24 Dec, 2017

The price of freedom for the Saudi prince

Saudi Prince Al-Valid Bin Talal, one of hundreds of detainees in Riyadh on charges of corruption, can pay about $ 6 billion for his freedom, the Wall Street Journal says. Before paying the ransom, Al-Walid is the richest billionaire of the country, his fortune is estimated at about 18 billion dollars, notes Bloomberg.

WSJ claims that Al-Walid is imprisoned in a hotel and watches his companions in misfortune one by one part with part of their wealth in exchange for release. For him, the price can be astronomical. The American newspaper points out that these $ 6 billion, apparently, is one of the largest sums required by the Saudi authorities.

Sources WSJ assure that Al-Valid Bin Talal while refuses to pay money. He emphasizes that this step will in fact become an official recognition of the blame for corruption, which he denies. And it will also deal a great blow to his business.

Russian and world news digest


North Korea “rejected” new UN sanctions as “an act of war”

The new UN sanctions approved by the Security Council on December 22 are “an act of war” and are tantamount to a complete economic blockade of the DPRK, the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, threatening to “punish” those countries that supported these measures.

“United Russia” supported the self-promotion of Vladimir Putin

“United Russia” welcomes the self-nomination of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections in 2018, said at the party’s congress its chairman and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, the members of the party will do “everything possible” for the victory of Mr. Putin.

This year, the party turned 16 years old. And all these years she had one undisputed leader. The leader who unites the people living in our country. Unites Russia. The one who is trusted and supported by the absolute majority of citizens of our country – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

Turkey does not have a place in the European Union, said the Chancellor of Austria

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said that Turkey can not become a member of the European Union against the backdrop of the policy pursued by Ankara in recent years.

I will not accept that the EU is watching and pretending that nothing is happening. From my point of view, Turkey, especially in the light of the policies of recent years, has no place in the EU. It would be fair to stop negotiations on its accession. – Sebastian Kurtz, Austrian politician

In Venezuela, they decided to expel the Chargé d’Affaires of Canada

The Chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela, Delsi Rodriguez, stated that the Ambassador of Brazil in Caracas, Rui Pereira and the Chargé d’Affaires of Canada, Craib Kovalik, was declared persona non grata.

The delegation of the State Duma headed by Volodin began a visit to Pakistan

The Russian delegation included representatives of all Duma factions, heads of a number of relevant committees. In addition to the speaker of the State Duma, the heads of the parliaments of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, representatives of China will take part in the conference that will begin its work on December 24.

Putin discussed with Erdogan the situation around the status of Jerusalem

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The State Duma finished the autumn session

The State Duma on Friday, sounded the national anthem, completed its autumn session – the third for the seventh deputy convocation. Its results were summed up by the speaker of the lower house, Vyacheslav Volodin.

The plan for implementing the legislative message included 97 laws, of which in 2017 we were to accept 74, in 2018 – 23 laws. In this regard, I want to note that all 74 laws that were scheduled for 2017 have been adopted. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The dates of the congress in Syria on Syria

As reported BakuToday, earlier Russia came up with the initiative to hold the Syrian national congress in Sochi. Moscow emphasizes that the Congress will not compete with the Geneva talks, but rather should promote them.

Decisions so far no no by dates. In this case, no one wants to somehow subject the Congress to holding a new year, the main thing here is readiness. Artificial acceleration no one is trying to give this process. While there are no any. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Moscow Mayor’s Office did not receive applications from Yashin to postpone the action on December 24

The Moscow City Hall received no applications or notifications about the postponement of the action of the head of the council of deputies of Krasnoselsky district Ilya Yashin to Sakharov Avenue, RIA Novosti head of the Moscow regional department of regional security Vladimir Chernikov said.

The UN does not approve restrictions against RT and Sputnik in the US

The use of the American law on foreign agents against the RT television channel and Sputnik agency undermines the credibility of the foreign press as a whole. This was stated by the special rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression David Kay


NATO Secretary General: Alliance forces have lost the skills of fighting at sea

The North Atlantic Alliance has lost the necessary skills of fighting at sea. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this in an interview with German and American media, RIA Novosti reported. Stoltenberg noted that the Russian Federation has invested heavily in its fleet, especially in submarines.

After the end of the Cold War, the North Atlantic bloc reduced its capabilities at sea, especially the ability to fight submarines. We less trained and lost our skills. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

ДНР and ЛНР reported violations of the ceasefire from Kiev

This is a violation of the New Year-Christmas truce, the operational command of the People’s Democratic Republic and the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland reported. This became known from the message of the “Donetsk news agency.” The publication indicates an increase in the “fire impact” along the border of the region.

Observers from Myanmar invited to teach in the US and Thailand

“Thailand invited Myanmar as an observer to that part of the exercise, which is related to the provision of assistance in the event of disasters,” – quotes RIA Novosti news agency Pentagon spokesman.

December 11 may make Victory Day in Syria

Deputies of the LDPR faction submitted to the State Duma a bill on a new day of military glory on December 11. As they say in the explanatory note to the document, which is placed in the Duma electronic database, it can be called “The day of the victory of the Russian army in the fight against world terror in the Middle East.”

Putin thanked the entire composition of the Russian Armed Forces for the successful operation in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the entire staff of the Russian Armed Forces for the successful operation in Syria. He said this during an expanded meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Defense.

Our soldiers and officers acted bravely, professionally and effectively, showed the qualitatively increased modern capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and made, without any doubts and exaggerations, a decisive contribution to the defeat of the most efficient group of international terrorists. – Vladimir Putin

US: Space interceptors can not stop Russian missiles

According to the resource of the research center defense360.csis.org, the interceptor can successfully neutralize the missile only during the phase of its acceleration, which is approximately 120-170 seconds, depending on the type of missiles.

Putin called aggressive new US defense strategy

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the new US defense strategy is offensive and aggressive. The head of state, Vladimir Putin, called Washington’s aggressive new defense strategy aggressive.

May called the victory over the IG in Syria and Iraq a merit of the British military

As the publication Mirror writes, the politician declared a complete victory over the “Islamic state” (the grouping is banned in the Russian Federation) on Syrian and Iraqi soil. She also said that it is the merit of the British military.

The characteristics of the new Russian X-50 missile are revealed

Production of the X-50 is planned to be deployed within the framework of the new Russian state arms program, which President Vladimir Putin is expected to sign in the near future. The product is a subsonic cruise missile using the X-101 strategic missile guidance system

Damascus demanded the withdrawal of US troops and Turkey from Syria

Damascus demands the immediate withdrawal of troops from the US and Turkey from Syria. This was stated on Friday by the head of the Syrian government delegation at the talks in Astana, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bashar Jaafari. “We demand the immediate withdrawal of these troops from Syria without any conditions,” he stressed.

APU shelled Donetsk from the multiple-launch rocket systems Grad

The Ukrainian army fired December 22 on the outskirts of Donetsk from multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) “Grad”, said in command of the Armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), Donetsk News Agency reported.


Putin will allocate an additional 4.5 billion rubles to the Crimea for roads

The Republic of Crimea next year will additionally receive 4.5 billion rubles from the presidential fund for roads. This is today on the air “Crimea 24” said Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Vitaly Nahlupin

Bundesbank has excluded the legalization of the Crypto-currency in the Eurozone

Member of the Board of Directors of the Bundesbank Karl Ludwig Thiele said that the legalization of crypto-currency in the Eurozone is excluded, and investments in them threaten “quick losses”

Lukashenka legalized in Minsk mining and operations with crypto-currencies

As noted by Sputnik Belarus, the decree officially allows the circulation of digital currencies and tokens. The document also allows residents of the Belarusian High-Tech Park to engage in crypto-currency mining.

Belarus is actually the first state in the world, which opens up wide opportunities for the use of blockade technology. We have every chance to become a regional competence center in this field. – Alexander Lukashenko

Concern “Gazprom” will start exploration of gas in Omsk region

The governor of the Omsk region, Alexander Burkov, met this week with the head of the Russian concern Gazprom Alexei Miller. During the joint meeting, officials in detail discussed the issue of organizing and conducting geological exploration activities at the Tevriz gas condensate field

“Naftogaz” confirmed the debt to Gazprom

Naftogaz of Ukraine confirmed the debt to Gazprom, but they can not name the exact amount yet. On December 22, the Stockholm Arbitration ordered the Ukrainian side to pay the Russian company more than $ 2 billion for the gas supplied.

Medvedev approved a plan to abandon the shared housing construction

As previously reported, earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, together with the Central Bank and AHML, to approve a “road map” for a phased transition over three years from shared construction to project financing.

The Central Bank approved changes to the plan for the rehabilitation of Promsvyazbank

The Central Bank notes that, in accordance with the legislation, approval of changes to the plan is the basis for termination of the bank’s obligations under subordinated loans, deposits, loans and bonded loans, liabilities to management employees and entities controlling Promsvyazbank.

The Ministry of Finance will give priority to investors from the Russian Federation when issuing Eurobonds

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Ministry of Finance will give priority to Russian investors when placing Eurobonds in 2018.

When the book of applications will be formed, we will look at priorities. Of course, for us it is important that the book is filled with foreign, highly qualified investors. But in this case, we will give priority to our domestic investors. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

The Central Bank reduces the limit of operations in foreign currencies

The stable situation inside the country and in the domestic foreign exchange market allowed the regulator to take new measures. So, from January 1, 2018, the overall limit for refinancing operations of loans and REPO transactions that have been made in foreign currencies will be reduced

Mikhail Zadornov was elected Chairman of the Board of the Bank Otkritie

The Supervisory Board of FC Otkrytie has elected a new board of directors, the bank said. The ex-president of VTB24 Mikhail Zadornov was elected the chairman. He will take office from January 1, 2018, according to the website of the “Discovery”.

Siluanov urged not to increase tax burden on business

The RF Ministry of Finance is looking for a balance of the tax system without increasing the burden on business, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. “We are really considering now the issue of improving the structure of the tax system, it is the balance between direct and indirect taxes,” the minister said, speaking at the congress of United Russia.

In Ufa, once again, gasoline and diesel fuel have risen in price

At Bashneft’s petrol stations, a liter of 92nd costs 37 rubles, 95th costs 40 rubles, and a diesel costs 40 rubles 40 kopecks.

Japan in 2017 imports from the US a record volume of LPG

The import of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to Japan from the US will double in 2017, reaching a record level, reports Reuters


Catholic and Protestant communities are preparing to meet Christmas

On the evening of December 24, Christmas Eve for a million Russian followers of the Catholic Church and the community of Protestant denominations comes Christmas Eve – the eve of the parish in the world of Jesus Christ.

FAS was interested in the rise in prices for a taxi before the New Year

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation may conduct an audit in connection with reports in social networks about the overestimation of prices for taxi-aggregator services on the eve of the New Year holidays, FAS deputy head Andrei Tsarikovsky told reporters. “In this case it is a question of FAS

Pushkov called the Danes “the first by their fanaticism”

The petition of the zoos in Denmark to bring domestic animals to predators in institutions indicates the fact that this country in terms of public morality has surpassed all in “savagery” – this opinion was expressed by the head of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy Alexei Pushkov.

The first on the fanaticism: then the giraffe will be publicly dismembered and the lions fed, then the pets will be fed to the lions. Something is wrong in the Danish state. – Alexei Pushkov, Russian public figure

Yunarmeytsy collected eight tons of gifts for the New Year for children in Syria

The Yunarmeytsy collected eight tons of gifts, including clothes, shoes, stationery and toys, for the New Year for children in Syria as part of the action “Children of Russia for Syria’s Children,” reports DIMK of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Matkapital can be the first installment on a preferential mortgage

Maternity capital can be used as a first installment on a preferential mortgage with a 6 percent rate, which will begin to operate in Russia from next year. Tass was informed by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin.

Topilin called for 6-7 years to reduce the level of poverty in the country to 7-8%

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the congress of United Russia on Saturday, said that Russia, based on economic growth, should target poverty, as was the case with inflation. He said the need to reduce poverty in Russia, the scale of which is humiliating.

Salaries continue to increase … In addition, there will still be introduced benefits for demographic needs criteria. – Maxim Topilin

The court partially lifted the Trump ban on the entry of refugees

The American court on Saturday partially abolished the decree of US President Donald Trump, which prohibits the entry of refugees from countries with a predominantly Muslim population into the country.

Golikova: in Russia, over 20 million people live below the poverty line

Head of the Accounts Chamber Tatyana Golikova stated that 20.3 million people live below the poverty line in Russia. This is reported on the website of the Accounts Chamber.
But still 1.4% is a fairly high figure. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

Indexing of pensions will continue in Russia in 2018

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that in 2018, Russia will continue indexing pensions and helping disabled people, large families and veterans.

Volodin: The State Duma for the year saved about 500 million rubles

Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that the lower house saved about 500 million rubles during the year.

At us on many items of expenses on results of year economy. We can more accurately say this at the beginning of next year, when we will sum up. But this saving will be about 500 million. And one of the articles on which we have substantial savings is the saving on the labor remuneration fund. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The ROC commented on the installation of a monument to Patriarch Kirill in Moscow

Monument to Patriarch Kirill, who will be installed in Moscow among the sculptures of other priests of the Russian Orthodox Church, is not called upon to single out his personality and is in a general historical context, Patriarchal Press Secretary Alexander Volkov told RIA Novosti.

Patriarchs are figures out of time. Each of them took its historical place. And the acting patriarch is a figure already written on the tablets of history. History is not measured by the length of a person’s life. – Leonid Kalinin, Russian clergyman

The government decided to close the unpopular websites of ministries and departments

“In case of receipt of any instructions from the government, the ministry is always aimed at their implementation, including on the modernization of information resources,” the ministry said.

The hunger asked to report problems with the execution of the May decrees

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets called on employers and trade unions representing the interests of employees to report all problems with the execution of the May presidential decrees.


Ingushetia will promote a new brand of the most eco-friendly region for tourism

In Nazran, due to extra-budgetary sources, an aquapark and a hotel and restaurant complex “Nyasare” are being built, and their opening is planned for 2018. As Khamkhoev shared, experts from the ministry recently visited the region to determine anchor points for the development of tourism in the republic.

The tourist who climbed the pyramid of Cheops, was forbidden to travel to Egypt

The Egyptian authorities decided on the life-time ban of Andrei Chyselsky in Egypt, arguing that Andrew climbed the 140-meter pyramid of Cheops Andrew violated their law. Andrew himself does not deny his guilt, but on the contrary he is even pleased with himself

Authorities in Chechnya reported an increase in the number of tourists

Since the beginning of the year, more than 90,000 tourists visited Chechnya, which is 20 percent higher than in the same period in 2016. On New Year’s holidays, Chechnya can visit more than 8 thousand tourists, said in the committee on tourism of the government of the republic.

Emirates Airlines arranged a hotel in the sky

The upgraded Boeing 777 with the updated first class turned into a Hotel in the Sky. Business class tourists will be provided with a comfortable “private room” with a luxury service. In the “rooms” is available climate control, special ergonomic chairs with the effect of weightlessness, a multimedia entertainment system with Full HD-display, as well as noise-canceling headphones and ordering food, which will be delivered through a special window.

Also, business-class tourists were promised a free transfer to the plane at the point of departure, as well as to any place at the point of arrival on Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars.

A single infrastructure will connect the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana by 2019

A single infrastructure by 2019 will link all four ski resorts in Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. This was said on Friday at the opening of the fourth in Krasnaya Polyana ski resort “Alpika Service” Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Vasily Shvets.

The authorities of Zheleznovodsk have calculated the future profit from the resort fee

The introduction of the resort fee will replenish the treasury of Stavropol Zheleznovodsk in 2018 by 30 million rubles, which will be used to develop the resort infrastructure, – said the head of the city Evgeny Moiseev

In Finland, tourists are interested in silence

“Many tourists dream of being given the opportunity to remain in silence, especially the inhabitants of large Asian cities that may never have breathed fresh air and heard birds singing,” says researcher of the sound landscape and musicology teacher at the University of Eastern Finland Noor Wickman (Noora Vikman)

Do you think that it’s too boring and usually? And tourists think otherwise.

“This is exotic! – the foreign tourist considers. “What peace!”

Hard Rock is preparing to open a casino resort in the Maldives

The operator intends to participate in the first integrated casino resort in the Maldives, together with the Thai company Singha Estate, a subsidiary of the famous Asian brewery Boon Rawd Brewery, which rented the lagoon Emboodhoo Falhu

For tourists in the Leningrad region have developed a route on the Road of Life

Within the framework of the project “Lighthouses of the Leningrad Region”, tourists can choose four routes: “The Road of Life”, “East”, “North” and “West”. The project for tourists in the Leningrad Region is designed to illuminate unique architectural and navigational structures.


NTV intends to launch a new channel “Hit” in 2018

NTV television company plans to launch a new thematic channel “NTV-Hit” until the spring of 2018. A source in the television company told RBC. According to him, the content of the TV channel will partly consist of programs and series that are part of the NTV library, but “there will be new projects.”

Sergey Shnurov sang a foul song about the New Year

The leader of the group “Leningrad” and TV presenter Sergei Shnurov laid out in his Instagram new video, which sings a motherly song about the New Year.

Kristina Orbakaite congratulated Galkin and Pugacheva on the anniversary of the wedding

Singer Christina Orbakaite congratulated her mother, the prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, and her husband, the presenter Maxim Galkin, on the anniversary of the wedding. December 23 marked exactly 6 years from now, as VladTime reports.

Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya said that Pugacheva sang her songs badly

Singer Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya, known for the songs that sounded in Soviet films, criticized the vocal data of Alla Pugacheva

Soloist Muse Matthew Bellamy made an offer to his girlfriend

The soloist of the British rock band Muse Matthew Bellamy made an offer to his lover – the El Evans model

Star of the TV series “Kitchen” first became a father

Happy parents decided to call the baby Taisia. Actor Nikita Tarasov, the star of the TV series “Kitchen”, who played the role of confectioner Louis in the popular sitcom, on December 3 he celebrated his 38th birthday.

Larisa Guzeeva presented to the public a potential son-in-law

Judging by social networks, a young man named Sergey lives on two cities – this is Moscow and London. How long he meets his daughter Guzeeva Lelei, it is not known, however, judging from the fact that the potential mother-in-law decided to show her daughter’s boyfriend all over the country, everything is pretty serious.

Ksenia Sobchak presented a charming puppy for the song on the air of NTV

Ksenia Sobchak sang a song about the “breast of the first size” in came to the studio of “Central Television” and admitted that this work with a political overtones. Xenia Sobchak presented a puppy for a song on NTV and congratulated her on the upcoming New Year

Theresa May offered the woman to play James Bond

British Prime Minister Teresa Mei suggested that a woman play the role of British agent James Bond. She said that she was watching the new season of the sci-fi series “Doctor Who”, in which for the first time the main role was performed by a woman – actress Jody Whittaker.

Vadim Kazachenko does not intend to communicate with his son even after the DNA test

Last week it turned out that Olga Martynova had a son from Vadim Kazachenko. The singer himself paid for the test and said that if the DNA examination confirms his paternity, he is ready to take part in the life of his son, and also to help the child financially.

Participants of “Doma-2” got major parts in the film

Sergei Kucherov starred in the Russian film in the title role, but he does not yet know who will play. The participant of the reality show “Dom-2” became the winner of the second season of the “Actors School of Excellence” in the nomination “Best Male Role”.

Lady Gaga drove around the supermarket on a grocery cart

The popular singer Lady Gaga continues to shock fans with unusual antics. This time, the celebrity in a cool style rode on a grocery cart in a supermarket. The singer visited the store in an unusual outfit: a black fur coat, sunglasses and high-heeled shoes.

Rihanna, who was stubborn, surprised the admirers with lush breasts

At the concert of rapper Jay Z the singer appeared in an extremely bare black dress-mini.

Katya Lel has ordered a new song from Santa Claus

The famous performer Katya Lel creates working plans for 2018, in which to ask to help Santa Claus. From him, she wants to get a hit. On the air of the morning show Katya Lel joined the star flashmob and made a wish from Grandfather Frost.

The children of Maxim Galkin blinded the drunken snowman-traffic police

Children Maxim Galkin – twins Lisa and Harry – blinded the snowman, and explained to the pope that this snowman works in the traffic police, stopping other snowmen for violating the speed.

Dima Bilan will celebrate the anniversary

On December 24, the Russian singer Dima Bilan turns 36 years old. The jubilee of the artist celebrates from the beginning of December.

Dana Borisova had to undergo a new drug test

The incident was reported ex-participant of the project “House-2” Rustam Solntsev, who together Borisova took part in the shooting of the next release of the show “In fact.” To prove that she was healed of addiction, Dana agreed to conduct the analysis right in the studio of Dmitry Shepelev

In a new photo shoot, Nastya Kamensky looked like Kim Kardashian

For the shooting, singer Nastya Kamensky tried on an unusual image for herself, which made her a copy of the popular Kim Kardashian. The photo session was intended for the Ukrainian edition, and one of the pictures the actress shared on her page in Instagram. On it, she was in a black robes and placed on the piano.


Ringo Starra will be knighted

It is specified that the Beatles drummer will receive the title of knight 20 years after this award was received by Sir Paul McCartney. The last time Starr was invited to Buckingham Palace in 1965, when a member of the legendary collective was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

“Ruslan and Lyudmila”: the rehearsal of the musical was held at the full hall

The artists decided to turn the dress rehearsal into a pre-premiere show and sold tickets. Therefore, the performance took place at the full hall.

The singer from Voronezh won the show “The Great Opera”

On December 23, the fifth season of the TV project “The Great Opera” finished, in which Polina Shamayeva, a graduate of the Rostropovich College, took part.

Eifman Ballet Theater completes its first tour in Barcelona

The first performance of the theater, which the inhabitants of Barcelona saw, was his “visiting card” – the ballet “Anna Karenina”, staged in 2005 and has since been in many countries – from the USA to China, from Britain to Australia.

Chorus of Turkish will give a New Year concert in the Kremlin

The festive New Year concert “Chorus of Turkish” will be held on December 24 on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace (GCD). The decoration of the festival will be a female team of Mikhail Turetsky – SOPRANO

The Art Exhibition and the Union of Artists in Vladivostok will open a Christmas exhibition

In Vladivostok, a traditional Christmas exhibition opens. This year it became a joint project of the Union of Artists and the Museum of Modern Art “Artetazh”. The exposition will feature paintings and graphics, arts and crafts

“Arrhythmia” Khlebnikova won in the main category of the prize “White Elephant”

“Arrhythmia” director Boris Khlebnikov won in the category “Best Film” prize film critic and film press “White Elephant”. Laureates were announced on Thursday, December 21, at the Cinema House in Moscow. “Many thanks to the whole team, it was an incredible happiness,” Khlebnikov noted.

At the birthplace of Victor Astafiev, the festival “Originally from Oatmeal”

At the event, not only recalled the works and biography of a famous Siberian writer, but also the forgotten Russian folk traditions

In Veliky Novgorod there will be a concert of “Symphonic Cinema”

Within the framework of the festival “KINOPROBY” in the regional center a concert of one of the founders of the legendary group “KINO” will be held. Guitarist of the cult band Yuri Kasparian will perform with his new project – “Symphonic KINO”

Radik Yulyakshin will sing in Ufa at the Mondarja festival

January 27, the Bashkir capital will host the annual festival of Tatar and Bashkir songs Mondarja, which invariably enjoys great success among fans of the national stage. After all, in one concert you can hear performers of different genres and generations

Ministry of Culture will launch a support system for children’s theaters

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in 2018 will launch separate systems for supporting the tours of children’s theaters and subsidizing performances, Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky told journalists on Friday.

Medvedev congratulated opera singer Alexander Vedernikov on his 90th birthday

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the opera singer, People’s Artist of the USSR Alexander Vedernikov on his 90th birthday, noting his unique talent and dedication to the cause.

Young playwrights received grants from the Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture continues to help young talented filmmakers and playwrights. In July this year, a competition was announced. Those who wanted to send their work, the commission selected the best of the best, allocated them funding to ensure that the performances saw the light.

In the Bolshoi Theater the ballet “Nureyev” will be shown in June 2018

The next block of ballet shows “Nureyev” at the Bolshoi Theater will be held in June 2018, and not in May, as previously reported. This was announced on December 22 in an interview with the RBC channel, the general director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin

The premiere of the performance “Morozko” was held at the Moscow Provincial Theater

The premiere of the performance “Morozko” was held today at the Moscow Provincial Theater. The tickets ended a few days after the start of sales. This is the 10th children’s play in the theater of Sergei Bezrukov.


Snowden introduced an anti-shadowing application

Ex-employee of the American special services Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum in Russia after publishing expositions about cyber-shining methods, introduced a new mobile application

A new era in aircraft construction: in Russia, the super wing was invented

In Russia, in Ulyanovsk, a revolutionary new wing was invented. The ideal swept geometry, which allows the carbon composite material to be impregnated with resin by thermal diffusion, makes the wing long and thin. Less resistance to air – less fuel consumption. The least is by 6%, but for airlines this savings can amount to millions of dollars.

Age-old ideas about the work of brain neurons proved to be wrong

The human brain contains 85-86 billion neurons. Each of them connects to other cells, forming trillions of compounds. The place of contact of two neurons or a neuron and a signal receiving cell is called a synapse.

Eyewear for the eyes of 5 thousand years old was found in Jericho

In Jericho, Italian-Palestinian archaeologists discovered shells with remnants of eyeliner. Its age, according to experts, is 5 thousand years. About this unusual find is told in an article on the official website of National Geographic.

The Swiss presented a modular electric car with a robot assistant

The Swiss company Rinspeed has presented a promising unmanned city electric vehicle Snap, which is planned to be done in a modular scheme.

Suppression of the division of mitochondria in the brain weakened the cocaine dependence

Early stages in the formation of cocaine dependence in mice are accompanied by division and reduction of the size of mitochondria in the neurons of the brain regions responsible for the formation of motivation and reward. The suppression of this process weakens the craving of animals for cocaine.

The Chinese built a road from solar panels

In the Chinese city of Jinan, a section of the road from the solar panels appeared. The developers of the route expect that it will be able to charge electric cars on the run, according to the website of Electrek.

Scientists have taught artificial intelligence to recognize lies in court

Researchers from the United States managed to raise the level of development of artificial intelligence – they taught him to catch changes in intonation and emotions in his voice and face. This breakthrough in science made it possible to determine lies, in particular, in the courthouse.

A neural network capable of predicting human words has been created

American scientists have created a new type of neural network, which can seriously enhance the effectiveness of artificial intelligence systems. Mechanical intelligence allows you to literally predict the future and predict words that are not yet spoken.

Scientists have printed a ceramic implant that fuses with bones

Australian scientists have found a new way that will accelerate the healing of fractures and make this process as painless as possible

Ecologists named a new species of endangered animals from Africa

Cameroonian dolphins hunchbacks have been the most vulnerable and rare animals in Africa, which may disappear from the face of the earth due to falling into the network of anglers in the coming years, the press service of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Climate change has increased the influx of refugees into the European Union

Scientists compared climatic changes in 103 countries and concluded that by 2100 the number of applications of “climate refugees” could triple. The material for the work was the database of applications for asylum in the European Union, filed from 2000 to 2014.

Where are the odor-related memories of the past

The aroma of a beloved since childhood dishes, perfumes associated with an expensive man, and many other smells awaken in our memory memories of the past. Suddenly they return us to long forgotten times. However, it is unlikely that a person has any other feeling, so connected with memory as a sense of smell.

Scientists: New sensors will allow unmanned vehicles to “see” in the fog

Foreign specialists have developed a new method for obtaining better quality images that increase the depth resolution by a thousand times. According to engineers, such cameras will be useful for unmanned vehicles in the future.


Satellites GLONASS will update the firmware in 2018

It is noted that the spacecraft are planned to be used for another eight years, so a new version of the interface control document for signals with frequency separation in the L1 and L2 GLONASS bands will be published next year.

NASA showed in the photo a crater in the form of a snowman on the asteroid Vesta

The NASA space agency published photographs of the crater on the asteroid Vesta, in its shape resembling a snowman. This is reported by the news portal “Topical news” referring to the official account of the agency on Twitter.

The NASA extended the work on creating a lunar rover for collecting water

Today, December 24, NASA was told about the extension of the work on the lunar car, which will allow to collect water for astronauts. In addition to household consumption, water will be needed to create fuel

Red car for the Red Planet: Mask will send a sports car to Mars

The head of SpaceX Aerospace Company Ilon Mask published a photo of the car in the Twitter company, which will fly to Mars. The machine, which is a sports electric car Tesla Roadster red.

Scientists voiced a new version of the origin of the solar system

Common in the scientific community is the theory that the Sun and all its planets were formed from a gas-dust cloud, when a gravitational collapse occurred in it and the masses of matter began to “thicken”. The reason for this, according to scientists, are close supernova explosions.

China put into orbit the Earth remote sensing satellite

China successfully launched a satellite of Earth remote sensing into orbit, Xinhua news agency reported. The device was launched with the help of the carrier rocket Changzheng-2D.

Scientists: Radar “Arecibo” sent pictures of a dangerous asteroid Phaeton

After several months of unsuccessful work due to damage after hurricane “Maria” interplanetary radar “Arecibo” returned to normal operation. Most recently, he delivered to the server pictures, which captured a near-Earth asteroid 3200 “Phaethon”, flying past the Earth on December 16.

Scientists: The new WFIRST telescope will be able to plow the far reaches of space

The US space agency plans to launch the most advanced space telescope WFIRST, which will be able to conduct long-term studies of unexplored areas of space. Experts plan to hold this event in 2020.


New Telegram X with a dark design appeared in the App Store

It is reported that appeared in the App Store Telegram X written in the programming language Swift, actively promoted by Apple It is noted that the application that received an updated icon of dark color, faster and more economical than the original messenger

Google made a generous gift to all users on Earth

The American company “Google” made a great New Year gift to all users. Since December 22, users will have access to the music resource Google Music for free for four months. For this, a person must have an account in Google or a Gmail mailbox.

The virus in Facebook Messenger makes the PC crypto currency

The miners used a special program called Digminer, which allows Monter to crypto currency. The victim receives a message from his contact in Facebook Messenger, with the video_xxxx.zip file (xxxx is a four-digit number)

The inhabitants of the Far East will have a new messenger E-chat

The inhabitants of the Far East will have an innovative, state-of-the-art messenger E-chat, which allows them to communicate and make crypto-currency transactions. While the application is running in test mode.

In the mobile version of “VKontakte” there were mentions

In the mobile version of the social network “VKontakte” there was an opportunity to configure “mentions”. It is enough to enter the necessary symbols in the message or the entry on the page and the notification will appear in the user’s possession.

Opera browser received built-in protection against viruses-miners

Opera was one of the first browsers to get protection from virus mining or the so-called quite popular crypticjacking. Recently, the resources of visitors to sites without their knowledge are increasingly used for the mining of crypto currency. Opera has released a beta version of the browser 50.0.

VKontakte launched the article editor

The team of the social network VKontakte announced the launch of a long articles editor and support for the AMP format. The new editor will allow you to create full-length lingrids with the ability to format text and use multimedia attachments. At the moment, the closed testing of the editor of articles began.

Service Imatag protects photos by invisible watermarks

The new service Imatag uses for this purpose unusual – invisible! – water marks. Moreover, Imatag monitors the appearance on the network of your images, once protected.

Service Maps.me began to build offline routes with the metro

Project managers note that they were the first to give users the opportunity to build routes on the underground with intermediate stops offline.

In the Pension Fund application, the function Touch ID

Specialists in the new version implemented the technology of Touch ID. Now for more convenience, the application can be entered by fingerprint. Its free mobile application for Android and iOS pension fund released in March 2017.

Catelites Bot Trojan attacks Android users

Specialists of the company, which specializes in cyber security, Avast Threat Labs warn that they found a new virus that was attacked by about 9000 Android users. The virus was called Catelites Bot.

In Russia, the “killer” AliExpress

In Russia, developed a website, the “killer” AliExpress. This online store is called Pandao, and its domestic company Mail.Ru Group has developed.


Apple has created a new version of the iPhone X with support for 5G network

In the new version of the iPhone X is presented with a frameless display, a dual camera, Face ID scanner and support for fast charging technology.

The new smartphone Sharp Aquos S3 is ready for presentation and sales

A new smartphone from the Japanese corporation Sharp called Aquos S3 in the near future will be presented, and then will be released into official sales. At the moment, the phone has already passed technical certification in the Chinese department.

The sales of a powerful gaming laptop OMEN X by HP began in Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation sales of a powerful gaming laptop OMEN X by HP began for 185 000 rubles. The computer received a 17-inch screen and a 4K image quality. It is reported that the novelty is based on the Intel Core i7 processor.

In 2018 will be released a new secure smartphone Doogee S50

The future smartphone Doogee S50 decided to continue the tradition of its predecessors – it will become as “impenetrable” as the S30 and S60 models. Those who have already used this brand, are looking forward to the release of the flagship. The novelty is designed for users who like to travel

Blackberry KEYone topped the TOP of the most autonomous smartphones of 2017

Recently, a foreign resource PhoneArena has published information about the battery life of several Android-smartphones that were launched on the market in 2017. Journalists tested more than 20 models, identifying among them one that can work without recharging the longest.

Doogee X55 will receive a fingerprint scanner on the side face

Chinese company Doogee is preparing to introduce the phone X55, looks like the iPhone. The main feature of the newest device is a lateral fingerprint scanner and the absence of a “Home” button.

All Xiaomi smartphones will upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo in the form of MIUI 9 – terms

Today it became known that all Xiaomi smartphones will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, and even the terms are known. As of the end of December 2017, all Xiaomi smartphones, which she promised to upgrade to the global international assembly MIUI 9 Global Stable, had been updated before.

IPhone has learned to extract crypto currency thanks to the application MobileMiner

The MobileMiner application will allow iPhone owners to earn crypto currency

The Huawei P11 concept received a triple camera and design elements from the iPhone X

The gadget got a triple main camera and design elements from the iPhone X. The device has round edges, an “ear” at the top of the screen, like a smartphone from an American company, but smaller, and a display that occupies almost the entire front panel.


Authors Destiny 2 want to ruin gamers

On the eve of the American company-developer of video games Bungie launched the latest event in Destiny 2. Event The Dawning is dedicated to winter holidays. From now on, the locations in the shooter are covered with a snow cover, and players can play snowballs

The Division’s authors talked about the possibility of a sequel to the game

Paulfeld added that with the release of the update 1.8, developers became much closer to the project they wanted to create, and the players, in turn, to the game they expected to get on the release day.

Project Re Fantasy received a trailer and a crazy trailer

Publisher Atlus and Studio Zero during the live broadcast presented the trailer Project Re Fantasy. The game was announced a year ago, but still remains a rather mysterious project. And the trailer does not help much to understand what exactly the Japanese studio is preparing.

Sony: PlayStation 5 will not be released until 2018

Japanese transnational corporation Sony in 2018 will release a playboy PlayStation 5. Developers assure that this model will become popular both in children’s and in adult gaming audience.

In Armored Warfare appeared night battles

The action takes place in 2042 in the Mojave Desert, where a large-scale battle takes place for a chemical plant owned by Clayburn Industries. Also with the update in the game were introduced night fights, where night vision devices are used.

Rare showed an hour of gameplay Sea of Thieves

After numerous short clips, Rare’s studio was generous and released an hour-long gameplay of the Sea of Thieves gameplay. Sea battles, treasure hunts, battles with cursed skeletons and ridiculous deaths from falling overboard to sharks – in an hour they had time to show everything.

WHO intends to include gambling addiction in the list of mental disorders

The World Health Organization (WHO) can already in the coming 2018 introduce gambling into the International Classification of Diseases (IBC) as a mental disorder. This is reported by “Gazeta.Ru” with reference to New Scientist

Developers have released a new trailer for Little Devil Inside

Studio Neostream, which develops computer games, has published a new trailer for Little Devil Inside. The developers decided to familiarize their fans with the game process of the future game

New video SoulCalibur 6 dedicated to Sophia

Company Bandai Namco continues to talk about the fighting game SoulCalibur 6. In a new video, developers told us about Sofitia, one of the key characters in the series. Producer of the game Motohiro Okubo noted that the heroine comes from Athens and fights with the help of a sword and shield.

In Star Trek: Bridge Crew can now be played without a VR helmet

The company Ubisoft announced that from now on, to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew, previously exclusively available only on VR-platforms, it will not be necessary to dive into virtual reality – the game will be available on PC and PS4, without the need to connect VR helmets to them.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will get multi-user mode

Polish video game developer GI Games introduced the output of the multiplayer mode for the shooter Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Thanks to the update, the game will receive 3 new modes: Bounty Hunter, Team Deathmatch and Sharpshooter.

Google released its own killer PUBG

Just yesterday, the official and long-awaited release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took place, and already today this genre of the Battle Royale genre has a serious competitor in the face of the game, released not by some unnamed studio, but by Google itself

Gaming servers PUBG updated to version 1.0

The press, players, developers and organizations – all hurried to share their opinions. Version 1.0 – means “playable” Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds came out of early access. Preparation of the release version began in September.


The new generation of Mazda 3 in 2019: the first images appeared

As early as 2018, the official debut of a new generation of the popular Mazda 3 model year 2019 may occur. However, already now the network has the first images of the future novelties, provided by professional independent designers.

Experts: Smoothness is the key to success when riding on ice

Experts identified the main components of the successful driving of the car on the ice, among which were smoothness of movement and low speed. Only in this case everything is under control.

In early 2018, there will be a “clone” of the Ford F-150 pickup truck from Lifan

The brand Projen appeared on the market in 2015, and in fact it is the property of the cargo division of Lifan Junma Vehicle Co. The exterior of the car should subsequently have an obvious resemblance to the current generation of the Ford F-150 Raptor, will receive a car and almost the same dimensions

The cost of plug-hybrid KIA Niro PHEV is announced.

It is noted that the novelty in the basic version will cost 28,840 dollars, which is equivalent to 1,700,000 rubles at the current rate. According to the US motor publication motor1, the Korean company KIA has begun accepting orders for a new plug-in hybrid KIA Niro PHEV.

Power Lamborghini Aventador increased to 1,500 hp

As a result, the 6.5-liter engine can generate 1,250 hp. On ordinary fuel and 1 500 on racing

Hyundai cars will install voice assistants

Hyundai will begin integrating a new assistant into multimedia complexes of commercial vehicles not earlier than a year after the debut show. Unfortunately, it is not yet known which models are the first to receive Intelligent Personal Agent.

The video “lit up” Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Literally a few hours ago (today, December 23), in the news tapes of several automobile publications appeared so-called “spy” photos of the German premium sedan, in addition, journalists were able to shoot it on video.

Demonstrated sedan Toyota Crown from the company Modellista

It is worth noting that this presentation took place a few months ago, and the car was positioned as a concept, although most of its components were ready for mass production

Experts rushed to the Mercedes-AMG E63 S to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds

The car accelerated to 100 km / h in just 3.0 seconds, and after another second the sedan rode at a speed of 161 km / h. The Mercedes-AMG E63 S was built on a platform from the Mercedes-AMG E43, but the test vehicle is distinguished by wider tires

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