21 Feb, 2018

The Russian Foreign Ministry about the Russians wounded in Syria

As a result of fighting in Syria, dozens of citizens of Russia and CIS countries who were not servicemen were injured, according to the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to the ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have jurisdiction over the reasons for their presence in the zone of military conflict.

The Foreign Ministry emphasizes that there are Russians in Syria who came there “on their own and with different purposes.”

“It is not up to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assess the legality and legality of such decisions,” the ministry said in a commentary.

Briefly about the main thing …


Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia opened a school in eastern Lebanon

The Minister of Education and Science of Russia Olga Vasilieva took part in the opening ceremony of the school in the town of Shmistar in the east of Lebanon. The new school was established at the International Lyceum of Bekaa, where students have been learning Russian since last year.

Russians detained in London “on the basis of racism and class hatred”

A Russian woman, Radmila Hakov, was placed in a jail for migrants at the airport in London because of her eastern appearance when she was flying with a wedding transfer to her friends in France. A resident of Tatarstan believes that her detention is illegal and occurred “on the basis of racism and under the influence of class hatred.” The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded explanations from Britain.

The Queen of Britain rented a site in the center of Kiev

The document notes that the lease of a land plot per month will be 568 thousand hryvnia (approximately 1.2 million rubles).

“Her Royal Majesty and the ruler of Canada are rented for 49 years a land plot of 0.1622 hectares on Kostelnaya Street, 13-a, in the Shevchenkivskyi district of the city of Kiev in connection with the acquisition of ownership of real estate,” the decision reads.

The population of Ukraine for the year decreased by 200 thousand people

The population of Ukraine in 2017 decreased by 198,100 people. Such data was unveiled on February 20 by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. As reported, as of January 1, 2018, the total population of the country was 42,386,400 people.

The Ministry of Labor told how the social pensions will grow from April 1

The Ministry of Labor of Russia proposes to index social pensions by 2.9% from April 1, 2018. The corresponding draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation is posted on the portal of draft normative legal acts.

The refugee status in Germany was received by the journalist of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper Ali Feruz

A Novaya Gazeta employee, Khudoberdi Nurmatov (Ali Feruz), was granted refugee status in Germany. He told this to Interfax. The journalist added that he intends to work in Germany

The number of unemployed in Russia has increased

The number of unemployed citizens in Russia increased from 7 to 14 February by 1% to 793.2 thousand people. This is reported in the materials of the Ministry of Labor.

In 73 regions, the unemployment rate was recorded, the largest in the Leningrad, Sakhalin, Orel, Tyva, Buryatia, Sakha (Yakutia), Kabardino-Balkaria, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Khabarovsk and Primorye.

The Cabinet approved the list of state services provided in the MFC on the principle of “one window”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to create a list of 30 state services provided on the basis of a complex request to multifunctional centers (MFCs) on the principle of a “one-stop shop”. The corresponding document was published on Wednesday on the government website.

The traffic police of the Kuzbass will secretly monitor motorists

The traffic police of the Kuzbass will secretly monitor the motorists in Kemerovo during the mass raids conducted during the period from February 21 to February 28.

Inspectors of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate will monitor the observance of traffic rules (traffic rules) by drivers at intersections, the order of their passage, the pedestrian pass, informed the city traffic police. In addition to the usual DPS crews, at this time on the roads there will be cars on the covert control without special coloring – violations will be fixed to the camera and transmit signals to the nearest patrol.

Roscomnadzor: Facebook began to remove prohibited content

Facebook after a meeting in February with representatives of Roskomnadzor began to remove links with prohibited content, which formerly refused to remove. This was during an extended meeting of the collegium of the department, said the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov.


The head of Rosneft Igor Sechin is credited with a novel with Ulyana Sergeenko

The media reported on the possible romance of the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin with fashion designer Ulyana Sergeyenko. There is no official confirmation yet, as they do not give comments.

Andreeva about “leaving” from the program: “My” Time “can not end”

Earlier, the head of the press service of Channel One, Larisa Krymova, told Interfax that the journalist Ekaterina Andreeva, who had conducted the evening news broadcast since 1997, is not withdrawing from the program “Vremya”, but will temporarily leave the program’s airing not in the European “orbit”.

Matvienko proposed to limit the influence of rap because of the propaganda of sex

Producer and chairman of the public council Roskomnadzor Igor Matvienko pointed to the popularity of songs in which drugs and sex are being sung, and called for the adoption of China’s experience in banning such music.

90% of the charts take songs for young people, in which drugs, sex, beautiful life with it are celebrated. Of course, this is due to this genre of hip-hop, rap. We do not pay much attention to this. But children are permeated with these sensations. – Igor Matvienko, producer

Minister of Health of Chuvashia found the cause of infertility in women

A woman who had seven partners before the birth of the child is doomed to infertility. Such a statement was made by the Minister of Health of Chuvashia Vladimir Viktorov.

Pugacheva became a victim of fraud. “Not one million went into the sand”

During the construction of the house of Alla Pugacheva on the shore of the Istra Reservoir workers deceived the Diva and steal money. This was told to journalists by the friend of the pop singer, her godmother’s son – the architect Mila Stavitskaya

Ural wife of Igor Nikolaev congratulated her husband on an important date

The wife of singer Igor Nikolayev, Yekaterinburg’s Yulia Proskuryakova on her page in Instagram congratulated the musician on the anniversary of his acquaintance. In a message, Proskuryakova confessed to Nikolaev in love and attached a wedding photo to her post.

Irina Sheik warmed the service of treason with frank pictures with the Turk

Model Irina Sheik unveiled several pictures with the Turk. Fans began to worry about the fact that she began to have problems with Bradley Cooper. Currently, the couple brings up a co-child, but does not marry for unknown reasons

The “Leviathan” star called Russia’s national idea of impudence and rudeness

Actor Alexei Serebryakov said that the national idea of Russia is “strength, arrogance and rudeness.” The artist emigrated to Canada said in an interview with video blogger Yuri Dudu.

If you drive 30, 50, 70 kilometers from Moscow, you will see many elements from the 1990s. So far, neither knowledge, nor intelligence, nor enterprise, nor dignity is a national idea. The national idea is strength, arrogance and rudeness. – Alexey Serebryakov

Naked Anastasia Volochkova escapes with icy water after a fight on the air

As an expert, Anastasia Volochkova spoke. In the process of shooting between the participants, a conflict broke out, which disturbed Anastasia so much that she had to resort to ice procedures at home. As usual, Volochkova showed a nude photo from the bathing process.

Alexander Gordon with a bang drove off the offender Dana Borisova

The release of the television show with the participation of Alexander Gordon in the role of presenter and Dana Borisova as a heroine turned into a scandal: the showman simply expelled from the audience the representative of the ex-wife of the famous blonde.

Megan Markle had a personal assistant

Personal assistant Amy Pickering not only plans a schedule for Megan and understands the many correspondence that every day falls on her e-mail, but also helps with wedding efforts, and also accompanies on trips (as it was in Edinburgh, where Amy and got into the cameras of photographers) .

Jennifer Lawrence surprised the fans with an open neckline

As noted by stylists, in a golden dress from Christian Dior, Lawrence looked very impressive. Especially for the fans of the actress and viewers of the ceremony, which, incidentally, took place almost immediately after the BAFTA award, I liked the frank neckline and neckline

Director Christopher Nolan talked about the next Bond film

As Gazeta.ru writes, a new film about the British special agent James Bond with Daniel Craig as the protagonist should be released in late 2019, but who will direct the film is still unknown. Nolan stated that he would not take part in the work on the new picture.

Amazon is filming a biopic about Marie Curie

Amazon Prime Video together with StudioCanal are engaged in the production of a biopic “Radioactive” – about the life of a physicist, chemist, public figure and two-time Nobel laureate Maria Curie.

Jamie Dornan will play in the film about the Republican Army of Ireland

Jamie Dornan, the star of the franchise “50 shades” will play alongside Sam Claflin (“Hunger Games”) in the film “Borderlands”, narrating about the Republican Irish army and confronting her with the British. As the director of the film, Brian Kirk, who previously worked on the series ” Game of Thrones “and” Luther “.

Jessica Chestane was invited to continue the film “It”

Jessica Chestane is negotiating to participate in the continuation of the horror film “It”. As reported by The Wrap, a popular Hollywood actress can get the role of the matured Beverly Marsh.

Tamara Gverdtsiteli lost weight on soups and potatoes

Just recently, Tamara Gverdtsiteli was the lady of an appetizing complexion, but on a recent solo album in the Kremlin the singer appeared in a new image.

Young Thug asks to call him SEX

Rapper Young Thug announced the change of his pseudonym. In his tweet on February 20, 2018, he announced that he had changed his name to SEX and so it should now be called.


Rotenberg is considering a buyout of Mostotrest

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg in the near future can buy back one of Russia’s largest contractors – Mostotrest. This was reported by RBC representative of a businessman. “We have information that one of the company’s shareholders (Mostotrest) is planning to withdraw from the business,” she said.

The Ministry of Finance approved the participation of AHML and 46 banks in preferential mortgages under 6%

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has summed up the collection of applications from banks to participate in the subsidy program for preferential mortgages at 6%. In addition to the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML), applications were filed by 46 banks, the press service of the Ministry of Finance

State debt of Ukraine exceeded 2 trillion hryvnia

The chairman of the state treasury service of Ukraine, Tatyana Slyuz, during a public report said that at the moment the country’s guaranteed debt is 2 trillion 100 billion hryvnia ($ 77 billion).

CBR expects acceleration of credit growth in 2018

The Bank of Russia expects acceleration of credit growth in 2018, said Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Vasily Pozdyshev

There is no consensus on future tax reforms, said Trunin

The Russian government is discussing with the wide range of experts changes in tax legislation that may be adopted after 2018, including the Finance Ministry’s proposal to reduce insurance premium rates and increase VAT, but there is no consensus yet, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Banks placed on the Central Bank’s deposits 2.2 trillion rubles

February 20, 2018 banks placed on deposits in the Central Bank of Russia 2 trillion 181.3 billion rubles with an auction limit of 2.8 trillion rubles. This is stated in the materials of the regulator. The auction was attended by 293 credit organizations from 61 regions of the country.

Minstroi suggested introducing rules for banks on suspension of financing for developers

Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Nikita Stasishin said that it is necessary to prescribe the rules for banks, for which credit institutions can carry out or suspend payments for developers.

“Transaero” filed a lawsuit against the consulting company Mckinsey

“Transaero” filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration Court against the consulting company McKinsey, it follows from the file cabinet of the court. The Russian air carrier demands to recover from the defendant 29.5 million rubles. Details of the claim are not given.

The Central Bank will launch an online platform for issuing loans and insurances

The central bank will launch in 2019 a platform of the marketplace, through which citizens can remotely not only open a deposit or take a loan from a commercial bank, but also buy an insurance company policy. This was told to Izvestia in the Central Bank itself.

The number of issued credit cards in Russia in three years increased by 313%

In January 2018, Russian banks issued more than 587,000 new credit cards, which is 1.7 times more than in the same period last year. This is reported by the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI). Information on the issuance of credit cards was provided by 4,1 thousand creditors.

Gold reserves in Russia’s reserves for January grew by 18.66 tons

The reserves of monetary gold in the international reserves of the Russian Federation in January 2018 increased by 1.02% (+18.66 tons) and as of February 1 made 59.7 million ounces (1856.88 tons), the Bank of Russia reports.

Rosneft will buy from Gazprom 5 billion cubic meters of gas

Rosneft has signed a contract with Gazprom to buy 5 billion cubic meters of gas at a regulated price. At the same time, the deal threatens the company with a loss of 1.2 billion rubles on the price difference, since Rosneft sells gas to consumers at below regulated prices.

Shell will supply LNG for refueling tankers of Sovcomflot

Sovcomflot has signed long-term time-charter agreements with the Anglo-Dutch oil and gas company Shell for delivery of fuel for Aframax tankers, designed specifically for operation on gas engine (LNG) fuel. This was reported by the press-service of Sovcomflot.

Vorkuta mines will be equipped with advanced security system

The company Vorkutaugol has started installation of the multifunctional security system Strata at the mines Vorkutinskaya, Zapolyarnaya, Komsomolskaya and Vorgashorskaya.

FAS allowed Rosneft to become the sole owner of Inzerneft

The FAS granted the petition of Neft-Aktiva, the structure of Rosneft, about the acquisition of 100% of the voting shares of Inzerneft (Saratov region), the regulator said.

Chinese ZPEC will render drilling services to Rosneft on Kharampur

By the end of 2019, 16 wells are to be completed for a total of 90.2 million rubles, the Russian oil company reported. Work on the development of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug within the Kharampur field of Rosneft agreed to conduct with BP on terms 51/49.

Gazprom did not get permission from Turkey to build the ground part of the Turkish Stream

Ankara in January gave the go-ahead for the laying of the underwater lines, but due to lack of permission for the ground part, Turkey has no opportunity to advance in further negotiations on the continuation of the second line to Europe.


Poroshenko signed the law on the reintegration of Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday signed the law on the reintegration of Donbass, in which the Russian Federation is called an “aggressor”. For the law to come into force, the document should be published in the official publication – the newspaper Golos Ukrainy.

This law significantly strengthens the legal basis for the use of the Armed Forces and other power units for the defense of our state. It is very important that this law provides a legal mechanism, including by political and diplomatic means, the return of these territories. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

US State Department: new sanctions have frustrated Russia’s contracts for $ 3 billion

The US Department of State believes that the anti-Russian sanctions under the law “On Countering America’s Enemies through Sanctions” (CAATSA) led to losses of the Russian defense industry by about $ 3 billion, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Heather Nauert.

The White House will continue a tough line in relations with the Russian Federation

US presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said that the White House will continue a tough line in relations with the Russian Federation

Klimkin: visa-free regime with the EU increased the migration of Ukrainians to Europe

The migration of Ukrainians to European countries increased after the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU. This was stated on Tuesday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin.

Last year alone, more than a million Ukrainians left Ukraine. When 100 thousand leaves Ukraine every month, and the question is not only that there are big salaries, it is generally an understanding of the future and quality of life. – Pavel Klimkin, Ukrainian diplomat

The US special prosecutor brought new charges in the framework of the “Russian case”

US Attorney General Robert Muller accused former lawyer of Skadden Arps Alex Van der Zwang of giving false testimony about his contacts with Rick Gates, the business partner of the former head of the US presidential campaign Donald Trump Paul Manafort on the “Russian cause”.

It became known where the G20 summit will be held in 2019

The Japanese government decided that the G20 summit, which the country takes next year, will be held in Osaka, RBC reports referring to local media. As the authorities said, they chose Osaka because it is a “city of the business world”. Japan will host the summit for the first time.

Diplomats demanded to improve conditions of detention of Yaroshenko

The diplomats demanded that Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko be provided with normal conditions of detention in the American prison of Fort-Dix.

“We still insist on the return of our citizen to his homeland on humanitarian grounds,” Tass told the Russian embassy in Washington.

Director of US National Intelligence told about cooperation with special services of Russia

In a letter, Coates noted that the US intelligence services are maintaining “a connection with Russian intelligence in the field of combating terrorism in order to ensure the safety of American citizens around the world.” At the end of January, previously reported, the heads of Russian special services visited Washington

Russia and Serbia opposed the policy “with us or against us”

Russia and Serbia oppose the practice of imposing a choice on the countries “with us or against us,” which led to increased instability in Europe, said in a joint article of Foreign Ministers of the two countries, Sergei Lavrov and Ivica Dacic.

The US Justice Department creates a working group on cybersecurity

Attorney General Jeff Seensens announced the creation of a working group on cybersecurity. The team will prepare a report on the confrontation with global cyber threats, including possible interference in elections. The US Justice Department will have to submit a report by the end of June.


Militants attacked the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria

During the day, six shellings of residential areas of Damascus were recorded by illegal armed formations from the Eastern Guta region. The militants released 14 minutes. The number of victims and destruction is growing.

Syrian militias denied reports of a retreat from Afrina

Representatives of the Syrian People’s Forces (SNA) denied the statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the retreat of the militias from Afrina. This is reported by the Lebanese portal Al-Masdar.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg spoke about the dialogue with Russia in the Arctic

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview that the member countries of the alliance will seek to cooperate and establish a dialogue with Russia in the Arctic. This is reported by TASS with reference to Stoltenberg’s interview to Foreign Policy magazine.

We observe an increase in tension in the north, but we must continue to strive to reduce tension and build cooperation with Russia, which we have developed over the decades. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

Japan plans to increase purchases of F-35A from the US

The government of Japan plans to increase purchases of fifth-generation F-35A fighters from the United States. On Wednesday, Reuters reported

Missile defense of Moscow is modernized until the end of 2018

The Ministry of Defense of Russia plans to upgrade the anti-missile defense system in Moscow, equipping it with upgraded Nudol missiles

Trump instructed to find out whether Russia violated START III and the INF Treaty

President of the United States Donald Trump instructed to find out whether the Russian side violated the INF and START-3 treaties. The relevant information is provided by the press service of the White House.

Poroshenko ordered to change the format of the operation in Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the country to develop proposals in a short time to change the format of the power operation in the Donbass.

I expect the relevant proposals to change the format for the implementation of this law as soon as possible. I ask you to prepare for me the candidature of the commander of the united forces, to submit a proposal regarding the provision on merger into the operational headquarters. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Russia expects from the US a response about helicopters near IG bases in Afghanistan

Heads of several provinces of Afghanistan reported the flights of unidentified helicopters to the areas where the militants were stationed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in this connection that “the NATO forces are somehow related” to what is happening and demanded from Washington an answer to this question.

On the Internet, the US-supplied Syrian opposition arms

Earlier, the United States provided a batch of such rifles formed in 2015 to support moderate opposition in Syria and to combat the “Islamic State” group banned in Russia by the “Divizion-30” grouping.

NATO satellite reconnaissance center will appear in the Czech Republic

As marks the edition Denik.cz, the center will be engaged in reception and processing of satellite photos and the data from radar for reconnaissance of Czechia and NATO. He will start work on July 1, but at the maximum working level will be withdrawn by the end of 2019.

American military aircraft conducted reconnaissance at the borders of Russia

According to the agency, the plane flew from the airbase Mildenhall in the UK. First, he flew near the southern border of the Kaliningrad region in the sky over Poland, and then for more than four hours he was seen along the western borders of the Leningrad and Pskov regions of Russia.

The ships of the People’s Republic of China conducted patrolling the water area of islands disputed with Japan

“Ships of the Chinese naval police conducted patrolling of territorial waters near the Chinese islands of Diaoyu Island,” TASS reported.

At the same time, Tokyo was established under the office of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a headquarters was set up to analyze the incident.


On the site of the plane crash in Iran, bodies of 45 people

The search teams found 45 bodies at the site of the ATR-72 crash in Iran. This was announced on Tuesday, February 20, by the head of the local emergency management department Jalal Puranfard. Puranfard noted that the bodies of some of the dead have not yet been identified

On the border of Priamurye and Japan, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5

An earthquake of magnitude 3.5 occurred on the border of the Amur Region and Yakutia, the Amur Center for Civil Protection and Fire Safety reported on Wednesday.

In St. Petersburg, the child fell from the roof

In St. Petersburg, a nine-year-old student is injured by ice and snow falling from the roof. The World Cup happened at the address: Admiral Konovalov Street, 4, building 2. Workers cleaned snow from the roof of this house. The child was hospitalized with head and neck bruises, RIA Novosti reported.

On the inhabitant of the Eagle, they started a case for taking part in a banned religious sect

SU TFR in the Orel region initiated a criminal case against the Eagles. He is suspected of involvement in the activities of a religious association recognized as extremist. According to the investigation, the man was a member of a local religious sect, which was earlier liquidated by a court decision.

In Primorye, a bus with tourists caught fire

The tourist bus, which was traveling from the border with China, caught fire in Primorye, reports the regional head of the Emergencies Ministry. Spontaneous combustion of the car occurred in the vicinity of the village of Pokrovka, 21 kilometers from Ussuriysk

Italian drug dealer was at liberty less than an hour

In Italy, the drug dealer returned to the criminal business an hour after he left prison. Police officers noticed a 29-year-old native of Mali, selling banned substances on one of Turin’s avenues. The attacker found 30 grams of marijuana, RIA Novosti reported.

In Warsaw, the Pole beat two Ukrainians because of their nationality

In Warsaw, a 27-year-old Pole beat two Ukrainians in the bus. This is reported on the Internet portal Onet.pl with reference to law enforcement agencies.


Telegram has completely recovered from a malfunction

The Telegram messenger has completely recovered from the failure. As reported in the microblogging Telegram on Twitter, the service works for almost all users who have observed the problem. It is noted that the messenger was restored for 99 percent of users.

Google launched a new payment service Google Pay

Google has launched a Google Pay payment service that combines the capabilities of Google Wallet’s mobile wallet and the Android Pay payment function. This is stated in the official blog of the corporation in Russia.

Flight Simulator X computer game specifically built viruses

The game Flight Simulator X specifically built the virus. Representatives of Flight Sim Labs said that they were testing a new widget that forcibly forces the download of the update.

Google sued and demand $ 200 million for trademark infringement

The plaintiff party considers this a violation of copyright and requires Google to recover damages from the loss of profits of $ 200 million. By the way, a similar claim against Google has already been filed in 2012 Rosetta Stone Ltd. Then the court took the side of the defendant.

The American site Salon uses the users’ PC for the crypto currency

Employees of the American site Salon have found an alternative way to combat blockers advertising on the Web. The virtual resource uses visitors’ computers for the crypto currency. The developers of the site Salon have published a memo for users.

Samsung has released a SSD-drive with a record volume of 30.72 TB

Developers Samsung said that the company has released into sales new solid-state drives (SSD) series PM1643, which have Z0.72 terabytes of internal memory. The speed of reading high-capacity media is excellent – 2100 MB / sec. This is a new world record for developing technologies of this kind.

Archos released the first Android scooter

On the eve Archos presented Citee Connect – the world’s first connected electric scooter running Android, which is being prepared for launch this summer

Developers “killed” the legendary Android application

The company Nuance, the developer of the popular alternative keyboard Swype for smartphones based on Android and iOS, decided to stop working on new versions of applications.

Acer has released a powerful gaming computer Orion 9000

Taiwanese company Acer announced the beginning of sales in Russia of a powerful desktop Orion 9000, which can easily cope with any games, VR-applications and graphics content

Sony announces the redesign of branded smartphones

The announced redesign can affect the branded smartphones Xperia. Announcement of the Xperia XZ2 Compact will be held on MWC 2018. Sony may abandon the usual “cubic” form of its gadgets, which are popular.

New Samsung Galaxy J can get displays Infinity Display

The rumor seems to be reliable because the Galaxy J smartphones have long been equipped with high-quality Super AMOLED panels. The source also reports that the mid-budget models will be equipped with flexible AMOLED screens instead of rigid ones

Spotify music service will start producing its own equipment

Service for listening to music Spotify is going to start developing and manufacturing gadgets. This is indicated by the vacancies published on the company’s website, to which the profile edition MusicAlly drew attention.


Diseases of the heart will learn to determine the retina of the eye

Based on the results of the experiments, the neural network with an accuracy of about 70% has learned to identify various diagnoses. In addition, the system with the same result has also learned to determine the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Mice were able to selective attention

American experts have conducted several experiments, thanks to which they managed to confirm their own theory that mice are capable of selective attention. By selective attention it is customary to understand the ability to concentrate attention on important subjects and to be distracted from less important ones.

Scientists have shown the appearance of a long-eared octopus

For example, earlier researchers assumed that outgrowths on the sides of the head that look like big ears appear in individuals as they grow up, but it turned out that they have an octopus from the time they were born, according to an article in Current Biology.

Scientists have explained the fragility of bones infected with HIV

The fragility of bones in people infected with the virus immunodeficiency is associated with osteoclasts. French experts have managed to establish that a person with HIV not without reason often complains about the poor condition of bones. This is facilitated by the so-called destructive cells or osteoclasts

Scientists have identified 15 defining facial features of genes

The revealed genetic variants have shown a connection with the regions of the genome responsible for when, how and where the expression of DNA elements will occur. Scientists expect that in the future a new discovery will improve the quality of reconstruction of people of long-dead people

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the ancient “gateway to hell”

The vast majority of ancient legends tell about different ways of reaching the underworld, for which it is necessary to go through several stages that intensify the sufferings of the soul. For many Romans, this process began with a “gateway to hell”, and recently scientists have shown that this place still exists, according to the Science Alert portal.

This 2200-year-old cave, located in Turkey, was reopened by researchers from the University of Salento (Italy). Previously, this place belonged to ancient Phrygia and was used to make sacrifices of animals by priests.

Today scientists have told, why animals perished at approach to border of “gate”. The reason is underground seismic activity, because of which a large amount of volcanic carbon dioxide is released to the surface, which killed animals, but not priests.

Specialists from the University of Duisburg-Essen, in Germany, took samples of the level of carbon dioxide in the area surrounding the cave, and found that the gas forms a kind of “lake”, which rises above the ground by 40 cm.

One of the most surprising facts is that this area continues to be as deadly as it was then. During the day the gas dissipates due to the sun, but at dawn it is more lethal: the concentration at the bottom of the “lake” reaches more than 50%, rising to a height already dangerous for humans. However, above 40 cm, its concentration decreases sharply.

The curvature helped the nanografene dissolve in water

The main problem of nanografene is that when it is obtained from graphite it is very difficult to control the exact organic composition of molecules, and in the synthesis of organic compounds, flat particles are formed that are prone to aggregation and therefore poorly soluble in water, forming into structures in the form of stacks.


In Russia, they proposed creating an anti-asteroid rocket for $ 210 billion

To destroy asteroids, the expert suggests sending missiles with a self-guided thermonuclear warhead to them. Today, the dangerous celestial body can be eliminated at a distance of at least 240 thousand km from the Earth. At the same time, the power of the warhead should be 100-200 megatons.

SpaceX prepares to catch the head fairing of its rocket

To catch the head fairing over the deck of the ship Mr.Steven pulled a giant net – something like a rescue trampoline. At the right time, the ship will be at the point of the ocean where the head fairing will fall, and will not let it sink

Scientists have found the oldest supernova

The exploding star, designated DES16C2nm, was discovered in the Dark Energy Survey project. It was fixed in the summer of the year before last. Supernova formed when the universe was 3.3 billion years old.

Russia will open a center for the reception of space information in Antarctica

Holding “Russian Space Systems” will open in Antarctica the center of reception of the space information. The data will be sent to the center from Earth remote sensing satellites, the company’s website reports. According to the company representatives, the opening of the center is planned for 2019.

Scientists: The Great Red Spot of Jupiter will disappear in 20 years

Scientists from NASA, after conducting research, said that the Great Red Spot will not exist forever and in 20 years will disappear. A twisted giant storm arose from the 1600s and became a “feature” of the planet.

In 2021, the engine for the new Soyuz-5 launch vehicle

It is planned that in 2018 NPO Energomash will supply the Progress GC with a model of the RD-171MV engine for the Soyuz-5 rocket. In March 2021, they intend to supply the first flight set of the engine for the launch vehicle in an unmanned version. This was reported by the director of NPO Energomash Igor Arbuzov.

Scientists: Falcon Heavy will help with the extraction of resources at distant sites

Falcon Heavy will help with the extraction of resources at distant sites, scientists said. So, the booster rocket developed by SpaceX Ilona Mask, will be able to deliver special devices to other planets.

NASA is tracking the dangerous asteroids

NASA, along with other space agencies is not very effective before tracking the approach of asteroids. For example, the danger of a collision of the Earth with the Chelyabinsk asteroid was not predicted by anyone. Even after its fall, experts decided to improve the system of asteroid protection

Astronomers study the “twin” of the Milky Way NGC 6744

An international team of astronomers working at the University of Western Sydney is studying the galaxy NGC 6744, considered to be the “twin” of the Milky Way. In the course of this study, scientists identify X-ray sources and analyze the rate of star formation.


Porsche abandoned the diesel engines

German automaker Porsche stopped production of the latest diesel models Macan S Diesel and Panamera 4S Diesel.

Hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV refreshed and got a new motor

Japanese company Mitsubishi has declassified the updated hybrid Outlander PHEV which has been modified both externally and technically. So, now as ICE uses 2.4-liter engine. The official presentation of the hybrid crossover will take place at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The sports car Ferrari 488 GTB will have a hardcore version of Pista

Thanks to the images it became known that the sports car Ferrari 488 GTB will have a hardcore version called Pista.

Audi recalls almost five thousand cars in Russia

Audi official dealer in Russia, the company Volkswagen Group Rus, announced the recall of almost five thousand cars A4, A5 and Q5 due to problems with the air conditioning system, the press service of Rosstandart. As specified, the recall is subject to 4 857 cars sold in the period from 2011 to 2016.

Ministry of Health proposes to prohibit aggressive advertising of cars in Russia

Representatives of the Ministry of Health proposed to introduce censorship in the field of auto advertising, with the corresponding proposal was made by the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Zurab Kekelidze. He believes that such advertising encourages motorists to act inadequately on the road.

The new generation of the minivan Toyota Alphard appeared in Russia

Toyota introduced in the Russian market an updated Toyota Alphard, which in the company is called the flagship of the line of passenger car models. The 7-seat luxury minivan received a new design, new equipment and its own emblem on the grille.

Lotus showed the fastest civilian model 3-Eleven with the index 430

Lotus has announced the release of a limited series of supercar 3-Eleven 430, which will be the fastest model in the history of the company, admitted to public roads. The series will be limited to 20 cars.

Convertible BMW M4 has received the jubilee version of 30 Jahre

Cabriolets are painted in the performance of 30 Jahre in dark blue or bright yellow hues. In the cabin, as it should be, there are signs with the name of a special modification. According to representatives of BMW, only 300 cars of the jubilee version will come off the conveyor of the plant in Regensburg

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