5 Feb, 2019

This is a matter of respect for work

German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil announced his intention to introduce a basic pension in the country, which will be above the current minimum by almost € 450. It will be able to receive citizens who have worked for 35 years only for the minimum wage.

According to the minister’s plans, former low-paid workers, for example, hairdressers or storekeepers who receive € 514 at retirement, will receive € 961. Those who have worked hard for decades, have the right to receive significantly more money than those who have not worked at all, Heil told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

“This is a matter of respect for work,” said the minister from the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Heil said that the basic pension should be introduced in the country no later than two incomplete years from January 1, 2021. When her appointment will not be checked the property status of pensioners.

Briefly about the main thing …

Russians will be able to save pensions by the old rules

Some Russians will be able to receive payments from non-state pension funds under the old rules – from 55 and 60 years for women and men, respectively, writes Izvestia. The publication refers to a letter addressed to the Ministry of Labor to the National Association of Non-State Pension Funds (NAPF).

In Japan, they believe that Russia is violating the INF.

Yosychide Suga, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, spoke about Tokyo’s position on Russia’s compliance with its obligations under the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF).

The Japanese government believes that Russia is violating the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF), and understands the motives of the United States who have decided to terminate this document.

In Athens, the anarchists doused the Italian Embassy with paint

Anarchists from the group “Rubicon” doused with paint the building of the Italian Embassy in the center of Athens, reports the newspaper Catimerini. The police are currently searching for them.

Poroshenko submitted to the CEC documents for participation in the presidential elections

The current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who announced his intention to run for a second presidential term, filed the necessary documents for registration with the Central Election Commission on February 3, the press secretary of the Ukrainian leader Svyatoslav Tsegolko said.

On this holiday, Poroshenko submitted documents to the CEC for registration as a presidential candidate. – Svyatoslav Tsegolko, Ukrainian TV host

Iraqi Parliament to Work Breaking Security Agreement with US

“The parliament will work on the next session, which includes the end of the security agreement with the United States, as well as the end of the presence of American and other foreign military instructors and advisers in Iraq,” said Vice Speaker Hasan al-Kaabi, published on the website of the Council of Representatives (Parliament) of Iraq.

Qatar has allocated $ 2 million to support the “White Helmets” in Syria

The White Helmets, a Syrian non-governmental organization, will receive $ 2 million from the Qatar Development Fund to support its activities. Amir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, commissioned funds for these purposes, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Fund’s press service.

Nayyib Bukele declared himself the winner of the presidential elections in El Salvador

Former Mayor of the capital of San Salvador, Nayib Bukele, of the conservative Great Alliance for National Unity (GANA), declared himself the winner of the Sunday elections in El Salvador

In the Federation Council urged to strengthen sanctions against Ukraine

The first deputy chairman of the committee of the Federation Council on international affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov, commented on the death of Russian Valery Ivanov in a prison in Lviv. Reports about it RIA “News”. According to him, after the death of the Russians should create a “List of Ivanov.”

Medvedev gave instructions on the mechanism of “regulatory guillotine”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered that roadmaps be drawn up for implementing the “regulatory guillotine” mechanism in certain areas of state control no later than March 25. The corresponding order was published on Monday on the government website.

Instagram has deleted the NTV record containing the words “in Ukraine”

The inscription on the instagram of the Russian television channel NTV, which contained the words “in Ukraine”, was deleted by the management of the social network. This is stated in a statement on the website of the channel. It clarifies that the record was deleted “for hostile statements or characters” that contradict the rules of the company

Israel began construction of a wall on the border with the Gaza Strip

Israel has begun building a new “ground barrier” along the borders of the Gaza Strip to protect itself from the penetration of Palestinian militants. This was announced on Sunday, February 3, by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The organizers of the annual rally in Japan refused to phrases about the “occupation” of the Kuriles

The organizers of the annual rally in Tokyo “for the return of the northern territories” decided to avoid terms that could have a negative impact on negotiations with Moscow, including allegations of the “illegal occupation” of the southern Kurils by Russia, Kyodo reports.

Luftwaffe allowed to fly over the Baltic at low altitudes

The governments of the Baltic countries allowed NATO fighter aircraft to fly over the Baltic territory at low altitudes; The press service of the Estonian Defense Forces notified that German Air Force fighters would start daily training flights over Estonia at low altitudes from Monday.

Trump promised to return troops to Afghanistan and Syria if necessary

The US military will be able to “quickly return” to Afghanistan or Syria if the need arises. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, stated this in an interview with CBS television channel. Read in source

We will return if we have to. We have very fast planes, we have very good cargo planes. We can come back very quickly. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

On the border with Syria arrive units of the Turkish special forces

According to the agency, special forces detachments from various military units of Turkey have been redeployed to the Kırıkhan region in the border province of Hatay. The buildup of military presence takes place under the auspices of strengthening the border with Syria.

Al-Alam News: Syrian S-300 Favorite activated near Damascus

A few hours ago it became known that one of the S-300 Favorit battalions, previously supplied to Syria by the Russian military, was taken on combat duty – its combat systems were activated and fully prepared for the defense of the airspace.

In Sevastopol, created the House Yunarmii

Yunarmeysky Center was established in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sereya Shoigu, on the creation of Unarmia Houses on the basis of cultural institutions of the Russian Ministry of Defense. In the Sevastopol military-patriotic center created by schoolchildren, youth soldiers under the guidance of experienced military instructors learn the basics of general military training in practice. Schoolchildren study the AK-74 assembly and disassembly, do drill training, pass physical training standards, learn to equip themselves in a general military protective suit and gas mask in the shortest possible time.

Influence of the Arashukov family on the local elite

In Karachay-Cherkessia, the Arashukov family’s influence on the local elite is preserved. About this “Lente.ru” said a high-ranking source in the leadership of the republic.

According to him, after the Arashukovs arrest, many citizens try to file applications with them to law enforcement agencies, but they are denied.

“One of the district prosecutors and the chief of police, the Arashukovs’ priests, openly say that we will decide everything and otmazhim and show the mother of those who planted them, ”he notes.

British authorities may deprive Nissan of financial assistance

The government of Great Britain may reconsider the decision to allocate £ 60 million in financial aid to Nissan in connection with the automaker’s refusal of plans to produce X-Trail crossovers at the plant in Sunderland. About this, citing a source told the newspaper The Times.

Unknown painted the building of the consulate of Venezuela in Hamburg

Unknowns painted the walls of the Venezuelan consulate building in Hamburg and stuck it with posters in support of opposition leader Juan Guaydo.

“The attackers inscribed insults to the legitimate president, Nicolas Maduro,” the official statement of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic said.

Preliminary Results of the US-China Negotiations

China has promised to increase imports of energy and agricultural products from the United States, as well as in the near future to pass a law banning the forced transfer of technology to foreign investors. The third round of talks between the parties will be held in mid-February in Beijing.

Reduced traffic signs appear throughout Russia

Reduced and combined road signs are planned to be installed throughout the country after a successful experiment in five regions. The traffic police supported the proposals, which were initiated by the Moscow government several years ago, told Izvestia in the ministry.

Over 40% of young Russians would like to leave the country

Most of those willing (41%) to leave Russia abroad for permanent residence among young people (18-24 years old). These are the findings of a survey conducted by the Levada Center. The last thing older people want to leave their homeland (over 55 years). This was stated by only 5% of citizens. In general, the number of people wishing to emigrate from the Russian Federation has not changed recently and makes up 17% of all respondents.

Pope went on a historic visit to the UAE

As noted, this is the first ever visit of the head of the Roman Catholic Church to the Arabian Peninsula. On the last day of the trip, on Tuesday, February 5, at the Abu Dhabi Sports Stadium, the Pope will lead the Mass.

In the State Duma offered to cut wages aggressive teachers

State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Boris Chernyshov proposed to reduce the salaries of school teachers by half for aggression, psychological or physical violence against students. With such an initiative, he appealed to the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva

Students of Russian colleges considered higher education unnecessary

More than half of the graduates of Russian colleges stated that it is unnecessary to have higher education. According to a survey conducted by analysts of the RANEPA, more than 50% of graduates of colleges and technical schools in Russia do not consider higher education necessary for obtaining prestigious and well-paid work

Rosgvardia asks to tighten responsibility for guards and watchmen

Rosgvardiya proposed to toughen the responsibility for the illegal implementation of private security activities in Russia. The relevant document is the agency posted on the website of draft regulations.

Currently, we recall, Rosgvardiya controls private security activities in the country. The service requires that people who perform a “security function”, but are not related to private security (watchmen, watchmen, controllers of trading halls, administrators, etc.), are brought to administrative responsibility.

Deputies offered to distribute food the day before the expiration date

State Duma deputy and member of the Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, Sergei Vostretsov, offered to distribute products free of charge on the eve of their expiration date.

Rating of corruption cities in Russia in 2019

  1. Makhachkala
  2. Nalchik
  3. Vladivostok
  4. Sochi
  5. Khabarovsk
  6. Vladikavkaz
  7. St. Petersburg
  8. Bryansk
  9. Samara
  10. Rostov-on-Don
  11. Yekaterinburg
  12. Saratov
  13. Tambov
  14. Omsk
  15. Orenburg
  16. Chelyabinsk
  17. Voronezh
  18. Kazan
  19. Novosibirsk
  20. Chita
  21. Karasnodar
  22. Penza
  23. Nizhny Novgorod
  24. Ufa
  25. Volgograd
  26. Permian
  27. Moscow
  28. Ivanovo
  29. Tolyatti
  30. Kirov

The survey was conducted in 30 cities of the Russian Federation according to the method of personal interviews. The total sample was 3,600 respondents aged from 23 to 67 years.

Official inflation in the Altai Territory in 2018 amounted to 4.1%.

Most of all, non-food products have risen in price over the past year – the rise in prices was 4.6%. Foodstuffs increased in price by 4.1%, and over the past month – by 1.6%. Services began to cost the residents of the region 3.3% more expensive (compared to December 2017). But at the same time, in December, the consumer price index in this segment was 100.7%.

Colonel FSO caught in the Crimea on the machinations of dirty fuel

Colonel FSO Eduard Turtu, who is the deputy head of the security service on the peninsula, was detained in the Crimea, Kommersant reports. The officer became a defendant in the criminal case on fraud on a large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) shortly after the charge was brought against the supplier of diesel fuel to Vadim Balyasny, general director of VAB-Neft, and manager Anton Sysoev.

Police Bashkiria

Russia ranked second in Europe for cheap gasoline

In absolute prices, the lowest cost is noted in Kazakhstan. In terms of the Russian currency, the 95th liter costs 30.9 rubles there. In second place is Russia with 45 rubles per liter. If we take into account the size of salaries, the rating looks different.

In the first place in terms of the amount of gasoline a citizen can get for an average salary is Luxembourg (more than three thousand liters). The second place was taken by Norway with 2.3 thousand liters. Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark are also leaders in fuel availability. Their residents can get on their average monthly salary more than 1.9 thousand liters of gasoline. Russia is located on the 20th place near Estonia and Portugal. Russians can get about 826 liters of 95th gasoline for their average monthly salary.

Medvedev approved the concept of improving the efficiency of budget spending

In Russia, the concept of increasing the efficiency of budget spending for 2019–2024 was approved. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the document was published on the government website. The concept consists of 12 sections

The foundation of the son of the ex-president of Russian Railways will sell the hotel near the Schönbrunn castle

The VIY Management Fund, managed by VIY Management, Andrei Yakunin, the son of former Railways President Vladimir Yakunin, VIY Greater Europe Hospitality Fund, sells its 51% at the four-star Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace hotel, from the latest accounts of the fund, which RBC got acquainted with.

Central Bank decided to double-check the assets of insurers

A letter from the Central Bank was a surprise. For the first time, the Alliance is faced with such actions by the regulator, says the director of the company’s legal department, Inna Vyalkova. Information in this format was not previously requested by the Central Bank, adds Yulia Shumilova, the first deputy general director of “Consent”.

Europe’s largest low cost airline announced a loss and restructuring

Europe’s largest low-cost airline, the Irish Ryanair, announced a restructuring after reporting a loss of 20 million euros in the third quarter (ending December 31).

Etalon Group will attract a Sberbank loan of 18.8 billion rubles

Sberbank and the Etalon group have entered into a framework agreement on project financing for the construction of the Silver Fountain project of the residential complex in Moscow. This was reported by a credit institution. The total amount of credit lines concluded in accordance with the framework agreement is 18.8 billion rubles.

Accounts of Russia’s only boron deposit arrested for debt

The accounts of the Dalnegorsky GOK were seized due to debts for electricity of PJSC “Far Eastern Energy Company” (DEK). Also, bailiffs-performers have the authority to seize the property of the only boron deposit in Russia.

Pharmacy retailer “Growth” declared bankrupt

The Moscow Region Arbitration Court declared Rosta a bankrupt (Moscow, owned a large network of pharmacies) and opened bankruptcy proceedings against the company for six months.

Samara region sold bonds for 8 billion rubles

Samara region last year sold 8 million bonds. The amount of income on securities amounted to 8 billion rubles.

The bank could not recover the debts of the deceased borrower from his children

In 2015, prikamets received a credit card, and then stopped making monthly payments. It turned out that he was dead. Then the bank decided to collect debts from his family.

The hereditary case was not opened after the death of the deceased borrower, evidence of the borrower’s property and acceptance of the inheritance of the deceased has not been submitted, and therefore the court refused to satisfy the stated requirements, the Ordzhonikidze district court reported.

Lietuvos energijos tiekimas will buy LNG from Total

Lithuanian company seeks to diversify deliveries Lithuanian energy supplier Lietuvos energijos tiekimas (LET) entered into an agreement to purchase LNG with international group Total Gas & Power Limited, the press service of the Lithuanian company reported.

There was a teaser for the film “The Avengers: Final”

According to the portal The Verge, in a 30-second clip, only frames from the first 20 minutes of the film are used in order not to reveal the plot details. Marvel Studio has published the official trailer for the film “The Avengers: Final” on December 7, 2018

Send to the “Eurovision” artist with a song in Russian

In the Moscow City Duma they supported the idea of ​​Yuri Loza to send a performer from Russia to the Eurovision contest with a song in Russian only. This is the agency “Moscow”.

“We need to further promote our culture, which today we have. And of course, I also think that we need to promote those singers who are popular with us. I also for singing in Russian,” said the chairman of the Moscow City Duma Commission culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov

Children’s theaters are asking for money for new performances.

The chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, Zinaida Dragunkina, believes that more children’s performances should be staged, which bring up, instill a love for their native country, teach them to distinguish good from evil.

Winners of the Sundance Independent Film Festival Announced

The United States jury grand prix for the best dramatic film went to Chinonier Chukwu’s “Clemency” film about the prison guard, the award for the best documentary to the film Nanfu Wang and Zaling Chang “One Child Nation”. Joe Talbot was recognized as the best director of dramatic American film (“The Last Black Man in San Francisco”), and Paul Downes Colazzo’s Brittany Runs Marathon was awarded the audience award among US drama films. The world jury’s grand prix for the best drama film went to Joanna Hogg’s “Souvenir”.

A virtual concert of DJ Marshmello was held in Fortnite

A virtual concert of popular DJ Marshmello at Fortnite took place last night. Everyone who wanted to join the concert was teleported to the prepared scene in the Pleasant Park, where the weapons were turned off, and for the gifted, the developers added the possibility to be revived after death.

Transferred the date of Jose Carreras concert in Moscow

The performance will take place in the State Kremlin Palace on October 1. The concert was originally scheduled for March 30th. According to the site site, previously purchased tickets will be valid on the new date.

Zheleznovodsk will host an international music festival

The jury will select the best orchestras, ensembles and cover bands of Russia, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Romania and Moldova. The International Festival of Instrumental Music will be held on March 16 in Zheleznovodsk, the mayor’s press service reported.

The teaser of the third season of the series “The Handmaid’s Tale” appeared on the network.

The teaser of the third season of the series “The Handmaid’s Tale” appeared on the network. You can watch it on the official YouTube channel of the Hulu service.


The week of national cinema starts in Omsk

At this time, the audience will get acquainted with the works of directors from Poland. The festival will be presented seven paintings. All of them, according to the organizers, will demonstrate the peculiarities of the national culture, as well as tell about the life of the Poles and their traditions.

The creators of Soho Rooms are opening a rapper club in Moscow

In Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospect opens a new club, Arena by Soho Family, focused on performances of hip-hop musicians. The grand opening of the night club will be held February 22, 2019

In the Tver region will host the festival “St. Andrew’s Days”

On February 9-10, the traditional festival of folk instrumental music “St. Andrew’s Days”, dedicated to the founder of the first Great Russian Orchestra of Folk Instruments, born in the Upper Volga region, Vasily Andreyev, will be held in the Tver region. This year’s festival events are scheduled in Tver and Staritsa.

In the Office of the Rosgvardia in the Bryansk region was a review-competition “Soldiers of anti-terror”

The event was a stage of the federal action, organized by the leadership of the security forces. The first stage of the review competition of amateur art “Soldiers of anti-terror” was held in the Office of the Russian Guard in the Bryansk region

Zara will visit Barnaul during the tour in Russia

After the triumph in the Kremlin Palace, singer Zara goes on a tour of the cities of Russia with her concert program “Soul”. April 9, the singer will perform in Barnaul. The concert will take place in the Drama Theater. The program “Soul” includes pop hits, romances and songs of the war years.

The project “Excursions in the subway” launches three new routes

The Moscow Metro will launch three new types of journeys through the stations, which are conducted by accredited guides within the framework of the project “Excursions in the Metro”. This is reported on the website of the mayor. Now the organizers of the project offer, for example, a review tour of the Moscow Metro Station, a walk of the Treasure of the Underground Ring, a tour of the Metro Enthusiasts, tours of the Moscow Metro of the military period. A full list of excursions with a description and schedule of each of them, as well as the cost of each walk are posted on the project website.

Leonardo di Caprio will play a maniac

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the maniac Billy Milligan, who suffers from multiple personality syndrome. The Crowded Room film will be a screen adaptation of Daniel Keese’s book The Multiple Minds of Billy Milligan. The main character was accused in the late 1970s of committing robberies, rape and kidnapping. He was acquitted and sent for treatment after the lawyers proved that his other 24 people had committed the crimes.

Exhibition of documentary photographs of Mikhail Dashevsky opened in Moscow

At the exhibition of the photograph “Native Retro” by Mikhail Dashevsky, not only the city of Moscow was captured, but also its inhabitants, and without special training and direction. The exhibition in the Museum of Moscow will last until February 24 inclusive.

Vasily Livanov completed work on the feature film “The Bronze Horseman of Russia”

This is a biographical tape about the life of the French sculptor Etienne Maurice Falcone. In the film “The Bronze Horseman of Russia,” such actors as Vasily Lanovoy, Yevgeny Steblov and Andrei Sokolov took off.

Exhibition “Germans in Russian history”

The exhibition “The Germans in Russian History” will open on February 8 at the State Museum of Political History of Russia in St. Petersburg. The mobile exposition is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the invitation of German colonists by Empress Catherine II. She talks about more than three centuries of the history of a people who made a significant contribution to the development of Russian society. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with documents, maps, engravings and photographs from museums and archives of Russia and Germany.

FSB offered to use domestic SIM cards for 5G

At the end of January, a proposal from the representative of the FSB to discuss the equipment at base stations was heard from the representative of the Federal Security Service. In particular, a proposal was made to abandon foreign equipment in favor of domestic.

The system “Yandex.Taxi” began to punish drivers-offenders

The aggregator “Yandex.Taxi” introduced a punishment system for drivers who violate the rules of the road, as well as the regime of work and rest. Those who constantly exceed the speed will be disconnected from the order system.

Russia plans to create clothes from color-changing masking for military equipment

The Roselectronic holding (part of Rostec) is considering the possibility of producing a line of clothes from changing the color and pattern of an intelligent camouflage cover for military equipment. Also, the material can be used to create advertising media, TASS reported in the press service of the holding

Roskokachestvo: 95% of applications are not suitable for people with disabilities

About 95% of mobile applications are not adapted for people with disabilities. Previously developed quality and safety standards are followed by only dozens of software companies, reports Roskachestvo.

WhatsApp introduces Face ID and Touch ID authorization support

If necessary, the user can enable the option that launches WhatsApp only after the fingerprint or user face is recognized by Touch ID and Face ID. You can enable this feature in the application settings.

Huawei is developing a new processor

Huawei, it seems, intends to completely switch to its own processors. At the moment, its arsenal has only the top solutions of the Kirin family, but the developers are also preparing a Pikiu line.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 Passport will scan and check passports

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 Passport allows you to quickly check documents for authenticity. The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 Passport solution is designed to check passports and ID cards at border controls, driver’s licenses and passes at checkpoints and entrances to protected areas, as well as for police needs. and security forces.

Google removes 29 malicious photo apps from the Play Store

Google removes 29 malicious photo apps from the Play Store. These resources stole snapshots of smartphone users and used them for their own purposes. They managed to cause significant damage to users who downloaded the program many times.

In Norway, Apple’s smart watches called an ambulance for a 67-year-old man.

The pensioner slipped in the bathroom and lost consciousness, reports the local portal NRK. Fortunately, he had Apple Watch on his wrist, which recorded a drop and caused emergency services. Arrived doctors hospitalized a man. According to the victim’s daughter, the pensioner was injured in the face, but nothing threatened his life.

Meizu goes backwards

In honor of the Chinese New Year, the head of Meizu, Huang Zhang, aka Jack Wong, in an open letter to employees and fans of the brand revealed details about the future of the manufacturer. The company will switch to a mixed ownership system. As a result, Meizu will become partly a state-owned company. One of the main owners will be SASAC – the committee on control and management of state property.

In Japan, created a fridge with an endless beer

The refrigerator allows the owner to not take care of the constant filling of the container with stocks of beer products. It is reported that this technology is associated with a mobile application. The amount of remaining beer is tracked there and it assumes the independent orders for fresh beer delivery.

Lens for the smartphone Black Eye Pro Cinema Wide G4

The company Black Eye has released a new lens Pro Cinema Wide G4. It is optimized for mobile phones released in 2018 and later. Viewing angle 120 °, allowing you to create perfect landscapes or group shots. Two-sided AR + coating on all glass elements to prevent unwanted reflections and improve color. These pocket lenses move easily anywhere. The Universal Clip attachment system works with smartphones, tablets and laptops and can be used with front and rear cameras.

Worx 13 Amp Leaf Chopper

Worx has released the Worx 13 Amp Electric Sheet Crusher. Turn your dead leaves into vitamin-rich compost and chop with an electric grinder Worx 13 Amp

The scientist took a camera of a newborn humpback whale

A scientist from the USA Lars Bader showed a video of a newborn humpback whale. The age of the cub that became the hero of the video is about 20 minutes.

American flying squirrels have learned to glow in the dark

American flying squirrels have learned to glow in the dark. Animals emit a bright pink fluorescent light, visible in ultraviolet light. The information appeared in the scientific publication Journal of Mammalogy.

New material “trains” and becomes stronger under load

Japanese scientists have learned how to get materials that become stronger with each mechanical action – just as our muscles become stronger with each workout. In fact, according to Jian Ping Gong and her colleagues at Hokkaido University, it was the structure of muscle tissue that led them to create such materials. The technology of their production is described in an article published in the journal Science.

Dark matter is not required to solve the hidden mass problem

Employees of universities in Germany and Denmark have shown that if the laws of gravity change on the scale of galaxies, then dark matter may not be necessary to describe the problems of the anomalously high speed of rotation of the outer regions of galaxies and the hidden mass.

Scientists have established how magnetic field affects tissue regeneration

Employees of the University of Western Michigan from the United States of America found that the intensity of the magnetic field affects the rate of regeneration of biological tissues.

Symbiotic bacteria affect human behavior

Millions of symbiotic bacteria live in the human body, but as it turns out, not only the condition of the skin and the intestines depends on them. The power of tiny roommates is much wider.

For example, a study in mice showed that the absence of the bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri in the body makes animals less social. The proposed mechanism of action is as follows. Apparently, this species secretes compounds that transmit signals to the nerve endings of the intestine. Then the signal on the vagus nerve reaches the brain, where it changes the production of the hormone oxytocin. Other bacteria can send signals to the brain through the bloodstream.

Knowledge of the links between symbiotic bacteria and brain health will allow the development of new therapies, scientists believe. For example, doctors will recommend patients a diet that is favorable for a certain type of symbiont – and therefore, for the treatment of a particular disease.

The study showed diversity in the flora and fauna of Chernobyl

According to experts, during a study conducted more than three years ago in a zone left by people after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, they noticed a variety of flora and fauna here. New observations show that the flora and fauna of the alienated territory are not declining, but are constantly being replenished with new species of plants and animals, there is more fish in the local waters.

The chemical composition of the universe continues to change, astronomers said

The composition of the universe – the elements that are the building blocks for each piece of matter – is constantly changing and constantly evolving due to the life and death of stars. A diagram of how these elements form when stars grow, explode, disappear and merge is described in detail in a review article published January 31 in the journal Science

Ilon Musk showed an engine test for an interplanetary spacecraft

In his Twitter, Ilon Musk wrote that the first burnout of the Raptor rocket engine intended for the Starship spaceship took place. In this regard, he thanked the SpaceX team for their successful work. Musk laid out the video, which can be seen escaping from the fire tube

The first burned Raptor for Starship! So proud of the great work of the SpaceX team. – Ilon Musk, American engineer

Scientists have published the second largest astronomical database

Experts from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Space Research Institute compiled the second large catalog of Pan-STARRS data, which includes about three billion objects, including galaxies, near-earth asteroids and stars.

A project called DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test)

NASA has a project called DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test), which is going to be implemented in the coming years. It will be the first planetary defense mission in the history of mankind. As part of the mission, scientists are going to launch a spacecraft to a small asteroid that crashes into a celestial body at full speed. The results will help to understand whether this method has any potential or whether it is worth focusing on other options.

Physicist has declared the safety of black holes for travel

Traveling through the wormhole can be a safe process for humans. The corresponding opinion was voiced by a physicist from Britain, Brian Cox, representing the University of Manchester. The modern level of development of science does not allow humanity to study distant planets and remote corners of the Universe. Recently, however, there are more and more theories connected with the possibility of moving by means of black holes and “wormholes”. The task of the latter is believed to be the connection of two points: space and time. According to Cox, in the foreseeable future, such travel may be a reality.

The scientist told how to protect the lunar base from radiation

The facilities of the future visited Russian lunar base should be filled up with earth per meter to protect astronauts from radiation and solar flares, said Igor Barmin, president of the Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, adviser to the CENRI General Director for Science.

Taking orders for cars Aurus will start from February 15

In the middle of the month, the Aurus Senat Limousine L700 limousine and the Aurus Senat S600 sedan will be available for ordering. Recall, Aurus created on the basis of the platform EMP (Unified Modular Platform). The debut of the sedan Aurus Senat was held at the Moscow Motor Show in August 2018.

Volvo recalls almost 2 thousand cars in Russia

Volvo withdraws 1937 Volvo S90, V90 Cross Country, XC40, XC60 and XC90 cars due to problems with electronics. The cars sold in Russia from 2017 to the present will be sent for repair.

BMW M850i ​​xDrive First Edition coupe distinguished by coloring

The new version of the model, which will be called the First Edition, is different from all the other variations of the novelty with the completely new metallic body paint Frozen Barcelona Blue, developed by the guys from BMW Individual.

Updated Lada Largus will appear no earlier than 2020

“We shouldn’t wait for the Lada Largus facelift in the near future, we don’t have such plans for this year,” answered Jan Ptacek, AvtoVAZ Vice President for Sales and Marketing, about updating the model.

Hypercar Hennessey Venom F5 is scheduled for 2020

Hypercar Venom F5, created by specialists of the division Hennessey Special Vehicles, will go on sale in 2020, the company founder John Hennessy said in an interview with Top Gear.

Rendered Climate RS Renderers have appeared on the network.

Created the intended design Renault Clio RS artists studio X-Tomi Design. It is assumed that this new product will be equipped with a 1.8-liter turbine engine. Its power will be about 300 horsepower.

The render of a new electric vehicle from Smart appeared in the network.

The render shows a car with a nice design – the structure of the body will allow to let in the salon as much light as possible. According to the designer, the car would get a large battery that would provide a cruising range of 500 km, and acceleration to 100 km / h would take 3.9 seconds.

KIA has released a video about the production of a new crossover Telluride

The company Kia has published a video that shows how residents of a small American town involved in the assembly of Telluride crossover. The advertisement shows the city of West Point, located in the state of Georgia, that is where the production of the three-row novelty was launched.

Declassified data on the coupe-like Volkswagen Teramont

Some characteristics of the new version of the Volkswagen Teramont crossover with a coupe body became known. Unlike the usual 7-seater Volkswagen Teramont, which in China is called Atlas, it has 2 rows of seats and is designed for 5 people. The motor line of the novelty repeats the one with which the Chinese Volkswagen Atlas is completed. It includes 2-liter 4-cylinder atmospheric gasoline engines with a capacity of 186 and 220 liters. with., as well as the turbo engine of 2.5 liters. and a capacity of 299 liters. with. Transmission of the car, too, from the Chinese version – 7-step “robot» DQ500. Drive can be either front or full

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