14 Май, 2022

The most dangerous countries for journalists

The international non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders has published a fresh report on press freedom in the world. Analysts have recorded a record number of countries in which the situation is classified as “very difficult”

460 journalists and 19 media workers are in prisons around the world (as of report publication in 2022)

top 3 countries by the number of imprisoned journalists at the moment: China (120), Myanmar (69), Vietnam (41).

1 journalist is in prison in North Korea.

Since January 1, 2022, 25 journalists and 2 media workers have been killed around the world.

Mexico has the 1st place in the number of murders of journalists, they are associated with wars between drug cartels. More than 150 journalists have been killed in the country since 2000.

In Norway, which occupies the 1st place in the rating (just like last year), every fourth journalist received threats in one way or another.

In the United States (ranked 42), the amount of local news in the press has declined significantly in recent years and there has been an «unprecedented level of distrust in the media.»

In Ireland (6th), the law prohibits police officers from talking to journalists without prior permission (officers who violate the ban face dismissal, a fine or up to seven years in prison).

In Finland (5th place), “ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the media staff” (which, according to the authors of the ranking, hinders pluralism in media content).

Liechtenstein (10th) has two daily newspapers, both owned by the two main ruling parties that influence information policy.

North Korea is at the bottom of the list. Article 67 of the North Korean constitution enshrines freedom of the press, with the state controlling all media.

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The number of unemployed officially registered with employment services in Russia in March-April increased by about 4,000 people, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. Her words were conveyed to RBC by the office of the Deputy Prime Minister following the meeting of the interdepartmental working group.

The number of organizations that have notified the authorities about the change in employment regimes has also officially changed — it has increased by 3,600 to 43,900, Golikova said. The number of idle workers increased to 138,000 and part-time workers to 131,000, Kotyakov noted. At the beginning of May there were 98,000 and 110,000 respectively (+40% and +19%).

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