27 Jun, 2018

The volume of loans of Russians is growing

For one Russian, an average of 87 thousand rubles of credit, and the total amount of loans granted to the population reached 12.8 trillion rubles in 2018.

This is stated in the study of the RGU them. G.V. Plekhanov, whose data is in Izvestia.

At the same time, the average loan amount per one Russian per year increased by 12 thousand rubles.

The highest rate debt load per person is fixed in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district, it is 217 thousand rubles, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District -. 196 thousand rubles, in the Tyumen region -. 125 thousand rubles, and the lowest among residents of the Crimea, Sevastopol and Chechnya. – from 10 to 18 thousand rubles.

Briefly about the main ….


Putin appointed plenipotentiaries in federal districts

President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on the appointment of his plenipotentiary representatives in federal districts. Three plenipotentiaries have retained their posts – Sergei Moyajlo will continue to represent the president in the Siberian region, Vladimir Ustinov – in the South, Alexander Beglov – in the North-West.

Another – the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern District Yuri Trutnev – was reassigned by the president on May 18, along with government officials, as he combines the posts of the plenipotentiary and vice-premier.

In the Central Federal District went to former presidential aide Igor Shchegolev.

Nikolay Tsukanov returned to the post of plenipotentiary. Now he became a representative of the president in the Urals Federal District.

Alexander Matovnikov has been appointed new presidential ambassador to the North Caucasus

At the time of publication of this note, the fate of the embassy of the Volga Federal District remained unknown.

Moskalkov was denied a meeting with a convicted Russian in Kiev

Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights ombudsman in Russia, was refused a meeting with the Russian serviceman, ensign Maxim Odintsov, convicted in Ukraine. This is stated in the message on the website of the ombudsman.

Such a question is not regulated by law, it does not describe what documents are required by the consul or the authorized person, provided that the person has two citizenships. – Tatyana Moskalkova, Russian politician

The Queen of Britain approved the bill on withdrawal from the European Union

The Queen of Britain Elizabeth II approved the bill on the withdrawal of the country from the European Union. It is noted that the document has become the force of law.

I must notify the House of Commons that, in accordance with the royal approval law of 1967, Her Majesty bestowed her royal assent to the bill on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. – John Barkou, British politician

The EU Council approved the allocation of € 1 billion to Ukraine

The Council of the European Union, which includes representatives of the executive authorities of the member countries of the association, formally approved the decision to provide Kyiv with a $ 1 billion package of macroeconomic assistance, the Council’s press service said on Twitter.

Trump threatened Harley-Davidson with big taxes

US President Donald Trump threatened the American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson with taxes.

Surprised that Harley Davidson was the first of all companies to raise the white flag. I fought a lot for them, and in the end they will not pay duties on sales in the EU, which caused us considerable damage in trade at 151 billion dollars. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Sands revealed the topic of negotiations with Trump’s adviser on national security

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the main topics that the Russian side plans to discuss with John Bolton, US national security adviser. This is reported by RIA Novosti on Tuesday, June 26.

Obviously, these are issues of international stability and security, disarmament issues, regional problems known and, of course, bilateral relations. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Turkey began to apply new duties on imported goods from the US

Turkey began to apply new customs duties to 22 types of goods imported from the US. This is reported by the government newsletter Resmi Gazete with reference to the enacted government decree

Prime Minister of Greece demanded the return of the Parthenon marble

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the meeting with his British counterpart Theresa May in London demanded that Britain return to Athens Parthenon Marbles – elements and sculptures from the collection of ancient Greek art, mainly from the Acropolis in Athens, which were brought to Britain in the XIX century and are now stored in British Museum.

This is a critically important problem of particular moral importance … Parthenon marbles are a part of the world’s cultural heritage. The natural place of these sculptures in the Parthenon, where they were created. – Alexis Tsipras, Greek politician

The lawsuit against the administration of Trump because of migrants filed 17 states

US President Donald Trump’s administration was accused of “cruel and illegal” division of migrant families, the suit was filed by attorneys general of 17 states and the District of Columbia, reports Reuters.

US threatens Turkey with sanctions for purchase of S-400

Recall that an agreement on the delivery of four S-400 systems to Ankara worth about $ 2.5 billion was signed in July 2017. Deliveries were expected in March 2020, but later Turkey and Russia agreed to accelerate the process and begin deliveries in the summer of 2019

Former mayor of New York decided to become president of the United States

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who was the mayor of New York from 2002 to 2013, decided to re-enter politics. Now he wanted to become president of the United States. Such a decision the former mayor took not by chance.

CNN: White House strengthened protection of Sara Sanders after incident at restaurant

It is reported that the protection of the press secretary in the White House decided to strengthen to the presidential level after a recent incident in a restaurant in the city of Lexington, Virginia, where they did not serve Sanders earlier, explaining the refusal by saying that her “work for Trump” at many of them are discontent, in particular, among the employees of the institution, among whom there were many opponents of the policy pursued by the current administration headed by Trump.

Denmark acknowledged that it can not solve the issue of “Nord Stream-2”

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lücke Rasmussen acknowledged that the country can not solve the issue of “Nord Stream-2”, since this project has a geopolitical, European implication. “We did not decide when to finally decide,” Rasmussen said at a press conference with journalists

EU declared deadlock in negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the community

Turkey withdraws from the EU, negotiations on its entry into the community have almost stopped, the EU Council’s final statement said.

US accuses the EU and China of ignoring WTO rules

US Trade Representative Robert Lightheiser accused the European Union and other countries, including China, where, in response to the introduction of duties, they threatened to use countermeasures, imposing duties on goods from the United States, violating the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


NATO adopted a new Air Force strategy

NATO has adopted a new air force strategy for the alliance, which will allow them to operate in all areas and conditions. This is stated in a statement by NATO’s press service, distributed on Tuesday in Brussels.

Vice-Admiral Moiseyev became the new commander of the Black Sea Fleet

Russian President Vladimir Putin chose Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, who had previously commanded in the Northern Fleet, and later was in the General Staff of the Armed Forces. In the middle of May he was transferred to Sevastopol and appointed acting Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, and today he officially took office.

BRICS will create a grouping of Earth remote sensing satellites

The Russian authorities together with the BRICS countries (Brazil, India, China, South Africa) are planning to create a space grouping of Earth remote sensing satellites. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Roskosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin.

US Navy: NATO exercises in Norway are a signal for Russia

The Chief of Staff of the US Navy, Admiral John Richardson, said that the NATO military exercises taking place off the coast of Norway and the development of relations with that country should become a signal for the Russian side.

In Russia, we should look at this as a powerful signal that we are strengthening our partnership. – John Richardson, American Field Commander

Israel declined to comment on the missile attack near Damascus Airport

Israel earlier admitted that they regularly operate in Syria against the objects of the military presence of Iran and supporters of the country’s president Bashar Assad. So, on May 10 as a result of missile strikes of the Israeli Air Force three Syrian military men were killed, two more were injured.

Russia has opened four cases because of bombardments of Donbass

The Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR) opened four criminal cases under Part 1 of Art. 356 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (use of prohibited means and methods of warfare) against Ukrainian servicemen.

The US will increase the financing of military facilities near the borders of Russia in Europe

Washington plans to increase funding for its facilities in Eastern Europe, located near the Russian border. If necessary, US facilities will ensure the rapid deployment of forces in this direction, according to the US edition of Defense News.

In Britain, the parliament advocated increased defense spending

British parliamentarians recommend the government to increase the share of defense spending to 3% of GDP, according to a report prepared by the defense committee of the House of Commons. Currently, the share of defense spending in Britain is at the level of 2% of GDP, as required by the country’s membership in NATO

The State Department approved the sale of Spain complexes AEGIS

The US State Department approved a deal to sell Spain to five AEGIS missile defense complexes. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Agency for Cooperation in the field of security and defense of the United States. It is noted that the transaction amount will be approximately $ 860 million.

In Ukraine, announced the preparation of an additional half-million army

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov announced the creation of a territorial defense system, which will soon enable the Kiev authorities to put 500 thousand people under arms.

As a result, we must get an additional powerful half-million army capable of reliably protecting Ukraine from any aggressor. – Alexander Turchinov, Ukrainian politician

The US State Department explained the increase in arms supplies to Ukraine and Georgia

The United States explained the increase in arms supplies to Ukraine and Georgia. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Wess Mitchell, speaking at the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US Congress, said that the growth of military supplies to these countries should help them in opposing Russia.

Hawaii will host naval exercises involving 26 countries

In the area of the Hawaiian Islands will be held large naval exercises “Pacific Rim” (RIMPAC). They will be attended by military 26 countries. For the first time, Brazil, Israel, Sri Lanka and Vietnam sent their representatives.


Medvedev told, whose interests are taken into account pension reform

The Cabinet of Ministers during the pension reform tries to take into account the interests of working citizens as much as possible. This was emphasized by the Chairman of the Government Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting on the development of the economy and social sphere.

We try to take into account as much as possible the interests of everyone who participates in pension relations: and, of course, the workers themselves, their employers, and the interests of the state as a whole. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

The volume of loans to the population of Russia reached 12.8 trillion rubles

For one Russian, an average of 87 thousand rubles of credit, and the total amount of loans granted to the population reached 12.8 trillion rubles in 2018. This is stated in the study of the RGU them. G.V. Plekhanov, whose data is in Izvestia

Russians named the most popular political figures of the early 20th century

The top three figures of the early twentieth century who are sympathetic to the Russians were headed by Nicholas II – 54% of respondents sympathize with him, followed by Joseph Stalin (51%), Vladimir Lenin (49%), and the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center .

More than two dozen kindergartens and schools will be built before the end of the year in Moscow

“By the end of the year, 21 educational facilities are planned to be built and put into operation in the city: 12 kindergartens for 2,525 places, five schools for 3,575 places and four annexes to them for 1,350 places,” A. Butchkarev said.

Plenum of the Supreme Court explained the rules of holding rallies in Russia

Plenum of the Supreme Court of Russia adopted a resolution on the application of legislation on rallies. Organize a public event will be easier: the usual excuses of local authorities to take place in the courts will not. But both the organizers and participants of the rallies must follow the rules

According to Vladimir Gruzdev, interference with traffic or pedestrian traffic can be a good reason for proposing to change the place or time of holding a public event only if the holding of a rally or march violates the requirements for ensuring transport security, “but the authority must submit to the court evidence that such threats exist. ”

Smolny bestows immortality

The average Petersburger by 2035 will live to 80 years. On such perspectives were told on Tuesday, June 26, at a meeting of the government of St. Petersburg.

It is this planned indicator that is indicated in the new document – the strategy of social and economic development of St. Petersburg until 2035.

In addition, by 2035 it is expected to bring the share of citizens regularly engaged in sports, from 35.8% to 57%.

Russian shamans defied Orthodoxy

Russian shamans wrote a letter to the president asking him to recognize shamanism as the “fifth traditional religion” and plan to create a centralized organization

“The organization, I think, is needed to have certain rules, the order of rituals, etc. Now the fashion has gone: it took a drum and knocked itself, that’s enough.” We dedicate this to our whole life, and then a certain type appears with a cry: “I’m a shaman!” – and all my ten years of practice go wrong, “Oksana Kim, a shaman, complains.

Retailers are not allowed to drugs

Grocery stores will not sell drugs After the change of the federal government work on a resonant bill that allows the sale of OTC medicines in grocery retail is stopped.

Pits on the roads of Smolensk marked with branches for drivers

The driver in public Drive2_smolensk said that workers Gorzelenkhoz found a way to warn motorists about pits on the roads. To prevent a person from entering the pothole in the car, workers put broken bushes and branches there.

Dogs and cats are allowed to enter Russian trains without a host

RZD introduces a service for the transport of pets in luggage compartments without a host. Petersburg beasts will be able to independently travel to Moscow, Kazan and Ivanovo. As the press service of RZD informs, the service can be used from July 16

Senate of the Netherlands supported the ban of burki in public places

The ban on wearing clothing in some public places, including burkas and niqabs, was approved by the lower house of the Dutch parliament in November 2016

In Russia they will create medical centers for genetic diagnostics

The biofund of the Russian Venture Company has invested in the new project “Genetiko”. This development is aimed at creating centers of personalized medicine on the territory of the Russian Federation. The main goal of the project is to introduce methods of prevention, prevention and treatment of diseases through genetic diagnostics in health care.

The government wants to bring the rental market out of the shadow

It is a question of tax indulgences for landlords and investors of hired habitation which will promote the conclusion of official contracts of rent. Among the measures discussed are “benefits on income tax, property of rental funds, tax credits, deductions for personal income tax for tenants”.

Oil revenues to be used for people’s adaptation to late pensions

Adaptations of people who will have to postpone retirement due to the increase in the retirement age could be helped by a special fund filled with income from oil and gas exports, believes the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin


Mark Zuckerberg plan to dislodge from the post of the head of Facebook

Large Facebook investors are dissatisfied with the work of the founder of social network Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of the board and intend to demand his dismissal. This is reported by Business Insider. It is known that in total investors have shares of the company for $ 3 billion.

Putin approved a pilot project of tax accounting for self-employed

Beginning next year, the tax on professional income, which will be paid by self-employed citizens, was proposed by the Ministry of Finance. It is assumed that the tax rate will be 3% when rendering services to natural persons and 6% to legal entities.

I would like to ask your instruction to pilot this technology in four regions. We believe that from January 1, 2019, within half a year, we could have worked out such a technology. – Mikhail Mishustin, Russian statesman

Business to cope with VAT increase

A VAT increase of up to 20% is the smallest evil, and business will be able to cope with it, the head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Alexander Shokhin told reporters after the meeting on measures to develop the economy and social sphere that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev passed. Correspondent of RBC

“Gazprom” continued laying the second thread of the gas pipeline “Turkish flow”

On Tuesday, June 26, the second thread of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline on the bottom of the Black Sea resumed laying. The work is carried out by the vessel Pioneering Spirit, which is moving towards the Turkish city of Kyykiai. This is reported by TASS with reference to the operator of the project.

In China for the fifth time since the beginning of the year, gasoline has fallen in price

The leadership of the DPRK has ordered to reduce consumer prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. This is the fifth decline in fuel prices this year. The State Committee for Development and Reform of the People’s Republic of China reported a decrease in gasoline prices by 55 yuan ($ 8.5).

The decline is dictated by the current state policy of China, writes Lenta.ru. Under current rules, prices in the domestic market depend on world quotes for crude oil. If they lead to a change in the cost of a ton of petroleum products in the domestic market by more than 50 yuan (7.65 dollars), and longer than 10 working days, retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel are also adjusted.

Rosstat confirmed a sharp rise in gasoline prices

Judging by the data of the Russian Fuel Union for June 21, 2018, gasoline brands Ai-92 were sold at a price of 43.09 (Rosneft) at a gas station in Moscow, and diesel fuel at a price of 44.72 rubles per liter (a rise of 1.5 rubles) .

Aviation fuel at Moscow airports for a month went up by 3.4-4.8%

The cost of aviation fuel in Moscow airports from May to June 2018 increased by 3.4-4.8%. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the data of the Federal Air Transport Agency. In Sheremetyevo, aviation fuel prices rose by 3.6% to 46 thousand rubles. per tonne without VAT.

Products in Russia rose in price twice as fast as in the EU

Rising prices for food products in Russia in January-May 2018 amounted to 2.1%, while in the EU the food became more expensive by 1.1%, according to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

The government was offered to buy out independent filling stations

“If the country does not need independent gas stations, let the government form a program of redemption”, – quotes Razhen Bazhenov. He stated that because of the difference in price of two rubles per liter of fuel, non-network gas stations lost customers.

Russia will borrow up to $ 3 billion on foreign markets

As REGNUM reported earlier, the head of the RF Ministry of Finance had earlier stressed that he did not see the prerequisites for serious fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate, since a “mechanism has been created” in the country, which keeps the national currency at a stable level.

We still have the opportunity to enter foreign markets this year, so in the autumn we will consider this issue. I think that the second time this year we will be able to enter foreign markets for borrowing. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

Alibaba launched a money transfer service based on the blockbuster

Alibaba Group launched a money transfer service using blocking technology. Transfers are available to residents of Hong Kong and the Philippines and will pass through one of the largest banks in Hong Kong – Standard Chartered, reports Bloemberg referring to the words of Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Eni will continue to buy Russian gas

Eni will continue to buy Russian gas, joint projects are not affected by sanctions, RIA Novosti head of the marketing department for gas and LNG Italian company Eni Massimo Mantovani.

FAS raises tariffs for gas transportation

Services for gas transportation via the main gas pipelines of PJSC Gazprom for independent organizations on the territory of Russia are proposed to raise up to 13.48 rubles without VAT. Outside the Russian territory, a tariff of 17.05 rubles per cubic meter per 100 km is proposed without VAT.

On Sakhalin began to produce more gas and catch less fish

In five months, the enterprises of the Sakhalin Oblast extracted 3.9 million tons of coal, which is 1.6 times higher than in 2017.

Valery Golubev reelected as a member of the board of Gazprom for five years

The Board of Directors of Gazprom at the June 25 meeting re-elected Valery Golubev as a member of the company’s board for a period of five years. This is reported in a press release of Gazprom.

The next increase in utility tariffs is planned in the EAO from July 1

The debts of the EAO in 2017 for utility services amounted to 1 billion rubles. The population accounted for 800 million rubles, the remaining debts – for businesses.

South Korean Kogas and Sakhalin-2

South Korean Kogas can expand cooperation with Gazprom on Sakhalin-2, RIA Novosti said executive president of the Korean company Dzhonguk Lim


In WhatsApp will be a new feature for photos

WhatsApp users who own devices on Android will be able to hide the photos they sent. The update appeared in the beta version of the Android application v2.18.195. According to the information of the portal Bgr.in, now pictures at the user’s request will not be automatically saved to the phone

VKontakte has updated the survey service

The social network “VKontakte” presented an updated service of polls, 78.ru was informed in the press service of the organization. Now users will be able to choose the look of the questionnaire, add a background from the gallery or the downloaded picture, and also allow the participants to vote for several options at the same time.

Apple is preparing to release new AirPods headphones

Apple specialists are working on a new version of the headphones AirPods. This news agency Bloomberg.Novye headphones will be able to monitor the heart rate thanks to biometric sensors, in addition, provides protection from moisture.

Apple has opened access to the public beta version of iOS 12

Apple has already said that the beta version of iOS 12 is faster than iOS 11. In general, the developers focused on optimizing, of course, not without innovation, including the significantly updated iMessage, FaceTime, iBooks and voice assistant Siri .

Huge smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will receive a Pro version

The network has already distributed a screenshot, in which there are also characteristics of the model. Thus, it is already known that Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Pro will receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. The operating memory in the model will be six gigabytes, and the permanent one – 128 GB.

The first tablet on the domestic OS Sailfish will appear in autumn

The first tablet on the Russian operating system Sailfish will appear in retail in September 2018, Vedomosti reports with reference to the owner and CEO of the device developer Sergei Bogatov. The Inoi T8 tablet will go on sale in the online store “Bayon.ru” in September.

The prices for new iPhone 2018 are named

The older model can get the name iPhone X Plus, and the middle one is the heir of last year’s iPhone X. With the worst scenario for buyers, the price for new products will be $ 1099 for iPhone X Plus, $ 999 for iPhone X 2018 and $ 799 for iPhone with LCD.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was certified in the FCC

Novelty featured in the service called SM-N960F. Experts believe that the smartphone will be a next-generation device, also aimed at the European market. According to preliminary information, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available on August 9, 2018.

Presented a waterproof case for a smartphone from Xiaomi

As specialized publications write, the Xiaomi case allows you to use your smartphone during water procedures. In particular, with it the gadget can be used for underwater shooting. It is noted that the case is suitable for devices with displays up to six inches diagonal.

Through Firefox, you can check if your account has been hacked

Firefox Monitor will allow you to enter your e-mail address and find out if it has ever been compromised. If so, the tool will tell you which data has been stolen, and will give recommendations for protecting the account.

Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android has learned to block advertising

A similar extension for the mobile version of Chrome “cuts” only obsessive advertising, whereas Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android removes everything. Similar is also in Firefox, but there “banner cutting” is included only in the mode of private viewing.

In China, weaken the Internet censorship

The Chinese authorities intend to revise some details of the project for filtering Internet content “The Great Firewall” to stimulate tourism. It is reported by South China Morning Post. According to the plans of officials, the weakening of bans will affect only a small part of China, namely, the southern island province of Hainan.

Alliance NICE unifies the intelligence of home surveillance cameras

Unlike, for example, from the Android ecosystem, camera manufacturers can not offer users a single interface and information processing capabilities. The NICE Alliance will try to create a similar ecosystem based on cloud data analysis technology using artificial intelligence.

A URL validation tool was added to Google Search Console

To run the scan, you must enter the full URL in the Google Search Console search bar. If the page is not indexed, the tool will indicate the reason for this to happen. The Error Reporting tab will show the rest of the pages with a similar problem.

Alliance NICE unifies the intelligence of home surveillance cameras

Unlike, for example, from the Android ecosystem, camera manufacturers can not offer users a single interface and information processing capabilities. The NICE Alliance will try to create a similar ecosystem based on cloud data analysis technology using artificial intelligence.

In Instagram appeared video chat for four

The last update of Instagram was the function of video call with the possibility of simultaneous communication of up to four people. This is reported in the press service of the social network

Wi-Fi networks receive a new security protocol

The certification of the new WPA3 security protocol for Wi-Fi has begun

The current protocol WPA2 was certified back in 2004 and does not fully meet all the security requirements for protecting Wi-Fi networks.

Dials of Swiss watches are made of meteorite rock

The meteorite itself contains iron and nickel, it came to Earth from the heavenly space. The age of the rock is about 3.5 billion years. It is known that the version of the new models of dials has 3 versions: 39 mm, where the body is made of rose gold, and also 39 mm, where diamonds were introduced through the bezel and 43 mm.

Vivo V1803BA smartphone will receive a dual camera

The new Vivo V1803BA smartphone will be equipped not only with an impressive 6.2-inch screen, but also with a main camera with a dual module. There is also a more budgetary version with similar parameters, but a less efficient processor.

Five cameras for “improving life”

Due to the first mobile device can provide support for 5-fold hybrid zoom and a number of other features, however, as it turned out, the new flagship LG V40 will receive five cameras at once for “improving life”

Qualcomm has released three new Snapdragon 600 and 400 series chips

To make it clear which segment is at issue, it is worth mentioning that currently more than 1350 commercial devices are based on the platforms of the Snapdragon 600 family and over 2300 – on the Snapdragon 400.

In India, began to produce iPhone 6s

The model is relatively young. The iPhone 6s has a larger display than the iPhone SE. And according to research, a third of Apple’s sales come from the iPhone 6 / 6s. A smartphone manufactured in India will be cheaper than imported models


Scientists were able to restore the spinal cord after an injury

Specialists from Australia were able to restore the work of the injured spinal cord with the help of stem cells. The results of the new study were reported by the online edition of N + 1. Australian specialists first-hand were convinced of the ability of stem cells to repair the damaged spinal cord

Erythrocytes help synthesize polymers within living organisms

Australian chemists have developed a method for controlled polymerization of polyacrylates and polyacrylamide inside a living organism. As a catalyst for the reaction, scientists used iron ions contained in the hemoglobin molecules of erythrocytes

Scientists create insulin tablets for diabetics

Scientists from the University of California in Santa Barbara and Harvard have presented a new method for carrying out insulin therapy. It is able to relieve people with a diagnosis of diabetes from the need for regular injections. Experts from the United States suggested replacing injections with insulin pills

Scientists have found genes related to intelligence

As a result, 205 DNA sections were found, the changes in which affect the intellect, and only 15 of them were known before. In addition, the scientists identified 1016 individual genes, on which cognitive abilities depend, of which only 77 were identified in previous works.

Scientists: Chemicals in non-stick pans can cause cancer

It turns out that they can cause cancer in humans. It’s all about the chemicals that are present in this cookware. Researchers are convinced that the chemicals contained in the non-stick pans fall into the drinking water, and this can trigger the development of oncology.

Scientists recorded a record low temperature on Earth

Scientists recorded in East Antarctica a record low temperature at the surface of the earth at -98 degrees Celsius. This is stated in a study of scientists from several American institutions, which was published on June 25 in Geophysical Research Letters.

Eating food in an unusual way causes more pleasure

According to the results of the experiment, the second group enjoyed eating more. This is explained by the fact that when eating food with chopsticks, each participant of the study paid more attention to the core of popcorn, which contributed to a greater pleasure than the first group.

Prosthesis of the ankle was taught to cope with ladders

Engineers from the University of Vanderbilt created a mobile ankle prosthesis that adapts to the surface. This allows you to make walking with the prosthesis more natural, including on the stairs and uneven surface.

Physicists explained the mechanical properties of a knitted scarf

French physicists explained why knitted clothing has quite unusual mechanical properties – it can stretch elastically and change its shape, so that the individual threads from which it is made, while retaining their full length.


725-strong Aston Martin DBS Superleggera revealed before the premiere

Thanks to all the technical tricks, the coupe dials the first “hundred” in 3.4 seconds. According to preliminary data, the price of the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera will be $ 300,000.

Peugeot-Citroen has introduced new Partner and Berlingo Van

As already reported by “Engine”, the passenger versions of the new “heels” – Peugeot Rifter and Citroen Berlingo – were presented this spring, at the Geneva Motor Show, now it’s the turn to cargo modifications.

Chevrolet plans to sell a cross-version of the Spin Activ model

Chevrolet Company officially introduced an updated version of the cross-van Chevrolet Spin Activ. Sales of new items will begin in July this year in Brazil.

Hybrid hatchback Toyota Corolla Sport is available and with all-wheel drive

In Japan, the novelty is called Corolla Sport and is equipped with several motors to choose from. So, for the proponents of fuel economy, the developers offer a hybrid version, operating on the basis of a well-known 1.8-liter atmospheric combustion engine with 98 hp. and an electric motor.

Audi canceled the presentation of the electric crossover e-Tron

It is expected that, entering the market, the new Audi e-Tron will take place between the crossovers Q5 and Q7. A serial assembly of the first in the history of Audi electric crossover and all its components will be adjusted at the plant in Brussels.

Renault showed a new crossover for the Russian Federation

The network has the first official image of a new cross-coupe from Renault, the release of which will be adjusted at the facilities of the company’s Moscow plant. The name of the novelty, like its technical characteristics, is kept secret.

Geely introduced a new coupe-like sedan Geely SL

Geely officially unveiled a new coupe-like sedan, the Geely SL, designed to become an intermediate model between GL and Borui. “Live” presentation of the novelty was held at a special event in China.

The new big crossover KIA Telluride is seen without camouflage

Crossover KIA Telluride appeared on the pictures without camouflage. Insiders at the company said that the vehicle is currently on testing, and is preparing for an official presentation. The car is still presented only in the form of a concept.

Mercedes-Benz Cars invests 600 million euros in the expansion of the plant in South Africa

Mercedes-Benz Cars, a division of luxury cars Daimler AG, today announced that it will invest 600 million euros to expand its plant in East London (South Africa), where it will produce a new generation of Class C cars, reports Dow Jones.

On the web there were pictures of Audi SQ8 without camouflage

The other day, new images of the “charged” model of the Audi SQ8 appeared on the web, but without the usual camouflage. The novelty has got a new radiator grille, reduced ground clearance and a sport exhaust system.


A man in a camper rammed the building of the largest newspaper in the Netherlands

The driver on a white van crashed Tuesday morning into the main building of the newspaper De Telegraaf in Amsterdam. The police believe that he did it intentionally, the newspaper said on its website.

On the train Ekaterinburg – Anapa poisoned 10 children

Ten children were hospitalized from a train at an Anapa station with food poisoning, the Southern Transport Prosecutor’s Office said on Tuesday, June 26. According to preliminary information, the train Yekaterinburg – Anapa arrived around 10:00 Moscow time. The injured were taken to the Children’s Hospital

Unknown infiltrated the house of Mikhail Krug’s widow

On the night of June 26, unknown persons entered the Moscow region of the singer Irina Krug, the widow of the bard Mikhail Krug. This is reported by the “360” TV channel referring to the representative of the performer.

SUV drove into a group of people in the Urals

In the town of Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, an SUV driver drove into a group of people during the celebration of Youth Day. This is reported by the publication URA.RU. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk region reported that the drunken driver mixed up the gas pedals and brakes.

The figurant in the case of the riots on Bolotnoye was granted asylum in Lithuania

The figurant of the riot on Bolotnaya Square, Dmitry Buchenkov, received political asylum in Lithuania. He said that the Department of Migration Policy agreed with his arguments and gave refugee status.

In Moscow, visitors from Saudi Arabia were deceived by 15 million rubles

In Moscow, an unknown person invited visitors from Saudi Arabia to organize a Moscow-Volgograd flight the day before the match between the Saudis and Egyptians that took place in this city.

A man in a camper rammed the building of the largest newspaper in the Netherlands

The driver on a white van crashed Tuesday morning into the main building of the newspaper De Telegraaf in Amsterdam. Police believe that he did it on purpose, the newspaper said on his website

The train derailed in Austria, two people were injured

“Approximately at 07.15 (08.15 Moscow time) on June 26, 2018, the train, which was about 80 people, for an unknown reason derailed in the area of the city of St. Pölten, in the commune of Gerersdorf,” it was informed.

A man with a sword attacked people in Japan

A man in the Japanese city of Toyama attacked a police station, after which he fired near the school, RIA Novosti reported.

As a result of the emergency, three people were injured: a policeman who was stabbed by an unknown person, a school guard and an accidental passer-by on the street who received gunshot wounds

One person died from the explosion in a Texas hospital, another 12 were injured

As a result of the explosion that raged at the Coryell Memorial Hospital in Gatesville, Texas, one person was killed, and another 12 were injured. All of them are builders who worked at the construction site on the territory of the hospital.

Extradited in the US, a Russian refused to admit guilt

Lawyer Arkady Buch, who represents the interests of the Russian-born Evgeni Nikulin, extradited from the Czech Republic to the United States, said his client refused to plead guilty in an American court. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to him, Nikulin refused to plead guilty.

Investigators named the final cause of the An-148 crash

Previously, the Interstate Aviation Committee had already reported that the crew’s erroneous actions could be the cause of the plane crash. An-148 “Saratov Airlines”, carrying out the Moscow-Orsk flight, crashed on February 11 in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region.

In violation of the instructions, the ship’s inclination angle was exceeded, the aircraft lost controllability. Thus, the main version of the wreck was confirmed – incorrect actions of the crew. – Svetlana Petrenko

In Vladimir, a woman by a car hit a one-year-old child

In the cottage village “Ladoga” in Vladimir, a year-old child, left unattended, crawled out onto the roadway and got under the car. The tragedy occurred on the afternoon of June 26

People in Kyrgyzstan are hospitalized for suspected Siberian anthrax

In the Jalal-Abad region in southern Kyrgyzstan, nine people were hospitalized with suspected anthrax, Interfax reported. Minister of Health of the region Mamatjan Miyanov said that all the diseased are residents of the Bazar-Korgon district.


Singer MakSim throws a scene because of health problems

Singer MakSim goes on an unlimited vacation because of poor health, the artist’s representatives do not advise her to put an end to her creative career. In their opinion, the vocalist will come to and will return, but will appear before the fans in a new form. The exact date of appearance MakSim on the stage is not called.

Maria Mironov was robbed in the very center of Moscow

The irony of fate, according to Mironova, is that the actress took part in the filming of the melodrama “The Garden Ring”. The heroine is haunted by unhappiness – first kidnap his son, and then on the Garden Ring the attackers take off all the jewelry.

Friends, I was robbed right now on the Garden Ring. The Irony of Fate. Be carefull. – Maria Mironova, actress

The son of Evelina Bledans almost choked

Evelina Bledans shared the story from her holiday in Bulgaria, where she was compiled by the six-year-old son of Sem. At some point, with Semyon, the irreparable was almost unavoidable – the boy ate the foil from the candy and choked. As a result, the child was injured and began to suffocate.

A former husband was on the street after a divorce

Peter Lofran, the former spouse of actress Lina Hidi, who gained wide recognition due to the role of Cersei Lannister in the series “The Game of Thrones”, is forced to sing on the street for the sake of earning, reports The Sun. Lofran and Heidi were married in 2007.

Chloe Kardashian first responded about the treason of Tristan Thompson

Telediva said that her fans do not even know what’s going on at her house. Chloe Kardashian first responded about the betrayals of the father of her daughter Tru, who was born on April 12 this year, commenting on a scandal caused by the inappropriate behavior of her boyfriend Tristan Thompson

Prince Charles dedicated vocalist of the band Bee Gees in knights

Taking the title at the solemn ceremony at Buckingham Palace, 71-year-old Gibb noted that he was dedicating this achievement to his brothers Maurice and Robin. Together with them he founded the group in 1958.

Cottage opposite the house of Harry Potter surrenders in England

In Britain, rent a cottage in front of the house, which was shot in the movies about Harry Potter. Rent a cottage in front of the house of Harry Potter can anyone at a price of 410 to 610 pounds per week, the channel “360”.

The bald Cumberbatch shocked his fans

On the web there were photos from the film set. These pictures greatly shocked the fans of Cumberbatch. Instead of luxurious ringlets on the actor’s head, now there is a bald head in the likeness of the one that Cummings has.

The film “Empire V” by Pelevin will be removed for bitcoins

Victor Ginzburg previously filmed Pelevin’s novel “Generation P”. In his plans for shooting and other films on the works of this writer. Previously, News.ru wrote that the Russians invested in crypto-currencies to $ 14 billion from the beginning of the year.

The trailer of the “Predator” remake was published

Studio 20th Century FOX has released a new trailer for the movie “Predator”. The first full-featured trailer of the film “The Predator” directed by Shane Black appeared on the web – the continuation of the picture of the same name of 1987. Under the scenario, genetically modified species of aliens are opposed by mercenaries.

Purulent recorded a cover of Yegor Letov

In total, the tribute-record will include 15 compositions. This is not the first cover that Gnoy writes to the “Civil Defense”: he sang the song “The detachment did not notice the loss of the fighter” in 2017. The rapper admitted that Letov listened to songs as a child on bobbins and still loves them.

Warhol’s picture was sold in parts at the first crypto-currency auction

The world’s first crypto-currency auction took place on June 20: its participants were offered to buy part of the work created by Warhol in 1980. In total, 49% of the property was sold at the auction.

Maria Pogrebnyak earns millions on his behalf

The wife of the famous football player told about her income. Maria Pogrebnyak with her example destroys all stereotypes about the wives of football players. She not only copes easily with the duties of the mother of three children and the keeper of the home, but also conducts several of her own business projects.

Yegor Creed did not invite Darya Klyukin to his birthday

Judging by the merry photos from the celebration, Yegor Creed’s birthday was a success. Fans continue to hope that in the very near future the singer will cease to actively hide his private life.

Father Megan Markle is outraged by the behavior of Elizabeth II

Like, if the queen allowed to come to Donald Trump, then, what is worse. According to Thomas’s slogans, famous relatives ignore him and do not get in touch, but he is still going to make a trip to London. He plans to get acquainted with the husband of Megan Markle and his family.

Dmitry Malikov and Vitya AK-47 presented a joint hit

Malikov has already recorded a song with a scandalous rapper from the old school of Vitey AK-47, which received a new wave of popularity due to the advertising of online casinos. A new song by Malikov and AK-47 was called “Let Me Go”

“Another Buzova”, now decided to sing Volochkova

In Russia, sing all – actors, TV presenters, stylists, wives and daughters of officials and businessmen. Anastasia Volochkova, the ballerina, decided to join the singing company. She announced the release of her song.

Elena Proklova’s husband can remain without a roof over his head

Three years ago Elena Proklova discouraged her fans by saying that she was getting divorced from her third husband, businessman Andrei Trishin.

The shooting of “Guardians of Galaxy 3” will begin in early 2019

James Gann’s Instruction Kevin Feigi, the head of the studio Marvel, which removes the third part of the “Guardians”, in an interview confirmed that the script of the picture is ready and the shooting will start early next year.


Cheater of Korea stole 11 million and received a prison term

The 28-year-old resident of Korea used and distributed third-party software, which gave a significant advantage over other players. With the help of an illegal program, an attacker earned 180 thousand dollars (11.3 million rubles)

Interactive adaptation of the comic book “Blackshead” will be released in 2019

French publisher Microids, known for the series “Siberia”, introduced his new game – an interactive adaptation of the comic book “Blacksad”, called Blacksad: Under the Skin.

EA opened free access to gamers for the “Waves of Change”

Electronic Arts continued to distribute premium add-ons for Battlefield 1. Owners of modern consoles were given the opportunity to download free “Waves of Change” in the Microsoft Store and PS Store. The early EA company made two DLC “They Will Not Pass” and “In the Name of the Tsar” publicly available.

In the weekend gamers will be able to play for free in the full version of Destiny 2

As it became known, studio Bungie prepared a surprise for its fans. In the coming weekend, everyone can play in the full version of the multiplayer shooter Destiny 2. This week Valve and Ubisoft announced big sales in their services

Nintendo Labo started supporting Mario Kart

Mario Kart Deluxe 8 will be the first game that was developed not to support Nintendo Labo, but it will support it. The company itself plans to increase the number of applications available to cardboard controllers by launching a competition for developers.

The demo version of Unravel Two appeared on the PC and consoles

The company Electronic Arts has released a demo version of the cooperative platformer Unravel Two. Owners of PC (via Origin), PS4 and Xbox One will be available two levels of “knitted” adventure. It was this demo that the company brought to the exhibition E3 2018

Night clubs will appear in Grand Theft Auto V next month

Soon, Grand Theft Auto V will have nightclubs. According to information from representatives of the company Rockstar, the update will be announced in early July this year. Also, the developers plan to supplement the playlist with tracks by Dixon, Solomun, Tale of U and The Black Madonna.

Mobile World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

The company Wargaming announced the celebration of the birthday of “Blitz” – online action World of Tanks Blitz celebrates the four-year anniversary. From June 26 to July 2 in mobile tanks will be a lot of bonuses, gifts and discounts.

Mod for Dark Souls allows you to go through the whole game for any boss

Three years ago, a popular fashion for Dark Souls came out, which allowed you to choose your favorite boss and fight for him in a special arena. Three years later the modification was finalized: now the chosen boss can go through the whole game.

Developers Alien: First Person Shooter

After the release of Alien: Isolation, the Creative Assembly studio received an impressive share of not only profit but also popularity. The company decided to try to succeed not only in horror, but also in tactical shooters, for which a special department was created. Details of the new project are kept secret.

Bethesda showed the way out of the Vault in Fallout 76

After the unexpected and controversial announcement of a new part of Fallout, Bethesda released a game trailer Fallout 76.

The development of Agory’s horror version uncensored was canceled

Unfortunately, Madmind Studio did not share detailed information about the cancellation of the game without censorship. Nevertheless, the studio noted that “part of the team” will continue to develop updates, which will improve the existing version of Agony.

Hackers hid porn in a popular game

The hackers managed to integrate pornographic images into the Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch. This was reported by the visitor of the imageboard Reddit under the nickname evasion.

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