12 Apr, 2018

The withdrawal of funds under the guise of “golden parachutes”

In Russia, cases of withdrawal of funds from the accounts of companies under the guise of “golden parachutes” of firing employees have become frequent, the newspaper Kommersant writes citing market participants.

We are talking about cases when small companies transfer large amounts to the account of physical persons with the purpose of payment “payment of compensation for dismissal,” the source in the bank of the top 50 said. “At the same time, even if the bank doubts the legality of such an operation, the client readily presents its internal documents – a contract with the client, an order for payment of the” golden parachute “, etc. – another source of Kommersant says .– In rare cases even a payment for the payment of personal income tax from this amount of 13%. “

Experts, with whom the publication spoke, say that transparency in this matter is an ideal to which one should strive, but indicate that it will take years to achieve it.

Briefly about the main thing …


The Finnish authorities have completed the approval of the Nord Stream-2 project

The first permission for the construction of Nord Stream 2 in the exclusive economic zone of Finland was received by the Ministry of Economy on April 5. The process of coordinating the project with Helsinki began in the fall of 2017.

Russians do not doubt the existence of oligarchs in Russia

The overwhelming majority of Russians (94%) believe that there really are oligarchs in Russia. This is evidenced by the results of a poll by VTsIOM. At the same time, 3% of the respondents do not see the oligarchs in Russia, another 3% found it difficult to answer

The end of the “soft policy” of the United States towards Russia

“Soft policy” in relation to Russia “is now over,” Pompeo said in a speech, RT reports citing the Associated Press. Russia continues to “act aggressively” because the US has adhered to this “soft” policy for “many years”, the likely US Secretary of State will point out.

The national security strategy of US President Donald Trump quite rightly identified Russia as a danger to our country. Our diplomatic work with Russia will be difficult, but, as in the previous confrontations with Moscow, should continue. – Mike Pompeo, American politician

Trump discussed the situation in Syria with Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump discussed the situation in Syria by phone in Syria. This is reported by the Turkish news agency Anadolu. The details of the negotiations are not given.

The State Duma has toughened the responsibility for violations in the sphere of public procurements

According to the adopted law, the Criminal Code (CC) of the Russian Federation will be supplemented by several new articles on bribery of a contract service employee, contract manager, member of the commission for procurement and abuse in the procurement of goods, works, services to ensure state or municipal needs. Amendments to the law also suggest recording the responsibility for provoking bribery and making changes to the article on fines, Tass reports.

Satellites recorded the output of Russian ships from the base Tartus

Russian warships left the port of Tartus in Syria. This is evidenced by satellite image data published by Image Satellite Internacional.

Media reported on Britain’s readiness to strike Syria

The British Air Force is in full alert for a possible strike against Syria. “We have planes on Akrotiri (British Air Force base in Cyprus – ed.). We are ready, “the Times newspaper quotes a source in the British government familiar with the situation.

The media reported the arrival of two American reconnaissance aircraft on Crete

Two American reconnaissance planes arrived in Crete. They approached the airfield in Heraklion. According to media reports, the aircraft were used during major air operations that took place in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The second aircraft carrier of China is preparing for the trial tests

In late April, the testing of the first aircraft carrier created in China is planned. This is reported by the publication Global Times. According to the information of the publication to date, the warship is at the shipyard in Dalian in the northeast of China

The US does not comment on reports on the use of the “Yom Kippur plane”

Earlier it became known that in the state of Indiana aircraft E-4B Nightwatch. It can be used as a command post in a nuclear conflict. Earlier, experts began to talk about the dangers of a direct clash between Russia and the United States in Syria.

The US will allocate $ 2 billion for the development of guided missiles

The US expressed its readiness to allocate 2 billion dollars for “developing and developing technologies for the production of guided missiles,” as well as for aviation technologies. It is expected that the agreement with the selected contractor will be concluded for a period of ten years

The newest icebreaker “Ilya Muromets” went on ice tests

The new icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”, which was part of the Northern Fleet, went ice tests. As the head of the press service of the SF, Captain 1 rank Vadim Serga, told RG the tests will be held in the Kara Sea.

Russia and the United States actively use the channel of communication between the military

The channel of communication between the Russian and American military is in an active state. This was stated by the spokesman of the head of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

Russia plans to hold more than 30 space launches this year

State Corporation Roskosmos plans to conduct more than 30 launches in 2018, the general director of the company Igor Komarov said on Thursday on Rossiya 24 television channel.

“This year we are planning a hobby for the number of launches – more than thirty,” said Komarov


Roskomnadzor demanded immediately to block the telegram messenger

Roskomnadzor sent a petition demanding immediate blocking of the Telegram messenger in case the court satisfies the claim of the agency.

The State Duma passed a law on blocking defamatory information on the Internet

The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law on the blocking on the Internet of information discrediting the honor and dignity of a citizen or legal entity.

Russian policemen were banned from going to McDonald’s and smiling

Policemen in the Krasnodar Territory have been banned from visiting McDonald’s and other catering establishments, smiling and frowning, sitting on buses and changing spouses. A snapshot of the official order from the leadership of the regional head of the MVD was published by the Telegram channel “338” on Thursday, April 12.

The fulfillment of the new regulations, which come into force on June 1, will, according to the document, supervise the curfew patrols, which will check the guards even “at night at the cantonment addresses”.

For the revealed violations of the police, as indicated in the letter, threatened with dismissal. Moreover, bans, among which also the punishment of children, wearing short skirts, shorts, T-shirts with inscriptions in a foreign language, also apply to those employees who are on vacation

The document was not officially confirmed yet. However, the informed source assured that this is a fake.

Earlier in 2015, Russian police officers were banned from traveling abroad, except for trips to CIS countries (except Ukraine), Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The order was distributed behind the scenes, and then fixed by order. According to many lawyers, the ban is contrary to the law and the constitution.

Rector of St. Petersburg University stole 20 million rubles

The St. Petersburg court passed a verdict on the lawyer Vladimir Dezhkin, who appropriated himself almost 20 million rubles from the income of the St. Petersburg Institute of Management and Law. This was reported by the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg on April 12, 2018.

He took the money from the income of the university staff, and then sent for his own loans and bonuses, as well as for the economic needs of the institute.

His guilt Dejkin fully recognized. He was fined 200 thousand rubles, and also satisfied the lawsuit of the tax service in the amount of 10 979 784 rubles.

Moscow will be covered with a network of road cameras

The Moscow authorities together with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate plan to increase by 40% the number of traffic cameras in the city, Kommersant reports.

Oleg Deripaska refused to be nominated to the Board of Directors of Norilsk Nickel

The main owner of “RusAl” Oleg Deripaska refused to be nominated to the Board of Directors of Norilsk Nickel, a spokesman for Norilsk Nickel told journalists. “There was an official refusal from the nomination,” the company said.

The volume of mortgage in Russia increased by 85%

In the first quarter of 2018, the volume of mortgage issuance increased by 85%, to 600 billion rubles. This is stated in the message DOM.RF (formerly AHML).

At the airport “Domodedovo” earned the system of tax free

The tax free system was launched at the Domodedovo airport on the eve of the World Cup, according to the report of the air harbor.

Media learned about Ingosstrakh’s negotiations on risks of Deripaska’s companies

According to one source, European companies refuse to reinsure the risks of Russian insurers, they can block the payment of compensation before the lifting of sanctions. The fact of negotiations with Ingosstrakh was confirmed by the president of the RNPK Nikolai Galushin

Under the sanctions, “Rusal” will benefit from the budget of Russia

The government is considering the possibility of helping Rusal, which fell under US sanctions, with short-term liquidity. This was reported by the head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov, reports Interfax.

We interact with companies that have been sanctioned, of course, we will support them, be they short-term liquidity or other types of support that are currently being worked through. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman

US sanctions were imposed on the transaction bank of Russia and Syria

The expanded list of US sanctions, published on April 6, hit the bank “Russian Financial Corporation”, which conducts most of the payments between Russia and Syria. The US Treasury included in the sanctions list the bank “Russian Financial Corporation” (RFK), working on the calculations between Russia and Syria .

Banks of Russia have reduced gold reserves by 38.1%

VTB is the first in terms of gold reduction in storage facilities: it reduced inventories by 41.5%, to 23.9 tons. This indicator was surpassed by Sberbank, which reduced the volumes of precious metals by 50.2%, to 2.9 tons. The third is Gazprombank, which cut its stocks by 18.3%, to 4.3 tons.

New Zealand bans exploring new oil and gas fields

The government says they protect future generations from the harmful effects of climate change. The decision of the authorities was critically received by the New Zealand opposition party. Their leaders noted that oil and gas companies create thousands of jobs and annually replenish the state budget.

Note that the ban does not imply the withdrawal of already issued licenses for exploration of deposits.

In Cairo arrived the first flight from Russia in 2015 from Russia

The first since 2015, a regular flight from Russia arrived at Cairo airport, told RIA Novosti, the head of the representation of Aeroflot in Cairo, Alexander Grekhov. The first flight to the capital of Egypt went about 120 passengers, the press service of the company reported.


Ksenia Sobchak stood up for Rudkovskaya after her words about raising her son

Ksenia Sobchak gave an assessment of the conflict situation, in which was Yana Rudkovskaya, telling about the strict education of her son. The journalist explained that in the sports families strict education is in the order of things.

Natalia Friske revealed the details of the shocking behavior of Shepeleva

The most shocking news was the news that setting up Plato against his own family, Shepelev regularly leads him to a psychologist.

Pregnant Maria Adoyevtseva parted with her husband

Maria Adoyevtseva admitted that she was not easy to experience separation from her husband. She went with the children to her grandmother. In July last year, the star of the reality show “House-2” Maria Adoyevtseva married with his chosen Michael.

The Zapashny brothers ridiculed the era of Buzov

The Zapashny brothers ridiculed the era of Buzovaya by removing a humorous movie, where they watch and react to the press conference of Olga, who presented Buzcoin.

Vitorgan put himself up for auction

Maxim Vitorgan, the husband of Ksenia Sobchak, exhibited himself as a lot at the auction. He suggested that subscribers buy a meeting with him. The actor is sure that the one who buys the lot will have a great time, as reported in Instagram.

Published video of the infidelity of boyfriend Chloe Kardashian with a stripper

The famous basketball player Tristan Thompson is suspected of betraying his pregnant girl Chloe Kardashian. Nightclub cameras were photographed on video during the passionate kisses of an athlete with a stripper. According to the media, Tristan Thompson changed the lover to a girl known under the pseudonym Lani Blair

Julia Skripal suspects of poisoning his fiancé

Julia Skripal suspects his fiancé Stepan Vikeev of involvement in poisoning in Salisbury.

Swollen Anastasia Volochkova ridiculed for a photo in the sheet

Fans of Anastasia Volochkova have become accustomed to her extravagant photos in social networks. But the last image of them simply disconcerted. Volochkova posted on the Instagram network the publication of her photo of the half-naked, wrapped in a single sheet

Dmitry Tarasov put on display his wife without makeup

Midfielder of the capital “Lokomotiv” published a photo with his wife, where she was sealed without make-up and neat hairstyle. Dmitry’s fans found it wrong that he allowed himself to post a photo with Anastasia Kostenko, where she is depicted without hair and make-up

Serebrennikov’s film entered the main program of the festival in Cannes

The film “Summer” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov was included in the main program of the Cannes Film Festival

Netflix refused to participate in the Cannes Film Festival

American company streaming video Netflix refused to participate in the 71 th Cannes Film Festival, which will be held from 8 to 19 May. This was stated by the representative of the corporation Ted Sarandos to Variety magazine.

Amazon will withdraw the series about the ousted leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi

Internet service Amazon plans to shoot the series “Dust storm” (Sandstorm) based on the biography of former leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi, reports Deadline. It is planned that behind the screens

Director of “Quiet Place” will make a film about the comic about life on Mars

John Krasinski and the producers of the horror film “Quiet Place” will remove the fantastic picture “Life on Mars”, this was announced on April 11 by the portal Variety. The basis for the future picture will lie comic Cecil Castellucci “We always lived on Mars”, he talks about a woman who lives in a Martian colony. The director will take the director of the thriller “Clash” (Clash, 2016) Mohamed Diab

Tolkien’s son will publish his first book on Middle-earth

The book was written by Tolkien in the hospital, and for the first time there are such permanent inhabitants of his worlds as orcs and balrogs. The publication is scheduled for release in August 2018. In May 2017, Christopher Tolkien published another book by John R. R. Tolkien about the world of Middle Earth – “Beren and Luthien.”


Roskomnadzor has blocked hundreds of Google domains

Roskomnadzor blocked 286 IP-addresses and 258 domains, which belong to Google. According to the agency, these resources were used for the work of the Zello application banned in Russia by the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Google Lens has learned to recognize breeds of cats and dogs

In the previous version of Google Lens could answer, he sees a dog or a cat. Now he knows a lot of rocks and offers curious facts about them – for example, the nature of the animal or the history of breeding. Also this function is able to recognize plant species.

Mail.ru in the messenger TamTam allowed to create anonymous accounts

To enter TamTam, you can now not specify a phone number when registering a new user, the Mail.ru press service reported. Anonymous accounts can be created through existing Google accounts or the Gmail mail service.

There was a duplicate of the WhatsApp application stealing personal data

Experts in the field of information systems security from the company Malwarebytes Labs report the appearance of a malicious mobile application that masquerades as an alternative client of the popular instant messenger WhatsApp, while stealing personal data of users.

Life after Cambridge Analytica: what awaits online advertising

According to a Syracuse University study published in early 2017, two-thirds of consumers do not know that third-party companies have access to their data and that their actions are tracked even after leaving the site.

The brothers Winklewoss received a patent in the field of crypto-currency

A company owned by the Winklewoss brothers, the founders of the Gemini exchange, received a patent for a system designed to enhance the security of digital transactions.

Half of the IT departments do not change the factory passwords of IoT devices

Almost half (47%) of CIOs and IT managers allowed IoT devices to work on their corporate network with factory default passwords

How scammers cheat novice lovers of mining

A whole range of malicious applications spread on Google Play to deceive novice users of mining services. In September 2017 on Google Play, for example, the application Monero Miner (XMR) developer My Portable Software

Facebook will pay users for leaks

Team of the social network Facebook announced the launch of the Data Abuse Bounty rewards program for users who reported massive data leaks.

New WebAuthn Security Technology Announced

Soon, users will be able to use the modern WebAuthn security system and change passwords for biometric data. It is reported that in the near future the platform will be available for most browsers.

Zuckerberg offered a paid version of Facebook

Republican Senator Orin Hatch asked Zuckerberg whether Facebook will always be free. To which Zuckerberg replied: “Yes, there will always be a version of Facebook, which will be free.” Later in his testimony Zuckerberg said that people offered a paid version of Facebook and “we are considering such ideas.”

HP introduced a budget gaming laptop

HP introduced its new gaming laptop Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15, which was priced at only $ 800. Of course the device does not shine with the most modern stuffing, but even this is enough to get the most out of the games.

Introduced the world’s first hybrid smartphone and satellite phone

The Arabic operator of satellite telephony Thuraya Telecommunications Company, operating in Europe, Central Asia, Australia and Africa, introduced a unique device called Thuraya X5-Touch, which combines the capabilities of a smartphone running the Android operating system and a satellite phone.

Map “World” can be connected to smartphones on Android

Comlev said that the project under the provisional name “World Pay” will be launched in 2018. The head of the national payment system said that to date, about 35 million people use Mir cards.

Nubia introduced the brand Red Magic for gaming smartphones

Nubia introduced a new brand Red Magic, which will be used for the release of gaming smartphones. The company is part of the property of the corporation ZTE. In the media, teaser images of the logo of the new brand have already appeared.


Created by robots, divers, working in the form of a “swarm”

The American company developed the SwarmDiver underwater robot scouts, which can be used in the form of “swarm” groups. The task is issued for the whole group, and special algorithms distribute the tasks already for individual devices.

Astrophysicists told about the theory explaining the radio emission of pulsars

A group of astrophysicists from Russia has created a theory that explains the radio emission of pulsars. The radio emission of pulsars has one peculiarity – radiation always flows at the same frequency.

Neuronet has learned to predict syphilis outbreaks on Twitter

Once discussions of infectious disease begin to increase, AI analyzes them by keyword, predicting an outbreak in a certain region. Thanks to the analysis of the neural network, doctors will be able to timely prevent syphilis while preserving the health of many infected people.

Expressed sexual dimorphism increased the risk of extinction

American paleontologists have shown on the example of extinct ostracods (a class of crustaceans) that the more pronounced sexual dimorphism in individuals of one species, the higher the probability of extinction for them

Paleontologists discovered the largest ancient reptile

A group of paleontologists from different countries found that the jaw bone of an ancient marine reptile found in 2016 belonged to a huge ichthyosaurus. Its length was 26 meters. Remains of reptiles found on the beach in the British county of Somerset.

Scientists have created a measuring blood glucose level electronic plaster

British scientists from the University of Bath (University of Bath) have created an electronic plaster that measures the level of glucose in the blood without injections. Patients with diabetes need several times a day to measure the sugar content with a glucometer, but taking blood several times a day is uncomfortable.

Scientists have found a record weakening of the Gulf Stream

Scientists note that the speed of the Gulf Stream has been declining for the last 150 years, and today it has reached more than a 1,500-year minimum. Normally, these currents deliver heat north from equatorial latitudes, and cooled cold water returns with deep currents.

Scientists managed to return the tactile sensations to the paralyzed patient

At the California Institute of Technology, scientists were able to return a number of tactile sensations to the paralyzed patient due to invasive stimulation. Physicians implanted microelectrodes in the brain, and when exposed, the person felt touching the arm, writes the scientific journal eLife.

Scientists plan to “burn” carbon dioxide in factories

All methods of cleaning industrial waste differ from each other – some researchers have created special industrial filters to “capture” carbon, others plan to “collect” carbon dioxide and create on its basis high-strength concrete that can be used both in road construction and in the construction of buildings .

In the Federal Space Agency, the “Buran” and the American “Space Shuttle”

By the Cosmonautics Day Roskosmos published the results of a poll conducted by VTsIOM on the attitude of Russians to outer space.

The message with the results of the survey was accompanied by the image of the cosmonaut with the Russian tricolor standing on the background of the American Space Shuttle.

Probably, the authors of the infographic wanted to portray the domestic ship-rocket “Buran”.


Toyota unveiled the two-seater Land Cruiser Prado

Recall that in the UK commercial vehicles are subject to lower taxes. This allowed Toyota to make the new car more budgetary – the cost of passenger Land Cruiser Prado starts at 33.4 thousand pounds (3 million rubles).

Tesla will begin production of the Model Y crossover in November 2019

Tesla plans to start production of the Tesla Model Y crossover in November 2019, Reuters reports, referring to the soy sources. Serial production of the “budget” crossover starts at the production site in Fremont.

Mazda recalls in Russia more than 20 thousand crossover СX-5

The reason for recall of Mazda CX-5 cars equipped with parking brake with a mechanical (cable) drive is the improper tightness of the rear brake caliper case, the press service of Rosstandart reports.

In the web declassified the interior of the budget crossover Skoda Kamiq

Skoda is preparing for debut a new compact crossover Kamiq, the exterior of which was declassified 3 more months ago. In the model range of the Czech company Kamiq will become the most budgetary cross and take a place on the step below the new Karoq. The car is designed for the Chinese market.

UAZ issued a special expedition version of the SUV “Patriot”

The special version of the car got an orange color of the body, but if desired, the client will also be available in a dark green color, which is also offered for a conventional SUV. “Expeditionary” “Patriot” was named because of the presence of an expedition trunk in it.

For sale put the world’s only “30-year-old” BMW M3

Los Angeles dealer Century West BMW put up for sale a unique M3 in the version 30 Years American Edition. The car was released in a single copy in honor of the 30th anniversary of the presence of the model in the American market. The sportswoman was estimated at 130 110 dollars – twice as expensive as the base “Emki”

Volkswagen will release a serial electric van

The company Volkswagen is preparing for the premiere the first in its line-up fully electric production van.

Compact crossover Acura CDX has turned into a Sport Hybrid

Two years ago, a basic version with a turbo engine of 1.5 (182 hp) and an eight-stage “robot” DCT with two clutches appeared on the market of the Celestial Empire. And now Acura CDX got into the wave of Hond hybrid and got a version of Sport Hybrid.

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