25 Июл, 2021

The number of borrowers in Russia on microloans

According to the Bank of Russia, despite the reduction in the number of MFOs in the register, the number of their clients continues to grow. The number of borrowers under current microloan agreements amounted to 13.8 million persons.

Compared to the previous quarter, the number of individual borrowers increased by 11%, and if comparing the values ​​of the same period of the previous year — by 16%.

Over the past 3 years, only once was there a negative quarter-on-quarter dynamics: in the second quarter of 2020, the number of borrowers was 11.4 million versus 11.9 million in the previous quarter.


Lithuania has suspended construction of a fence on the border with Belarus due to a shortage of barbed wire. The construction of the fence began in connection with a sharp influx of illegal migrants — since the beginning of the year, they were detained 30 times more than in the entire 2020. Back in May, Lukashenko said that Belarus would not interfere with the transit of migrants and drugs to the European Union, explaining this by the fact that European countries «unleashed a hybrid war» against Belarus


Russia will increase the number of flights with Belarus from 10 to 20 per week.

“The operational headquarters made a decision to increase the number of regular flights on a reciprocal basis to the Republic of Belarus on the Moscow-Minsk routes from 10 to 20 flights per week from August 1, 2021,” the message says.

Also, flights to Minsk will be operated from Sochi and Krasnodar, with a frequency of 3 flights per week on each route.


The undocking of the old Russian Pirs module from the ISS was postponed for the third time by a day. It was already postponed from 23 to 24 July, then to the 25th. This operation should free up the ISS Russian Segment docking port to receive the Nauka module launched on July 21. Its docking is scheduled for July 29th.


The Verkhovna Rada has registered a bill proposing to deprive Ukrainians of citizenship for obtaining a Russian passport, according to the website of the parliament.

The draft law has been submitted to the management for consideration; its text has not yet been published. The report specifies that the bill proposes to deprive citizens of citizenship in the event that a citizen of Ukraine «voluntarily enters into the citizenship of the aggressor country.»


Gazprom’s proposals to preserve transit through Ukraine in exchange for unprofitable purchases of Russian gas for the country are unacceptable, said Yuriy Vitrenko, chairman of the board of Naftogaz Ukrainy. Earlier, Gazprom chairman of the board Alexei Miller said that the extension of the agreement on gas transit through Ukraine after 2024 is quite possible, and if purchases of Russian gas via the Ukrainian route are in total higher than current transit obligations, then Gazprom is ready to «even increase transit volumes. through Ukraine, «he said.

«It has always been the case that the Russians insisted that we buy a lot of Russian gas at a price that is significantly higher than the market price. And the consequence of all this was that we paid on average $ 5 billion more for Russian gas than we received for transit.» , — said Yuriy Vitrenko.


A court in Perm fined local activist Elena Germanova 20,000 rubles for organizing the recording of a video message from local residents to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Germanova was charged with organizing a public event without notice

On June 23, several dozen residents of Perm wrote down an appeal in which they asked Vladimir Putin to protect the stadium, on the site of which they want to build a residential quarter. Then the police detained three people who were charged with organizing and participating in an uncoordinated action.


Ukraine has imposed sanctions against Wildberries because the online store «sells Russian propaganda and the uniform of Russian soldiers.» Wildberries started working in Ukraine in the fall of 2020 — and immediately faced criticism due to the fact that T-shirts with portraits of Vladimir Putin, clothes with symbols of the police and the Russian Airborne Forces were found on its website. The sanctions will last for three years.


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