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24 Ноя, 2022

The moon race continues

So far, only three countries have landed on the moon: the USSR, the US and China. But in the coming years, if everything goes according to plan, this list will grow significantly.

Over the next few years, lunar missions are planned by the Japanese (private!) company iSpace, the space agencies of the United Arab Emirates, India, Japan and Turkey, and within 10 years — and South Korea.

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Life expectancy in different countries of the world and regions of countries. A map built at the level of individual administrative divisions of countries, due to which you can see a more detailed picture


The German automobile concern Volkswagen AG has entered into a new agreement with the largest labor union in the country, IG Metall, to raise wages for the company’s employees, as well as to pay a bonus of 3,000 euros.


The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, Mazlum Abdi, said that his fighters are ready to resist an offensive operation from Turkey if it decides to launch one.


Scotland has been denied a new independence referendum. The Supreme Court of Great Britain unanimously accepted such a decision on Wednesday, reports the BBC. The Scottish authorities wanted to hold a referendum in October 2023, without coordinating it with the British government.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she will now use the UK general election scheduled for 2025 to show that a majority of Scots support independence. How this will happen, her party will discuss at a special conference next year.

The previous referendum on secession from the UK was held in Scotland in 2014. Then there were fewer supporters of independence than opponents.


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