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25 Ноя, 2022

The most valuable football teams

The most expensive team in the 2022 FIFA World Cup «worth» (in terms of total transfer value) is the England team: 1.26 billion euros!. Following are almost as much Brazil (1.14 billion) and France (exactly one billion euros)

Further, the cost of the teams falls quite quickly, but still remains in the range of hundreds of millions of euros. For comparison, the annual budget of the entire UNESCO is one and a half billion dollars. Slightly more than the total cost of 26 (the total size of the England team) English guys running around the field with a ball

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Johnny Depp will star in the sixth part of «Pirates of the Caribbean», writes the Sun. The working title of the picture is «Day at the sea», the beginning of filming is scheduled for February.


The US has developed the world’s first drug addiction vaccine. New vaccine will be tested soon
«This vaccine is able to generate fentanyl antibodies that bind to ingested fentanyl and prevent it from reaching the brain, allowing it to be excreted through the kidneys,» University of Houston associate professor Colin Hale said in a statement.


The Turkish Central Bank lowered the rate from 10.5% to 9% and announced the completion of the monetary policy easing cycle. Since August, the country’s central bank has cut rates four times in a row, despite inflation accelerating to 85%


Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin have developed a wheelchair that a paralyzed person can control with the power of thought.


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