3 Jan, 2018

The Olympic Games unite ..

DPRK leader Kim Jong Un ordered the start of talks with South Korea about the possible participation of the North Korean team in the upcoming Winter Olympics.

The talks will be held through special communication in the demilitarized zone in Panmunjom, reports Reuters.

Seoul welcomed and called a great breakthrough the DPRK’s readiness to continue the inter-Korean dialogue. This is reported by the agency Yonhap with reference to the press secretary of the President of South Korea. He expressed the hope that the DPRK’s step testifies to the move to make communication between states “possible at any time”.

President of the United States Donald Trump, commenting on Kim Jong-un’s readiness for talks with South Korea, noted the positive effect of sanctions against the North Korean regime.

The last time the talks at the government level between South and North Korea took place in December 2015 ..

Russian and world news digest


Haley said the US is ready to deprive Pakistan of financial assistance

Earlier, Donald Trump accused the Pakistani authorities of providing refuge to terrorists, while using funds transferred by the American side. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said that Washington is preparing new measures against Pakistan on the issue of supporting terrorism.

Foreign Minister of Germany intends to visit Donbass

German Foreign Minister Zigmar Gabriel will pay a working visit to Ukraine on January 3-4. As planned, the minister together with his Ukrainian counterpart Pavel Klimkin will visit the contact line in the Donbass, the press service of the Ukrainian foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

Iran’s spiritual leader accused the country’s enemies of organizing protest actions

Leader and spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the enemies of the Islamic Republic, in which mass protests have been held for several days, have come together to create problems for the authorities of the country. This was reported by the Iranian television channel PressTV.

Over the past few days, Iran’s enemies, using various means, including money, weapons, politics and security apparatus, have come together to create problems for the ruling circles of the Islamic Republic. – Ali Khamenei, Iranian statesman

Syria: Kurds detained a Frenchwoman who recruited militants for the IG

In the north of Syria Kurdish Frenchman Emily Koenig was arrested by the Kurdish militiamen, whom the United States and the United Nations are searching for on suspicion of recruiting militants for the terrorist group “Islamic State” 1 (banned in Russia).

South Korea invited the DPRK to hold talks at a high level

South Korea suggests that the DPRK hold high-level talks on January 9 at the Panmunjom point in the demilitarized zone between the two Korean states, said Minister of National Affairs of the Republic of Korea Cho Myung-hyun.

Pushkov on Poland’s refusal from refugees: tired of Poroshenko’s “success”

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the words of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky, who said on the eve that the country does not intend to receive refugees from Muslim states due to a serious flow of refugees from Ukraine.

Aksenov: the ideology of Ukrainian Nazism should be recognized as criminal

The head of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, considers it necessary to seek international recognition of the criminal nature of the ideology of Ukrainian Nazism. He said this commenting on the torchlight processions held on Monday in Ukraine in honor of the birthday of Stepan Bandera.

Trump said that it’s time for change in Iran

US President Donald Trump, commenting on the protests in Iran, said that it is time for changes in this Middle Eastern state.

Iran fails at every level, despite the terrible agreement concluded between him and the Obama administration. For many years, the great Iranian people are suffering from repression. They were hungry for food and freedom. Along with human rights, Iran’s material wealth has been captured. Time for change. – Donald Trump

In Kiev, a march passed in honor of Bandera’s birthday

In the center of Kiev passed a torchlight procession in honor of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, TV channel “112 Ukraine”. The action ended in Independence Square. The number of participants was about a thousand people, some of whom came with lit torches.

Russia regards the events in Iran as an internal affair of the country

Russia considers the riots in Iran an internal affair of the country and hopes that the situation will develop without bloodshed. This was stated on Monday at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

France intends to create a “trading axis” Europe-Beijing through Moscow

French Economics and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the development of trade relations with Russia and China can compensate for the “growing uncertainty” in relations with the US and intends to create a “trading axis” from Europe to Beijing via Moscow.

India and Pakistan exchanged lists of prisoners and nuclear facilities

India and Pakistan have traditionally exchanged lists of nuclear facilities. This is done in accordance with the treaty of 1988 on the prevention of attacks against such objects. For the first time, two states exchanged lists of citizens of a neighboring country who are in prisons on their territory

Putin and Netanyahu agreed in the near future to hold a meeting

“Putin and Netanyahu agreed in the near future to hold a meeting in order to discuss current issues of bilateral relations and exchange views on various international and regional issues,” the spokesman said.

The leaders wished each other and the peoples of Russia and Israel all the best in the coming year. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman


DPRK starts preparations for missile launch

The DPRK authorities, presumably, have begun preparations for a new missile launch from the site north of Pyongyang, it may take place in the next few days. This was reported on Tuesday by the American television channel CBS.

In Ukraine, published a video test of a new missile system

In Ukraine, a video recording of the engine tests for the new operational-tactical complex “Grom-2” was published. The record was published on the channel of the “National Industrial Portal”.

The Syrian army completed the operation in the suburbs of Damascus

Syrian government troops completed the operation against terrorists in the western part of the suburb of Damascus, located near the Golan Heights. The servicemen installed Syrian flags at strategic altitudes.

Iran called on the US to withdraw troops from Syria

The Admiral regarded the presence of US troops as an occupation, saying that “Iran will support Syria, seeking the withdrawal of American troops from the country.” At the same time, Shamkhani indicated that the Iranians “do not wage wars against the US on Syrian soil.”

Ukraine already this year will receive lethal weapons from the United States

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that this year Ukraine will receive lethal weapons from the US Also, the head of Ukraine said that the Armed Forces will receive the latest weapons of Ukrainian production.

Next year, the military budget of our country will be a record 86 billion hryvnia. We will receive lethal defensive weapons from our partners from the United States. And we will continue to strengthen the Ukrainian army with the latest military equipment of domestic production. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

India will purchase from Russia 240 precision aerial bombs

The Ministry of Defense of India has decided to buy from Russia 240 high-precision aviation bombs, the purchase will cost the country $ 196 million, this was reported by Izvestia on January 2. The publication writes that the relevant documents were signed by the Minister of Defense of India, this post is now occupied by Nirmala Sitharaman.

The newest icebreaker “Ilya Muromets” arrived in the Northern Fleet

The newest diesel-electric icebreaker Ilya Muromets arrived in the Northern Fleet, making its first crossing from the Baltic Sea to the Kola Bay. A solemn meeting was held at the wharf in Severomorsk under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

Syrian President appoints new defense minister

The new Minister of Defense of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) was appointed Chief of the General Staff Ali Ayyub. The corresponding order was signed by the president of the SAR Bashar Assad. In addition, the head of state replaced the ministers of industry and information.

Ships of the Pacific Fleet arrived with an unofficial visit to Shanghai

A detachment of Pacific Fleet ships in the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Panteleev” and a large sea tanker “Boris Butoma” arrived with an unofficial visit to Shanghai on Tuesday, January 2.

Covering themselves with the “New Year armistice”, the APU dug in the “gray zone”

The Armed Forces received instructions during the “New Year armistice” to carry out the concealed movement and equipment of the advanced positions in the so-called “gray zone” for the range of the “throwing of a hand grenade” from the positions of the LNR, the People’s Militia of the Republic stated.

The Ministry of Defense will hold a contest of intelligent robots

Specialists of the department will hold a competition of projects among robots, Interfax reports. The selection of the best developments will be handled by experts of the Main Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Support of Advanced Technologies of the Russian Ministry of Defense

Italy calls on OSCE to implement Minsk agreements

Continue efforts to implement the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass promises the Italian chairmanship of the OSCE since January 1, Italy.

The coalition will help prepare the security forces of Iraq and the opposition in Syria

The coalition called upon the governments of different countries, as well as non-governmental organizations, to hear the appeal of the peoples of Iraq and Syria and together create conditions for the terrorists to never regain their positions in the Middle East.

The US and Israel agreed to destroy Putin’s friend

The United States and Israel decided to liquidate the Iranian general nicknamed “Putin’s friend”. Kasem Suleymani is the commander-in-chief of the al-Quds unit, and the aforementioned countries agreed on the need for an operation to destroy it.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy called one of the most important areas of the fleet

“The most important segment of the work of the Main Command of the Navy for the future will be the formation of strategic non-nuclear deterrence groups in the carrier-vehicles of high-precision weapons of long range, the improvement of the naval base system, the provision of balanced supplies of arms and ammunition”, – quotes TASS Koroleva


Flight in the United States was canceled because of penetrated aboard the plane rats

The flight of Alaska Airlines from Oakland, California to Portland, Oregon, was canceled due to rats on board, the US media reported.

Near Shanghai, a cargo ship crashed

According to the publication, near the mouth of the Yangtze River, the Changping ship carrying steel, collided with another cargo ship, which caused the crash. Three people were saved, 10 were missing.

Five people were killed in the collapse of the suspension bridge in Peru

Five people were killed in the collapse of the suspension bridge across the Apurimac River in Peru. Another 16 are considered missing. The tragedy occurred on the afternoon of January 2 local time in the Kimbiri area in the Peruvian province of La Conventeon

In China, a doctor died after an 18-hour shift

In the Chinese province of Shanxi, a doctor died in one of the hospitals after an 18-hour shift. The cause of death was an acute disorder of cerebral circulation. According to local media, on December 29 a woman made a detour around the hospital.

Klyuchevskaya volcano threw a six-kilometer column of ash

Specialists have recorded the release of ash on the volcano Klyuchevskaya to a height of 6 km, the Kamchatka reaction group for volcanic eruptions (KVERT) reports. It is noted that the ash cloud spread about 40 km east of Kluchevskoy

In TVC commented on the detention in Riga of his employee

“TV Center” TV company expressed bewilderment in connection with the detention in Riga of its employee Anatoly Kurlaev, who was there on a private trip, noting the prejudiced attitude of the Latvian authorities to the Russian media, the official commentary of the company, which was received by RIA Novosti, said.

Two cases against Weinstein were transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Los Angeles

Two cases against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein were transferred to the Los Angeles prosecutor’s office. As reported by the American media, none of the criminal cases against Weinstein has progressed so far before.

In France, New Year’s Eve burned more than a thousand cars

The number of cars burned on New Year’s Eve in France was 1031, being higher than last year, the country’s Interior Ministry said on Monday.

The Argentine Navy is exploring new facilities in the search area for a missing submarine

The vessel of the Argentine Naval Forces Islas Malvinas with the Russian deep-water vehicle “Panther plus” is exploring new objects in the operation to search for the missing submarine “San Juan”.

In Germany, two died on New Year’s Eve because of fireworks

On the night of January 1 in the federal state of Brandenburg, two people were killed during the launch of fireworks, Daily Mail writes. It is reported that one of the accidents occurred in the commune Guzov-Platkov, with the explosion of pyrotechnics killed 35-year-old man.

The US Border Service reported disruptions in the operation of data systems

The US Customs and Border Control Service reported temporary interruptions in the data systems of some airports. As reported by “RIA Novosti”, the malfunctioning of the systems were eliminated.

More than 200 prisoners fled during the prison riots in Brazil

As a result of the prison rebellion in the Brazilian state of Goiás, 9 prisoners were killed, 14 were injured, 106 during the riots, escaped from the penitentiary institution. So far, 29 of them have been caught, Tass reports.

During the protest in Iran, a policeman was shot dead

The protester opened fire from a hunting rifle for police officers in Iran, one person was killed, three were injured, the IRIB reported. The incident occurred in the city of Nejafabad in the province of Isfahan.

In Japan, two people died, choked with rice cakes

At least 15 people were injured in Tokyo, two of them died, choked by the traditional for the New Year in Japan glutinous rice cakes “moti.” This was reported by the Moscow Fire Department, which performs the functions of emergency services.

A teenager who shot a family on New Year’s Eve was detained in the US

According to the press service of the police of Long Branch in the district of Monmouth in the American state of New Jersey, a 16-year-old teenager who shot a mother, father, 18-year-old sister and 70-year-old familiar family on New Year’s Eve was detained by law enforcers.

In Moscow, a drunken man who staged shooting from the window of the apartment

The incident occurred the night before on Khoroshevsky passage. The report of the shooting was received at the service “02”. The detainee was confiscated in the apartment an object that looked like a firearm with hunting weapons, he was sent for examination, the press service of the capital’s head of the Interior Ministry said.


The trade of Ukraine with Russia in 2017 increased more than with the EU

The trade turnover between Russia and Ukraine in the period from January to November 2017 increased by 28.6% – to 9.36 billion dollars. During the same time period, trade between Ukraine and the European Union grew by 27.6% to $ 29.3 billion, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reports.

Turkey plans to issue bonds in rubles and RMB in 2018

Turkey intends to issue bonds in rubles and yuans in 2018. This was stated on Tuesday by Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Shimshak in an interview with the newspaper Habertürk.

The Central Bank of China has strengthened the yuan against the dollar to a four-month high

On Tuesday, the Central Bank of China set the exchange rate at 6,5078, which is 263 points or 0.4% less than the previous value, RIA Novosti reported. Recall that in mid-September, the People’s Bank of China maximally strengthened the yuan against the dollar since May 2016 and set it at 6.4997.

Regions deprive revenues from excises

Regions of the Russian Federation receive less revenue from excises in their budgets and in 2018 the situation will only worsen. As a REGNUM correspondent reports, this was stated by member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Vera Ganzya (CPRF).

The Ministry of Agriculture will support reindeer husbandry and mushroom growing

The Ministry of Agriculture for the first time decided to stimulate the enterprises on reindeer husbandry and mushroom growing. Support measures are fixed in the draft government decree prepared by the agency (the document is available to Izvestia).

Ukraine increased its gas production in 2017

Ukraine increased its own natural gas production in 2017 to 20.8 billion cubic meters. m, which is 4.5% higher than in the previous period, a representative of Ukrtransgaz said.

The number of new buildings in the old Moscow borders has grown by almost 40% per year

The largest volume of supply in the year was recorded in July – 2.89 million square meters. According to experts, the catalyst for the growth of supply in the old boundaries of Moscow was the emergence of new areas for development – in particular, due to the renovation of industrial zones.

VTB has joined VTB 24 since January 1

VTB Bank since January 1, 2018 transfers retail business under its brand due to the addition of VTB 24, will continue to operate as a universal bank. The integration of the banking business and the construction of a single universal bank are envisaged by the group’s development strategy for 2017-2019.

The discount on real estate business class in Sochi is 13.5% of the market value

Without discounting, the average cost of apartments in residential complexes under construction in the Adler district is 115-125 thousand rubles per square meter. m. with an average apartment area of 127 square meters. The residential complex “Stolichny” – a 19-storey two-section residential complex of business class, was put into operation in May 2017.

Tariffs of Transneft for oil pumping increased by 4%

Tariffs for the services of Transneft since January 1 are increasing by 4%. This cost of pumping oil for this company was previously recommended by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Transneft itself said that it considered expedient to increase the tariff by 21%.

Sobyanin told about Moscow’s incomes from holding festivals

Investments from the budget of Moscow in the city festivals are fully paid off, the budget receives an additional income of about 60 billion rubles. This was announced by the Mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin.


Flight attendants accused the airline Delta AirLines of anti-Semitism

Several boarders accused Delta Airlines of anti-Semitism. Against the airline filed a lawsuit in the New York court. Charges were made by five flight attendants, formerly dismissed and currently working.

Russians most often complain about cosmetology services

Consumers of services most often make complaints about the provision of cosmetology services, their imposition, the lack of a medical license, the safety of drugs, because of which allergic reactions often occur.

A graduate of a religious school decided to sell her virginity at an auction

A graduate of a religious school, 23-year-old Bailey Gibson from the American city of Sacramento, California, sells her virginity at an auction. She decided to do this after she disillusioned with her fiancé and broke off relations with him, writes Mirror.

Scientists: Alcohol affects the heart of the poor more than the rich

A research article published in the journal PLoS One says that the use of alcohol in large quantities increases the likelihood of developing a heart attack and other fatal diseases of the heart and blood vessels of the poor, but not of the rich.

The authorities in Moscow urged residents to change seats for public transport

Because of the large number of festive events in Moscow in the New Year holidays, Muscovites are recommended to change from personal vehicles to public transport, the Center for the Organization of Road Traffic (CCD) said.

In the United States founded the movement to protect women from harassment

Workers of the American film, television and theater said on Monday about the foundation of the movement called Time’s Up to protect women across the country from sexual harassment and discrimination

In California, the sale of marijuana

In the largest US state of California on Monday officially began selling marijuana for recreational purposes, the portal Business Insider. The new rules came into force at midnight of the new year.

The lottery machine in the US broke down and only gave out winning tickets

In South Carolina, USA, lottery machines started selling only winning tickets due to a technical failure, WYFF News 4 reported. Residents of the state bought a Christmas lottery for two hours without losing anything

In the Dnieper the monument on the burial place of the participants of the revolution was defiled

The monument is located in the burial place. It was opened in 1958 and reconstructed in 1975. Monument height of 8.5 meters is a few cast-iron figures on the pedestal: the worker, going to attack with an unfurled banner and a pistol in his hand, a soldier, a sailor and a student.

Psychologists: Sex and frequent meetings destroy eternal love

Psychologists believe that sex and frequent meetings destroy eternal love. This opinion is shared by Scott Carol, the author of the book “Do not Humbug: How to Marry the Person for whom You were Designed,” and Seth Meyers, a psychology doctor from Yeshiva University in New York, USA.

In Bangladesh, Akhmat Kadyrov’s school was opened

Kadyrov noted that he is grateful for funding the opening of the school for his mother and head of the Akhmat Kadyrov Regional Public Foundation named after Aymani Kadyrova and his brother Ziyad Sabsabi.

This is extremely important, given that most of them did not have the opportunity to study at all. They will also learn to read the Holy Qur’an. All students will be provided with two meals a day and a uniform school uniform. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian statesman

Khudruk New York City Ballet resigned after allegations of harassment

In the near future, the council intends to begin a search for a new artistic director. 71-year-old Peter Martins headed the New York City Ballet for 30 years. In December 2017, he went on temporary leave after the appearance of an anonymous letter accusing him of harassing him.


A glass needle with views of the northern lights was built under Murmansk

A camping of six igloo with transparent panoramic walls was built 50 km from Murmansk. The idea of the authors of the project is to create comfortable conditions for observations of the Northern Lights. The diameter of each needle is 6 m, which exceeds the size of the traditional Eskimo dwelling.

In Crimea will create “Wine roads of Crimea” for travelers

The regional authorities reported that the routes will be developed different, for a period of one day to a week. Throughout the roads for travelers, all the necessary establishments will be created: mini-hotels, restaurants, cafes and others.

Rosturism called for “vigilant” Russians in Iran due to riots

“The Russian citizens who are in the country are recommended to remain vigilant, to refrain from visiting places of mass gathering whenever possible,” the message says. Rosturizm urged tour operators to warn customers about the unfavorable situation in the country.

Yakutia receives guests

The best chefs and craftsmen from all over Russia gathered in Yakutsk these days to demonstrate their culinary skills at the Festival of stroganina. To try the gastronomic brand of Yakutia, guests from other countries also came.

Another client of “Natalie Tours” was on the street in the New Year

In the Moscow office of the company they said that “the problem is being solved”. But the tourists had to pay extra for the room in the neighboring hotel. Later in the “Natalie Tours” agreed to compensate for these expenses, but they still spoiled their customers, the Federal News Agency

Tours to Egypt will begin to sell after the New Year holidays

The price includes accommodation in a three-star hotel, meals and transfer from Cairo airport. Get to the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will have to take buses for 7-8 hours.

Festive Moscow most attracts tourists from China

On winter holidays in Moscow, a large influx of tourists from China is expected. This was told by the first deputy head of the Moscow Department of Sport and Tourism Alexei Kondarantsev, RIA Novosti reports. According to him, it is from China on the New Year holidays that most tourists will come.

Tomsk citizens are invited to New Year’s walking tours

During the New Year holidays the Tourist Information Center organizes walking tours for Tomsk citizens and guests of the city. Those who wish can learn about the history of the streets, the founding of the city and the famous revolutionary Bakunin, the center said. Excursions in the New Year holidays will be held from 3 to 6 January.


Paris Hilton received a marriage proposal

Secular lioness Paris Hilton received from her lover a proposal of the hand and heart, according to Life. Hilton and the 32-year-old actor and fashion model Chris Zilka have been around for a long time. The offer was made during the rest in Aspen

In Cuba, an exhibition of works by contemporary Russian artists

Exhibition of works by contemporary Russian artists was opened on Tuesday in the Cuban capital. The exposition called La Revolucion takes place in the Museum of the Revolution – a former presidential palace located in the heart of Havana.

Returned Soviet films beat all TV ratings in Ukraine

Soviet films, previously falling into the “black list” of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, were the most in demand on television during the New Year holidays.

Khanty’s storyteller appeared in a music video

The musical project was created by the Russian opera singer Maria Matveeva and the French composer Eric Muke, the founder of the group “Deep Forest”. The clip “Two” is the first part of the trilogy, in which different regions of Russia will be represented.

Model Anastasia Kostenko expects the child from football player Dmitry Tarasov

Web users have put forward their assumptions about the pregnancy model of Anastasia Kostenko, who is the bride of football player Dmitry Tarasov. As you know, the relationship began immediately after the divorce of Tarasov with one of the leading “House-2” and singer Olga Buzovoy.

Paustovsky was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1967

Russian writer Konstantin Paustovsky was among the contenders for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1967, Tass reports. On Tuesday, January 2, the Swedish Academy declassified archival documents with lists of nominees. Access to them was closed for 50 years

The best short horror film was the 15-second movie “Emma”

The best short horror film, according to the contest of frightening shorts, was the 15-second video “Emma”

Poroshenko published a list of his favorite songs

playlist of the Ukrainian leader included the songs “March of the new armies” of the group “Vopli Vidoplyasova”, “Quiet Prišov quietly Pishov” by Riffmaster, “Juravli” of the band The Hardkiss, “Vitschina” Pianoboy, “Vsesvit” Onuka, “Monk” of the group “Dahabraha” and “Perechekati” Tina Karol.

Trump’s daughter spent New Year’s Eve at the Playboy party

The 24-year-old daughter of Donald Trump-Tiffany, after the New Year celebration with her family, decided to start a holiday with a Playboy party and became his real diamond.

The Drama Theater named after Topanov will present the play “Divas”

The play manages to combine British humor and the Broadway comedy of positions. From Britain in the play, two English actors who were disappointed in Shakespeare and intend to play their parts in life, which is turned with varying success.

Singer Alex has changed beyond recognition after plastic surgery

Whatever the life of the artist, after 13 years in the Instagram of Alex began to appear a photo, which shows that the appearance of the actress has changed dramatically. Fans guess that the reason for this was the numerous plastic surgery that the girl has done over the years.

Luxurious model Ashley Graham met the New Year in a tiny bikini

Ashley Graham, the famous model plus size, celebrated the New Year in hot countries and in tiny bikinis. This is evidenced by the star’s photographs in Instagram. Ashley Graham, despite its lush forms, has long been famous for its extravagance and lack of complexes.

Lera Kudryavtseva surprised fans, for the first time showing photos of an adult son

The popular TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva first shared with the subscribers in the social network Instagram a photo of her adult son. In the photo, 27-year-old Jean Lenyuk sits on a chair, holding a small dog in his bosom.

Sobchak danced with a bottle at the temple in the style of Pussy Riot

Russia’s presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak and her husband decided to ponerve believers with dances at the gates of an Orthodox church in Moscow in the style of a scandalous punk band Pussy Riot.

Katherine Haygle showed an intimate photo since her pregnancy

In the picture, loaded with an actress, Catherine is completely naked below the belt, her left hand is barely enough to close her chest, and her right hand supports her tummy. The photo was taken on the last months of pregnancy, which touched most of her fans

Prince Harry bought his bride in a plane seat next to the toilet

Making a New Year’s trip to Nice, the British Prince Harry bought economy class tickets. As a result, he and his fiancee Megan Markle got places next to the toilet.

Kirkorov sang a national anthem in Monaco on New Year’s Eve

Russian singer Philip Kirkorov celebrated the New Year in Monaco and, after listening to the holiday address of Russian President Vladimir Putin, sang the Soviet anthem instead of the Russian national anthem. The artist described this on his page in Instagram.

The singer’s father Amy Winehouse continues to communicate with her ghost

Sometimes Amy can appear to his father in the guise of a blackbird. The singer and songwriter, Emmy Winehouse was famous for her extravagant singing style. According to experts, she is recognized as one of the most worthy singers of the 2000s

Kudryavtseva appeared on the “Song of the Year” in “naked” attire

One of the main events of the end of 2017 was the annual concert “Song of the Year”, led by Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev. The 46-year-old TV presenter is famous for her love of unusual outfits, and this time she was surprised by the “bare” attire.

The famous Russian singer appeared in an obscene position

A well-known Russian singer, the soloist of the girl’s group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina posted on her page in Instagram a photo, which appeared before the fans in an obscene pose.

Alexey Uchitel told us what Matilda and Natalia Poklonskaya have in common

Well-known Russian director Alexey Uchitel in his interview for Russia Today television channel said that the main heroine of his film “Matilda” and the deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya shared. According to Teacher, these two women are united by “love for Nicholas II.”

Panin met the New Year in the company of plumbers

Alexei Panin said that for some half an hour before the whole country began to celebrate the New Year, his apartment broke through the pipes. It was with the brigade of plumbers that the scandalous actor listened to the battle of the chimes.

Jessica Alba became mother for the third time and showed her son

On the eve of the New Year, December 31, the actress gave her husband a long-awaited son. 36-year-old Jessica and 38-year-old Cash already raise two daughters – Onor (her 9 years) and Haven (her 6) and always dreamed of a boy. The first photo of the baby Jessica shared with the fans in Instagram

Maxim Galkin showed how he and his family met the New Year

Maxim Galkin decided to share with his subscribers exclusive cadres of how well he spent time with his family on the New Year. On his Instagram channel, he filled the video, as well as a luxurious photo taken with Alla Pugacheva, as well as their joint children Harry and Lisa

Tabakov was disconnected from the device of artificial ventilation

People’s Artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov was disconnected from the device of artificial ventilation. As doctors say, the actor can already breathe on his own. According to preliminary information, Tabakov is already breathing independently with the help of a special track – the tracheostomy, established earlier by doctors.

Dakota Johnson is drawn to Chris Martin

Marriage of Martin with the movie star Gwyneth Paltrow remained in the past, and Dakota in 2016, parted with the soloist of the rock band “Drowners” Matthew Hitt. And reliable sources of the American TV magazine “Entertainment Tonight” assure that Dakota often sleeps in Chris’s house

The bride of the soloist of the band Muse showed her charms

Famous American model El Evans in December received a proposal of the hand and heart from the leader of the group Muse Matthew Bellamy

Sergey Shnurov and his wife arranged incendiary dances for “Voyage”

Leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov together with his wife Matilda celebrate the New Year decided with the famous journalist Alexander Nevzorov. Their incendiary dance was managed by the three of them to be filmed on camera. Obviously, they were extremely cheerful.

“Naked” shot of David Beckham and his sons blew up the Net

Famous football player David Beckham in a personal microblogging posted a picture, where he showed his grown sons. Fans appreciated the picture of the guys in bare form. David Beckham in his Instagram published a picture in which he showed his grown-up sons.

Star Comedy Woman Catherine Barnabas showed a “naked” photo – and a figure for envy

Participant and choreographer Comedy Woman Catherine Barnabas is the owner of not only comedic talent, but also a chic figure. Long legs, a lush bust, a slender waist – sexy beauty drives men mad.

Akunin published the first chapter of the last novel about Fandorin

Writer Boris Akunin published on his Facebook page the first chapter of the latest novel, Eraste Fandorin, which is called “I do not say goodbye.” The final novel about the adventures of the detective will be released in early February.

New Year’s gift to Fandorin readers. The last novel of the series “Adventures of Erast Fandorin” will be released only in February, but here is the first chapter of the book. From it you will find out what happened to the hero in the black-black city. – Boris Akunin, Russian writer

In January, a TV movie will be shown by Garik Sukachev, filmed in the Altai

Filming took place in the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic in autumn 2016. Garik Skauev drove along the Chuysky tract, visiting famous places and talking with local residents.

“The same”. The author of the new song Pugacheva was accused of plagiarism

As the Russian poet and journalist Alexander Vulikh stated, the song is very similar to the one that he wrote in co-authorship with Igor Sarukhanov

The new actor of Volgograd theater became a dog

The symbol of 2018 will become the mascot of the troupe of the Volgograd musical theater. As the “MK in Volgograd” informs, the miniature dog Alisa became the actress of the performance “Babi Riot”

In the Altai Territory will hold a contest of readers

February 8 at the Center for Patriotic Education of Youth named after Robert Rozhdestvensky in the Altai village of Kosikha will host the IV regional youth contest of reciters “Young heroes remained young forever”. The event is dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of a Young Hero-Anti-Fascist, reported in the administration of the region.

The festival of German cinema starts in Izhevsk on January 11

The festival of German cinema will be held in the capital of Udmurtia from 11 to 17 January. This is reported by the Izhevsk Film Club. The screening of the films is organized with the support of the German Cultural Center. Goethe in Moscow

The author of “Nyash Mesh” about Poklonsky made a video based on “The Irony of Fate”

Videobloger Enjoykin, known for the clip “Nyash Mash” about the former Crimean prosecutor and State Duma deputy Natalya Poklonskaya, created a new video, this time based on the film “The Irony of Fate, or With Easy Steam!”. The clip is called “Moscow-Leningrad”

Mariah Carey celebrated New Year on stage

The last day of 2017 was for Mariah Carey much happier than exactly the same day of the calendar of the year before. After all, then she was disgraced at a concert in front of the crowd of thousands crowding in front of her scene in New York


Android replacement: Google will test the new operating system

American corporation Google will test the new operating system Fuchsia, which is considered the successor to Android. This is reported by Chrome Unboxed. As noted, for the operation of the new OS requires two devices, one of which serves as a server, and the second – the executor.

Meizu intends to stop updating the MX line

The company Meizu intends to stop updating the line of smartphones MX. This was told by sources close to the manufacturer of gadgets. Chinese developers from the company Meizu are considering a new development strategy.

Apple Announces New Generation of Wireless AirPods

American company Apple announced the release of the second generation of wireless headphones AirPods, which received a lot of technical innovations.

Smartphone OnePlus 5T will receive a “secret” version in early 2018

The phone sales are scheduled for January. According to the source, each version has two versions with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. At the same time, the question of which modification the January novelty OnePlus 5T will belong to is still open.

Samsung will develop a new version of technology Fo-WLP

Developers of Samsung Electronics said they are working on creating a completely new version of the Fo-WLP technology. Thus, technology can penetrate into smartphones as early as 2019

Computers of Russia on the ISS will be integrated into one network

All computers of Russian cosmonauts, located in different parts of the ISS, will be integrated into one network. This was notified by the staff of RSC Energia. The unification of devices will automate many processes and thereby substantially increase the number of possible experiments.

Sharp will enter the world market with frameless smartphones

The device received an eight-core chipset Snapdragon 630 from Qualcomm and four gigabytes of RAM. The device will be running Android Oreo.

CES 2018: LG introduced the world’s first 88-inch OLED display 8K

Engineers of the South Korean company LG during the upcoming CES exhibition plan to introduce the world’s first 88-inch OLED 8K screen. Note that the old record for similar panels was 77 inches with a resolution of 4K, also produced by LG.

In Russia, came out a budget ZTE Blade A520C

The smartphone received a 5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels and a 4-core chipset from Qualcomm. RAM is 2 GB, ROM – 16/32/64 GB with the possibility of expansion through microSD.

Smartphone Alcatel 3C received a 6-inch screen and a chip MediaTek MT8321

The model was equipped with a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 720 * 1440 pixels. The basis of the hardware platform Alcatel 3C will be a quad-core chip MediaTek MT8321, 1 GB of RAM and a flash module for 16 GB.

Three coolest smartphone Xiaomi, which is not worse than Apple iPhone X

One of the best mobile devices Xiaomi, which is not worse than the iPhone X, is the Mi A1 model. It costs less than 15 000 rubles, but at the same time offers good computing power, a dual main camera, a fingerprint scanner, stylish design and a “naked” Android from Google itself.

Xiaomi Mi 6 can compete with the iPhone X for processing power, but it costs 2.5 times cheaper. Its owners can also take photos with the blur of the background, use the NFC module to pay for purchases

A smartphone that can really replace the iPhone X is Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

“Tax on Google” starts to operate in Belarus

As explained in the Belarusian Ministry of Taxes and Levies (MNS), the republic decided to follow the example of Russia, where the “tax on Google” is applied from 2017, and the European Union, where it is paid since 2015. It was decided that this tax is paid quarterly in Belarusian rubles.


The most anticipated games of 2018 will be Far Cry-5 and Anthem

Specialists of the video games market conducted a study and compiled a list of the most anticipated gaming projects this year. In their opinion, players are waiting for the release of various projects and completely new games, and popular franchises

In Need For Speed Payback there will be a joint online mode

Studio Electronic Arts and Ghosts Games decided to start the new year with pleasant news. It is reported that the Twitter Need for Speed: Payback creators said that this year the game will be the newest mode – Online Free Roam.

Blueprint Gaming acquired Games Warehouse

British gambling studio Blueprint Gaming, part of the group Gauselmann, completed the acquisition of the game provider Games Warehouse, formerly owned by the Harbor Group. Blueprint expands its activities, offering the market a wide portfolio of games

It is possible that for the Nintendo Switch will appear eighteen new games

It is possible that for the hybrid console Nintendo Switch will appear eighteen new game projects. This assumption arose after the Amazon site in the list of products gamers were found eighteen games for the Nintendo Switch.

Innovative slot The Asp of Cleopatra from Red Rake Gaming

Continues the current Egyptian theme exclusive slot, which has a 3D-design, from the developer of Red Rake Gaming – The Asp of Cleopatra.

Soon to buy Dead Cells will need more money

The developers reported that from January 4, the cost of the Dead Cells game project will increase. According to information from SteamSpy, the game for half a year has won the love of half a million people. The game is currently in the early access of Steam.

Wet weather in Gran Turismo Sport will have to wait

Portal GTPlanet managed to communicate with the creator of the series Gran Turismo Kazunori Yamauchi (Kazunori Yamauchi) and ask him about whether the rainy tracks are preparing

Platinum Games will independently develop and publish its game

The company Platinum Games, which develops computer games, plans not only to develop, but also to publish their own game projects. This was reported by the head of the development of Platinum Games Atsushi Inab.

PUBG version for Xbox One gets command mode

Korean developer of video games Blue Hole has released an update for the XboxOne console, which adds a command mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in which users can play with a composition of one, two or three people.


Scientists predict that global warming will turn the Earth into a desert

According to scientists, a quarter of the earth’s surface will become a lifeless desert due to global warming, OAnews reports.

Scientists: Found a way to treat metastases in the brain

Scientists of one of the universities of the United States have uncovered the secret to combating malignant tumors of patients in whom the disease began to give metastases to the cerebral cortex and CNS.

Scientists: Fatty deposits protect a person from infections

Scientists came to the conclusion that fat deposits can take part in the protective functions of the human body. Scientific researchers found T-lymphocytes of memory in subcutaneous fatty clusters in experimental mice and monkeys.

Scientists: Chocolate will disappear from the shelves of stores by 2050

Because of global warming, many scientists predict almost complete extinction of all kinds of cocoa beans. Because of this, by 2050, chocolate can disappear from the shelves of stores.

In Stockholm, unmanned passenger buses were launched

The Swedish transport agency approved the introduction of unmanned passenger buses in Stockholm, reports The Local.

In the scientific world unraveled the mystery of square waves near the French island of Ovk

In the scientific world, near the French island of Ovc, there was an amazing phenomenon – clear squares on the water. According to scientists, square waves are formed due to the collision of warm and cold currents.

Scientists have told about a dangerous consequence of chronic lack of sleep

American scientists from the School of Medicine at the University of Washington in St. Louis told about the dangerous consequences of sleepless nights. According to them, lack of sleep contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have proved that cold coffee is better for the body

An expert group from the United States was able to establish that for the human body cold coffee is much more useful than hot coffee. Already for many years, coffee is the most popular hot drink, but almost no one drinks it in the cold.

Scientists: A person can live without a stomach and six more organs

Scientists conducted a series of experiments and found out which of the organs a person “is not so necessary”.

The first on the list was the spleen: its functions can be completely taken over by the liver.

The stomach was not the second vital organ. It is noted that with trauma or oncology physicians successfully cut it, attaching the esophagus to the small intestine. Then you can continue to eat well.

Also included in the list are female and male reproductive paired organs: one is enough to conceive a child, so that another can be removed, and a person can do without these parts at all. It is noted that women can also remove the uterus.

Also in the list of “unnecessary” organs were the gallbladder and the large intestine.

Experts believe that the body can do without kidneys when replacing it with dialysis.

Russia offered India engines for satellites

According to the latest information, Russia will be able to supply plasma engines for spacecraft to India. This will be possible after winning the national competition for the right to import parts for the satellites.

In Russia, the development of a reusable launch vehicle

“Our development – the” Korona “launch vehicle – unlike the American one, has no separable steps and is actually a spacecraft of soft take-off and landing, which opens the way to the realization of long-range interplanetary flights with crews on board,” Degtyar said in an interview with Interfax ”

GLONASS transfers to satellites-transformers

The first Russian “transformers” will be manufactured in 2018. According to experts, a new solution in the future will allow GLONASS to provide not only a navigation signal, but also a wide range of various information – for example, weather forecasts, traffic conditions.

The ringed Sun will eliminate the Earth’s energy deficit

Scientists came to the conclusion that a ring of satellites, which will surround the Sun, can eliminate the energy deficit on Earth. To create a ring of satellites that will accumulate solar energy, it will take 50 billion pounds.


The new crossover Kia Sorento enters the European market

In addition to interior trim, decor elements and a new design of lanterns, the Kia Sorento received a turbocharged 2.7-liter diesel engine with 197 horsepower, according to specialized media. It is reported that in Russia the novelty will be on sale in the middle of February.

Maserati recalls in the US and Canada 1,5 thousand cars Quattroporte and Ghibli

The Italian manufacturer of exclusive cars business and sports class Maserati recalls in Canada and the US a lot of 1,5 thousand cars Ghibli and Quattroporte.

The segment of SUV in the Russian market took a record share in November

In November last year, the Russian car market managed to sell about 61 100 SUV cars, which corresponds to an increase of 25.4% in the annual comparison, analysts of the agency “AUTOSTAT” reported. Thus, the market share of crossovers and SUVs in Russia reached 43.7%.

Chinese crossover Lifan Myway has fallen in price by 62 thousand rubles

Lifan Company reports that starting from January 1, 2018, the new Lifan Myway crossover in the base version will be available for 5,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 44,000 rubles. Unfortunately, the price tag for the version for the automotive market in Russia, which competes with LADA Largus Cross, has remained the same.

SsangYong Rexton Sports pickup goes on sale January 9

January 9 this year on the market will be a Korean pick-up SsangYong Rexton Sports. Recently, new photos appeared on the network. Sales of the pickup start in the domestic market

In the summer on the market will be “budget” crossover Chery Tiggo 5X

Popular in the Russian market and in China, the automaker is developing a budget version of the popular crossover Chery Tiggo 5X. In the company Chery have conceived in the Chinese market to present one more version of the crossover Tiggo 5X.

The web appeared images of the flagship crossover BMW X7

BMW executives decided to publish photos of individual fragments of the flagship crossover X7 on the web. The experts showed images that depicted the likely appearance of an SUV.

Test Mercedes-Benz GLA is seen on the roads of Germany

The test version of the Mercedes-Benz GLA was seen on the roads of Germany. After conducting a detailed analysis, the experts came to the conclusion that this was a new generation of the GLA compact cross. The architecture of the model will be identical to the one used in the A-Class

Crossover Ford Edge 2018 model year has become cheaper

In January this year, Americans reported that the cost of the base crossover Ford Edge 2018 in China will be 229,800 yuan (just over two million rubles). For the maximum configuration of the SUV, you will have to pay 429,800 yuan (3.8 million rubles).

BMW M2 Competition will be presented this spring

BMW will hold an official presentation of the M2 Competition model car in mid-April this year. Manufacturers note that they are not going to limit the production of cars. The circulation will depend solely on the buying activity and the capacity of production arrays.

Mercedes-Benz released a teaser of the new Gelandewagen

The German company has published a new video of its updated legendary SUV G-Class, which will be officially presented to the public in Detroit on January 15. The car retained its square shape, which became a distinctive feature of the model.

The motor from the Ferrari LaFerrari was put up for sale for 16.8 million rubles

The motor from Ferrari LaFerrari was put up for sale for 16.8 million rubles or 285 thousand dollars. The lot appeared on the electronic trading platform eBay.

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