5 Apr, 2018

The number of insolvent citizens in Russia is growing

The number of citizens, individuals and individual entrepreneurs, declared bankrupt in January-March 2018, rose 1.5 times to 8,966 people by 1 square. 2017, over the same period, the number of potential bankrupts increased by 6%, according to estimates, follows from the data of the “Federal Reserve” [1] (Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information) and the Joint Credit Bureau (OKB).

The leaders in the number of bankruptcies in the first quarter of 2018 were Moscow, where 757 people were insolvent (81% to 1 quarter of 2017), the Moscow region – 552 bankrupt (51%), Bashkortostan – 431 people (119%), St. Petersburg – 440 people (+ 50%) and Krasnodar Territory – 310 people (+ 56%).

“Do not forget that at the moment, another 8.1 million people have an unpaid delay of payments for more than 3 months and a debt of less than 500 thousand rubles, and also potentially can use the bankruptcy procedure, especially if the procedure is simplified,” – says Nikolai Myasnikov.

“In the event of deterioration of the economic situation in the country, the active growth of retail lending can also lead to an increase in the non-payment of borrowers,” he notes.

The number of court restructured debt restructuring procedures increased by 21% to 2,125 in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the same quarter of 2017. At the same time, the share of these procedures decreased to 19% from 23%.

The deputy explained the rise in gasoline prices by a large number of filling stations in Russia

Commenting on the increase in wholesale prices for gasoline, the head of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction, Yevgeny Moskvichev, said that there are too many gas stations in Russia, which can be a source of the problem.

“I know for sure that there are a lot of gas stations on the territory of the Russian Federation today. Every three to four kilometers. Hence, prices may rise higher than necessary. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev will understand “, – quotes the statement of the deputy of the National Council of Ukraine.

Briefly about the main thing …….


Patriarch demanded from priest “Murka” priest to leave Moscow

Patriarch Kirill asked the priest, who performed the Murka in the refectory of the Moscow church, to leave Moscow, told RBC the press secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Cyril priest Alexander Volkov.

This incident was reported to the Holy Patriarch Kirill, the reigning Bishop of Moscow. The priest is instructed to leave the Moscow diocese today and depart for the Diocese of Tiraspol, whose cleric he is, under the archpastoral supervision of the ruling bishop. – Alexander Volkov, the priest

Milonov interceded for the sung “Murka” priest

State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov commented on a video in which the priest in church clothes is singing in the refectory of the temple a famous thief song “Murka”.

“I’m generally not good at peeping, secretly someone took it off and laid it out. “Murka”, by the way, is a part of our folklore. I do not want to shield anyone, I do not know, but “Murka” has become a long folklore song, which is performed in such a historical perspective, it is not associated with crime, lewdness, “Milonov’s” Ren-TV “quotes.

“Victory” will suspend flights to Nalchik because of security threats

Lokouster Pobeda (part of the Aeroflot group) suspends flights to Nalchik airport from April 5 because of a security threat, the carrier’s press service reports.

The State Traffic Inspectorate intends to introduce “Alcozamy” and temporary rights in Russia

The State Traffic Inspectorate of Russia prepared the first version of the plan for the strategy of “zero mortality” on the roads of the country – it included, among other things, the locks that block the ignition when the driver is intoxicated, and temporary rights, Kommersant writes.

Head of the State Traffic Inspectorate of Russia Mikhail Chernikov has already discussed the draft version of the plan with representatives of public organizations, the newspaper reported.

The strategy of “zero mortality” in January was approved by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to the document, in seven years the mortality rate on the roads of Russia should decrease to the West European level – four people per 100 000 population, and by 2030 to approach zero. In 2017, 13 people per 100 000 population died on the roads of Russia.

Employees of shopping centers will prepare for extinguishing fires

For employees of shopping centers, cinemas and other places of congestion, rescuers will conduct exercises and work out the actions in case of a fire. Such a commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was given by a government commission. In the classroom, the staff will learn how to use fire extinguishers and a fire-fighting cloth, with the help of which it will be possible to save a person’s life if clothes light up on him.

Mavrodi owes Russians more than a billion rubles

Deceived investors of the projects of the founder of the financial pyramid “MMM” Sergei Mavrodi before his death tried to collect more than a billion rubles of debts. A well-informed source told RIA Novosti.

“All in all, through the bailiff service from Mavrodi, more than 1 billion rubles are collected,” the source said.

In the data bank of executive production of the bailiff service there are 2194 entries regarding the scam.

Residents of the Urals city for three years pay for the service, which was disabled

In Krasnouralsk, in the Sverdlovsk region, the prosecutor’s office conducts checks because people pay for a non-existent service for three years. It is a question of wastewater treatment at a water drain in the settlement of Prigorodnoye, located on the outskirts of the city.

In the United States, bacteria resistant to antibiotics

The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified 221 cases of infection with new infections. Diseases are caused by bacteria that can not be treated with modern antibiotics. Annually such infections take the lives of 23 thousand Americans.

The first cinema in Saudi Arabia will open on April 18

In the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, on April 18, the first cinema will start operating after more than 35 years of prohibition

The main buyers of “people’s” bonds were pensioners

“During the discussion of the results of the first year of placement of OFZ-n, the project was recognized as successful,” the press service said.
Moreover, the main buyers of OFZ for the population were “new customers of banks, whose average age is 60 years and above.”


A burning toy store in Tyumen collapsed roof

The roof collapsed near a burning toy store in Tyumen, the building was damaged throughout the square, a representative of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation told RIA Novosti on Thursday. The fire occurred at 00.15 local time (22.15 Moscow time) on the Kremlin street

In the state of Nevada, the US Air Force f-16 fighter crashed

The US Air Force F-16 crashed near the Nellis airbase near Las Vegas in Nevada, Fox News reported. The incident occurred around 10.30 local time, the fighter carried out a training flight. “The state of the pilot is unknown,” reports Fox News.

In Perm, a girl died, on which a block of ice fell

“The one-year-old girl, who fell snow and ice on the roof on April 2, died in the hospital,” the regional ministry of health said in a statement. Earlier it became known that the child suffered a serious head injury. The girl was hospitalized in the intensive care unit, she underwent surgery.

YouTube management promised to strengthen security in the company’s offices

YouTube has promised to strengthen security measures in its offices after firing at the organization’s headquarters on April 3. This is stated in a statement published in your YouTube account on Twitter. Representatives of the organization explained that the specialists are now studying the incident in detail.

In the laboratory in Prague, a leak of potassium cyanide

In the evening of April 4, a leak of potassium cyanide, the strongest inorganic poison, was leaked in a laboratory in the Prague district of Bechovice. The incident was reported by the Czech Radio. A 25-year-old laboratory assistant was taken to the hospital and was involved in the utilization of components used in chemical experiments.

About 150 people from the shopping center were evacuated in St. Petersburg because of a crack

About 150 people were evacuated from the Klondike shopping center in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg because of a crack, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the district administration.

The car crashed into a bus stop in the south of Moscow

The BMW car crashed into a bus stop in the south of Moscow, the press service of the traffic police in Moscow, the Moscow news agency “Moscow”

Hackers took over the payment information of a number of Delta Air Lines customers

Payment information of a number of Delta Air Lines customers was at the disposal of hackers in autumn 2017, the company said in a statement.

21 children were infected with intestinal infection in the St. Petersburg kindergarten

In St. Petersburg kindergarten, the total number of children infected with intestinal infection in kindergarten №111 was counted. It is about 21 preschoolers, the press service of the administration of the Nevsky district said.


The Central Bank assigned the functions of the provisional administration in Avtovazbank to the FCS

The Bank of Russia approved a plan to participate in Avtovazbank’s bankruptcy prevention. He entrusted the functions of the interim administration to the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCCC) from April 5. This is reported on the website of the regulator

Reform the education system for 8 trillion rubles

The Higher School of Economics and the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin presented a draft reform of Russian education with a potential value of up to 8 trillion rubles.

Proposals are contained in the report “12 solutions for a new education” (available to RBC), their training was led by the HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov and the scientific director of the HSE Institute of Education (with the participation of the head of Human Capital at LSR, Lilia Ovcharova).

FAS approved the transaction of Sberbank with “Yandex. Market »

“The deal stated in this application will not lead to restriction of competition,” reads the FAS decision

The minimum prices for vodka and cognac in 2018 will remain the same

Recall that in late August 2017, the Ministry of Health planned to raise the minimum price for vodka to 300 rubles. According to the agency, this will help reduce alcohol consumption.

In Russia, it was proposed to ban the sale of beer in plastic containers more than 0.5 liters

The bill provides for January 1, 2019, a ban on the production and sale of alcohol in the territory of Russia in a polymer consumer container with a volume of more than 1 liter, and from January 1, 2020 – more than 0.5 liters. The explanatory note to the document says that this ban will help to reduce the level of alcoholization of the population and improve the health of the nation.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia will increase purchases of currency in April

The total amount of funds sent by the RF Ministry of Finance to purchase foreign currency on the domestic market in the period from April 6 to May 8 will be 240.7 billion rubles. The daily volume of purchases during this period will be equivalent to 11.5 billion rubles, the ministry said.

The Central Bank has promised to identify the owners of all exchange robots

The Bank of Russia for the first time estimated the presence of high-frequency trading participants (HFT), or trade robots, in the Russian financial market and their impact on its parameters.

Raiffeisenbank increased its net profit by 25.2% in 2017

As a result of 2017, Raiffeisenbank JSC increased its net profit by 25.2% yoy to 29.14 billion rubles. The bank published IFRS financial results on Wednesday. At the same time, the growth of the bank’s loan portfolio was 13.6% in annual terms

The net loss of Kazkommertsbank in 2017 was more than $ 1 billion

The net interest loss in 2017 was 420.4 billion tenge ($ 1.13 billion). Commission income of the bank amounted to 176.7 billion tenge ($ 551.3 million). In 2017, Kazkommertsbank’s liabilities decreased from 4.5 to 3.3 trillion tenge (from $ 14.05 billion to $ 10.3 billion).

TransContainer returns to Russian Railways

In OTLK, created in 2014, it was supposed to make transport assets, but in the end it was done only by Russian Railways, which transferred to the joint venture its 50.1% stake in Transcontainer and 100% minus one share of RZD-Logistics, receiving 99, 84% of the OTLC.

Rosselkhoznadzor named the largest importer of dairy products

According to the department, Belarus accounts for 86% of the total volume of dairy products supplied to Russia. The Rosselkhoznadroz noted that Kazakhstan is the second major supplier, but the share of its imports to Russia is only 3% of the total volume of supplies.

Bahrain estimates the oil reserves of the new field at 80 billion barrels

The gas reserves on the site can be 10-20 trillion cubic feet, he added. The head of the agency also said that Bahrain expects to attract foreign companies to the development of the field, the start of production is expected for five years.

Lithuania signed an agreement with an American supplier of liquefied gas

Delivering gas to Lithuanian consumers Lietuvos duju tiekimas and operator of the Klaipeda Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal Klaipedos nafta signed a cooperation agreement with the US LNG supplier Freeport LNG.

In Brazil, increased oil reserves

At the moment, the proven amount of natural gas in Brazil is about 369.9 billion cubic meters.

“Gazprom” left without orders pipe plants

Demand for large-diameter pipes in Russia fell by 25% last year, according to the annual report of the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant (CHTPZ), Andrei Komarov. In comparison with 2015, demand collapsed more than twice, according to the data of the Pipe Industry Development Fund (FRTP)

The volume of oil production in Kazakhstan increased fourfold

Oil production in Kazakhstan has quadrupled. This was announced by President Nursultan Nazarbayev at a meeting with foreign investors, the “MIR 24” TV channel reported. Now the republic produces 85 million tons of hydrocarbons a year, but Kazakhstan intends to increase production volumes


The European Union did not support the project of Russia on the “Skripal case” in the OPCW

The EU refused to support the draft statement prepared by Russia following a special meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on the Salisbury incident. “The European Union does not accept the proposed draft decision,” reads the statement posted on the OPCW website

The US will impose sanctions against six Russian oligarchs

By Friday, Washington will impose sanctions against several Russians included in the Kremlin’s list. This is reported by TASS with reference to the newspaper The Washington Post.
According to the media, the restrictions will be of an economic nature. Their assets in the US will be frozen, and the Americans will be forbidden to deal with them.

Trump ordered to involve Natsgvardiya to protect the border with Mexico

President of the United States Donald Trump signed on Wednesday an order to bring parts of the National Guard to protect the US border with Mexico.

Captain of the vessel “Nord” detained by the authorities of Ukraine is hospitalized

Captain of the arrested Ukrainian border guards of the Crimean fishing vessel “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko was hospitalized. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the crew’s attorney Dmitry Shcherbina.

The captain is bad. Pressure and heart. He was transferred from a temporary detention facility to a hospital. – Dmitry Shcherbina, Russian actor

Why Austria did not send Russian diplomats

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz explained why Vienna did not send Russian diplomats in solidarity with Great Britain.

Together with the Foreign Minister, I decided not to do this, because we have traditionally maintained good relations with Russia, are a neutral country and are headquartered for many international organizations such as the UN or the OSCE. – Sebastian Kurtz, Austrian politician

The British Foreign Office removed a tweet about the Russian origin of the “Novice”

The UK Foreign Office acknowledged the removal of the message on Twitter, which said that the experts “made it clear” that the substance that was poisoned by former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal was produced in Russia, the British media reported on Wednesday.

Together with the “trolls” Facebook closed the page of the Moscow City Hall Department

“Factory” deprived of subscribers As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained on his social networking page, more than 270 pages and accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency are closed to prevent interference in elections in various countries.

The widow Litvinenko offered help and support to the niece of Skripal

The widow of the ex-FSB officer Alexandra Litvinenko, who died in London, expressed her willingness to help the niece of British agent Sergei Skripal Victoria, if she comes to the UK. This was told by a relative of the ex-employee of the GRU on the First Channel.

London announced the discovery of the place of production of “Novice” in Russia

British secret services believe that they established a place where a substance was produced in Russia, which was poisoned by a former employee of the GRU and British agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury, the Times newspaper reported on Thursday.

Zuckerberg was invited to the US Congress to testify

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will testify in the US Congress on April 11 and 11. The topic of the hearings will be the leakage of millions of users of the social network. This writes “Gazeta.ru” referring to Reuters.

The US wants to deprive the citizenship of two people for crimes in Bosnia

The US Department of Justice wants to deprive citizenship of two natives of the former Yugoslavia, who were convicted of war crimes. A corresponding civil suit was filed in court, RIA Novosti reports.

In the US, they demanded 15 years for the banker for violation of sanctions against Iran

The US prosecutor’s office demanded that Mehmet Hakan Atilla, deputy director of the Turkish Halkbank, be sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment, previously convicted of trying to help Iran circumvent US sanctions, Daily Sabah newspaper reported.


The White House announced the imminent completion of the US military mission in Syria

The US military mission to destroy the terrorist organization “Islamic State” * in Syria is coming to an end, the White House said in a statement.

In Ukraine, the serial production of armored vehicles “Athlet”

State Concern “Ukroboronprom” began the serial production of armored repair and evacuation vehicles “Athlet”. This was announced in Facebook by the President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko.

Saudi air defense intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen

Saudi Arabian air defense systems intercepted seven ballistic missiles launched from Yemen on March 26, three of them were sent to the capital of the Kingdom of Riyadh. In Yemen, since 2014, there have been clashes between government forces and Husit rebels.

Media showed photos from the camp of resistance to US occupation in Syria

The first footage of the training camp in Syria is published, the units of which are joined by local residents who oppose the presence of the American contingent in the UAR. According to the Telegram-channel WarGonzo the partisans call themselves the Syrian people’s resistance to the US occupation.

The US Department of State approved the sale of Slovakia’s 14 F-16 fighters

The US Department of State approved the possible sale of Slovakia’s 14 F-16 fighters worth about $ 2.91 billion, RT reports.

US again accused the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhun

On April 4, 2017, the Syrian opposition declared 80 victims of chemical weapons attack in Khan-Sheikhun city of Idlib province and 200 wounded. She cited the government forces of Syria as the culprit of the attack, who categorically rejected accusations and blamed the militants.

Mozambique simplified the procedure for entering warships of Russian Federation

The heads of defense departments of Russia and Mozambique signed an agreement under which Russian military vessels are allowed to enter the ports of the African Republic in a simplified manner.

NATO will increase the number of submarines and warships in the Arctic

NATO is going to create a new Atlantic command, which will also be responsible for the North Atlantic and the Arctic. The decision to create a command can take at the NATO summit in July.

Commanders of the US Armed Forces determine the number of troops in Syria – the Pentagon

A representative of the Pentagon told Tass that the number of servicemen in Syria “can change from time to time, this is normal,” since throughout the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, the commanders have been delegated the authority and responsibility to distribute the numerical strength and resources necessary to carry out missions and protect themselves.

DPRK stopped the reactor to receive weapons-grade plutonium?

The portal, which monitors military and “nuclear” activities on the Korean Peninsula, publishes material on events related to the reactor in Yongbyon. This reactor in the DPRK is used to produce weapons-grade plutonium.


Ekaterina Barnabas starred in a nude photo shoot without retouching

The web discusses a nude photo session of the lead and actress Catherine Barnabas, the pictures of which captivated Instagram. Absolutely nude Ekaterina is represented on the staff. The artist was Daniil Velichko.

Edita Pieha told about health after hospitalization

People’s Artist of the USSR Edita Pieha told about her condition after hospitalization. On Wednesday, it became known that three days ago she was taken to the city multi-field hospital No. 2 in St. Petersburg.

They took them with exacerbation of bronchitis, put them in the 2nd city hospital. – Edita Pieha, singer

Tattoo at the armpits surprised Paulina Favorskaya’s fans

Tattoo next to the armpit of Polina Favorskaya caused surprise of her fans. Ex-vocalist of the band SEREBRO on a personal page in Instagram posted a photo that shocked her subscribers. Users noted that the frame on which the celebrity is shown in the underwear, unpleasantly surprised them.

Timati described his work as a “Her Song”

In the comments, users noted that Timati “well done”, because with the help of this name showed how self-critical. Others did not like the fact that Timati began to sing at all, because he should have limited himself to rap, because in his singing everything, to put it mildly, is not the best way.

Malakhov spoke about the secret connection with Strizhenovoy

Malakhov reported a secret connection with Ekaterina Strizhenova. The actress celebrated her 50th birthday, but considers age an occasion for pride and rejoices at her grandmother’s status. On her birthday Alexander Strizhenov, her husband, made a gift in the form of a trip to a resort in Japan

Colin Farrell decided to voluntarily go through a rehabilitation course

The first time Colin Farrell was in the clinic in 2006, before that, he had been taking drugs for 14 years. Physicians helped him completely get rid of addiction. The actor after the rehabilitation course admitted that it helped to reassess the values

Fans compared Victoria Lopyreva with Pamela Anderson

On her page in Instagram model Victoria Lopyreva published a picture in a red piece suit on the background of azure sea. Fans compared it to Pamela Anderson from the once popular TV series “Rescuers Malibu”

Dana Borisova showed the results of treatment for drug addiction

The presenter Dana Borisova published on her page in Instargam a collage from Selfie. The first photo, she said, she did right after returning to Russia from Samui, where she passed a course of treatment for drug addiction, and the second – after five months spent in Moscow.

The former wife of Alexander Serov again hid her account in Instagram

Elena Serova has closed access to her Instagram account. Discussions of her life and parting with her husband baked her. After 19 years of marriage in marriage, Alexander and Elena Serov parted ways

Nastya Kamensky first published a picture in the nude

Nastya Kamensky first decided on a bold step, which many celebrities use to win popularity on the Web. The singer has published in Instagram a picture on which it is completely naked. Nastya Kamensky in her personal account Instagram shared a photo in a completely nude.

Xenia Borodina struck a member of “House-2” on the head

Remembering the incident, Khromina spoke very loudly, not much worrying about the fact that Borodina was sitting next to her. And it turned out that Elena was shouting the TV presenter almost in the ear.

Model Oksana Samoylova refused popularity for the sake of the family

Subscribers of the model were divided in opinions, however, most people say that this is not an easy choice. Some respect its decision in favor of the family and agree with this position. Others are surprised at how celebrity can abandon public life.

Svetlana Loboda showed a rounded belly in a transparent dress

Pop star Svetlana Loboda came to the award “Bravo!” In a transparent dress. This time the performer chose for the event a “bare dress”, which emphasized her rounded belly. As before, Svetlana Loboda appears in public in tight dresses

The authors of the series “Very strange cases” were sued for plagiarism

The authors of the series “Very strange cases” of Netflix company sued for plagiarism. This is reported by the portal deadline.com. The statement of claim in the Supreme Court of Los Angeles was filed by filmmaker Charlie Kessler.

Spielberg can make Indiana Jones a woman

One of the most famous heroes of adventure films, Indiana Jones, may in the future become a woman. This in an interview with the newspaper The Sun said the director Steven Spielberg, who shot all the films about Indiana.

Actor Yuri Nazarov injured his head on the shooting of the criminal series

According to the local press, the artist was injured in Apatity, where the shooting of the series “Polar-17”. As explained, the elderly actor “slipped on the ice and hit his head hard, an ambulance took him away.” The incident occurred the previous evening

Benicio Del Toro will lead the jury of the “Special View” of the Cannes Film Festival

Actor Benicio Del Toro will head this year’s jury of the “Special View” section of the Cannes Film Festival, the press service of the festival reports. Together with the actor, the jury will also include director Tim Burton

In 2018, Kaliningrad will host a festival of fireworks

In 2018 the festival of fireworks will be transferred from Zelenogradsk to Kaliningrad and will make it paid, the organizer of the event Eugenia Khan said.

According to her, this year the world championship of fireworks will be held on the Stadium of Kaliningrad, built for the World Cup on 8, 12 and 22 September. Applications for participation have already been submitted by countries such as Austria, the Philippines, the United States, India, Canada, Hong Kong.

Ryan Reynolds put out Deadpool’s pink suit for auction

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who played the role of Deadpool, put on the auction a pink version of the superhero costume. Money from the sale of the props will go to the fund to fight cancer. Reynolds announced the auction in his “Twitter”, appearing in the image of the superhero Deadpool in a pink suit.

The first trailer of cyberpunk “Stem” with Logan Marshall-Greene

The network has the first trailer for the futuristic cyberpunk “Stem” (“Upgrade”) from the creators of the films “Saw”, “Astral” and “Off” Blumhouse James Bloom and director Lee Wonnell.

Neil Gaiman will produce a fantasy series based on the novels “Gormenghast”

Company FremantleMedia North America bought the rights to the screen version of the fantasy trilogy of the English writer Mervyn Peak “Gormenghast.” The series will be produced by Neil Gaiman and Akiva Goldsman. Gaiman and Goldsmans adapt novels to the format of the series.

John Boyer can join the superhero Marvel cable car

John Boyer love Disney leadership has already earned thanks to “Star Wars”, so that in Marvel, which belongs to Disney, in theory, John road is open. The actor admitted that he had already negotiated with Marvel to join the superhero franchise – however, no specifics yet.

Hugh Laurie joined George Clooney in the mini-series “Catch-22”

The star of the series “Doctor House” Hugh Laurie will play along with George Clooney and Christopher Abbott in the mini-series “Catch-22 / Catch-22”.

The festival of Russian-language theaters of the CIS starts in St. Petersburg

For the 20th time in St. Petersburg will host an international festival of theaters “Meetings in Russia”, which will be attended by representatives of the Baltic and CIS countries. The event will take place on the site of the “Baltic House”, and the main theme will be the Russian classics and all sorts of its interpretations.

The Khokhol School of Arts received the piano for the first time in 45 years

The Khokhol Children’s Art School received a new piano. The tool was received within the framework of the presidential program of material support of the school. Brought him on Sunday, April 1

A collection of Russian historical anecdotes was presented in St. Petersburg

The jokes that Nikolai Gogol and the fabulist Ivan Krylov composed, as well as the stories connected with the names of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev and Alexander Pushkin, were presented in St. Petersburg. All of them were included in the collection “Russian historical anecdote from Peter I to Alexander III”.

Miguel does not want to go to the new season of “Dancing” on TNT

Miguel confirmed that the new season of the super-popular show “Dances” on TNT will, and also said that he was again invited as a mentor. However, the choreographer doubts the expediency of his appearance on the project


The day when Google posted satellite imagery of the Earth

April 5, 2005 – the emergence of satellite imagery in Google Maps Satellite images appeared in the Google map service a short time after the launch of the service itself in February 2005.

Leak in Facebook affected 87 million users

Facebook Technical Director Mike Schrepfer said that Cambridge Analytica could collect personal data up to 87 million social network users, and not 50 million, as previously reported.

Facebook talked about scanning private user messages

Facebook scans messages and images that users send to each other on Facebook Messenger. The company monitors that the content there complied with the rules of the social network, said a spokesperson for Facebook Messenger, reports Bloomberg

Facebook launched a new tool for protecting personal data

The social network Facebook has launched a new application removal tool that will help protect personal data. In particular, you can disable their connection to the user’s personal page. The world’s largest social media company is under pressure.

Movie Search has released an application for watching movies

Movie Search created the eponymous video service, in which you can buy or rent movies. While the application is only available for Samsung TVs, but soon it will appear on devices from other manufacturers, as well as on the web and in the mobile version

Microsoft in four years will invest $ 5 billion in the Internet of things

The US software company Microsoft will invest five billion dollars in Internet technologies of things (Internet of Things, IoT) in the next four years, the company said.

Apple is working on contactless iPhone management system

Apple is developing a system of contactless interaction with a smartphone to make a variety in the already crowded mobile devices market, Bloomberg reported citing sources

Huawei announced the launch of Russian sales of the P20 lite smartphone. Price

Smartphone Huawei P20 lite will go on sale from April 14 and will be available in the official online store shop.huawei.ru and partner stores of the company (M.Video, Eldorado, MTC, CSN, Beeline, Know- Howe “,” Citylink “,” Technopark “, etc.) at a price of 19,990 rubles

Sketch of a smart speaker from Yandex iDO iOn shown in the photo

Wylsacom captured a T-shirt in the photo during a visit to the Yandex office. He noted that in these T-shirts several employees of the company go at once. This means that the t-shirts with the sketch of the smart column are serial and have been provided to employees by the company

Apple lured the head of the department of artificial intelligence from Google

While representatives of Apple did not comment on this information, while the press service of Google confirmed that Giannandrea left the company. Giannandrea worked at Google in 2010, where under his leadership, developments in the field of AI were introduced into various products.

Lenovo closes the mobile unit in Eastern Europe

Lenovo closes the mobile unit in Eastern Europe, which is responsible for the promotion of Motorola smartphones in the markets of the countries of the region, including Russia. This is reported by the newspaper Vedomosti, citing a source in the company

OnePlus 6 users can change the appearance of the display

Developers OnePlus 6 reported that for users who are not satisfied with the option of the display with a “cut-out”, there will be a nice update. They told, that interested persons can change display of the screen, having made its more habitual.

In WhatsApp appeared several new features for the iPhone

Several new features appeared in the instant messenger WhatsApp. At the same time, innovations are still available only to gadget owners working on the operating system iOS 7.0 and higher, according to Digit.in.

Xiaomi introduced the “night” camera Small Square 1S for 900 rubles

Xiaomi introduced a new product for home and office. Camera with support for night vision Small Square 1S will cost customers 900 rubles.

Smart Ring Motiv Ring now supports Android and Amazon Alexa

Users of Android smartphones and owners of acoustics with Amazon Alexa support will be able to use the new Motiv Ring Motiv Ring gadget – a device in the form of a wide ring, compared to the standard one, which includes not precious metals, but a set of sensors acting as a trainer.

Huawei launched the analogue store Google Play for smartphones on Android

Huawei has launched its equivalent of the Google Play app store. The software is offered for devices based on Android OS.

Huawei Honor 10 AI with artificial intelligence support received the date of presentation

The image, which is a teaser invitation, says that the smartphone Huawei Honor 10 AI has the support of artificial intelligence when working with the camera.


Smokers tend to eat more calorie foods than non-smokers

The desire of smokers to eat more high-calorie food experts explained that for food processing such people need more energy. Because part of the energy goes to protect the body from harmful substances from cigarettes.

Why did the Neanderthal man need a big nose

The results of the research showed that the structure of the nasal cavity of the Neanderthals allowed them not only to warm and humidify the air more efficiently, but also to “drive” twice as much air through it.

The printed letter g was unexpectedly complex

The researchers found that most American students can not correctly reproduce from memory the spelling of a small letter g in the conventional printed version of it. However, the point here is not at all the stupidity of American students, but in objective reasons why the writing of g is difficult.

Scientists: Failure of social networks reduces the concentration of the stress hormone

The study was conducted by specialists from the Australian Catholic University and the University of Queensland. So, according to scientists, volunteers who for five days refused from social networks, had less stress hormone in their bodies.

Oceanographers compared the songs of bowhead whales with jazz

Oceanographers compared the songs of whales with compositions in the style of jazz. A group of researchers from Norway and the USA determined that baleen whales communicate with their relatives by generating fairly complex melodies. Animals are able to change their own “songs” several times during the season.

Scientists have identified the most pleasant facial features of robots

As a result, it was possible to determine the combination of what features make a robot friendly in the eyes of a person. Scientists have conducted a study of traits of robots to determine the most pleasant ones for humans.

Implantation of retinal pigmentation did not allow patients to go blind

A composite implant, used in clinical trials, was a layer of pigment epithelial cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. Cells sat on a special polymeric substrate that mimics the basal layer separating the retina from the choroid

Robots create because of the need to have slaves

The cyberneticist Joseph Brown said that robots are built because of the need for slaves. Also, the professor shared his opinion about popular games and their connection with the wars, and assured everyone that there was no threat of an uprising of cars.

Scientists have described when artificial intelligence will replace a person

Currently, the speed of development of AI depends on the nature of specific applications. According to forecasts of specialists, the level of development of complex systems of artificial intelligence (AI) will replace a person in some types of activity after 10-15 years.

Traces of giant dinosaurs found in Scotland

Dozens of tracks of huge dinosaurs, 170 million years old, were found on the Scottish Isle of Skye by Scottish and Chinese paleontologists. This was reported by the Scottish Journal of Geology.

Japanese macaques sit in geysers not only to keep warm

Colorful photos of Japanese macaques, warming in the geysers under the falling snow, probably saw every user of the Internet. Previously it was thought that such an unusual pastime helps primates to survive in low temperatures.

Now it turned out that hot baths are also used for Macaca fuscata as a way to relieve stress.

Smartphones have surpassed people in the diagnosis of circulatory disorders

Today smartphones are widely used in medical diagnostics: such surveys are cheap and do not require complicated equipment. For example, in the United States, an application has been developed that can detect violations of infant health by analyzing their screams


NASA showed a roller with the activity of the solar magnetic field

NASA posted a video recording on the network, the images of which demonstrate the activity of the solar magnetic field. Make it an observatory of solar dynamics Helioviewer device helped. The record shows how the bright arcs of the magnetic field lines bend in the direction from the surface of the luminary.

On the ISS will install a sports simulator to simulate rowing in weightlessness

On the Russian segment of the ISS (International Space Station) will install a sports simulator that imitates rowing on a kayak. Astronauts will also be able to lift the bar in zero-gravity conditions. Equipment will appear at the station in the 2020s.

Astronomers have found “tens of thousands” of black holes in the center of the Milky Way

The supermassive black hole in the center of our Galaxy has been surrounded by a string of tens of thousands of ordinary black holes, observations of the motion of which will help verify Einstein’s theory of relativity, say scientists in an article published in the journal Nature

With the Angolan satellite AngoSat-1, it was not possible to establish a connection

The first ever Angola telecommunications satellite AngoSat-1, which could not be contacted after its launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome on December 26, was previously switched to energy saving mode.

In the star system of AD Lion, life is destroyed by X-ray radiation

German astrophysicists investigated a system of earth-like planets revolving around the star AD Lion (Gliese 388), concluding that a powerful X-ray burst of light had long blown off the ozone layer from the planets. Accordingly, the organic life of the planetary system is doomed to perish.

Lockheed Martin announces supersonic passenger aircraft

Lockheed Martin has announced a new supersonic aircraft for passenger transportation. From NASA was presented a contract for the design, development and subsequent testing of the relevant prototype called X-Plane

The ancient “cold front” in the Perseus cluster was double

An international group of astronomers studied the spiral structure in the Perseus cluster, similar to the cold fronts of the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists have found out that the region eventually managed to split into two parts.

A group of scientists discovered 4000 previously unknown galaxies

A group of scientists compiled a 3D map of the universe, which includes 4000 previously unknown galaxies. A group of specialists from the University of Lancaster became the author of a three-dimensional map of the universe.

The moon provokes large-scale fires on Earth

Expert ToDay News Ufa believes that in the large-scale fires that occur during periods of anomalous heat on Earth, the Moon is to blame.

Gas giants will help to find duplicates of the Earth

For the search for Earth twins, it is important that a star, a gas giant and a planet claiming the title of a twin of the Earth have stable orbits. This is due to the fact that the development of the evolution process requires a long period of time

Artificial Intelligence predicts the inhabitation of exoplanets

British researchers have developed an algorithm that can predict the likelihood of life on planets outside the solar system. The algorithm, based on a neural network, analyzes the spectrum of a potentially inhabited exoplanet and compares it with the spectrum of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Hubble for the first time accurately measured the distance to an old ball-shaped star cluster

NASA astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope for the first time measured the distance to one of the oldest objects in the universe – a cluster of stars born shortly after the Big Bang. New data allows us to independently estimate the age of the universe.


Chevrolet told about the crossover Traverse for Russia and named the prices

The ruble prices for the new large crossover Chevrolet Traverse have become known, which is available to order both with the 7- and 8-seater saloon. The minimum cost of this model is 2.99 million rubles.

The new full-size Hyundai crossover was named Palisade

First of all, a new crossover is created for the American market, and its official premiere will take place early next year. According to preliminary data, the novelty will be called Palisade. It is this trademark that the manufacturer recently registered in the United States.

The new generation Ford Focus RS will become a 400-strong hybrid

According to the foreign publication Autocar, the new generation hatchback will receive a hybrid unit, which will include a 2.3-liter gasoline engine equipped with a turbine, as well as one electric motor. The total output of the unit will be 400 horsepower

Owners of the fastest supercar McLaren will be presented with an “invaluable” statuette

Each of the 106 owners of the fastest road supercar company McLaren will receive a special sculpture, “not worth the price.” A photograph of the statuette was published by the press service of the British brand.

In Russia, because of the threat of fire recall cars Lexus

In Russia, 103 vehicles of the Japanese company Lexus, issued in the period from January 2015 to March 2017, will be recalled. This is stated in the message of Rosstandart.

The reason for recall of cars is certain operating conditions of the internal combustion engine. Due to the resonant fluctuation of the fuel pressure, the fuel pump pulsation damper may be damaged.

The report stresses that if the car is frequently used, these damages can lead to fuel leakage, which can subsequently lead to a fire. The high-pressure fuel pump will be replaced free of charge on the models of Lexus LC 500, Lexus GS-F, Lexus RC F.

The new Opel Astra will change the appearance

German car Opel Astra, is one of the most popular cars in the segment of compact models in the automotive market in Europe, where the Volkswagen Golf still remains the leader with sales of more than 482,000 copies sold in 2017

License plate “F1” is put up for sale for one billion rubles

Afzal Kahn, the head of the British tuning studio Kahn Design, put up for sale a car number “F1” for a staggering sum of 14.4 million pounds (1.2 billion rubles). The designer purchased the number in 2008 for 440 thousand pounds (35.7 million rubles) from the Essex County Council.

Roadster Aiways RG will create Roland Gumpert

German engineer Roland Gumpert, who was the founder of Gumpert, will create for the Chinese startup Aiways an electric supercar RG with a power reserve of 1,200 kilometers. It is still unknown what kind of power plant will be used on the car

Serial crossover Haima S5 new generation debuts on April 25

The official debut of the serial version of the new crossover Haima S5 will take place on April 25. The premiere of the model will be held within the framework of the Beijing auto show. Recall, the conceptual version of the new generation Haima S5 showed exactly a year ago.

Audi showed on the video a virtual electric supercar

Representatives of the company Audi published on the page in the social network Facebook video, which showed the public a virtual electric supercar. A racing car designed for the Gran Turismo Sport simulator will be equipped with an electric motor.

The new Infiniti Q50, Q60, Q70 will remain without a rear drive

Speaking at the official presentation of the updated QX80, which took place a few days ago, Mr. Banson said that electrified Infiniti models will be launched in 2021, at the same time the automobile brand will also present its first fully electric car.

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