13 Jan, 2018

The last chance of the European Union

US President Donald Trump promised to withdraw from the agreement with Iran, if the European Union does not correct it.

According to him, this is the EU’s “last chance” to correct the shortcomings of the agreement. He stressed that countries that refused to work with the US and support Iran’s “nuclear ambitions” are against all peace-loving countries.

“No one should doubt my words. I said that I will not confirm the fulfillment of the nuclear deal, and I did not confirm it. I will also fulfill this promise: I call on the key European countries to join the US in correcting the significant shortcomings of the deal, in resisting the Iranian aggression and in supporting the Iranian people. If other countries can not act now, I will stop our deal with Iran, “Trump said.

In addition, he urged the US allies to make the Iranian movement Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations and to counter Iran’s activities, as well as “to stop financing the Guard Corps of the Islamic Revolution and their paramilitary supporters.”

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Consequences of the US statement on the Iranian nuclear deal

The EU countries will prepare a joint assessment of US statements on Iran, while they plan to continue to comply with the obligations of the nuclear deal, the statement said the European External Relations Service.

I said that I will not confirm the fulfillment of the nuclear deal, and I did not confirm it. I will also fulfill this promise: I call on the key European countries to join the US in correcting the significant shortcomings of the deal, in resisting the Iranian aggression and in supporting the Iranian people. – Donald Trump

The US expanded the sanctions list on Iran

The US authorities included in the sanctions list 14 individuals and legal entities from Iran for their involvement in human rights violations. Among them was the head of the judicial system of the country, Ayatollah Sadik Larijani. This was reported today by the US Treasury.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry called Trump’s statements about migrants coarse and racist

“The Cuban Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the racist, offensive and rude statements of the US President towards Haiti, El Salvador, the states of Africa and other continents,” the Cuban Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“VKontakte” was again added to the list of pirated resources

The Russian social network “VKontakte” the US Department of Commerce once again added to the list of pirated resources. The corresponding document is published on the website of the department. The company sotsseti in the list were, in particular, Russian torrent trackers Rutracker.org and Rapidgator.net.

Congressman promises Trumpu impeachment for harsh words about migrants

In Congress, the US condemned Trump’s remarks about migrants, and also promised to raise the issue of Trump’s impeachment to a vote. This was written by a member of the House of Representatives of Congress Al Green in his microblog on the social network Twitter.

The congressional condemnation of racist statements is not enough. In congress, the talks do not mean anything, only our vote is important. Next week, I will again put to vote a resolution on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. – Al Greene, American Performer

Ex-actress paid for the silence about the connection with Trump, write the media

The publication notes that the money was intended for the actress’s silence about the meeting with Trump, which allegedly took place one year after his marriage to Melania. The current legal adviser to the US President, Michael Cohen, who worked for the Trump Organization for more than 10 years, agreed on everything.

British Foreign Secretary insulted the mayor of London because of Trump

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the mayor of London Sadiq Khan “pompous”, RIA Novosti reported. Earlier, the mayor criticized Prime Minister Teresa May for the decision to invite the US president to pay a state visit to the UK.

The United States is the largest investor in the UK, and at the same time, Khan and Corbin appear to be seeking to put these crucial relationships at risk. We will not allow the US-British relations to be compromised by some inflated, pompous rumors in the town hall. – Boris Johnson, British politician

The doctor of the White House told about the health of Trump

Donald Trump, who conducted the survey of US President Ronnie Jackson, said the American leader had “excellent health”.

Canada tightened sanctions against the DPRK

Canada has tightened the sanctions regime for the DPRK, according to the website of the Canadian Foreign Ministry. The sanctions regime was brought into line with the provisions of resolution 2397, adopted by the UN Security Council on December 22

Moby spoke about CIA requests to spread information about “Trump’s connection with the Russian Federation”

The famous American musician Richard Hall, better known as Moby, said that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) staff asked him to help spread information that US President Donald Trump is connected with the Russian authorities.

Special prosecutor Müller proposes to start trial of Manafort on May 14

Special prosecutor Robert Muller proposed to start the trial of ex-head of Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters – Paul Manafort – and his business partner Richard Gates on May 14


The US recognized the nuclear advantage of Russia

“Russia threatens to use these low-powered nuclear weapons, so the US must meet and keep the Russians,” concludes the publication of HP.

In the United States launched a launch vehicle Delta IV with a reconnaissance satellite

The launch vehicle Delta IV started in California with a satellite for US reconnaissance, the launch is conducted by the launch operator United Launch Alliance (ULA). The launch of the launch vehicle was given on 01.11 Moscow time on Saturday from the Vandenberg cosmodrome in California.

Tokyo sends ships to monitor compliance with sanctions against the DPRK

Japan is sending ships to conduct surveillance in the Yellow and Japanese Seas for compliance with sanctions against the DPRK. The ships send the command of the Naval Forces of Self-Defense at the request of the USA, Tass reports.

In Sevastopol, S-400 Triumph will be on alert duty

In the area of Cape Fiolent in Sevastopol on alert on Saturday January 13 anti-aircraft missile systems of anti-aircraft defense S-400 “Triumph”. As reported by the media, on this day in Sevastopol will be held solemn events dedicated to the above-mentioned event.

UN experts found traces of Iranian weapons in Yemen

According to the document, “fragments of missiles associated with military equipment and Iranian-made drones were found, which fell into Yemen after the imposition of the arms embargo.”

In the Council of Federation, the joint exercises of the Ukrainian and US Navies have been called a provocation

Joint exercises of the Navy of Ukraine and the United States in the Black Sea – a provocation against Russia, told RIA Novosti First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Franz Klintsevich.

Ukrainian soldiers will be taught to fight with Javelin complexes

In the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) the preparation of calculations for the anti-tank missile systems Javelin will begin next week. This is reported by the information portal on the development of the Ukrainian army and law enforcement agencies of the country Ukrainian Military Pages


Attacked by the President of the Czech Republic, activist Femen was detained for 48 hours

The Ukrainian activist of the Femen movement Angelina Dias who was attacked by Czech President Milos Zeman was detained for 48 hours. She is suspected of committing a crime under the article “Hooliganism”.

Iranian rescuers arrived in search of the crew of a lighted tanker

A team of rescuers from Iran arrived in China to participate in the search for a crew of an Iranian tanker burning in the East China Sea, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Friday.

In the port of Barcelona, a ferry crashed into a cruise liner

In the port of Barcelona, a ferry collided with a cruise liner, El Pais newspaper reported. It is specified that the ferry arriving from Morocco, when trying to moor, crashed into the liner, which stood at the pier.

CKR asked to extend Serebrennikov’s house arrest until April 19

“The court received a petition of the investigating authorities to extend the term of detention under house arrest against defendant Serebrennikov until April 19, 2018,” spokesman for the Basmanny Court of Moscow Yunona Tsareva told Interfax on Friday.

“Aeroflot” will sue Arshavin’s wife because of flight delays

Aeroflot announced its intention to collect from the wife of football player Andrei Arshavin Alisa (Kazmina) the costs incurred because of the delay in the flight Moscow-Alma-Ata. This is reported on the air carrier’s website.

In the US, charges were brought against an intimate photo of a hacker

In the United States, 26-year-old hacker George Garofano, who participated in a cyber attack against Hollywood stars in 2014, was indicted. This is reported by the Associated Press. According to the investigation, the man sent letters to the mail supposedly from Apple to crack the accounts of the stars in iCloud.


The reason for the rise in prices for gasoline in Russia in 2018 became known

Russian mass media write about the internal reason for the increase in the cost of motor fuel in our country in the coming year 2018. The Russian authorities have developed and are preparing for approval a new “tax on wells,” correspondents of Nevsky Novosti specify.

The announcement of the change in Facebook’s tape cost Zuckerberg $ 2.9 billion

Announcement of the upcoming change in the way news is displayed on the Facebook social network has already cost its founder Mark Zuckerberg $ 2.9 billion. According to Bloomberg, the market value of shares of Facebook fell on Friday.

Novak expects to meet with Saudi Energy Minister of Energy

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said he plans to hold a number of bilateral contacts within the framework of the meeting of the OPEC + Monitoring Committee, including with Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih.

The threshold of duty-free Internet trading should be reduced

Russia needs to lower the threshold of duty-free Internet trading, and introduce VAT for foreign online stores, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

“Lukoil” approved the repayment of the main part of treasury shares

The board of directors of the oil company Lukoil at a meeting on Friday, January 12, supported the management initiatives on the repayment of the bulk of the treasury stock. This is reported by PRIME referring to the press service of the company.

JP Morgan Bank lost $ 143 million on loan to one client

American bank JP Morgan reported losses for the last quarter of $ 143 million on a margin loan to one client. Marianne Lake, CFO, reported that the write-off was due to the South African retailer Steinhoff.

Russian airlines in 2017 increased passenger traffic by 19%

In December 2017, the Russian airlines transported 7.6 million passengers, showing an increase of 14.1%

ALROSA will hold a competition of projects to resume production at the Mir mine

Diamond mining company ALROSA announced a tender for recovery projects at the Mir mine, where an accident occurred in August that caused the death of eight miners. Applications for participation in the ALROSA competition are accepted until January 29, 2018, the results of the competition will be announced on March 21.

RFPI does not plan to purchase shares of Detsky Mir and BESK

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) rejected information that appeared in the media about plans to purchase shares of Detsky Mir and BESK. Such plans have no RFPI, the representative of the fund told TASS.

Rosavtodor demanded from Sibmost 1.2 billion rubles for the Eastern detour

Rosavtodor demanded from the company Sibmost to pay more than 1.2 billion rubles as a penalty for the unfinished site of the Eastern detour. In turn, JSC “Sibmost” believes that such a penalty is illegal, and tries to appeal its size in the arbitration court.

Venezuela cut oil sales in the US to its lowest level since 1991

Venezuela in December reduced the average oil sales in the US to 593 thousand barrels per day. As reported by Reuters referring to the data of traders, this is the lowest level since 1991.

“Lukoil” has formed a budget for 2018 based on the price of oil in the $ 50

“This year, the company’s budget is formed based on the price of oil at $ 50 per barrel,” Alekperov added. Last December, Lukoil approved the company’s strategic development program for 2018-2027, which provides for a steady increase in dividends

China has updated records on imports of raw materials

According to the Western agency Bloomberg and the Chinese Xinhua, in 2017, China became the world’s largest importer of oil, the first time ahead of the United States. Oil supplies to the country averaged 8.43 million barrels per day. The demand was raised by new processing facilities and independent buyers.


The sailors who were promised to Putin were paid all their salary debts

Sailors of the courts of the South-Sakhalin company “Vip Stroi Holding”, who appealed to President Vladimir Putin with complaints, have fully paid all their debts on wages.

Dvorkovich told about the growth of the utilization charge from cars

The growth of the utilization fee for cars in 2018 will be up to 15%, but in some cases it will be higher, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich told today.
On some items there will be zero indexation, that is, it will not. For some it will be 15%, for some slightly higher – where other taxes are more seriously reduced. – Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian economist

The debts of Russians on mortgages reached a record 5 trillion rubles

In January-November 2017 banks issued 935,632 ruble mortgage loans worth more than 1.7 trillion rubles.

The US Congress spent $ 103 thousand on payments due to discrimination

The US Congress spent $ 103 thousand on the settlement of discrimination-related scandals for the period from 2003 to 2007. The data were published on the website of the department.

Odessa universities closed due to lack of money for heating

Classes in higher educational institutions of Ukrainian Odessa were terminated due to a lack of money to pay for heating. This is reported by the portal 048.ua with reference to the teachers of ONU named after Mechnikov, the Yurakademy and the Academy of Food Technologies.

Conservatory will teach young employees of the UK “a sense of empathy”

As the representatives of the department explained, the Conservatory and the Investigative Committee will begin to “interact on the issues of spiritual, moral and cultural education of Russians, especially young workers of the UK and students of the educational institutions of the department”

The authorities of St. Petersburg have prepared points for heating the homeless

The authorities of the Northern capital have prepared points for heating the homeless, 13 houses are working in the city for overnight stays, 290 people in need can come there. In some areas of St. Petersburg, about 200 people will be able to warm themselves in special tents.

Berlusconi supported Deneuve in her open letter about harassment

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi supported the French actress Catherine Deneuve, who advocated the right of men to take care of women. Deneuve and another 99 women became the authors of the open letter, in which the ladies expressed the opinion that “gallantry does not constitute male aggression”.


Rosturizm warned of the difficult situation in Japan due to snowfalls

Rosturizm warned Russians and tour operators about the difficult meteorological situation in Japan due to heavy snowfalls. This is stated in the message of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

Hotels in Russian cities at times raised prices for the World Cup 2018

Prices for accommodation in hotels and apartments in Russian cities, where the World Cup matches will be held in 2018, increased several times during the competition. Attention to this drew a famous blogger and traveler Ilya Varlamov.

The legendary traveler Konyukhov first appeared in the Mountain Shoria

Famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov first came to Shoria Mountain. He spent New Year holidays there with his family and promised to arrange rafting on local rivers in the summer.

“Literary Express” to Esenin’s homeland will leave St. Petersburg

Two new tours for schoolchildren and those who love Russian literature are offered by RZD Tur – Express to Yesenin’s Homeland and Literary Heritage of the Meshchersky Region.
Trains in a three-day trip will be sent from the northern capital from the Moscow railway station in the direction of Ryazan. The participants of the tour are waiting for an overview bus and pedestrian excursion around the city with a visit to the places connected with Yesenin.

And during the excursion “Literary heritage of the Meshchersky Krai” they will tell about the history of the literature of the Ryazan region.

In addition, RZD-Tour reports that from February 25, 2018, steam locomotives will resume on a retro-train from Vitebsk railway station to Tsarskoe Selo.


Pregnant wife Tarasova Kostenko calls herself Olga

The media reported that Anastasia Kostenko, wife of Dmitry Tarasova, underwent a routine examination of ultrasound in an elite clinic in Moscow under the name of Olga. The couple hides pregnancy and for greater privacy the wife decided to see a doctor under a false name.

HBO told why the final of the “Game of Thrones” will be released only in 2019

Program director of the HBO television channel Casey Blois said that the last season of the “Game of Thrones” series will not be released until 2019, as the creators want to make the show of the highest quality, writes Entertainment Weekly.

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya told about sex with Dzhigarkhanyan

Vitalina said that she fell in love with Armen Borisovich at a distance when she was sixteen when she saw a theatrical performance with his participation. The older the girl became, the stronger she became possessed by the love of the famous actor.

DiCaprio took the lead in the new film Tarantino

The famous American actor Leonardo DiCaprio will play a major role in the new film directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is reported that the unnamed tape will tell the story of the aging unemployed actor Charles Manson, who will play DiCaprio

Sergei Zverev ignored the second wedding of his son

The chosen young woman was a girl named Julia. But the famous parent did not want to support the offspring and ignored the marriage. However, at the first wedding of his son, a famous stylist also did not appear.

Dark-skinned version of “Harry Potter” caused delight at Rowling

The network started flashmob #BlackHogwarts (“Black Hogwarts”), in which Internet users show what the Harry Potter movies would look like if they were filmed only by black actors.

Crocodile taught Anna Semenovich to run on the water

Anna said that she came to swim. The star enjoyed the process, when suddenly I saw a real crocodile nearby. From the fear of the singer showed real sprinter abilities – she literally rushed to run on the water, including everything else “ultrasound.”

Racism, sexism and homophobia: young people on the web discussed the series “Friends”

Racism, sexism and homophobia were seen by young Web users in the famous American television series “Friends.” Discussion about the “politically incorrect” humor of the turn of the century flared up in “Twitter.”

Samburskaya told about domestic violence

The fallovers suggested that Nastasya might quarrel with her lover because of her mother-in-law. But the new post in Instagram made fans think of another reason for the break. Samburskaya wonders why men raise their hands on women and whether it is worth forgiving.

I left the city and forgot how they were all called! Tried to forgive me when I grew up. Did not work out. Long to explain why. – Nastasya Samburskaya, Russian actress

Russians brutally humiliated wife Arshavin

Alisa Arshavina, the wife of the famous football player, apparently decided to start brightly in 2018. She managed to become a party to two major scandals. Users of the Network could not pass by such enthusiasm of the spouse of the player of the Kazakh “Kairat”.

In the US, the mouse caused a stir at a symphony orchestra concert

During one of the symphony concerts in the United States of America, under the direction of the conductor Yutaki Sado, a small mouse started running around the ranks and disturbing the audience, which, in fact, distracted the listeners from the art. The staff of the premises urged the visitors to be calm.

Enraged Diane Shurygin publicly yelled at her husband-quiet

Law enforcement agencies used the dark, Diana got on the federal television channel, Semenov sat a little in the colony. But, as soon as he left, his sister immediately became a PR director of the rapist and for the first interview with Sergei asked the journalists for 40 thousand.

Stars of the Internet and popular musicians performed at the festival in Sochi

Residents of Sochi recall the brightest moments of the music festival that was held on Krasnaya Polyana. The show called Live Fest for the first time in the history of the country gathered professional actors and Internet stars on one stage. On Live Fest musicians perform only live.

Family friend: The young wife of the 87-year-old Krasko was even sucked into admirers

On the telecast, dedicated to the possible relationship of the young wife of Krasko and Alexander, a scuffle ensued. However, Smorodinov explained that “before the massacre did not come.”

Yuri Shevchuk and the group “DDT” are preparing to release a new album

In addition to songs that saw the light from the birth of the band, “DDT” is preparing to release a new album. This is what Yury Shevchuk told RadioCafe. The last album to date, entitled “Transparent”, was released in 2014.

Captain of Rosgvadia will represent Penza at the contest of singers in Nizhny Novgorod

According to the press service of the Rosgvardia office for the Penza region, the winner of the selection round will represent the administration of Rosgvardia in the Penza region at the district stage of the contest in Nizhny Novgorod

Stephen Segal was charged with rape

Earlier, more than ten women accused Segal of sexual molestation, including a lesbian actress Porsche de Rossi. Simons is the first who accused him of rape, filed in December 2017 a statement to the police in Los Angeles, adds the publication

James Franco did not come for a prestigious award against the background of a sex scandal

James Franco, who is a Hollywood actor, did not attend the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony because of a sex scandal. James Franco for the role played in the film, called “Woe-Creator”, at this event won the prize.

Parents are outraged by a hint of zoophilia in a children’s cartoon

The father of one of the little spectators of the animated series “Noddy” discovered in one of the series an indecent scene. The man saw a hint of zoophilia in a scene with a lamb, writes The Daily Mirror. According to the men, they had breakfast with their son and watched the cartoon on TV.


Samsung introduced a folding display for the new smartphone Galaxy X

Samsung at a private meeting in Las Vegas presented a new smartphone Galaxy X with a folding screen. The production of the 7.3-inch folding screen may begin as early as the end of 2018, sources who visited the event told The Investor.

LG intends to show the humble successor to the G7 in the current year

LG officially announced the premiere of a new frameless smartphone, which will be the successor to the G7. Initially, the release of the novelty was planned back in 2017, but several other smartphones in the mid-price segment forced LG to postpone this.

Experts found a new vulnerability in Intel processors

Experts from the Finnish company F-Secure discovered a vulnerability in Intel processors. It is reported that this vulnerability provides remote access to managing computers, and can also be used to build corporate networks in companies.

A service has appeared that can remove personal data from Google

Users of the global Internet have discovered in the Google search engine a function with which you can delete your data stored on the company’s servers. This is a little-known service that stores the history of the action on the site, including those performed using the voice dialing OK, Google.

Microsoft will protect the correspondence of users in Skype

It is noteworthy that Signal also enjoys Edward Snowden. Signal and Microsoft recently agreed to implement encryption in the Skype application. So far, a new function is being tested by a small group of people, but later, if everything goes well, absolutely everything will be protected.

Experts have eliminated the critical vulnerability in Electrum wallets

Experts have eliminated the critical vulnerability in electronic crypto-currency wallets Electrum. The bug allowed site administrators to steal user money. Vulnerability in crypto-electronic e-wallets was found by the user under the nickname GitHub in the fall of 2017

Yandex introduces new features for Turbo Pages

Yandex began to implement the promised functions for the Turbo Pages.

“Yandex” translates its “data factory” from the experiment into the main business unit

Yandex launched YDF in December 2014. The technology of machine learning used by the “data factory” was initially developed precisely within the search direction of “Yandex.”

New iPhone update halves gadget performance

Melvin Mugal, one of the users of the smartphone iPhone 6, decided to check how slow the work of his phone after the update. As a result, the test showed a 39% decrease in the multi-core test and 41% in the single-core test.

Samsung has demonstrated a phone with a “wrap” monitor

It is known that Samsung patented its new invention – a two-way smartphone with a “wrap” monitor. It is known that the screen of the present invention occupies about half the area of the front main display, on which most of the applications and the main menu are displayed.

Smartphone HTC U11 EYE will receive LCD3-screen and protection from dust and moisture

The web has information about the technical characteristics of the smartphone HTC U11 EYE, which was previously mentioned in the media as Harmony. According to the expert Evan Blass, he will receive an LCD3 screen and a housing with protection from moisture and dust.

ZTE is preparing the successor to its folding smartphone Axon M

The company ZTE is preparing the successor to its folding smartphone Axon M, said vice president of the marketing corporation Jeff Yee. According to the expert, the company will continue to develop unusual devices and will soon introduce a new version of the smartphone to the world.


Scientists have trained artificial intelligence to show human thoughts

People – participants in the experiment showed images, scientists fixed the impulses that they had in their brains, and the neural network learned to generate an image, the online edition m24.ru reported. However, at the moment, AI could not go further than visualizing simple figures and letters of the alphabet.

Finnish scientists have made an atlas of the properties of two-dimensional metals

Two-dimensional metals do not occur in nature. Methods of synthesizing them are calculated by theoretical scientists, and then the substance is obtained practically. Janne Nevalita and Pekka Koskinen systematized the knowledge of mankind about two-dimensional metals, collecting them in a single atlas.

Experts have come up with a way to detect a spy-dron with flashes

Experts in Israel have developed a unique way to identify a spy-drones. Define the shadowing of the object will help a normal flash, as a result of fluctuations in bitrate, the secret of tracking will be exposed. The use of drones has recently become very popular among many citizens.

Scientists told about the influence of fast food on immunity

Irreversible changes in the work of the immune system causes frequent use of fast food and any other fatty foods. If a person prefers unhealthy food, then his immunity is in a state of “emergency”, which can lead to allergies, diabetes and autoimmune diseases

Hippocampal neurons of bats and rats helped them find relatives

The ability to determine the location of other individuals is necessary for all social animals: the authors of two new studies have shown that the CA1 neurons responsible for the position of the body in space can also be activated in response to changes in the position in the space of another object, while an experiment with bats shows that CA1 plays a special role in socio-spatial creation.

Scientists have created a robot for growing internal organs

The latest development belongs to Boston scientists from the medical university. The created robot will grow parts of human organs that are necessary for operations. The first positive test results have already been obtained.

Scientists have developed a clever flashlight with Wi-Fi and video surveillance

For example, to inform passers-by about danger, the lamp will turn red. In addition, a flashlight called Wi-Fiber is planning to install video surveillance and audio recording systems.

Specialists have developed a new type of “thermal batteries”

Another useful development was presented by scientists from MIT. They found a new efficient method of saving solar energy – a “thermal battery”, which is capable of releasing energy if necessary.

Gazprom was going to start extracting helium-3

Gazprom wants to order the development of a technology for extracting the helium-3 isotope from helium-containing natural gas, Interfax reports. The company intends to announce the request in March. The research budget is 81 million rubles.

The probe NASA found in the lunar crater traces of an extinct volcano

The find is made in the Philolaus crater at the northern pole of the Moon. The LRO probe imprinted traces of several lava tubes through which hot magma emerged on the lunar surface.

Scientists again discovered organic molecules in space

Scientists have long discovered the presence in outer space of organic molecules, characteristic of living systems. The main method for studying extraterrestrial matter is spectral analysis.

Roscosmos showed the darkest place in the universe

Roskosmos showed the superfluidity of Eridan – the darkest place in the universe, extending 1.8 billion light years in length and located at a distance of three billion light years from Earth. According to the state corporation, superfluidity has no stars and galaxies, there is not even light.

Scientists have discovered a new threat to long life in space

After voicing plans for the colonization of Mars and long expeditions to the moon, scientists began to study the influence of long life in space on the human body. So far the results are disappointing. Recently, researchers have discovered yet another threat that lies in wait for astronauts.

For example, the action of cosmic rays on the brain can lead to dementia, and prolonged exposure to weightlessness to heart dysfunction. Recently, American ophthalmologists have discovered that weightlessness leads to irreversible changes in the retina of the eye


Toyota Camry of the new generation will reach Russia by the end of 2018

In addition to the appearance of Toyota Camry of a new generation, the Fortuner SUV equipped with a gasoline engine as well as special versions of Hilux and Corolla are expected on the Russian market. In addition, an updated minivan Alphard will appear in Russia.

Fiat Chrysler recalls more than 160,000 cars due to a malfunction

The large Italian-American automotive concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced the recall of more than 160,000 minivans Chrysler Pacifica. The reason for the recall campaign was a malfunction with the engine, which is subject to urgent repair.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC350e will be on sale for 70 thousand dollars

Foreign insider sources called the release date and cost of the new luxury crossover Mercedes-Benz GLC350e. According to the latest information, the release of new items for sale will be already in 2018, and you can buy a crossover for 70 000 dollars or more, depending on the configuration.

In Volkswagen presented a “charged” version of the sedan Passat GT

At the Auto Show in Detroit, the German company Volkswagen will show a charged version of the Passat sedan. The automaker has already declassified its novelty and a public demonstration of the model will take place in Detroit

Infiniti showed the appearance of its future novelties

Company Infiniti has published an official photo of one of its new products, the presentation of which is scheduled for the upcoming showroom in Detroit. The picture shows the newest concept car Q, which representatives of the Japanese brand also call a certain personification of all cars of the future from Infiniti.

Jaguar made racing F-Type for pilots-invalids

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team built the F-Type GT4 coupe to participate in the British GT Championship. The car will be used by the newly formed team Invictus Games Racing, which consists of retired military, who became disabled.

In Estonia they sell a rare racing version of LADA VFTS for € 9999

A resident of Estonia put up for sale a rare racing version of 1994 LADA VFTS produced. The car owner estimated the car at € 9999. Assembly LADA VFTS was conducted in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Nissan started testing direct high-speed communication of cars

Foreign insiders report that the Japanese automaker Nissan will begin testing the world’s first direct high-speed communication system in 2018.

At the CES 2018, an electric SUV Xpeng G3

At the annual exhibition CES 2018, which takes place in Las Vegas, was shown the Chinese electric SUV Xpeng G3. This year, the event was shown a lot of electric vehicles, which foreshadow that in 2018 the data segment of the car will increase

In the US, sales of Nissan Rogue Sport 2018 started for $ 22.6 thousand

In the car there were minor changes that make driving comfortable. The famous crossover Nissan Rogue Sport 2018 can already be purchased for 22.6 thousand US dollars. This is the price of a front-wheel drive vehicle in the base configuration

The network has rendered a new Honda Insight Type R

Artists of X-Tomi Design have published a render of the “charged” novelty Type R. The Honda Insight prototype will be presented at the motor show, which will become the base for the serial version of the model, which will enter production in the next couple of months, and sales will start this summer

Mercedes-Maybach offers champagne glasses for 300 thousand rubles

Two glasses from Robbe & Berking for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will cost the buyer 300,829 rubles, but they can be purchased only in combination with the special First Class seats for 108 11 rubles and a minibar for 103 438 rubles.

Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan is almost completely ready for presentation

Today, January 13, a few hours ago in several foreign automobile publications there were photos, as well as video of a test sample of the new model. It’s about the car Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan, at least this name has recently been published in the media.

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