked.

In particular, the user can be deprived of his page if he writes laudatory messages to terrorists or publishes materials, content, violence, pornography and intimate photos of people who did not authorize their publication.

Moderators also pay attention to bullying and harassment of other users.

Users report burglary of the MyEtherWallet purse DNS servers

Reddit users report the hacking of DNS servers on the site of the popular Ethereum-purse MyEtherWallet.com. In the near future it is recommended to refrain from using the MyEtherWallet website.


Owners of Dark Souls on Steam will get a discount on Dark Souls Remastered

While the vast majority of companies do not feed bread – just give one more time to tear off the full amount for any reissue, these noble Japanese announced that all owners of the original Dark Souls (Prepare to Die Edition on Steam) will receive … no , not Dark Souls Remastered for free, but a discount on it.

In StarCraft 2 will appear paid user maps

The company Blizzard announced that with the update 4.3 in StarCraft 2 will appear paid user cards. They will be available in the section “Toy Library”.

In the PS Store there was a demo version of Detroit: Become Human

In the New Zealand division of PlayStation Store there was a demo version of Detroit: Become Human – this fact was noticed by a gamer with the nickname Chaserjoey.

Tencent will release mobile game Red Alert Online

Chinese corporation Tencent and publishing house Electronic Arts announced a mobile strategy Red Alert Online, which was developed based on the legendary Command & Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge.

The authors of BloodRayne sued Microsoft

Studio Terminal Reality, which released the games Bloodrayne, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and others, started a patent dispute with Microsoft.

Descent will release the release of the game Overload in May

Cash was collected through Kickstarter, announced the amount exceeding more than 300 thousand US dollars. Earlier, in March last year, the game was released in early access on the popular resource Steam. The official release of the novelty is expected on May 13, it is adapted to personal computers.

Heroic heredity in the release trailer The Swords of Ditto

Publisher Devolver Digital and studio One Bit Beyond released a release trailer adventure thriller with elements of the bagel The Swords of Ditto. And in the creation of the video helped multipliers from Powerhouse Animation. The trailer presents the main feature of the game: the heredity of heroic achievements.

The gamer decoded the runes from the shooter box God of War

Fan of the announced in the E3 shooter God of War deciphered the runes from the box of a special edition of the game. According to the gamer, about what he notified the followers in Instagram, the developers wrote a message through the ancient Scandinavian alphabet

Tencent will invest $ 15 million in the promotion of Fortnite in China

Chinese corporation Tencent will promote Fortnite in China. According to the portal The Op, the company intends to invest $ 15 million in the project

To Leave: from depression will save the door

Ecuadorian studio Freaky Creations from 2012 worked on a platform puzzle To Leave. And now the game got to the release: PS4 owners will receive it on April 24. The protagonist of the game Harm – a teenager with mental and psychological problems.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be a parkour shooter

Gamepressure shared exclusive information about the Cyberpunk 2077, obtained by them from the “proven anonymous source”, close to CD Projekt RED. According to the publication, the game will be a first-person shooter, which includes many different RPG-elements.

On the GOG appeared user profiles similar to Steam

GOG.com store, owned by the Polish studio CD Projekt Red, announced a major innovation – the site has user profiles similar to those presented in the Steam store. This update is a continuation of the long-established strategy for the socialization of the game store.


Putin will do without the “Cortege” on the day of the inauguration

The new limousine “Cortege” will not be used on the day of the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reported citing sources. According to the agency, the limousine issue was resolved, but then the director of the ceremony offered to abandon this idea.

We have already transferred a few cars – limousines, sedans and minivans, who chose FSO as security cars. Machines for maintenance of experimental operation are planned to be delivered by the end of April. – Denis Manturov

KIA will bring to Russia a new compact crossover

The Korean automaker KIA is preparing for Russia a new compact crossover, said the president of Kia Motors Rus Jeong Won Jeong in an interview with the “Car of the Year” award.

The traffic police offered to play car numbers at auction

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russia is considering the issue of drawing state registration plates of vehicles at auctions. This will eliminate “corruption”, said the head of the department Mikhail Chernikov.

Published the first teaser of the serial crossover Audi Q8

The German company published the first teasers of the serial version of the new flagship crossover Q8, which will be presented on April 25 as part of the automotive exhibition in Beijing. Earlier on the web, spy shots of the future flagship of Audi, the new SUV Q8, were repeatedly published.

BAIC brought to Beijing a clone of six-wheeled Mercedes Gelandewagen

Auto giant BAIC plans to show at the international auto show in Beijing a copy of the famous SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6×6. Note that the appearance of the BJ80 6×6 all-terrain vehicle is completely copied from the six-wheeled Gelandewagen.

Infiniti showed a new platform for its electric cars

The Japanese luxury brand Infiniti, part of the structure of the automotive company Nissan announced the creation of a new electrified platform, which will be the basis for the construction of electric vehicles brand. About such intentions of the company was informed by the head of Infiniti Roland Kruger.

The new supercar Isdera Commendatore GT: a symbol of rebirth

Isdera Commendatore GT – the first electric car of the brand, and at the same time the first in its history supercar with landing formula 2 + 2. The 4920 mm long coupe does not seem to remind us of the previous models of the brand: even a typical periscope on the roof disappeared.

“AvtoVAZ” will raise prices for its products due to a jump in the ruble exchange rate

The Russian automotive company AvtoVAZ plans to increase the price for its cars, Vedomosti reports citing top-managers of large dealer companies. It is noted that prices will grow by 1-2%, depending on the model and equipment

Ford Fiesta turned into a van

The company Ford introduced a new unusual modification of the hatchback Fiesta. As part of the exhibition of commercial vehicles in Birmingham, Ford showed a compact van based on the Fiesta. From the standard version Fiesta Van is distinguished by the absence of rear windows and a rear sofa.

Great Wall is ready to present a new youth cross-coupe Haval F5

The novelty will be the first car in the line F. The crossover will receive the F5 index and will be shown to the public already tomorrow at the opening of the Beijing Motor Show. The car will be designed for a demanding audience for design and technology.

Rolls-Royce introduced special versions of Wraith and Dawn

The company Rolls-Royce introduced a special series of cars called Adamas. It includes 40 models of Wraith Black Badge and 30 Dawn Black Badge in a special version. The novelty became the first in the history of cars Black Badge with a two-tone body.

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