25 Jun, 2018

The opportunity to become a candidate for the election is not

The head of the Krasnoselsky municipal district, Ilya Yashin, refused further attempts to compete for the post of the mayor of Moscow because of the inability to overcome the municipal filter that allows United Russia to choose its opponents independently in the upcoming elections.

“The last few weeks I worked on overcoming the municipal filter.” No tricks: just ringing deputies, talking to them and urging them to sign me up for registration as a candidate for mayor of Moscow. “I got the support of 91 deputies – non-party members, Yabloko members, even representatives of the CPRF and the SR.However, it was not possible to agree on signatures with the deputies from United Russia, “Yashin said on his Facebook page.

According to him, all United Russia referred to a direct ban of party bosses, which firmly decided not to let anything through the filter.

Earlier, United Russia has repeatedly made it clear that they are not going to give their signatures to the opposition. At the end of 2017, the secretary of the Moscow city branch of United Russia, Andrei Metelsky, directly called them “destructive force” and said that “liberals-belotlentniki” will not receive “a single vote from our municipal deputies.”

Briefly about the main …..


The Turkish Election Commission announced the victory of Erdogan

The current leader of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan won at the presidential elections held on June 24 in the country. This is reported by the Anadolu agency referring to the chairman of the Supreme Electoral Commission of Turkey Sadi Güven.

WSJ: Trump intends to introduce new restrictions for Chinese companies

US President Donald Trump plans to ban Chinese companies from investing in technology firms in the United States. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to sources.

US will soon present DPRK a denuclearization schedule

The United States will soon submit to the DPRK a schedule of implementation of the agreements on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, reached on June 12 at the summit in Singapore between the leaders of the two countries.

The EU Migration Minis Council gave hope for a compromise

Participants in the informal EU meeting on migration in Brussels expressed a common position on combating illegal migration and strengthening the borders of the European Union, confirmed the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. According to him, the proposals currently being discussed in the EU “are relevant to the system that already exists” in Spain.

We understand that, unfortunately, we will not be able to reach a common solution to the migration problem at the EU summit. Therefore, what we need is bilateral and trilateral agreements. – Angela Merkel, German politician

Ukraine was accused of oppression of Hungarians

“Leave the Hungarians in peace,” said Foreign Minister Pyotr Siyarto.

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that his country was the most consistent supporter of the introduction of a visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine, and also expressed the hope for further negotiations on the law on education in July.

The growth of the rating of the Japanese government

The support rating of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rose to 52% three months before the election of the chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). This is evidenced by the data of a sociological survey published on Monday by the Nikkei newspaper.

Trump urged to deport all illegal immigrants from the US without a court

President of the United States Donald Trump stated about the need to “immediately expel” illegal migrants from the country. In other words, do not waste time on litigation. As the American leader emphasized, one should not allow migrants to “invade the United States.”

We can not allow all these people to invade our country. When someone arrives, we should immediately, without judges and court cases, send them back to where they came from. Our system is a mockery of good immigration policy, law and order. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Sweden proposed to prohibit migrants from choosing an EU country for asylum

Migrants arriving in Europe can not choose the state they want to stay in, the countries of the European Union (EU) should be united in this approach to the problem of migrants.

Among the detainees in the elections in Turkey were the French Communists

In Turkey, among the detained foreigners on suspicion of interference in the elections were members of the delegation of the French Communist Party (PCF). This is stated in the party’s statement published on its website. As noted in the message, the French delegation, consisting of three people, was arrested.


The head of the Ministry of Labor named the average pension in 2019

The average pension in 2019 will increase to 15.4 thousand rubles, said the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia Maxim Topilin in an interview with the newspaper Izvestia.

It is often said that people will be dismissed. This can happen to a person of any age at any time. The key factor – a person must retain his competencies. People who work in 60-65 years are competitive in the labor market: they have experience, knowledge, skills. – Maxim Topilin

Russians began to take money in large numbers in microfinance organizations

Residents of the Russian Federation, whose income is up to 30-40 thousand rubles a month, are forced to take microcredits.

ROC claims to objects of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve

In total, the religious organizations of the Russian Orthodox Church claim to transfer to them about 12 objects that are part of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve. Earlier, the Federal Property Management Agency has already received applications from the Russian Orthodox Church for the transfer of objects of the Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius in Suzdal.

Italian authorities forbade rescuers to help refugees

The Italian government on Sunday banned rescue ships from providing assistance to the refugee ships, despite the distress signals, writes The Independent.

French tourist accidentally crossed the border of the United States and was sent to prison

French Sesella Roman accidentally crossed the border between the US and Canada while jogging, then landed in jail, reports The Independent. The girl confessed that she simply did not see the warning signs

Congressmen of the USA supported a hunger strike against the selection of children from migrants

Several members of the US Congress supported the hunger strike, protesting against the forcible selection of children from illegal migrants on the US border with Mexico.

Camps to accommodate migrants will be built on two US military bases

The Pentagon intends to build temporary camps to accommodate migrants at two US military bases. According to TASS, referring to the agency Reuters, a statement on the topic made the head of the US defense department, James Mattis during a working trip to Alaska.

Experts with lipovye theses

In the Ph.D. thesis, the head of the expert group Svetlana Nikonova, who checked the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka), found plagiarism. Sociologists from the Center for Institutional Analysis of Science and Education at the European University Katerina Guba and Mikhail Sokolov told about this Medusa.

The Dissernet community analyzed the work of Nikonova on the topic “Strategic management of corporate service enterprises: on the example of the Republic of Bashkortostan” and found that about a third of the pages of the dissertation contain incorrect borrowings.

As Guba and Sokolov told, Nikonova published articles in scientific journals that take money for publications and do not check the quality of the work.

Scientists called the main danger of public toilets

The greatest danger to human health in a public toilet is represented by any objects and surfaces to which people touch, as well as those where the spray falls when flushing the toilet, writes the scientific journal Conversation.

On the difficulties of life after “death”

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko told Facebook in his facebook about his life after the staging of his assassinations by Ukrainian secret services.

“I can not do anything right now, I can not go out, I can not meet with anyone I want, I can not go where I want, I can not do anything. <…> Every outlet to the city is a special operation,” wrote Babchenko .

According to the journalist, he does not go out into the street even to the store, and the food is brought to his house. He also said that his family left Russia, now they are all “sitting in a bunker and hiding from hired assassins.”

“I have no idea what’s next, where I’ll live next, how I’ll live further, how my child will live, what school he will go to … <…> Nothing has ended, you see? Nothing has ended yet,” wrote he.

Babchenko also noted that after the situation with the assassination of his life “once again broken completely.”

The Ministry of Defense will pay travel expenses for the entrants

The Ministry of Defense will return free travel for the entrants of military schools to the place of passing the exams and back. Similar privileges existed until 2012, however, because of the high cost of travel, competitions in a number of military schools fell.

Penalties for violation of traffic rules are proposed to be written off automatically

As Izvestia reports, bailiffs will be allowed to levy fines of up to 3,000 rubles for violation of traffic rules without instituting enforcement proceedings

Heating and hot water in Vladivostok again increased

The tariff for hot water for houses with TSC in accordance with the Resolution of the Department for Tariffs of the Primorsky Territory Administration No. 73/8 of December 20, 2017 will be in Vladivostok 158,99 rubles per cubic meter, including VAT.

Innovators in the Rows: The Cross Overlanding of Farmland

The circumnavigation was performed by archpriest Ioann Lapko, dean of the Dean church district, archpriest John Lapko, rector of the Church of the Annunciation of the Mother of God of the village of Agronomus, priest Dmitry Gorbatenko and rector of the Ascension Church of the village of Plastunovskaya Priest Pavel Maksimets, the press service of the Ascension Church informs.


In Khakassia, the first regional operator for waste management

The introduction of the institute of regional operators is aimed at solving two major problems. The first is the elimination of illegal landfills, the second is the organization of garbage disposal from remote locations.

Emergency mode introduced in the forests of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory introduced the regime of emergency. This was done to prevent fires in the forests of the region. This was reported by IA “West 24”.

Cancer lake has become a “folk”

When that deep-sea lake, with thickets of water lilies, with clear water, in which a large fish was visible, at the beginning of zero it began to grow thin, to be drawn in by ooze, near the shore there appeared garbage from dried reeds and rubbish that brought flood and rains.

As it turned out, the main cause of the withering of the lake was a parched river. After investigating the terrain, the Danilovites discovered an unauthorized dam that changed the riverbed. By the will of unkind people, she began to fall … into the kitchen gardens.

Local residents were organized into an initiative group, and began to raise people to save the whole world with a lake. There the water was already in the middle only by the ankle.

People almost waist deep in the liquid scraped to the surface remnants of reeds, algae, grass, cut down already grown trees, uprooted roots. Constantly came across logs, which also had to be pulled out.

Today local residents are absolutely sure that their “people’s” lake will please more than one generation of local residents, becoming a real landmark of the area.

The reason for the heavy flooding was a dump

On the afternoon of June 19, a heavy rainstorm in Nizhny Novgorod flooded the streets. According to experts, for 15 minutes in the city almost monthly rainfall fell. As a result of the natural disaster, motorists suffered.

Ecological expedition from Tatarstan to Altai will start on July 1

For 21 days, the project participants will visit hundreds of settlements from Tatarstan to Altai, 89 specially protected natural areas of Russia, as well as national parks, private eco-farms, natural museums and reserves.

In Smolensk in the Readovsky park cleared the “path of health”

The front of the works included the cleaning of fallen trees along the “health path” and debris in recreation areas.

Pink water in one of the ponds of the Voronezh region began to change color

The local “attraction” disappears. Pink water in the pond near the sugar plant in the village of Gribanovsky began to change color – it becomes more dim but dark. It is still difficult to describe its shade more accurately, the “Vesti-Voronezh” correspondent was told in the local administration

The forests of southern Transbaikalia began to die because of the bred caterpillars

The negative impact of pests on coniferous forests of southern Transbaikalia and northern Mongolia has increased dramatically over the past 2-3 years, reported June 19 on the site of the Sohondinsky Reserve


The Syrian army freed from the IG part of the desert on the border with Iraq

Government forces of Syria cleared from the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia) part of the desert area of almost 2 thousand square meters. km west of Al-Bukemal on the border with Iraq. This was reported by the Syrian military.

Crews of two Ka-52 helicopters returned from Syria to Russia

Two Ka-52 helicopters and their crews returned to Russia after completing combat missions in Syria. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. It is noted that the helicopters were delivered to a military airfield on the territory of Russia by a military transport aircraft.

US Secretary of Defense will hold talks with the leadership of China

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis will pay a visit to China on June 26-28 and hold talks with the military and political leadership of the PRC. This was reported by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC.

Saudi Air Defense intercepted two missiles from Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s air defense system shot down two ballistic missiles fired from Yemen by Husit rebels in the sky over Riyadh.

SBU exposed the enterprise that supplies rockets to Russia for missiles

The Security Service of Ukraine was informed about the exposure of a private enterprise in the Kirovograd region, which was engaged in deliveries to Russia of a special chemical used to produce weapons, including Buk and Pantsir-C1.

The main problem of the US Navy submarines

According to the media, the potential of the USS Virginia submarine modernization is completely exhausted. US experts said the USS Virginia submarines can not be further upgraded, the National Interest reports.

The world lives according to the laws of the jungle

According to Assad, the United States “constantly lie and immediately attack.” “When there is no respect for international norms, when there are no effective institutions of the United Nations, you can not talk about preventing provocations, the world lives according to the laws of the jungle,” the Syrian leader added.

The train with weapons arrived in Donbass

Kiev threw into the zone of the so-called “operation of the joint forces” (“OOS”) tanks and cannon howitzer, banned by the Minsk Accords. This was reported by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko.

Israel released a Patriot missile in Syria

The Israeli military fired an anti-aircraft missile as the unmanned aerial vehicle approached the border from Syria, the army’s press service said. At the same time, the Israelis do not specify the type of drones, its identity and purpose, RIA Novosti reports.

The first group of Canadian peacekeepers arrived at the UN base in Mali

A group of at least ten “blue helmets” from Canada arrived at the UN base in Mali on Sunday, reports Presse Canadienne. As the newspaper writes, the peacekeepers arrived in the city of Gao in the north of the country.

China fired strategic missile cruise missiles DF-10A

The missile forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China conducted test firing of strategic ground-launched cruise missiles DF-10A last weekend. This was announced on Monday by the information portal Sina.


In China, a man on a forklift truck drove into a crowd of people

The incident occurred at 7.20 in Yantai City. A man on a forklift truck forged a crowd of people near one of the end stations of public transport in the Zhifu district. As a result, one person died from the injuries on the spot, more than 10 injured

In Barnaul, the water supply disrupted due to the hurricane was restored

In Barnaul, the city’s water supply was restored, which was broken as a result of the hurricane on June 23. This information is provided by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory. “On June 25, at 5 am, the accident was eliminated, the cold water supply to the population of the regional capital was resumed,” the ministry said.

A car with Irish numbers exploded in the center of Odessa

Explosives were laid under a parked car with Irish numbers. As a result of the incident, the head of the security firm Andrei Babenko was injured. At the time of the explosion, he, along with his family and members of the guards, went into the house next to which was a car bomb.

Police detained 30 people after the explosion in the capital of Ethiopia

Police in Ethiopia detained 30 people after the explosion in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. This is written by Borkena with reference to local authorities. According to the publication, in particular, law enforcement agencies of the country detained the suspects in creating “security gaps”.

In Nigeria, during the attack of shepherds-nomads killed 86 people

In Nigeria, as a result of the attack of shepherds-nomads, 86 people died in agricultural communities. This is reported by the Associated Press with reference to local authorities. According to the agency, in the state of the Plate, shepherds-nomads attacked farmers because of the struggle for land and resources.

In Guatemala, found the remains of eight people in the volcanic eruption area

The bodies of eight people were found on Sunday in the area of the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, the national police of the country reported.

California residents are evacuated because of forest fires

The area of uncontrolled fire is 6.5 square meters. km. In the area of Spring Valley evacuated all the houses in which about 3 thousand people live.

The fire at the Tambov military training ground extinguished several calculations

As reported by the portal “Pro Tambov”, referring to a source in the operational services of the region, the forest litter on the area of 15 hectares caught fire. Several firefighters worked on the site, including from Tambov. Photo: About Tambov According to eyewitnesses, the fire occurred around 16:00.

More than 100 hectares of forest burns in hard-to-reach terrain in Transbaikalia

The outbreak was caused by a thunderstorm and is in the space surveillance zone, the report said. This forest fire does not extinguish, as it does not threaten the settlements and economic objects, and the predicted costs for its suppression exceed the predicted harm that can be caused.

Divers cleared 350 munitions in the port of Vladivostok

According to Voskresensky, we are talking about 350 shells and mines, which, probably, were lost during the Great Patriotic War. The ammunition was found at the bottom of Golden Horn Bay during the annual inspection of parking places in the port.

A tourist-pensioner disappeared in the Khabarovsk Territory

The Mi-8 helicopter with the group of the Far Eastern Regional Search and Rescue Detachment (DIRPSO) EMERCOM of Russia flew in search of a tourist who disappeared in a remote mountainous region in the south of the Khabarovsk Territory. This was reported on Monday by the press service of the Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Coast Guard of Libya has saved more than 450 drowned migrants

More than 450 migrants were rescued from the western coast of Libya, Xinhua News Agency reported.


The former wife of Sylvester Stallone gave birth to the fifth child in 54 years

The former wife of Sylvester Stallone, actress Brigitte Nielsen, gave birth to a child. This event surprised many, because the actress, known for such films as “Rocky-4” and “Red Sonja”, for 54 years. As it turned out, a girl weighing two and a half kilograms appeared and was named Frida.

Fans discuss the deep decollete Pugacheva

The picture attracted the attention of the users of the Network because of the deep decollete of the native singer. In the photo, Alla is seated on vacation by the sea. The singer is dressed in a light-colored blouse with slightly lowered shoulders

Johnny Depp told why he was on the verge of bankruptcy

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Depp noted that he managed to earn $ 650 million in his career, and The Management Group (TMG), which dealt with his financial affairs since 1999, began using his money for his own purposes.

Kristina Orbakaite confessed that she was a victim of violence

Kristina Orbakaite became the heroine of the program “Honest Word”. Then Nikolaev asked “was Christina subjected to violence?” And she answered without hesitation in the affirmative

Then Nikolaev asked if the artist had a desire to give up some experience in her life, and she answered that no – any experience is life, and behind the negative always something good comes along.

I know what aggression is. I wish you do not test it. I also wish you to be more tolerant. – Kristina Orbakaite, singer

Fans have discussed the parting of Timati and Anastasia Reshetova

Internet users suspected one of the most famous pairs of Russian show business Timati and Anastasia Reshetov in the breakdown of relations. They complained that lovers practically do not appear together at various events, and also do not publish joint photos on social networks.

Svetlana Loboda raised her fees twice after the birth of her child

Recall that Svetlana delighted everyone by appearing on the Muz-TV award two weeks after the birth of the child.

Participant “House-2” tried to kill because of exotic appearance

Recently, Kpadona opened up with subscribers and told that she plans to perform an operation to remove scars shortly. Then the girl shared that in her childhood they tried to kill her because of her exotic appearance. At that time Lieberge was about 9 years old

Stesha Malikova started working at the age of twelve

His first money heiress Dmitry Malikov earned on the shooting for one of the now popular companies that sells cosmetics. Together with Stesha, her father took part in the project, and also Edita Pyekha with her grandson.

Beginning singer from Sochi sued Alexander Revvu

Famous showman from Sochi Alexander Revvu accused of plagiarism his countryman. On the evening of June 24, NTV broadcasted news of accusations brought against Revvy. According to Ruslan Kagarmanov, the beginning musician from Sochi, it belongs to him the authorship of the new hit Revva – the song “Chika”.

Ivan Zhidkov commented on parting with Lilia Solovieva

Fans condemned the actor Ivan Zhidkov after he decided to end his relationship with Lilia Solovieva, who bore him a child last fall. The man commented on his act. The parting with Lilia Solovyova provoked by herself.

Sands and Navka rest in the Crimea

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, along with his wife, the famous Olympic champion and figure skater Tatiana Navka, went on vacation. For recreation, the couple chose the resorts of the Southern coast of Crimea

Emin Agalarov said that his son already wants publicity

Ali, for example, even sometimes asks me to post his video on social networks, “Agalarov said in an interview. Recall that Emin has two sons, 9-year-old Ali and Mikail from the ex-wife, as well as the adopted daughter of the ex-wife, 4-year-old Amina.

Ivan Urgant and Roma Beast sang a duet song “Summer”

The leader of the Russian group “Beasts” Roman Bilyk, better known as the Beast, recorded a song with the showman Ivan Urgant. The musician and presenter performed the song “Summer” in the program “Evening Urgant”. In the video, Ivan Urgant and rocker Roman Bilyk play the guitar.

Victoria Bonya at the match Belgium-Tunisia bragged breasts

Almost 40-year-old Bonya decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and during the match decided to take a photo session, taking off her red sweatshirt and remaining in a beige top and without a bra, she boasted right during the match between Belgium and Tunisia.

Blaster Han Solo sold at auction for $ 550 thousand

Blaster hero of the saga “Star Wars” Khan Solo, who participated in the filming of the picture, was auctioned in the US for $ 550,000, Reuters reported. The gun Mauser K96, modeled under the futuristic blaster DL-44, belonged to the hero of Harrison Ford in the sixth episode of the famous movie .

Pharaoh refuses to go on stage without Chupa Chups

The founder of one festival, in which rapper Pharaoh spoke, told one case. The main condition for the performer was giving him candy chupa-chups before the performance. Most likely, the artist adores these candies, because of their lack of willingness to cancel the event.

Rapper Face defiantly deceived the whole country

Rapper Face denied his words about leaving for service in the army. The musician said earlier that he was fundamentally changing his way of life and creativity. However, recently the rapper published an announcement of his new long tour, thereby questioning his words about the army.

The open-air cinema season will open “Life in pink”

Film screenings in the open air will be held once every two weeks at 21.30 in the courtyard of the “House of Cinema” at the address: ul. Kirov, 30.29 June viewers will see the film – a biography of the French singer and actress Edith Piaf “Life in pink” (director Olivier Daan).

Stars of the series “The Game of Thrones” played a wedding

The ceremony was held in the Scottish region of Aberdeenshire – in Leslie’s homeland. It was attended by fellow actor on the show Peter Dinklage, Macy Williams, Sophie Turner and Emilia Clark. Reception on the occasion of the wedding staged in the castle belonging to the father of the bride.


In Hawaii, the punishment for selfie with lava was toughened

Recently, it was decided to toughen the punishment for being in dangerous places in the Big Island: increase the term of imprisonment to one year, and fines – up to five thousand dollars.

On several beaches, Goa was banned from making selfies

On the beaches will be installed signs “self-banned”, graphically illustrating this prohibition. The badges will also contain Goa rescue phone numbers and a list of a number of other state bans. In early June, the monsoon season began in Goa, which will last until the end of September.

At the resort “Arkhyz” will open a summer youth camp

In the all-season resort “Arkhyz” in Karachaevo-Cherkessia this year they organize a summer camp for students. The program will include sports and English language courses.

New hotel opened in Arkhangelsk

The hotel in modern European Nordic style is organically inscribed in the northern natural landscape and is surrounded by a river on three sides. The new object of tourist infrastructure significantly expands the possibilities of the regional center for accommodating guests of the upcoming Arctic Forum in 2019.


The Bank of Russia will complicate the banks lending related borrowers

Along with lending to related parties, excessive concentration on a group of interrelated borrowers is one of the main reasons for the financial insolvency of banks, said Semen Isakov

Egypt wants to abandon LNG imports before the end of the year

Egypt intends to completely abandon the import of liquefied natural gas. This is reported by Bloomberg referring to the statement of the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources of the country Tariq al-Mulla. According to him, the country intends to switch to self-sufficiency in the fourth quarter of this year.

“We do not know what caused this”: gas prices rise in Novosibirsk

In the company Gazprom mezhregiongaz Novosibirsk “announced the increase in gas prices – in accordance with the resolution of the Novosibirsk region’s tariffs department, its cost will rise from July 1. The order of the Tariffs Department was signed on June 20.

The authorities could not force the fuel to fall in price

The government has not succeeded in finally defeating the rise in gasoline prices. The Federal Antimonopoly Service recently announced that prices began to decline, but statistics show that this decline was either extremely minor, or it was not at all. Moreover, at some filling stations fuel was even more expensive

Lithuanian industrialists rebelled against the LNG terminal

The management of the fertilizer plant Achema flatly refused to sign a contract for the supply of liquefied natural gas from Klaipeda. One of the largest industrial enterprises of Lithuania is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the compulsion to purchase the products of the Klaipeda LNG terminal Independence.

In Yamal, they plan to start developing new Arctic deposits

In 2018, in the Arctic region, Russia plans to put into development Tagulskoye, Kynskoye and Chaselskoe deposits. In the near future, they plan to start commercial oil production at the Lodochny, Russkoye and West Messoyakhskoye fields.

Kyrgyzstan wants to stop oil exports

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy proposes to ban the export of oil for six months. The draft of the relevant government resolution is submitted for public discussion. The Ministry of Economy recalls that most of the fuel and lubricants in the republic are imported

The cost of motor fuel in Kolyma

Today, the price of a liter of diesel fuel in some areas of Kolyma reaches 70 rubles. Parliamentarians of the Magadan region believe that a further increase in the tariff for motor fuel will have a negative impact on the revenues of the regional and municipal budgets. So, the implementation of social programs, improvement, etc. will be in question.

Russian ministries lose their first accounting functions for the first time

The authority of the Treasury will be transferred to the maintenance of budgetary accounting and the formation of budgetary reporting in ministries, the calculation and payment of labor, as well as other payments and related mandatory payments to the budget.

A new gold recovery factory was commissioned in Kamchatka

In Kamchatka took place. launch of the first stage of the gold recovery plant of the Ozernovskoye Mining and Metallurgical Combine. Until the end of the year, it is planned to produce up to a ton of gold at one of the largest deposits in the Kamchatka Krai, the KAMCHATKA-INFORM agency was told in the regional government.

The Bahamas is implementing a digital currency

Arriving in the government a little over a year ago, the deputy prime minister said that he wanted the country to use blocking technology to be more effective and eradicate corruption in the state system.

China lowered the renminbi to the dollar

The People’s Bank of China lowered the renminbi rate to the US dollar by 89 basis points to the level of 6.4893, which became the new minimum since January 12, 2018. The Chinese regulator continues to weaken the RMB exchange rate for the fourth consecutive day, Tass reports.

Promsvyazbank plans to redeem Eurobonds for almost $ 110 million

Top management of Promsvyazbank decided to redeem bonds denominated in foreign currency with a maturity date in October 2019. This is a bond package for almost $ 110 million, the press center of the credit institution said at the end of this week.

China optimizes trade balance

The Ministry of Commerce of the PRC published data on the state of the country’s trade balance for January-May 2018, Xinhua reports.

Attention is drawn to a significant – by 26.8% in annual terms or $ 99.67 billion – a surplus reduction, with a simultaneous change in the structure of exports, in which electronics and machine building products are developing at a faster pace, while the share of labor-intensive industries is shrinking. In turn, imports are dominated by energy resources, high-tech products and integrated circuits.

According to the information provided by the ministry, the volume of Chinese exports in the specified terms exceeded 957 billion dollars, and imports – almost reached 857.5 billion.


In Russia they will create an uninhabited submarine-robot

Russian scientists are developing an unmanned underwater vehicle with a long duration of work. This was told by Igor Denisov, deputy director of the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI).

The Foundation for Advanced Studies has deployed works on the creation of a demonstrator of a superautonomous uninhabited underwater vehicle. We plan to create an apparatus that, without ascent and without using nuclear power, will pass by the Northern Sea Route, including under the ice. – Igor Denisov, Russian footballer

Scientists have developed the smallest computer in the world

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the world’s smallest computer was created with a size of 0.03 millimeters, which is less, for example, of rice grain. In nano-gadget built a super-power chip, through which the device will be able to analyze and transfer information.

Scientists: Luminous microlasers will help to investigate brain diseases

Accidental discovery will make a serious breakthrough in the diagnosis of dangerous diseases, help control the work of neurons, and also quickly detect chemical changes in the patients’ body.

Scientists have invented a material hiding a person from a thermal imager

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin invented a material for thermal camouflage, capable of hiding a person from a thermal imager. A new technology of scientists was described by the research publication Advanced Engineering Materials.

Spinal cord of aquarium fish cured stem cells

Stem cell therapy helped regenerate neurons in damaged areas of the spinal cord and again begin to move the zebrafish aquarium fish.

Scientists in the US have grown a mini-brain Neanderthal

American scientists managed to grow a miniature brain of the Neanderthal man, who later became known as the Neanderthoid. The results of a study of specialists from the School of Medicine of the University of California at San Diego were presented at the Imagination and Human Evolution conference.

Neuronet from Facebook on the audio track shows the musician’s game

Facebook has unveiled a neural network at the CVPR-2018 conference that can show the musician’s actions on the audio track, the press service of the company informs. In the current version, music played on the violin or piano is fed to the entrance, and the skeleton’s image begins to repeat movements, as if playing an instrument, following the audio track.

Herpes virus can provoke Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have found a link between the herpes virus and Alzheimer’s disease, during the study of the brain of patients with the initial stage of this ailment. According to the latest research, in the brain of 30% of patients, two types of herpes belonging to the sixth and seventh generations – HHV6A and HHV7 – were identified.

Scientists have found a way to combat the most dangerous cancer

Scientists from the United States of America noted that calcium, which is in excess in aggressive tumors, stimulates the secretion of exosomes from cells of an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Scientists have printed on gelatin microelectrode sensors

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich successfully printed the logic of microelectrode sensors, using food gelatin. In the human body, the developed shape of the microcircuits will fall into the form of candy, for example, it is proposed to use a form of sweets in the form of Haribo cubs

Scientists have created able to take blood and conduct its analysis of the robot

Scientists at Rutgers University have designed a robot that can draw blood from a patient’s veins and analyze it. The commissioning of such a process as the collection of blood, machines speeds it up at times, and how not strangely cheapens.

A dose of coffee useful for the heart

The ingestion of certain substances contained in coffee beans can improve the functions of mitochondria and strengthen the cells of the heart.

Experts have established that this effect can be achieved by consuming 4 cups of coffee per day. Caffeine helps endothelial cells that participate in the formation of blood and lymphatic vessels.

On a single standard of time

Operators of global navigation satellite systems are considering the possibility of moving to a single standard of time, said the Scientific Research Institute of Physical, Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements.

As specified in the research institute, we are talking about such operators as US GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo and Chinese BeiDou. Currently, all listed navigation systems have their own standard of time.

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