16 Мар, 2021

The most expensive toll roads

Experts at the Australian insurance company Budget Direct conducted a study and found that the world’s most expensive toll road is the 580-kilometer Pennsylvania Highway in the United States, known as I-76. Experts said that a 360-mile highway (about 580 km), which in the United States is designated as Interstate 76 or simply I-76, crosses the state of Pennsylvania in the northeast of the country. According to experts’ calculations, the trip will cost $ 112.91. In second place is the Austrian high-altitude road Grossglockner. Traveling along this route will cost 3,328 rubles.

In terms of the average cost of travel on toll roads, the United States is only in 11th place in the world (394 rubles). The most expensive toll roads are in Switzerland, where an average of 1,943 rubles will have to be paid for travel. Austria ranks second with 1195 rubles, followed by the Faroe Islands (1193 rubles), Croatia (1121 rubles) and Denmark (787 rubles).

The most expensive Russian bridge

According to the website of the operator of the toll bridge over the Pur River in Yamal, only cars, bicycles and emergency vehicles can use the free tariff.

If the car has a trailer, this leads to the need for a fare in the amount of 690 rubles. In general, the value of tariffs depends on the weight of the machines. The maximum fare on the Purovsky bridge is 100,000 rubles and is set for trucks with a technical weight of more than 80 tons.

Previously, the Pur River in this area was crossed either by a winter road or by a pontoon crossing. Now these routes are closed by order of the regional authorities, and the toll bridge has no alternatives.

Russia remains the second largest arms dealer in the world after the United States

At the end of 2016-2020, Russia (20 percent) remained the second largest arms dealer in the world after the United States (37 percent), according to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sweden), published on Monday, March 15.

Increase in the cost of hotels in Crimea

One of the travel agents drew attention to this on Instagram. He compared the cost of the hotel today to the cost of two years ago. Attached a 2019 receipt as proof. So, living in the Riviera Sunrise Resort and Spa (Alushta) from August 29 to September 5 cost 77 thousand rubles in 2019. This price included meals (half board) and a standard room. It should be noted that the room was booked for an adult and one child. Today, a similar vacation can be booked for 150 thousand rubles.

The cost of visiting the national park will quadruple

The management of Lake Pleshcheyevo National Park refers to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1039 dated July 13, 2020 on the establishment of a minimum fee for visiting protected areas. According to this regulation, the visit fee cannot be lower than 1% of the living wage.

Powerful hot river discovered under the Caribbean Sea

A group of geologists from the University of Houston discovered a hot, powerful river under the Caribbean Sea. In their study, published in Nature Communications, researchers at the UH College of Science and Mathematics looked at minute changes in satellites’ detected gravitational pull in the Caribbean.

Previously, scientists found that tectonic plates were moving underground, at first they thought that this was a common phenomenon, but the movement was quite fast. Vast currents, like giant rivers, flow deep in the seas, shaping the Earth’s climate with their changing temperatures.

Scientists talk about the influence of genetics on cold resistance

The researchers said that the reason some people are resistant to cold lies in their genes. So, a gene has been identified that makes people more resistant to low temperatures.

The mammalian immune system does not see all deep-sea microbes

The study, published March 12 in the journal Science Immunology, shows that most microbes harvested from the depths of the Pacific Ocean are invisible to mammalian immune cells, despite the presence of the familiar lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a component of the bacterial cell wall.

«This work suggests that the pathogen has a much better chance of avoiding our immune responses than we previously thought,» said Christopher LaRock, an immunologist at Emory University School of Medicine, who was not involved in the study.

Scientists have discovered an unexpected effect of background music

Background music, contrary to popular belief, does not improve, but impairs a person’s creative abilities. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Sweden and the UK. They asked study participants to complete a series of word assignments that required creativity. As it turned out, background music significantly impaired people’s verbal abilities.

The Ministry of Digital Science gave explanations on the pre-installation of Russian software on gadgets

Russian pre-installed applications on gadgets will be placed on the screen of the device next to other pre-installed applications. This was reported by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

«The pre-installed programs will be available on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops and personal computers manufactured after April 1, 2021,» the ministry said.

Google in the US is involved in the case of illegal collection of user data

Google representatives failed to convince the California court that it is necessary to stop legal proceedings against the corporation in a potentially multibillion-dollar case of illegal invasion of the privacy of millions of users in the mode of anonymous use of their Chrome browser, Bloomberg reported.

Apple refuses to pay bounty for hacking Face ID

The corporation has promised to pay a reward to anyone who hacks Face ID on any of its devices. In addition, there were promised rewards for detecting «device for developers» errors — the iPhone, which will allow hackers to dive deeper into iOS.

After the release of the new IPhone and iPad, two residents of Yekaterinburg called the office of the corporation and told about the hacking of the system, but Apple refuses to pay a $ 1 million reward for hacking Face ID, which young people claim.

A kilogram of gold with a built-in iPhone 12 Pro

Caviar has released a variation of the iPhone 12 Pro called the Goldphone. The case is made of a piece of gold weighing 1 kilogram and 999.9 fine. In fact, the iPhone 12 Pro has become an expensive bar of gold with smartphone features. The cost of such a phone will vary depending on the amount of memory and will range from 10,750,000 to 10,795,000 rubles.

Skype added active noise canceling function

Microsoft has introduced Active Noise Cancellation to Skype for the first time. The updated version of the program will be available under the number Thanks to noise cancellation, users will be able to conduct video conferencing even in the noisiest environments. In addition, other innovations have appeared in Skype. Among them — WAM support, as well as a button for easy viewing of video call participants.

Automatic SMS deletion now available in Google Messages

Google has launched a new feature for Google Messages, the basic messaging app for Android devices. According to the online edition iXBT, we are talking about the automatic deletion of SMS messages with one-time passwords, which are sent to users by a variety of services and companies, including banks. In order to delete unnecessary messages, you can activate the function using a special switch that appeared next to the switch for sorting messages by category.

Disney Company Shows New Cruella Trailer

Disney has unveiled a new trailer for the 101 Dolmatians prequel, Cruella. The main role in the film was played by Emma Stone. The soundtrack for the trailer was the composition These Boots Are Made for Walkin ‘by Nancy Sinatra. It is reported that the action of the future picture takes place in London in the 1970s, covered by the nascent culture of punk rock.

Grammy awards ceremony took place in the USA

«Song of the year»
I can’t breathe (H.E.R., Having Everything Revealed, real name — Gabriella Wilson)

«Album of the Year»
Folklore (Taylor Swift)

«Record of the Year»
Everything I wanted (Billie Eilish)

«Best New Artist»
Megan Thee Stallion

Best Pop Solo Performance
Harry Styles (Watermelon Sugar)

Best Music Video
Brown Skin Girl (Beyonce with daughter Blue Ivy Carter)

«Best Pop Duo / Group Performance»
Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande (Rain on Me)

«Best R&B Song (Rhytm and Blues)»
Black Parade (Beyonce)

Best Rap Song
Savage (duo of Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion)

Best Contemporary Christian Album
Jesus is King (Kanye West)

«Best Remix Recording»
Roses (Imanbek Zeykenov, aka Imanbek)

«Best Soundtrack»
Joker soundtrack (composer Hildur Gudnadottir)

«Best Work Written Specifically for a Film»
No time to die (Billie Eilish)

«Best Classical Instrumental Solo»
Kirill Gershtein (album Adès: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra)

Best Opera Recording
Gershwin: Porgy And Bess (Conductor David Robertson)

«Best Classical Music Album Engineering»
David Frost, Charlie Prost and Silas Brown (Shostakovich: Symphony No. 13, Babi Yar)

«Best Spoken Album»
Breakthrough Audiobook: A Corrupt Democracy, a Rogue State in Russia, and the Richest and Most Destructive Industry on Earth by Rachel Maddow

The State Duma declared poverty in Russia

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Kolomeitsev said that he considers it more correct to assess poverty according to the so-called method of deprivation, in which 40 percent of Russians can be called poor. At the same time, the usual statistics, he stressed, asserts that there are about 20 percent of those in Russia. The deputy did not name the sources of his information. In his opinion, poverty has already reached extreme proportions, reports Ura.ru

Chinese Foreign Ministry urged Ukraine not to politicize the cooperation of Chinese companies with Crimea

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China requires Ukraine to refrain from politicizing the interaction of Chinese companies with the Republic of Crimea. According to him, this is a purely commercial issue.

Earlier, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition Platform — For Life faction Vadim Rabinovich called the recent visit of Chinese businessmen to Crimea a response to Ukraine’s decision to nationalize the Motor Sich plant, which has shareholders from China.

“China has long maintained a neutral position on Crimea. But suddenly he «changed his mind» and sent there a representative commission headed by members of the Beijing Export-Import Commission «to establish partnerships.» Chinese businessmen, having arrived on the peninsula, agreed with local authorities to establish relations with local enterprises, outlined a plan of action in the field of tourism and travel to Crimea for Chinese citizens for treatment. In addition, they are ready to make a good financial investment in the resort business, ”wrote Mr. Rabinovich on Facebook.

In Donetsk, she called on the Abkhaz authorities to release the arrested colonel

Citizens of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic called on the Abkhaz authorities to release the Hero of the DPR Akhra Avidzba. Donbass commanders put their signatures under the official letter

New missile base inaugurated in Iran

The opening ceremony of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) ‘s new naval missile base, Rocket City, was held in Iran, IRINN news channel reported on March 15.

The State Duma proposed to create a Peasant Code

The author of the idea, the head of the committee on regional policy and problems of the North and the Far East, Nikolai Kharitonov, compared the proposed document with Native Speech, where «there are answers to everything.» He believes that the code could contain «all opportunities and steps, all possible costs, so that those who live and work on the earth could feel calm.»

Russians most often buy housing in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus

This is explained by the possibility of remote transactions and the likelihood of flying to these countries, even taking into account the closed borders due to the pandemic, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti said. At the same time, they noted that requests for objects worth 300-500 thousand euros for obtaining a residence permit prevail.

Bridge collapsed in Dagestan

The bridge collapsed under a Kamaz car near the village of Khebda in the Shamil region of Dagestan, 1 person was injured, three settlements were cut off. A bridge in Dagestan collapsed because a truck that was driving over it was overloaded, the regional transport ministry reports.

Tax Russia will receive expanded access to banking secrecy

From March 17, tax authorities will be able to receive copies of their clients’ passports, powers of attorney for money management, agreements for opening an account, cards with sample signatures and imprints of seals in banks. Previously, such data could only be obtained during inspections, now banks will have an obligation to provide all information within three days. According to experts, information on expenses that can be obtained by the Federal Tax Service will help identify undeclared income.

In the explanations of the press service of the Federal Tax Service it is said that these measures are not aimed at bona fide taxpayers, but are introduced in relation to “unscrupulous taxpayers applying various schemes to avoid taxes”.

Navalny is in IK-2 in the Vladimir region.

This is stated in a letter from the 235th Garrison Court, which will consider the complaint of the oppositionist’s representative against the inaction of investigators in connection with his poisoning, TASS reports. The complaint will be considered on March 16. The court asks the administration of the colony «to ensure Navalny’s participation in the court session through video conference calls,» the letter says.

A walrus has been spotted for the first time off the coast of Ireland.

Scientists suggest that he crossed the Atlantic, falling asleep on an iceberg. Biologists from the local aquarium ask local residents not to disturb the walrus so that he can calmly gain strength.

“At first I thought it was a seal, and then we saw tusks. It was massive: the size of a bull or a cow. The walrus left for a while, and then returned to the rocks. At some point, he threw up a fin, as if he gave us five, ”said a man who saw the animal while walking with his daughter.

In London, a local resident, Sarah Everard, was found murdered.

A police officer was accused of the crime. The murder sparked outrage across the country and sparked massive commemoration and protests against street violence. It all ended with a harsh crackdown on the activists by the police — under the pretext that the country has a ban on mass events due to the coronavirus.

Film critics complained about pressure over the decision to present the award to Navalny

The Expert Council of the National Award for Film Critics and Film Press «White Elephant» reported on the conflict with the board of the Guild of Film Experts and Film Critics of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, which established the award. The council’s statement was posted on the website of the Guild of Non-Fiction Film and Television.

The conflict began after the expert council of the award, which includes members of the Union of Cinematographers, as well as critics and journalists who are not members of it, when discussing the award for 2020, decided to award Alexey Navalny and his creative group a special prize «Event of the Year» «for the series groundbreaking investigative documentaries ”.

Russia has reduced imports of poultry meat and increased imports of palm oil

In January 2021, Russia reduced imports of meat, most sharply — poultry meat, compared to January 2020, follows from the data of the Federal Customs Service. According to these data, in January poultry meat imports amounted to 12.1 thousand tons, which is 26.1% less than a year earlier. In value terms, supplies decreased by 35.1%, to $ 17.4 million. Imports of other types of meat decreased by 17.1%, to 17.8 thousand tons by $ 56.7 million (20.4% less). Imports of butter decreased by 16.6%, to 10.3 thousand tons (by $ 44.6 million, 31.8% less), condensed milk and cream — by 19.1%, to 8.9 thousand tons ( $ 21 million, 35.1% less). At the same time, the supply of cheese and cottage cheese increased by 22.5%, to 29.4 thousand tons by $ 92.6 million (12.8% less).

The FCS also reported that the import of palm oil in January increased by 18.8%, to 92.9 thousand tons by $ 85.4 million (48.5% more), products and canned meat — by 57.7%. up to 1.4 thousand tons ($ 4.4 million, 21.2% more).