25 Июн, 2021

The strongest passports in the world

The strongest in 2021 (for the fourth year in a row) turned out to be the Japanese passport: residents of the Land of the Rising Sun can enter 193 countries without a visa! They are followed by Singapore (192) and Germany and South Korea (191 countries), which split the «bronze».

Citizens of Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain can visit 190 countries without a visa, Austria and Denmark each 189. And in all these countries there is a noticeable increase in the number of visa-free countries in comparison with the figures of a decade ago, and the leaders here were Singapore and South Korea, which added their citizens to 28 visa-free destinations in 10 years.

The «weakest» were the passports of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria — the residents of these countries have less than 30 visa-free destinations open. Despite the fact that 10 years ago, Syria had 37 of them — a drop by a quarter in just 10 years


Businessman Mikhail Gutseriev decided to leave the board of directors of RussNeft, one of his main assets.

On June 21, Gutseriev was included in the EU sanctions list against Belarus (he is considered a friend of Alexander Lukashenko). The European Union has introduced restrictive measures against Belarus due to the landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk.


In Venezuela, the military prepares for a parade in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo, in which Bolivar’s army inflicted a crushing defeat on pro-Hispanic royalists. This is considered an important milestone on the road to the country’s independence.


After the first day of the summit, the leaders of the European Union made a number of decisions regarding Russia:

advocated interaction with the Russian Federation on a number of issues of interest to the EU

instructed the European Commission and the head of EU diplomacy to develop proposals on options for further cooperation with Russia

invited the European Commission to present options for measures, including economic sanctions, in response to possible actions by Russia

instructed the European Commission and the head of European diplomacy to submit proposals to support Russian civil society.


The Prime Minister of the Netherlands refused to attend the summit with Putin. The summit with Vladimir Putin was also opposed by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.


About 70% of roads in the Far East are in poor condition, said Yuri Trutnev


The first protest action of opponents of compulsory vaccination took place in Moscow. People gathered at the entrance to the United Russia party and demanded a refusal of compulsory vaccination


Ukraine is ready to completely break off relations with the territorial LPR and DPR after the referendum. Zelensky said that if none of the settlement options in Donbass works, the issue of breaking ties with the region will be put to a referendum.


Former editor-in-chief of the Nexta Telegram channel Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend Sofya Sapega, who were detained in Minsk after the emergency landing of a Ryanair flight, were transferred from the pre-trial detention center to house arrest. The parents of the detainees told about this to the BBC Russian Service. According to them, now Protasevich and Sapega live in different rented apartments in Minsk.

“We are in shock,” said Sophia’s stepfather Sergei Dudich.

“It is difficult for me to comment on the actions of the authorities, what are their goals,” Dmitry Protasevich told the newspaper.


On the eve, the EU imposed sectoral sanctions against Belarus, and a few days earlier — personal ones for officials and businessmen close to Alexander Lukashenko.


The Russian military began major maneuvers in the Mediterranean, involving ships, diesel submarines and aircraft. They will perform combat training missions to ensure the security of two Russian bases in Syria — Khmeimim and Tartus. Earlier, a British Navy strike group led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth entered the Mediterranean.


More than a third of Russians (37%) consider the conclusion of a marriage contract a necessary condition for marriage, among fellow citizens aged 25-34 43% of respondents share this opinion, according to a survey by the Research Center of the SuperJob portal.


Telephone fraudsters in the Russian Federation, in conversation with bank clients, more often began to pretend to be law enforcement officers allegedly conducting an investigation, according to the DeviceLock study, the results of which are available to RIA Novosti. Typically, calls from such scammers come after a person submits an application to open an account or to receive another banking product.


Canada has submitted its own report on the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing in Iran. The experts came to the conclusion that Iran did not ensure the safety of its skies, the operator of the anti-missile launcher deliberately committed a number of gross violations, and the Iranian command did not prevent this.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry welcomed this report and declared Iran’s «contemptuous attitude towards human life.» The Iranian Foreign Ministry called it politicized and said that Canada has no right to make such unilateral reports.


The leaders of the EU countries at the summit in Brussels rejected the offer of Germany and France to hold official talks with Vladimir Putin.

«Formats and conditions of negotiations with Russia will be developed. But not at the level of leaders,» Merkel said.


Politician Ilya Yashin said that he was banned from participating in the elections to the State Duma due to support for Navalny’s projects

«I was removed from the elections. The Electoral Commission recognized me as an extremist because of the support of Navalny and forbade me to be nominated. I have not seen such impudent lawlessness for a long time.»


The Russian Foreign Ministry warned the Russians that the US authorities are conducting a «real hunt» abroad for those against whom Washington has claims.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly warned of the high risk of arbitrary detentions and arrests of Russian citizens, against whom the American authorities have claims, during their trips to the United States and countries that have extradition agreements with Washington. Recently, against the background of exacerbated bilateral relations through the fault of the United States, such a persecution of our fellow citizens has acquired the character of a real hunt, ”the Foreign Ministry warned.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over the past two years, at the request of Washington, about 20 Russians have been arrested in various European countries, «and in total more than 60 people were caught in the millstones of American punitive justice.» As an example, the Russian Foreign Ministry cited the arrest of Konstantin Yaroshenko, who was sentenced in America to 20 years for drug smuggling, and Viktor Bout, who was sentenced in the United States to 25 years for arms trafficking.


Carmaker General Motors Co and Royal Dutch Shell Plc-owned energy company MP2 Energy LLC are starting a joint project in Texas where GM EV owners will be able to get free overnight charging this summer. The plan is to provide comprehensive energy programs for GM customers and supply chain partners, including power plans for fixed rate homes backed by 100% renewable energy, Bloomberg writes.