23 Mar, 2018

The results of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia in 2017

Minister Alexander Novak noted that the fuel and energy complex has retained a key role in the country’s economy. In 2017, the share of the fuel and energy complex in the gross domestic product increased by 0.6% to 22.6%, the share of oil and gas revenues in the federal budget increased by 3.6% and amounted to 39.6%, the share of the fuel and energy sector in exports increased by 0.7% % and amounted to 58.9%.

The production of oil and gas condensate in Russia in 2017 decreased by 0.1% compared to the level of 2016 and amounted to 546.8 million tons. This reduction is due to the fulfillment by Russia of the terms of the agreement of the OPEC + countries on the reduction of oil production. Nevertheless, Russia has maintained the first place in the world for oil production with a share of 12.4% in 2017.

The minister also noted that the agreement of the OPEC + countries had a significant economic effect, as a result of which the federal budget received 1.2 trillion rubles.

In 2017, 55 oil fields were commissioned in Russia. At the same time, the minister singled out the Lodochnoe, Tazovskoye fields and the Ergin oil and gas cluster.
Capital investment of vertically integrated oil companies in oil production increased by 9.9%, to 1.33 trillion rubles.

The penetration of production drilling was 27.6 thousand km, which is 11.2% more than in 2016. Including penetration by horizontal drilling increased by 28.1%, to 11.2 thousand km.

In 2017, 1,225 km of main oil pipelines were commissioned.

Alexander Novak called the adoption of a tax law depending on the economic efficiency of field development (NDM), the approval of a general scheme for the development of the oil industry, and further work related to the increase of CINs as the most important tasks for the year 2018 in the oil industry.

The head of the Ministry of Energy told that on March 30 the State Duma will consider the draft law on NDM.

“We hope that the law will be adopted before the end of the political cycle,” the minister said.

Primary oil refining in 2017 decreased by 0.2% and amounted to 270 million tons. The production of motor gasoline increased by 0.3%, to 39.2 million tons, diesel fuel – by 2.2%, to 76.9 million tons.

The depth of oil refining increased in 2017 by 2.1%, to 81.3%. Six years ago – in 2011 – this figure was at the level of 70%.

In 2017, 129.2 billion rubles were invested in the modernization of oil refineries, and the accumulated volume of investments since 2011 exceeded 1.3 trillion rubles.

Of the 128 facilities envisaged by the plan for the modernization of oil refineries in 2011-2020, by the end of 2017, 78 have been commissioned and reconstructed.

“We have already passed more than half the way,” the minister commented on the situation. During the year of 2017, 6 new plants were commissioned, 2 more were reconstructed.

Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Energy, the head of Sberbank German Gref expressed concern about possible tax changes for the refinery.

“We have a great chance to become owners of a large number of refineries, because the first tax maneuver led to the fact that their profitability fell by half and all business plans for taking money flew away into tartaras.”

Alexander Novak replied that his ministry does not offer additional tax maneuvers.

“On the contrary, we are here, in this case, as an opponent of the proposals of the Ministry of Finance,” he stressed, and expressed his opinion about the inexpediency of innovations before the end of the modernization of all refineries, that is, not earlier than 2023.

The production of natural and associated gas in Russia in 2017 increased by 8% compared to the level of 2016 and amounted to 691.1 billion m3.

“We reached a record figure,” stressed the head of the Ministry of Energy.

Russia ranks second in the world in terms of gas production, behind the United States. Its share in world production is 18.5%.

Deliveries of Russian gas for export, including liquefied natural gas, in 2017 increased by 7.5% compared to the level of 2016 and amounted to 224.2 billion m3. Supplies to the domestic market grew by 2.5%, to 468 billion m3.

The gasification level of natural gas in 2017 increased by 0.9% and amounted to 68.1%. The Minister noted that in recent years the gasification rate has been increasing by about 1% per year.

The consumption of natural gas as a motor fuel increased by 11.1%, to 600 million m3. The exchange trade in gas was developing.

“The volume of exchange trade in 2017 increased by 20%, and if in 2014 this figure was zero, today 20 bcm of gas is sold on exchange trades,” Alexander Novak noted.

The most important result of the gas industry in 2017, the minister called the introduction of the first stage of the Yamal-LNG plant with a capacity of 5.5 million tons per year.

Briefly about the main …..


There is no more convincing explanation of the responsibility of Russia

British Prime Minister Teresa May, on the margins of the European Council in Brussels, provided French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel with updated information on the chemical attack in Salisbury, for which all three policies are responsible for Russia.

According to the official press release of the British premier’s office, May said that British experts from the scientific center of the Royal Defense Ministry in Porton Down managed to identify a chemical substance “used as part of the group of nerve agents” Novice. ”

The British prime minister also stressed that Russia had previously produced these substances. May also pointed out “the history of Russia in the field of state-sponsored contract killings” and London’s position that the Russian Federation “treats defectors as legitimate targets for elimination.”

“Britain, Germany and France again agreed that there is no more convincing explanation of what happened than Russia’s responsibility,” the press release said.

European leaders also agreed on the need to “send a strong message from the EU in response to Russia’s actions” and “stay in close contact in the near future.”

The European Union recalls the ambassador from Russia in connection with the “Skripal case”

Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Leven said after the talks of the leaders of the EU countries in Brussels that the summit decided to withdraw the EU ambassador to Russia.

“We decided to recall the EU ambassador to Russia,” the press service of the European Council said.

China can impose duties on a number of imported goods from the US

China plans to introduce duties on a number of imported goods from the US. The corresponding decision of the PRC authorities is explained by the need to compensate losses due to the duties imposed by the US authorities on aluminum and steel

Trump reported on the resignation of McMaster’s national security adviser

President of the United States Donald Trump announced the resignation of the national security adviser Herbert McMaster, his place will be taken by former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. Trump wrote about this on his Twitter.

I am pleased to announce that, beginning on April 9, 2018, John Bolton will be my new national security adviser. I am very grateful for the service to General McMaster, who has done an outstanding job and will forever remain my friend. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

“Classmates” supported the media boycotting the State Duma

The social network “Odnoklassniki” supported the boycott of journalists against the State Duma and promised to support the media, which in whole or in part announced a boycott.

Nadezhda Savchenko was detained in Ukraine

Earlier on Thursday the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine appealed to the Rada with a request to deprive Savchenko of immunity and to consent to bringing her to criminal liability. The office suspects the deputy of preparing a terrorist attack in the parliament building and a coup d’état.

The US initiated an investigation into the Kalashnikov plant in Florida

The US federal authorities have launched an investigation into the plant in Florida, which produces Kalashnikov assault rifles (AK-47).

The British court allowed to send blood tests to the Fanciers at the OPCW

The British court ruled that doctors can provide the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) with blood tests of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter, who were poisoned by an unknown substance in early March in Salisbury, the Associated Press reported.

In Venezuela, defiled the statue of Chavez, created by the Russian sculptor

Demonstrators defiled a monument to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who created the Russian sculptor Sergei Kazantsev. This was reported by Denny Frias – a distant relative of the ex-head of state. It is a question of a granite monument in Sabanet, the hometown of Chavez

Latvia’s Seimas approve transfer of schools to state language

The Latvian Seimas adopted in the third and final reading the law on the transfer of instruction in all schools into the state language. As the Latvian media reported, the amendments were supported by 58 deputies, 18 voted against, there were no abstentions. For the reform to come into force, the law should be approved by the president.

EU summit called on Turkey to stop illegal activities in foreign waters

The leaders of the European Union appealed to the Turkish authorities to stop illegal actions in the waters of Cyprus and Greece.

The US House of Representatives approved the allocation of $ 620 million to Ukraine

It is noted that Ukraine will be allocated not less than 420.7 million dollars, Georgia – not less than 105.3 million. Also, the Pentagon is allowed to allocate $ 200 million for military aid to Kiev. Further, the bill must be considered and approved by the US Senate.

Prosecutors in the US withdrew charges from 11 guards of President Erdogan

Federal prosecutors in the US withdrew charges from 11 members of the security service of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, put forward in connection with the riots during the visit of the Turkish leader to the United States in 2017. The Wall Street Journal writes this with reference to sources.

Finland is ready to organize a meeting between Putin and Trump

Finland expressed its readiness to organize a meeting between US and Russian presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Relevant information leads Gazeta.Ru with reference to RIA Novosti. According to him, Finland will be very pleased to provide such an opportunity

In Italy, fired a cafe employee, who called the “racist” candidate for the premiere

Owners of the ice cream parlor in Milan fired her for refusing to serve the leader of the political party “League”, the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini, calling him “racist”.

Poland reduced reparation claims against Germany from $ 850 to $ 550 billion

The head of the commission of the Polish Sejm on reparations, Arkadyush Mulyarchik, said during a speech in parliament that Germany should pay Poland more than $ 543 billion in compensation for damage caused during the Second World War, the Polish PAP news agency reported on Thursday.

Japan is also waiting for exemption from US steel duties

Japan exports about 2 million tons of steel products per year to the United States. This is only about 5% of the total steel exports in Japan, but the metallurgists of the country are deeply concerned that US tariffs can induce reciprocal actions and provoke a trade war.

Donald Trump gave advice to a 25-year-old

President of the United States Donald Trump would recommend to himself at the age of about 25 years not to attempt to achieve election to the post of head of state. Thus, he spoke before the participants of the forum of young voters in the White House on Thursday, March 22

The future appearance of the four islands

Japan – against the involvement of third countries in economic activities in the Kurile Islands, since investments in this case will be carried out “on the basis of the Russian system.” And Japanese delegations can not “freely visit the islands” because of “divergence in legal matters.”

Nevertheless, the prospect of signing a peace treaty with Russia is worth continuing negotiations. This is the opinion of the head of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Yasushi Masaki, with whom the correspondent of Kommersant Mikhail Korostikov spoke the day after the meeting in Tokyo of the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, Sergei Lavrov and Taro Kono.


FAS suspected “R-Pharm” and the Ministry of Health in collusion

In R-Pharm, the publication was told that the company did not receive information from the FAS on any violations, and never discussed “the possibility of granting any preferential conditions for participation in public procurement of drugs with either the Ministry of Health or any other state customer ”

The runet revealed a monopoly

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) reported that it filed a lawsuit against the Coordination Center for the National Domain of the Internet (CC) and Technical Center Internet (TCI) – they set monopolistically high prices when registering domain names in the .ru or .rf zones.

ROC released a comic book with the Layfaks about the church

The Vyborg Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church issued a manual for children and young people on how to behave in the church and prepare for the sacraments of Orthodoxy. A manual entitled “The Technique of Spiritual Security” was issued in the form of comic books and published in 1,000 copies, the Online47.ru portal reported March 22.

Siluanov called ways to increase health financing

The RF Ministry of Finance proposes to increase spending on health by redistributing expenditures within the budget, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

We also believe that it is necessary to redirect the assistance to the needy, as the task was set in the message. Because today the old, largely Soviet principles for the distribution of financial assistance are still preserved – all in slightly. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs have refused idea of automatic prolongation of a driving license

As reported by the TASS agency with reference to the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior, Irina Volk, the agency does not plan to implement the initiative to automatically renew the driver’s license. An obstacle for this is a medical certificate, which is required to obtain a certificate.

The cost of travel on the highway M-11 from Moscow to St. Petersburg is named

The fare on the route M-11, leading from Moscow to St. Petersburg, after putting the road into operation will be about 2 thousand rubles for cars. This was reported by the head of Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh.

The incomes of Russians in 2018 will grow by 6%

According to the Institute of Economic Forecasting (INP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the incomes of the population of Russia in 2018 in real terms will increase by 6%.

The Russians will be able to enter Albania without visas from April 1

In addition to Russia, citizens of Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Georgia, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, China and Bahrain will also be able to visit the Albanian territory upon presentation of the passport. Note that the authorities annually revoke visas for Russians for the period of the tourist season

Social pensions in Russia will grow from April 1

The document posted on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, says that “the signed decree affirms the index of indexing social pensions from April 1, 2018 in the amount of 1,029”.

We do this by law every year. The document affirms the size of the coefficient, on which pensions are raised. Now we are sending about 10 billion rubles for these purposes. The indexation itself will affect about four million people. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation will announce a new state program of children’s medicine

According to the statement of the head of the Ministry of Health of Russia Tatyana Yakovleva, in the near future a new state program on improving children’s medicine will be adopted
One of its tasks is improving the outpatient level, equipping and repairing medical facilities.

“We are now doing state programs, where there will be oncology, where there will be cardiovascular diseases and childhood, where there will be children’s polyclinics and children’s hospitals,” said Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Tatyana Yakovleva.

The Ministry of Health is also preparing a program for the renovation of secondary level children’s hospitals.

The State Duma responded to a media boycott

The State Duma stopped accrediting journalists from several media outlets who had expressed their unwillingness to work with the parliament after the decision of the ethics commission, which found no violations in the conduct of MP Leonid Slutsky (three journalists accused him of harassment).

In the Duma refer to the rules of accreditation, according to which it can be withdrawn by the decision of the media.

The media statements only referred to the recall of the journalists themselves. The head of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov, believes that the State Duma could not stop accrediting journalists without receiving appropriate appeals from media outlets.


Singer Love Uspensky was removed from the flight for a rowdy on board the plane

The famous singer Love Uspenskaya was removed from the Moscow-Omsk flight because of a brawl, which she arranged in the cabin of the plane. This is reported by the Federal News Agency. According to preliminary data, the reason for the scandal was the refusal of the flight attendant to allow Uspenskaya to take her dog to the salon.

Diana Gurtskaya frankly told about the cancer of the uterus

Diana Gurtskaya commented on the diagnosis of “cancer of the uterus” delivered to her by doctors.

According to the singer, first of all she thought about her son and about what his future will be like.

Prince Harry invited three former girls to his wedding

One of the most anticipated events of the year – the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle – is scheduled for May 19. Today it became known that among the guests of the celebration there will be three former prince girls, reports The Sun.

Journalist accused Zhirinovsky of harassment

The journalist of the “Present Time” Renat Davletgildeyev told about harassment from the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky on his Facebook page.

Another message from a representative of an incomprehensible information resource to us about a well-known politician and deputy of the State Duma, which again is an unfounded accusation. – Igor Lebedev, Russian politician

Panin’s daughter confessed that she was “going crazy” from her father’s persecution

The daughter of the scandalous Russian actor Alexei Panina Anna in social networks answered everyone who criticizes her father and advises her to live with her mother. She admitted that she was going crazy about the fact that the parents were stabbed in the media.

Celine Dion canceled the concerts because of hearing problems

Canadian singer Celine Dion canceled all concerts scheduled between March 27 and April 18 due to her health condition, according to the artist’s Facebook page.

Victoria Rydos named her son the Hebrew name

The witch became a mother in early March. Victoria Raidos and her family chose the name Zahar, it is translated as “the memory of God” or simply “man.” According to the star of the Battle of Psychics, she does not plan to sit in the decree for a long time.

Olga Buzova has launched a series about her life on YouTube

Behind the life and creativity of the 32-year-old celebrity is watched by a huge army of fans in social networks – more than 12.5 million people. Olga decided to open more for them the veil of her life and launched a series about her everyday life on YouTube.

39-year-old Flyer looks older than 55-year-old Dapkunaite

Subscribers have criticized the “tetkinsky” style of the TV presenter, because of which she began to look older than the 55-year-old actress, writes the site Dni.ru

Fans of Angelina Jolie are alarmed by her thinness

Seeing his idol, the fans began to worry about her health due to serious thinness. Angelina Jolie was walking through Los Angeles with her daughters Zahara and Vivienne. The girls were dressed lightly enough, and the famous mother put on a black laconic coat below the knees.

Nicole Kidman divorces her husband after 12 years of marriage

According to acquaintances, Urban complains of control and jealousy on the part of Kidman. The actress complains about the addiction of her husband and suspects him of a novel with a young singer

Gauguin Solntsev told about his relationship with his 70-year-old sweetheart

It is assumed that the lady has solid financial capabilities and has connections in the right circles. Recall earlier we reported that the love of Gauguin Solntseva and his elderly beloved do not give a rest to tourists in the Dominican Republic

Volochkova was criticized for the vulgar make-up of his 12-year-old daughter

Anastasia Volochkova repeatedly faced with the negative of the public, who criticized her images, clothes and famous twine. After the publication in the account of the ballerina in the Instagram star got from the followers for the vulgar make-up of her 12-year-old daughter Ariadne

Irina Sheik congratulated her “Tatar sister” on her birthday

The Russian model Irina Sheik congratulated her close friend Inga Rubinstein on her birthday. The record appeared on her personal page in Instagram

In the series “The Big Bang Theory” will be a new character

Producers found the actor for the role of a new character in the series “The Big Bang Theory.” In the 11th season in the sitcom will be the brother of the protagonist Sheldon Cooper named Georgie. Will play his American Jerry O’Connell, reports Deadline.

The final trailer of “Deadpool 2” appeared on the network

In the network appeared the final trailer of the picture “Deadpool 2”. The video is published on YouTube channel 20th Century Fox Russia on Thursday, March 22nd.

The largest statue of Godzilla in Japan appeared in Tokyo

A new statue of Godzilla appeared at one of the shopping centers in Tokyo, Kyodo reports. The height of the monster is three meters, including the platform. It is said to be the largest statue of Godzilla in Japan.

The teaser of the film “The Ultimate” is published

Youtube portal published a teaser video of the movie “The Ultimate”. The main roles in the tape were played by Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg.

Konchalovsky will finish work on a film about Michelangelo in the summer

Famous Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky intends to finalize the creation of a film about Michelangelo Buonarroti in the summer of 2018. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the director.

The actor from the “Game of Thrones” told about the new series with his participation

British actor Harry Lloyd, known for the series “Game of Thrones”, spoke about the new television project “Double” with his participation, reports kp.ru. In this show for the channel Starz, he played director of the conspiratorial Berlin UN agency Peter Quayle

Thor will be reunited with Valkyrie in the spin-off “People in Black”

Actress Tessa Thompson, who played Valkyrie in the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, was invited to the spin-off “The Men in Black”, where the actor of the role of Thor Chris Hemsworth also starred.

Harrison Ford is not afraid to play Indiana Jones at 77 years old

In April 2019, Steven Spielberg will come to England to remove a fifth of the “Indiana Jones”, the US and world press reported earlier this week. The film should be released on July 10, 2020. The main role will play the permanent Harrison Ford. During the filming he turns 77 years old.

Alicia Vikander and Riley Kio will fall into a love triangle

The plot will tell about a young American woman who moved to the Japanese capital together with her boyfriend. In Tokyo, she gets an affair with a local photographer and falls into a passionate love triangle. But unexpectedly her boyfriend goes missing, and the heroine becomes the main suspect in the murder

VKontakte launches contest for young musicians

In mid-May, the organizers will select 15 performers and launch a vote to determine who is worthy of performing at VK Fest. It is known that the music festival will be held on July 28 and 29 in St. Petersburg. For two days we will perform a few dozen popular artists.

The media reported on a new personnel change in “VIA Gre”

The media told about a new personnel change in the staff of VIA Gra. From the composition of the musical group comes Misha Romanova.

Nina Shatskaya will give a concert with the symphony orchestra

In the theater “Russian Song” Honored Artist of Russia Nina Shatskaya will perform accompanied by a symphony orchestra. A distinctive feature of the work of singer Nina Shatskaya is the unusual interpretation of traditional works, the synthesis of different genres.

55 years ago the album The Beatles “Please Please Me” was released

March 22, 1963 – 55 years ago – in Britain, the album “Please Please Me” by the band The Beatles, which thirty weeks took the first line in the album chart, made the group popular and prepared it for the general Beatlemania.

The headliner of the Voronezh Platonovfest will be Lola Marsh

The band will perform world-famous hits. The headliner of the “Music of Peace in the White Well” at the Platonov Festival will be the Dream Pop group from Tel Aviv, Lola Marsh.

President of the state Kadebostany introduced his policy

In 2008, a new “geographic object” appeared on the music map – Kadebostany. The Swiss DJ and producer William Jeremiah immediately stated that it was not just a group, but a republic, proclaiming itself president

“Mordor” will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a big anniversary concert

The big anniversary concert of the group “Mordor” will take place in the club Red on December 1, 2018. On this day the collective will celebrate its 10th anniversary with its best songs created in the whole history

The music of “Mordor” for these ten years has not changed much. Is that in terms of the technique of the game the group reached a new level, – say the organizers


Army in Primorye received new BTR-82A

The Marine Corps Brigade of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) in Primorye has received about 20 armored personnel carriers of the new generation BTR-82A in the rearmament sector, in the near future the number of cars should double. This was reported by the official representative of the Pacific Fleet Captain second rank Nikolai Voskresensky.

In the US, they talked about contacts with Russia over Syria

The United States is in contact with Russia through conflict prevention channels in connection with the concentration of pro-Syrian forces near the positions of the coalition, a spokesman for the coalition against IG * led by the US Colonel Ryan Dillon

The Ministry of Defense: 16 aircraft conducted reconnaissance at the borders of Russia

The Ministry of Defense of Russia stated that during a week 16 aircraft conducted aerial reconnaissance along the country’s borders. This is reported by the “Red Star”.

Pentagon: Russia and China are a growing threat

Russia and China are an ever-increasing threat to the security of the United States and its allies. This statement was made by the deputy head of the Pentagon on political issues John Rood

The Foreign Ministry reported on the sending of Russian military to the CARs

“With the knowledge of this Committee, 5 military and 170 Russian civilian instructors are also sent there to train servicemen of the CARs,” the report says. The Foreign Ministry stressed that the assistance of the CAR is in accordance with the UN Security Council sanctions against this country.

Russian authorities plan to cut defense spending

According to the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Russia’s defense budget will be reduced, in 5 years it is planned to spend less than 3% of GDP on defense purposes. This Peskov told in an interview with RT

US to sell anti-tank guided missiles to Saudi Arabia

The US State Department approved the potential sale of anti-tank guided missiles to Saudi Arabia for a total of $ 670 million. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Pentagon. In total, Riyadh has expressed a desire to purchase from Washington to 6696 US missiles TOW 2B.

Large-scale maneuvers involving the Yars complexes

More than three thousand servicemen of the Strategic Missile Forces and about 300 units of equipment will be involved in large-scale command post exercises with the Tagil missile compound, which will be held at the end of March, the Defense Ministry reported.

“In the course of the exercise, it is planned to develop an extensive list of tasks and introductory ones, including on bringing to the highest degrees of combat readiness, performing maneuvering operations on combat patrolling routes, countering diversionary formations, performing combat training tasks in conditions of active radioelectronic suppression in the areas of deployment of troops” , – was told in the defense department.

Air Force of Ukraine accused Russia of provocative actions

The command of the Ukrainian Air Force blamed the Russian Air Force for provocative actions and led to an increased combat readiness of the air defense system. This was reported by the press service of the department.

The Su-27 fighters of the Baltic Fleet conducted exercises over neutral waters

Martov stressed that the route of the squadron was carried out within the framework of international rules for the use of airspace.

Pilot of F-16 fighter killed in Turkey was killed

The pilot of the F-16 fighter of the Turkish Air Force, who crashed in the central part of the country, died, the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces said. Earlier it was reported that the F-16 fighter crashed during a training flight in Nevsehir province.


In the US, at the entrance to the airbase, a truck with propane exploded

The car, loaded with propane tanks, broke through the checkpoint of the main entrance of the Travis airbase in northern California. Soon after entering the territory of the base, the car crashed and caught fire. The driver of the car died on the spot

Head of the Antimonopoly Service of Dagestan detained in the case of a bribe

Head of the Department of Antimonopoly Service for Dagestan Kubasay Kubasayev became a figurant of the criminal case of receiving a bribe in the form of money, watches and guns worth 3 million rubles, said Svetlana Petrenko,

Moscow City Court approved the confiscation of property of the family Zakharchenko

On Thursday, March 22, the Moscow City Court found lawful and justified the decision of the first instance court to confiscate property and money of ex-colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko and his family

In the Novgorod region, the child was killed by a sawn wood

The issue of instituting criminal proceedings in connection with the death of a child in the Novgorod region is being resolved because of the fall of the felled tree, according to the Telegram channel of the Russian Federation.

“In the Novgorod region, the felled tree fell on a 7-year-old girl, who died of the injury, investigators are working on the site, and a procedural decision will be made on the results of the inspection,” the report said.

In the Ivanovo region, a girl on her head fell a brick from the roof of the school

Local media reported earlier that a piece of brick fell on the girl when she entered the school building, which resulted in her entering the hospital with concussion. In the UK establish all the circumstances of what happened. Based on the results of pre-investigation verification, a procedural decision will be made.

In Pokrov, teenagers beat a disabled peer

As reported in the press service of the regional SS, the incident took place in the evening of March 20. A 13-year-old disabled boy studying at the school on an individual program was brutally beaten by his peers. On the incident that same day the police reported his grandmother.

African dust covered the Greek island of Crete

The Greek island of Crete “blushed” because of the dust covered by it, brought from Africa. The sky over the island has turned orange-red, the atmosphere is suffocating, it is impossible to stay outside the premises for a long time.


Venezuelan President announced the currency denomination in the country

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the denomination of the national currency – bolivar. Since June 4, new samples of banknotes will be put into circulation in the country. “I decided to remove three zeros from the current money,” Mr. Maduro said on local television (quoted by Globovision).

I decided to remove the three zeros from the current money, replace the now-current bills and introduce new ones to guarantee the country’s economic stability. – Nicholas Maduro, Venezuelan statesman

Hong Kong Hang Seng collapsed 3.67% against the backdrop of Trump’s decision

The main index of the Hong Kong stock exchange Hang Seng fell 3.67% after the opening of trading against the backdrop of the decision of US President Donald Trump on the introduction of trade restrictions against China

The Ministry of Finance did not receive formal proposals to increase personal income tax

Deputy Finance Minister Volodymyr Kolychev said that the ministry had not seen any official proposals to raise the income tax rate (NDFL) in Russia, and the agency did not propose it.

“We, the Finance Ministry, have no such proposals”, – quotes “RIA Novosti” Mr. Kolychev.

“M.Video” will buy “Eldorado” for 45.5 billion rubles

The Russian company M.Video announced the purchase of Eldorado for 45.5 billion rubles. The company also convenes a general meeting of shareholders, which must approve the terms of the company’s purchase.

Mail.ru Group acquired eSports company

Russian technology company Mail.ru Group closed the deal to buy 100% of the shares of the cyber-sporting holding ESforce, Vedomosti reports. The Internet company is going to fully consolidate ESforce. The sellers were businessman Anton Cherepennikov and Highland Falls Investment.

Tax authorities have claimed NCSP claims for 9.6 billion rubles

PJSC Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP) received on March 7 an act of tax audit for 2014-2015, following which the company was presented with claims for non-payment of taxes for a total amount of 9.6 billion rubles, including penalties, NCSP reports.

“Gazprom” filed an appeal against the court’s decision under the contract with “Naftogaz”

Gazprom applied to the Appeal Court of Svea County (Sweden). The company is seeking a partial cancellation of the Stockholm arbitration award in the dispute with Naftogaz Ukrainy in the dispute over the gas supply contract

The net profit of Petrochina grew almost threefold in 2017

Net profit of the Chinese oil and gas company Petrochina, rose in 2017 2.9 times compared to the indicator of 2016 and amounted to 22.798 billion yuan ($ 3.6 billion), according to a company release. The company’s revenue increased during the reporting period by 24.7% – to 2.016 trillion yuan ($ 318.4 billion).

This year in Kuzbass will start the concentrating factory

Until the end of 2018, a new enrichment plant will start operating in the Kemerovo region. Its capacity will be 3 million tons of processing. Investments in its creation are estimated at 2 billion rubles.

Export of Sakhalin LNG in January-February 2018 increased by 2.5 times

Sakhalin Customs in January-February 2018 issued 5 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced at the Sakhalin-2 project, which is 2.5 times higher than in the same period last year. This was announced on Thursday by the press service of the department

NOVATEK wins auction at the Pajutsky site on the Gydan Peninsula

The license was issued for a period of 27 years, a one-time payment for the use of subsoil was determined at the level of 66 million rubles. The Paiety section is located next to other parts of NOVATEK on the Gydan Peninsula, where the company develops the Morning, Geophysical, Gydan, Storm and Ladertoy deposits

The profit of Repsol in 2017 increased by 22.2% – up to € 2.1 billion

Net profit of the Spanish oil and gas company Repsol grew by 22.2% in comparison with the previous year’s figure and amounted to € 2,121 billion, the company’s report says. Repsol’s revenue for the reporting period was € 41.668 billion, which is 20.1% more than a year ago.

FAS and the Ministry of Energy agreed on the position on gas sales of all producers on the exchange

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and the Energy Ministry agreed on positions to increase the sales volumes of Gazprom’s gas and independent producers on the exchange, the increase will be advisory, FAS head Igor Artemyev told journalists.

Accommodation of damage

The Russian economy in 2018 may lose $ 1-1.5 billion, which will attract projects with Russian roots to ICO, the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Block-Bone (RACIB) has calculated.

To save money in the economy, RKKIB suggests speeding up the legalization of these technologies. This will not stop the withdrawal of funds, market participants are sure, entrepreneurs will continue to strive for countries with preferential terms and predictable regulation.

Beer will be counted in 2020

Russian officials have not abandoned the idea to oblige small breweries to install counters for finished goods. The bill prepared by them requires that from January 1, 2020 all beer, mead, cider, and poare producers use such equipment, producing more than 25,000 decaliters per year.

The previously discussed threshold was 50 thousand decaliters. The installation of meters will be prohibitive for financial costs, representatives of small breweries believe.

Russia’s gold and foreign currency reserves grew by $ 200 million over the week

“Over the past week, Russia’s international reserves have grown by $ 200 million and on March 16 amounted to $ 455.4 billion compared to $ 455.2 billion on March 9,” the Central Bank of Russia

The Bank of England kept the base rate at 0.5%

The Bank of England left the benchmark interest rate at 0.5% per annum.

The Ministry of Finance submitted amendments to soften the regime of foreign accounts

It is proposed to weaken the reporting regime for foreign accounts of natural persons. Now Russians – owners of bank accounts abroad are obliged to submit to the tax authorities annual reports on the flow of funds on such accounts (deposits).


Instagram changed the approach to the publication of publications in the news line

The message says about the appearance of the button “New posts”. It works in a test mode and allows you to independently determine when they need to update the news feed. Such an approach, according to the assumptions of the creators of the functional, should appeal to users.

Telegram’s audience has exceeded 200 million people over the past 30 days

The audience of the Telegram messenger has exceeded 200 million people over the past 30 days. This became known from a statement published in the official blog of the creators of the service.

Expert: In all versions of Windows before 8.1 there is a “hole” for stealing files

A cybersecurity expert from Belgium, Nabil Ahmed, announced that using the Remote Assistance tool, you can bring all the files from any Windows computer from XP to 8.1 to the remote server. Vulnerability of the application allows you to do this without much effort.

Yandex allowed to embed Maps in mobile applications

Developers can customize the appearance of the map – for example, make it so that their color changes depending on the time of day. Yandex MapKit can be used for free or on a commercial basis. Free is very limited in functionality.

Google is developing block-based technology for its cloud business

Google is working to create a related technology for its cloud business, Bloomberg reports with reference to the sources familiar with the situation.

Owners of Galaxy S9 + discovered a new problem in smartphones

Owners of new items from the South Korean brand Samsung – Galaxy S9 + – complained about the problems with the touchscreen. It turned out that the device has blind spots and areas where sensitivity is unpredictably reduced, RIA FAN reported. The users described the problems on the forums of the company.

Prices have become known for Sony Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact in Russia

Sony Corporation unveiled the Russian prices for the new smartphone Sony Xperia XZ2 and its smaller copy of Xperia XZ2 Compact. Gadgets were presented at the recently held exhibition MWC 2018.

The basic version of the device will cost buyers 60 thousand rubles, and its compact copy – 50 thousand rubles

New mobile processor: Samsung announced Exynos 7 Series 9610

South Korean company Samsung recently announced a new mobile processor Exynos 7 Series 9610. The novelty will be built on the basis of the 10-nanometer process FinFET from the South Korean brand.

Huawei will release a blockade smartphone

According to rumors, as a result of a successful agreement, the Chinese company will be able to release a device through which it will be possible to quickly and securely exchange the crypto currency. Meanwhile, Sirin Labs also intends to create a new smartphone that works on the blockroom

Mele PCG02 Apo computer with Wi-Fi support went on sale

Network retailers have already started accepting orders for MeLE PCG02 Apo computer-keychain that supports Wi-Fi.

Hublot released the official World Cup in Russia

The Swiss manufacturer Hublot presented the official watch of the 2018 World Cup in football. The gadget with the long name Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is designed for football referees, transfers Android Police.

Frameless ZTE Nubia V18 received a 4000 mAh battery

ZTE company expanded the range of smartphones model Nubia V18, which received a frameless design and a capacious battery for 4000 mAh.

On the web there were pictures of the flagship LG G7 in a new bright color

LG company from South Korea introduced the public its new flagship – G7, which, surprisingly to the fans of the brand, acquired a new unusual color.

Blackview will release a smartphone P10000 Pro with a battery of 11 000 mAh

At Blackview, they decided to make public the characteristics of the officially not yet officially presented phone. It is noted that the P10000 Pro will receive a powerful battery for 11,000 mAh and 25-watt charging.

Aerocool has released power supplies ThunderX3 Plexus

The company Aerocool introduced a line of power supplies ThunderX3 Plexus power from 600 to 1000 watts, designed for gaming computers and mining. All models are marked with the 80PLUS Gold energy efficiency certificate and are equipped with a fully modular cable connection system.

Ultra HD monitors with G-Sync and HDR should appear next month

Recently, not many monitors have been released that offer the resolution of Ultra HD, HDR and G-SYNC. It looks like the first 4K monitors with G-Sync and HDR will be available in April.

A new Steam client for Windows, Mac and Linux with high-resolution support has been released

The Steam client for Windows got support for drives formatted in the exFAT file system, got a new animation when working with the interface, and, most importantly, got support for high-resolution DPI monitors, but for this, the computer must have Windows 10 installed with the update installed Creators Update (2017).

Netwrix: 45% of companies consider employees to be the main threat to IS

According to the report – in 40% of cases, organizations accuse their own IT specialists in IB incidents. In addition to IT services, responsibility lies with cloud providers and corporate users.

Vivaldi and DuckDuckGo will provide privacy on the Internet

Vivaldi was the first browser to install DuckDuckGo as the default search engine for Private Windows Private Windows. Using a private window in Vivaldi provides increased security when browsing websites, since the browser does not store the history of visited pages, cookies and temporary files.


Scientists have created a robot-fish for exploration of the underwater world

American scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have presented a new development of robot-fish, which can completely go under the water to a depth of about 18 meters. Information about the scientific work can be found in the publication Science Robotics.

Scientists: Lithium-air batteries have withstood 700 recharge cycles

American chemists have developed high-performance lithium-air batteries that have withstood 700 cycles of recharge. This indicator is similar to lithium-ion batteries, operating without reducing efficiency from 400 to 1400 cycles.

Scientists have taught lidars to distinguish objects in dense fog

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States created a method that made lidars (devices that determine the transparency of various media with the help of light) be distinguished by a subject in dense fog. Even with a rather reduced visibility, this device will perfectly perform its function

Scientists have revealed the main cause of survivability of cockroaches

Specialists from the University of Southern China in Guangzhou found that the variety of taste and smell receptors in the American cockroach provides him resistance to toxins. The vitality of insects is affected by a large number of proteins that neutralize the poison.

The insulating sphere around the thorium atom will help create a nuclear clock

The isolating sphere around the thorium-229 atom will make it possible to create a more accurate nuclear clock.

Surviving hunger cave fish helped insulin resistance

Cave fish-tetra have adapted to long periods of fasting. Scientists have found they have resistance to insulin – the ability to maintain high levels of glucose in the blood and effectively store and store fat, Nature writes

On the skin of the longest animal in the world, new neurotoxins

Biologists have discovered a new family of neurotoxins that produces the longest animal in the world, the nemertine Lineus longissimus

Developing videos did not replenish the knowledge of babies

The effectiveness of the last method of teaching infants was checked by scientists from the Neteji Sabhas Institute of Technology (New Delhi) with the participation of Savita Yadav. In their study, 55 children took part: at the beginning of the observations, each of them was about six months old.

Artificial Intelligence has detected 6,000 previously unknown viruses

Artificial intelligence has helped scientists to detect nearly 6,000 previously unknown species of viruses, writes Nature. The thing is that viruses are difficult to identify because they develop.

To treat blindness in the elderly, scientists used stem cells

Specialists have already tried their method of treatment in one of the hospitals. The results of their work are presented in the journal Nature.

At the heart of the new method of treatment is the implantation of stem cells directly into the retina, this provokes the regeneration of its damaged areas, – explained in the scientific work.
Without proper and timely treatment, this ailment leads to complete blindness. After the operation, two patients significantly improved vision.

Scientists have found a way to combat obesity

Employees of the Emory University School of Medicine David Prologue learned during the experiments how to reduce the person’s appetite.

The experiment involved 10 subjects who suffered from various forms of obesity. In the back, they inserted a needle into the posterior trunk of the vagus nerve. Through this needle in the nerve was introduced cryogenic gas Argon, as a result, it was frozen. This nerve gives the brain a signal of hunger.

Three months later, scientists learned that the subjects on average lost 14% of their body weight. All subjects said that they had decreased appetite after this procedure. Scientists believe that thanks to this method it will be possible to take control of the weight of people. There were no side effects in the subjects.

Scientists: Salvage from cancer found in birch bark

According to the researchers, pentacyclic triterpenoids are found in the skin of various vegetables and fruits, but it is the birch bark that is most abundant in these elements. To extract them from the bark, scientists will be helped by some chemical procedures, which they describe in scientific materials.

NASA: the Fermi telescope has lost control over solar panels

Orbital observatory “Fermi” temporarily out of order and can lose most of its functionality due to a jammed engine that controls the position of one of its solar panels, according to the famous astronomer Jonathan McDowell.

In 2019, the cosmonauts will be sent to the ISS on a new Soyuz-2 rocket

A source in the rocket and space industry informed RIA Novosti that the cosmonauts could go to the ISS for the first time on a new rocket on March 7, 2019. By the way, the Soyuz-2 rockets have a digital control system produced in Russia.

India is going to build an apartment for astronauts on the moon

India plans to build housing for astronauts on the moon. ISRO is going to become the first space developer. At the moment, experts are engaged in the development of the first habitats for astronauts on the Moon

In Germany, the final tests of the probe Mars InSight

Initially, the device was sent to Mars in March 2018, however, due to problems in scientific equipment, the date was postponed to May. The main problem was the problem with the main instrument of the probe – the seismometer. To eliminate them and final tests, the device was sent to Germany.

NASA astronauts successfully cultivated vegetables in space

Currently, cosmonauts work simultaneously with two Veggie units. In the future it is expected that the plantation mechanism will provide the necessary information for the missions and prove that the plants in space are a reality, they are bound to become an integral part of the future missions of the ISS.


Karlmann King – the most expensive SUV in the world from China

The Chinese company IAT introduced its new SUV, which became the most expensive in the world. The cost of the model called Karlmann King starts at $ 2 million. In the “top” modification, the price tag for this SUV is about 3 million 800 thousand dollars.

In April, Genesis will show the G70 sedan in Russia

In the Russian car market will be a sedan G70 from the company Genesis, which belongs to Hyundai. The novelty will become a direct competitor to Mercedes-Benz C-class, BMW 3, Audi A4 and Infiniti Q50. Information on this is reported by Motor.

In Russia, recall more than 12 thousand cars Mercedes-Benz

On the official website of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) there was information on the recall in Russia of more than 12 thousand cars of the German auto giant Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, and GLK models sold in the Russian car market between 2011 and 2017 fell under the service campaign.

The cause of the recall is the problems with the airbag, which can be activated due to electrostatic discharge

Suzuki announced the release of the new Grand Vitara in 2020-2021

The portal “Kolesa.ru” talked with the general director of the Japanese company in Russia and he told that Suzuki is already preparing a new generation of Grand Vitara. Other details about the model so far

SEAT showed the teaser of its first electric car

At the car factory Seat are preparing for the first electric vehicle, the official presentation is scheduled for 2020. The company decided to share the teaser, thereby confirming its output. On the published teaser, the company demonstrates the headlight of the first electric vehicle, whose name is still in the secret. It is not reported. But it was added that the crossover will appear on the market in two or three years.

Porsche has shown on video test tests hybrid Cayenne

Porsche has filmed a video of how the final tests of the hybrid Cayenne SUV of a new generation near Johannesburg in mountain passes pass. According to the planned program, the tests are conducted under rain, and also in conditions of low and high temperature

Features of the Tesla Model X crossover

Ilon Mask continues to show the possibilities of an electric crossover and the other day he showed on his Twitter account how Model X pulls a train of loaded trolleys with a total mass of 113.4 tons

FAW is preparing to debut the updated crossover Besturn X80

In Russia FAW Besturn X80 is sold 2013 model year, in China the crossover will soon receive the second update. It will have a huge screen and a voice control system. According to the latest rumors for the Chinese version of the crossover, the motor scale remains unchanged

On the market came a new frame SUV Roewe RX8

Avtoholding SAIC began selling the new flagship SUV Roewe RX8. “Prohodimets” can already be ordered at Chinese dealer centers

Jaguar and BlackBerry signed a cooperation agreement

It should be noted that the current version of the multimedia system InControl company Jaguar Land Rover developed independently

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