17 Мар, 2021

The number of billionaires is growing in Russia

According to the regional department of the Federal Tax Service for the Novosibirsk Region, the number of billionaires in 2019 increased from 4 to 13 people, the number of millionaires increased from 21 to 25 thousand. The head of the UFNS clarified: these figures refer only to those who are obliged to submit declarations on their own. If we also take into account those for whom employers are accountable, then the total number of billionaires was 28, which is 7 times more than at the end of 2018. The number of taxpayers who received income from 10 to 100 million is 2,608, from 100 million to 1 billion — 304.

The billionaires’ income is associated with business «in the field of retail and wholesale trade, from the sale of securities, in the form of profits of a controlled foreign company,» according to a press release prepared for a briefing in TASS.

The number of billionaires has grown in the Altai Territory

In the Altai Territory, the number of billionaires has more than doubled. In 2020, seven people in the region declared incomes of over 1 billion rubles, and in 2018 and 2019, only three billionaires officially lived in the region. Yuri Kurylenko, head of the regional department of the Federal Tax Service, told Altapress about this.

According to the speaker, the richest people in the region are engaged in wholesale trade in food, cheese production, as well as fish processing and canning.

Russian mayor called his city uninhabitable

Kaluga Mayor Dmitry Denisov criticized the work of public utilities during the snow melting period. He stated this during a meeting at the city council, Kaluganews reports. The mayor, in particular, drew attention to the fact that the sand-salt mixture was washed away by streams from the melting snow.

“It is necessary to cover it with such a layer of sand that it washes off for a long time. The courtyards are also slippery, just ugly. The city has practically become uninhabitable these days, ”he said.

Denisov gave an example of how he went for a walk with the dog, and she was able to drag the owner across the bare ice. At the same time, «a person with a fairly dense physique could not move his legs.»

Chinese authorities asked Alibaba to cut media assets

The Chinese authorities have asked the Alibaba Group to reduce its media assets. According to The Wall Street Journal, Beijing is concerned about the company’s impact on public opinion among Chinese citizens.

The Internet browser of the largest Chinese Internet company Alibaba UC Browser has been removed from app stores in China or is not available for download, according to the Financial Times.

Moscow urges Kiev to respect the legitimate choice of Crimean residents

Moscow calls on Kiev to respect the legitimate choice of Crimean residents and observe the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Kiev’s efforts to return Crimea are illegitimate, they cannot be perceived otherwise than as a threat of aggression against the subjects of the Russian Federation, the department added.

Russians’ interest in politics in general has not changed

3% of respondents are interested in a very large degree, 9% — in a large, 35% — in an average, 26% — in a small, 27% — are not interested at all. Compared to 2020, significant changes are noticeable only in one category: the number of those who are not at all interested in politics increased by 6 pp — in 2020 it was 21%, in 2021 — 27%, according to Levada Center.

Police warn of spike in fraud on job posting sites

Moscow police have warned of a spike in fraud on free classifieds sites and on social media groups with job offers. According to the agency, the scammers promise to provide direct employer contacts for people interested in work for a fee, but after the amount they require goes to their account, they stop communicating.

Penza schoolchildren ordered to buy portraits with the governor

The media reported that the parents of schoolchildren were forced to buy portraits with the Governor of the Penza Region, Ivan Belozertsev. The head of the region responded to such a message by asking forgiveness from the parents of students for school fees and instructed the Minister of Education of the Penza region to conduct an official check at the school to clarify the circumstances and bring the perpetrators to justice.

«For my part, if the information is confirmed, I would like to apologize in advance to the parents of the pupils. Extortions in schools for any purpose and under any pretext are strictly prohibited. I ask you to report all cases of such actions on the part of school representatives immediately,» the governor of the Penza region concluded.

The Russian government allocated funds for the water supply of Crimea

The Russian government has allocated 3.2 billion rubles to ensure sustainable water supply to the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. The order was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Avtodata plans to monitor cars, road and drivers

Komersant found out what data the developers of the Avtodata navigation and telemetry platform want to receive from Russian cars. So, initially, automakers will have to receive information about the location, speed and direction of movement of cars once a minute, and about driver fatigue every half an hour. Once every 15 minutes, all the collected information, together with the VIN number, will be received by Avtodata, the developers of which do not see any difficulties in this.

The government will change the formula for calculating gasoline prices from May 1

From May 1, the government will adjust the work of the damping mechanism, smoothing the difference between the export and domestic fuel prices, said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak at a meeting with representatives of oil companies. This was reported by the press service of the government.

Russia has increased investments in US bonds

Russia increased its investments in the US national debt in January by about $ 134 million. this is evidenced by the data of the US Treasury. As of December, Russia possessed a portfolio of US government securities worth $ 6.145 billion, of which long-term securities amounted to $ 2.744 billion and short-term securities amounted to $ 3.401 billion. During that month, the Central Bank increased its investments in government bonds of the United States at once by a billion dollars.

Gazprom has increased gas exports to non-CIS countries

From January 1 to March 15, 2021, Gazprom increased its exports to non-CIS countries by 28% compared to the same period in 2020. TASS writes about this on March 15.

“Deliveries to Germany (by 28%), Turkey (by 80.5%), Finland (by 74%), Serbia (by 61.5%), Romania (by 77%), Bulgaria (by 52%) have increased, Greece (by 24.5%), ”the message says.

It is also reported that gas exports to China via the Power of Siberia are regularly exceeded daily contractual obligations.

Ozon withdrew from agreement with Sberbank

Disagreements in the assessment of the online retailer Ozon before the IPO in 2020 became one of the reasons for the termination of the agreement with Sberbank on the purchase of up to 30% of shares after the additional issue, Forbes said, citing two sources familiar with the negotiations.

The subcontractor of the Amur GPP received a claim for recovery

The general contractor for the construction of the Amur GPP, JSC NIPIgazpererabotka, filed a lawsuit against China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corporation for the recovery of 1.43 billion rubles. The case will begin on March 30, 2021.

According to the press service of the Arbitration Court of the Amur Region, the defendant had its own branch in the region. Through him, 42 standard multilateral agreements were concluded, according to which NIPIgazpererabotka JSC paid money for China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Corporation. The money was intended for third parties, as specified in the court — to help the defendant’s subcontractors, who also worked at the plant.

The defendant, according to the terms of the contract, had to return the money to the plaintiff. But he did not fulfill his obligations on time. The amount of debt exceeded 1.42 billion rubles, the general contractor of the GPP demands a little more than seven million rubles for the use of other people’s funds.

Rusagro holding announced final dividends for 2020

The board of directors of the Rusagro agricultural holding recommended that the annual general meeting of shareholders pay dividends for 2020 in the amount of $ 5.2 per share or $ 1.04 for a global depositary receipt (GDR).

The Ministry of Health reported on the rise in prices for vital drugs

In 2020, prices for medicines from the list of vital drugs (VED) increased by 4.9%, said Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, RIA Novosti reports.

PJSC Sovcomflot net profit in 2020

The Management Board of PJSC Sovcomflot (SCF Group of Companies) reviewed the operating results for 2020 and approved the consolidated financial statements for the period up to December 31, 2020, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). according to the results of 2020, net profit increased by 18.4% and amounted to $ 266.9 million.

Telegram raised funds for bond placement

Telegram raised $ 1 billion at 7%, the minimum lot for participation was $ 500 thousand.The bonds were placed until 2026, the first coupon payment is scheduled for September 2021. The placement took place at par, a source told RBC.

Bank of America recorded the transition of investors from gold to stocks

Bank of America announced the transition of investors from investing in gold to investing in securities, RBC writes. BofA’s weekly report shows that investors have poured $ 31.5 billion in stocks. In the same time period, $ 1.8 billion was withdrawn from gold, and $ 15.4 billion from bonds.

In Greenland, under a layer of ice, discovered the remains of a forest

Much of Greenland is now covered in ice. But there was a period in the last million years when the ice melted and forests turned green in its place, new research by scientists from Columbia and Copenhagen Universities has shown. The new study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have made a map of the vessels of the brain

Experts from France, working in the Laboratory of Physics for Medicine, have compiled a detailed map of the vascular network of the human brain. Mikael Tanter’s group used ultrafast sonography. This is a new non-invasive examination of the body thanks to ultrasonic waves, which allows you to obtain several thousand images in one second. After that, the experts used contrast agents. Microbubbles of biocompatible gas began to circulate throughout the vasculature of the brain. Experts determined their position and restored the anatomy of the vasculature to a scale of twenty-five micrometers.

Form of carbon unknown on Earth found in Chelyabinsk meteorite

A world-class discovery was made by physicists of Chelyabinsk State University when studying the structure of a meteorite that fell in 2013. University graduate student Galina Savosteenko discovered a previously unknown form of carbon in a celestial body

While examining samples of meteorite dust in an optical microscope, we saw particles with signs of crystal symmetry. After doing a more accurate analysis, we were surprised to find that crystals with a sixth-order symmetry axis are composed of pure carbon. In nature, carbon crystals (diamonds) have cubic symmetry and cannot have this shape. Only an exotic form of carbon — lonsdaleite (hexagonal diamond) — can look like this. But it has never been observed on a macroscopic scale, — said Galina Savosteenko

Food of the future made out of thin air unveiled in Finland

Scientists at the Finnish tech startup Solar Foods have been able to create schnitzel out of thin air, Reuters reports with reference to NTD. Finnish scientists say their products will compete with soybeans on price for a decade

American scientists were able to decipher the longevity gene

American scientists were able to decipher a DNA fragment of bats that carries information about longevity, reports UfaTime.ru with reference to Heilpraxisnet. We are talking about a fragment of the DNA of the experimental, allowing to draw conclusions about their exact age, immune defense and predisposition to oncology.

The authors of the work noted that this allowed for the first time to determine the exact age of wild animals using the «epigenetic clock» in their DNA. In addition, this study provides a deeper understanding of the possible mechanisms that could be responsible for the unusually long lifespan of some species of bats.

The meteorite that fell in Yakutia turned out to be debris dropped from the ISS

Late in the evening on March 12, residents of Yakutia noticed a falling large luminous object resembling a meteorite, according to the information and analytical agency ROSBALT. Locals mistook the space object for a fireball or an unidentified flying object (UFO). But after a while, the Zvezda TV channel broadcast the comments of Viktor Grokhovsky, an expert on the Chelyabinsk meteorite, who is sure that the camera lens got nothing other than the garbage dropped by the Americans from the International Space Station (ISS) or, in other words, the waste of the station’s crew. According to the expert’s calculations, everything that did not burn up in the dense layers of the atmosphere fell near the village of Ust-Nera.

Apple agreed to pre-install Russian applications on its gadgets

Apple has agreed with the Ministry of Digital Development to pre-install applications from Russian developers on its devices, Vedomosti reported.

In December 2020, Russia passed a law prohibiting the sale of certain types of technically complex goods without pre-installing Russian software prescribed by the government. The list of approved applications includes popular search engines, Internet browsers, email services, social networks, antivirus software and online cinemas.

The cost of fighting inappropriate content

Rostelecom disclosed in its annual report the parameters of transactions for the consolidation of 100% of shares in LLC Rdp.ru — a software and hardware and software developer that allows Internet providers to manage network traffic and block unwanted content. Rostelecom spent 1.7 billion rubles. for the purchase of the developer of DPI-systems «Rdp.ru». The company’s products were previously supposed to be used for «smart» blocking of Telegram, and now they are used to ensure the operation of the «sovereign Internet».

Elon Musk is going to release a Tesla smartphone with Starlink Internet support

According to experts of the foreign profile portal «mydrivers.com», Tesla, led by Elon Musk, is going to release a branded smartphone, which is internally named «Model Pi».

According to the source, the smartphone is being created with support for many unique technologies, including the ability to change the color of the back panel, mining Marscoin cryptocurrency, the ability to access the Network via Starlink satellite Internet from SpaceX and others.

Also, the smartphone will be able to help users with head injuries, namely the brain. According to the source, such capabilities will become available thanks to Neuralink technology and the brain-computer interface. Thus, the device will be able to replace some of the functions of the human brain.

Released the trailer for the horror Sam Raimi «The Unholy»

The American Film Academy announced the format of the «Oscar 2021» ceremony

The American Film Academy has clarified the format of the upcoming Oscar 2021 ceremony. According to its president David Rubin, the organizers have decided to limit the number of events, but at the same time, the presentation of awards will be quite traditional. Recall that the winners of the Oscar 2021 will be announced on April 25.

“While we hoped the pandemic would only be reflected in the rearview mirror by April, the health and safety of our attendees and Oscar nominees remain a top priority, so we had to make some necessary decisions about a whole host of long-awaited Oscar week events. year, applicants, their guests and hosts will be entitled to personal attendance at our show. But we will not be able to hold our annual ticket raffle. We will also not be holding any additional events requiring in-person presence, including screenings of nominee films, gala reception for nominees for the award. » Oscars «, all kinds of cocktail receptions, as well as public programs of short films, documentaries, animated films, international feature films and projects from the makeup and hairstyle categories. Unfortunately, I must add that this year there will also be no post-Oscar points or parties in London and New York «, — said in his statement

The lunar soil contains large reserves of universal and environmentally friendly fuel

The lunar soil contains large reserves of helium-3, a versatile and environmentally friendly fuel, the extraction of which can be economically profitable. It is possible to produce helium-3 on Earth, but cosmically expensive

The introduction of the Latin alphabet in schools in Kazakhstan will begin in 2023

The Kazakh alphabet in the Latin script of 32 letters was approved in 2017, the transition to the new standard is expected to last until 2031.

Scammers have come up with a new way to steal money from Russians

Fraudsters suggest that victims go to a fake site to confirm that they have received a «government bonus». If the recipient of the message refuses to follow the link and confirm the «legality» of receiving pseudo-funds, he is threatened with legal action, an ONF expert told RIA Novosti.

Chinese Taxi Service Fills Russia

Chinese taxi service DiDi is preparing to launch in 20 more Russian cities, including Krasnodar. Prior to that, he worked in 16 cities, and in total this year he plans to cover more than a hundred

Punishment for the rehabilitation of Nazism and insulting veterans

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the second reading a package on toughening punishment for the rehabilitation of Nazism and insulting veterans

  • for public denial of the facts established by the Nuremberg Tribunal, and the dissemination of deliberately false information about the role of the USSR in World War II and about veterans — up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to 3 million rubles
  • for desecrating symbols of military glory and memory of defenders of the Fatherland or for public humiliation of veterans — up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to 3 million rubles
  • if the crime was committed by a group by prior conspiracy or using the media and the Internet — up to 5 years in a penal colony or a fine of up to 5 million rubles.
  • Now these fines are a maximum of 500 thousand rubles, and there is no criminal punishment for insulting veterans.

The State Duma adopted a law on educational activities

  • activities outside educational programs aimed at disseminating knowledge and skills are recognized as educational activities
  • it is prohibited to use educational activities to incite hatred, «including by providing students with inaccurate information about the historical, national, religious and cultural traditions of peoples»
  • government agencies and local authorities and their authorized organizations, people and entrepreneurs will be able to engage in educational activities
  • international cooperation of educational organizations will be coordinated by federal departments in order to prevent negative foreign interference in the educational process
  • educational organizations will be able to conclude agreements with foreigners and foreign organizations only after the approval of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Education

the law will come into force on June 1

Two protests dedicated to the police took place in London at once.

The first took place after the police killed a girl on the outskirts of London, the second is against the law, which gives more authority to disperse rallies.

In Myanmar, clashes between protesters and the military who seized power.

The military accuses the protesters of setting fire to Chinese factories, the demonstrators accuse the military of this, as well as the desire to impose martial law in the country.

In Crimea, the ban on mass events was lifted

The Crimean authorities decided to temporarily lift the ban on mass gatherings in the region due to the coronavirus in connection with the celebration of the anniversary of the region’s entry into Russia. The relevant amendments to the decree on the high alert regime, operating in Crimea, were introduced by the head of the region, Sergei Aksyonov.

Among the permitted were, in particular, events organized by the «Night Wolves» motorcycle club, as well as a review of the youth army detachments and cadet classes. In addition, local governments can organize their own events.

Prior to that, all public, business, sports, cultural and entertainment events were banned in Crimea, with the exception of competitions for professional athletes and some others, with a limited number of participants.

Kremlin — on lifting the ban on mass events in Crimea

Kommersant FM: We see that the ban on mass events has been lifted in Crimea due to the upcoming anniversary of joining Russia. Moreover, the activities are allowed mainly with the participation of certain patriotic organizations. How justified is this in a pandemic, when experts do not exclude a new jump in the incidence in the spring?

Dmitry Peskov: You can see that we are all slowly emerging from covenant restrictions. And, thank God, in fact, this curve of the number of infected people allows us to continue along this path. Moreover, each region follows its own trajectory. You know that in this regard, the regions are implementing those special powers that were given to them at the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, the situation is different from region to region, and each head of the region is free to make decisions. This is his responsibility and his authority.

Vatican banned priests from blessing same-sex unions

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith decision emphasizes that even stable partnerships that involve sexual activity outside of marriage should not be blessed. Marriage, in turn, is defined by the church as a union between a man and a woman.

Mate is bad, but you can’t fire for it

The Minister of Culture of Crimea Arina Novoselskaya will retain her post — despite the obscenities during the video conference. The head of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, said that «this is not anti-state, as if nobody’s personal dignity was offended.» Aksenov also admitted that he sometimes uses foul language, but, of course, it is bad that the Minister of Culture knows such words.

Spain will try a four-day work week

Spain could be one of the first countries in the world to test a four-day work week. Advocates of shorter working hours believe that it will increase productivity, improve workers’ mental well-being and have a positive impact on the environment. But recently, the idea has taken on new meaning as the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated issues of employee well-being and burnout, as well as work-life balance.

The biggest encyclopedia

Before the appearance of Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia was considered a reference book, created by order of the Chinese Emperor Yongle, containing knowledge from all the books of the imperial library, including canonical, historical, philosophical and artistic works. It was created in 1407 and held the record for about 600 years.

The Russian Tax Inspectorate will receive expanded access to bank secrecy

The Russian tax inspectorate will receive expanded access to bank secrets — without a court decision and even outside the procedure for tax audits of specific individuals. Simply, upon request, banks from March 17 will be required to provide the Federal Tax Service within 3 days: copies of customer passports, powers of attorney for money management, agreements for opening an account and applications for closing it, cards with sample signatures and imprints of seals. And most importantly — information about individual operations for a certain period.

In Novosibirsk, they want to open a school for future security officers.

The project is applying for a presidential grant. The authors of the idea believe that against the background of «gatherings in defense of the traitor Navalny» it is necessary to «raise new youth.» It is assumed that in the «House of Pioneers of the Children’s School of the People’s KGB» future state security officers will be taught «to switch from methods of forceful suppression of dissent to methods of persuasion by personal example.» The application was submitted by the «Cultural and creative» Festival of the Master of Russia «». Its head Ivan Tokarev told «Rise» that he could not disclose details, because «we are talking about state security.» The authors of the project need 47.5 million rubles. for the repair of the recreation center, where they plan to conduct classes.

“I would like to talk on this topic only when the grant has already been allocated. We are talking about state security, so you will not see the specifics. There are already teachers. Within the framework of the grant, this will be like additional education, and when the idea takes root, it will be possible to talk about something else. There will be both practical and theoretical lessons. But I won’t tell. «