13 Aug, 2018

The refusal of the dollar in the oil trade

The Ministry of Finance of Russia does not exclude the transition from calculating in dollars to national currencies when trading in oil.

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov on the air of the program “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Will the dollar be banned in Russia?

“It is not excluded. We have significantly reduced our investments in our reserves in US assets. In fact, already the dollar, which was considered the world currency … becomes a risky tool for calculations, “Siluanov said.

The day before, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced readiness to switch to national currencies. According to him, Ankara is ready to trade in the national currency with China, Russia, Iran, Ukraine.

Any states that are ready to “get free from the pressure of the dollar” can trade with Turkey on the same system, the Turkish leader said.

Briefly about the main thing …


An anti-government rally continues in Romania

More than ten thousand people are participating in an anti-government rally in the center of Bucharest, reports Agerpres.

The rally is peaceful. The protesters brought with them the flags of Romania, the European Union, the United States, England and Canada, as well as vuvuzels and drums.

Protests in the Romanian capital began on the tenth of August. During the first day, 450 people were injured.

The protesters demand the dissolution of parliament, early elections, independence of justice and the creation of a unicameral parliament with 300 senators, one hundred of whom will be representatives of the diaspora.

Protesters are also unhappy with the tax system and pension reform, providing social assistance. In addition, Romanian people who went out on the streets insist on the development of the economy, agriculture and entrepreneurship, the introduction of electronic voting and the development of partnership relations with the European Union and NATO.

Erdogan called economic pressure on Turkey unpromising

Attempts to exert economic pressure on Turkey through destabilizing the country’s financial system have no prospects, the president of the republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

RF blocked the US application for sanctions against the DPRK in the UN Security Council

Representatives of Russia blocked the US application to expand sanctions in the UN Security Council Committee on the DPRK, because of the unconvincing position of the American side, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

Iran announced the return of the second batch of enriched uranium from Russia

The representative of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Behrouz Kamalvandi, announced the imminent return to the country of the second batch of enriched uranium from Russia. His words lead agency Fars.

Volcker accused Russia of dragging out the conflict in Ukraine

Russia is dragging out an armed conflict in the southeast of Ukraine. US Special Representative for the country Kurt Volker said. He wrote about this on his Twitter. Volcker published satellite images, where, he said, evidence of Russia’s support of the unrecognized republics of Donbass was visible.

On Okinawa, tens of thousands of people went to a rally against the US base

In Okinawa, about 70,000 people went to protest against the transfer of the American air base to another part of the prefecture, the Japan Times reported.

Erdogan said about Turkey’s plans to trade with Russia in the national currency

Turkey is preparing to trade with its partners, including with Russia, in national currencies. This was stated by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Germany will create its own cybersecurity agency

The German government intends to create its own cybersecurity agency, the N-TV channel reported on August 11.

The Rada was called to deprive citizenship of Ukrainians with Russian passports

The Verkhovna Rada deputy from the People’s Front faction Yuri Bereza called on “without trial and investigation” to deprive Ukrainian citizenship of “residents of the occupied territories” of Ukraine, who received Russian passports, RT reports.

All those who abandoned Ukrainian citizenship, seized the Russian tricolor, they must be automatically deprived of the Ukrainian passport, without trial, without investigation, without anything. This does not even need to waste the time and work of our ships. – Yuri Bereza, Ukrainian military leader

FBI suspected Russia of involvement in the riots in Charlottesville

Garrett said that a few months ago he attended a secret security briefing dedicated to Charlottesville, and asked if events in the city were associated with the alleged intervention of Russia. According to the deputy, Ray answered this question in the affirmative.

US urged Britain to withdraw from nuclear deal with Iran

The agreement implied that Iran would make a number of concessions on the issue of its nuclear program, the remaining parties to the deal would lift their sanctions against Tehran. In May this year, the US withdrew from the nuclear deal. US President Donald Trump repeatedly called this agreement “the worst deal.”


The destroyer of the US Navy Carney entered the Black Sea

The USS Carney USS destroyer entered the Black Sea to “carry out security operations and expand cooperation with partners and allies in the region.” The message is posted on Twitter to the 6th US Navy fleet.

Sales of Russian arms for the last three years have grown by 11%

The sales of Russian arms grow by about 11 percent per year. And this trend has been observed for the last three years. This was announced on Saturday, August 12, by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The Estonian military did not find a missile

The search for a missile, which was accidentally launched this week by a Spanish fighter over Estonia, did not end with success. The Estonian military, after checking the alleged place of the fall of the missile, found neither her nor the fragments.

Two-thirds of the air force personnel received combat training in Syria

Two-thirds of the flight and technical staff of the Russian Aerospace Forces received combat practice during the operation to combat terrorism in Syria. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu.

11 militants were eliminated in Iran

Servicemen of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran destroyed 10 militants of a terrorist group during a special operation. As reported by the press service of the IRGC, a clash occurred on the night before in the northwest of Iran in the province of Western Azerbaijan.

In Ukraine, a Russian was detained on suspicion of espionage

The Ukrainian military detained a Russian citizen who was shooting the position of the APU in the Donbass on his mobile phone. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the United forces of Ukraine

On the Caspian Sea, the deployment of foreign military bases was banned

During the Caspian summit in the Kazakh city of Aktau, Iranian President Hasan Ruhani said that the participating countries had come to an agreement to ban the deployment of any foreign military bases in the region. The heads of the “Caspian Five” signed the corresponding document.

50 Taliban surrendered to the authorities together with the commander

50 militants led by the commander of the regional cell of the radical movement “Taliban” (recognized terrorist and banned in Russia) by Mullah Tufan surrendered to government troops in Badghis province in the west of Afghanistan, Xinhua reported citing the police

Upgraded Su-25SM will be delivered to the base of the Russian Federation Air Force in Kyrgyzstan

Up-to-date Su-25SM attack aircraft will be supplied to the Russian air base “Kant” located in Kyrgyzstan by the end of this year. This was reported on Sunday in the press service of the Central Military District (TsVO).

The first flight of the upgraded Tu-95MSM will take place in 2019

Tupolev signed a contract with the RF Ministry of Defense to create a deeply modernized strategic missile carrier Tu-95MSM, the first flight of which will take place at the end of 2019. On this Monday, August 13, said the company’s CEO Alexander Konyukhov

Turkey prepares for new operations in Syria

The last stage of preparations for new military operations in Syria is launched in Turkey, with a statement made by the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


In Moscow, the most feminine Forum will take place!

From 22 to 24 September in Moscow, an event of a new formation will take place, in which the main role is assigned to women. The company Prime Time Forums for the first time launches an event that is aimed at supporting women’s entrepreneurship.

Russian Women Forum 2018 is an opportunity to become even more beautiful, stronger, happier, to learn independence and honesty towards oneself. The mission of the Forum is to create an environment for harmonious development, inspiration and networking for women who are striving for self-realization and disclosure of their potential.

Matkapital for residents of the Far East proposed to increase by 30%

According to the minister, in order to support families with children in the Far Eastern Federal District, 150 thousand rubles should be paid for the birth of the first child, the maternity capital for residents of the region should be raised by 30%, and mortgage loans should be provided to such families.

The Ministry of Labor predicted a population explosion

The largest fertility rates in Russia by 2020 are expected in Tuva, Gorny Altai and Chechnya. This follows from the calculations of the Ministry of Labor, with which Izvestia got acquainted. In the country as a whole, the total fertility rate (number of children per woman) should rise to 1.65 by 2020

Tax bankrupt another contractor “Metrostroy”

Another contractor of JSC “Metrostroy” in Petersburg faces bankruptcy. With the corresponding claim to the CJSC “The Seventeenth Directorate of Metrostroy”, the tax service applied. This is reported on the website of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg.

The amount of claims is more than 96 million rubles. According to Metrostroy, the Seventeenth Department is one of the oldest mining organizations, it began work right after the war in October 1946, and since then has participated in the construction of 16 stations of the city subway, in particular, Vasileostrovskaya, Krestovsky Island “,” Prospekt Bolshevikov “and others

Supporters of the independence of Catalonia will be engaged in agitating tourists

Supporters of Catalonia’s independence are launching a new information campaign – they will try to convey to Catalonia’s guests their version of the turbulent political events that took place in the autonomous community over the past year.

One-bedroom apartments are slowly killing people

Accommodation in one-room apartments leads to physical and mental illnesses. This conclusion was made by medical specialists, the media reported. According to scientists, a person deprived of personal space, suffers from discomfort and a variety of psychosomatic ailments

Meeting against raising the retirement age was held in Samara

The previous rally in Samara against raising the retirement age was held on July 28. The bill “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Issues of Appointment and Payment of Pensions” was submitted by the Government to the State Duma on June 16 and adopted on first reading on July 19.

The number of volunteers in Russia has increased by one third since the beginning of 2018

The number of volunteers in Russia has increased by more than a third since the beginning of 2018 and has reached 11 million people, the head of the Directorate for the Year of Volunteer in Russia, Ksenia Razuvaeva, said at a meeting with participants of the Mashuk 2018 Youth Forum on Sunday.

Insurers want to limit the period of circulation for the payment of OSAGO

Insurance companies have come up with a radical way to deal with the autourists, who have been trying to confront for several years. They offered the Ministry of Finance to limit motorists: to enter a five-day period, during which it is necessary to inform the company about the insurance case for OSAGO, i.e., about the incident.

AliExpress massively blocks Russians for open disputes

Online store AliExpress began blocking accounts of Russian users for trying to deceive the Chinese vendors.


New Zealand will ban plastic bags

According to the channel, the refusal to use disposable plastic bags will be implemented in stages over the next year. This was announced by Prime Minister of New Zealand Jasinda Ardern and Assistant Minister of Environment Yujeni Sage on Friday.

We use hundreds of millions of disposable plastic bags, many of which eventually pollute our precious coastal and marine environment and cause serious harm to all kinds of marine life, all this with a real alternative for consumers and businesses. – Jasinda Ardern, New Zealand politician

On the Balearic Islands can prohibit cars on petrol and diesel engines

The regional government of Mallorca and other Balearic islands (Spain) can completely ban on its territory cars on petrol and diesel engines – this initiative is now being considered in the local parliament. It is assumed that from 2025 on the islands it will be impossible to buy a diesel car, and from 2035 – a petrol car.

In addition, all public transport in the Balearic Islands will be transferred to renewable energy sources (natural gas and electric motors). Also in the plans of the island authorities – to reduce the use of private transport from the current 55% to 35% by 2025.

According to the initiators of the reform, the Mediterranean islands as isolated territories are ideally suited for experiments on the transition to “green” technology.

The EU authorities also support the development of sustainable transport. By 2050, it is planned to reduce transport emissions of carbon dioxide in the EU by 60% compared with 2010.

In Slovakia, built an artificial island only for birds

In the Slovak nature park “Gornaya Orava” on Oravskaya dam an artificial island for birds will be built. It will be specially located away from the beaches, and tourists will be forbidden to come to the island and disturb its inhabitants.

This is the second artificial island for birds near the Oran Dam. At the first nest about 2 thousand pairs of birds (mostly waterfowl), and the management of the park decided to expand the successful project.

The island will be built in the winter of 2019-2020. Park “Mountain Orava”, where they intend to build a bird island, is part of the network of nature conservation zones in Europe Natura 2000.

ONF found in Kurgan a hazardous medical waste dump

Activists of the regional headquarters of the ONF found a pile of medical debris near two large medical institutions of the Kurgan. The waste is located in a metal hangar near the Kurgan hospital No. 2.

A field detachment of scientists will pass five hundred kilometers along the Amur Zeya

Over five hundred kilometers – from the sources of Zeya to the dam of the hydroelectric station – will be field detachment of scientists and tourists. The expedition includes 14 people, including members of the Russian Geographical Society and employees of Amur institutions of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Along the way, dozens of kilometers of local pedestrian exploration routes are supposed to study the natural conditions of the valley of the Zeya River and its environs.

In Moscow, a fourfold increase in the level of hydrogen sulfide

In the south-east of Moscow on the night of Sunday, August 12, the excess of hydrogen sulfide in the air was more than four times higher. This is evidenced by the data from the air measuring station on Guryanova Street, published on the website of the Mosekomonitoring.

“Photo-hunters” destroy lotus lakes in Primorye

In the Primorye Territory, a pilgrimage to lotus ponds began. The desire to get the cherished photo sometimes has a detrimental effect on the Red Book plants, RIA Vostok-Media reports.

The Baikal was contaminated with fresh faeces

Scientists of the Limnological Institute of the SB RAS have published studies of water in Lake Baikal, it turned out that the lake’s bays are contaminated with fresh feces, the press service of the Lake Baikal Foundation reports.


Horrors of CRIMEA beaches

Dozens of photos daily get to the network from residents and visitors of the peninsula. In addition to unsanitary conditions, the beaches of the Crimea have become “famous” for high prices, bans and garbage. The presence of the latter problem leads to a massive sea of marine life – not just fish, but even dolphins. Unpleasant smell, which is often often called by local and visitors, does not allow you to enjoy rest.

Thailand is called the most dangerous country for tourists

Analysts once again ranked the countries in which they most often resort to the use of insurance policy, the news and information community for tourists and travelers Newstraveller reports. The first place was taken by Thailand, in which 23% of insurance cases were registered.

Aeroflot will increase the number of flights to Phuket

Aeroflot will increase the number of flights to Phuket within the winter flight schedule, starting from October 28, 2018, the airline said. Additional flights will be carried out on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The first enogastronomic tour will take place in the Volgograd region

According to the press service of the Regional Agency for the Development of Tourism and Socio-Cultural Projects, gastronomic master classes, tastings, visits to one of the region’s largest vineyards and recreation in the picturesque corner of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain are organized for the participants of the six-hour tour.

“Enogastronomical tourism is one of the promising directions in the tourism industry of the region,” the press service of the Agency said. “At the moment, there are four grape production facilities in the Volgograd region – two in the Dubovskoye district and two in Sredneakhtubinsky.”

In Zheleznovodsk will be super-modern sanatorium

In Zheleznovodsk, a large sanatorium-and-spa complex will be built. By 2020, it will be built by a private investor. The construction of the facility is planned to spend 2 billion rubles

For tourists on the pass Dyatlova installed free residential modules

Until the end of August, on the route to the Djatlov Pass, the tour operator plans to install five more residential and three sanitary modules. Pass Djatlov – a pass in the North Urals between Mount Holatchahl (1,096 m) and the nameless height of 905

In Spain, a new reserve

In the northern part of Spain, a new reserve has appeared – the Ponga Natural Park, located in the south of the province of Asturias. The corresponding decision was made by the international coordinating council on the UNESCO program “Man and the Earth’s biosphere” (MAB), dealing with environmental problems. Thus, the number of natural parks in Spain reached 49, writes “Spain in Russian.”

The new Pong National Park is located on the mountain spurs of the Cantabrian Mountains at an altitude of 213 to 2142 meters. The forests of the park are inhabited by different kinds of animals, including the disappearing ones – the brown bear, the black grouse, the Eurasian wolf and the royal eagle. Track park routes are laid in the park, parking places are arranged.

Day of the volcano will be held in Kamchatka

From August 17 to August 19, a traditional holiday – the Day of the Volcano – will be held in the Kamchatka Territory. This is a great opportunity for tourists to safely climb the Avachinsky volcano, see the magnificent Kamchatka landscapes and learn more traditions and customs of the peoples of Kamchatka.

The Avachinsky volcano, 2741 meters in height, is located 30 kilometers north of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The inactive Kozelsky volcano is located 35 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky; the absolute height of its peak is 2190 meters.

In Poland there will be a costumed Parade Dachshund

On September 9, in Krakow in the south of Poland, the traditional Parade of Dachshunds (Marsz jamników) will take place. corr. Travel.ru. Thousands of dachshunds from different countries of the world with their owners will pass a colorful costumed procession from Barbican to Florian Street and gather in the central square (Rynek Główny). Parade dachshund, traditionally attracting the attention of tourists, this year will be held for the 23rd time.

The jury will select the winners in the contests for the longest, most beautiful and the most senior fee. It will be possible to take part in charitable actions of canine shelters.

In Venice, restricted traffic on the Grand Canal

The authorities of Venice decided to make the movement along the Grand Canal water safer, and therefore ban on the appearance of kayaks, kayaks, pedal boats and rowing boats in the canal. The ban will not affect the owners of waterways of Venice and the famous Venetian gondolas.

According to the Italian edition of The Local, rubber and other inflatable boats are banned on the Grand Canal and in the Cannaregio Canal completely, even if they belong to the Venetians.

A platform overlooking the cosmodrome Vostochny

A viewing platform, from which it will be possible to observe the flights of the rocket during the launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur Region, is being equipped in the Iversky zakaznik in the Svobodnensky district, according to the website of the regional government on Monday.

“Specialists of the Iversky zakaznik chose and marked a successful and very picturesque place for the future observation platform, and it is supposed that it will be admired with launches from the Vostochny cosmodrome,” the report says.

The Vostochny Cosmodrome is the first Russian civil cosmodrome. According to preliminary data, the next two launches from the cosmodrome are planned for December 2018

“The Seven Wonders of Dagestan”

Young marketers, designers and specialists in tourism developed the first national brand tourist route “Seven Wonders of Dagestan”.

The route will allow you to see the most important thing in the region, all objects of federal and international significance in it – the Sulak canyon (the deepest in Europe), the Samursky forest (the northernmost subtropical lian forest in the world), Naryn-kala (the oldest fortress in Russia). Different parts of the route will also be devoted to acquaintance with the culture of various ethnic groups living in Dagestan

“7 wonders of Dagestan” is the first brand route [for the republic], it will become a package from “A” to “I”, from meeting at the airport and onwards, “said Saad Kaziev, the head of the project” Visit Dagestan “.

It is assumed that the first group of tourists will travel along the developed route at the end of September 2018.

At the Exhibition of Economic Achievements will open an amusement park and a children’s technopark

“When you go to the territory of VDNKh, on the left side there is a huge space – there will be a big children’s park with modern, unique attractions, it’s a kind of Disneyland.” This year a very large landscape park will be built. only exhibition, but also historical, museum places for rest not only, probably, in Russia, but also in the world “, – the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said.

Bell ringing of Ancient Rus

Within the framework of the Russkoye Pole Festival in the Moscow Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve on August 18, an all-Russian bell chime will be held, which will demonstrate the diversity of Russian bell-ringing from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka in one day.

“Orthodox traditions are one of the main components of Russian culture and we are very pleased that bell ringers from all over the country have shown interest in the festival.” Bell ringing at Russkoye Pole promises to be impressive. “We invite everyone to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a big national holiday on August 18,” Vitaly Suchkov, head of the department for national policy and interregional relations of Moscow, told reporters.

In Tula, the tourist information center opened

In the center of Tula, the first information center for tourists started working. In the pavilion on Vosstaniya Square, guests of the Tula region will be able to get full information about the sights of the region, tourist routes, hotels, transportation and planned events.

In addition, in the information center tourists can buy a guest card of the Tula region, which allows you to save money when visiting museums and gives discounts in restaurants and hotels. At the info center there is also a gift shop offering products of local craftsmen and famous Tula gingerbread.

Another 5-star hotel appeared in Montenegro

On the peninsula of Lustica, in the newly built luxury tourist village of Luštica Bay, the first of the seven hotels of a luxury hotel complex was opened.

Hotel Chedi Luštica Bay is located on the beach, 11 kilometers from the airport of Tivat and 26 kilometers from the resort town of Budva. It offers guests 111 rooms, including a penthouse.

The hotel offers a private beach, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa with sauna and a panna. Chedi Luštica Bay has two restaurants and a bar, writes BalkanPro.ru. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. The cost of living in a new hotel – from 170 euros for double room per night.


The US decided to hit Russia in the oil sector

New sanctions against Russia, among other things, will affect “advanced” technologies in the oil and gas sector, from the import of which this sector depends, said the US State Department.

Zhirinovsky backed to seize the super profits of companies

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky supported the idea of the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov on seizing 500 billion rubles in the budget for additional revenues of metallurgical and petrochemical companies, as well as fertilizer producers. According to Zhirinovsky, this amount can even be increased.

Sberbank intends to provide legal entities about 63% of online services

Sberbank intends to provide legal entities about 63% of online services. This was announced on Saturday by the director of the Transaction business division of the credit institution Sergei Popov. The bank intends to achieve this indicator by the end of this year, RIA Novosti reported.

Top-managers of KB “Taatta” could withdraw from the bank 4.2 billion rubles

What kind of schemes the top managers used, the Central Bank does not specify, but notes that the credit institution lost capital worth more than four billion rubles. Recall, the bank “Taatta” lost its license on July 5 this year.

CNPC replaced Total in the Iranian project

The Chinese company CNPC has replaced the French company Total in the Iranian gas project “South Pars-11”.

In China, the volume of coal imports

In China, the demand for energy coal is growing at a fast pace, which is associated with anomalous heat and an increased level of electricity consumption; as a result, the country’s coal consumption record for 4.5 years is broken, reports Xinhua on August 11

The Ministry of Justice registered an order to raise gas prices for Gazprom

The Ministry of Justice registered an order to index wholesale prices for Gazprom gas for industry by 3.4%. The corresponding document is published on the portal of legal information.

The President of Bolivia signed a law on the development of a block of gas to Iguiguasu with an investment of $ 900 million

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales signed a law approving a contract for exploration and production on the gas block of Iniguasu in the south of the country with an investment of $ 899.8 million, ABI reported.

The damage from drought in Germany exceeded 1 billion euros

The authorities of the regions will present their assessments at a meeting with the federal authorities, which will be held on August 13 in Berlin. Heat lasted in several regions of Germany for more than a month. Because of the prolonged heat, a drought started, which hit hard on agricultural producers.

Sberbank Investments received 10% of Mikhailovsky GOK

Sberbank Investments received 10% of Mikhailovsky GOK. Funds from the transaction will be used to repay the loan to the bank. The completion of the transaction is reported on the Mikhailovsky GOK page on the information disclosure server (Interfax).

The WTO has considered a gas dispute between Russia and the European Union

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has recognized as fair the claims of the Russian side to the European Union regarding the third energy package. At the same time, the Arbitration Court supported only three of Russia’s six complaints

In particular, the WTO recognized illegal restrictions on the supply of gas from Russia via the Opal gas pipeline, including a 50 percent utilization of its capacity, Nation News reported. Also, according to the court’s decision, it is impossible to give advantages to infrastructure projects, and also to award them a special status if they aim at supplying gas not from Russia. The WTO recognized the norms of certification of foreign gas transmission networks in several countries – Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia.

The pledge of Rosneft was arrested

Since 2017, Crystallex has insisted on the seizure of PdVSA assets as security measures. The reason for the suit of the Canadian company was the fear that 49.9% of the shares of Citgo will go to Rosneft: its structure Rosneft Trading received in 2016 this share as collateral for a loan to Venezuela for $ 1.5 billion.

“Belaruskali” signed a memorandum on the supply of potash fertilizers to China

The Belarusian Potash Company (BPC, trader Belaruskaliya) signed a memorandum on the supply of granular potash fertilizers with the Chinese corporation Sinochem

VEB to close the “daughter” in Ukraine

“Vnesheconombank” is going to close “Prominvestbank”, its “daughter” in Ukraine, Kommersant reports referring to an interlocutor in the state corporation and a person close to the Ukrainian bank.

Insurers reach for retirement money

As it became known to Kommersant, the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS) appealed to the Central Bank with a proposal to equalize the rights of insurance companies and non-state pension funds (APFs) in terms of admission to individual pension capital (PKI) of citizens.

Insurers want to get into this system in 2020 at the stage of IPC formation and get a license to carry out pension activities, which would give them access to 2.6 trillion rubles. accumulated now in the APF. The funds themselves are skeptical of the WBU initiative, saying that insurers will not have enough experience in the pension sector.

The coal plot in Kuzbass is put up for a tender for 620 million rubles

Sibnedra announced an auction for the right to explore and produce coal and germanium at the site “Uskovsky-2” in the south of the Kemerovo region. As stated in the materials of the tender, the starting price for the sale of the license is set at 620.3 million rubles.


Angelina Jolie was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “mental disorder.” Under the supervision of doctors, the star will stay about two weeks, her treatment led to the suspension of the filming of the film “Malyphisent-2”, reports The Hollywood Life

Buzova, Chekhova, Baranovskaya and other colleagues supported Rita Dakota

August 11 Rita Dakota shared in Instagram news, which Internet users are discussing for the second day. The 28-year-old singer reported that she was leaving her husband because of his many changes.

The news that Reed Dakota divorced Vlad Sokolovsky, shocked not only the admirers of the singer, but also her stellar colleagues. Despite the artist’s request not to disturb her with messages and calls, many representatives of the domestic show-biz expressed their support.

Laima Vaikule unequivocally does not go to Crimea

Because of the words of the singer there was a terrible noise. The head of the Crimean public chamber, Grigory Ioffe, said that in the near future Vaikule can be included in a certain “Crimean dossier”, this is a kind of list of people who do not support the entry of the peninsula into the Russian Federation.

I am far from politics, but I can say with certainty about the Crimea – I will not go there, whatever fee I was offered. – Laima Vaikule, singer

Matilda wants to leave Sergei Shnurov penniless

Sources of the publication “Interlocutor” are sure – the divorce of the Cord and Matilda is connected with the betrayal of his wife. Allegedly Elena Brain still in the last year was in bed with another, but then the couple managed to hush up this business and continue the family life.

Insiders argue that Matilda in the spring of 2018 went to a psychological training in Paris. There she was told about personal growth and other interesting things, after which the Brainstormer – Sergey Shnurov for her a heavy load, pulling both to the bottom. Returning to Russia, the woman allegedly categorically stated – “Divorce!”.

This step was not spontaneous, as Brain managed to prepare the necessary papers. They say that after a divorce, the wife gets 90%, and the famous musician – the remaining 10%

Tata Blumenkrantz is filing for divorce

The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Tata Blumenkrantz told that she is filing for divorce with her husband Valery. The man, apparently, threw beauty and a child. Fans of the Blumenkrantz family, bound by marriage after participating in the “House-2”, have long suspected of problems with lovers

Andrei Merzlikin became the headliner of the film festival in Vyborg

The 26th annual film festival “Window to Europe” was opened in Vyborg with a traditional festive procession of movie stars, guests of the event, as well as residents of the city. Andrei Merzlikin made his own small show in the course of the marching movement.

Milan Kerzhakova sees no meaning in life

The wife of ex-football player Aleksandr Kerzhakov Milan, who previously confessed to drug addiction, said she did not see any more meaning in life. Now the daughter of Senator Tulipova is resting on Samui.

Ida Galich will become the leading “Revizorro”

A bright and charismatic blogger said in her microblogging that she is preparing to become co-host of Nastasya Samubrskaya in the scandalous show “Revizorro.” Galich, who has already managed to prove that she has a sense of humor, wit and assertiveness, according to many, is ideally suited for this role

Father Megan Markle was forbidden to make a speech at the wedding

The man thought that he was still invited, because it was part of the ceremony. Thomas Markle admitted that he really wanted to make a speech at the wedding, but he was even banned from attending.

On LiveFest Zemfira recalled Sochi incident 10 years ago

The organizers did not have any spare generators. Zemfira had to work in complete darkness, with non-sounding instruments without a microphone. Then she was very upset and confessed to reporters that her legs would not be here any more.

Foreign Ministry invited Shnurov to give a concert in Serbia

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova invited the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov to make a concert in Serbia. Earlier she visited the famous trumpet festival in the city of Gucha within the framework of the working visit.

Grebenshchikov praised the work of singer Monetochka

Soloist of the group Aquarium Boris Grebenshchikov in an interview with Metro spoke positively about the work of Monetochka, a young Russian singer, whom he singled out among all contemporary performers.

Something like something, something not very. I heard a few of her songs, very well done; I congratulate her producers and her. – Boris Grebenshikov, singer

Throw a song, shoot a movie for adults

After Kanye West’s recognition that the musician continues to watch Pornhub and other pornographic channels, Greg Lansky, who is considered Steven Spielberg of the film industry for adults, invited him to retrain from the viewer to the director. In a letter that TMZ promulgated, Kanye promised full artistic freedom in the creation of his film. On the reaction of the rapper on this proposal so far nothing is known.

StarTrack actors refused to appear in the new part of the film

Actors Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth refused to appear in the fourth part of the sci-fi movie “Star Trek”.

Dwyane Johnson compared Thor to an Australian corrupt woman

Recall that in 2018, viewers could see Chris Hemsworth in the role of Thor in the film “The Avengers 3: The War of Infinity”, which became the highest-grossing film project of the year, collecting in the global box office more than two billion dollars.

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley set the date for the wedding

Hollywood actor and model “Victoria’s Secret” will arrange a grandiose party. Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will finally play a wedding soon. As the reporters of the foreign press learned, the bride and groom recently appointed a date for the celebration.


In 2019, Russians will be forced to abandon Android-smartphones

It became known that in 2019 the inhabitants of Russia want to transfer from Android-smartphones to devices with a domestic operating system. The reason for this decision is political problems between the US and Russia

WhatsApp will allow special services to correspond with their users

In the messenger WhatsApp will stop using end-to-end encryption of user correspondence, such information shared portal Akket. It turns out that the special services will have access to all users’ correspondence.

AR-advertising of cosmetics will appear in Instagram

In the social network Instagram soon there may be a special advertising for cosmetics. Widely presented products of well-known brands Lancome, NYX, Yves Saint Laurent and Urban Decay. Advertisements will be launched in the format of augmented reality.

The new bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with NFC goes on sale in September

The first to go on sale is the usual Mi Band 3, and the bracelet with the NFC module will be available in September. It is reported that it has already been successfully tested and ready for sales. Mi Band 3 NFC was tested as a means of paying for travel in various transport – buses, ferries and taxis.

Google will make life easier for many celebrities

Google has launched a new service Cameos. With its help, celebrities can themselves give users video responses to questions about their personal lives.

MacBook can be hacked using a USB-C charging cable

The specialist demonstrated the hacking of the MacBook using a USB-C charging cable. According to him, any device that has such an interface can not be considered safe. Despite all the efforts of electronic equipment manufacturers, it is still not possible to eliminate all threats.

To Russia will bring a cheap button phone Xiaomi

In Russia, the sales of the Xiaomi button phone are expected. The novelty has a catchy appearance, modern technical equipment and extensive functionality. The cost of the basic version of the gadget does not exceed 1150 rubles.

Asus has updated the laptop ZenBook Pro 15 UX550

ZenBook Pro 15 UX550 received a six-core processor Core i7-8750H (2,2-4,1 GHz) – this is included in the average configuration Pro 15 UX580. Otherwise, the characteristics of the ZenBook Pro 15 UX550 have not changed: the laptop is still offered with a GeForce 1050 Ti GPU, 16 GB of RAM, an SSD and a 4K screen.

Inno3D introduced iChill DDR4 memory for gaming systems

The company Inno3D, a well-known supplier of graphics accelerators, announced a new product – DDR4 memory modules under the iChill brand, designed for gaming desktop computers. It is reported that the family will include products with a capacity of 4, 8 and 16 GB.

Samsung has created a memory card for smartphones of a record volume

Most recently, Samsung surprised everyone by presenting a smartphone called Galaxy Note 9 to the public, which received advanced technical equipment, as well as as much as 512 GB of permanent flash memory, that is, a very large volume, which will be completely difficult to fill.

Gigabyte is preparing 12 motherboards on the Intel Z390 chipset

In October of this year, processors Intel Core ninth and motherboards based on the Intel Z390 chipset should be on sale. In recent weeks, the network is increasingly flashing the corresponding rumors, and today’s leak is devoted to the Gigabyte system boards.

Smart-clock Gligo with the screen E-Ink promise six months of battery life

The latter is based on electronic paper E-Ink, which consumes very little energy. A battery charge of 100 mAh capacity is claimed to last for six months of battery life (up to two years if the screen is not used).

Brand L’Oréal launched “fitting room” with cosmetics in Facebook

The application was created by the beauty company using augmented reality. As it became known, the social network Facebook and the brand L’Oréal cooperate for the sake of new technologies and the application is not commercial in nature.

Google Ads will allow you to use three headlines in text ads

Until the end of August, Google Ads advertisers will be able to add a third title and a second description to text ads. The number of characters in the description will thus increase to 90 characters. Adaptive search ads will begin to support three more languages in September, in addition to English.

The Lenovo Yoga C930 laptop-transformer is being prepared for release

The new laptop-transformer Lenovo Yoga C930 is estimated by the manufacturer in 1600 euros. It will be equipped with a 14-inch screen with the ability to deploy it almost 360 degrees. The new Lenovo Yoga C930 does not come bundled with the proprietary Active Pen pen to work on the 4K touchscreen.

Eight-core Intel processors will be available from October 1

The source says nothing about the after-the-night announcement, but claims that the sale of the CPU Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K will appear on October 1. Recall, the other models of the Core 9000 line will be released only at the beginning of next year.


Computer game helped teenagers develop empathy

A group of 34 teenagers were invited to play a game, the main task of which was to determine the emotions on the face of the newcomer. They tried to accurately guess the depicted mood. So, the children gave this lesson about 70 minutes a day, and the experiment was conducted for two weeks

Scientists have created artificial wood, resistant to acid

Scientists have created artificial wood, which is resistant to acid. The chemical composition and structure are almost identical to the present, but the development is several times better against the fire and is able to withstand the effects of water and acid.

In the United States approved the first drug based on RNA interference

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for the first time a medical product based on RNA interference, the agency said. With its help, patients with this diagnosis will be able to fight with polyneuropathy, impaired peripheral nerves

RNA interference is a mechanism for the destruction of foreign double-stranded RNA, which is present in all nuclear organisms (plants, animals, fungi).

Japanese engineer created a robot with the appearance of a 10-year-old boy

TechCrunch reports that the Japanese developer of robotic systems Hiroshi Ishiguro created an android robot that looks like a 10-year-old child. He is able to accurately replicate the facial expressions of a person’s face. Ishiguro is a very famous engineer in the field of robotics.

Nanomagnets themselves assembled into spin memories

Magnetic memory elements with transfer of spin moment belong to the class of nonvolatile memory devices, and allow to record quickly and with very little energy consumption, while you can rewrite information in them almost infinitely many times.

Scientists have kept supercooled water liquid for a hundred days

Scientists in the course of the research succeeded in keeping the supercooled water in a liquid state for 100 days. By means of the proposed approach, it becomes possible to increase the volume of liquid and its storage period under the condition of low temperatures.

A “center of pessimism” has been discovered in the human brain

Neuron magazine published a study of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who found the brain department responsible for pessimism.

The complexity of speech of primates associated with the size of the cortex of the brain

A team of scientists from the University of New York in Stony Brook (USA) and the University of England Raskin (United Kingdom) analyzed the ratio of the cortex of non-human primates and the size of their speech apparatus. Biologists found a strict correlation.

The first six-dimensional beam measurement in the particle accelerator

A team of researchers led by the University of Tennessee in Knoxville conducted a measurement in the test room of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) using a copy of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). Details of the study are published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Created a platform for the destruction of cancer cells

Scientists have shown for the first time that a hybrid nanomaterial based on magnetite-gold particles can serve as a universal platform for detecting cancer cells anywhere in the body and targeting drugs to these cells.

Ability to spatial thinking have been associated with the country of residence

Physicians and neuroscientists have found out that the capacity for spatial thinking differs from country to country: it was the most developed in high-income countries, particularly in Canada, Scandinavia, Australia and the USA

Scientists: The first people were ruined by laziness

Right-wing people have died out because of laziness, scientists from the National University of Australia in Canberra believe. The first representatives of our family did not invest much effort in the manufacture of tools.

The pale glow between galaxies can be a sign of dark matter

Light pale tone between galaxies can be a sign of the presence of dark matter. It manifests itself through gravity, permeating galactic clusters, without interacting with ordinary matter

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