7 Mar, 2019

The US threatened sanctions partners Venezuela

The United States does not exclude sanctions against third countries for doing business with the Venezuelan authorities, said US Special Representative Elliott Abrams.

“We have not yet introduced secondary sanctions. Of course, there is such a possibility, it will depend on the behavior of the regime (Venezuelan authorities – ed.),” Abrams said at a press conference in Washington.

Earlier, National Security Adviser to the US President John Bolton promised increased economic pressure on Cuba, in particular on its military and intelligence, due to the strengthening of their “role in Venezuela.”

Mass protests against the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, began on January 21 – some time after he was sworn in. After the riots began, the speaker of the opposition parliament, Juan Guaido, declared himself the interim head of state. A number of Western countries, led by the United States, have recognized the recognition of Guayido. Russia, China and a number of other countries supported Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

Briefly about the main thing …

Putin spoke about the plans of foreign intelligence services in Russia

The more Western intelligence is active, the more reliable the work of the FSB should be, Putin stressed. The President noted that the special services of the Russian Federation in 2018 acted efficiently. Over the past year, 129 full-time employees and 465 foreign intelligence agents were stopped in Russia.

We see that foreign intelligence is seeking to increase its activity in the Russian sector, looking for access to information of a political, economic, scientific, technological nature in every way. Your work should be safer. – Vladimir Putin

Putin signed a law banning military smartphones

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning the military from transferring media to the Internet and publishing information about themselves and their colleagues on the Internet, which also prohibits servicemen from carrying gadgets to transmit such data, TASS reports citing the law.

NATO fleet entered the port of Odessa

The port of Odessa was visited by two ships of the Turkish Navy, the local edition of Dumskaya.net was reported on March 6. At the 16th berth of the maritime station moored the Frigate TCG Barbaros and the assault boat TCG Marti. The visit to Odessa took place as part of the annual exercise “Blue Homeland – 2019”.

Trump extended sanctions against Venezuela

United States President Donald Trump extended sanctions against Venezuela. According to Trump, the situation in Venezuela is still a “non-standard and extreme threat” to US national security, so the sanctions will continue.

Ukraine is preparing a plan in case of failure of gas negotiations with Russia

“We have developed our own plan for sustainability with the help of the United States,” reports Ukrinform agency, the words of Deputy Foreign Minister Elena Zerkal.

The problem of the gas contract was discussed during the conference on the future of the transit route through Ukraine. The contract expires in 2019.

US suspects Pakistan of misusing F-16 aircraft

The US State Department issued a statement seeking additional information on Pakistan’s potential misuse of F-16 fighters in a recent conflict with India.

Ulchi Taegeuk military civilian exercises will be held in South Korea for the first time

According to the available data, military exercises will combine the previous maneuvers of the South Korean army Taegeuk and part of the South Korean joint activities of Ulchi Freedom Guardian. The main task of the maneuvers is to strengthen the capabilities of the South Korean armed forces in order to be able to independently repel attacks, the KBS television channel reports. Maneuvers will last for three days.

State Duma refused to introduce pension inheritance

The State Duma rejected the bill of the Just Russia faction on the right of Russians to receive insurance pensions by inheritance. The deputies proposed to fix the rule that the right to receive insurance old-age pension is inheritable.

Almost 40% of Russians admitted to using the mat

Obscene language is regularly used by 37% of Russians, say VTsIOM polls. This is less than in 2008, when 44% of citizens swore. 18% of respondents use mate daily, and 19% – several times a week.

How many Russians are ready to participate in protests

Levada Center experts conducted a sociological study and found out how Russian citizens treat protests. Most respondents believe that in the near future in the village where they live, there will be no meetings against the fall in the standard of living and in defense of the rights of Russians. So answered 63% of respondents. The opposite point of view is held by 34%. The likely protest with political demands is considered by 28% of people who took part in the poll. 68% disagree with them.

26% of citizens are ready to go out to protect their rights. Even fewer people in the country are ready to take part in rallies with political goals – 20% (75% will not do this for sure)

Matvienko proposed to annually measure the level of happiness of Russians

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko supports the proposal to measure the Russians happiness index.

It would be right for us to measure how our every decision, action affects people, whether they become happier. We all want everyone in Russia to be happy, to be a country of happy people. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

The US promised sanctions to third countries for dealing with Venezuela

The United States allowed the imposition of sanctions against third countries for doing business with Venezuela, reports RIA Novosti. This was stated by US Special Representative Elliott Abrams.

State Department again threatened Turkey with sanctions for buying C-400

Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia could lead to the refusal to provide it with advanced technologies and to suspend Ankara’s participation in the program of creating fifth-generation F-35 American fighters.

From my point of view as a military man, the best advice would be not to complete the F-35 deal so that they would not make combat missions when our ally uses Russian systems, especially air defense systems. – Curtis Scaparotti, American General

The Russian Defense Ministry will not refuse to call up for military service

The refusal to call up for military service is impossible both because of the financial capacity of the state and because of the need to have citizens trained in military affairs who can be mobilized, head of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Yevgeny said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper. Burdinsky.

Chinese hackers caught stealing US military secrets

Chinese hackers spent a cyber attack on 27 universities in the United States, Canada and Southeast Asia to gain access to the development of marine technologies used for military purposes, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing the iDefense intelligence division of Accenture Security.

US Air Force bomber flew over disputed islands in the South China Sea

A strategic bomber of the US Air Force B-52 flew near the disputed islands in the South China Sea, reports ABC channel citing the Pacific Air Force.

Papa John’s founder leaves board of directors

The founder of the American pizza chain, Papa John’s, John Shnatter, agreed to leave the board of directors as part of a settlement agreement with the company, which put an end to the judicial process. This was reported on Tuesday by Reuters.

North Korea restores Donchan-ri nuclear test site – Yonhap

North Korea is restoring the missile launch zone at the Donchan-ri nuclear test site; on March 5, South Korean news agency Yonhap reports. According to the South Korean intelligence, at the site, partially destroyed in 2018, roofs are being restored at the sites.

The US Senate has prepared a bill to end the war in Afghanistan

The US military campaign in Afghanistan began in October 2001. It is the longest in the history of the United States. This war, as noted by the Independent Journal Review, cost the US taxpayers $ 6 trillion, in 2018 the annual expenditures on it amounted to $ 45 billion.

The plane of the Venezuelan president flew to Cuba

Venezuelan board number 1 of Airbus A-319, President Nicolas Maduro, flew from Caracas to Havana. Interfax reported this, citing data from Western monitoring aviation resources. Official reports of the planned visit to Cuba yet.

Pakistan announces ambassador’s return to India

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan announced the return of its ambassador to New Delhi after the completion of consultations in Islamabad, reports TASS. In addition, it was stated that Pakistan’s commitment to continue weekly contacts at the level of combat operations departments

Spanish AEMPS and Russian “SID & GP” agreed on cooperation

In Moscow, an agreement was signed between the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices (SID & GP) and the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS). Under the agreement, the two organizations will cooperate in part of inspections of pharmaceutical facilities for compliance with GMP guidelines and in taking measures against substandard, counterfeit medicines.

Rules of passage on the Northern Sea Route created for foreign ships

The Government of the Russian Federation has developed rules for the passage of foreign military vessels along the Northern Sea Route. The warships will have to notify Russia about plans to cross the Northern Sea Route for 45 days, Izvestia notes. Also on board the ships will have to be present Russian pilots.

Pompeo will visit Israel, Kuwait and Lebanon

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will visit Israel, Kuwait and Lebanon next week as part of a strategic dialogue with these countries. This was announced on Tuesday by the deputy head of the State Department press service, Robert Palladino.

The White House criticized the Democrats’ investigation against Trump

A spokeswoman for the White House, Sarah Sanders, said that a new investigation by representatives of the Democratic Party in the US Congress against American leader Donald Trump is “shameful.” Reports about it RIA “News”.

Today, Chairman Nadler opened a shameful and insulting investigation into the annoying false statements that have already been the subject of investigation by Special Prosecutor Muller and the committees in both houses of Congress. – Sarah Sanders, American politician

Pakistan will arrest the assets of organizations prohibited by the UN Security Council

The Pakistani government intends to seize the assets and freeze the accounts of organizations that have been banned by the UN Security Council (SC).

French aircraft carrier sent to the Eastern Mediterranean

The only active aircraft carrier of the French Navy “Charles de Gaulle” (Charles de Gaulle) headed for the Mediterranean. It is reported by Europe 1. According to the French Ministry of Defense, the ship, after an 18-month repair, left Toulon.

Explosive devices found at two airports and at a train station in London

Three small improvised explosive devices were found on Tuesday in buildings at London Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and at Waterloo Railway Station, Sky News said on Tuesday.

Destroyer monument ruble in Syktyvkar

According to the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office, a man was sentenced to 1.5 years of imprisonment in a high-security penal colony.

The incident occurred on April 27, 2018. Expressing a clear disrespect for the generally accepted norms of morality and rules of behavior in society, grossly violating public order, he deliberately struck with his foot two blows at the “Ruble Sign”, from which the monument fell and crashed. The man indicated a sense of social injustice as the motive for committing the crime, since at the time of the act he was in a difficult financial situation. Damage from damage to the art object amounted to more than 300 thousand rubles.

Bolton: US thinks over tightening sanctions against North Korea

The United States is considering tightening sanctions against North Korea, national security adviser Donald Trump said on an interview with John Bolton on Fox Business TV.

JAXA and Toyota will develop their lunar rover

It became known earlier that in 2031–2035 Russia intends to send a moon rover to the Earth’s satellite, which in the future will mine mineral resources there.

China plans to launch 10 beidou satellites in 2019

China in 2019 intends to launch from 8 to 10 satellites of the Beidou navigation system and all MEO satellites (medium-Earth orbit), reported in the Bureau of the Satellite Navigation Management of China.

National Bank of Switzerland showed a new bill of 1000 francs

The National Bank of Switzerland showed its most expensive design at face value of 1,000 Swiss francs ($ 998.90), according to the regulator’s website. The banknote will go into circulation on March 13.

Trump intends to deprive India and Turkey of trade benefits

US President Donald Trump intends to cancel preferential treatment in trade with India and Turkey. The corresponding notice he sent to Congress.

I am taking this step due to the fact that, after active interaction between the United States and the Government of India, I decided that India could not guarantee the United States that it would provide equal and acceptable access to the Indian markets, as provided for. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

In one of the bays of Primorye will create a center for keeping killer whales

Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev held a meeting on determining the fate of marine mammals that are kept in Srednyaya Bay in Primorye. Following the discussion, an action plan will be developed for releasing animals into their natural habitat; for this, it is planned to convert one of the bays of the Russian island into a center for keeping large marine animals, the press service of Gordeev told reporters. In addition, in order to monitor and track animals, they will be microchipped.

Illicit trafficking in human organs was estimated at $ 600 million per year

Illicit trafficking in human organs in the world is estimated at $ 600 million per year. On this on Tuesday, March 5, reports the publication Prensa Latina, citing data from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Paid sobering stations may appear in Russia

In the Federation Council, a draft law is being prepared on the revival of the sobering-out system, and it is planned to make their stay in them paid – at the expense of the guests themselves. A group of senators is working on the document, including Valery Ryazansky, the head of the social policy committee.

For insulting the authorities on the Internet may introduce a fine

For publication on the Internet of information that offends the state and public institutions, can impose a fine of 5 thousand rubles and arrest for 15 days. The State Duma plans to consider the corresponding package of bills in the second reading at the plenary session on March 6.

Russians will be able to complain about the quality of goods through the website of public services

The bill that allows to complain about the quality of goods through the site of public services, adopted by the State Duma in the second reading. It is reported by the press service of the lower house of parliament.

California sues Trump administration

A lawsuit against the Trump administration for restrictions on federal funding for organizations that perform abortions or advise women on this matter, California filed March 4, the San Francisco Chronicle reported March 5.

The victims of the “struggle for the preservation of the lake”

Clear logging for sanitary purposes is planned to be allowed in the Central Ecological Zone (CEZ) of the Baikal Natural Territory. The irony is that these changes are part of the federal project “Preservation of Lake Baikal”, whose passport was submitted on February 18. As REGNUM news agency reported, until 2024, it is planned to spend 34 billion rubles to protect the lake.

Ukraine’s foreign exchange reserves in February fell by almost 3%

The National Bank of Ukraine announced a reduction in the country’s foreign exchange reserves by 2.9% in February. This is reported on the NBU website.

Putin will instruct the Central Bank to control the issuance of mortgages to families with children

The Bank of Russia will be entrusted with monitoring the activities of credit institutions issuing mortgages at a reduced rate to families with two or more children. With such a statement, President Vladimir Putin spoke at a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin, according to the Kremlin website.

For families that have two or more children, they have a reduced rate of 6%, everything else is subsidized by the state. Because for a person in the end it does not matter where the benefits are, where the benefits are not. If he is paid more, he doesn’t care who made a decision about it. – Vladimir Putin

Rosstat recorded an increase in savings from Russian citizens

The total amount of savings of Russian citizens in 2018 reached 33.6 trillion rubles. This is March 5, according to Izvestia, citing data from the Rosstat. According to the publication, over the past year, the citizens of Russia have accumulated 3 trillion rubles, which is 9.4% more than a year earlier.

Russian spending on current needs exceeded their income

In January 2019, a historical anti-record was established in Russia: citizens’ expenditures for the first time exceeded their income. Russians sent 100.7% of revenues to the current consumption of goods and services, Kommersant reports. This happened against the background of a decrease in income and wages in 2018.

Accumulations of Russians decreased by 2.4% over the month

The savings of Russians in February 2019, according to preliminary data, decreased by almost 2.4% compared with January – to 32.88 trillion rubles. Such an assessment is given in the materials of Rosstat. The volume of savings exceeds the level of December 2018, when it was just over 32.31 trillion rubles.

Pharmaceutical companies are obliged to report on the costs of alcohol

The government approved changes to the regulation on licensing the production of medicines for pharmaceutical companies. New regulations require pharmaceutical companies to transfer data on the volumes of alcohol-containing liquids to a single state information system.

Of China called for preparing for a “tough fight” in the economy

Li Keqiang said that in implementing the development goals, the country this year will face even more serious and difficult conditions. This shows a complete analysis of the situation inside and outside of China. In this regard, he believes that the Chinese should be fully prepared for a tough fight.

The Russian government has allocated RusHydro 13 billion on power lines for Chukotka

In 2019, it is planned to allocate 7 billion rubles from the budget, in 2020 – another 6 billion rubles. Of these, 3 billion will be allocated from the reserve fund and contributed to the authorized capital of the company. The estimated cost of building two lines is estimated at 19.56 billion rubles.

Venezuela’s accounts in Russia will be transferred to the Russian Financial Corporation Bank

Accounts of Venezuelan companies in the Russian Federation will be transferred to the Russian Financial Corporation Bank (RFK), the decision was made by the Russian authorities after consultations with the Venezuelan side and business, two sources familiar with the negotiations told RIA Novosti, “first of all, we are talking about PDVSA” .

Who are Russian pensioners billionaires

80-year-old resident of St. Petersburg Valentina Dublennikova is the owner of several companies that are decorated with real estate: shopping and exhibition centers in St. Petersburg, the cost of which is tens of billions of rubles, writes “Fontanka”. In most of them, the areas are leased by Gazprom structures. At the same time, the concern itself only formally owns a minority stake in one of the firms, Expoforum, on whose balance sheet no objects have been registered since last year.

She Dublennikova lives in an ordinary St. Petersburg apartment and leads a modest life. In a conversation with an employee of Fontanka, she indirectly confirmed her acquaintance with the head of the majority of her companies, Elena Mashedo, who, according to the newspaper, is associated with many key figures in the structure of Gazprom.

The US budget surplus in January amounted to $ 8.68 billion

A year earlier, the country had a budget surplus of $ 49.237 billion in January. Public spending in the United States in January increased by 6.25% in annual terms and amounted to $ 331.297 billion, revenues decreased by 5.8% to $ 339.98 billion.

Lukoil intends to complete the repurchase program in 2019

Lukoil intends to complete its buyback program in 2019, said Lukoil’s First Vice-President Alexander Matytsyn during a telephone conference of the company. “We plan to complete the current buyback program in 2019,” he said.

Rostov region will invest 57 billion rubles in healthcare

Almost 57 billion rubles will be spent on the implementation of the national project “Healthcare” in the Rostov Region. Funds will be allocated from the regional treasury until 2024

ExxonMobil and Chevron to increase shale oil production

The two largest US energy companies, ExxonMobil and Chevron, are planning to increase oil and gas production in the Permian Basin of Texas, one of the main US shale fields, the Financial Times (FT) newspaper reported with reference to the companies’ presentations.

RMK starts development of three new fields in Kazakhstan

CJSC Russian Copper Company this year will begin to develop three new deposits in Kazakhstan with reserves of copper-zinc ore. These are Aralchinskoye, Kundyzdy and Limannoe deposits, reports TASS.

Uzbekistan owes Lukoil $ 600 million for gas

The gas produced on projects is mainly shipped to China. Shamsuarov told investors that the debt of $ 600 million was due to the fact that Uzbekistan took part of the gas to the domestic market, although the terms of the PSA envisage the export of all gas produced in Uzbeksitane

Three radio stations in Canada boycott Michael Jackson songs

Immediately, three major Canadian Montreal radio stations removed all Michael Jackson songs from the air after the premiere of the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” reports REN TV referring to the CBS television channel.

Mireille Mathieu will give a concert in the State Kremlin Palace

French singer Mireille Mathieu will return to Moscow to give a concert on Wednesday at the stage of the State Kremlin Palace (GCD). The evening will be a gift to the Russian public for International Women’s Day, the GK press service noted.

Experts called the naked “Mona Lisa” the work of Leonardo da Vinci

Experts refer the work of “Mona Bath” to the workshop of Renaissance artists. After a long study, they saw in the work the style of Leonardo da Vinci. So, the researchers paid special attention to the hands of women. Also, both paintings were painted left-handed. The date of creation of the work coincides with the period of the life of Leonardo. Now the museum staff continues to study the picture. While they are not ready to absolutely claim that “Mona Bath” is owned by Leonardo da Vinci.

Professional award of the book industry “Revizor-2019”

Began accepting applications for participation in the professional competition of book skill “Auditor 2019”. The competition is aimed at identifying projects and initiatives in the field of book publishing, book distribution and promotion of reading and innovative solutions in the book business of Russia. The contest will last until September. Online voting will begin in the summer, and a short list of nominees will be known in August.

In the Murmansk Museum will open an exhibition for the 85th anniversary of the “Festival of the North”

On March 6, an exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Polar Olympics will begin in the main building of the Murmansk Regional Art Museum. The exhibition presents paintings and drawings from the museum collection, as well as badges, pennants and booklets from private collections.

Samsung is developing two more flexible smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone introduced in February with a bendable screen in half is not the only model with a flexible matrix that the Korean company is developing. In the future, at least two more Samsung devices with similar screen technology, but in other form factors, may be released.

Microsoft will release the Xbox without a floppy drive in May 2019

The new version of the Xbox One S console without an optical drive from Microsoft can be presented in April 2019.

The first private spaceport will be built in Russia

According to TASS, citing a source close to the authorities of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the region signed a preliminary agreement with the CosmoCourt company on cooperation in the construction of the country’s first private cosmodrome.

Corning promises to create flexible glass for bendable smartphones

Corning, whose tempered glass is used in most flagship smartphones, promises to solve this problem in the next two years. Corning CEO John Bane said in an interview with Wired that the company is working on a flexible protective glass.

Apple acquires Lighthouse AI patents on 3D cameras for the home

With reference to the London edition of IAM, the source reports that Apple has acquired several patents and patent applications from the company Lighthouse AI. They belong to 3D cameras for the home that are designed for security systems.

The head of Huawei announced the “superzoom” in the smartphone P30 Pro

The new P30 and P30 Pro smartphones will be presented on March 26, and in the meantime, company representatives are intriguing fans and journalists with interesting statements. So, the head of Huawei announced the “superzoom” in the smartphone P30 Pro, but the representatives of the company did not specify what exactly this means.

Xiaomi introduced a smart piggy bank for children

Xiaomi has introduced the Pupupula Smart Piggy Bank smart money box designed to educate children to spend money wisely.

In America, create a jet motorcycle

Technicians of the American company JetPack Aviation plan to create four new versions of jet bikes. As it was reported, 5 jet engines will be involved in the Speeder jet bike, which will be directed downwards with nozzles, and also two – behind the hoverbike

Philips Xenium E580 appeared with a battery for 3 months

A new device was given a 3100 mAh battery. In talk mode, the phone works up to 39 hours. In addition, the battery can act as an external battery: charge other gadgets connected to the device using an OTG adapter. Case with metal elements, a pair of slots for SIM-cards. The device has a 2.8-inch screen of 320×240 pixels, a Bluetooth 3.0 module, a 2 megapixel camera with flash, an FM tuner, a music player, and a slot for MicroSD. The device is estimated at 4,990 rubles.

Samsung will make TVs fully wireless

On the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published a patent issued by it the other day to the Korean company Samsung. This patent describes a fully wireless TV, which even receives energy not by cable, but by air.

SleepBank Sleep Frequency Technology will help improve your sleep

Improve sleep quality with your SleepBank Sleep Frequency Technology device. Thanks to the patented chip, this device reduces the effect of high-frequency radio waves on your sleep.

Wireless doorbell with integrated camera August View

The new equipment mainly uses the existing doorbell product and complements it, providing streaming resolution of 1440p from the threshold of the door directly to the phone. In August View, instantaneous motion alerts, minimal fisheye distortion, scalable video, a real doorbell-like bell, and cloud storage were introduced. The key update is that the thin doorbell is powered by a rechargeable battery that comes with the micro USB cable. The device will go on sale on March 28 from the site August.com.

Developed a device for producing biofuels from microalgae

American chemical engineers have created a jet mixer that extracts fats from microorganisms. Until now, this technology of fossil fuel extraction has failed due to high energy costs.

Scientists have learned about the amazing sea creature with a disappearing anus

Scientists studied the behavior of the ctenophore species Mnemiopsis leidyi and came to the conclusion that these sea creatures have an amazing property. As it turned out, their anus can disappear without a trace, and, if necessary, appear again.

Virtual reality eliminates autism.

British scientists conducted an experiment, during which it was supposed to find out the effect of modern technologies on people suffering from disorders of the authentic spectrum. The experiment offered participants with the help of VR – rooms, to try out on themselves situations that cause them the most negative emotions.

Scientists: Nerve cells recover

Numerous studies prove the ability of nerve cells to recover. According to scientists, stem components in the brain contribute to this. The myth of the inability of nerve cells to regenerate remained relevant until the 1980s until a more detailed study of this issue.

Study: memory impairment associated with estrogen deficiency

Experts have found that the level of estrogen depends on the interaction between individual brain cells. If this connection is weak, then a violation of mental functions occurs, in particular, memory starts to work worse.

Scientists talked about the role of sleep in the fight against cancer and aging

Sleep contributes to the regeneration of DNA in cells, which, in turn, prevents the development of cancer and premature aging. This conclusion was made by scientists of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, writes MedicalXpress. Experts investigated the effect of sleep on the body on the zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Scientists have discovered a rabbit, which was considered extinct 300 years ago.

Three previously unknown species of animal science were found in the Cayman Islands. And one of, as it turned out, was not yet extinct. An analysis of fossil bones eaten by reptiles showed that they belong to three new mammal species that roamed the archipelago more than 300 years ago.

In Roskosmos thinking about creating a rocket plane with a nuclear engine

The enterprises of the rocket and space industry in the development of promising technology should focus on the creation of fundamentally new systems, including such nuclear-powered rocket planes, the Roscosmos proposal (a copy is available to RIA Novosti), compiled following a meeting on the prospects for creating a multiple-use rocket -space technology.

“Planning for future development of reusable space systems should also include the consideration of fundamentally new layouts, such as nuclear-powered rocket planes. Such systems may in the future change the market for space launch vehicles and create new market niches,” the document says.

Russia will install space monitoring stations in South Africa, Mexico and Chile

In the third quarter of 2019 in Africa, a space debris detection complex will be installed, and in 2020, experimental optical points moved from Kislovodsk and the Crimea in Mexico and Chile. Earlier, Roscosmos announced the development of a program to counter threats from space.

Israeli lunar probe sent the first shot

The Israeli private lunar landing device “Bereshit” sent the first pictures from the onboard camera, on one of which the Earth is visible, the Israeli Channel 7 reports.

China announced the launch of its own rover next year

After landing the world’s first rover on the far side of the moon, earlier this year, China began developing ambitious projects to send a rover to Mars.

The nature of the mysterious signals from space

European astronomers explained the nature of the mysterious cosmic phenomenon known as FIRST J141918.9. It is an object that emits a slowly decaying radio emission.

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