26 Feb, 2018

The new state armament program of Russia

The new state armament program (GVP) was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said this in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant.

“Yes, the document was signed by the president, originally the GPU should have been adopted in 2016, but due to the events of 2014, connected with the fall in oil prices and currency jumps, the government’s financial and economic block could not issue an accurate macroeconomic forecast,” he said. Rogozin.

At the end of 2017 it was reported that the main priority of the new LG will be the development of nuclear deterrence systems. It was noted that special attention will be paid in the new LG to high-precision weapons, in particular, the air and space systems of precision weapons, as well as ground systems.

The new LG proposes allocating 19 trillion rubles for arms transfers and 1 trillion for synchronization.

The state armament program is a document of medium-term planning for the technical re-equipment of the army and navy. It takes into account the analysis and assessment of possible threats to Russia’s national security.

Briefly about the main thing ……


Illegal alcohol in Russia is offered to be destroyed on the spot

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin instructed the Ministry of Finance and other specialized agencies to develop proposals for the liquidation of counterfeit alcohol immediately after its discovery. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the press secretary of Deputy Prime Minister Natalya Platonova.

The seized products and raw materials all this time occupy a place in warehouses, the total area of which is already nine hectares. If at the end of 2017, their maintenance cost 33 million rubles a month, but now – 40 million rubles. – Natalia Platonova, Russian actress

Christian denominations owe Jerusalem

The temple of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem was closed on 25 February for an hour in protest against the plans of the city authorities to levy a municipal tax from them. This is reported by Reuters referring to representatives of Christian faiths who run the temple.

According to representatives of the confession, the shrine will remain closed until further notice.

Thus, church leaders protested against the new tax policy and the proposed law on expropriation of land. They consider it “an unprecedented attack on Christians in the Holy Land.”

The Cabinet of Ministers of Israel is considering a bill that would allow the state to expropriate land in Jerusalem, sold by temples to private real estate companies.

The authorities of Jerusalem intend to collect from Christian faiths more than 650 million shekels ($ 180 million) as debts for their commercial premises located within the city.

In Jerusalem, all are equal before the law – Christians, Muslims and Jews. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, like all the churches of Jerusalem, synagogues and mosques, is exempt from municipal tax. There are no changes in this respect. – Nir Barkat, an Israeli entrepreneur

March of the memory of Boris Nemtsov was held in the capital without excesses

March of the memory of Boris Nemtsov was held in the capital without excesses. This was reported to “RG” by the press service of the Moscow regional security department. Let me remind you that this action in memory of the murdered policy was agreed by the Moscow authorities with the number of up to 30 thousand people, as the organizers stated.

Sovfed develops the law on the conformity of school meals to GOSTs

The Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Nature Management of the Council of Federation is drafting a bill providing for mandatory use of products corresponding to GOSTs for the organization of meals in children’s institutions.

In the summer of 2018, charters will drive tourists to resorts under the new rules. Since December 2017 in Russia there is a new regulation for the implementation of charter programs. He appeared after the numerous delays of flights and the collapse of the airline “Wim-Avia.”

Charter flights. What changed?

– now Rosaviatsiya every charter chain approves two weeks before the start of flights (this in addition to the airline’s admissions for flights on each route);
– assigns the exact time for departure. Who flew charter flights, knows perfectly well – the flight can be delayed even by half a day. Now this will be considered a delay;
– if the airline has delayed at least 10% of charters a month, it may not allow flights to it next month;
– for every 10 aircraft there should be one reserve, so that the entire schedule does not “fly” in the event of technical problems with one or two airliners.

Retirees will provide creative and sportive leisure

Citizens older than 55 years will be able to visit mugs and sections of various orientations. According to the first deputy head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow Olga Gracheva, the project for Moscow pensioners is absolutely free.

Putin instructed to provide schoolchildren with a “ticket to the future”

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI) to ensure the implementation of the project for the vocational guidance of students in the 6-11th grades of schools in 2018.

“The Government of the Russian Federation with the participation of the ASI to ensure the adoption of regulatory legal acts on the implementation, starting in 2018, of a project for the early vocational guidance of students of grades 6-11 of general education organizations” A ticket to the future “, with funding up to 1 billion rubles and a number of participants of at least 100 thousand schoolchildren … “- the Kremlin notes.

Latvians want to earn 1000 euros minimum: collection of signatures is started

On the platform of public initiatives Manabalss.lv began collecting signatures for raising the minimum wage in Latvia to 1000 euros per month, reports Mixnews.lv. The author of the initiative was Kaspars Savickis.

In Russia, there can be an irrevocable contribution

Aksakov said that those who accumulate the amount of the initial installment on an irrevocable deposit can be expected to receive a mortgage loan with a rate of 1-2%. It is assumed that the contribution can be supplemented by means of maternity capital. Irrevocable contribution is beneficial to both the client and the bank.

Lawyers of convicts for embezzlement with “Vostochny” appeal against the verdict

Lawyers of convicts for embezzlement from the Vostochny cosmodrome of the former head of Dalspetstroy company Yuri Khriman and former chief accountant of the enterprise Vladimir Ashikhmin are planning to appeal to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, lawyer Yury Anisimov says.

The number of victims in the explosion in Leicester rose to six

The number of victims of a powerful explosion in the English city of Leicester increased from four to six, told the city’s medical service. All of them are in the Royal Hospital of Leicester. The condition of the two victims is assessed as critical, Tass points out.

In Thailand, Russians were detained for illegal sex training

Police in Thailand detained ten Russians in Pattaya who illegally conducted sex training. The organizer of specific courses was blogger Alexander Kirillov, better known under the pseudonym Alex Leslie.

A child from Russia died in Karaganda after a visit to the dentist

A child from Russia died, presumably, from an allergy to an anesthetic in one of the dental clinics in Karaganda, reports the ekaraganda.kz portal. A friend of the family told that on February 22 a boy, who was not yet two years old, was taken to dentistry for treatment of caries of eight teeth.


The Russian Science Foundation in 2018 will allocate 22 billion rubles for grants

The Russian Science Foundation (RNF) intends to allocate 22 billion rubles for grants in 2018. The general director of the fund Alexander Khlunov told the Izvestia newspaper about this.

Almost half of the Crypto-currency of 2017 has already failed

The rapid rise in prices for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in 2017 led to the fact that many companies decided to try themselves in this business in the hope of getting rich. Many of them initially did not inspire confidence even against the background of the others and, as it turned out, not by chance.

Banks will be able to receive documents from Rosreestr in electronic form

Banks will be able to receive information from Rosreestr about the rights to real estate of Russians in electronic form already this year, which will help speed up the process of obtaining loans for the purchase of apartments. The Chairman of the National Council of the Financial Market Andrey Emelin told Izvestia about this.

The net profit of Alfa-Bank for the year 2017 increased 1.5 times

The net profit of the Alfa-Bank Group in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the year of 2017 increased 1.5 times and reached $ 798 million against $ 527 million in 2016. This is reported on the group’s website.

Tyumen entrepreneurs are asking to delay introduction of online cash registers

The scheme of the virtual cash desk looks like this. To transfer data to the tax requires an Internet connection and a fiscal drive – a kind of memory card. At the same time, a check is electronically received and tax, and, if desired, the buyer

Save the Ananiev brothers ….

The loss of Promsvyazbank by Dmitry and Alexey Ananiev led to financial problems of the “White Bird” Group, a major producer of broiler meat, whose beneficiaries are businessmen. Previously, they supported the group with cheap loans, but now because of the shortage of working capital, its enterprises are threatened with a decline in production and staff reduction. To help them Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev asked the heads of three regions at once.

Russia remains the largest oil supplier to China

According to the Main Customs Administration of China, December exports amounted to 1.194 million barrels per day. Thanks to the indicators of the last month, for the second year in a row Russia remains the largest supplier of China, ahead of Saudi Arabia, the main exporter of OPEC, by 150,000 barrels every day

Transbaikalia was headed by anti-rating on the cost of gasoline

The Trans-Baikal Territory again became the leader in the most expensive gasoline among the regions of Siberia – such data for January 2018 was published by the Federal State Statistics Service, Vostok.Today reports. The average price per liter of car fuel was 43 rubles, that is, almost a ruble more than in December 2017.

According to Rosstat, in January 2018 the cost of AI-92 in the province was 41.63 rubles. per liter of fuel, AI-95 – 43.40 rubles., AI-98 – 46.39 rubles., diesel fuel – 45.55 rubles.

Rosneft admitted to oil and gas trading in March in Brazil

The Brazilian National Oil, Gas and Biofuel Agency has allowed Rosneft to participate in oil and gas trades among 14 companies. We are talking about land located on land.

Russia and Belarus can resume talks on gas at the end of March

At the end of March, negotiations between Moscow and Minsk on the reconciliation of gas prices for a four-year period, starting in 2020, may resume. For a number of objective reasons, it was not possible to reach a mutually beneficial agreement at the end of last year

In Japan, recorded a foreign trade deficit of almost $ 9 billion

The import of foreign products to Japan grew by almost 8 percent, the export showed an increase of 12.2 percent. However, in absolute terms, imports amounted to more than 66 billion dollars, and exports only 57.3 billion dollars, experts say. Import of Russian products to Japan also showed an increase of 2.3 percent.

“NOVATEK” is looking for money for “Arctic LNG-2” in Italy

Negotiations are held with the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group. The Italian banking group Intesa Sanpaolo is negotiating the participation in the NOVATEK project of Leonid Mikhelson on the construction of the plant “Arctic LNG-2” on the Gydan peninsula in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Vostochny Bank’s shareholders approved an increase in the authorized capital by 5 billion rubles

After the additional issue, the charter capital will grow 1.6 times to 13.029 billion rubles. “East Express” in January 2017 completed the process of joining Uniastrum Bank. The owners of Uniastrum received about 40% in a joint bank.


Danilko invited Ukrainian authorities to decommute the head of Serdyuchka

Actor and singer Andrei Danilko advised the authorities of Ukraine within the framework of decommunization “tear off” Verka Serduchka, in the image of which he has been acting for many years. So the artist commented on the plans of the Kyiv mayoralty to remove the five-pointed star from the spire of the high-rise building on Khreshchatyk, where he lives.

In connection with the events in Ukraine they want to de-communize the star on my Khreshchatyk house. So you and Serduchka’s head then tear off. – Andrey Danilko, Ukrainian performer

Russian TV show participant to represent Armenia at Eurovision-2018

The participant of the Russian show “Golos” Sevak Khanagyan will represent his native Armenia in the international song contest “Eurovision-2018”, the head of the Armenian delegation Gohar Gasparyan said. Khanagyan was elected almost unanimously on the basis of voting by the viewers and the international jury.

Fans congratulate the witch from the “Battle of Psychics” with pregnancy

Star of the show “Battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina shared with her subscribers a video from her birthday, which surprised users. It is reported that the witch arranged a party for her friends in one of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg.

The International Gorky Festival will be held in March in Nizhny Novgorod

The second international festival named after Gorky, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the writer, will be held from March 26 to 31 in Nizhny Novgorod. On February 20, Tuesday, at a press conference, the chairman of the festival’s organizing committee Dmitry Birman

Feast of a mountain and dancing on the money

The birthday of Lubov Uspenskaya was overshadowed by an unpleasant scandal on the Web. The reason, according to which the web users cried on the birthday girl, is the video recently published in her microblog. The recording was made during the performance of “Queen Chanson” at one of the private parties.

On the footage of the roller that appeared on the expanses of the world wide web, Uspenskaya danced on the money scattered on the stage.

“That’s how Armenians walk, throw a scene with one hundred dollar bills, customs do not change!” – wrote Love.

Governor Alexander Bogomaz thanked Oleg Gazmanov for the concert

The concert was attended by the Governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz. He addressed the artist with words of gratitude and noted his enormous contribution to the formation of the patriotism of Russian citizens. The songs that Gazmanov performs for Russians are a reflection of courage and valor

The film of the Krasnoyarsk director won at the International Film Festival

The short film The Forgotten, directed by Oleg Trossel in Krasnoyarsk, was named the Best Social Film at the Kazan International Film Festival ZILANT. The theme of the film is a cruel attitude towards the elderly. The tape tells about how the pensioner was in the hands of black realtors

On the web there was a video from the filming of the movie about the band Queen

The first video appeared on the web from the filming of the film about the band Queen. When working on a picture, the cast as well as the directors changed many times. The film should be presented to the audience by members of the Queen band, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor

At the Berlinale, all the bears were given out

The main prize of Berlinale, the “Golden Bear”, was presented to the painting “Do not touch me” by the Romanian director Adina Pantilia. The tape “Do not Touch”, shot at the junction of documentary and feature films.

To nominate for the State Prize

The film “Linguist” is dedicated to the first scientist-linguist of the Sakha people, the creator of the Yakut mass writing, Semyon Andreevich Novgorodov. It reflects the main pages of his vivid life.

The picture was shot according to the scenario of the Yakut writer Alexei Ambrosyev – Sien Mundu, director – Eduard Novikov

Scriptonite was caught in the use of phonograms at a concert in Moscow

The Kazakh rap singer Adil Zhalelov, better known under the pseudonym Scriptonite, was convicted by his own fans in using the phonogram. It happened at his next concert in Moscow. As fans of the rapper write on social networks, the infamous incident occurred in Stadium Live.


The new state armament program of Russia

The new state armament program (GVP) was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

The new LG proposes allocating 19 trillion rubles for arms transfers and 1 trillion for synchronization.

Militants of the five factions created a single center of leadership in Syria

The militants of five illegal armed groups (IDF), including Jaysh Al-Islam, Jabhat An-Nusra and Akhrar ash Sham, created a single leadership center in the Syrian East Gut. This is reported by the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, RIA Novosti reports.

Israel named the reason for the loss of the F-16 fighter after the raid on Syria

The crew of the Israeli fighter F-16, shot down by a Syrian missile, made a “professional mistake” – instead of concentrating on self-defense, he continued to carry out the assignment. To such conclusions came the commission, which analyzed the actions of the country’s Air Force on February 10.

The Foreign Ministry reported on the termination of cooperation with NATO in the military line

The North Atlantic alliance ended its practical cooperation with Russia, taking a course to strengthen on the eastern flank against the “non-existent threat”. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko in an interview with Izvestia

Su-57 in Syria: there is no full-scale combat use of speech

The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov recommended journalists to contact the Ministry of Defense with questions. Pentagon spokesman Eric Pehon said that US military do not see in the prospective Russian fighters a threat to their operations in Syria.

The Russian Navy will receive a new aircraft carrier

For the Russian Navy, a new aircraft-carrying complex will be built. Nikolai Maksimov, head of the shipbuilding and armament institute of the military training and scientific center of the Ministry of Defense, told Interfax on the air of the Zvezda television channel.

The State Duma told about the reasons for supporting the UN Security Council resolution on Syria

Russia’s support for the UN Security Council (UN Security Council) resolution on the establishment of a 30-day ceasefire throughout Syria “testifies to the desire to achieve an early settlement in Syria, no matter what accusations someone has tried to show us.”

The adopted resolution of the UN Security Council will not affect the Turkish operation in Africa

The February 24 resolution of the UN Security Council on the ceasefire in Syria will not affect the operation of the Olive Branch in Africa, as it is conducted against terrorists, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag stated.

“There can be no question that the decision of the UN Security Council will affect the operation,” he quoted RIA Novosti as saying.

India is organizing major international naval exercises in March

“The maneuvers of Milan have evolved from subregional-scale exercises into a prestigious international event involving the navies of not only the countries of the Bay of Bengal and South-East Asia, but the entire Indian Ocean region,” the Indian Navy spokesman said.

In Russia, a supersonic drone will be created

In Russia, a long-range unmanned impact complex is being developed. This was told on the air of the “Zvezda” TV channel by deputy head of the research department of the Central Research Institute of the Air Force Alexander Nemov.

Ukrainian saboteurs blew up on their own mine in Donbass

“During the release of the sabotage and reconnaissance group of the enemy to the contact line in the area of the settlement of Rassadki as a result of an explosion on its own mine, two servicemen were killed,” REN TV quotes Marochko. Three more people were seriously injured.

Russia will develop a new aircraft with laser weapons

The source told the Interfax news agency that the development of the A-60 aircraft, which will be equipped with laser weapons, has now been completed.


In China, proposed to change the Constitution

At the opening plenary meeting in Beijing, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will consider proposals for amending the Constitution of the country. The innovations will concern the restriction of two terms for holding the post of chairman of the PRC, South China Morning Post reported.

The Kremlin has scheduled new May decrees

The Kremlin is preparing new May decrees of the president, by analogy with the instructions of Vladimir Putin, who was elected president. after working in the government in 2012. This is written by RBC with reference to a federal official and two sources familiar with the discussion of documents.

Seoul hopes for a “constructive dialogue” between the DPRK and the US

South Korea looks forward to a dialogue between North Korea and the United States, a representative of the Ministry for National Association Affairs said at a press conference in Seoul.

The strike was announced by students and the staff of the medical university in Kiev

The indefinite strike was announced by students and staff of the Bogomolets National Medical University because of the actions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The strikers believe that the agency carries out “gross interference” in the independence of the university and its self-control.

China allowed the import of wheat from six regions of Russia

The main state administration for quality control, inspection and quarantine of China abolished the quarantine requirement introduced in 2016 and allowed the import of wheat from six regions of Russia. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” referring to the press service of the department.

Sanctions against Russia introduced forever

The restrictive measures that the West imposed against Russia will remain forever, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin believes.

Forever. The revival of Russia’s national identity usually leads to the rapid growth of its physical strength. At the level of instinct in the West, this has never been liked by anyone. – Dmitry Rogozin, Russian statesman

In the parliament complained that Ukraine “did not have any friends”

Ukraine quarreled with its neighbors and “remained without friends,” said Ukrainian businessman, Verkhovna Rada deputy and party leader Za Zhittya Vadim Rabinovich on the program Who’s Who Rabinovich on the channel 112 Ukraine.

Do you see the consequences of all the political, so to speak, foreign policy of our country? First of all, it led to the fact that we do not have any friends now. We have no friends! All the countries that surround Ukraine, at least today, are not our friends anyway. – Vadim Rabinovich, Ukrainian businessman

Duda said that Poland and Ukraine need each other

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the Poles want good relations with Ukrainians and believe that Warsaw and Kiev need each other. This was reported by the press service of the Polish president.

Finland withdraws honorary consul in Barcelona at the request of Spain

According to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland recalls the honorary consul in Barcelona, Albert Ginjoum Egidon. The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Meira Pappi told about this edition.

The Czech police confirmed the detention of Salih Muslim

The detention of the former co-chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Union party Salih Muslim in Prague on the international arrest warrant issued by Turkey was confirmed by the Czech police. This was reported by the Czech Radio.

Nikki Haley outraged the Iranian minister’s participation in the session of the UN Human Rights Council

US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley on Sunday resented the forthcoming speech of the Iranian Minister at the session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic Ali Reza Avaia will address the HRO next week

Merkel presented the list of ministers of the coalition government

The PSD plans to submit its list of six ministers on March 4. Thus, in the new composition of the government, Merkel proposed to leave Ursula von der Läyen as defense minister. The post of Minister of Economy will be occupied by Peter Altmeier, now acting head of the Ministry of Finance.


HMD Global has introduced a new smartphone Nokia 8 Sirocco

HMD Global introduced a new smartphone Nokia 8 Sirocco with a cast steel casing and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 glass. A smartphone that sends users to the 2006 premium device Nokia 8800 Sirocco with sapphire crystal, steel panels and a leather case in the set, has kept its premium level.

Request “Send a message to Barack Obama” broke Google

Internet users paid attention to the incorrect operation of the Google search engine when entering the request “Send a message to Barack Obama”: instead of specific contact information, the search engine produces a meaningless set of characters.

Hackers learned how to steal crypto currency with Microsoft Word

Experts point out that attackers using this script for Microsoft Word can not only steal crypto currency, but also install Trojans and other viruses on the user’s computer.

Apple will make it easier for Chinese authorities to access user data

From now on, the Chinese authorities will be able to receive personal data from owners of Apple devices much easier and faster than before. This was due to the fact that Apple has approved the transfer of account data for all Chinese users from iCloud cloud service to special data centers from China.

Huawei introduced the first commercial 5G chipset to MWC-2018

Huawei announced the release of a commercial 5G chipset at the MWC-2018 in Barcelona. The chipset is designed in accordance with the standards of the 3GPP industrial group. According to the developers, 5G will provide a network speed of 20 Gbit / s.

Nokia resurrected the phone from the “Matrix”

HMD Global, developing devices under the Nokia brand, announced the resumption of sales of the Nokia 8110 at the Mobile World Congress, Quartz writes. The phone with a curved body and protective cover on the front panel was released in 1996.

At the MWC 2018, Alcatel unveiled the first Android Go smartphone

Experts noted the innovations of this software, but pointed to serious delays. The company Alcatel presented the public with a test model of its proprietary smartphone 1X, which runs on the new Android Go operating system. The device was tested at MWC 2018.

Lenovo is preparing new laptops based on Ryzen

Lenovo currently offers only one laptop based on Raven Ridge. This is the Ideapad 720S-13ARR, which has “Ryzen 5 2500U” quad-core, and also Ryzen 7 2700U

The designers have created an audio system with a levitating column

The world has an audio system that consists of docking stations and a wireless speaker that can fly in the air. This unusual process takes place both for audio equipment with the help of an electromagnet. The included mechanism will play music from the smartphone without any difficulties.

Vivo produces an absolutely frameless smartphone with a scanner in the display

Vivo surprised its customers. The engineers of the firm released a frameless smartphone with a fingerprint scanner in the display.

Taiwanese company has produced cardboard houses for cats

Designers from the Taiwanese company Cat Thing, knowing the love of cats to boxes, have created modular cardboard houses for pets. Modules are created by the principle of parts from the designer.

Smartphone Leagoo Power 5 endowed with a powerful battery for 7000 mAh

The Chinese developer reported that the new version of the smartphone Leagoo Power 5 is equipped with a powerful battery of 7,000 mAh. Within the forthcoming exhibition MWC 2018, planned for the upcoming week in Barcelona, its devices will be presented by the modern Chinese brand Leagoo

Wireless headphones AirPods will receive a full-size model in 2018

Well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says that now Apple is working on proprietary wireless headphones AirPods, which have full-size dimensions

Advanced Huawei smartphones can drive a car

The manufacturer claims that its advanced smartphones are able to drive a car, and they do it very well. All thanks to the block of machine learning, which can now be found on the phones Mate 10 Pro and Honor View 10 (V10).

Almost like a man. Samsung has developed a robot-loader

South Korean company Samsung has completed the development of humanoid robot Saram with artificial intelligence, which can lift and move heavy goods in warehouses. This is reported by Business Korea. According to the publication, the name of the robotic manipulator from the Korean language is translated as “man.”


Scientists have told, when and how humanity will win alcoholism

Scientists Casey Elizabeth Johnson and Benjamin Voight of the University of Pennsylvania (USA) hypothesized that as a result of natural selection, a person will develop alcohol intolerance.

Scientists said that the first artists on Earth were Neanderthals

Neanderthals created the first samples of artistic creativity more than 100 thousand years ago. This is reported in the journal Science. To such conclusions, scientists came after they examined several caves in the southeast of Spain.

Scientists have clarified the true origin of the Przewalski horse

Scientists said that Przewalski’s horses are not the last wild ancestors of modern horses, but the wild descendants of the first domestic horses. Animals lived in Kazakhstan near the village of Botay. This is reported in the journal Science.

Scientists have created an artificial eye

Scientists from the United States managed to create a lens that can function as a normal eye. It was given a unique artificial muscle and the possibility of correcting the distortion of the image. The study was conducted by employees of Harvard University.

Scientists: The properties of polymers have been discovered in ball chains

An international group of scientists from Japan, France and Belgium, led by Pascal Damman (Université de Mons), discovered the properties of polymers in ball chains. This property is observed if you stack a large number of chains in one pile

TOP-10 of the best technologies by 2018

The first place went to 3D printing

The second place went to artificial embryos, which scientists created only from stem cells.

The third line is occupied by smart cities, the first of which will be built in Toronto in Canada.

In the fourth place was the sphere of artificial intelligence, which is gaining increasing popularity among developers.

It is followed by a competition of neural networks and unusual headphones, which, together with the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, help translate words into four dozen languages.

The top ten and breakthrough technologies also included a gas power station with zero emissions, Internet identification without the need to provide personal data, predictions on genetic data and the production of quantum computers.

A new sensor can determine the level of acidity by drop of sweat

Scottish specialists have developed an elastic and inexpensive sensor that can determine the level of acidity in the body by sweat. The development is made of graphite and polyurethane. The device attached to the body is able to analyze the level of acidity in the body by sweat.

Scientists: Ross glacier does not really melt, but freezes

Scientists have reported that the Ross glacier does not actually melt, but even more freezes and increases in size. This became known after studying the data from a 300-meter well. In a study of the Ross Glacier, scientists discovered a very strange anomaly

Scientists have made animal cells glow

It is known that the fireflies fluoresce due to the reaction of the luciferase enzyme with a compound called luciferin. The latter was previously adapted by scientists to obtain infrared light, capable of passing through the tissue of an animal.


The first people can land on Mars in 20 years

According to the British astronaut Tim Pick, after the launch of Falcon Heavy by Space X Ilona Mask, a new era of space exploration began. It is thanks to her that the first earthlings can land on Mars in 20 years, writes Life.

The NASA plans to reduce the requirements for the disinfection of rovers

It was suggested to simplify the procedure of disinfection by the apparatuses. Lisa Pratt, a new NASA planetary protection officer, an ex-microbiologist from Indiana University in Bloomington, said that it was necessary to approve a number of the most promising regions of Mars

Astrophysicists warned about space hackers

Astrophysicists Michael Hippke and John Larned have expressed concern that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations can arrange a cyber attack on humanity, NBC News reports with reference to the preprint of the article of researchers published on the pages of arXiv.org.

NASA showed the exact place of the death of Cassini in the atmosphere of Saturn

Workers of NASA have published the exact coordinates of the fall of the probe Cassini, who for 13 years studied the surface of Saturn. Recall that in September 2017 the device ceased to exist, burned in the atmosphere of the planet.

The American Vulcan missile proved to be cheaper than the Russian “Proton”

The new American Vulcan missile proved cheaper than some Russian models of the type “Proton” and “Angara.” The features of the novelty were told in the company ULA. Vulcan will go into space not earlier than 2020.

Astrophysicists discovered in space an asteroid worth $ 5.4 trillion

Astrophysicist Michio Kaku said that in outer space there is a giant asteroid, which can be estimated at about $ 5.4 trillion. The fact is that the asteroid contains a large number of metals that are deficient on Earth

Astronomers have discovered on Mars dust-laden station “Phoenix”

Comparing the images taken by the apparatus in 2008 and 2017, scientists found that the landing site of the “Phoenix” was brought by planetary dust, and the parachute itself moved to the east.

The dark side of the moon hides in its bowels water – astronomers

Scientists believe that the molecules of water travel on the Moon until they reach the craters located in the polar regions


The first photos of the new frame SUV Nissan Terra are published

The novelty is based on the Navara pickup of the latest generation. A frame SUV was created mainly for the Chinese market, but in the future the car should appear on sale in Asian countries.

The first renderings of the new crossover BMW X5 appeared on the web

The network has the first render images of the new generation of the crossover BMW X5, the world premiere of which will be held in the next six months. German insiders report that the appearance of the crossover will retain its most recognizable features, and the interior will become even more technological and modern.

TechArt will release a package of GrandGT for Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Famous German tuning studio TechArt presented a new package of modifications for the sports car Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, the premiere of which will be held at the Geneva Motor Show

Published the first photos of the new cross coupe Volvo XC50

Automobile company Volvo will release a new cross-coupe XC50, the first rendered images of which have already been published on the Web, according to the publication AutoExpress. Volvo XC50 will be implemented on the basis of a modular CMA platform, and will be developed jointly with the Chinese company Geely.

Budget version received the newest sedan Kia Forte

The Korean company Kia is preparing to launch a budget version of its Forte sedan of a new generation. Recall that the four-door, designed for the Celestial market, is different from the version for the United States.

Chery introduces the four-seater eQ1

Earlier it became known that Putin stressed that the Russian automobile industry had become part of the world market, so it is necessary to compete in the domestic market and at the international market.

Toyota RAV4 of the new generation appeared on the first render

Japanese developers from the company Toyota continue to work on creating a new generation of the popular crossover Toyota RAV4, but details about the model so far are kept secret. Independent designers tried to imagine how the new SUV will look after the next update.

DMC has worked on the super-fast Lamborghini Aventador Edizione GT

German tuning studio worked on the super car Aventador LP988 Edizione GT. The project was named “Las Americas”. The tuner will only release three such cars.

FIAT Chrysler will abandon diesel engines by 2022

Concern FIAT Chrysler is going to remove all diesel engines from its line of cars by 2022 already.

Daimler will invest $ 2 billion in the construction of a plant in China

German automaker Daimler, together with its Chinese partner BAIC, will invest 11.9 billion yuan ($ 1.9 billion) in the construction of a new plant in China. The plant will produce Mercedes-Benz cars, including electric vehicles.

Corbellati will present the most powerful 1800-strong hypercar in the world

Italian tuning studio Corbellati prepares for the premiere at the upcoming auto show in Geneva the most powerful hypercar in the world – Corbellati Missile with 1800-horsepower engine.

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