12 Sep, 2018

Dmitry Peskov supported the challenge to a duel

At the end of August, FBK published an investigation in which it was alleged that at the end of 2017 the Druzhba Narodov meat factory received an “exclusive right to supply products for Rosgvardia without any contests and competition.” According to the authors of the investigation, as a result, the cost of products increased two to three times.

In the video, Zolotov admitted that there really are “corruption shortcomings” in Rosgvardia, with which various departments are struggling. At the same time, he added that Navalny allowed “insulting, slanderous fabrications” in his attitude.

“From time immemorial a scoundrel was beaten in the face, summoned to a duel. Mr. Navalny, no one prevents us from returning at least part of these traditions, I mean satisfaction, “the head of Rosgvardia said.

The Kremlin supported Zolotov

The head of Rosgvardia, Viktor Zolotov, did not coordinate with the Kremlin the challenge to the ring of FBK head Alexei Navalny. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov, the correspondent of “Gazety.Ru” reports.

Sometimes, with unscrupulous slander, you can fight by any means, when there is really unscrupulous slander, which is nothing more than a violation of the current legislation, of course, it is better to suppress such slander in the bud. In this regard, I agree, the rest I leave without comment. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Briefly about the main thing …..


In prisons, separate blocks will be created for “economic” prisoners

Business Ombudsman Boris Titov said that the FSIN granted the request for the allocation of separate blocks in prisons for prisoners on economic crimes.

We applied to the FSIN with such a proposal, since this is a huge problem, when prisoners in economic articles sit together with criminals. And it is always harder for business to be in prison, especially in a colony, not even in jail. – Boris Titov, Russian politician

Evacuation of 1 million people announced in South Carolina because of the hurricane

The governor of South Carolina has issued an order for the evacuation of about 1 million people due to the impending storm, “Florence”, reported on Tuesday, Fox News.

We do not want to risk a single life for the people of South Carolina because of this hurricane. – Henry McMaster, American politician

Rostrud compiled lists of companies with people of pre-retirement age

Rostrud made and transferred to the employment services lists of 340,000 enterprises, which in 2019 will be employed by citizens of pre-retirement age. This was told by the chairman of Rostrud Vsevolod Vukolov during the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF).

Minstroy promised to reduce summer hot water shut-off

According to the Deputy Minister, it is planned to consolidate the new terms in about a year. “Already in the framework of the experiment, it was possible to reduce the shutdown of hot water to three days in several large sections of several cities.

Minister of Health of Kamchatka is accused of stealing 22 million rubles

According to the investigation, the Minister of Health, with the aim of stealing funds of the regional budget in a large amount entrusted to the Ministry in accordance with the state program “Development of the health of the Kamchatka Krai”, the subprogram “Investment Measures in the Health Care of the Kamchatka Territory”, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the founder of a commercial organization and his lawyer.

Schoolchildren staged a devastation of 3 million rubles in a nightclub in the Crimea

Pupils of the third and sixth classes are suspected of destroying a nightclub in the village of Petrovka of the Krasnogvardeisky district, told the head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Crimea Olga Kondrashova.

The State Duma increased fines for debauches in transport 50 times

Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill to increase 50 times the maximum administrative fine for petty hooliganism in any form of public transport, the press service of the lower house of parliament.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins will again perform in Russia

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins will once again speak in Russia – the business school “Synergy” plans to organize his second visit in 2019. This was told by rector Grigory Avetov to the “360” TV channel. According to him, for the second time the organizers promise to take into account all the mistakes of the first seminar.

Magadan is going to develop mass tourism

The Magadan region plans to develop mass tourism on an equal footing with the exclusive one, which is already popular among the foreigners in the region, said Sergei Nosov, governor of the Kolyma region, within the framework of the WEF.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to enter the maximum amount of loss in gambling

The Ministry of Finance proposes to introduce a mechanism for limiting the admission of rates by the amount. The gambling organizer will be able to reconsider the maximum amount of his bet set by the gambling participant not earlier than in a year. The Ministry of Finance also plans to impose restrictions on the amount of loss.

Russia will allocate a million dollars for the Dushanbe diocese

Russia will allocate up to a million dollars to help the Spiritual and Educational Center in Dushanbe, the government said. It is noted that this amount will be an additional targeted contribution, which Russia will allocate this year to the UN development program.

September 12, because of the procession of the Cross will block the center of Vladimir

As reported by the administration of Vladimir at the time of the Crusade, organized by the Vladimir Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, the traffic will be banned through the streets of Bolshaya Moskovskaya and Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya on the stretch from Gagarin Street to Frunze Square

September 12 in Simferopol, there will be a procession

On September 12, on the feast day of the holy and blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, a feast day will be celebrated in Simferopol. This is reported by the press office of the Simferopol and Crimean diocese.

Court in Moscow arrested the first participant of the September 9 action

Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow made the first decision on the arrest of a participant in the Moscow uncoordinated action against raising the retirement age on September 9. Viktor Fedoseev, accused of attacking an employee of Rosgvardia, was arrested before 9 November, Tass reports.

Gref did not see an alternative to raising the retirement age

There is no alternative to raising the retirement age, German Gref, the head of Sberbank, said. “I see no alternative to raising the retirement age,” Gref said during a press conference at the Vladivostok Economic Forum.


The outflow of capital from Russia has almost tripled

In January-July, the difference by years was less than 2.5 times. Initially, the Central Bank predicted that the outflow of capital from Russia at the end of 2018 would be $ 19 billion, but the sanctions forced the regulator to raise the price up to $ 30 billion.

Gazprom and Mitsui signed a memorandum on the “Baltic LNG”

“Today, Gazprom and Mitsui have signed a memorandum of understanding, according to which the possibilities of cooperation on the project will be considered,” Gazprom’s predecessor Alexei Miller told journalists.

Foreign trade surplus in January-July increased 1.6 times

The positive balance of the foreign trade of the Russian Federation in January-July 2018 increased by 63.8%, or 1.6 times, to $ 104.042 billion, compared to $ 63.508 billion in January-July 2017, according to the CBR website.

Alibaba, RFPI, Mail.Ru Group and MegaFon announced a joint business

Alibaba will be the main owner, it is assumed that this company will have a 48% stake. Megafon has 24%, Mail.Ru Group has 15% and RFPI has 13%. The new organization will be called AliExpress Russia.

Partnership with a global leader in e-commerce will be of great importance for the digital transformation of the Russian economy. And given that this is a partnership with a Chinese company, I am confident of the great potential of the deal to strengthen Russian-Chinese business ties. – Alisher Usmanov, Russian businessman

“Gazprom” left to weld 40 kilometers of the pipeline “Power of Siberia”

“Gazprom” left to weld 40 kilometers of pipes of the linear part of the pipeline “Power of Siberia”, told reporters deputy chairman of the company Vitaly Markelov

Gas prices in the Stavropol Territory increased

According to the Federal State Statistics Service for the North Caucasus Federal District, gas prices increased by 9.3% in the Stavropol Territory over the month. Comparing fuel prices at 22 gas stations in the region, experts found that gasoline fell a little in August, diesel fuel did not change in price, and gas prices went up.

In Surgut, prices for the most popular gasoline

In the district capital, the price “floats” from 42.8 to 43.9 rubles per liter. The cheapest “92nd” in Nizhnevartovsk – from 41.7 to 42.8 rubles. In Surgut, the highest price of AI-92 is 42.9 rubles.

VEB and the State Development Bank of China signed a loan agreement

The head of Vnesheconombank Igor Shuvalov and the chairman of the State Development Bank of China (China Development Bank, CDB) Hu Huiban signed an agreement to provide the Russian Federation with loans of up to 12 billion yuan

“Construction Trust” put up for sale a trade and office center

The company “Construction Trust” put up for sale an investment project of a shopping and office center in the residential area NEWPITER in the village. Housewarming. The object is located at the intersection of Krasnoselsky Highway and Pitersky Prospekt. The sale price of a four-story building is 380 million rubles

In Russia, self-employed people will be exempt from pension contributions

The Russian authorities do not plan to make mandatory contributions to the Pension Fund for self-employed residents of the country, the head of the Federal Tax Service (FNS) of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, said at the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) in Vladivostok on September 11.

We believe that, perhaps, self-employed people do not automatically need to contribute to the Pension Fund. It should be the choice of the citizen: if he wants a social pension five years later, he can not pay the Pension Fund at all. Many now do so. – Mikhail Mishustin, Russian economist

Aeroflot expects profit reduction due to rising prices for kerosene

Aeroflot expects the profit of the group to decrease by the end of 2018, Mikhail Poluboyarinov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company, told reporters on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum. According to him, the reason for this was the increase in prices for jet kerosene

Siluanov denied the ruble in extraordinary measures of protection

The situation with the weakening of the ruble does not require extraordinary measures, including the introduction of mandatory sale of export earnings by foreign exchange earners, said First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Without fail, we are not going to introduce any sales of foreign exchange earnings. The situation, absolutely not requiring any extraordinary interventions. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

The Central Bank placed coupon bonds of the 12th issue for 109.5 billion rubles

The Bank of Russia placed coupon bonds of the twelfth issue for 109.510 billion rubles at par value. Demand for securities amounted to 109.510 billion rubles at face value, according to the materials of the Moscow Stock Exchange. The volume of supply was 442,806 billion rubles at face value.

Norway plans to allocate $ 6 million to search for oil at the border with Russia

Norway plans to allocate $ 6 million to find oil at the border with Russia. This was reported by Prime Minister Ernu Sulberg, the newspaper Dagens nringsliv (DN) reports.

Stimulating oil production in Western Siberia

The Ministry of Energy supports the development of measures to stimulate oil production in the fields of Western Siberia. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak in the framework of the WEF-2018.

The cost of a square meter of housing will be calculated using a new methodology

Ministry of Construction of Russia proposed to recalculate the standard cost per square meter of living space in the regions of Russia in the direction of its increase to market price indicators. This was stated by the head of the department Vladimir Yakushev.

“The methodology has not changed for a long time (from 2013 – Ed.), Housing in the market now is much more expensive.” Such a gap leads to the fact that it is impossible to acquire housing for those funds that are allocated. became more fair and reflected the market value of a square meter, which is in one or another constituent entity of the federation “, – quotes the minister Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Russian Rental Market

The most expensive one-bedroom apartments were in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here the average price for this housing is 32.4 thousand and 25.2 thousand rubles, respectively.

Also, high prices were noted in Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. On average, the price of renting one-room apartments in Russia grew by 2.5%.

Two-room apartments have become more expensive by 1.3%. The average price for the country is 35.4 thousand rubles per month in it. At the same time, “treshki” on the contrary fell in price by 2.7% to 53.9 thousand rubles.

On the market, the demand for housing exceeds supply, so apartment owners are reluctant to take families with children and animals. Also now, landlords have become less likely at the request of residents to change furniture or repair plumbing and household appliances.

Icebreakers on liquefied gas

Novatek and Rosatomflot will build a fleet of icebreakers using liquefied gas as fuel. This was announced today at the East Economic Forum by the commercial director of Novatek Lev Feodosiev.

“We are Novatek and Rosatomflot – only in the morning, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Akimov, signed an agreement on intentions to jointly develop – to build an icebreaker fleet on LNG,” he said. Such icebreakers, yielding to nuclear icebreakers, will be able to provide navigation

Gazprom Neft and CNPC agreed on technological cooperation

Gazprom Neft and the Chinese National Oil and Gas Corporation (CNPC) signed an agreement on technological cooperation within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian company said.

The price of transfer of official transport to gas

The transfer of Gazprom’s official vehicles to gas fuel made it possible to save 2 billion rubles in six years. This was during a working trip to Vladimir told reporters on Tuesday the chairman of the board of directors of Gazprom Viktor Zubkov.


Russia and Mongolia: the progressive development of relations

Putin thanked his Mongolian colleague for the fact that he is heading the delegation of his country for the second time to the WEF for the second time. The Russian leader recalled that in 2017 the trade turnover between the two countries grew by almost half, and in the first half of 2018 the growth was almost 30 percent.

“Relations between our countries are developing on the basis of earlier decisions, in general we are satisfied with the way it happens,” he said at the talks with Mongolian President Haltmaagiin Battulga on the margins of the Eastern Economic Forum

Putin held talks with Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping

Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, the meeting was held as part of the search for the initiatives of the Fourth Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) in Vladivostok.

We just talked with our great friend, Chairman Xi Jinping about the development of Russian-Chinese relations, touched practically all areas of our interaction: it concerned the economy, social sphere, humanitarian ties, military-technical cooperation. – Vladimir Putin

Former Georgian minister accused the US of secret experiments on people

The US could conduct secret experiments on people in a laboratory on the territory of Georgia, said former Minister of State Security Igor Giorgadze.

New decree on sanctions for interference in US elections

Donald Trump plans to sign a decree on imposing sanctions for interference in the elections, reports also The Wall Street Journal referring to its sources in the White House, familiar with the situation.

One of the interlocutors described the forthcoming decree as “another tool in the recruitment of other tools” to prevent interference by foreign opponents.

“This is not the only decision, but the president makes a clear statement that such activities will not be tolerated and will be punished,” the source said.

US threatens Iran with a response for possible attacks on diplomats in Iraq

The White House threatened Iran with a “quick and decisive” response in the case of attacks against diplomats in Basra and other cities of Iraq, in which the US blamed Iran

In Barcelona, celebrated the Day of Catalonia

Hundreds of thousands of Barcelona residents celebrated the Day of Catalonia with a mass meeting for the independence of the region from Spain. On September 11, the Associated Press reported.

Canadian authorities confirmed the preparation of proposals for reforming the WTO

According to the agency, “a group of high-level trade representatives” of interested countries will meet in Geneva on September 20 to discuss this proposal of Canada. They will also have to prepare the basis for the ministerial-level talks that may take place in Ottawa on October 24-25.

The overall goal of Japan and China

The full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is a common goal for Japan and China, and both countries will work closely on this issue. This was stated on Wednesday by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe following the meeting in Vladivostok with the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.


Ukraine announced the transfer of troops to the Azov Sea

Ukraine strengthened the army grouping in the Azov Sea. This was reported by the commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Popko on his Facebook page. The US refused to allow the new Tu-214 to observe military flights

The United States blocked the admission of a new Russian Tu-214ON to observation flights under the Open Skies Treaty without explaining the reason, the head of the national center for nuclear danger reduction, Sergei Ryzhkov, told in an interview with the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

The Kremlin did not take seriously the news about the threat to Russians in Syria

The Kremlin does not take seriously the reports of the American media about the possibility of a US military strike against Russian facilities in Syria. About this, as reported by “RIA Novosti”, said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov.

We do not take media reports seriously anymore, because they have completely discredited themselves. We are guided by official statements. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Shoigu arrived in Transbaikalia, where the maneuvers “East-2018” pass

Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu arrived in the troops of the Eastern Military District in the area of maneuvers of the troops “East-2018” in Transbaikalia.

The State Department accused Russia of discrediting Syrian “White Helmets”

The official spokesman for the US State Department, Heather Nauert, said that Russia and the Syrian authorities unreasonably accuse the White Helmets organization. The Russian Foreign Ministry earlier stated that the White Helmets were part of an information campaign to discredit the Syrian authorities and the military

A unified air defense control system was created at the exercise “Vostok-2018”

Within the framework of the Vostok-2018 maneuvers, a unified command and control system for the air defense on-duty forces (air defense) was created in the air defense system, which includes forces and means for repelling air strikes, covering groups of troops (forces), and ensuring the management of all air target weapons from single center.

In the US, they create a hypersonic missile with a range of 1,600 km

The missile system with a range of 1.6 thousand kilometers is developed by US military specialists. This is reported by the publication Breaking Defense, citing sources in the US Defense Department. A missile with such a range in the United States is being developed for the first time since the collapse of the USSR.

The Syrian army is storming a terrorist enclave in the province of Deir ez Zor

The positions of the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” * are located in the vicinity of the village of. Saruk south of the city of El Shul. At the moment, attacks on them are conducted by the detachments of the Republican Guard of the Armed Forces of the country.

Two armored caravans of Kiev appeared in the Azov Sea near the Berdyansk port

Kiev strengthened the protection of the water area of the Azov Sea near the Berdyansk Sea Port by two armored vessels. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuri Lavrenyuk. In the water area of the Sea of Azov in the area of the Berdyansk seaport appeared two Ukrainian armored vessels

Russia will deploy in the Arctic missile systems “Bastion”

The command of the Northern Fleet before the end of the year will deploy a battery of supersonic coastal missile systems “Bastion” on the island of Kotelny. They are capable of affecting land and sea targets within a radius of 600 km. New complexes have been replaced by obsolete installations “Rubezh”, which are no longer in the fleet

Poland will create on the border with Ukraine a new division

The Polish army will create on the eastern border with Ukraine a new unit, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaschak said. The command of the new division will be in Siedlce.

Pentagon will expand military presence in Greece

The Pentagon is already negotiating with the Greek authorities to increase the military presence of the United States in the country. The military leadership of the United States began to implement this plan because of the lack of progress in matters of Turkey’s intentions to purchase Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Reservists attracted to participate in the maneuvers “East-2018”

The meeting is timed to coincide with the exercise “East-2018”. This was reported to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Simultaneously with the servicemen of the reserve, military uniforms are worn by those who graduated from the military department at the university, and was also released or granted a reprieve of up to 27 years

Britain promised to respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Twitter said that London, along with its allies, will respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. According to him, Britain and its allies will resolutely respond if Syria uses chemical weapons in the territory of the country.


Volodina tore up the shooting and got to the hospital

Larisa Guzeeva, the co-facilitator, is in the hospital ward. One of the leading popular show “Let’s Get Married” Vasilissa Volodina inadvertently thwarted shooting project, hitting a sick-list. At the same time, the astrologer assured the users that her health is not in danger and soon she will return to work.

Shuvalov called California a competitor of Primorsky Krai

Shuvalov noted that in the Far Eastern macroregion everything can develop more dynamically than in the rest of the country. “The competitor for the Primorsky Territory is not Moscow and the Moscow region, but California,” Shuvalov said.

Dave Grohl left a huge tip for a check in 666 dollars

Dave Grohl left a tip in the bar at $ 333 for a joke. According to NME, Dave Grohl and the team visited the legendary Hollywood Bar Rainbow Bar & Grill after the surprise concert Foo Fighters in Los Angeles.

Jeff Monson explained the desire to become a deputy

Mixed-style fighter (MMA) Jeff Monson, who received Russian citizenship, explained why he decided to become a deputy of the City Duma of the Moscow region of Krasnogorsk.

I decided that I would like to do more for this city than just to hold sporting events. – Jeff Monson, American athlete

Timati published a message about his concerts

In response, Timati published a message for “narrow-minded”, in which he urged the soldier himself to observe the commandments of morality – not to fight for money, not to finish off the recumbent and not spread the photo in his underpants.

The daughter of Mikhalkov told about the condition of his father

The daughter of the director Nikita Mikhalkov, Nadezhda, told Zvezda that her father was all right. Earlier, the actor, playwright Alexander Adabashyan told reporters that Mikhalkov was in hospital and underwent surgery.

The Flying told about the blackmail and threats of the leadership of the “Revizorro”

The volatile has told about blackmail and threats of a management “Revizorro” the TV presenter has recollected, how shooting of last season of the program with its participation took place. Elena Letuchaya revealed new details of her work on the “Revizorro” program.

Dana Borisova is afraid for her daughter after the threats of her ex-husband

Having managed to cope with the dangerous dependence, the TV host managed to persuade her husband to let her see her daughter. Now 11-year-old Pauline almost never separates from his mother. She lives with Dana, Borisova buys everything she needs: things, toys, school supplies.

There were rumors about the divorce of the director of “Unlike” Andrei Zvyagintsev

This week, there was information about the divorce of Andrei Zvyagintsev with his wife Anna Matveeva. According to the insiders, the director of “Unlike”, “Leviathan” and “Helena” is now officially free. About change of the status of the winner of the Cannes and Venetian film festivals, several telegram channels were reported at once.

Changed after the illness MakSim did not recognize the fans

MakSim, or Marina Maksimova, returned to creative work after the break, which she had to take because of health problems. The singer told the fans that she was already working on a new video. In the Instagram of the actress there were pictures and video from the filming of the clip “My secrets”.

Keith Harington accused Marvel of homophobia

Keith Harington in an interview with Variety criticized the studio Marvel, that in her films do not play the role of superhero actors gay. According to the actor, in the film industry there is a problem of a misconception about masculinity

78-year-old Vitorgan prepares to become father for the fourth time

78-year-old Vitorgan prepares to become a father for the fourth time. The artist admitted that they are thinking about another baby with a 56-year-old wife. People’s Artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan this year became a sensational father for the third time.

Irisha gave me a daughter. I can not live without it. She’s wonderful, such a wonderful girl. He does not cry, he does not cry. Moreover, we are preparing for the appearance of a brother. They need to be friends, help each other. – Emmanuel Vitorgan, actor

Chris Pratt introduced his beloved to his family

39-year-old Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Jurassic Park”) first met his new love – the daughter of a famous actor and the policy of Arnold Schwarzenegger – in June this year. In August, the couple confirmed their romance.

Actress Ashley Benson confirmed the relationship with Kara Delevin

Actress Ashley Benson, known for the series “Lovely deceivers,” made a provocative recording under the photograph of her colleague Kara Delevin.

Comedy Woman Natalia Medvedev is waiting for the second child

33-year-old Medvedev is trying to protect privacy from prying eyes, but recently it became known that she will soon become a mother for the second time. According to some reports, Natalia Medvedeva is eight months pregnant.

Dima Bilan told about his illness

According to Bilan, now in his life came a black streak. The singer is not at all puzzled, because he experienced a serious mental trauma. At the moment he does not think about the relationship, because he has someone to take care of. Dima Bilan gives his love to his parents and sister, and also establishes a family business.

Spouses Blumenkrantz staged a fight on the set of “House-2”

Recently the couple made a fight, which almost ended tragically. Tata decided to talk with her husband, but he was not at all inclined to discuss anything with his wife and simply ignored all of her words.


Netflix bought the rights to display two Russian cartoons

The American company Netflix acquired the rights to display two Russian animated TV series “Steam Engine” – “Mi-mi-bears” and “Leo and Teague”.

In the network appeared the trailer of the Russian cartoon film “Cyberslav”

The trailer of the cartoon “Cyberslav” of Russian production appeared on the web. The video is posted on the YouTube video service. Production of a cartoon in the genre of ancient Slavic cyberpunk is engaged in the animation studio Evil Pirate Studio

Started shooting full-length “Abbey Downton”

In the official Instagram series “Abbey Downton” published a black and white snapshot with a “cracker”, which marks the first take of new shootings. I remember the series, which has been broadcasted to numerous TV viewers, at last transformed into a full-length film.

“Soyuzmultfilm” will dedicate Uspensky a new picture

A new picture of Soyuzmultfilm will be dedicated to Eduard Uspensky, said in an interview with RIA Novosti on the WEF chairman of the studio Juliana Slashcheva

Film Festival “Man and Nature” will be opened in Irkutsk on September 21

The best documentary and feature films will be shown in Irkutsk. September 21 in the city will open the 17th Baikal International Film Festival named after Valentin Rasputin “Man and Nature”

Netflix bought the rights to the basketball drama of Soderbergh

The American company-supplier of films and serials on the basis of streaming multimedia Netflix acquired the rights to distribute the drama of Stephen Soderbergh “Bird of high flight”, informs “Soviet sport”. As informs deadline.com, Netflix plans to release the film in 2019.

Film Festival “Message to Man” opens in St. Petersburg on September 15

The International Film Festival “The Epistle to Man” will be held in St. Petersburg from September 15 to 22, Newinform reports. The program included documentary, play, animation and experimental films.

The film on the book Guzel Yahinoy “My Children” will be removed by Alexey Teacher

Rights for the screen version of the novel by the writer of Kazan Guzel Jahina “My Children” was purchased by Alexey Uchitel’s studio. The director himself told about the decision. The teacher stressed that he wants to work on the film himself.

The film “Baigal” received a prize at “Kinoshock” and goes to the rental

This year, in the section of full-length films, one of the awards – a special diploma of a grand jury with the formulation “for the careful treatment of national traditions” was given to the Tatarstan painting “Baigal” by Ildar Yagafarov.

Guy Ritchie screens the comic “Captain Britain”

As reported by the site Is not It Cool News with reference to a source within the British film industry, the name of the director Guy Ritchie (“Big Jack”) appeared at the Pinewood studio in connection with the Marvel project titled “Captain Britain and the Black Knight” (Captain Britain and The Black Knight).

The festival of Brazilian cinema will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg

From 25 to 30 September in the “KARO 11 October” in Moscow and October 3-7 in “KARO 11 Ohta” in St. Petersburg will host the Festival of Brazilian cinema. It is organized by the Brazilian producer company Linas Produces Coultureys, the Brazilian embassy in Russia and the KARO company.


Nicky Minaj and Muppets in the video on “Barbie Dreams”

Niki Minazh released a video for the song “Barbie Dreams”, which was included in her latest album “Queen”. The director was Hayp Williams, who already worked with Minazh on the clips “Bed”, “Va Va Voom” and others.

Sir Paul McCartney released a new album – and he can not be missed

The new record of the musician was called Egypt Station, and on its cover – a picture of McCartney himself, created by him in 1988.

Regina Todorenko and Anton Lavrentiev recorded a joint song

Former hosts of the show “Eagle and Tails” – musician Anton Lavrentiev and TV star Regina Todorenko – recorded a joint lyrical single. The recording was held in one of the Moscow studios.

Florence Welch plunges into trance before concerts

Soloist Florence and the Machine Florence Welch admitted that she plunged into a trance state before stepping onto the stage. To do this, she listens to the concert before her favorite music, according to Rolling Stone.

Cher will recreate the atmosphere of the 1970s on tour with ABBA songs

Cher announced a tour in support of her album cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”. The release of the record will take place on September 28, 2018, and the tour of the US cities – in January 2019.

Tekashi69 announced a new date for the Moscow concert

American rapper Tekashi69, who was going to perform on September 7, 2018 in the club Cition Hall, announced a new date for the Moscow concert. He plans to perform in the same Cition Hall on September 13th.

“Chaif” took a video about sex, food and seals

The premiere of the “ChaiF” music video for the song “What We Did Last Year” was held on September 11, 2018.

Our life is moving more and more into virtual space: it’s not a friendly handshake, but the likes, not a declaration of love, but a heart, “the musicians wrote in a commentary on the video. – “The world is ruled by sex, food and cats!” But in our power to continue to live as we like

Eros Ramazzotti is traveling to Russia

Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti, whose Russian tour was scandalously canceled in 2016, returns with concerts. The artist will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2019. The Moscow concert will be held in Crocus City Hall on October 11, 2019, and on October 13 the performance in the St. Petersburg Ice Palace will be held. Tickets go on sale September 14, 2018
Tickets go on sale on September 14, 2018.

The first audio recording of David Bowie was sold for $ 51 thousand

In the UK, for the auction for 39 thousand 360 pounds (about 51 thousand dollars) sold the first sound recording of the legendary rock musician David Bowie.

The musician of the year in Russia was called the Ukrainian singer

The famous Ukrainian singer Max Barskikh was recognized as the musician of the year in Russia according to GQ magazine. Barskikh thanked the fans and noted that he was happy to create music for them. As part of the awards ceremony, Barskikh performed his song “My Love”, accompanied by a symphony orchestra

Olga Buzova: November 18 will host a big show “Accept me”

A solo concert will take place on the Crocus Сity stage, in a large hall on November 18, 2018, beginning at 19:00. The name “Accept me” the show received in honor of the singer’s album of the same name (the second one on the account), the output of which is expected soon.


In Russia offer to buy a new iPhone XS for 250 thousand rubles

Tomorrow, Apple will officially introduce its smartphones in 2018, as well as other new products. At the same time, Russia already offers to buy a new iPhone XS Plus, and ads appeared on the site of free ads, and even new products are offered by large sellers.

In South Korea intend to ban the sale of iPhone

The company Apple, which produces gadgets, was suspected of infringing patents. In case the fact of borrowing is proved, the sale of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as iPad Pro will be banned on the territory of the country. Last week, prices and characteristics for new iPhone models and other Apple devices appeared on the web.

Xiaomi released a leash for children for 8 dollars

Chinese company Xiaomi has released a leash for children, with the help of which the child is not lost during the walk. The cost of the novelty was 8 dollars. The product appeared on sale at the online site Youpin, owned by Xiaomi.

New vulnerability in Windows 10 opens full access to the system

The other day, experts from the PowerPool group found a critical error in Windows 10. The new vulnerability allows attackers to gain full access to the operating system.

Russia took the second place in the world on piracy on the Internet

The US and Russia are leading in terms of downloads of pirated content on the Internet. The data was brought by experts on cyber security from Irdeto. The number of such downloads in the US during the period from January 2017 to May 2018 exceeded 1.7 billion, Russia – 1.64 billion.

Instagram lets you tag friends on video

The social network Instagram plans to launch a new feature – the mark of friends on video clips. Recall, now users can be noted only in photos.

WhatsApp became available for button phones

The messenger WhatsApp, released for push-button phones, allows you to exchange text and voice messages, send files, and make voice calls.

Google launches a new service for job seekers in the UAE

The search engine Google launches a new service, which is designed to facilitate the search for work in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East in general.

Chrome 69 hides subdomains “www” and “m” in the address bar

As it turned out, now when the site is opened, the browser does not show the subdomains “www” and “m”. Of course, this aroused the indignation of many users, as it led to transitions to third-party resources. The funniest thing is that this function is positioned by developers as protection from such a transition and phishing.

Tor browser became available on Android

According to specialized news agencies, Tor Project representatives published an alpha version of the official mobile client of the Tor browser on Google Play. Thus, the “onion” tool for web surfing has become available to all users of the Android platform.

How to follow the ambulance route

To track the ambulance, it’s enough to click the “Ambulance” icon in the mobile application of the system-112 and enter the phone number from which the call was made. After that, an icon will appear on the interactive map, which will show the route of movement and the approximate time of arrival of the physicians.

Montblanc Summit 2 became the first “smart” clock on the new Snapdragon

Experts stated a number of similar moments with the previous modification. The first smart clock on this processor will be Montblanc Summit 2, but you will not have to count on a low price for a gadget.

Xiaomi named the release date of Mi Band 3 with the NFC module

Xiaomi confirmed that the fitness bracelet Mi Band 3 with the NFC-module will go on sale on September 19. The accessory has passed all the necessary tests and is ready to appear in electronics stores.

New Google PixelBook notebook with round buttons

The network has new leaks, which, allegedly, demonstrate the company laptop Google Pixelbook. The novelty will be shown in New York on October 9. The new video showed a laptop Google PixelBook, which features round buttons.

The new smartphone OnePlus 6T will be released on October 17

The new smartphone OnePlus 6T will be released on October 17 this year. This is reported by the CNET resource with reference to representatives of OnePlus. In addition to the release date of the gadget, experts were able to learn some technical characteristics of the device.

The Nokia 7 Plus increased autonomy and improved the interface

The system will analyze the requirements of the applications and adjust the work of the processor so that it consumes as little energy as possible. This should increase the autonomy of the device. Also in the update were changed the navigation system, the settings menu and the display of notifications.

What will Apple announce on September 12

Perhaps, the company simply announces AR-lenses, as a year ago – wireless charging AirPower. Recall that the mat for charging several devices has not yet been released. Apple will accurately present three new iPhone and the fourth generation of smart watches Apple Watch.

In MIUI 10 from Xiaomi appeared the cleaning function WhatsApp

Chinese developers of Xiaomi have updated the shell of the operating system MIUI 10. Now there is a cleaning function WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Cleaner tool appears in the Security application.

Smart Watches Huawei Watch GT and Honor Watch are preparing for the announcement

Honor Watch watches will be cheaper, but they will not have the LTE module, which is available from Huawei Watch GT. Perhaps the announcement will take place on October 16.

Google created a site for travelers

On the Internet there is a new site from Google, which will help organize an unforgettable trip. Touring Bird is a resource for mobile devices, where you can find information about tours, attractions, attractions and excursions in the most popular cities in the world.


Official release of Pokemon GO in Russia took place

The game Pokemon Go has become available in Russia, it can be downloaded in the Russian App Store stores and Google Play.

The authors of Forza Horizon 4 showed a mission-crossover with a series of Halo

As has long been known, in Forza Horizon 4 players will go to the UK. However, as it turned out on a recent stream with the developers, some locations in the game will be quite unexpected: the game will have a crossover mission in the Halo universe.

Left Alive from Square Enix will be released in 2019

The company Square Enix announced that the shooter with survival elements Left Alive will go on sale in 2019 on the PC and PlayStation 4. For Japan, the exact date is indicated – February 28.

Gamescom 2018: US President Saves Democracy in Metal Wolf Chaos XD

In one corner – a beautiful and touching Gris, in the other – carbon monoxide My Friend Pedro. But the real madness was, without a doubt, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, which was presented by producer Masanori Takeuchi (Masanori Takeuchi).

Remaster The Last Remnant will be released in December

One of the best classic Japanese games, The Last Remnant, will be released in an updated version on the engine Unreal Engine 4. Publishing Square Enix will release The Last Remnant Remastered simultaneously all over the world.

Sega has announced a detective thriller Project Judge from the authors of Yakuza

Company Sega has announced a detective thriller Project Judge from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios (creators of the Yakuza series). It will be released in 2019 on the PlayStation 4. Action Project Judge unfolds in modern Tokyo.

The creators of Shadow of the Tomb Raider released a release game trailer

Recall, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be on sale September 14. The game will immediately become available for gaming consoles and PCs. Those who have issued a preliminary order for the game, will receive it two days before the official start of sales

League of Legends: an animated trailer for the Odyssey

Studio Riot Games has released a spectacular animated trailer “Odyssey”, dedicated to the upcoming event of the same name in the League of Legends. As part of this event, the game will have a new PvE mode and images for Jinks, Malfita, Yasuo, Sona and Ziggs.

Gamescom 2018: Devil’s Hunt – fighting without rules with demons

At Gamescom 2018, 1C company, among other things, showed the recently announced Devil’s Hunt based on the book trilogy about Desmond Pierce (in Russian did not leave) Polish writer Pavel Lesnyak (Paweł Leśniak).

Halo 5: Guardians still can get on the PC

The network has long been rumored that Microsoft will release Halo 5: Guardians on the PC, but this has not happened yet. However, not everything is lost: Amazon introduced a new cover for the physical copy of Halo 5, and some gamers found a hint of it on the upcoming release of the game on the PC.

Playboy publishers aim at VR and video games

American corporation Playboy Enterprises, which publishes a popular men’s magazine, intends to expand the presence of the brand on new platforms. It’s about the Internet, video games and virtual reality (VR), said in a statement of the head of the company Ben Kohn.

EA began distributing season passes for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4

In addition to Origin began distribution and season passes for Battlefield 4. Prior to this, Electronic Arts did not say that it would be distributed, so it is not clear yet whether the offer will be relevant for the owners of consoles. On the activation of the players week – the distribution will end on September 18.


Recognize the explosive will help nuclear magnetic resonance

A technology based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) will come to the aid of antiterrorist services, police and security personnel. The proposed method differs significantly from the known method of using NMR associated with cumbersome equipment and long-term analysis of measurements

The Lasker Prize was given for a study of histones and propofol

The Lasker Prize, the most prestigious medical award in the world after the Nobel Prize in 2018, will be given to three American and one British scientist: David Ellis, Michael Grunstein, Joan Argesinger Stait and John Glen, the Lasker Foundation said.

The record of high-temperature superconductivity is beaten twice

The first discovered superconductors required cooling just a few degrees above absolute zero (-273 ° C), and in 2015 it was possible to show that hydrogen sulphide at high pressures demonstrates superconductivity “only” at -70 ° C. Recently this record has surpassed, and at once twice.

Geologists of Moscow State University discovered on Yamal the first ice volcano on the planet

Researchers of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Lomonosov within the framework of the expedition to the Yamal Peninsula discovered a new phenomenon for the Earth – cryovolcano. Similar volcanoes were previously observed only on ice planets and planetoids. Geologists studied the Arctic crater, which was discovered in 2014.

Mood learned to determine by brain activity

Having studied the dynamics of the mood of seven patients with epilepsy, in the brain of which electrodes were inserted for monitoring attacks, the researchers were able to link certain patterns of neuronal activity of the limbic system and other parts of the brain with the emotional state.

The first interactive model of division of a human cell is created

Researchers from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) have developed an interactive map of proteins involved in cell division. This is a 4D-model, which allows you to see in the dynamics, which particular group of proteins and where the cell starts the process of mitosis.

The method of control over a single molecule

Researchers from the Bath University dug deeper – and found that they stumbled upon a method of controlling individual molecules by approximating the tip of the STM to the molecule being studied. This can give new opportunities for nanoscale experiments and discoveries.

The Americans created a serial electric drone with a two-hour flight duration

Impossible Aerospace introduced an electric US-1 quadrupter, capable of continuously being in the air for two hours and flying up to 75 kilometers without recharging the batteries. This greatly exceeds the capabilities of other serial electric multi-copters, reports TechCrunch.


The Russian prices and complete sets of new Kia Cerato are named

The start of sales of the new generation Kia Cerato in Russia will take place on October 1, 2018, and the price range for it will be from 1,049,900 to 1,359,900 rubles (a rise in price from 60,000 rubles). But the most interesting is that the sales of the previous Cerato sedan in Russia will continue under the name Cerato Classic.

The UAZ refused to develop a compact crossover

UAZ refused to design a compact crossover, which is currently known under the internal index “3170”. This is referring to the general director of the company Sollers Vadim Shvetsov, RIA Novosti.

Honda patented a new crossover based on the Honda HR-V

The company Honda has registered in the Chinese patent office the design of a new crossover based on Honda HR-V. It is known that the novelty will receive an electric power unit and will go on sale under the brand Everus.

Geely Atlas crossover with turbo engine will arrive in Russia

The company Geely will bring to the Russian market a turbo version of the Atlas crossover in early 2019. This is reported by representatives of the automaker. Recall that the 1.8-liter turbocharged engine develops a power of 184 hp. It is assumed that this version will become the sales driver for the Atlas model in Russia

The second model Bugatti can become an SUV

In the Bugatti lineup, a second model may appear, which will be very different from the Chiron and the track-oriented Divo. According to the head of the brand Stefan Winkelmann, the company is now ready for such a step. More likely, it will be a super-super-SUV, not a sedan.

Hyundai Santa Fe Convertible

At once I would like to note that today such a car is presented only in a single copy. The company does not plan (at least for the time being) on the mass production of the modification of the cabriolet of this line. This single copy is the brainchild of the Australian division of Hyundai.

Armored supercar Aston Martin DB11 developed in Germany

Modernization of the car will protect the coupe from attacks by firearms and robbery. In addition, German developers installed and bulletproof glass. Despite the fact that the transport doors are made of heavy-duty steel and additional composite materials – the total mass of protective components was only 150 kilograms. It is noted that the equipment of the armor did not affect the comfort of the supercar and its driving characteristics.

The updated Aston Martin DB11 was equipped with a 5.2-liter V12 turbocharger, developing power of 600 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. The car can accelerate in 3.9 seconds, and the maximum speed of the coupe was 322 kilometers per hour.

The new McLaren hypercard will be faster than Bugatti Chiron

As reported by the portal The SupercarBlog, the new McLaren Speedtail will be faster than its main competitor – Bugatti Chiron. With a power plant with a capacity of 1,000 hp. The hypercar is 0.5 seconds faster than the French model.

Toyota starts selling an updated compact car Sienta

The other day, official dealers of the brand announced the beginning of sales of the updated model of the Toyota Sienta, which will be available with a 5-seat saloon. From its predecessor the novelty differs by other bumpers, modified radiator grille and head optics.

In Europe, sales of the new Citroen Berlingo

Motor range is represented by three engines with power from 75 to 130 hp. The basic equipment is equipped with a number of new active safety systems. The cost of the new Citroen Berlingo starts at a mark of 22 000 euros.

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