2 Июн, 2021

The volume of loans issued in cash

According to the United Credit Bureau (OKB), in April banks issued cash loans in the amount of more than 600 billion rubles. This is the maximum volume of loans in the entire history of the banking sector — previously, the maximum volumes of loans in this segment were in March 2021 (565 billion rubles) and in December 2020 (484 billion rubles).

Compared to March, issuances grew by 7%, and compared to April last year — almost 3 times, this growth is associated not only with the record issuances of this year, but also with the fact that in April 2020 a lockdown began, which led to to a sharp reduction in lending.

Among the 30 regions leading in terms of the volume of loans issued in cash, the largest increase in disbursements in April compared to March was in Bashkortostan (13%), Altai Territory (11%), Tatarstan (11%) and Irkutsk Region (11%). The smallest is in Voronezh and Rostov regions (2% each), Krasnodar Territory (2%), Yugra (1%). In St. Petersburg, the issue grew by 7% over the month, and in Moscow — by 5%.

Aleksandrovich Artur, General Director of the Design Bureau:

«The record volume of cash loans is explained not only by the fact that banks issued the maximum number of these loans — almost 1.7 million. In April, the average loan size also increased sharply: if in March it was 352 thousand rubles, now it is 362 thousand rubles. This circumstance leads to a gradual increase in the debt burden of borrowers. «


What worried Russians the most in May 2021? Poverty and social inequality follows from a recent Ipsos study! For 61% of Russians, poverty and social inequality are among the most important topics of concern, and this is the highest result in the world (the global average is almost half as low — 32%)

Corruption is in second place (53% with a global average of 30%) — here we are in 4th place in the world after South Africa, Colombia and Hungary. Unemployment is a cause for concern among 31% of Russians, coronavirus is only for 14% (less only in Israel: 13% — well, this is not surprising with their vaccination). Crime worries only 8% of our compatriots (with a world average of 25%)


The main topic of concern for people around the world in May 2021 is the coronavirus. In April of this year, he was in the top of 45% of respondents around the world, in May 42%

In second place is unemployment, but its «popularity» has also been falling in recent months (from 37% in March to 34% in May). Poverty and social inequality closes the top three: this topic was included in the top among 32% of respondents (1 pp more than a month earlier)

Corruption and crime consistently garnered 30% and 25% of the votes, respectively, while 22% of respondents put the overall health of the healthcare system on the list of concerns (versus 21% a month earlier)


Russia ranked ninth in the world in terms of growth in housing prices — it rose in price by more than 11% in the first quarter, Knight Frank analysts calculated. In terms of the rate of price increase, Russia has overtaken the UK, Norway and Canada.


The chief of staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces said his country intends to renegotiate an agreement on a Russian military project in the Red Sea. According to him, the document was never approved by the legislative council responsible for ratification.

The general also said that after Washington’s decision to exclude the country from the list of sponsors of terrorism, Sudan could conduct military cooperation not only with Russia and China, but also with the United States and other Western countries.


Kaliningrad Governor Alikhanov believes that Elon Musk has nothing to offer Russia in terms of automotive production.

«We produce electric cars, electric buses. What is genius there? It is clear, design, marketing and everything else. I remember reports, as far as I understand, his production is not the most profitable in his business empire,» Alikhanov told RIA Novosti.


In Khabarovsk, a 12-year-old girl riding a rented electric scooter was hospitalized with a skull fracture and a brain injury after she collided with another 12-year-old girl riding a bicycle


The largest support vessel of the Iranian navy Kharg under unclear circumstances caught fire and sank off the southern coast of Iran, local publications report.


The main issues of the meeting of the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov with representatives of metallurgical companies were the provision of state defense orders (SDO) at a fixed price and the conclusion of direct formula contracts for state construction with discounts.

«The issues of additional tax exemptions from the industry were not touched upon during the meeting,» the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said following the meeting. «In addition, within the framework of the meeting, the possibility of introducing the practice of purchasing metal products in Rosrezerv was preliminary discussed,» the ministry said in a statement.


It is premature to talk about the end of the oil era — until 2035, a sharp change in consumption is not expected, changes are only possible in terms of the prestige of oil, said Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov in an interview with RIA Novosti


The official US delegation will not take part in the current SPIEF, the embassy told RIA Novosti. Mission representatives will be present at the forum sites — but only to assist businessmen who came to SPIEF in an independent capacity.


Cryptocurrencies cannot replace gold as an investment vehicle, and if we compare them with something, it is more likely to be copper, said Geoff Curry, head of commodities at Goldman Sachs. Digital currencies are pro-risk assets, he said.

At the end of May, Goldman Sachs recognized Bitcoin as an asset class. Then the bank reported on the growing demand for cryptocurrencies among institutional investors and asset managers. Earlier, Goldman Sachs was the first among the largest US investment banks to create a department for cryptocurrency trading. The new department has already successfully traded two types of bitcoin-related derivatives.


The Russian ship «Amur» was detained in Japan in an administrative violation, the Consul General told RIA Novosti. Local publications reported that the ship was detained as a bond for compensation payments.


Federation Council approved fines for silence on transfers from 600 thousand rubles per year through foreign wallets

  • the penalty for failure to submit a report will be from 20% to 40% of the transferred amount
  • for violations in reporting — from 2-3 thousand rubles for citizens to 40-50 thousand for legal entities (in case of repeated violation up to 20 thousand and up to 600 thousand, respectively)
  • for a delay — from 300 to 1.5 thousand rubles for citizens and from 20 to 50 thousand rubles for legal entities


The Federation Council approved a law on a 10-fold increase in fines for disclosing personal data (up to 10 thousand rubles for citizens and 50 thousand for officials)


The head of the National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan said that deputies, parliamentary speakers and prime ministers are involved in corruption cases in the development of the Kumtor gold mine, and if necessary, cases can be brought against the ex-presidents.


The Federation Council approved a law against data leaks from security officials. It involves fines of up to 200 thousand rubles, up to 480 hours of compulsory labor, up to 2 years of restriction of liberty or up to 4 months of arrest for disseminating data from security officials obtained through the use of official position (now there is no such qualifying feature in the law). The law also introduces liability for gaining access to commercial or banking secrets by deception, blackmail and coercion.


The Ukrainian government has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on the simplified granting of Ukrainian citizenship to Russians «who were persecuted because of political beliefs.»


The Ministry of Finance of Belarus announced that it received the second tranche of the Russian loan in an amount equivalent to $ 500 million


The aviation authorities of Belarus do not recommend foreign companies to use the airspace of Ukraine for security reasons


The Russian government has submitted to the State Duma a bill that will make it possible to impose sanctions for violating the rights of Russians against any foreigners and stateless persons (now the 2012 law only allows such sanctions to be imposed against US citizens).

The law provides for the following sanctions options: (1) a ban on entry into Russia, (2) the seizure of assets in Russia, and (3) the suspension of activities in Russia of legal entities under their control.


Belavia continues to fly to only nine countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates.


Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl joined the board of directors of Rosneft as an independent director. She headed the Austrian Foreign Office in 2017-2019. It was at her wedding that Putin danced in 2018


Former director of Open Russia, Andrei Pivovarov, has been arrested. The reason for the criminal prosecution was a Facebook repost dated August 12, 2020. It concerned the nomination of the Open Russia activist to the Krasnodar City Duma.

At the end of May, Open Russia announced its self-liquidation. The leadership of an undesirable organization recognized in Russia made such a decision in order to protect employees, Pivovarov said at the time.


Ukraine threatened Belarus with sanctions if «at least one Belarusian plane ends up in the occupied Crimea»


The Investigative Committee of Russia opened several criminal cases on the fact of embezzlement of money allocated for the development of the Vostochny cosmodrome. The investigators had questions to the employees of the TsENKI enterprise (Roscosmos), which controls the work of Vostochny. Unidentified employees of Roskosmos have agreed on the payment of an advance payment to the Respect-SM company. Two tranches for the work (186 and 200 million rubles) successfully reached the addressees, but in the end no one completed the necessary work. Cases were initiated under the article “Exceeding official powers”.

The person involved in the third case has long been known — it is the former chief engineer of TsENKI Vladimir Zhuk. For the first time he was detained back in November 2020, also for dark deeds in the East. Investigators rummaged through the papers and found new violations in the work of Zhuk — in their opinion, last year he signed an act of acceptance of works that were not completed at all. Now the chief engineer is suspected of abuse of office.

Finally, the fourth criminal case is related to fraud. According to the investigation, unknown employees of the same «Respect-SM» and the «Baval» company forged acts of work performed at the Vostochny rocket fuel storage complex. Under these acts, 60 million rubles were paid from the budget.


The state institute, which develops Aurus cars for the transport of Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, has leased a luxury Mercedes-Benz and a Rolls-Royce SUV, Open Media found.

Both vehicles were insured by the institute for «personal use». And in August 2020, the state institute purchased alloy wheels and a winter set of tires for its Rolls-Royce.