20 Apr, 2018

The rating of confidence in Putin declined immediately after the elections

For the month that passed since the election of the Russian president, the rating of confidence in Vladimir Putin fell by 7% – from 55.3% on March 17 to 48.4% on April 15. Prior to the election, this indicator has steadily increased, according to VTsIOM

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The US assessed the effect of anti-Russian sanctions

The White House believes that sanctions against Russian businessmen have achieved the desired effect. This was stated by the Minister of Finance Stephen Mnuchin in an interview with Fox Business. “These sanctions are extremely important measures, it is obvious that these are very powerful tools,” Mnuchin said.

We are not afraid to use these tools. We will apply them, but we do not intend to disclose our immediate train of thought to the whole world. – Stephen Mnuchin, American businessman

Aeroflot confirmed the problem with the receipt of visas by US crews

Aeroflot, which is the only company that conducts scheduled flights between Russia and the United States, may be forced to stop them, “since the crews are experiencing increasing difficulties with obtaining American visas,” the statement said.

The members of the crew of the ship “Nord” who left Ukraine returned to the Crimea

Earlier it was reported that two sailors managed to fly from Ukraine to Belarus, as the transcription of their surnames in Russian passports was different from the identification data in Ukrainian certificates. At the same time, the authorities withdrew seven members of the crew of the “Nord” from the flight to Minsk.

All who are involved in this are international criminals with all the ensuing consequences. I fully share the position expressed in the statement of our foreign policy department about Russia’s right to take tough actions. – Sergei Aksyonov, Russian politician

Trump proposed to end Russophobic “witch hunt” in the US

President of the United States Donald Trump said that the published records of ex-director of the FBI James Komi, dismissed in May last year, show the lack of collusion of his campaign headquarters with Russia during the presidential campaign in 2016

The leader of the protests in Yerevan called for a transport blockade

Protesters against the appointment of the former president of the country Serzh Sargsyan as prime minister of Armenia are going to block heavy traffic vehicles in the capital of the country. This was announced by the opposition deputy Nikol Pashinyan, who heads the campaign of disobedience.

Iran warned the US of the consequences of withdrawing from a nuclear deal

If the US withdraws from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, Tehran can take a series of unpleasant measures for Washington. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Mohammad Javad Zarif on his arrival in New York, where he intends to attend a meeting of the UN General Assembly.

The election of a new leader of Cuba disappointed the United States

State Department spokesman Heather Neuert said during a briefing that Washington was disappointed with Miguel Dias-Canel’s appointment as the new chairman of the Cuban State Council because of a lack of fair elections.

Uruguay denied the US in the expulsion of Russian diplomats

The United States tried to influence Uruguay in order that its authorities expel Russian diplomats from the country, Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs Rodolfo Nin Novoa told journalists on April 19. This is reported by the news portal La Red 21.

Britain and the EU did not agree on the border of Ireland after Brexit

May had earlier abandoned the intention to create a full border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit, and also promised to provide such a customs regime with the EU, which would not lead to trade problems.

The US Senate appointed a new director of NASA

The US Senate appointed a Republican congressman from the state of Oklahoma, James Brydenstein, as director of NASA. This is reported on the agency’s website.

Session of the US-Russia Advisory Commission on START was held in Geneva

The session of the US-Russian Consultative Commission on the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START) is being held in Geneva from April 10 to April 20, the State Department’s press service said.

Xi Jinping talked with Theresa May

Between Chairman Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May, a telephone conversation took place on the situation in Syria, RT reported.

China closely follows the development of the situation in Syria. We have never approved the use of military force in international relations, we stand for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each state. – Xi Jinping, Chinese politician


The State Department accused Russia of cleansing the site of the Himataki in Syria

The United States accused Russia and Syria of “cleansing” the place of probable hematoca in the Syrian city of the Duma. This was stated by State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

The US intends to sell Mexico combat helicopters and missiles at $ 1.2 billion

The Pentagon sent to the US Congress a notice of its intention to sell Mexico multi-purpose decked helicopters, aircraft missiles and torpedoes for a total of $ 1.2 billion

Media reported on the development in the US of hypersonic weapons

The US Department of Defense concluded a contract with Lockheed Martin to create a prototype of a hypersonic cruise missile, Defense News writes. It is reported that we are talking about the development of a missile, which will be equipped with US Air Force aircraft.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia was told about reconnaissance at the borders of Russia

During the week, 18 foreign planes conducted reconnaissance at the Russian border, according to the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper of the Russian Armed Forces. It is also noted that Russian fighters on duty on air defense forces had to fly five times in the air for their interception and escort.

Great exercises with submarines and aviation began in Primorye

The bilateral tactical doctrine of the forces of the Pacific Fleet with warships, submarines, naval aviation and auxiliary vessels began off the coast of Primorye

Ukrainian security forces twice shelled the Lugansk People’s Republic

Ukrainian security forces twice fired on the territory of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic twice a day (LNR), RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland.

Russia and NATO agreed to maintain a dialogue

The chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation met with the commander-in-chief of NATO troops in Europe

“The face-to-face meeting demonstrates an unequivocal mutual interest in maintaining military channels of communication in accordance with NATO policy aimed at dialogue and transparency,” the document says.

Russian experts are studying missiles delivered from Syria

Russian experts began to study two unexploded cruise missiles of the Western coalition, which were delivered from Syria, as well as other samples of precision munitions, Interfax reports citing a military source.

Japan and the United States want to create a committee for the United Nations to eliminate nuclear weapons of the DPRK

The US and Japanese authorities are considering the possibility of creating an ad hoc committee on the denuclearization of the DPRK under the UN Security Council, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Japanese newspaper Asahi.


Mswati III renamed Swaziland to the Kingdom of Esvatini

The King of Swaziland, Mswati III, stated that he officially renamed the South African state under his control to the Kingdom of Esvatini.

The government approved the terms of data storage under the “law of the Yarovoi”

The Russian government has approved the rules for storage of user traffic by communication operators by the “Yarovoy package”. From October 1, they will have to fully store traffic for the last 30 days, and then increase storage capacity by 15% annually for five years.

Russians will be able to apply to the registry office one year before the registration date

Russians will be able to apply to the registry office one year before the expected date of marriage. The corresponding bill was prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

In the US, they proposed decriminalizing marijuana

US Senator Chuck Schumer intends to present a bill aimed at decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level. This is reported by the VICE News channel

Pavel Durov compared the blocking of the Telegram messenger in Russia with the film “300 Spartans”.

“My favorite film is” 300 Spartans. “The story of three hundred Spartans fighting for the freedom of their compatriots will inspire people and thousands of years later”

In this context, the messenger creator mentioned the situation with Telegram blocking.

“Russian authorities have blocked 18 million IP-addresses for the sake of banning Telegram, but the application remains available to Russians” – Pavel Durov.

Sit at home do not walk: Russians are not going anywhere

As the experts of the travel service “Tutu.ru” reported during the survey of their users, more than 4 thousand users took part in it.

39% of respondents will stay at home on holidays. Another 35% of the respondents told that they will get out at the weekend at the dacha. Another 8% of Russians will spend their holidays with relatives or friends.

“Only 18% of Russians will go to travel on holidays. 10% will rest in Russia, another 8% of respondents will choose to travel abroad, “- explained in” Tutu.ru “.

Nursing home in Buryatia cut off from heating

For two days, one apartment building and the Bichursky boarding house for the elderly and disabled people, in which more than 70 people live, were practically without heat.

Temple of Alexander Nevsky in height of 92 m will be built next to the Crimean bridge

The Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky in height of 92 meters will be built in Kerch at the entrance to the Republic of Crimea.

Passage in public transport has risen in price

The tariff of 26 rubles was introduced for all carriers – both on the transport of MUP “KTTU”, and on bus routes of commercial carriers. Also, since April 20, unlimited electronic travel cards will be canceled in municipal transport.

In Russia, there were fewer alcoholics in five years

In five years, the number of “official alcoholics” – people who have been registered as patients in narcological medical organizations – has decreased in Russia. If in 2012 there were 1.9 million, in 2017 there were 1.5 million – 22% less.

Fees for the formulation of passports and driver’s licenses will grow

For a new certificate of state registration of transport, the duty will be 1,500 rubles, and the registration of a new driver’s license will cost 3,000.

Every third seller of elite real estate wants to leave Russia

Every third caller as the reason for the sale of real estate calls the desire to leave Russia, it follows from the Kalinka Group. If in 2014, 66 people named such goals, now their number has increased by 4.7 times, the representative of the agency specified.


EMERCOM of Russia: In everything, the crypto-currency mining is to blame

Mining of the crypto currency can cause an increase in the number of accidents at power facilities due to the increased load on electrical networks. This conclusion was reached by experts from the All-Russian Center for Monitoring and Forecasting Emergencies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Antistikhia.

In three districts of the Kuban, a disease transmitted from cattle to people

In the period from 9 to 13 April in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, four foci of brucellosis of cattle were identified. The disease was detected on the territory of personal subsidiary citizens in Uspensky, Otradnoye and Labinsk districts.

The oldest convict was executed in the US

In the US state of Alabama, the oldest criminal who was sentenced to capital punishment was executed. According to the edition of The New York Times, on April 19, 83-year-old Walter Leroy Moody, who was found guilty of organizing explosions, was executed, as a result of which people were killed.

A boy who jumped from the burning “Winter Cherry” was discharged from the hospital

The 11-year-old boy, who jumped from the window of the fourth floor of the “Winter Cherry” shopping center in Kemerovo, when he tried to escape from the fire, discharged from the hospital. This was reported to RIA Novosti by a representative of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital

More than 30 people were injured in the collision of two trains in Salzburg

At present, all the circumstances of the incident are being clarified. The cause of the incident is established. On April 3, when a train collided in the German metro, 20 people were injured.

In Chita, a policeman found 800 thousand rubles in an elevator and called an outfit

Junior lieutenant of police Aldar Ayusheyev found in the elevator of his house in Chita a male clutch with more than 800 thousand rubles, money was withdrawn by the police outfit caused by him, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Trans-Baikal region informed.

In the Altai Territory in the fire killed five people

In the Altai Territory, five people were killed in a fire in a private house. This is reported on the website of the regional department of the Investigative Committee. The incident occurred on the night of April 20 in the village of Kosiha.The police detained them, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Trans-Baikal region

In Florida, an attacker shot and killed two policemen

In the city of Trenton (Florida, USA), two policemen were shot on Thursday, April 19. Information about the state of emergency appeared on the administration page of Sheriff Holmes County in Facebook. As specified, it is about two assistants to the sheriff of Gilchrist County.

In the US, found not guilty of the death of singer Prince

As noted by Metz, the prosecutor’s office does not have sufficient grounds for charging anyone with allegations of involvement in Prince’s death. As reported in local media, the cause of death of the 57-year-old singer was an overdose of fentanyl.

Sergei Khachaturov suspected of embezzling a billion rubles

The former vice-president of Rosgosstrakh Sergei Khachaturov was taken into custody in Moscow. He is suspected of embezzling more than a billion rubles of company funds through their withdrawal through the structure of the “CSG Assets.”

Former deputy head of the FSIN Korshunov became a figurant of another bribery case

The main investigation department of the Criminal Investigation Service of Russia instituted criminal proceedings against former deputy director of the FSIN of Russia Oleg Korshunov, as well as his accomplices. This was reported by the press service of the department.

In Sochi, the deputy head of the city Yuri Palamarchuk was detained

Law enforcement agencies detained Yuri Palamarchuk, deputy head of the city of Sochi, on suspicion of exceeding official authority, the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory says.

In Bashkiria, the victims of the school will be paid 300 thousand rubles each

Victims during the emergency in the Sterlitamak school of power Bashkiria will pay 300 thousand rubles each. This “RG” was told in the press service of the government of Belarus.

Colonel Millionaire Maksimenko was sentenced

The Moscow City Court today will pass sentence on the former head of the Directorate of Internal Security of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Mikhail Maksimenko, who is accused of taking bribes amounting to 550 thousand dollars. The prosecutor asked him for 15 years in a strict regime colony and 165 million rubles in fine.

She lit a candle in a church in Magnitogorsk

The police established the identity of a teenage girl who, according to a photo posted in social networks, tried to light a cigarette from a burning candle in the temple of Magnitogorsk, told RIA Novosti on Friday in the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry for Chelyabinsk region.


Bank of Russia revoked license from Moscow’s Russian Trade Bank

The Bank of Russia, by an order of April 20, 2018, revoked a license to conduct banking operations with the Moscow-based Russian Trade Bank (RTBK), which is a private trader of the deposit insurance system.

The scale of the counterfeit cigarettes market in Russia is estimated

“According to industry calculations, the volume of illegal production in the Russian market will amount to about 20 billion cigarettes in 2018, and the state budget may lose more than 50 billion rubles in revenue from tobacco excises and VAT,” the materials say.

Chinese company to build biofuel plants in the Far East

Chinese company Beijing Zhonglian Ruihua New Energy Technologies this summer is going to start construction of five plants for the processing of forest industry waste and biofuel production in the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories.

International reserves of Russia grew by $ 3.5 billion

“The volume of international reserves as of April 13 amounted to $ 462.4 billion, an increase of $ 3.5 billion, or 0.8%,” the Central Bank said. They noted that this happened as a result of the combined positive impact of revaluation, operations on the accounts of the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the monetization of gold.

US sanctions prevented the Bank of Russia’s plans

The Bank of Russia revised its plans for the key rate due to US sanctions – now it will decline more slowly. This was reported by the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, Ksenia Yudaeva, TASS reports.

I think that the trajectory of the rate cut will actually be slightly adjusted upwards. It will slow down more slowly compared to what we planned earlier, but how much slower – it also needs to be looked at, this again will depend on the forecast of all other parameters. – Ksenia Yudaeva, Russian statesman

Annual inflation in Japan slowed in March

In February this year, annual inflation in Japan was at around 1.5%, Finam reports. At the same time, the base consumer price index (which does not include the cost of food) in March was 0.9% year-on-year after 1% in February and with a 0.9%

The National Bank of Ukraine announced the reduction of its assets

According to the Ukrainian regulator, in the structure of assets, the largest decrease occurred in securities of non-residents – by 10.5%, to UAH 371 billion. April 5, the National Bank of Ukraine reported on the reduction of the country’s gold and currency reserves.

Investors of IFC “Domashnye money” complain massively about delay of payments

Investors of the microfinance company (MFK) “Domashnaya Money” complain massively about the delay in payments, writes Kommersant. “Domestic money” attracts citizens’ funds (from 1.5 million rubles) or companies, promising a profitability of up to 23% in rubles and 10% in currency.

Rostekh has found a new owner for Tractor Plants

The state corporation Rostek will bring the Tractor Plants Concern (KTZ) out of the crisis, using mechanisms of private-state partnership. The financial recovery of the concern will be attracted by the Holding “Transport Components” (CTK). RBC reported this source in the military-industrial complex.

Head FAS explained the rise in prices for gasoline in Russia

Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev commented on the current increase in gasoline prices in Russia. According to RIA Novosti, the head of the department said that the increase in fuel costs is seasonal.

“Naftogaz” offered to raise the gas price for Ukrainians by 60-65%

Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz has taken the initiative to raise gas prices in the country by 60-65 percent. This is reported by the agency “Ukrainian News”. It is noted that higher prices will affect gas consumption in excess of social norms.

In the Yaroslavl region, the defense enterprise was left without gas

The boiler house of the PJSC “Rostov Optical-Mechanical Plant” was cut off from the gas supply system because of the company’s overdue debt of 27.7 million rubles. The company did not pay gasmen for more than three months.

“Naftogaz” estimated the operator of the Ukrainian GTS Ukrtransgaz at $ 12.5 billion

Naftogaz of Ukraine approved the assessment of the cost of the operator of Ukraine’s gas transportation system Ukrtransgaz to 327.9 billion hryvnia (12.5 billion dollars at the current official rate), reports on Thursday on its Facebook page the deputy head of the energy efficiency department of Naftogaz, Aleksey Khabatyuk

“Alrosa” reduced diamond mining in the I quarter by 17% – to 7.4 million carats

The extraction of the Russian diamond mining company Alrosa in the first quarter of 2018 decreased by 17% year-on-year to 7.4 million carats, the company said.

The price of gasoline in Russia exceeded 40 rubles per liter

The average price for AI-98 gasoline was 46.62 rubles, AI-95 for 41.31 rubles, AI-92 for 38.3 rubles. Diesel fuel went up to 41.25 rubles.

In the Netherlands, gas imports for the first time exceeded their own production

The output decreased by 13% in comparison with the previous year and amounted to 43.9 billion cubic meters, imports increased by 18% to 49.4 billion cubic meters, according to the statistical office of the country (CBS). In the structure of imports, the main share is taken by gas from Norway – 46%, according to PRIME.

A new pregnancy Pugacheva caused a big question in Galkin

The new pregnancy of singer Alla Pugacheva caused a big question from her husband Maxim Galkin. The picture, on which the prima donna poses with a round belly, was written by the famous artist Nikas Safronov.

Edita Pieha told about her health after hospitalization

Pieha has already returned home, but the doctors insisted that the singer should be under their supervision for several weeks. Edita Stanislavovna urged the fans not to worry about their health, but for the time she had to cancel the concerts.

Katya Zhuzha removed her second chin

The former host of the scandalous reality show “Dom-2” Katya Zhuzha decided on a new cosmetology procedure. The brunette admitted that she was not satisfied with her own face oval. Therefore, the star turned to specialists to get rid of the second chin.

Julia Proskuryakova complained about the problems because of the large bust

Julia increasingly listened to criticism and began to follow her appearance more. The day before, she published a post and complained to the fans that because of her big breasts she could not find her clothes

Pregnant Svetlana Loboda showed fans a villa on the beach

Pregnant Svetlana Loboda decided to go to the US for a while and rest for a while. On the page in the social network Instagram actress published for fans photos taken in a rented villa overlooking the ocean.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has settled with million debts

Long-standing lawsuit Zavorotnyuk with the Russian Mortgage Bank is finally over. The other day the parties signed an amicable agreement.

Mayor of Novokuznetsk Sergey Kuznetsov starred in a new video about subbotnik

Mayor of Novokuznetsk Sergey Kuznetsov starred in a new video, which encourages the townspeople to go to the subbotnik on April 28 and 29. The video is shot on the motif of the song “Rose Wine” by Aljey & Feduk. A video clip titled “The Forge of the Pick 2 0” appeared on the web on April 19, with an appeal to go to the subbotnik on April 28 and 29

The first photo of George’s daughter and Amal Clooney was published

The other day the first photo appeared on the web, where you can finally see the face of Ella’s baby. Amal came under the sights of the cameras when she left her home in New York with her mother and her little daughter.

Basta wrote a rap for Buzovoy. “Also music”

Popular Russian author and rap artist Vasily Vakulenko, better known under the pseudonym Basta, recorded a joint track with Olga Buzovoy. The song was the first rap song performed by a pop diva. The fact that the author of the composition is Basta, does not cause doubts, reports “The Fifth Channel”.

Kim Kardashian decided on the fourth child

Secular lioness Kim Kardashian decided to become a mother for the fourth time. The TV show star clarified that this would be the last child in her family. To date, Kim Kardashian has raised three

Ilya Glinnikova was suspected in the novel with another finalist of “Bach”

Russian actor Ilya Glinnikov intrigued fans with a new snapshot in Instagram, which shows only two silhouettes on the wet glass. Several months ago, the artist parted with the winner of “Bach” Ekaterina Nikulina.detey – 2-year-old son of Sent, a 3-month-old daughter of Chicago and a 4-year-old North.

Charlize Theron spoke about depression because of excess weight

Charlize Theron frankly told us about the problems that she started after gaining excess weight. It is known that the 42-year-old actress had to get better for filming in the film “Tally”.

Nikita Mikhalkov stood up for Weinstein

Director Nikita Mikhalkov, speaking at a press conference at the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), acknowledged that the accused harassment producer Harvey Weinstein deserves a prize for his contribution to the cinema.

I agree with Catherine Deneuve, who quite rightly said that you are destroying the relationship between men and women. You frighten men to approach women, attracting them to approach other men. It seems to me that this is in many ways a trend that I am unacceptable. – Nikita Mikhalkov, film director

The court returned to Victor Tsoy’s father the rights to the son’s songs

The Moscow Basmanny Court granted the claim of the father of the leader of the Kino group Viktor Tsoi, Robert Tsoi, about the termination of the contract for the transfer of exclusive rights to the son’s songs to the company Musical Law

Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater gave a charity concert in Kemerovo

In Kemerovo, a charity concert was held in memory of the victims of a fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”. Before the townspeople, the orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater, led by Valery Gergiev, performed. All collected money will go to help the victims and the families of the deceased.

The legendary group ABBA will reunite with the help of digital technologies

The legendary ABBA, who together with the disco band Boney M in the 1970s of the twentieth century were in the lead in the show business, will be restored in their previous form. Digital technologies will be used, they will show the ensemble the way it looked in 1979.

Kanye West will release two albums in June

In his tweet, Kanye West announced two new albums. The solo record of the rapper will be released on June 1, there will be seven tracks. A week later, on June 8, the release of his joint album with Kid Cady

Serebrennikov is nominated for “ballet” Oscar “for” Nureyev “

The premiere of the ballet “Nureyev” was held December 9, 2017 on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater. Recall that recently Cyril Serebrennikov won the “Golden Mask” in the nomination “Opera” for the production of “Chaad”.

The Picnic Group resumed its tour after the accident

Rock group “Picnic” resumed concert activity after the road accident on March 16, in which the musicians suffered. Tass was informed about this in the Tver House of Culture “Proletarka”, where a concert of musicians started.

Group “Bi-2” presented a new album in Rostov

The tenth studio album the musicians released in September last year, and already in October they started with a large-scale tour around the country

The Bolshoi Theater resumes the ballet “Coppelia” – Marius Petipa

The Bolshoi Theater in the year of the 200th anniversary of the Russian choreographer Marius Petipa after four and a half years of absence in the repertoire resumes the ballet “Coppelia” – created for the music of Leo Delibes.

The director of “Deadpool 2” will be screened by The Division

Recall that the main roles in the adaptation of The Division will be performed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chestane. The action of the tape will unfold in the near future. On the plot, in New York in the midst of “Black Friday” an epidemic will erupt that will kill millions and plunge the Big Apple into chaos.

Alexander Petrov withdraws the debut film “Point of separation”

Actor Alexander Petrov will shoot the debut film as a director of “The Point of Separation”. The film will tell the story of a young team of skateboarders.

The Ministry of Culture proposed to make a film about the events in Donbass

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was offered to film a “worthy” film or series about the events in the Donbass. This was during the conference “The Cultural Space of the Peoples of Russia and Donbass” was announced by the first deputy minister of the department Vladimir Aristarkhov.

Charlize Theron took up the “Dangerous Business”

Actor and screenwriter Nash Edgerton also decided to start his directorial path from the history of swindlers, inviting the world star Charlize Theron

For the “Lords of the Universe” found directors

The script for the painting was written by David S. Goyer (“The Dark Knight”), he was going to personally transfer to the big screens of “The Lords”, but then abandoned this idea. The release of “The Lords of the Universe”, a joint project of Mattel and Sony Pictures, is scheduled for December 2019.


Roscomnadzor explained why it does not block Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber

Roskomnadzor does not plan to block the Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp messengers after Telegram. This is due to the fact that there are no complaints against them, since law enforcement agencies do not require that they be present in the register of information dissemination organizers (ARIs).

RBC named the reason for the Telegram blocking

The reason for the blocking of the Telegram messenger in Russia could be the concern of the Federal Security Service (FSB) about Pavel Durov’s plans to launch his own crypto currency.

Roskomnadzor told about the blocking of 18 VPN and proxy services

Roskomnadzor blocked 18 VPNs and proxy services, which allowed to bypass the blocking of the Telegram messenger. This was told Interfax in the press service of the department. “To date, access to 18 VPNs and proxy services is limited,” the press service said.

Roskomnadzor began blocking the IP-addresses of the Microsoft service

Roskomnadzor made more than 130 thousand IP-addresses of Azure platform, owned by Microsoft, in the roster of prohibited resources. This is reported by RBC with reference to a copy of the unloading registry for blocking providers, posted on the portal for developers GitHub

In the United States stood up for being blocked on the territory of Russia Telegram

American human rights activists could not pass by the scandal that broke out. Against the backdrop of events, they turned to the largest IT companies. These include large-scale corporations such as Google, Apple, Amazon. Human rights advocates are asking the company that Telegram can change IP addresses without restrictions.

Facebook has again leaked user personal data

Freedom to Tinkers experts made a report stating that Cambridge Analytica is not the only company that managed to seize confidential information from Facebook users. It’s about the danger of registering users on third-party websites via Facebook.

Facebook will create its own chips and processors

The American company Facebook can soon start developing its own microprocessors. This was reported by the American media, citing as evidence the announcement of Facebook about the search for experts in the “iron”.

Google has forbidden to bypass the blocking of Roskomnadzor

American company Google has closed access to a function that allows you to bypass the blocking of certain resources. Until recently, a front-end domain was available on Google, which allowed to redirect Internet traffic through the domain Google.com, which served as a proxy server

Telegram blocking caused a malfunction of Viber functions

Viber users noted that there were malfunctions during the Telegram lock in the application’s operation. Representatives of the messenger confirmed this information, saying that blocking part of the addresses caused failures. Based on the official statement of the Viber team it follows that the situation has been corrected.

20 million people installed fake ad blockers

20 million people downloaded and installed on their computers fake ad blockers – such data led the company AdGuard, themselves, by the way, the developers of the ad blocker

The dates of the first flight of the Russian UAV VRT-300

The first flight of the unmanned helicopter VRT-300 will take place at the end of 2018. This was reported in the press service of the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”. At present, the design bureau has already started testing the main systems and units of the device.

Found a new way to steal all data from the iPhone

Experts at Symantec found a dangerous vulnerability in the iPhone. It is associated with the technology of synchronization iTunes Wi-Fi sync, through which owners of smartphones can transfer data without directly connecting to the computer. This was reported by IA Nation News.

Intel will stop developing smart points Vaunt

It is reported that Intel intends to close the division of New Devices Group (NDG), which is responsible for the development of wearable devices. Later, the company commented on this information, confirming it.

The new iOS 12 system is being prepared for the WWDC 2018

The conference for developers will last from 4 to 8 June, where Apple will demonstrate a new system, talk about its advantages and innovations. The creators of the software have already announced that it has undergone great changes.

A program has been released that allows you to bypass the Telegram lock in 5 seconds

The state regulator has already started blocking access to many Google, Amazon and Microsoft servers, and Apple may be hit the next. Against the backdrop of all this, a program was created and released that allows you to bypass the Telegram lock in as little as 5 seconds.

The new Telegram Unblock application contains VPN server data in 20 countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Latvia, Hong Kong, the USA, the Netherlands and other regions. This ensures that the Telegram messenger will always work fully. The developers promise super-fast work and 100% free, because all the costs they incur, and users will only be shown ads, but only inside the application itself to bypass the lock.

Feiyu G6 will create a high-quality image with the help of one motion

In Guilin (city district in the autonomous region of China), the developers presented a new model of an indispensable assistant in video shooting – the advanced and more flexible hinge stabilizer Feiyu G6, equipped with wireless technologies Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, thanks to which the action camera can be configured with just one Clicking on a button installed near the new OLED screen.

Smartphones Moto G6 Play and Moto G6 Plus

In addition to the smartphone Moto G6, Motorola introduced today a simplified model of Moto G6 Play and more advanced Moto G6 Plus.

ASUS ZenFone 5 smartphone goes on sale in Russia

ASUS announced the beginning of Russian sales of the smartphone ZenFone 5 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor and Adreno 509. GPU received a 6.2-inch display with a resolution of 2246×1080 pixels (19: 9), occupying 90% of the front surface of the device

The company Huawei introduced the first laptop under the brand Honor

Yesterday, Huawei in China held a presentation of new products and among them was the Honor MagicBook, which will receive a 14-inch screen and processors from Intel.

PowerColor showed prototype Radeon RX Vega Nano

At the Tech Day conference in Munich, AMD representatives told about the new Pinnacle Ridge processors, but the event will be remembered not only this: it demonstrated a prototype of the Radeon RX Vega Nano video card performed by TUL / PowerColor, one of the oldest AIB partners of AMD.

Xiaomi showed a “smart” walkway WalkingPad for $ 270

A new device designed for walking, easy to fold, equipped with automatic speed control, and also costs 270 dollars. WalkingPad from Xiaomi looks like a normal treadmill, but its range is no more than 6 kilometers per hour.

In autumn, Apple will release an affordable iPhone with support for 2 SIM-cards

Analyst KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), known for quite accurate forecasts for Apple devices, has spread information that this year the light can see just two phones of the iPhone with support for 2 SIM-cards. One of them will have one slot for the SIM-card, and the second – two.


The Japanese automated the assembly of heterostructures from two-dimensional materials

The researchers, led by Tomoki Machida of Tokyo University, were able to automate the process of creating heterostructures from monatomic layers of different materials.

Scientists have established, for what the flies in the heat dissolve drooling

Observing the behavior of flies of the species Chrysomya megacephala, the scientists found out that insects release saliva from the mouth, and then swallow it back. Moreover, the higher the temperature of the surrounding air, the more flies are allowed to salivate.

Scientists have created a system for managing ferromagnetism with a laser

A group of physicists led by Rantey Bali from the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf managed to control the work of ferromagnetism in an aluminum-iron alloy film. To do this, scientists needed a laser beam. Information on this is reported by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Artificial mole helps diagnose cancer at an early stage

Scientists from Switzerland are working on an unusual implant that can diagnose cancer at an early stage and report it through an artificial birthmark. The researches in this direction are carried out by representatives of ETH Zurich.

French scientists described the oldest case of trephination of the skull of a cow

French researchers described the oldest case of a cow trepanation. Scientists analyzed the remains of an animal that lived about 5 thousand years ago, and noticed in the skull the hole left after the intervention.

Amino acids helped produce chiral plasmonic nanoparticles

Researchers from Korea managed to obtain chiral gold nanoparticles by using the amino acid cysteine of isolated chirality or oligopeptides based on it. These particles can be used in the development of three-dimensional optical metamaterials.

Scientists were able to scare rats robot

Scientists from the United States, together with colleagues from other countries, conducted an experiment with rats, they used a specially designed robot to monitor the activity of the brain of laboratory rodents in an emergency situation.

Scientists have started to develop a robot culinary

The Japanese Sony multinational corporation Sony together with the Carnegie Mellon University are starting to create an artificial intelligence that could prepare food, reports Engadget.

On the upper floors of the offices the most risky decisions are made

As experiments have shown, on the upper floors people are more at risk, and this is very dangerous. It turned out that if an employee taking important financial decisions is at a high altitude of the building, he will often take risks, which can lose his money, as well as the company’s money.


“Roskosmos” proposed to increase the duration of expeditions to the ISS

In general, the duration of expeditions is proposed to increase to 200 days. However, the final program has not yet been formed. It is noted that the next launch to the ISS is scheduled for June this year.

NASA published a fascinating photo of the Lagoon Nebula

The photo was published on official websites of the US aerospace agency NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). It is noted that the Hubble orbiting telescope took this picture in honor of the 28th anniversary of its launch into a near-earth orbit.

The test flight of the spacecraft Boeing postponed

The company Boeing planned that their first spacecraft CST-100 Starliner will go on a test flight to the International Space Station in August this year. However, for as yet unknown reasons, the launch was decided to be postponed until the end of November.

NASA showed a cluster of galaxies and invited users to name it

The American company NASA calls on users to give a name to the galaxy cluster of PLCK G308.3-20.2. Interactive proposal together with a picture of the object was published on April 20 on the page of the agency in the social network.

Scientists have discovered an orphan planet suitable for colonization

Scientists in the course of space exploration managed to identify an orphan planet, which may prove to be suitable for colonization. This is the object of CFBDSIR 2149-0403, whose existence became known only in 2012.

Mars in July as close to the Earth

As expected, the maximum convergence of the Earth with Mars should occur on July 27. The distance between space bodies in the process of a great confrontation should be about 57.7 million km. This indicator is about 2.5 times smaller than the distance between the Earth and the Sun itself

Astronomers analyzed the composition of 340 thousand stars

The large-scale project GALAH has published the first large batch of data. Scientists have analyzed the spectra of more than 340 thousand stars. The purpose of the study was to understand which luminaries of the Milky Way arose next, but later found themselves in different parts of the Galaxy.

The abbreviation GALAH is an abbreviation for the phrase galactic archaeology (“galactic archeology”). As the name implies, the project’s goal is to restore the history of the Galaxy.


Honda introduced a new 7-seat crossover Honda BR-V

The cost of the updated crossover is 236.5 million Indonesian rupees or just over a million rubles for the option with a mechanical box. A car with an automatic transmission will cost 257.5 million rupees or 1.13 million rubles.

Cadillac has made a new presidential limousine

The US Secret Service received a new presidential limousine for Donald Trump. Public debut of Cadillac, also known as “The Beast”, will take place in the near future. This is reported by Fox News.

“We fulfilled the tasks set before us and handed over the car to the client,” the former head of Cadillac, Johan de Naissen, told journalists in an interview. “The program for the development of the presidential limousine is in accordance with the plan,” the representative of the President’s Security Service said. “We expect that it will be commissioned in the end of this summer.”

The current generation limousine appeared before the public in January 2009 during the inauguration of Barack Obama. It is for sure not known on which platform the machine is built, but one of the assumptions is that the GMC TopKick is the basis for the presidential limousine.

The engines also remain a mystery: it can be an 8.1-liter petrol V8 or a diesel “eight” Duramax with a volume of 6.6 liters. The limousine is equipped with 130-millimeter bullet-proof glasses and a sealed armored capsule, capable of protecting against chemical weapons.

In addition, the presidential car is equipped with grenade launchers, a night vision system, tear gas cannons, tanks with oxygen, an armored fuel tank and pump rifles.

A hybrid prototype of the Polestar 1 model is tested outside the Arctic Circle

The company Polestar carried out winter tests of the prototype of its future hybrid coupe Polestar 1. The test was conducted in rather difficult weather conditions, beyond the Arctic Circle, where the air temperature reached -22 degrees Celsius.

The new crossover Changan COS 1 was completely declassified before the presentation

The company COS, part of the Chinese auto giant Changan, has introduced its first seven-seat crossover COS 1. The automaker itself positions itself as a youth brand created specifically to attract such an audience.

The first supercar Brabham BT62 debuts in May 2018

Brabham BT62 plan to release a limited edition of 70 units at a price of 1.4 million dollars for one copy.

Jaguar XE and XF received a new sports version

British automotive company Jaguar has introduced a special version of its popular XE and XF models. The new modification of these cars is called 300 Sport. From the usual XE and XF the new version differs in other design of the bodywork, as well as the interior

Honda will release a new budget “hatch” Brio

On the eve of the opening of the automotive exhibition in Indonesia (IIMS-2018), Honda showed how the new generation of its budget hatchback will look. The car will receive the serial name Brio, but meanwhile it is referred to as Small RS Concept.

Thanks to the Chinese, VOLVO can get MERCEDES-BENZ engines

Daimler and the Swedish manufacturer Volvo are planning to establish mutual cooperation on the supply of engines for the production of electric vehicles in the near future. The head of the Geely Group in February 2018 bought Daimler AG shares in the amount of 9.69% and now it is the largest owner of shares

Classic Recreations started producing copies of the classic Mustang

Classic Recreations from Oklahoma received official permission from Ford Motor Company to build copies of the legendary “Mustangs” of 1969-1970, models such as BOSS 302, BOSS 429 and Mach 1 Mustang entered the lineup.

Nissan announced the new Nissan Armada

The company Nissan announced the release of a special performance of the off-road vehicle Armada, which will be called Mountain Patrol. The car is prepared especially for extreme driving

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