16 Jul, 2018

The main threats to the security of the European Union

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) presented a report listing the main threats to the security of the European Union (EU).

As noted, the preparation of the report used official government documents and media publications, experts and political authorities from 28 EU countries were also interviewed.

According to the results of the study, most Europeans are afraid of radical Islamist groups. On the second line of the rating were transnational criminal organizations and Russia, and in third place – North Korea.

It is noted that most of the Russian side is afraid in Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Romania. The authors of the report noted that in 2008 Russia was not among the top 3 main threats to the EU. Currently, the growth of distrust towards the Russian side is due to “hostile actions in the information field and cyberattacks”.

At the same time, there are countries that do not see Russia as a threat. Among them were Italy, Greece, Portugal, Hungary and Cyprus.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Estonia, Jüri Ratas, stated that the “malicious activity” of Russia requires a unified response from NATO.

Briefly about the main ……


The Ministry of Finance will make a project on voluntary pension savings

The Government of the Russian Federation will submit for consideration by the State Duma a draft law on individual pension capital (PKI) by the end of the year. This was in the program “Posner” on the First Channel, said the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov.

In the German town will play in the lottery places in the cemetery

The authorities of the German city of Berchtesgaden want to arrange among the locals an unusual lottery, the prize in which will be places in the ancient cemetery. According to ABC News, places in the 17th century cemetery in a picturesque town in the Bavarian Alps are in great demand.

The ROC explained the flight of the patriarch in a private plane

A private plane, on which Patriarch Cyril flew to Ekaterinburg on July 13, was granted to him by entrepreneurs. This was told by the press secretary of the Patriarch Father Alexander Volkov, writes Znak.com. Volkov explained that businessmen in this way are eager to render service to the church.

Kokoshniki became leaders in the category of souvenirs

The greatest increase in turnover from the sale of gifts and souvenirs was recorded in Yekaterinburg (122%), Moscow (62%) and St. Petersburg (22%). The most popular products were products with the symbols of the World Cup 2018, matryoshka dolls and kokoshniki.

The number of accidents on federal routes continues to decline

Rosavtodor noted that the number of road accidents on federal routes decreased due to the implementation of the program for the development of highways. The department added that by 2030 the country is planning to reduce the death rate on federal highways to zero.

The cost of public transport in Stavropol went up by 3 rubles

Since July 15, the regional center ticket for the bus is 21 rubles, and a minibus – 23 rubles. The price of a privileged ticket also increased.

A fine of one thousand rubles: the first “waffle maker” appeared in Rostov

Cameras while working in test mode, on command from the traffic police will be switched to a worker, everything is ready for it. Penalties will be issued to all who will be behind the stop line at a red traffic light. The penalty for leaving the stop line is 800 rubles, for departure to the “waffle iron” – 1000 rubles “, – says the region-61 public.


Media learned about US plans to evacuate “White Helmets” from Syria

According to the channel, it is about sending about a thousand members of the White Helmets and their families to other countries, for example, Canada, Britain or Germany. The source said that US President Donald Trump raised this issue at the NATO summit in Brussels

British princes Charles and William refused to meet with Trump

Princes Charles and William refused to meet with US President Donald Trump and his wife Melanie during the working visit of the head of the White House to the United Kingdom, which ended on Sunday. This was reported by The Sunday Times newspaper with reference to the source.

Erdogan said the end of the military coups in Turkey

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the completion of the military coup in the country, he told during a rally on the occasion of the Day of Democracy and National Unity

In the DPRK will announce an amnesty in honor of the 70th anniversary of the republic

North Korean prisoners were announced an amnesty in honor of the 70th anniversary of the formation of the state. The corresponding decree was adopted by the People’s Supreme Assembly of the DPRK against people who committed “crimes against the motherland and the people”, but the number of amnesties is unknown, Tass notes.

The media learned of London’s intention to evict Assange from the embassy of Ecuador

At the end of June, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador Ma Jose Valencia announced his readiness for talks with London on the issue of Assange’s stay, noting that the founder of WikiLeaks can not always stay in the embassy where he lives since 2012.

The US and China are pushing Russia out of Central Asia

Russia is losing its position in Uzbekistan. The main direct investor of this country is the United States, and the main trading partner is China. The Russian Federation lacks money and investment proposals that can dramatically improve the relations between the two countries.

US suspects North Korea of producing enriched uranium

The North Korean side denies the existence of any uranium program. The United States suspects that the DPRK is secretly engaged in enriching uranium, RIA Novosti reports. It is reported that the suspicions of the American side were expressed during a recent visit to Pyongyang, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

The US and North Korean authorities will discuss the repatriation of the remains of American soldiers

As reported by CNN with reference to the State Department, the US and North Korean authorities are planning on July 15 to hold a meeting on the repatriation of the remains of the US military, who died during the war on the Korean peninsula.

May called its plan to exit the UK from the EU the only true

The British Prime Minister Teresa May, in an article for the Daily Mail, called her version of the country’s exit from the European Union the only true one.

In the Polish hotel, they noticed Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky

The Ukrainian edition of Obozrevatel, referring to an eyewitness, writes that on July 12 in the lobby of the hotel located near the airport, Kolomoisky was first noticed, and in 15 minutes there appeared Tymoshenko. According to the publication, they were in the same hotel “not by chance.”

AP: Mercury in the US has lobbied for the lifting of sanctions against Rusal

The company allegedly invited diplomats to send letters to the US authorities prepared by her. They expressed support for the plan, which implied the withdrawal of En + and Rusal from sanctions by reducing the share of Deripaska.

The new Constitution of Cuba will introduce the concept of “private property”

The new Constitution of Cuba will limit the tenure for the head of state for ten years, and also recognizes the right of private property, the official publication of the authorities of the country Granma.


In Nigeria, 70 military personnel disappeared after the attack of “Boko Haram”

The militants attacked a military convoy consisting of eight trucks. After the attack, about 70 servicemen (including five officers) are reported missing. In Nigeria, the radical Islamist group “Boko Haram” operates.

Israel struck a missile strike on positions of the Syrian army

Israel dealt a missile attack on the positions of the Syrian army at Nairab airport in Aleppo province, Reuters reports citing Syria’s state media.

Hamas confirms ceasefire with Israel

Official representative of the Palestinian paramilitary movement of Hamas, Fauzi Barhoum, confirmed the ceasefire with Israel. This is reported on the organization’s website.

The spring call has come to an end in Russia

The next call for military service is completed in Russia, recruited, as planned, 128 thousand people. This was announced by the head of the Main Organizational-Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Yevgeny Burdinsky.

The Pentagon agreed with Lockheed Martin on the purchase of 141 F-35 fighters

The US Department of Defense will buy 141 more F-35 fighters from Lockheed Martin. The parties reached an agreement on this transaction. According to the newspaper Defense News, the Pentagon was informed that the United Office of the program F-35 and Lockheed Martin had reached the final stage of coordination.

British reconnaissance aircraft off the coast of Crimea

The British Air Force plane conducted reconnaissance off the coast of the Crimea. This was reported by the monitoring resource Mil Radar. British aircraft Raythen Sentinel flew from the Akrotiri military base in Cyprus and at least twice flew the Russian peninsula over the Black Sea

Ukraine will buy French helicopters

The Government of Ukraine and Airbus Helicopters have signed an agreement on the delivery of 55 helicopters for the National Police, the Emergency Service, the border guard service and the National Guard troops. The contract value was € 555 million.

Mysterious terrorists attacked the hotel with the Americans in Syria

The militants of the mysterious group, calling itself “People’s Resistance of Rakka”, attacked the hotel in the Syrian city of Rakke, where a meeting of representatives of the countries of the international anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States was held. On this Sunday, July 15, reports Al-Masdar News

Azerbaijani military said they captured the Armenian saboteur

The Azerbaijani military stopped this attempt, while the Armenian group suffered losses and was forced to retreat. One Armenian soldier was taken prisoner. According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, this is the 34-year-old Karen Ghazaryan.

Norway will host 700 more marines

In June, it became known that Norway for at least five years extended military cooperation with the US In January 2017, 300 US infantrymen were deployed in the west, after negotiations 300 more will be deployed in the north of the country.

In the DNR reported on the conflicts of the APU with the militants of the “Right Sector”

In the DNR believe that the reason for the frequent skirmishes between the APU and the militants was the desire of the Kiev authorities to disarm the national battles. The representative of the DNR also said that during the “grain truce” announced in the Donbass, Ukraine is building up military forces near the contact line.


China’s GDP in the first half of 2018 grew by 6.8%

“According to preliminary estimates, China’s GDP growth in the first half of 2018 was 6.8% per annum,” the report said. It is noted that this figure was higher than the official forecast and the expectations of experts.

“Kommersant” learned about the government’s plan to support Rusal

The plan for the development of the aluminum industry in Russia was approved at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on June 27. This is confirmed to the “Businessman” by the representative of the vice-premier.

Income from VAT increase

The government plans to channel additional revenues from the increase in VAT from 18% to 20% for financing infrastructure, health care and education.

The US is going to buy from Russia dozens of rocket engines

Until 2022, Russia could supply at least 20 engines for the Atlas V missiles in the US, a source familiar with the negotiations said. According to him, in the next three years the Russian rocket engine building corporation will manufacture and supply at least 20 engines to the US, Interfax reports.

In a license-free Gazbank, 230 million rubles of state-owned enterprises

230 million rubles. state and municipal enterprises was suspended on the balance of Gazbank, which was stripped of its license on 11 July. This was reported on Twitter temporarily acting Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov. At the same time he stressed that there were no budget funds in the bank.

Gabon proposed “Zarubezhneft” the development of a number of deposits in the country

As they say in the materials for the meeting of the presidents of the Russian Federation and Gabon, last year’s Petersburg international economic form Zarubezhneft and the Gabonese oil company signed a memorandum of understanding, the Russian company was asked to start developing the Mbumba oil field

The Yamal-Europe gas pipeline started working after repairs

The Yamal-Europe gas pipeline from Russia via Belarus and Poland to Germany on Saturday morning earned after a five-day preventive maintenance, according to Gascade – one of the operating companies of the highway

“Naftogaz” will offer transit after 2019 according to European rules

Naftogaz of Ukraine will enter into trilateral negotiations with the Russian Federation with the participation of the European Union with a proposal to ensure transit of natural gas on its territory after 2019 according to European rules, said Yury Vitrenko, the company’s chief commercial director.

The Cabinet agreed on the parameters of the oil tax maneuver

The government has completed work on amendments to the draft laws on tax maneuvering in the oil industry, the source said. According to him, the Cabinet agreed on the introduction of coefficients in relation to production capacity from 0.5 to 1.5, taking into account the location of the refinery in relation to the sales markets.

“Gazprom” has built two thirds of the offshore section of the “Turkish flow”

The Russian company Gazprom fulfilled 66% of the laying of the offshore section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. This was reported by the press service of the gas giant, commenting on the meeting of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller with Serbian Ambassador to Russia Slavenko Terzic

Russia-Iran: “oil in exchange for goods”

Russia is interested in the oil-for-goods program with Iran, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists. According to him, Russia is interested in continuing this program, as it thereby expands the market for its products

Total closed the deal to buy from Engie LNG

French oil and gas company Total closed the deal to acquire assets from the French company Engie in the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for $ 1.5 billion, the report said Total.

A new project of Gazprom in Yamal

The development of the Kharasavey gas condensate field in Yamal will begin in 2019. This was stated by the chairman of the board of PJSC Gazprom Alexei Miller during his visit to the territory of the new gas production center in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAO).

The Kharasaveyskoe deposit is located on the land of the Yamal Peninsula and partly in the Kara Sea. According to the size of gas reserves, the field belongs to the category of unique – 2 trillion m3. The beginning of gas production is planned for 2023, the project level is 32 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Manufacturers of meat in the Tula region will be exempt from tax

Agrarians of the Tula region can exempt from property tax. The corresponding draft law was introduced to the regional Duma by Governor Alexei Dumin. The draft law provides for exemption from property tax for seven years for a number of enterprises.

State debt of the Sverdlovsk region again rose to 60 billion rubles

By July 1, the national debt of the Sverdlovsk region again approached to 60 billion rubles. Information referring to the government appeared in the media. At the end of June, Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev signed a decree, according to which the region was able to borrow large amounts of money from banks.

Vnesheconombank to get rid of assets

According to RBC, VEB will sell the shopping and business center Novinsky Passage in the center of Moscow, the shopping mall “Siberian Mall” in Novosibirsk, the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center in Sochi and the Czech metallurgical plant Pilsen Steel. In addition, the Moscow department store “Tsvetnoy” has already been put up for sale.

“Naftogaz” intends to put under the hammer the arrested property of “Gazprom”

As recalled by RIA Novosti, the Stockholm arbitration in December and February ruled on the disputes between Gazprom and Naftogaz regarding contracts for the supply and transit of gas. The court ordered the Russian company to pay the plaintiff 2.56 billion dollars.


Pussy Riot ran out onto the field during the World Cup finals

Administrative cases are initiated against four members of Pussy Riot, who ran out on the field of the Luzhniki stadium during the finals of the 2018 World Cup, RIA Novosti reported.

In Chicago, after the murder of a man by policemen, protests began

In Chicago (USA), after the report of the death of a man because of the shooting of police officers, protests began. The protesters throw stones and bottles in the guards and call them assassins. The incident occurred on the evening of July 14, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Scotland Yard first told about the investigation in Amesbury

The British police suggest that both the poisoning incidents in Wiltshire County were caused by a nerve agent from the same party. This was reported by representatives of Scotland Yard.

French pilots mixed the colors of the flag on Republic Day

The French aerobatic team Patrouille de France sprayed smoke of irregular colors over Paris, where a parade was held to celebrate the Republic Day. As a result of the mistake of one of the pilots in the sky instead of a blue-white-red tricolor, a flag of four colors appeared

Almost 100 miners are locked in a de-energized mine near Lugansk

In the mine in the Toshkovka village of Lugansk region, which is controlled by Ukraine, there was an emergency de-energization, as a result of which about 90 people were blocked underground. This was reported by the press service of the Lugansk Energy Association.

In Ukraine, a drunk helicopter pilot disconnected five villages

In the north of Ukraine, a drunk helicopter pilot touched the power line during the flight, disconnecting five villages in the Chernigov region. The man made an emergency landing in the Bobrovytsky district, after which he left the accident site. After a while, the police detained the pilot.

A cargo ship sank off the shores of Shanghai

The cargo ship on the night of Sunday sank off the coast of Shanghai, as a result of the incident, 10 crew members disappeared, after long hours of the rescue operation their fate remains unknown, the city department for maritime affairs said.

In Shakhty, a 25-year-old girl was killed by lightning during a thunderstorm

One person was killed, five were injured, from a lightning strike in the city of Shakhty in the Rostov region, a source in the emergency services of the region told Tass.

In Kazakhstan, on the parking lot, more than 40 cars were burnt

Over 40 cars destroyed a fire in the parking lot in the city of Shymkent (Kazakhstan) on Sunday. This was reported in the press service of the Committee for Emergencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Police shot a man wounded by policemen in Kansas City

The US police shot and killed a man who, presumably, had previously wounded three policemen, Kansas City Star newspaper reported. Earlier it was reported that the shooting occurred on Sunday. Three policemen were injured, their condition is assessed as stable

Four teenagers were poisoned by smoking mixtures in Novosibirsk

“According to preliminary information, four teenagers from 10 to 16 years old with signs of poisoning with smoking mixtures were hospitalized in the Kirov district of Novosibirsk on Sunday afternoon,” Interfax reported.

Victims of the explosion in Kabul became no less than seven people

At least seven people were killed, more than 15 were injured in the Kabul explosion on July 15. According to the Afghan TV channel 1TV with reference to the police, the suicide bomber blew himself up near the gates of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Development of Rural Areas of Afghanistan.

Clashes in Nicaragua: the death toll increased to 10 people

In Nicaragua, at least 10 people were killed in clashes on Sunday, July 15. Such data of the non-governmental “Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights” was published on its website by the newspaper Prensa.

About 500 migrants saved in two days off the coast of Spain

At least 479 migrants were rescued in the territorial waters of Spain on July 14 and 15. This was reported by the agency Europa Press. The rescue of migrants was the result of operations in the Strait of Gibraltar and the sea of Alboran.


The British minister resigned because of a sex scandal

The Minister for Small Business and the former head of the British Prime Minister Therese May Andrew Griffiths office decided to resign after the media reported the existence of his sexual correspondence with two women. This writes The Sunday Mirror.

Dima Bilan admitted that he does not plan to have children

Willingly the singer talks only about the parents, when he congratulates them on the holidays. Today the artist once again remembered a touching story from his childhood connected with his father, and in the course of the story he admitted that he does not want to start children himself.

Emin Agalarov married for the second time

July 14, a famous artist 38-year-old Emin Agalarov married his girlfriend 30-year-old Alena Gavrilova. The wedding celebration takes place at a golf club outside Moscow, which belongs to the artist’s family.

Savicheva threw her daughter on her birthday for the sake of touring

The singer celebrated the holiday with a concert in Krasnouralsk. Julia Savicheva threw her daughter on her first birthday for the sake of touring. She wrote about this in Instagram.

Buzova “decorated” the old public toilet in St. Petersburg

An unusual image appeared in the Northern capital. Olga Buzov decided to “perpetuate” the graffiti in the Nekrasovsky Garden. The artist was painted on the wall of an old public toilet.

Pelagia secretly and noisily celebrated her birthday

July 14 Russian singer of Russian folk songs Pelagia celebrated her 32nd birthday. The party was held in a restaurant-ship on the Moskva River. On board were invited only the closest friends of the singer.

Alexei Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite hide the reunion

Any joint photo of Ditkovskite and Chadova will provoke rumors of reunion, which they would like the last. Ex-spouses have long put an end to the romantic relationship, but at the same time continue to bring together the son of Fyodor.

“Tatarkino” will make a film about the World Cup 2018

Tatarstan filmmakers will shoot a film about the 2018 World Cup. This was announced today at a press conference in the city’s press center by the director of Tatarkino, Milyaush Aytuganov.

Buzova staged another provocation in the web

In the photo, the girl appeared before the fans in a frank body, torn on her hip. However, the subscribers were indignant not so much the tattered underwear, so much that Olga put up for the show, what decent people try to hide.

Renata Litvinova and Zemfira rest together on a yacht

Renata Litvinova and Zemfira spend time on a luxury yacht. Girlfriends have a rest in St. Petersburg, where they enthusiastically study the sea. Fans are also following with interest the voyage of the stars.

MacGregor will be the father for the second time

Former UFC champion Irish fighter Conor McGregor for the second time will become a father. The future birth of the child was reported by McGregor’s civil wife Di Devlin. The first child of the couple was born last year.

45-year-old Tarkan first became a father

The long-awaited event occurred in the life of a celebrity on July 12. Singer Tarkan first became a father, he had a wonderful daughter, Leah. According to the stellar parent, this crumb became the sun of life, it is difficult for him to describe the surging emotions, and he can not believe in his happiness.

Sergei Shnurov found a substitute for Matilde

The leader of the group “Leningrad” travels in Italy along with Andrei Andreev and Nika Belotserkovsky. Fans of Shnurov decided that the compiler of books on cooking and a prominent business woman had a reason to go on holiday with a musician.

In Moscow, the screening of the film of the Ukrainian director Loznitsa “Donbass” was canceled

In Moscow, in the Garage Screen summer cinema of the Garage Museum of Modern Art, due to technical problems, the film “Donbass” of Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa was canceled on July 14. This was stated by the representative of the museum administration.

The film “Vulcan” received grand prix of the festival in Yerevan

A solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the Golden Apricot film festival took place in the Khachaturyan Concert Hall in Yerevan on July 14. In the category “International feature film” the prize was awarded to the film by Roman Bondarchuk “Vulcan”.

Britney Spears bare chest during the concert

At a concert in Oxon Hill, Merrill, the American singer Britney Spears had an embarrassment during the performance of the Do Somethin composition.

Sobchak boasted a ring for 50 million rubles

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak boasted to subscribers a costly ring, which adorns a rare stone called tourmaline Paraiba. She published a photo of the jewelry on her page in Instagram.

Bride Timati scolded for a scandalous escapade at Emin’s wedding

Web users noted that when choosing their outfit Reshetova violated the wedding dress code by choosing a white dress. Certainly. it perfectly combined with the light style of decorating the festive space, but trying to eclipse the bride at her own wedding is considered a bad form.

Kate Middleton violated the main ban of Elizabeth II

The wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Keith Middleton, violated one of the main prohibitions that Elizabeth II imposed on members of the royal family. Contrary to the direct order of the monarch’s person, she registered in social networks.

Daria Sagalova radically changed her image

Famous and popular actress Daria Sagalova shocked the fans with a radical change of image. On its page in Instagram, the TV star published a picture with a short haircut, noting in the comment “I decided!”

In Britain, found the missing scenario Kubrick

In Britain, a copy of Stanley Kubrick’s missing script was found, written according to the novel “Burning Secrets” by the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig. The screen version of the film was created by a great director more than 60 years ago, and all this time was considered lost.

The BBC showed Dr. Who changed the floor

The BBC television channel presented the first teaser of the new season of the popular TV series “Doctor Who”, the main role in which the woman will play for the first time.


Scientists: oranges preserve eye health

One of the authors of the work of Bamini Gopinat several years ago with her colleagues noticed that oranges and other citrus fruits contain natural antioxidants, which have a positive effect on the health of retinal cells in the eyes of laboratory animals.

The puzzle of the famous Basel papyrus is revealed

For many years, Swiss researchers have tried to unravel the mystery of the ancient artifact – a sheet of papyrus, on which symbols were inscribed on both sides. More recently, the mystery has been solved.

The Basil papyrus was susceptible to scanning, which indicated that the manuscript was glued from a number of layers. After the separation of the artifact, it became clear that the author wrote in Greek.

It describes the diagnosis of a disease called “hysterical apnea” by an ancient scientist. Swiss researchers came to the conclusion that the author of the ancient artifact may be the ancient Roman physician Galen, who was engaged in scientific research at about the same time.

Scientists: Excess weight alone does not increase the risk of death

For example, if there is at least one metabolic disorder, the risk of death is greatly increased. Thus, scientists stressed that in and of itself overweight can not increase the risk of death.

Physicists received the heaviest isotope of calcium

Physicists for the first time synthesized the heaviest to date calcium isotope 60Ca, the core of which contains 20 protons and 40 neutrons. The heaviest isotopes were also obtained for the first time for other elements: phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, argon, potassium and scandium.

Scientists have created a “hearing” light implant

With the help of genes, scientists replaced sound with pulses of light in the inner ear of laboratory gerbils. In both cases, their reaction was similar. The use of light beams inside the ear can open a new era in the field of auditory implants.

Smart robot-pot for your ficus

An engineer from Beijing created a robot, the main task of which is to care for a flower. The robot can run around the house, choosing the most lighted zones, asks to water the plant and even dances, if the owner cares about it.

Neural network will help to create a model of an ideal bicycle

Scientists of the Technological University of Annes, on the basis of the studies carried out, state that artificial intelligence will help them to create an aerodynamic bicycle. Neural network will be selected form from the database with several thousand options, as well as will consult in complex matters.

Scientists of Harvard have developed an effective method of fighting cancer

The scientists genetically modified the cells of this tumor and forced them to produce S-TRAIL. Obtained samples were injected into experimental mice with brain cancer, the result showed that the cells began to destroy the tumor.

The cells were built with a “switch”, which starts the process of self-destruction of killer cells at the end of treatment.

Scientists of Australia were able to create a “walkie-talkie” for quantum chips

The invention, which made the scientists of Australia, allows them to get as close as possible to the creation of full-fledged quantum computers. The scientists used to create their “walkie-talkie” for the quantum chips of the power of the computational tools that Purdue University possesses.

Scientists: Trained robot will become a comrade for soldiers

It is reported that the mechanism has already taught us to move unnoticed across the battlefield. Robots, which will be trained, can become real comrades for soldiers, capable of independently solving important tasks. Experts believe that machines can be used to study different combat scenarios.

What color can be considered the oldest on Earth?

Molecules of color originated earlier than animals, and recently they were extracted from the deposits of black shale. Scientists of the Australian National University at the depth of the rock of the Sahara in the Taudeni syneclise found molecules of bright pink color, the age of which exceeds 1.1 billion years.

Scientists have determined what people ate five thousand years ago

Researchers from Italy during the analysis of the 5300-year-old mummy of human Ezi, whose remains were found in 1991 in the Alps, found that his diet was 46% of animal fat. So, with the help of microscopy and molecular methods, the researchers recreated the last meal of Etsi.

Photodetector based on indium oxide

Indian and Russian scientists have created a narrow-band photodetector of ultraviolet (UV) radiation based on indium oxide nanocrystals embedded in a thin film of aluminum oxide. Such sensors are used in medicine – for example, for the treatment of ultraviolet radiation.

Scientists have discovered a deep underground connection between two volcanoes in Japan

American scientists from the University of Miami (The University of Miami) and the International University of Florida (Florida International University) during the study found a deep underground connection between the two volcanoes of Ira and Kirishima in Japan.


NASA showed a picture of “Martian spiders”

NASA published a photo of an unusual phenomenon on the surface of Mars, reminiscent of “spiders.” The picture was taken with the help of the automatic multipurpose interplanetary station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

On the satellite of Jupiter, a previously unknown volcano

Experts suggest that the discovered volcano was either unnoticed earlier by the spacecraft, or appeared recently. They will continue to collect data to give an accurate answer to this question.

In the United States, an international forum on space research

The Scientific Assembly of the International Space Research Committee began work in American California. Scientists will discuss the latest discoveries concerning space exploration. The event will be held at the California Institute of Technology

Scientists are alerted by a protracted dust storm on Mars

It is expected that the storm will be in the active stage for at least 5-6 months, but for such a long period of time, anything can happen. According to the researchers, strong dust storms were not observed on Mars for almost 17 years. But the present element was even more destructive than the past.

Orbit telescope TESS will begin to search for exoplanets in late July

Telescope TESS, put into orbit on April 18, will begin to search for potentially suitable for life planets at the end of this month.

NASA published an unusual snapshot of the Eagle Nebula

The photo is collected from several images of the X-ray laboratory NASA Chandara and data from the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA published a snapshot of the Eagle Nebula, which is also known as Messier 16. There is an interesting object in this area that is called the “Pillars of Creation”.

In the US, on a 3D printer, the first printed titanium part for a satellite

It is planned that it is used in the construction of satellite fuel tanks, writes Engadget. According to Engadget, while this is the largest detail, printed on a 3D printer and intended for the construction of space vehicles.


The network has a detailed instruction on hacking Russian banks

A full set of hacking software that allows you to attack Russian banks, posted on the Internet. The newspaper Kommersant writes about this. First, the software appeared in darknet, and in a few days – in open networks.

Apple released the first commercial Apple Pay Cash

The video was posted on the official YouTube channel of the “apple” company. It demonstrates how easy it is to transfer money without leaving a message. To do this, iOS 11 introduced a new option that works through Apple Pay

WhatsApp introduces a new message option

The message “read” users of the messenger can put from the center of notifications. Currently, the function allows only responding to incoming messages. The new function is currently under development, you can take advantage of the innovation in one of the upcoming updates to WhatsApp.

Experts named the best way to interact Android and Mac

If you use one operating system, you sometimes need to turn on the program for another, but when you interact with Android and Mac, an error is often issued. Experts are sure that it is still possible to cope with the problem.

The new Google Chrome found a serious drawback

The new browser feature was linked to the new Site Isolation protection, which provides isolation from the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities, but due to this, the browser has increased memory consumption.

Motorola presented a budget smartphone Moto E5 Play

Motorola presented a budget smartphone Moto E5 Play, which is an available version of the previously released Moto E5. The novelty is equipped with the operating system Android Oreo (Go edition), 5.3-inch screen, and, according to some sources, the screen resolution of 480 x 960 pixels.

How to speed up the gadget on Android

To activate the function, go to the “Settings” and select the “Build number” option. The screen will say: “Now you are a developer”, and the user will have access to the “Developer Parameters”.

In this menu you need to select “Draw” or “Picture”, set the parameters to 0.25x or 0.5x and restart the phone.

After that, the smartphone will work at least twice as fast. In this case, if you turn off the animation, saving the battery charge will increase by 10%.

Experts called not to get carried away by changing the parameters of the gadget without having special knowledge.

The new MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard has improved dust protection

The keyboard of the new MacBook Pro laptop, presented two days ago, will be equipped with an improved protection from dust. This was reported by experts from iFixit. It is reported that the experts disassembled the keyboard from the model MacBook Pro in 2018 and found in it a silicone “skirt” of a new pattern.

Smartisan Nut Pro 3 smartphone will be launched in autumn

Presumably, Smartisan Nut Pro 3 will install a new Snapdragon 710 processor, which is manufactured using 10-nanometer process technology.

The Leagoo S10 will be the first affordable smartphone with a subscreen fingerprint scanner

Leagoo intends to draw public attention to its new smartphone Leagoo S10 through the collective financing platform Indiegogo. Leagoo S10 will be the first smartphone with a subscreen fingerprint scanner not from the premium segment.

Microsoft starts to release smartphones on Android

Microsoft Technical Support Officer said that soon under the brand name of the US corporation will be released smartphones based on the Android operating system. It is reported that we are talking about a whole line, not one or two models.

Named characteristics Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite

The network features the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 and its “lightweight” version of Mi A2 Lite, which experts called “clones of the iPhone X”. The devices are based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and the Android One operating system.

The graphics adapter for the device will serve as Adreno 512, which is also used in many gaming devices. Together with a mid-range processor, they will install 4 gigabytes of RAM and a permanent drive for 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes, depending on the variation

Windows 10 will stop receiving updates

Windows 10 will stop receiving updates from July 15th. At the beginning of this year, Microsoft made a corresponding announcement. Updates are made monthly and contain some minor changes, including changes in the deficiencies in the protection system

Leagoo is preparing a budget smartphone Leagoo S10 with a subscreen scanner

Popular brands have not mastered subscreen fingerprint sensors yet and apparently they are not in a hurry to do it. The Leagoo S10 will install a screen with a diagonal of 6.21 inches. Its ratio will be 19: 9. Under the hood will be 6 or 8 GB of RAM and presumably 64, 128 or 256 GB.

Spire announced the computer case Husky One format Mid-Tower

The body of Spire Husky One format Mid-Tower is presented. It is reported on the use of motherboards of ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX


Digital Extremes can add a cross-platform game in Warframe

Studio Digital Extremes can add a new function to Warframe. The essence of the project is that gamers should be able to use one account for simultaneous input from several consoles, this possibility experts call cross-platform progress

Creators of PlayStation 5 will entice buyers with exclusives

Creators of the PlayStation 5 console intend to continue the marketing strategy, buyers will be enticed by exclusives. Tradition did not break, it was proposed to develop, for the fifth model will create special games with graphics level 4K. Sony is preparing to release a next-generation console.

Trailer of the year: Crazy Justice will be released in early July

Hungarian studio Black Riddles announced that the shooter Crazy Justice will be released in early access in late July. We WILL release Crazy Justice EVERYTHING between the 20th-30th of July with the new Skill Royale mode

Gamer hacked Splatoon 2 in the hope of getting rid of cheaters

Fans of the multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2 for the hybrid console Switch have long been complaining about a large number of cheaters in the game, but Nintendo ignores them and seems to have decided not to do anything.

The date of the beta test of the “royal battle” in Call of Duty

Developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will conduct a beta-test mode Blackout in September 2018.

Fortnite Mobile for Android will be released on July 24

Epic Games announced the release date of Fortnite Mobile on the Android platform.

Konami asked to remove the remake of P.T

Konami asked the developer under the pseudonym Qimsar to remove the PC remake of the horror P. T. Last week there was a beta version of the project, and, according to the author, there was very little to completely finish the game.

“The Witcher” will not disappear from CD Projekt RED

The head of the Polish company CD developer Projekt RED Adam Kichinsky said that although the history of Geralt from Rivia ended in “Wild Hunt”, the universe will exist in the game space. Kichinsky said that many fans of the game are waiting for the continuation of the “Witcher”, and it will appear.

“The Battle for Azeroth” is approaching

Heroes World of Warcraft very soon join the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance. The company Blizzard finally announced the date of installation of the update 8.0, which precedes the release of the add-on Battle for Azeroth. And there is very little time left until 17 July.

The main character is The Last of Us. Part 2 will be a partner

Director of the action The Last of Us. Part2 Neil Drakhmann confirmed that the main character of the project, Ellie will be accompanied by a partner. According to the developer, at a certain point in the story a character will join the girl, but his name is not yet in a hurry to disclose his name.

Arcade races Danger Zone 2 from the creators of Burnout went on sale

The studio Three Fields Entertainment, founded by former Burnout authors Fiona Sperry (Fiona Sperry) and Alex Ward (Alex Ward), released Danger Zone 2, an arcade race, dedicated to accidents. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Designer Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights left BioWare

In BioWare again there were changes in the composition. This time the team left James Olen – a veteran of the studio, who put his hand to her main hits. Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars, the upcoming Anthem – behind the shoulders of the designer are many ambitious and ambitious projects.

Authors Darksiders 3 announced Remnant: From the Ashes

Gunfire Games Studio, which is preparing to release Darksiders 3, has announced the next project, the post-apocalyptic cooperative shooter Remnant: From the Ashes. Exit the game should be on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

The cult series Commandos will take a second wind

Soon the legend will find a new breath – and it’s not just a simple remaster. A short digression to the story for those who did not hear about Commandos: the first game was released in 1998 and immediately overgrown with a crowd of fans.

Monster Hunter: World will be released on August 9 on Steam

Originally, the release was planned in the fall of 2018, but Capcom confirmed the information that the game will be released on August 9, 2018 on the Steam playground.

Fall of Light will be released on consoles

Release of the game on the PC took place on September 28, 2017g. At the same time, the company did not name the release date of the game on the consoles, but promised to do it soon. Fall of Light takes us to a world of darkness, where the protagonist, an elderly knight, leads his daughter to show her the last remnants of the world.

The Rainbow Six Siege tightened the rules of bans

Ubisoft updated the rules of behavior in Rainbow Six Siege. Now the game automatically blocks toxic players. The first ban is effective for 27 minutes, all game modes become unavailable to the user.

The third episode of the detective game The Council will be released on July 24

If you prepaid all the episodes in the set of The Council: Complete Season (purchased a season ticket on consoles), then for you the third chapter will be available on July 24. If you prefer to buy episodes separately, in this case you will have to wait until July 26.

Epic Games announces the first official tournament for Fortnite

Epic Games for the first time shares information about a specific competition for Fortnite, but it became known earlier that the company has big plans for the cybersport development of the game. In May, the developer announced that in 2018 he will launch a series of tournaments with a total prize fund of $ 100 million.


Datsun showed a rally version of the crossover Datsun Cross Rally

The company Datsun officially introduced the rally version of the crossover Datsun Cross. As representatives of Datsun say, the novelty is not intended for participation in sports competitions and will be used, basically, for participation in marketing actions.

In the web declassified serial cross-coupe WEY Pi4 VV7x

On the Internet there were images of the cross-coupe WEY Pi4 VV7x. The concept was previously presented in 2017 at the annual motor show in Shanghai. Then the serial version was promised to be shown in a year, and a new car was noticed on the public roads in China

Porsche and Rimac are shown on a new render

The recent purchase by Porsche of shares in Rimac provoked conversations that the Germans were determined to conquer the electric car market. So it is, and experts decided to show how the electric car of two manufacturers

The firm McLaren Automotive thought about coming to Russia

McLaren Company during the Festival of Speed in Goodwood reported that the management is considering entering the markets of Russia, India, Central and Eastern Europe.

Nissan promised to make the next generation GT-R completely new

The sports car Nissan GT-R of the new generation will become a radically new car. This was told by Nissan’s chief designer Alfonso Albai during a recent interview with representatives of one of the foreign publications. According to Albai, work on the next generation of Nissan GT-R has already begun

New Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sports coupe seen without camouflage

The company Chevrolet continues to test the next generation of the famous sports coupe Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2019 model year. Several hours ago, new spy photos of new items appeared on the pages of the portal Motor1.

Porsche prepares for presentation a new cabriolet 911 Speedster

In the framework of the festival of speed in Goodwood, which was held from 13 to 15 July, Porsche presented the concept of the new cabriolet 911 Speedster. It is known that the model will be released in a limited edition.

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