20 Dec, 2017

The murderer was connected with Gulen

Russian special services managed to partially recover deleted data from Mevlut Altyntash’s hard drive. They shared this information with the Turkish prosecutor’s office.

According to the publication, during the investigation of the murder of the diplomat, which lasted the last year, the Turkish special services analyzed the information on the criminal’s laptop, but they could not recover the deleted data. After that, the hard disk was requested by Russian special services, which promised an “alternative way” for extracting data.

According to Hurriyet, Russian special services managed to identify two remote files on the disk with the mention of Fethullah Gülen and 690 deleted files containing the word “Hezmet”. In four files there was mention of FETO, in one – “Nur Jemaati”.

“Obviously, the organizers and instigators of the crime wanted to inflict the deepest damage to Russian-Turkish relations, it also turned out that the terrorist organization Fethullah Gülen FETO is behind this crime, the investigation continues with the participation of Russian colleagues,” Turkish Ambassador to Russia Hussein Dirioz said.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was killed in December 2016, when he was speaking at the opening of the photo exhibition in Ankara.

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Ukraine and the US against the fight against Nazism

The UN General Assembly (GA) at a plenary meeting on Tuesday, December 19, adopted a resolution on combating the heroism of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other types of discriminatory practices that Russia annually makes.

133 states voted for the document.

The United States and Ukraine were the only countries that opposed the adoption of the document.

Another 49 countries, including Germany, Poland, France and other European Union countries, abstained from voting, TASS reported.

In the resolution, the UN General Assembly expressed deep concern “about the heroization in any form” of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including through the construction of memorials, as well as “unceasing attempts to desecrate or destroy monuments erected in memory of those, who fought against Nazism during the Second World War. ”

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution of Ukraine on Crimea

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday, December 19, adopted a resolution with a majority of votes condemning “gross violations of human rights” in the Crimea and “illegal establishment of laws, jurisdiction and management by the Russian Federation” on the peninsula. For the document, proposed by Ukraine in co-authorship with 30 countries, 70 states voted, including the countries of the European Union and the United States.

Against 26 countries, including Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela, India, Kazakhstan, China, the DPRK, Cuba, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and South Africa, said TASS. Another 76 states, mainly African and Latin American countries, abstained.

The lower house of Congress approved the tax reform in the US

The House of Representatives of the US Congress adopted a bill on tax reform. The main point of the decision is a reduction in corporate income tax. Most citizens will also receive relief, but only for 10 years

Canada and the US on January 16 will organize in Vancouver a meeting on the DPRK

Canada and the United States will organize a ministerial meeting in Vancouver on January 16 to discuss the situation around the DPRK with the participation of the countries of the region, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said at a press conference

The State Duma has additional requirements for media-inoagents

The State Duma received a bill introducing additional requirements for media-inoagents. They are required to register legal entities-residents and mark all publications. The media, recognized as an agent, can disseminate information to the Russian Federation only through the “Russian legal entity established by him”.

The media reported on the transfer of the US to China a draft of new sanctions against the DPRK

As the interlocutor of the agency said, the draft resolution was handed over to China last week. It is not specified exactly which additional restrictions are imposed on the DPRK in it.

Serbia will never impose sanctions against Russia, Vucic assured

Serbian President Alexander Vučić assured Vladimir Putin that Serbia would never impose sanctions against Russia. The Serbian leader made a statement on the results of the talks in Moscow. He spoke part of the speech in Russian.

My duty is to emphasize once again that the proud Serbian people have not introduced and will never impose any sanctions against Russia, and that we will do our best to preserve our sincere and traditional friendship with the Russian people. – Alexander Vucic, Serbian statesman

There are “modest positive moments”

“The imperial nature and the reluctance to abandon the unipolar world”: the Kremlin commented on the new US national security strategy. The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov called the wording in the Trump doctrine “quite impressive.”

Of course, we can not agree with such an attitude towards our country as a threat to US security. But at the same time, there are also some modest positive moments, including, in particular, the willingness to cooperate in those areas that correspond to the interests of Americans. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

FSB: terrorists planned to attack embassies of CIS countries

Special services of the CIS countries prevented terrorists from attacking foreign diplomatic missions of the Commonwealth states, said FSB director Alexander Bortnikov.

Lavrov opened a memorial plaque to Ambassador Karlov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took part in the opening ceremony of the memorial plaque in Moscow, ambassador of Russia Andrei Karlov, who was killed a year ago in Turkey, RIA Novosti reports. The minister addressed the widow of the Russian ambassador, his son and all those present.

Ambassador Karlov was a friend, was a close friend, was one of our best diplomats. Shortly before his death we were in Turkey – Andrei received the Russian president and was highly appreciated for his selfless work, the highest professionalism, the ability to place service to the Motherland above all else. – Sergey Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Netanyahu thanks Trump and Hayley for a veto on Jerusalem in the UN Security Council

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked US President Donald Trump and US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for a veto on Jerusalem. Netanyahu reported this on his Twitter page.
Thank you, Ambassador Hailey. During Hanukkah, you spoke like a real makkavei, you lit a candle of truth and scattered the darkness. One won plenty. The truth won the lie. Thank you, President Trump, Nikki Haley. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

The Chinese Foreign Ministry urged the US to abandon the thinking of the Cold War

Beijing is confident that Washington needs to give up thinking of the times of the Cold War and irrelevant views. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Hua Chuning, commenting on the new American strategy of national security.

US officially accused the DPRK of spreading the WannaCry virus

The United States has officially accused the DPRK of spreading the WannaCry virus, which hit thousands of computers around the world this May; this statement was made by Presidential Assistant for Security Affairs Thomas Bossert in an article published on Monday in the Wall Street Journal.


US strongly condemns missile strike from Yemen over Saudi Arabia

The US strongly condemns the missile strike from Yemen over Saudi Arabia and calls upon Iran to stop arming the Husit, said State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

Three new “Voronezh” radar stations took up combat duty

Three new Voronezh radars in the Krasnoyarsk and Altai Territories and in the Orenburg Region were put on combat duty, Colonel-General Alexander Golovko, commander of the Space Forces, said on Wednesday. Previously, Golovko reported that the stations in these regions bear pilot-combat duty.

In the coalition, the US announced the liquidation of the three leaders of IGIL in Iraq and Syria

The US-led international coalition against terrorists YGIL * in three weeks eliminated three leaders of the extremist group in Iraq and Syria. This was reported by Colonel of the US Army Ryan Dillon.

Maduro told about the attack of terrorists on the military unit

In Venezuela in the State of Miranda, armed terrorists attacked the military unit. This was stated by the head of the country Nicholas Maduro.

Pentagon is negotiating for the preservation of its contingent in Iraq

The US began active negotiations with the Iraqi authorities to extend the presence of the US military in Iraqi territory and after the defeat of the terrorist organization IGIL (banned in Russia organic organics).

Militants bombarded the airport in the north of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt

As a result of firing at the airport in the north of the Sinai peninsula, one serviceman was killed near the town of El-Arish in Egypt. In addition, two more were injured of varying degrees of severity.

The Soviet satellite “Celina-D” collapsed into the Pacific Ocean

The Soviet military satellite Celina-D, launched in 1982, allegedly burned over southern America. In the skies over Chile, the Soviet military reconnaissance satellite Celina-D No. 34 (Kosmos-1346) crashed, and fragments of the spacecraft most likely sank in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The OSCE declared a sharp deterioration of the situation in the Donbass

The chairman of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (CMM) in Ukraine, Ertugrul Apakan, said that in the east of the country there is a sharp deterioration in the situation. This is reported on the organization’s website.

Serbia wants to continue military-technical cooperation with Russia

Serbia looks forward to continuing military and technical cooperation with Russia and is interested in additional supplies of military vehicles.

In Germany, there was not a single efficient submarine left – Contra Magazin

The Austrian edition of Contra Magazin stated that in Germany at the moment there is not a single efficient submarine, as five out of six are in long-term repair, and another submarine is only recently built and has not yet passed the necessary tests.

President of South Korea suggested that the USA postpone the exercises for the time of the Olympics

South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying said that the official Seoul suggested that the US move the joint US-South Korean maneuvers after spending the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

North Korea refused to negotiate with the US on the nuclear program

The DPRK believes that the US should abandon the hostile perception of North Korea and peacefully coexist with it as a country that possesses nuclear weapons. Tillerson said on December 12 that Washington was ready for direct talks with Pyongyang without preconditions.

Russia has transferred to Tajikistan a batch of military equipment

The next batch of Russian military and military-technical equipment – tanks, helicopters, howitzers, anti-aircraft installations – was transferred on December 19 in Dushanbe to the armed forces of Tajikistan (AF) to protect the border with Afghanistan.

The total portfolio of USC orders for 15 years will be a trillion rubles

The total portfolio of orders of the United Shipbuilding Corporation for the import and export of ships and vessels for the next 15 years will be a trillion rubles, the head of USC said on Monday Alexei Rakhmanov

Minsk and London agreed on military cooperation in 2018

The plan for military cooperation between Belarus and the United Kingdom for 2018 was signed in London following the results of talks between representatives of the defense departments of the two states. This was reported on December 19 in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus


China wants to become the “chief oil”

Back in October, some experts expressed the opinion that the launch of new futures would be an alarm bell for traders and investors who had previously ignored the plans of the Chinese to create a so-called oil-oil, capable of pushing the petrodollar, writes forexpf.ru.

Ministry of Finance at auction on December 20 will offer OFZ for 45 billion rubles

The RF Ministry of Finance at auctions on December 20 plans to place federal loan bonds (OFZ) of two series for a total of 45 billion rubles, the ministry said.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine hopes to receive more than two tranches from the IMF in 2018

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Alexander Danilyuk, said that the Finance Ministry expects to receive in 2018 more than two tranches from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This is reported by RIA Novosti.

Ukraine’s external debt exceeds $ 117 billion

The external debt of Ukraine as of October 1, 2017 amounted to 117.350 billion dollars, the National Bank of Ukraine said. According to the regulator, since the beginning of the year the gross external debt of the country has grown by 3.26%.

“RusHydro” in the years 2018-2020. intends to repay 140 billion rubles. debt

Generating company “RusHydro” in the next three years plans to pay more than 140 billion rubles. within the schedule of repayment of loan debts. This is stated in the materials of the company on the Day of the investor. The main volume of payments will be in 2018 – 79.4 billion rubles.

Binbank demanded from Peresvet 1.36 billion rubles

Binbank filed a lawsuit against the bank “Peresvet” for 1.36 billion rubles. According to the filing case of the capital Arbitration Court, the application was registered on December 18.

Sberbank and FAS began to exchange documents with the help of a blocker

Sberbank of Russia and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) launched a project on digital interaction with banks and business entities on the basis of the block, the credit organization said in a press release.

France refuses to produce oil and gas by 2040

As France Presse adds, as an exception to continue the activities for oil and gas production after 2040 will be able to corporations that did not compensate by that time their expenses for exploration.

Ukraine will reduce the share of state-owned banks in the market

Banks with state capital in Ukraine occupy about 55% of the entire banking sector in the country, and this share will decline. This was stated on Tuesday at a press conference by the First Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine Makarova, TASS reported.

The territory of advanced economic development “Kamchatka” will be expanded

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the inclusion in the territory of the advanced economic development (TOR) of 14 cadastral blocks and 27 land plots. The corresponding decision was published on Wednesday on the website of the Cabinet.

From 2018, Gazprom will increase the volume of gas supplies to Serbia

“According to the document, the volume of Russian gas supplies within the current contract, starting from 2018, will be increased from 1.5 billion cubic meters to 2 billion cubic meters per year,” Gazprom said.

Lithuania hopes to seize the property of Gazprom in Europe

The authorities of Lithuania will try to collect from Gazprom a fine of 42 million euros at the expense of the property of the Russian company in Europe. This was reported by the representative of the Lithuanian government Jurgita Yatsovskene, BNS agency reports.

Deficit hole in the budget of Kazan “shut up” with credit

As previously reported BakuToday, taking into account the autumn changes Kazan budget in 2017 has the following parameters: revenues – more than 20.604 billion rubles, expenses – about 21.686 billion rubles with a deficit of 1 billion 81 million rubles.

Bank for the “defense industry” can create on the basis of “Globex”

The basis for the creation of a specialized bank for servicing defense enterprises and contracts may not be Sviaz-Bank, and another VEB’s daughter is Globex, Interfax reported, citing several sources in the financial market.

In Russia, the bank was first attacked through the international SWIFT system

The Russian bank was successfully attacked for the first time through the international system of financial information transfer SWIFT. As a result of the actions of the malefactors, the bank’s money was taken abroad. According to preliminary information, the Cobalt group is involved in the attack, writes Kommersant.

Michael Men: A serious fall in the commissioning of housing in 2017 did not happen

“Contrary to the skeptical studies of experts and analysts, there has been no serious drop in housing commissioning,” the minister said. In recent years, the volume of housing construction has not fallen below 80 million square meters. meters. In 2017, 96 percent of housing can be built in relation to the previous year.

Saudi Arabia has adopted the largest annual budget in the history with revenues of $ 215 billion

The Saudi government approved the largest budget in the history of the kingdom for the 1439-1440 fiscal year (for the Muslim Hijri calendar) with revenues of 783 billion reais (about 215 billion dollars). The year 1439 in the Hijra began on September 21, 2017.

Lukoil will supply 2.5 million tons of oil to Belarus in 2018 for $ 875 million

Lukoil concluded a contract with its subsidiary, Lukoil Belarus, to supply 2.5 million tons of oil to Belarus in 2018, worth about $ 875 million, Lukoil said.

One of the first: the Chinese corporation will create in Primorye marine farm

The Chinese corporation “Yantai Tongxiang Foods” announced the implementation of a major investment project for aquaculture breeding.

The Central Bank may allow natural persons to repo transactions

The Bank of Russia will consider the possibility of admission of individuals to repo operations, said the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Sergei Shvetsov at the International Repo Forum

Ex-owner of the mine in Kuzbass demanded $ 500 million from Russia

British Lehram Capital Investments appealed to the Russian authorities to compensate losses of $ 500 million for the loss of a coal asset, threatening otherwise to file a claim in international arbitration, writes Financial Times

The first meeting of creditors of Spurt Bank will be held on December 19

This Tuesday, December 19, the first meeting of creditors of Spurt Bank will take place at the Grand Hotel Kazan, the bankruptcy manager of the Deposit Insurance Agency

The court recognized as legitimate the withdrawal of the license from the bank “Yugra”

The Moscow Arbitration Court refused to satisfy the claim of Yugra Bank to recognize as illegal the CBR’s decision to revoke the license of the credit institution. The corresponding decision was made by Judge Natalya Dana.

The CBR will cut the Lombard list, leaving only state securities in it

The Bank of Russia intends to reduce the list of securities that are included in the pawnshop list, said First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov at the international repo forum

ChTPZ Group raised syndicated loan

“Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant” has attracted a syndicated loan of up to 150 million euros (or equivalent in US dollars), the company’s documents say. The deal is closed in the format of an unsecured club loan for a period of 4 years.

Saratov owed on the mortgage 60.6 billion rubles

In general, the debt of the region’s population to banks on mortgages reached 60.6 billion rubles. For this year, it increased by 11%.

The Central Bank proposes to regulate kraudfanding as an alternative form of raising capital

The Bank of Russia considers croweding and ICO (Initial Coin Offering, primary placements in tokens) as alternative forms of raising capital. This was announced by the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov at the International Repo Forum.

Russia will be gilded on the “Turkish flow”

In the draft budget of Gazprom for the coming year, 190 billion rubles are laid on the Turkish Stream, while this year it was spent only 93.6 billion. The marine part will be 182.4 billion rubles (instead of 92.8 billion in 2017), land – 7.6 billion rubles (instead of 0.8 billion)

LNG plant in the Leningrad region will be introduced no later than 2023

The plant “Baltic LNG” in the area of the port of Ust-Luga In the Leningrad region will be introduced no later than 2023. Currently, the preparation for the project is underway. This was stated at the meeting with the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko, the head of PJSC Gazprom Alexei Miller.

Eni withdrew from Hungary’s gas sector by selling a stake in Tigaz Zrt

The Italian oil and gas company Eni completely withdrew from the gas sector of Hungary, selling 98.99% of Tigaz Zrt to the Hungarian gas trader MET Group, the Italian company said.

Transactions on mortgage for the year was almost twice as much

In November in Moscow, registered 6 thousand transactions for the acquisition of mortgage housing – this is 1.7 times higher than the index of November last year, the statement said the capital administration Rosreestra. Compared to the previous month, the number of transactions increased by 17%.

“Has no future”: co-founder Bitcoin.com sold all his bitcoins

Bitcoin.com co-founder Emil Oldenburg stated that bitcoin does not have prospects as a trading currency.


Ukrainians were ordered before the wedding to attend military enlistment offices

In a number of regions of Ukraine, men before marriage were required to show a credential certificate or military card. Otherwise, the registration service refuses to accept the applications of young people.

The income of Russians for 11 months fell by 1.4%

Real disposable money income of the population in November 2017 decreased by 0.3% by November of last year, and for 11 months fell by 1.4%, according to Rosstat. The incomes of the population are declining for the fourth consecutive quarter.

The bill on “baby-boxes” for newborns is submitted to the State Duma

The bill on “baby boxes” was submitted to the State Duma by United Russia deputies headed by Oksana Pushkina and Irina Rodnina, the REGNUM correspondent reports December 19. This is done to “provide the newborn child with timely medical care,” the authors note.

“Will grow”: the government sent 7 billion rubles for additional payments to pensions

The Russian government ordered more than 7 billion rubles. on social payments to pensioners in 13 regions of the country. This money will go to maintain the standard of living of those who receive the smallest pensions to bring their size to the subsistence level of the pensioner.

Residents of Russia began to work more, and earn less

According to monitoring by the Russian Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation (RASHiGS), from January to September inclusive, workers of large and medium-sized enterprises worked on average 1,297 hours. Compared with 2016, employment has increased by almost 18 hours.

The Bell learned about the refusals of officials from gifts after the case Ulyukaev

Employees of ministries and state corporations refuse New Year’s gifts in the form of baskets and boxes after the case of ex-minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, who was found guilty of taking bribes, writes The Bell referring to sources

Only 30% of residents of the Altai Territory can afford a home purchase

Only 30% of residents of the Altai Territory can buy housing in ownership with their own and borrowed funds, including loans.

Russians owe more than 100 billion rubles of alimony

More than 100 billion rubles were owed by parents for the payment of alimony for the maintenance of underage children, Judge Tatyana Nazarenko said, speaking at a plenary session of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The work of the Housing Fund can be extended for another 3-4 years

The work of the Housing Fund can be extended for another 3-4 years, told reporters on Tuesday, the Minister of Construction and Housing Mikhail Men. According to him, now working on a permanent mechanism for resettlement of emergency housing, and there are already a number of developments.

Today we are working on a permanent mechanism for resettlement of people from emergency housing, and by the end of next year we must complete this work. So far this is only our experience. We envisage and we will insist in these developments that federal funding in some part remains. – Mikhail Men, the Russian statesman

The US authorities will tighten control over homeopathic medicines

The US authorities intend to tighten control over homeopathic medicines in the country. New measures to control their turnover are developed by specialists of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The government decided to create a reserve in the Vasyugan marshes

The reserve area of 614.8 thousand hectares will be created on the Bolshoi Vasyugansky bog in the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions. The government decree was signed by Dmitry Medvedev. It is published on the website of the Cabinet.

Sobyanin promised free parking in Moscow for the New Year holidays

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that from December 31 to January 8 in the capital it will be possible to leave the car for free at any parking lot that is part of the parking area of the city.


In St. Petersburg, the first flight Qatar Airways

Yesterday, December 19, at the airport Pulkovo in St. Petersburg, the plane of Qatar Airways, which made the first flight Doha – Petersburg, landed.

The authorities of Bali offer 50 percent discounts for the New Year

Unprecedented discounts on accommodation for tourists in Bali offer to introduce the power of Indonesia. The head of the local Ministry of Tourism, Arif Yahya, initiated an initiative to cut prices for hotel rooms for the New Year holidays to 50%.

Russia entered the top 5 travel bookings for the New Year

From the domestic directions, according to the group of companies “Sletat.ru”, in 2017 the leading position belongs to the Krasnodar Territory (53.16 percent of requests for tours in Russia) – in comparison with the data of early booking, the interest of Russians to the region increased by more than 10 percent (47.34 percent of requests in the fall of 2017).

Smoking kills: what will a cigarette on the street in Thailand

On the most popular beach in Phuket, tourists are discouraged from smoking. The method is hard: a prison term or a fine of 100 thousand baht – 180 thousand in translation into rubles. You can not even smoke electronic cigarettes. And that’s where you can – no one explains.

Russia will ease the visa regime for foreigners

The government bill provides for the possibility of visa-free entry and stay in Russia without visas for 72 hours of foreigners arriving in the country by air through international airports.

In winter 2017/2018 ski resorts of Perm Krai are awaiting a tourist boom

December 16 in the Perm region officially opened the ski season. All resorts and bases have modernized their infrastructure, sports equipment and expect this winter to increase the flow of tourists

In the Alps opened a resort with a Michelin restaurant

All the best ski resorts in France since 2016 are united in one region of the Rhône-Alpes. Every year, tourists around the world are replenishing the region’s budget by 19.7 billion euros.

Refusal from the New Year’s tour: will the tour operators return money

Tour operators advise tourists to carefully study the terms of contracts: a significant part of the tours are sold at irretrievable rates, and it will be difficult for customers to return the funds in full. Tour operators note the growing interest of Russians to the tours for the New Year holidays both inside the country and abroad.

Fashionable hotel near Kostroma was opened near the cemetery

“Vokzal” is located on the Yaroslavl highway – in the village of Budikhino. The choice of the place surprised some Kostroma citizens – everyone knows that the largest cemetery in Kostroma will be built here. True, it will not be located very close to the hotel, and from the road it will probably be separated by a forest belt

Kuril Islands want to be included in the list of UNESCO sites

In the Sakhalin region, large-scale studies of the tourist potential of the Kuril Islands have come to an end. The work has not yet been fully agreed upon, but experts already predict that it will form the basis of the development strategy for the ridge.

Pyongyang bell on the background of missiles: how to celebrate the New Year in the DPRK

Travel companies working in Primorye suggest offering New Year in Pyongyang and getting to know North Korean traditions


Authorities confirmed the liquidation of an explosion in Stavropol

Siloviki liquidated a man who made an explosion in one of the multi-story buildings in Stavropol, said the head of the Administration of the Industrial District of the city Dmitry Semenov

More than 100 people were evacuated from a burning train in Moscow

“The car caught fire at 20:35, more than 100 passengers were evacuated,” the eyewitness told. He specified that the fire was extinguished by the locomotive brigade, the train proceeded to a dead end.

The Supreme Court softened the sentence of ex-general Sugrobov for ten years

The Supreme Court softened the sentence of the former head of the Anti-Corruption Headquarters (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Denis Sugrobov, in the case of creating a criminal community of subordinates. Instead of 22 years he will spend in a colony of strict regime 12. The total timeframe for the case was eight people.

Pensioner with a gun in Berlin forced the girl to give him a place

In the German capital, a 78-year-old pensioner was detained for threatening a girl with a gun in the subway. According to him, he asked a 25-year-old girl to give way, but she refused.

The likely cause of mass death of dolphins in the Kuban has become known

A viral infection that caused pulmonary edema, as well as parasites found in the mammalian body of steel, is probably the cause of the death of 179 dolphins, Sergei Krasnodar’s Krasnodar region prosecutor told reporters. These versions are also confirmed by the opinion of scientists and the results of the autopsy.

The number of victims of the crash in Naryan-Mar increased to four

The number of victims of the crash on Tuesday at Naryan-Mar Airport of the Nenets Autonomous District increased to four, the investigative department for the Arkhangelsk region and the NAO of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported. Earlier, it was reported about two victims of an aviation accident

16 people injured in a fire in a nursing home in New Moscow

As a result of the fire that arose in a private boarding house for the elderly, located on the territory of New Moscow, 16 people were injured. This December 19, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in his Twitter.

In a private boarding house for the elderly in New Moscow, a fire occurred. According to preliminary data, 16 people were injured. Everyone is provided with medical care. I hope, will do without victims. In fact, an official check will be carried out. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian statesman

The Norwegian was arrested in Moscow on suspicion of espionage

Lefortovo Court of Moscow arrested for two months Norwegian citizen Froude Berg, suspected of espionage. This was reported by court spokeswoman Yekaterina Krasnova. According to her, the court decision was made as early as December 6, Interfax reports.

In Dagestan, the leader of the “Balakhanin” bandit group was liquidated

The leader of the “Balakhanin” bandit group was liquidated during the counter-terrorist operation in Dagestan. This was reported in the information center of the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC).

Sakhalin ex-governor Khoroshavin asked the court to acquit him

The former governor of the Sakhalin region, Aleksandr Khoroshavin, asked for justifications in court after his defense claims. On December 19, the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court held a hearing of the parties in the criminal case of the ex-head of the region and his accomplices.

In Irkutsk, a teenage boy killed a peer in a sports field

Sixteen-year-old teenager in Irkutsk killed a 15-year-old pupil of the social rehabilitation center on the sports ground of one of the city’s schools, a criminal case was opened, the press service of the regional SUSK reported.


Medinsky proposed to enter a three-percent fee from tickets to the cinema

The Minister of Culture of Russia, Vladimir Medinsky, at a meeting of the Government Council for the Development of National Cinematography on Tuesday proposed to introduce a three-percent fee for each ticket sold by the cinemas.

In Voronezh, the House of Animation will be built and the animated cartoon “Ruslan and Lyudmila” will be removed

Voronezh animation studio Wizart Animation will remove the animated film “Ruslan and Lyudmila,” the general producer of the company Yuri Moskvin and executive producer Vladimir Nikolayev told the governor Alexei Gordeyev during a working meeting in the regional government on Tuesday, December 19.

Siberian theaters will show performances at New Year venues in Moscow

Nominees and laureates of the Russian National Theater Prize and the Golden Mask Festival from Omsk and Krasnoyarsk will present staging at the New Year’s venues of Tverskaya Street in Moscow, told the organizing committee of the cycle of street city events “Moscow Seasons”

In the Museum Icons will tell about the connections of Russia and Germany

December 19 at the Museum of Icons in Frankfurt am Main opens an exhibition “Hessian Princesses in Russian History”, telling about the centuries-old cultural and historical ties between Russia and Germany.

The puppet show “Pierrot” will be shown a new play

On December 22, the puppet theater “Pierrot” will show the play “Kitten named after Gav” in a new performance. This performance was staged by Alexander and Marina Yarilov in the Orenburg Regional Puppet Theater in 1986.

The size of presidential grants in the field of culture and art is increased

The decree approved by the government №560 stipulates an increase in the total amount of budgetary allocations for the payment of grants to 6.9855 billion rubles. Starting from 2018, this figure will grow to 8.0415 billion rubles. It is noted that this decision of the Cabinet will allow indexation of grants.

Burkov invited Denis Matsuev to perform at the Omsk SymphoRocPark

During his tour in Omsk, the maestro met with the provisional governor Alexander Burkov and promised him to come next year to give a concert in the open air. Today, December 19, in Omsk, an outstanding pianist Denis Matsuev, who every year pleases the audience with his concerts.

The author of the “Martian” Weier told about his new book

As the author of the new novel told, among many questions in “Artemis” he was interested in the way of building a colony on the Moon and how to make it self-sufficient, why it is needed and why someone should live on the Earth’s satellite, and when he found the answers to these questions, then began to think about the topic of history and, as the writer admitted, this was not a simple task.

Lady Gaga is preparing a show in Las Vegas

The deal amounted to 14.4 million dollars. Thus, for each concert, Lady Gaga will receive 400,000 dollars. In January of this year the singer admitted that she would like to arrange a show in Las Vegas

In the US, a monument to Baba Yage

In Miami, at the entrance to the restaurant “LIQUE Miami” a sculpture of the heroine of Russian fairy tales by Baba Yaga is installed. Sculpture represented Russia at the prestigious exhibition of characters of mass culture from around the world Miami Art Week.

British band Hurts will give an extra concert in Vladivostok

British band Hurts will perform in Vladivostok as part of the world tour in support of Desire’s latest album, released by the band in 2017.

On the “BBC” goes the series “McMafia” with Serebryakov and Shukshina

Although the main for the series was published ten years ago the book of British journalist Misha Glenni “McMafia: Seriously organized crime,” the creators do not hide that they drew inspiration from the “Godfather”.

“Night Snipers” will celebrate the anniversary in the “Olympic”

“Night Snipers” will celebrate their 25th anniversary with a large stadium concert. In honor of the jubilee, the group will perform on the stage of the Moscow’s Olimpiisky Sports Complex on November 4, 2018

Disney published the trailer of the movie “The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms”

The Disney film company published on its YouTube channel the trailer of the movie The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms. In the film, directed by Lasse Hallstrom (Doggy’s Life), Keira Knightley, Mackenzie Foy, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and others starred.

Excitement and youth: Alexey German told about “Dovlatov”

It became known that the film by Alexei German “Dovlatov” entered the main competition of the International Berlin Film Festival. It is also reported that the tape will be released in the first half of next year. And the story itself will tell you about a few days in the life of writer Sergei Dovlatov.

In the Russian hire goes British comedy “The Death of Stalin”

Cinematographers decided to rewrite Soviet history – one of its most pivotal moments. The death of Stalin, the British director of Italian descent, Armando Iannucci turned into a comedy. Yes, and released it in the Russian hire on the birthday of the leader.

Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev will celebrate his 85th anniversary with a concert in the House of Unions

Fedoseev celebrated his anniversary on August 5. Concerts dedicated to this event were held in June in Lipetsk, Voronezh, Kaliningrad and Yerevan. The festive evening was also held in October at the “Helikon-Opera” theater, the music director of which was the conductor in the past concert season.

Will Smith will produce a film about Michael Jordan

Famous American actor and producer Will Smith will shoot a film about the baseball sporting career of Michael Jordan’s basketball legend

The “Party” Sally Potter goes to the rental

In the Russian hire goes “Party” Sally Potter – an energetic satirical comedy about the mores of the British establishment, a glow reminiscent of “Garage” Eldar Ryazanov. Janet (Christine Scott Thomas) has a good reason for the feast – she was just appointed Minister of Health of Great Britain.

Vasily Lozhkin’s paintings came to life again on Russian television

The Ren TV channel will once again show the revived paintings of the popular artist Vasi Lozhkin. On the eve of the audience saw a new Christmas decoration with animated paintings Lozhkina, which are painted specifically for the channel

The series “Holistic detective agency Dirk Gently” is closed

British series “Holistic Detective Agency Dirk Gently” officially closed, reports THR.

In Tatarstan there will be short film screenings

Tatarstan joins the action “Day of short film-2017”. From 20 to 23 December at various venues of the republic will be screenings of films, according to the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. On December 21, 22, and 23, the screenings will be held at the central venues of Kazan and in the regions of the republic.

Yaroslavl Oscar-winning animator will draw a film about Alexander Nevsky

The film for the 800th anniversary of Alexander Nevsky, which will be celebrated in 2021, will draw a famous animator Alexander Petrov. One of the centers for the celebration of the jubilee of the great commander will be the Yaroslavl Region.

In St. Petersburg Philharmonic, 200 musicians will perform Verdi’s Requiem

Today, as part of the international winter festival “Arts Square”, will perform the composition “Requiem” by Giuseppe Verdi. It will be dedicated to the Russian opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky, who passed away on November 22 in London, after a debilitating illness.

The “Nutcracker 2” will be performed by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra

The performances of the New Year’s ice fairy tale show “The Nutcracker 2” in the SC “Olimpiysky” will be held for the first time, accompanied by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra named after Johann Strauss, who will perform the immortal music of Tchaikovsky, the organizers of the show

Tverskaya will present performances of regional and capital theaters

The street will be made pedestrian for three days. On Tuesday, December 19, the organizing committee of the festival “Journey to Christmas” spoke about the participation of regional theaters in the festive program. So, the best metropolitan and regional theaters will gather on Tverskaya

The play about the creation of the world will be shown in Barnaul

The experimental and psychological theater UNO will show in Barnaul a statement about the creation of the world.

In Tver there will be a musical performance “Fly-and-Friends”

Young spectators with pleasure will sing together with characters of a fairy tale, and bright suits and scenery will help children to appear in the world of huge grasses and flowers together with insects and small animals.

Orenburgers applauded at the theatrical festival “Snezhnost”

On December 17, artists of the Orenburg Musical Comedy Theater as part of the 15th annual Children’s Charity Theater Festival “Snizhnost” on the stage of the Almetyevsky Tatar Drama Theater showed Maxim Dunaevsky’s musical “Scarlet Flower”.

In the Moscow Zoo preparing for the premiere of a new version of the “Nutcracker”

How is the preparation for the premiere – saw Lydia Alyoshina. Polar bears, seals, wolves – inhabitants of the Moscow zoo every day now see the artists and directors of the play “The Nutcracker”, who learn a new scene – almost next to the moustached and tailed enclosures.


Actress Eva Longoria prepares for the first time to become a mother

As it became known, the star of the series “Desperate Housewives” is waiting for the boy. It is reported that for the 42-year-old actress her pregnancy became a surprise.

Star “House-2” confessed to love Prigogine

The former participant of the teleproject “Doma-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko confessed her love to Joseph Prigogine on the air of one of the radio stations, according to Super.

Eminem said that he uses the service for gay dating

Rap-performer Eninem admitted to using the service of gay dating. Known throughout the feast rapper Eminem said that after parting with his wife often appointed a date through a dating site. However, these services did not yield any results.

The winner of the “Battle of Psychics” launches a reality show

Recall that Natalia Vorotnikova in 2007 took part in the first season of the show “Battle of Psychics”. Then she was able to get ahead of all the participants and became the winner of the project

Alena Vodonaeva struck the fans with frank photos

A well-known TV presenter and model Alena Vodonaeva published on her page in Instagram an open snapshot, which is actively discussed by network users. In the photo, a secular lioness appeared in a frank velvet dress, which successfully emphasizes her magnificent forms.

Dzhigarkhanyan’s clothes will be checked for traces of psychotropic drugs

Scandal with the divorce of Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan spins with the sharpness of a good detective

The daughter of Alexander Malinin does not get in touch with the US

In the United States, the daughter of singers Alexander Malinin and Olga Zarubina, whose name is Kira, stopped contacting her parents. According to the artist, the girl fell into depression, as her father refused her. Kira Evdokimova lives all her life in the States, and her mother returned to Russia in 2009.

“King of glamor” Sergei Zverev urgently operated on

Famous in the show industry stylist Sergei Zverev had surgery to remove appendicitis. About this singer and presenter told his subscribers on the page of the social network Instagram.
If you feel pain in the abdomen – do not pull, because it can be appendicitis … Take care of yourself, I love everyone, watch live broadcasts. Many thanks to doctors, surgeons, nurses, nurses of Sklifosovsky Institute of First Aid. – Sergey Zverev, Russian fashion designer

Olga Rapunzel wants to give her child American citizenship

According to the star, American citizenship “opens any doors.” The place where Rapunzel wanted to give birth to her child, a native of Primorye chose Miami. She noted the good medicine of this state and comfortable climatic conditions.

Kadyrov’s daughter received a prestigious award in the fashion world

The daughter of the head of Chechnya, Aishat Kadyrova, who heads the fashion house Firdaws, received a prize at the annual fashion awards ceremony for the Fashion New Year Awards 2018 for the display of the collection of women’s clothing “Mountain Pearl”

Fans congratulate Elena Isinbayeva on the birth of her second child

Volgograd sportswoman laid out a picture from which the flow of wishes for health and happiness began because of the birth of a baby. In the social network, fans already almost a day – on Monday morning, December 18, congratulate the Olympic champion Elena Isinbayeva with the birth of her second child

Princess Charlotte goes to kindergarten

In Kensington Palace made an important statement concerning the future of Princess Charlotte: from January, the daughter of William and Kate will go to the kindergarten. Parents have already decided where to give the baby. The girl will attend Willcocks Nursery School in London.

How much does Radik Yuliakshin earn for one New Year’s corporate

The third place of the honorary ladder of New Year’s corporate parties went to the deserved artist of Bashkortostan Radik Yulyakshin, who plays under the pseudonym Elvin Gray. The price tag of the star of the national stage has not changed for two years already – an hourly performance from 150 to 200 thousand rubles.


Nature named the 10 most important for science people in 2017

The journal Nature has published a list of 10 people who made a major contribution to science in 2017. The list includes scientists, officials who led the research, as well as participants in some unique experiments.

The first journal indicates the biologist David Liu, who created a technique for editing DNA using artificial enzymes.

The second is Marika Branchezi of the University of Urbino, who is a member of the Virgo collaboration. To its merit, the authors attributed the organization of joint work of astronomers-observers and physicists studying gravitational-wave astronomy.

12-year-old Emily Whitehead became “living proof” of the effectiveness of a new method of treating lymphoblastic leukemia through genetic reprogramming, developed by her father.
Scott Pruitt was one of the critics of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), until President Trump made him head of this agency. After that, Pruitt began to cancel dozens of environmental initiatives by the Obama administration regarding industrial emissions.

Also on the list are the Chinese physicist Jian-Wei Pan, who was named the “father of quanta” for contributing to experiments on quantum information exchange through secure channels, researcher Jennifer Berne for searching for errors in the work on genetic research in the field of oncology.

In addition, the authors of the publication noted the head of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Lasina Zerbo, the Mexican seismologist Victor Cruz-Atiens and even the wrestler with sexual harassment Anne Olivarius.

The last in the list indicated the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of Jordan Khaled Tukan.

Scientists: 3.5 billion years ago there was life on Earth

Scientists from the US have proven that 3.5 billion years ago on Earth already existed life. For 35 years they have unraveled the mystery of the fossil found in the mountains in the west of Australia. Paleontologists, among whom was James William Schopf, in 1993 studied fossils with filamentary structure.

Mushrooms helped shape the Earth’s atmosphere

The atmosphere of the Earth was formed, including thanks to fungi. To this conclusion scientists came, having analyzed the fossilized impressions of the Devonian flora. Their research they published in the journal Philosophical Transactions B.

Uneven emission reduction will add dust and aerosols to the air.

Uneven reduction of the level of polluting atmospheric emissions will lead to the formation of organic hydroperoxides and an increase in the concentration of atmospheric aerosols.

The first flight of the convertoplan of the future took place

American designers conducted the first flight tests of the S-280 Valor. In the course of testing, the prospective aircraft went into the air and hung there for several seconds. These tests showed the possibility of vertical takeoff for the apparatus.

Scientists have developed protection from sexual harassment

Scientists from the School of Medicine of Stanford University in the United States said that a method of protection against sexual harassment was developed. They noted that the picture of electrical impulses in the key area of the brain is capable of signaling appropriate actions before they occur.

Ancient bears, sweet tooth suffered from caries millions of years ago

Unusual discovery in the north of Canada: paleontologists discovered on Ellesmere island the remains of the ancestor of the bear Protarctos abstrusus, who is now considered the oldest caries victim. The age of the find is estimated at 3.5 million years

Natural selection made the British harder

A research group led by Peter Visscher from the University of Queensland (Australia) showed the effect of several types of selection, in particular, directed and stabilizing, on the phenotypic signs in the modern population of the British.

Tits teach relatives not to touch tasteless food

The tits showed that they are able to express disgust and understand when other tits are experiencing disgust, to realize the connection between the sufferings of the relatives and their cause – food of a certain type, and therefore learn from the mistakes of others

The Hyperloop capsule accelerated to 386 kilometers per hour

Hyperloop One set a new speed record for the capsule for the prospective Hyperloop transport system. On the test site DevLoop length of about 500 meters, the capsule can accelerate to 386 kilometers per hour, Wired reports.

Games with light

As the experiments of the last ten years show, metamaterials can be tuned in such a way that they begin to interact not only with light and its closest “cousins” – thermal, x-ray or ultraviolet radiation, but also with magnetic fields, and also will generate curious quantum effects that physicists call “time crystals”.


IPhone failed tests of the Rockets

The quick charge function does not allow charging the battery to 100%. In the ranking of the Rockies Iphone X took the eleventh position, losing to its predecessors Iphone 6, 6S, 8 and 8 Plus and some smart phones Samsung and LG.

New virus destroys smartphone with the help of crypto currency

Kaspersky Lab specialists have discovered a new mobile virus Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi, which loses crypto currency and thereby disables the gadget. This is reported on the company’s website.

The characteristics of the Nokia 9 smartphone are revealed: dual camera and OLED screen

American insiders learned the real technical characteristics of the not yet released flagship smartphone Nokia 9. As it turned out, right now it is certified by the Federal Communications Commission, where all the main characteristics were revealed.

Samsung officially introduced the Galaxy A8 and A8 +

Samsung officially introduced the new Galaxy A8 and A8 +. The smartphone positions itself as a middle class device. The new “galaxy” is a more budgetary copy of the Galaxy S8 and is intended for those Samsung fans who do not have the opportunity or do not want to spend money on flagships.

The updated laptop-swivel HP Specter x360 went on sale in Russia

In Russia, sales of the updated flip-flop model Specter x360, produced by Hewlett Packard Company, began. It’s about a new generation laptop presented on the world market in October this year. The new model of the wearable computer has become lighter and thinner

Adidas leaves the market of fitness bracelets

German company Adidas plans to leave the market of sales of fitness bracelets. At the moment the corporation is going to concentrate completely on sports applications and other plans. The German brand of sportswear and software stops releasing its fitness bracelets on the market.

Tinkoff Bank launches contactless payment for Garmin Pay

Today, clients of Tinkoff Bank have access to the Garmin Pay contactless payment system for the Garmin watchmakers.

Choose a DVR that can be controlled by gestures

If you take into account the price of the Playme P550 Tetra, which is offered at the outlets (12,000 – 13,000 rubles on average), then, by and large, the more optimal price / quality ratio among the “3-in-1” devices on the Russian market to find at the moment is almost impossible

Sverdlov residents will be able to buy train tickets with a fingerprint

In the mobile application “RZD Passengers” a new function has appeared. You can now access the application using a fingerprint or pin code. Also in the new version of the application there is an English-speaking interface, the function “Estimate of the trip” and a number of other useful changes.

Williams and Airbus together will create a high-altitude drone

It is reported that the companies will work on a project called Zephyr High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite, within which it is planned to create a high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle on solar batteries. It is expected that an innovative drone can fly at a height of 20 kilometers a day.


Facebook suspected of illegally collecting user data

The German Federal Antimonopoly Office accused the popular social network Facebook of illegally collecting data from its users, according to a statement released Tuesday

Google Play found a new virus that steals money

ESET specialists found a new malicious program on Google Play. This was reported in the antivirus company

Facebook launched the function of recognizing faces on other people’s photos

Facebook has developed a new feature that allows you to track the publication in a network of portraits of a particular user. The new service will notify the account owner that someone has posted a photo with his participation.

The mobile application of the Tomsk company will speed up the work of the ambulance

Tomsk company “Elecard-Med” has developed a mobile application for ambulance employees. Thanks to him, doctors can independently choose patients who are territorially closest and provide timely assistance, the press service of innovation organizations of the Tomsk region

The authorities of France have demanded from Facebook to observe the law

In France, the National Commission on Information Technology and Freedom (CNIL) demanded that Facebook not violate the law in the exchange of information between the social network and the messenger WhatsApp

There are two new malware attacking ATMs

According to representatives of Trend Micro, this is almost the first malicious, aimed at ATMs, which involves an Internet connection for data transfer. It is also interesting that hackers are in no hurry to use the data cards and pin-codes for the abduction of funds.

Alibaba launched artificial intelligence in the Shanghai Metro

Within the framework of the project, Alipay mobile payment services for smartphones, face recognition technology, multi-mode voice control and flow monitoring are implemented. The payment system is integrated into the mobile application of the Shanghai Metro

AdWords added new data to the “Landing Page” report

Google AdWords added new data to diagnose ad campaign problems by updating the “Landing Pages” section. For example, the landing page performance report now has information about the Expanding Landing Pages.

Tesla banned taxi drivers and couriers to use the Supercharger

In Tesla believe that it was the taxi drivers and couriers who occupied the charge and did not allow them to use ordinary drivers. If the new rule is violated, the company may block the possibility for a particular machine to use a branded charge

In “Classmates” there was a function of large publications with pictures

The administration of the social platform Odnoklassniki presented its users with a new and very useful function of inserting large publications with multimedia pictures. The network is trying to surprise subscribers, falling behind in popularity from “VKontakte”.

Panasonic and SpRecord have tested a new cloud service for office PBXs

Panasonic and the Russian developer Sarapulsky Systems successfully tested and confirmed the compatibility of the cloud service for recording and storing SpRecord telephone conversations with corporate telecommunication systems based on Panasonic PBXs.


The first teaser of the third generation Honda Insight is published on the Web

Japanese automaker Honda announced the release of the third generation of the Insight sedan, releasing its official teaser on the Internet. The official presentation of the serial version of the novelty will take place in January of the next year at the Auto Show in Detroit.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will introduce new rules for registration of cars

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has developed a draft of new rules for the registration of cars, among which the possibility of retaining the removed numbers during a year, the prohibition on reservation of “beautiful” numbers by individuals and legal entities, as well as the possibility of maintaining a paper TCP after the introduction of electronic passports from July 1, 2018 of the year.

The design of the new Hyundai Veloster declassified before the premiere

The public premiere of the novelty will be held early next year at the Detroit Motor Show. Last summer, Hyundai decided to stop sales in Russia of Veloster hatchback.

Authorities have prepared incentives for commercial buyers of electric cars

As Izvestia reports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is ready to reimburse the discount that the plants will provide to commercial buyers. Such measures are to be introduced to increase the demand for environmentally friendly machines. Benefits will be valid until 2021.

In February 2018, the updated Kia Sorento Prime will arrive in Russia

Kia Company has announced preliminary dates for the beginning of sales in Russia of an updated version of its SUV Sorento Prime. The car will reach our country in February 2017, a message

Hyundai started exporting its trucks from Russia

Kaliningrad plant Avtotor began work on the export supply of cars that are assembled on the basis of this enterprise located on the territory of the Kaliningrad region. As the press service of the company reported, the first cars of the Hyundai HD78 model were shipped to Belarus. There is a Russian division of Kia

The first manual on the operation of unmanned vehicles was released in China

China’s first government manual on the operation of unmanned vehicles was published, writes “RT”. As local media note, with the help of this document the process of introduction of unmanned technologies in road transport will significantly accelerate.

The new Chevrolet Cruze in 2019 will lose its mechanical transmission

As the American editions inform, the new hatchback Chevrolet Cruze will lose automatic transmission. Car Chevrolet Cruze 2019 model year will be equipped with an automatic transmission and a robotic CVT variator.

Introduced a new SUV Land Rover Discovery Commercial

British company Jaguar Land Rover introduced a new “commercial” SUV Land Rover Discovery Commercial. From the standard version of the SUV is distinguished by an increased luggage compartment and the presence of a special design for the transport of goods

In 2019, Cadillac can abandon the production of the ATS sedan

It should be recalled that the head of the board of the luxury brand Cadillac, Johan Da Naissen, said that in 2019 Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CTS and Cadillac ATS sedans will cease production. Engineers will not release the successors of the above models, as instead they will be replaced by a new Cadillac CT5.

UAZ “Patriot” will receive a new 150-horsepower engine

The speed of the all-terrain vehicle reaches a mark of only 150 km / h. As reported by Auto Mail.ru with reference to the head of the Uazovsky scientific and technical center Eugenia Galkina, in the foreseeable future, the Patriots and Pickups will receive a more powerful modification with a 150-strong atmospheric

Mercedes recalls 887 G-Class cars in Russia

The official representative of the Mercedes brand in the Russian market took a decision on the recall of 887 Mercedes-Benz G-class cars. This is reported by the Rossstandart
The reason for such an act is a violation in the management of the electronic stabilization system, which does not comply with the specification standards. The recall will concern all vehicles that were realized between 2015 and 2017

Ford in 2018 will introduce new products for the Russian market

Next year, the company expects further growth of the market as a whole and sales of the brand separately. To strengthen its position and increase sales in the company intend to update some cars in the model range presented in Russia.

Audi will introduce the new generation of Audi A6 in 2018

At the heart of the new Audi A6 will be a new platform, due to which the weight of the car will be reduced unlike its predecessor. The line of engines will be represented by gasoline engines for four cylinders, diesel six-cylinder units, as well as hybrid and electric installations

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