4 Jul, 2018

The social well-being of Russians has worsened

The Russians felt the deterioration of the economic situation in the country over the past year. This is evidenced by the results of a poll conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center, available at Tass.

“The index of assessments of the economic situation in the country compared to last year is much lower than it was a year ago (37 points in 2018 and 53 points in 2017), while the current index exceeds the indicator of 2016 (28 points), but However, the share of respondents assessing the state of affairs in the economy is below the average, exceeds the share of those who give positive assessments (29% and 14%, respectively), “the VTsIOM said in a statement.

According to the opinion poll, all indices of the social well-being of Russians in June 2018 are “in the red” relative to the same period last year.

Almost half of Russians (46%) are completely satisfied with their lives, about the opposite say 23% of respondents. More than half of the respondents (61%) estimate the financial situation of their families as an average, and a quarter (25%) – as bad (for the year this figure grew by 7%). The share of Russians who estimate the family’s wealth as very good declined by 5% over the year to 14%. 24% expect to improve their position (33% in 2017), 26% are sure of the worsening of cases (in 2017 – 16%).

“The calculated index of the political situation in the country is 54 points, down 69 points from last year’s value. Meanwhile, the sum of positive answers (” good “and” very good “- 26%) exceeds the negative (” bad “and” very bad ” 19%), “- noted in the results of the poll.

The confidence that business in the country is moving in the right direction has decreased over the year from 45% to 31%, the back position is held by 22% (in 2017 – 11%).

Briefly about the main thing … …


The conditions for creating an alternative Internet in Russia

Russia can create an alternative Internet only under the most unfavorable scenario, said Ilya Rogachyov, Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats (DNV) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to him, this can primarily lead to Western policy.

ECHR obliged Russia to repay debt on Soviet bonds

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Russia to pay back the debt of the Soviet Union on premium bonds of the state domestic winning loan, issued in 1982

Criteria for the recognition of physical persons by media-inoagent

An individual can be recognized by the media acting as a foreign agent, in the event of obtaining financing from abroad and disseminating information from the foreign media agent.

Moscow pensioners will be able to travel free by train from August

Pensioners of Moscow and the Moscow region will be able to commute for free commuter trains from early August. This was announced by the Mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin. As informs the site of the city mayoralty, the mayor took this decision together with the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

We with the mayor of Moscow have made a joint decision to make the commuter railroad transport free of charge for all pensioners of Moscow and the Moscow region from August 1, 2018. – Andrei Vorobiev, Russian politician

“Burian to the waist” and “urodische-fountain”

Describing what she saw, Matvienko stated that the lack of well-being manifested itself in everything. In particular, according to her, in the city “the roads are bad, the lawns are not cut: the weeds to the waist, the borders disappear altogether.” Particular attention, Matvienko drew the inability to walk on the sidewalks.

I was very upset by the lack of well-being and neglect of the city. I talked very seriously to the leadership of the city. This is a complete disgrace. They recognized this, they realized. Now the governor, along with the leadership of the city will take appropriate measures. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

In the United States abolish racial diversity

In the US, they intend to abolish the practice, according to which the principle of racial diversity is recommended in American schools and universities when recruiting students. In the United States, they can be allowed to neglect the principle of racial diversity. This is reported by TASS with reference to The New York Times.

Metropolitan Isidor spoke out against the holiday of Ivan Kupala

Metropolitan Ishtar of Smolensk and Dorogobuzh after the request to Smolensk not to participate in the holiday Holi also spoke against the bathing ceremonies. The priest confuses that the pagan holiday is greeted with greater joy than the Nativity of John the Baptist, which falls on the same day – July 7.

Along the way, the metropolitan was outraged by the fact that a lot of media talk about bathing rituals and fortune telling, instead of reporting about the Orthodox holiday.

“Paradoxical as this sounds, today, in the 21st century, we again have to admit that pagan superstitions are not uprooted, that there are those who stand up for their revival, who consciously tries to replace the great feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist with a rampant action, who participates in these so-called “holidays”, complains the metropolitan.

At the end of his message, Isidore called on all to remember first of all about the Orthodox holiday and “refrain from all evil”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office announces about 37-40 thousand deceived investors in Russia

The Prosecutor General’s Office believes that the number of affected participants in shared construction in Russia is higher than the official data of regional registries. This was stated by the senior prosecutor of the department for overseeing the implementation of legislation in the field of economics of the Prosecutor General’s Office Anton Golovin.

3 billion rubles for improving working conditions

AvtoVAZ will send 3.178 billion rubles. to improve the working conditions of the employees of the plant in Togliatti in 2018-2020. Almost a third of the amount – 969 million rubles. – will be allocated until the end of this year, according to the company’s website.

Moscow authorities increased premiums for young scientists to 1.5 million rubles

The number of premiums will grow from 33 to 50. The press service of the Moscow mayor’s office recalled that the awards from the city government to young scientists have been handed over since 2013.

In the “Moscow City” built 104-storey residential complex

Mosgosstroynadzor issued a permit for the construction of a multifunctional 104-storey residential complex in “Moscow City”. The house will be built at the 1st Krasnogvardeiskiy Proezd, possession of 13 in 2024.

In St. Kronstadt will restore St. Andrew’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Andrew the First-Called in the 1930s will be restored in Kronstadt. This was reported on Tuesday in the district administration. The restoration of the cathedral will begin with archaeological works

The Holy Dormition Cathedral of Smolensk was transferred to the ROC

One of the most famous sights of Smolensk – the Holy Dormition Cathedral – was given to the Russian Orthodox Church. Metropolia signed an agreement with the Federal Property Management Agency today, July 3

The parish of St. Nicholas the Epiphany Cathedral asks for a building on Nikolskaya Square

In St. Petersburg, the building on Nikolskaya Square is asked to be transferred to the property of the Russian Orthodox Church. With the appropriate appeal to the Smolny came the arrival of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Epiphany.

Schoolchildren and nurse grants are established in Moscow

School grants and nurses were established in Moscow. This is reported by the agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the mayor and the government of the capital

In Kotovsk closed the only hospital in the city

In Kotovsk on July 2, the only hospital in the city was closed. Now the women in childbirth are sent to the Tambov Perinatal Center. The head of the city, Alexei Plakhotnikov, noted that the medical institution is out of date not only technically, but also physically.

Skvortsova: the deficit of doctors in the village will disappear in two years

Deficiency of doctors in the countryside will be eliminated in two years. This was announced on Tuesday by the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova, TV channel “MIR 24” broadcasts. According to the minister, in recent years, quality control of medicines has been strengthened.

Term of life in retirement according to authorities

Experts of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) estimated the life expectancy on pension in Russia after raising the retirement age to 65 years for men and up to 63 years for women. The results of the study are contained in the report “The Demographic Context of Increasing the Age of Retirement”.

It is expected that life expectancy in retirement by 2028 will be 14.5 years for men and about 23 years for women. The authors of the report, which refer to Rosstat’s forecasts, call these estimates “somewhat understated” and specify that this is the minimum limit.

The share of cheap drugs on the Russian market

Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that drugs from the low-cost segment remain on the Russian market. This is reported by RIA Novosti. She noted that fluctuations in their share in the total assortment of drugs is 0.2-0.6%.

But our calculations did not really involve a new mechanism, which is now being discussed and considered by the government on additional cryptographic protection of codes, so that this system could exist not only online, but also offline. According to preliminary calculations, this will not give a big rise in price. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian politician

The media reported on the plans of the Ministry of Finance to tighten control over the turnover of beer

The Ministry of Finance intends to tighten control over the turnover of beer, cider, mead and beer beverages because of numerous violations.
So, according to the draft law, the Ministry of Finance intends to combat violations, obliging manufacturers to label their products. It is noted that to obtain the marking companies must acquire licenses or enter the register of producers.

Russians will be allowed to go to the cinema on a passport

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that establishes the right of cashiers of cinemas to require viewers to present a passport, follows from documents placed in the database of the lower house of parliament.

About the course of planning the bridge on Sakhalin

A feasibility study for the transition from Sakhalin to the mainland will be ready in December, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Far Eastern Railway Sergey Drokin said at the International Geotechnical Symposium in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on Wednesday.

In the 10 largest clinics in Moscow, new reception rooms will be built

In the reception rooms of Moscow hospitals, comfortable conditions for patients should be created. This was stated by Sergei Sobyanin, visiting the Institute of Emergency Care named after Sklifosovsky. According to the mayor, the new capital standard assumes that doctors themselves should meet patients and conduct a survey without delay.

In Russia, a massive underfill at a gas station

The Federation of Car Owners of Russia carried out a check of dozens of filling stations with a specially developed method for determining the fuel shortage at the gas station in the “secret buyer” mode.

According to the methodology, for non-payment, a discrepancy of more than 1% was assumed between the paid and actually received fuel. As a result, 76% of gas stations were identified as nedoling. Unsatisfied among vertically integrated oil companies was 20%, one of five (under 1,63% – at the level of error). Nedaviv among federal and large regional networks accounted for 81% (the average is below 4.97%, the maximum – 19.03%).

Unsatisfied with small-scale and private gas stations was 100% (the average is below 5.66%, the maximum – 8.03%). The average underweight by sample was 5.05%, which means that it can actually be added to the price per liter.

Putin equated one day in jail for one and a half days in a colony

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that equates one day in the remand center for a day and a half in the colony, the document was published in the evening on Tuesday at the official Internet portal of legal information


Rospotrebnadzor: there are no safe water bodies in Krasnoyarsk

The Krasnoyarsk Green Building Administration, which operates the city beach on the Abakan Yenisei River Canal (Rest Island), applied to the Federal Service for Supervision for Consumer Protection and Sanitation to issue a sanitary and epidemiological certificate on compliance with sanitary regulations.

Norilsk Nickel explained the reason for the “red rain” in Norilsk

Norilsk Nickel explained the reason for the “red rain” in Norilsk with dust from the roof of one of the buildings of the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant (NMZ, part of Norilsk Nickel), a company representative told Tass.

In the Angara region, five places for swimming were recognized as dangerous

Regional Rospotrebnadzor recognized as dangerous for swimming five popular recreation places for the region’s inhabitants. The samples taken here do not meet the requirements of hygienic standards for microbiological indicators, the press service of the department

Environmentalists seek liquidation of illegal landfill in Domodedovo

Based on the appeals of citizens, activists of the NGO “Green Front” during the public environmental monitoring in Domodedovo found a dump that functions with violations of environmental legislation.

One and a half thousand bags of garbage were taken out by volunteers from the Nevelsk beach

The beaches of the villages of Lopatino and Seleznevo are considered the most favorite places of rest for Nevelchan. In order to remove from the garbage 4 kilometers of the coastal zone to help eco-volunteers attracted heavy equipment KamAZ and excavators. From the beach, 12 cubic meters of garbage were taken – 1,500 bags.

Rubbish outlaws

According to the first deputy mayor of Blagoveshchensk, Vladimir Konstantinov, adding problems not only careless residents, but also owners of small businesses.

The focus was on all unauthorized blagoveshchensk dumps – they are estimated by 2016, 110. Some have already been eliminated, but some after the cleaned up appeared again. One of these points – in the area of Shafira streets – 50 years of October. Dump had to be cleared twice, taking out large amounts of garbage, in the end, to protect the site from encroachments, it was necessary to install video cameras. Only such control helps to maintain order. Online surveillance for indifferent to the ecology of the townspeople goes and in other places.

An automated database of potentially dangerous

Representative of the ONF Sergey Apanovich noted that potentially hazardous facilities include water intake stations, energy facilities, water canals, sewage pumping stations, large industrial enterprises, garbage dumps.

Sergei Ivanov proposed to recreate a massive waste paper reception network

Special Representative of the President of Russia on Environmental Activities, Ecology and Transport Sergei Ivanov proposed to recreate in Russia a massive network of reception points for recycled paper.

In Soviet times, schoolchildren collected newspapers, books unnecessary, carried to points of reception, which were quite a lot. In the Soviet era, I must admit, the waste paper was recycled more than now … The capacities for processing waste paper in a new paper are also under-loaded. – Sergey Ivanov

Careers in Ulybyshevo are buried in the garbage

Packages with garbage dumped in a huge pile. Part of it was blown by the nearest strip of forest separating the quarry from the road. Do not hesitate resting people throw in this pile packages, in which bottles, sachets of chips, crackers and sunflower seeds. Bushes are littered with plastic poltorashkami – they are “carefully” hidden resting, after they wash their feet from the sand.

On the beach – sand mixed with cigarette filters and husks from seeds, there are beer covers.

A decent-looking mother, blowing her baby, uses a familiar gesture to push a damp napkin into the sand. An elderly man stores the shell from pistachios in a specially dug hole for this. The company of glamorous girls in fashionable swimsuits eats cherries. Bones spit out right next to the veil on which they lie.


The State Duma of Russia approved the law on increasing VAT

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the first reading a bill on raising the VAT rate to 20% from January 1, 2019. The government expects that a change in the VAT rate will allow the government to attract 600-630 billion rubles for the implementation of national goals. additional revenues per year

Tour operator DSBW-Tours announced the suspension of activities

The general director of the tour operator DSBW-Tours Karen Goncharov reported on the suspension of the company due to the inability to fulfill obligations to customers and the bank.

The Central Bank withdrew the license from the sanitized bank “Sovietsky”

The Central Bank decided to transfer part of the obligations and assets of the bank’s consolidated banking sector (FCSF), which is being sanitized by the Fund, to the Sovietsky bank. The regulator announced this on Tuesday and withdrew the license from the bank.

FNB increased by 912 billion rubles in June

In June, the NWF transferred $ 6.4 billion, $ 5.6 billion and £ 1.1 billion, acquired through additional oil and gas revenues of the federal budget in 2017. The Ministry of Finance from 7 June to 5 July daily purchases a currency of 19 million rubles

Ministry of Finance to offer OFZ investors 30 billion rubles on 4 July

On July 4, 2018, the Ministry of Finance of Russia plans to conduct auctions for placement of federal loan bonds with constant coupon income (OFZ-PD) of issue No. 25083RMFS in the amount of 15 billion rubles at face value and bonds of the federal loan with constant coupon income (OFZ-PD) of issue No. 26224RMFS in the amount of 15 billion rubles at face value, the ministry said in a statement.

The State Duma supported the reduction of excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel

The State Duma adopted in the second reading amendments to the Tax Code, which imply a reduction in the excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel in 2018 to stabilize the price of motor fuel in the Russian market.

Poland estimated losses on a contract for the transit of Russian gas

The Polish authorities consider that the actual lost profit from the transit of Russian gas through the Polish territory in 2010-2017. is about 1 billion zlotys ($ 266 million)

The State Duma in the second reading increases the severance tax for Gazprom

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill that will increase the tax on mining operations for Gazprom. This will happen in September-December 2018.

Viber within a year will launch in Russia the support of the Rakuten crypto currency

Viber during the year expects to launch in Russia support and exchange for the real currency of its parent company Rakuten’s crypto currency, head of Viber Jamal Agahua told reporters on Tuesday.

The US Justice Department will check the work of Glencore in Nigeria and Venezuela

Glencore Ltd must provide the US Justice Department with documents on work in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Venezuela from 2007 to the present.

The Board of Directors of RusHydro has approved the sale of a 4.92% stake in Inter RAO

The Board of Directors of JSC RusHydro has approved the sale of 4.915% of the authorized capital of Inter RAO at a price of 3.3463 rubles per share. This is stated in the message “RusHydro.” The buyer of the stake will be Inter RAO Capital.

Crimea will ask 400 million rubles

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea will send an appeal to the government of the Russian Federation with a request to allocate up to 400 million rubles for compensation of direct losses to Crimean agricultural producers whose plantations have suffered from drought and hail.

Working in the Crimea, the Yakut bank suspended work

Most of the offices of the Yakut Bank “Taatta” stopped working, only the head office in Yakutsk is open, the “Yakutia 24” TV channel reports.

FAS allowed Giner company to buy “RGS-life”

FAS allowed the company “Soyuz”, according to SPARK data belonging to Eugene Giner, to buy “RGS-life”, RNS was informed by the press service of the agency.

The Australian Central Bank retained the key rate at the same level

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA, the country’s central bank) left the key interest rate unchanged at a record low of 1.5%. The decision of the regulator coincided with analysts’ expectations, Finam reports.

Bank of America warned about a possible recurrence of the 1998 crisis

Analysts at Bank of America Corp. believe that the current dynamics in the world stock market is similar to the one that faced the global economic crisis in 1997-1998. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the specialists of the financial organization

Putin signed amendments to the budget of the Pension Fund for 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on amendments to the budget of the Pension Fund for 2018, his deficit will be 0.3% of GDP and amount to 265.5 billion rubles, which is 158.9 billion higher than the statutory index. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

VEB reported on the negotiation of the amount of capitalization

“Vnesheconombank” (VEB) reported on the negotiation of the amount of capitalization. This statement was made by the credit organization on Tuesday. The bank noted that at the moment they are discussing capitalization with the government.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bloomberg, citing sources, said that the amount of VEB’s additional capitalization would be 1 trillion rubles. This money will be paid to the credit organization within five years, the source specified. They will be directed to cover expenses for priority projects.

Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves are growing

The Central Bank of Russia reports that in June the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves increased to 462.4 billion US dollars, almost reaching the level of September 2014.

Avtovazbank repurchased the troubled assets of the bank “Sovietsky” at the expense of the Central Bank

The Central Bank has provided AvtoVAZbank with a deposit worth 34.2 billion rubles. for the repayment of troubled assets of the bank “Sovietsky”, which was earlier deprived of the license. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Bank of Russia. The deposit to AvtoVAZbank is granted for a period of five years

The State Duma allowed the Cabinet to raise import duties on oil products

The parliamentarians approved the amendment, which will give the Cabinet the right to raise import tariffs for light oil products, straight-run and marketable gasoline, light and medium distillates, benzene, toluene, xylene and lubricating oils to 90% of the duty on oil in 2018.


The US refuses to recognize the Crimea as part of Russia

Hogan Guidley, a representative of the US White House, said that the United States does not recognize Russia’s position in the Crimea.

“We definitely do not recognize Russia’s attempts to annex Crimea,” Gidli said.

Extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria

An extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in southern Syria will be held on July 5. This was reported in the Swedish mission to the organization. The current humanitarian situation and the response to it will be discussed.

The Ecuadorian court issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-President Correa

On Tuesday, July 3, the Ecuadorian court decided to imprison former President Rafael Correa. The verdict was rendered by Judge Daniella Camacho on the provision of the Prosecutor’s Office

The former prime minister of Malaysia was charged in court

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak arrived in Kuala Lumpur, where he was formally charged

President of Bolivia Evo Morales hospitalized

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, was hospitalized for a regular medical examination. This was reported by the press service of the administration head of state. According to him, the Bolivian leader was taken to a clinic in La Paz.

Ukraine will join the EU until 2025 – Poroshenko

Poroshenko said that Ukraine sincerely wants Serbia to join the European Union in 2025 after overcoming all obstacles. “I want to emphasize that the Ukrainian people have the same goal,” the Ukrainian president added.

Our common goal is to enter the EU by 2025. I want Serbia to overcome all the obstacles along the way, become a member of the European Union. And, we can say that the same goal is for the Ukrainian people. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Tribunal in Donbass sentenced Kolomoisky to life imprisonment

By the 10 years of imprisonment Sergei Taruta was sentenced, who in 2014 headed the Donetsk regional state administration. Earlier, the tribunal in Donbass sentenced Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to life imprisonment.

Trump refused to lower the US flags in memory of the dead journalists

President of the United States Donald Trump rejected the request of the Mayor of Annapolis Gavin Buckley filed over the weekend to lower the flags of the United States in memory of five killed journalists in the course of shooting at the editorial office of the local newspaper Gazeta Gazette, ABC News reports.

China warned its citizens from travel to the US

The Chinese embassy in the United States warned its citizens about the danger of traveling to America. This is attributed to the continuation of the trade war between the two states. This was reported by Gazeta.ru with reference to Reuters.


The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation opened the “Book of Records” of the Russian Armed Forces

On the official portal of the Ministry of Defense of Russia opened an electronic resource “The Book of Records of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry. The visitors of the portal can get acquainted with the outstanding achievements not only of athletes and military personnel, but also military scientists, designers, inventors

Syrian Foreign Ministry urges citizens to return to their homeland

“The Syrian government calls on Syrian citizens who were forced to leave the country because of the war and the actions of terrorists, to return to their homeland after the liberation of most of the territories that were captured by terrorists,” the Syrian national agency SANA quotes the Foreign Ministry.

The ceasefire in Syria was joined by 27 settlements

In the southern zone of de-escalation, the work of the authorities is resuming, preparations are being made for the restoration of the social infrastructure and delivery of humanitarian assistance. Last week, 27 settlements in the southern zone of de-escalation in the provinces of El Quneitra, Essaouida and Dera, voluntarily joined the ceasefire regime, warring parties in Syria (CPAP).

Iran accused Israel of “climate war”

The head of the Iranian Civil Defense Organization, Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali accused Israel and another “one country” of conducting a climate war against the Islamic Republic. About this, with reference to the Iranian ISNA agency, today broadcasts the TV channel Al Arabiya.

“Israel and another state in our region have joined forces and are working to ensure that the clouds coming to Iran do not bring rain,” Jalali said.

US wants to place new nuclear weapons in Europe

The diplomatic source spoke about Washington’s plans for placing new nuclear weapons. The United States leadership is studying the deployment of modernized nuclear bombs at military bases on the territory of European powers.

The FBI joined the investigation into Facebook’s data leakage case

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States have joined the investigation into Facebook’s data leakage case, The Wall Street Journal reported citing a source.

CNN learned about US plans to recognize elite parts of the Iranian army by terrorists

The White House administration can recognize the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization, CNN reported. The current and former high-ranking officials told the TV channel that a debate has been held on this issue in the White House, but the parties can not come to an agreement

Media reports about the death of the son of the leader of IGIL in Syria

The son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the banned in Russia terrorist organization Islamic State (IG), was killed in the town of Homs, Syria. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the sources of proigilov

Russian military police put up posts for observation in Syria

The Russian military police put up daily observation posts to maintain order in the Syrian settlements of Er-Rustan, Tell-Bissa and Haret-Tukman, chief of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major-General Alexei Tsygankov said at a briefing.

Military from South Korea visited motorized rifle in Primorye

“Today, in accordance with the plan of international activities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a military delegation of the command of the First Army of the Republic of Korea, which arrived in Primorye yesterday, visited the motorized rifle unit of the Eastern Military District stationed in Ussuriisk,” Voskresensky said.


Under Salisbury, two were poisoned by an unknown substance

In the United Kingdom in Amesbury, near Salisbury, a man and woman may have been exposed to substances of unknown origin. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the police of the county of Wiltshire. They were found unconscious in one of the buildings.

In Nantes riots broke out after the death of the driver at the hands of a policeman

On the night of July 4, riots broke out in Nantes (west of France) after a police officer fired a shot at a man without warning. This is reported by the publication L’Ouest France

In the shopping center in Krasnodar there was a fire

The fire occurred in a shopping center in Krasnodar, the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the region said. “There is a fire on the roof on an area of 800 square meters. m “, – RIA Novosti reports.

In the Savings Bank revealed fraudsters

The police uncovered an organized group of nine people who tried to steal money from bank accounts of VIP clients of the Savings Bank, a source in the Interior Ministry said. Information on the disclosure of organized criminal groups was confirmed by another source in the department.

In Izhevsk, during the fire at the arms factory, the tower spike collapsed

The management of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for Udmurtia was informed that in Izhevsk the spire of the tower of one of the historic buildings of the Kalashnikov arms factory collapsed during a fire.

In Vnukovo the liner with the broken landing gear has urgently landed

At the capital airport Vnukovo made an emergency landing charter flight from Turkey, the airline I Fly. On board there were more than 300 passengers. The commander reported on the defective chassis rack.

Four people were killed in a ferry crash off the coast of Indonesia

At least 4 people died as a result of the ferry crash off the coast of Indonesia, Channel News Asia reported. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon. A ferry with 139 passengers and 48 cars on board capsized off the coast of the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi

Georgia detained someone involved in the murder of a Russian pilot in Syria

In Georgia, a Turkish citizen, Serkan Kurtulush, was detained, who was previously suspected of involvement in the murder of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov in Syria in 2015. This is reported by the newspaper Hurriyet.

Victims of wind and hail in the Kuban will be compensated

Compensations will be received by all the Kuban citizens who suffered damage from the hurricane wind and hail last weekend, said Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev in his microblog on Twitter. On Saturday and Sunday several districts of the region suffered from strong wind and hail.

In England, detained a suspected of killing babies nurse

Police in the UK detained a female child laborer in a hospital in the county of Cheshire on suspicion of killing eight babies.

In the west of Ukraine broke out miners’ protests

A group of members of the trade union of miners of Ukraine arranged a strike, blocking the international highway “Lviv-Rava-Russkaya”. This is reported by the local portal 032.ua. It is specified that the protest action of miners takes place near the village of Volya-Vysotskaya, Lviv region

A relative of the deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region was found killed in Istra

In the suburbs, the murder of a cousin of the deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region, Semyon Yakubov-Anatoly Yakubov, was committed.

Large cities of Azerbaijan left without light

As a result of the explosion, the capital of Azerbaijan remained without light at one of the substations of the Mingechaur hydroelectric power station (HPP) Baku.

Unknown man opened fire at the Turkish Chamber of Commerce building

The unknown opened fire in the building of the Chamber of Commerce in Turkey. About this newspaper Daily Sabah. The incident occurred on July 3 in the province of Osmaniye in the south of the country.

In Düsseldorf, an airport employee wounded a colleague with a knife

One of the guards at the airport in Düsseldorf injured a fellow serviceman and was detained. The German portal Focus Online reports that the man attacked his colleague with a clerical knife.

As a result of shooting in the Swedish Orebro three people were injured

Unknown people opened fire on the street in the city of Örebro in central Sweden. As a result of the incident that occurred on Tuesday evening, injured at least three people.

On Sakhalin the killer-cannibal received 22 years of colony

The verdict of the Anivskiy District Court to the defendant on the set of sentences finally determines the punishment in the form of 22 years of imprisonment in a special regime colony, IA Sakh.com reports with reference to the press service of the investigation department.


In Britain, three more men accused Kevin Spacey of harassment

Another three men in the UK accused Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey of harassment, thus, the British police conducts a total of six cases against the actor, the portal TMZ reports.

Maria Shukshina recognized the grandson of her eldest son

Today Maria Shukshina recognized her newborn grandson Mark Adam and laid out the result of a genetic examination in Instagram, which confirms that her son is a biological father by 99.9%.

The result showed that our child. And we are very happy about this! Alimony Makarom in the manner prescribed by law will be paid regularly. Moreover, we would like the child to be brought up in our family, but this is only if the mother of the child herself gives it to us. – Maria Shukshina, Russian actress

Pavel Priluchny was hospitalized

Contact with the wife of Pavel Priluchnogo was possible to the site Teleprogramma.pro. In an interview with reporters, Agata said that her husband feels much better and should not worry.

“Nothing terrible has happened to him, everything is fine with Pasha, he’s as good as a bull!” Do not frighten my film crew, do not delve into it, everything is fine, everything is fine. There is no cause for concern! “Mutseniets stressed once again.

The 50-year-old Kylie Minogue confirmed the rumors of a new novel

The other day Kylie Minogue published a touching photo with her new lover, confirming the rumors about the novel with journalist Paul Solomons – 440-year-old creative director of GQ. They started talking about the fact that they started meeting this spring, when they were often seen together.

Armen Jigarkhanyan prepares to file suit on fraud of ex-wife

Arthur Soghomonyan monitors the state of health of Dzhigarkhanyan, and also consults with lawyers to file a new lawsuit against Vitalina. In the official group of the actor in the social network, Soghomonyan published a post in which he gave a detailed account of the situation.

“I am sure that your care and love help Armen Borisovich recover and that is why the most difficult things are over. Now Armen Boris is in good condition, he is resting, he is mainly engaged in health. The whole history associated with Tsymbalyuk is already in the past, he prefers not to remember it. We are discussing preparations for a new theatrical season and, of course, matches of the World Football Championship, “said Artur Soghomonyan.

Mila Kunis commented on rumors of a divorce from Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis said that she was trying not to read the news about herself. True, the actress is aware that rumors of divorce from Kutcher appear at least once a year

Katie Holmes with a crumpled breast shocked guests fashion show

Katie Holmes wore a dress that simply flattened her breasts. The actress is a frequent guest at fashion shows. However, this was truly a disaster for her.

In Sweden, will be awarded an alternative Nobel Prize for Literature

Recall, the Nobel Committee refused to award a prize in literature this year because of the scandal at the Swedish Academy, which is responsible for the selection of nominees

Scarlett Johansson will perform a pimp woman

According to Deadline, a tape called Rub & Tug will tell the true story of a pimp woman Jean Marie Gill, a scandalous celebrity of the underworld in the US in the 1970s.

TV premiere of the film “Coach” will be held on July 15

Channel “Russia 1” after the finals of the World Cup, July 15, will feature the feature film “Coach”. This is the directorial debut of the actor Danila Kozlovsky. “Coach” was released in the Russian hire on April 19.

Conquer the heart of Olga Buzovoy

The former boyfriend of the winner of the last season of the TV show “Bach” Dasha Klyukina wanted to conquer the heart of the pop diva Olga Buzovoy. He went to the TV project “Married to Buzov.” Popular DJ Sergey Naumov will seek the heart of Olya Buzovoy, who is the most enviable bride in Russia

Ex-participant of “Doma-2” spoke about intimacy with Galustyan

Isaeva more than once admitted that she worked in an escort, so sometimes she helps other girls find clients. In one of the correspondence, she admitted that she had had sex with some popular personalities. Among them were T-killah, Mikhail Galustyan and many others.

Megan Markle refused to wear comfortable shoes because of the queen

After the wedding with Prince Harry Megan, Markle never once put on a model of shoes that the Queen of Britain hates

Penelope Cruz in the image of Barbie eclipsed everyone on the fashion show

In Paris, the Fashion Week is in full swing, where the most important figures of the industry and show business stars gather. The fashion event was not spared and Penelope Cruz. The 44-year-old actress appeared at the event in a very delicate manner and looked like a Barbie doll.


Gmail developers have access to user correspondence

Developers of the Gmail application can read user correspondence. This is made possible by the access settings, which allow you to view emails with confidential data. According to the publication of The Wall Street Journal, this is used by many developers.

Opera will attract financing for $ 115 million

The Norwegian company Opera has filed papers for the IPO and plans to raise financing up to $ 115 million. Over the past year, the company received a decent revenue, mainly due to transactions with search engines

50% of Russians do not change the factory password of routers

Only half of the Russian router users have changed the user’s pre-installed login and password for connection, and 59% of Russians have never updated the firmware of their device. In June of this year Avast conducted a survey among more than thousands of Russian router users and found out that 50% of them do not change the factory ones Passwords and logins for connecting your devices

Russian authorities were interested in Viber subscribers only five times

During five years of Viber’s work in Russia, the messenger received only five requests from Russian law enforcement agencies to provide these users, Director General of the messenger Jamal Agahua told Vedomosti.

Facebook will close three more services

This information was posted by the company on its blog. Closing of programs is associated with a low number of users.

Moves is a service for fitness activity tracking. It has the ability to collect statistics of the user’s movements per day.

A feature of the Hello service was the merging of Facebook data with contact information. The program has not been updated for more than a year.

Tbh is an anonymous social networking app that allows high school students to send compliments to each other. Recently, I started the messaging function.

Representatives of Facebook report that the closure of these applications will better determine the priorities of their resources.

The cache of the computer became a gift for the hacker

Placed in temporary memory, information becomes the basis for a new access scheme.

ESET signed the Technology Agreement on Cybersecurity

ESET has signed the Technology Agreement on Cybersecurity – an agreement between the leading companies in the technology sector that are committed to protecting against cybercrime users around the world. This is stated in the report of ESET.

Huawei announced sales of smartphone Honor 10 GT with 8 GB of RAM

The Chinese company on the Chinese market officially announced the release of the new smartphone Honor 10 GT, which will be the first smartphone in the line, which received 8 GB of RAM. The novelty is the top version of Honor 10. The latter was introduced in the middle of the spring of this year.

In Russia, sales began LG Q7 and LG Q7 +

In Russia, sales of LG Q7 and LG Q7 + began: Two new models of smartphones Q-Series with premium features of flagship devices. Both models are equipped with advanced cameras with new features, multi-channel sound, IP68 protection and a multifunctional fingerprint scanner

Smart watch with Bluetooth headphone compartment

Network sources discovered Huawei’s new patent documentation on developments in the field of “smart” wristwatches. This time the company offered an unusual solution for storing fully wireless Bluetooth headphones

Laptop Chuwi LapBook SE will receive Intel Gemini Lake processor

The hardware platform is the Intel Gemini Lake platform: the developer’s choice fell on the Celeron N4100 processor. This 14-nanometer chip contains four processing cores with a nominal clock speed of 1.1 GHz (rising to 2.4 GHz in turbo mode).

The first smartphone Samsung with Android Go will not receive a “clean” OS Android

As you know, Samsung is preparing to release its first smartphone with Android Go. It is already known that the novelty will receive a five-inch screen Super AMOLED, SoC Exynos 7570 and 1 GB of RAM.

Notebooks Apple MacBook Pro will switch to processors Intel Coffee Lake

Most likely in Geekbench flashed the flagship MacBook Pro, because the device is not using a Core i5 processor, but Core i7. In particular, the quad-core Intel Core i7-8559U (2.7-4.5 GHz) with the GPU Iris Plus Graphics 655.

IPOS monitors AOC 22V2Q, 24V2Q and 27V2Q are presented

The company MMD Monitors & Displays has expanded the range of displays produced under the brand name AOC three newest models: 22V2Q, 24V2Q and 27V2Q. The novelties differ only in the diagonals of the panel: 21.5 inches, 23.8 inches and 27 inches, respectively.


MIT created cheap leg prostheses made of nylon

MIT has developed a technology for the production of inexpensive leg prostheses made of nylon. The technique allows individual selection of the dimensions and degree of rigidity of the prosthesis, knowing only the body weight and parameters of the user’s leg preserved.

Artificial Intelligence won the battle with 15 of the best doctors in China

Artificial intelligence (AI) more accurately and quickly diagnosed a malignant tumor in the brain, rather than the 15 most qualified physicians of the PRC. Information about this spreads Xinhua News Agency. The developers staged a battle between the best doctors of China and the neural network.

Micro-robot-cockroach for the Pentagon can walk on water and swim

In the United States invented a micro robot that can move on water and under water in the same way as its natural sample – the cockroach. HAMR can be retained on water due to the reduced contact angle between the material and the surface of the liquid.

Scientists have uncovered the secret of how koalas cope with poisonous plants

The fact is that they have more genes encoding proteins from cytochromes than in other animals, and they are formed in many tissues of the animal, including the liver. 24 koala genes are responsible for recognizing the bitter taste, and individual genes are responsible for water taste.

Adult koalas have adapted to protect their cubs from infections with the help of breast milk. So it turns out: the fact that for certain species of animals – a deadly poison, then for koalas – that neither is the most delicious food!

What caused the first global warming on Earth

The first global warming on the planet was caused by the activity of the first terrestrial microorganisms, ecologists from the British University of Exeter stated. To such conclusions, the researchers arrived, having studied the structure of organic matter from the ocean floor, whose age is 520-540 Ma.

Aspirin protected the brains of mice from manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease

American scientists came to the conclusion that aspirin can enhance the activity of processes that prevent the occurrence of amyloid plaques in the brain. These accumulations of beta-amyloid peptides are one of the main features associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

The propensity to violence was suggested to reduce by electric stimulation of the brain

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore concluded: transcranial stimulation of the prefrontal cortex can weaken the propensity to commit violent crimes

A tool for tracking human biomarkers has been created

Researchers from the Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands) have invented a way to track the smallest biomarkers. They demonstrated it on the example of DNA and proteins.

Scientists figured out why dragonflies fly backwards

To do this, they were marked with wings on the wings, with the help of which scientists observed that, moving back, the dragonflies are more likely to unfold their wings when they swing upward.

As it turned out, they move forward with their backs, taking almost vertical position. This allows them to move in the given direction with the same efficiency as the head forward. The results of the research were detailed in the journal Royal Society Interface.

“Stimulator of the imagination” will help to recover after a stroke

Russian scientists have developed a game complex for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke. Specialists in the field of artificial intelligence replaced physical training for restoring motor functions with a game with imagination, after which the patient gets the opportunity to move.

A self-healing mechanical load sensor was made from the hydrogel

Researchers suggest using this property to create sensitive sensors of mechanical loads and created several such prototypes, according to the journal Science Advances.


Russia and China plan to create a joint space station

The delegation of China’s space administration will hold relevant talks with Roskosmos. The visit of the Chinese delegation to Moscow is planned at the end of this week.

Russia began to create a module for landing on the moon

The Rocket and Space Corporation Energia has started the creation of a module for the landing of Russian cosmonauts on the Moon. This is stated in the annual report of the corporation.

In the US, disposable rockets will be banned

The EELV (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle) program in the draft law on allocations for national defense for the fiscal year 2019, which is being considered by the US Congress, has been renamed the national security program for the space launch of the National Security Space Launch (NSSS), according to The Hill .

Scientists: The evolution of Uranus was affected by a catastrophic collision

Experts believe that Uranus encountered a certain object that exceeded the Earth’s mass by at least two times. As a result, this ice giant changed the slope of its axis

About the American plans to protect objects on the moon

The list of the most significant artifacts for the United States included traces of astronauts from the United States, track rovers on the surface of the object, the landing site of the Apollo mission, American equipment, a disk with a message from the leaders of 74 countries of the world

China creates the world’s largest rocket

Specialists of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology said that recently they were instructed to develop the design and software of the new missile. It is planned that the dimensions and carrying capacity of the device will be the largest in the world.

Russia will create a council on space debris

The Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) on space decided to create a council on space debris, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the decision of the council. It is expected that the space debris council will include scientists and representatives of the space industry

The probe sent unique images from the pygmy planet Ceres

Three years ago, the probe received a new mission to investigate the dwarf planet Ceres – the closest to the Sun and the smallest among the known dwarf planets of the Solar System. Recently, the probe sent the first pictures from the planet.

New Russian satellites will be able to record the launches and flights of missiles

The devices will be able to record the launches and flights of rockets, track space debris and watch the stars. One of the main designers of the Progress missile and development center Lev Shilov told about the new Russian satellites Resurs-PM

The first search for “light” dark matter ended in failure

The first attempts to find traces of axions, ultralight particles of dark matter, ended unsuccessfully, said scientists who conducted the experiment on the installation of ADMX.

The source reported serious disruptions in the operation of the Lomonosov satellite

The scientific equipment of the satellite “Lomonosov” gives serious failures, RIA Novosti reported citing sources in the space industry. It is worth noting that this satellite was put into orbit in 2016 during the first launch vehicle in the history of the launch vehicle from the Vostochny cosmodrome.


In Russia, sales of the improved sedan Ford Mondeo

In the Ford Mondeo of the Russian assembly, new sensors for parking sensors were installed, which enabled the Cross Traffic Alert system to be installed in the sedan. This system works when the vehicle is reversing.

The new compact crossover Volkswagen T-Cross showed on the first photo

The company Volkswagen showed on the first photo a serial version of the new compact crossover Volkswagen T-Cross. The world premiere of the smallest representative of the SUV segment in the line of the German brand should be held this autumn.

Lexus began Russian sales of the new Lexus ES sedan

The Japanese company Lexus launches sales of the new generation Lexus TS sedan on the market of the Russian Federation. The car will be offered with three variants of power plants and in five trim levels. The minimum cost of the basic version is 2.58 million rubles.

Sales of commercial vehicles “Gazelle Next” started in Morocco

In Morocco, sales of Russian commercial vehicles “Gazelle Next” started. This was reported by the press service of the automotive company GAZ Group. The official distributor of the “GAZ Group” products was the company Africa Motors, which is part of the Moroccan Auto Hall Group.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC was seen during the tests

The company Mercedes-Benz continues to experience a new generation of crossover GLC, this time the car was captured in Germany. On the video you can consider the optics of auto.

In Belarus, the world’s first unmanned dump truck BelAZ

The first unmanned dump truck with a payload capacity of 130 tons is almost ready and will soon be out. The car can move independently, without the participation of the driver

Hypercar McLaren P1 GT Longtail will arrive in Goodwood

Today, the first teaser of the new McLaren P1 GT Longtail, which will be shown in the middle of this month, was published on the web. The model will receive an elongated and understated rear end of the body, and will also feature other splitters, air intakes on the roof and a large rear wing.

The network has a live photo of Seat

The Spanish automaker Seat is about to introduce a new crossover that will not just be the flagship of the concern, but will also be a direct competitor to Skoda Kodiaq. Photoplayers caught Seat on test tests. It should be noted that this is the third crossover from the Spaniards.

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