2 Feb, 2018

Tour of Latin America …

The head of the US State Department, Rex Tillerson, spoke at the University of Texas at Austin just before his tour of Latin America.

Secretary of State touched upon the topic of relations between the US and Cuba

“Cuba has the opportunity to independently transfer power after decades of the Castro regime and go in a new direction. The future of our relations depends on Cuba, “he said.

Tillerson also spoke about the Venezuelan crisis, urging the country’s authorities to return to adherence to their own constitution and restore the democratic process in the country.

“We urge Venezuela to return to its constitution, to return to free, open and democratic elections, to give the people of Venezuela the opportunity to vote in its government. We will continue to exert pressure on President Nicholas Maduro’s regime in order to return to the democratic process that made Venezuela a great country in the past, “the State Department head said.

Briefly about the main …..


“Making an exception”: State Department commented on Naryshkin’s visit to the US

Suspension of sanctions The State Department commented on the visit of the director of the SVR to the US capital. As the official representative of the US diplomatic department Heather Nauert said, Washington can suspend the actions of visa sanctions if it concerns national interests

In Kiev, the law of Poland on Bandera was called a humiliation of the Ukrainian nation

The Senate of Poland previously passed a law on criminal responsibility for propaganda of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists, denial of the Volyn massacre and for allegations of the Nazis’ complicity with the Nazis during the Second World War. The law will enter into force after the head of state signs it.

The US is concerned about the growing influence of Russia and China in Latin America

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed concern over the growing influence of Russia and China in Latin America.

The growing presence of Russia in the region is also a matter of concern, it continues to sell weapons and military equipment to unfriendly regimes that do not share our respect for democratic values. – Rex Tillerson, 69th US Secretary of State

On the dangers of a trip to OI-2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan warned citizens of the dangers of traveling to the Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang, citing a threat to the DPRK and crime, according to a notice posted on the agency’s website.

The secret part of the “Kremlin report”

“The Ministry of Finance (USA) included a closed annex in the report in order to avoid potential withdrawal of the assets of the individuals and organizations indicated therein, as well as to prevent the disclosure of confidential information,” the agency said in a statement made at the request of RIA Novosti.

“Kremlin Report” – a list of people close to the Russian leadership, which may fall under the new restrictive measures of Washington.

Foreign Minister of the DPRK asks the UN Secretary General to react to “dangerous games” of the United States

Letter to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres with a complaint about the actions of the US was sent by the head of the Foreign Ministry of North Korea, Lee En Ho. According to media reports, the DPRK minister in his message stated that the “dangerous games” of the United States on the Korean peninsula could lead to a nuclear catastrophe on a world scale.

The Sevastopol Marine Plant was transferred to the federal property

The Sevastopol Marine Plant named after Ordzhonikidze passed into federal ownership, the corresponding order was published on the website of the Russian government. Previously, the factory belonged to Peter Poroshenko, the current president of Ukraine.

OSCE called on Poland to repeal the law on the Holocaust

The President of Poland must reject the adoption of a new bill on criminal punishment for the accusations of Poles in the Holocaust, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Arlem Desire, said on Thursday.

US Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Shannon resigns

The State Department confirmed information about the intentions of US Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon to leave office. This was reported by the official representative of the US foreign policy department Heather Neuert According to Neuert, Shannon’s decision to resign is based on his personal motives.

“Ukroboronprom” accused Russia of intercepting Ukrainian contracts

“Russia is taking measures to press Ukrainian enterprises from international markets, where the interests of Ukraine and Russia intersect in the struggle for contracts related to the repair and modernization of Soviet-made equipment,” declare in Ukroboronprom.

Tokyo has classified the preparations for the abdication of the emperor

The government of Japan will not disclose the course of preparation for the ceremonies of the abdication of the emperor and the accession to the throne of his heir. “We want to work in a quiet environment,” said Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.


Erdogan told about the destruction of 800 terrorists in Africa

The military operation “Olive branch” of the Turkish army began on January 20. Turkish troops are going to release the Syrian region of Afrin from terrorists, as well as Syrian lands along the border with Turkey.

British Armed Forces will not have enough $ 30 billion to purchase weapons

The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom in 2017-2027 may not be enough to purchase 21 billion pounds (almost 30 billion dollars) for military ships, jets and submarines.

VCS RF intercepted six foreign reconnaissance aircraft for a week

Over the past week, Russian pilots intercepted foreign aircraft six times from Russian borders. This is reported by the newspaper “Red Star”, the official publication of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The US does not intend to stop flying military aircraft over the Black Sea

US military aircraft will continue to operate in the international airspace off the coast of Russia, said Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Ministry of Defense published archival documents on the Battle of Stalingrad

The Russian Ministry of Defense launched on its website a multimedia section with archival documents for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Russia is trying to undermine the capabilities of NATO, said the head of the Pentagon

“We appreciate Britain’s diplomatic and military efforts … especially as Russia tries to undermine and weaken NATO’s cohesiveness and capabilities,” Mattis said.

Reuters learned about the development of new types of chemical weapons in Syria

The Syrian government of President Bashar Assad can develop new types of chemical weapons, US President Donald Trump is ready to prevent their use with military force. This is reported by Reuters referring to senior US officials

Syrian Foreign Ministry calls Turkey’s operation in Africa aggression and occupation

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that the operation of the Turkish army “Olive Branch” in the Afrin region in the north-west of Syria is aggression and occupation. In the ministry’s statement, the operation was called “a flagrant aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its territorial integrity.”

Tests of an autonomous “hunter for submarines” were held in the USA

In the United States, the first stage of testing of the new marine drone ACTUV, intended for the detection of foreign submarines, was completed. This is reported by the defense agency DARPA

Russia will deploy military aviation on the island of Iturup

In 2016, Onurupe placed the coastal missile system “Bastion”, and on Kunashir – the complex “Ball”. At the same time, it was reported about plans to create a basing point on the island of Matua and restore the local airfield. In 2017 it became known that Russia had deployed a division in the Kuriles.

US halved the price of Patriot for Poland

The US authorities more than halved the price of the Patriot anti-ballistic missile systems, which are being sold for sale in Poland. As reported by the Federal News Agency, initially the transaction value was estimated at $ 10.5 billion. As a result of negotiations, Washington reduced the price to $ 4.5 billion.

The OSCE accused the Kiev of violating the treaty on the diversion of weapons

Observers of the OSCE monitoring mission recorded violations of the Armed Forces Treaty on disarming weapons from the contact line in the Donbass, the press service of the SMM reports. Near the Kiev-controlled Vidrodzhennya village, an air defense missile system “Osa” was sighted.


In Shanghai, the van drove into the crowd of pedestrians

Eighteen people were hospitalized after the van pulled onto the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks coffee house in Shanghai’s tourist center in China, Xinhua news agency reported. After a collision with the fence of the coffee house, the van caught fire, but the fire did not have time to spill over to the gas cylinders.

The oldest son of Fidel Castro committed suicide

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart – the eldest son of the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro – committed suicide, Reuters reports citing the Cuban state media. Diaz Balart “committed suicide,” the website of Cubadebate said.

The girl wounded several people in the school of Los Angeles

A 12-year-old girl wounded a pistol from several people in a Salvator Castro school, BBC News reported on Thursday. One of the victims, a 15-year-old teenager, was wounded in the head. He is alive, but he is in a stable critical condition.

In the Bering Sea detained a schooner flying the flag of Sierra Leone

DFO border guards detained a Sea Breese vessel in the Bering Sea (the flag of Sierra Leone, the port of registration of Freetown), adapted for illegal crab mining. This Friday, February 2, the press service of the border control of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation on the eastern Arctic region.

Ankara was named a sabotage explosion in the building of the tax inspection

The governor of Ankara Ercan Topadzha said that the gas explosion in the boiler house of the tax inspection could be a diversion, RIA Novosti reports.

“We believe that the gas explosion in the building of the tax inspection in Ankara with a high probability could be a diversion,” said Topadzha.

Orthodox church caught fire in the south-west of Moscow

In the metropolitan area of South Butovo, a fire broke out in the Orthodox Church of the Holy Martyr Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia. This is reported by the “Moscow” agency with reference to a source in emergency services.

The offices of the Coincheck exchange were searched

In Japan, the head office of the Coincheck exchange has undergone searches into the embezzlement case of about $ 534 million. The case is under the control of specialists of the Financial Services Agency under the Ministry of Finance of the country.

In South Africa, about a thousand people were blocked in the mine

In South Africa, 950 miners were stuck underground because of a power outage. This is reported by RT with reference to the statement of the mining company. Earlier, at least 17 people working at a mine in Peru, were reported missing after the earthquake struck.

SC initiated two more cases against the deputy head of the FSIN in the case of embezzlement

The SC instituted two new criminal cases against the deputy director of the Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences, Oleg Korshunov and his two accomplices about the theft of 90 million rubles, the press service of the agency reports.

In Kyrgyzstan, detained the leader of a terrorist cell

In Kyrgyzstan, the leader of an underground terrorist cell engaged in recruitment was detained, Interfax reports citing the press service of the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic.

On the beach in Nice formed a funnel with a diameter of five meters

Funnel diameter of five meters and a depth of two meters was formed on the beach in Nice, local authorities call people to peace.

“There are no grounds for concern, this is a natural phenomenon … Especially for journalists: no, this is not a tram that went around”


The British unit of the anti-corruption public organization Transparency International called on the UK authorities to check out real estate in London, which is supposed to belong to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

Previously, the property of an official located in the center of London, wrote the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

As stated, the official paid for an apartment of 500 square meters. meters in five minutes from Westminster about 688 million rubles.

In Iran, it’s time for opponents of hijab

Almost every day in Iran there are actions of women, exposing their heads in public places and waving hijabs. The growing disobedience of “revolutionary women” is clearly troubling the theocratic regime – activists face imprisonment.

The President of Brazil did not prove his existence and lost his pension

Brazilian President Michel Temer did not receive a pension for November and December 2017. The 77-year-old politician did not give the state bodies evidence that he was alive on time. According to the laws of the country, a pensioner must update his registration in social support bodies every year on the month of his birth.

Harassment when renting a home

About 260 thousand Britons in the last five years have encountered some form of sexual harassment on the part of the owners of rented housing, a survey conducted by the sociological service YouGov commissioned by the charitable organization Shelter, which provides support to people facing the threat of eviction.

Maradona was banned from entering the US because of insult to Trump

Former footballer Diego Maradona was left without an American visa because of statements about Donald Trump. When the Argentinean television presenter asked the athlete to comment on the work of the head of the White House, he used the word “cyrrolite” in his answer, which means “a puppet doll”.

The British gallery was accused of censorship because of the cleaned picture with nymphs

The Manchester Art Gallery removed from the exhibition the picture of John William Waterhouse “The Hylas and the Nymphs”. The museum wanted to intensify the discussion about how to perceive classical works in the era of feminism, but faced a negative reaction.

Priests of the ROC will be taught to operate combat vehicles

We are talking about full-time clergymen, who are assistants to the commanders of units and formations of the Airborne Forces for work with religious servicemen. For the first time, military priests will be trained in driving BMD-4M combat vehicles, as well as in the use of military communications.

Russian billionaires earned 16.8 billion dollars a month

Russian millionaires are becoming richer, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The cumulative state of the 27 leading Russian businessmen in January 2018 increased by $ 16.8 billion, the results of the TASS study show.

The government will issue housing certificates for almost 15 billion rubles

This year it is planned to issue 7,273 state housing certificates for a total of 14.87 billion rubles. The order is published today on the official website of the government.

In Primorye there will be a center of slowing down of aging

Deputy Governor of Primorye Pavel Serebryakov met with the chief physician of the clinic at the First Harbin Medical University Shao Fenglin, RIA Novosti reported. Shao Fenglin said that the Chinese side is interested in opening such an institution in Primorye.

A bottle of Japanese whiskey sold for a record 299 thousand dollars

A bottle of Yamazaki 50 Years whiskey was sold at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong for a record $ 299,000. The unique drink is made on the basis of elite malt and is aged in barrels from Japanese oak for at least 50 years.

Metropolitan Theophanes: Chipping of passports restricts the rights of believers

Earlier, parishioners had questions in connection with the introduction of TIN. The priest appealed to the deputies with a request to legislatively “protect the right of these people to be full-fledged citizens with ordinary documents and at the same time to enjoy all social benefits.”

In the “Yeltsin Center” will open a sperm bank

In Yekaterinburg in the “Yeltsin Center” will soon be the opening of a sperm bank. The event is organized in the framework of the international conference “Wind of Changes: Reproductive Readings”. In Yekaterinburg, this sperm bank will be the sixth clinic where the services of artificial insemination

The first hybrid hotel appeared in St. Petersburg

In the Admiralteysky district of the city completed the reconstruction of the hotel of a new format, the committee for tourism development informed.

The IMF opposed the increase in wages to Ukrainians

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) opposed the plans of the Ukrainian government to raise the minimum wage. This is today in Kiev at a special press conference, said the head of the representative office of the fund in Ukraine, Jost Ljungman.

Putin spoke about the possibility of reducing gasoline prices

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the current situation there is the opportunity to reduce gasoline prices.

Of course, I would like to see the price break through in today’s situation, and there seems to be an opportunity for this. In some regions this is reasonable, because the delivery is complex, the infrastructure is undeveloped. But always for this the FAS should look, I will speak on this score with the head of the department. – Vladimir Putin


In Yakutia, two large and “extremely rare” diamonds were found

In Yakutia, two large diamonds with a mass of 85.62 and 97.92 carats were found on the tube “Jubilee” of the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant. This is stated in a message on the website of the diamond mining company ALROSA.

Apple reported a record quarterly revenue of $ 88.3 billion

The American corporation Apple has declared a record level of proceeds following the results of the first quarter of 2018 financial year. As reported in the company’s report, Apple’s revenue from October to December grew by 13% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $ 88.3 billion.

The volume of illegal withdrawal of funds from the Russian Federation decreased by 2.4 times

In 2017, the amount of illegal withdrawal of funds from Russia abroad decreased 2.4 times, this figure amounted to 78 billion rubles, said Dmitry Skobelkin, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at a meeting of bankers with the Central Bank management in Bor.

Russia’s GDP in 2017 grew by 1.5%

The growth of the gross domestic product (GDP, the total value of all goods and services created in the country) in Russia for 2017, according to the first estimate, amounted to 1.5%, it follows from the message of Rosstat. At the same time, the Ministry of Economic Development expected GDP growth in the range of 1.4-1.8% in 2017.

Aeroflot signed a contract for 50 MS-21 aircraft

The leasing company “Aviakapital-Service” (“daughter” of “Rosteha”) will provide Aeroflot airline with operational leasing of 50 MS-21-300 aircraft until 2026. The memorandum on deliveries was signed by the general director of Aeroflot Vitaly Saveliev and the general director of Rostekha Sergey Chemezov.

The deal confirms that the Russian civil aviation industry is returning the lost positions in the past and ranks in line with the world’s leading manufacturers. MS-21 is a truly breakthrough result for the aviation industry. – Sergey Chemezov, Russian coach

Nabiullina does not exclude further reduction of the key rate

As iz.ru wrote, in December the head of the Bank of Russia noted that the opportunities for further reduction of the key rate remain. The Central Bank will not raise rates even in the case of external shocks, including tightening of sanctions, she assured.

We monitor all factors, all current trends, update our forecasts and do not exclude for the future neither pauses, nor steps anymore, nor a step less, because we are still largely dependent on the data that comes in, and most importantly – on clarifying our forecasts and including inflationary expectations. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian statesman

DIA told about “doubtful operations” in Tatfondbank and the Investment Bank

“In total, large-scale circuit operations were conducted in more than 150 box offices of banks, hundreds of individuals participated in them and over a thousand of their personal accounts were involved,” the DIA said.

For a week, Russia’s international reserves grew by $ 10 billion

International reserves of Russia from January 19 to 26 of this year increased by $ 10 billion: from 442.8 to 452.8 billion. Relevant figures are published on the Bank of Russia website. A week before this, the volume of international reserves increased by $ 4.9 billion.

Sverdlovsk region plans to repay the public debt by 2030

The Finance Ministry of the Sverdlovsk region forecasted budget parameters by 2030. So, it is expected that the tax and non-tax revenues of the consolidated budget will increase by 1.9 times in relation to the indicators of 2020. His income will amount to 520 billion rubles, expenses – 501 billion rubles,

The income of Alphabet exceeded $ 100 billion

The annual income of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, exceeded $ 100 billion for its 20-year history, CNN reported on Friday. The company announced revenue of $ 32.3 billion for the last quarter of last year. The total amount for 2017 approached $ 110 billion.

In Switzerland, the “daughter” of Gazprombank was banned from attracting private clients

The audit was conducted with respect to Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. During the audit, FINMA drew attention to due diligence procedures that the bank conducted to combat possible money laundering for private clients and “politically exposed persons” (PEP) using offshore companies

Putin proposed to oblige the regions to introduce expenditures for the development of the economy

According to Putin, in order to expand the powers of the regions to ensure economic growth, it is necessary to include funds directed to the development of the economy in the compulsory costs of regional authorities.

Belarus has changed the tariffs for the transit of Russian oil

Belarus since February 1 indexed the tariffs for the transit of Russian oil by 6.7%. In the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade (MART) of Belarus, a corresponding decision was made in January.

Russian oil companies have increased the search for new deposits

Russian oil companies have drastically increased the drilling of new wells. As stated in the report of the international company Rystad Energy, the number of wells in 2017 increased by 20%. According to experts, high rates of input of objects can be preserved.


The court removed from Jim Carrey all the charges in the case of the death of his ex-girlfriend

28-year-old Catriona White committed suicide after breaking up with the actor. She was found dead in her apartment in Los Angeles in 2015. In October 2016, the mother of the deceased Brigitte Suitman sued Kerry, accusing him of involvement in the death of his daughter.

The Univer’s star said that he is fantasizing about Olga Buzovoy

The star of the show Univer and Sashatany Andrey Gaydulyan, having learned that Olga Buzova called for the video of the most beautiful criminal in the world, made a post in Instagram, Life writes.

Ex-lover Abdulova told about his illegitimate daughter

The former beloved of Abdulov, the journalist Larisa Shteiman, told about her illegitimate daughter. Closer actor accuses ex-mistress of slander. Larisa Shteiman on the air of the program “In fact” made a shocking statement: the father of her daughter Marie Isabel is Alexander Abdulov.

From the seriously ill star “Battles of psychics” refused doctors

The seriously ill participant of the show “Battle of Psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova was left without medical help. A girl who calls herself a white witch suffers from a congenital disease, because of which she is almost unable to speak. She needs to breathe through the tracheostomy tube installed in her throat.

Krasnoyarsk opera theater will be named after Khvorostovsky

Memorial plaques will be installed on the house where he lived, and on the building of Pedagogical College No. 1, where he began to learn vocal skills. Besides the theater, Khvorostovsky’s name will also include the art school where he studied as a child, and the Institute of Arts, which he graduated from.

Ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan donned a frivolous outfit to the temple

Photos near the church Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya published on her social network page. The Hayaters immediately condemned the daring attire of Dzhigarkhanyan’s ex-wife, noting his irrelevance. Earlier it became known that Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya wanted to put Dzhigarkhanyan in a psychiatric hospital.

In Kazan, the jubilee opera festival was opened. Chaliapin

The great Russian bass Fedor Shalyapin was born in Kazan in 1873. His debut as an opera singer took place on December 18, 1890 at the City Theater in Ufa – he performed the Stolnik party in the opera of the Polish composer Stanislav Moniuszko “Pebbles”

Viktor Sukhorukov invited Maikov to go to the monastery and serve God

The star of the movie series “Brother” and the People’s Artist of Russia Viktor Sukhorukov proposed to send Pavel Maykov to the monastery, as the actor on February 1 on the radio Business FM commented on Maikov’s statement about the role of the series “Brigade” in the history of Russia.

Then send him to the monastery. Let there serve God, serve the sky, serve the spirit, and does not deal with ******, sorry. – Victor Sukhorukov, actor

Svetlana Loboda confessed to having sex in threesome on the first date

The well-known Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda told the public about the sensational “information 18+” from her personal life. On the air of Love Radio Official, the star of the national stage told how she was foolish about having sex with three of us on the first date.

Theater project “Big Tours” will cover the whole of Russia

“This year, all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation will be toured by theater, more than 270 theaters of the country will participate in the tour and cover more than 200 cities,” said Deputy Culture Minister Alexander Zhuravsky. The plans include reaching out to a million viewers.

Naked Bella Hadid covered her breasts with a puppy

Bella is imprinted almost completely naked, covering the dog’s chest. At the same time, the model smiles charmingly. A friend of the model said that it was the first shopping in the company of a new friend Hadid

Actress Gina Lollobrigida got a star on the “Walk of Fame” Hollywood

On the “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood in Los Angeles, the name star of the Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida was opened. The fact that the 90-year old film star will be awarded a star, it became known in June 2017.

Fatal beauties Bryullov

The first exhibition project of the Tretyakov Gallery in 2018 was the exhibition of portraits of Karl Bryullov. Eight paintings – at first glance, not the largest meeting.

Trailer of the film “Dovlatov” by Alexei German Jr.

On the Internet appeared the trailer of the film “Dovlatov” directed by Alexei German Jr.. In the Russian box office, the art picture will appear on March 1 of this year. It is known that the premiere of the film will be shown at the 68th International Film Festival in Berlin.


Telegram returned to the App Store

As soon as Telegram installs the protection, the application will return to the online store, he added. Telegram – a messenger for smartphones that allows you to exchange messages, was created in 2013. Every day 500 000 users download Telegram for Android and about 100 000 for iOS, according to Durov.

Apple warned us that our users had access to inappropriate content, and both applications were removed from the App Store. We expect that as soon as we block this content, applications will be available again in the App Store. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

Who is guilty of gasoline prices ….

Cyber security specialists Ido Naor from Kaspersky Lab and Amihai Neiderman from Azimuth Security have found vulnerabilities in the software of self-service gas stations. According to them, hackers can raise fuel prices and steal it, as well as take control of credit cards.

The hacker came up with the AutoSploit algorithm for a simple hacking of servers

Known as Vector, the hacker came up with an algorithm for simple search and hacking of servers. He shared his discovery with GitHub. The algorithm from Vector is written with Python

Google synchronizes online advertising and TV broadcasts

The tool will help brands test the effectiveness of ads and show how advertising has affected search queries for users. In the future, Google plans to create a single media planner for online and television. The main goal of the innovation is to complete the TV coverage with the help of Google.

Gucci released his own emoto with the muzzles of dogs

The Italian brand Gucci offered an unusual offer to its customers. Now, if the client so wishes, on any clothes or accessories you can place the emoji in the form of a dog’s face.

Xiaomi released a pocket printer to print photos from the smartphone

Xiaomi has designed a pocket printer for smartphones. This is reported by Chinese publications. The famous manufacturer has created a handy printer for printing images from a mobile device.

Huawei announced the price of a new smartphone Honor 9 Lite

The Honor brand, which belongs to the Chinese corporation Huawei, introduced a new smartphone for the Russian market – Honor 9 Lite. Officially, the model was announced in December and most of the characteristics are already known, but now announced the start of sales.

The smartphone will be available on February 8th. Buy Honor 9 Lite will be for 14,990 rubles in the official online store Huawei and partner stores of the company.

Popular Android-smartphones “die” after the update

Update Android OS caused discontent among the owners of popular phones. So, owners of gadgets Xiaomi Mi A1 complained that their devices using the original version of the OS instead of the MIUI shell began to seriously “bug” after the system update.

Uber will launch an electric bike rental service

The taxi service Uber will soon launch the rental of bicycles on the electric drive. Uber Bike until it is available in the test mode only in San Francisco. Uber Bike will be a service for renting bicycles, the principle of its operation resembles a carcher.

Meiigoo Mate10 appeared on the new teaser video

Soon will be the premiere of the smartphone Meiigoo Mate10, which was recently lighted on the next teaser video. The video shows the design of the mobile device.

Russia will create a single digital system for diagnosis of cancer

In Russia, it is planned to create a single digital system for diagnosing cancer. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich at the opening of the first in the country digital laboratory UNIM “Skolkovo”, “Medvestnik”.

Presentation of the updated smartphone Oppo A71

The Chinese company Oppo held a presentation of the updated version of the phone A71 in 2018. The newest model has lost a little in productivity, however thus its price also has decreased. The cost of the Oppo A71 in 2018 is 180 American dollars.

Verizon released an update with bokeh effects for Samsung Galaxy S8

A large US operator Verizon has released an update for the phone of the South Korean company Samsung with the effect of “bokeh”. Now users can create the latest effects when downloading the gadget, and also added innovative settings.

On the web there was a video of clone iPhone X smartphone Noa N10

The first unofficial video of the smartphone Noa N10 appeared on the web, which became a clone of the iPhone X in 2018. This is reported by the information portal VladTime. It became known that the first look at the new clone of the smartphone iPhone X will be available only at the MWC in Spain

Force Touch technology will help send SMS to Apple Watch

In addition, not everyone knows that through Apple Watch you can write and send SMS notifications. To do this, you also need to press Force Touch and select the “New message” function. In the same way, you can send your friend a location using geolocation.

ECG at home ….

The Southern Federal University together with the Don enterprise has created a fundamentally new cardioprodi, which can be used at home. This portable device, weighing no more than one hundred grams, which you can carry with you all the time.

The device is controlled from a smartphone, the application to which is free: ECG is started by simply pressing a button. From the cardiograph goes the electrode cable, and the electrodes themselves, both on a stationary device, are attached to the chest and back of a person. For the convenience of the user, the kit includes a special belt with a pocket, in which you can put the device.

In the suburbs, a voice system for receiving housing and communal services

In the suburbs, to reduce the burden on housing and communal services operators, experts began to introduce a new system of automatic data collection on utility indications. To transmit testimony, residents of the Moscow region will be able to call the call center and report all the data.


Scientists have discovered at least 60,000 buildings of the Maya civilization

At least 60,000 different buildings of Maya civilization were found in the north of Guatemala. The discovery was made thanks to laser radars (lidars), TASS reports.

Scientists have overcome an incurable cancer

Scientists at Stanford University were able to eliminate tumor cells in mice suffering from an incurable metastatic cancer. To do this, researchers have introduced a small number of immunostimulating drugs into malignant tissues. This is reported in a press release on the website MedicalXpress.

Close friends think alike

According to the patterns of brain activity, scientists were able to identify 48% of friendly couples. This observation allows us to conclude that the basis of friendship is similar mechanisms of perception and interpretation.

Scientists from Moscow State University have modified graphene nanoparticles

During the synthesis of graphene particles, Russian specialists were able to change their shape, making them look like jellyfish. According to scientists, it is this structure that will make it possible to use graphene for the development of various kinds of batteries and electrodes.

The disordered structure of silk made it shiny and cold

Physicists have found that the gloss of silk arises from the presence of irregular strips of nanometer thickness in the filaments, on which interference of light occurs. The same reason explains the heat exchange in the filaments and enhances the cooling of silk due to radiation, scientists write in an article in Nature Communications.

CRISPR revives patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Researchers have edited the heart muscle cells with mutations leading to the development of Duchenne’s myodystrophy. With the help of the CRISPR-Cas9 system mutant sections of the gene were “thrown out” of mRNA, and from the cells with “corrected” DNA, a beating heart muscle was grown.

The design of flexible batteries spied in the spine

Engineers developed a new design for flexible and capacious lithium-ion batteries – they suggested cutting the sheet battery into strips and wrapping them around a single “ridge”

DNA helped to control a swarm of molecular motors from microtubules

Chemists have learned to control a swarm of molecular motors using DNA molecules. It turned out that with the help of DNA-linkers of several types, it is possible to make microtubules form into groups, separate back or cause their joint translational and rotational movement, scientists in Nature Communications report.

Scientists from Britain have proven the existence of muscle memory

Representatives of the University of Kiel, UK conducted a unique study, during which scientists were able to find epigenetic memory, which is in the skeletal muscles of the human body.

Gravitational waves confirmed the four-dimensionality of the universe to within 0.1

A group of physicists, led by Chris Pardo, set precise limits on the dimensionality of our space-time, analyzing the event GW170817 – practically simultaneously coming to Earth, gravitational and electromagnetic waves emitted during the fusion of two neutron stars.

Russia and the United States will develop standards for medical care for people in space

The group was established following a meeting of the Russian-American Joint Working Group (JWG) on research in the field of space biomedicine and biology.

Created the most realistic copy of the universe

An international group of scientists led by Volker Springer from the Institute for Theoretical Research named after Heidelberg (Germany) created the most detailed simulator of the universe – IllustrisTNG. Researchers have modeled outer space in the form of a cube with a side length of one billion light years, in which the formation of galaxies and such large-scale cosmological structures as filaments and voids is realized.

The first stage Falcon 9 survived a hard landing on the water

The founder of SpaceX Ilon Mask was extremely surprised by this fact. However, he did not specify whether the rocket could take off again. Recall, the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket into space took place on January 31

In Cyprus, the research space center named after Eratosthenes

The emergence of a research center, whose tasks will include the study of outer space, will bring the island about 200 new jobs.

Scientists talked about the phenomenon of “thickening” black holes

The phenomenon of “thickening” black holes is one of the most discussed issues among astronomers and physicists. Scientists have found out that in knowledge of these objects there are serious gaps.

Scientists: Developed a technology for listening to deep space

Experts from the optical community have developed a technology for listening to deep space. It is based on a fiber-optic telecommunications network and allows synchronization to two radio telescopes.

Ural astronomers change the profile of observations

As stated by. the head of the Kourovka Astronomical Observatory Andrei Sobolev, the Ural space explorers will henceforth be less sensitive to artificial satellites, more – to potentially dangerous space objects. This decision is dictated by the challenges of the era.


Toyota to Russia brought SUV Fortuner with a gasoline engine

Toyota brought to Russia Fortuner SUV with a gasoline engine. Before that, the car was offered only with a turbocharged diesel unit of 2.8 liters. The power of this engine is 177 horsepower at 450 Nm, and a pair of it is a six-speed automatic.

BMW suspended the release of the “charged” sedan M550i

Supervisory authorities gave the developers of the car a deadline until June of this year to correct the shortcomings of the BMW M550i. In response, the company decided to suspend the production of the sedan. Engineers faced the problem of lack of space in the engine compartment for the installation of new parts

In the style of the classic supercar Ferrari

Atelier Ares Design from Modena, Italy, created by the ex-head of Lotus, is going to start developing another supercar in retro style. The novelty will be made in the style of the old Lamborghini.

The new roadster Rezvani dedicated supersonic reconnaissance aircraft

Carbon roadster weighing only 885 kg received a high-performance four-cylinder engine, which produces 700 horsepower. This engine allows you to accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h in 2.9 seconds. In the Rezvani Beast Blackbird 2.5-liter engine received a large number of improvements

Great Wall can bring to the Russian market premium crossovers Wey

Chinese automaker Great Wall is discussing the issue of the release of premium brand Wey to the Russian market. It is curious that the premium brand got its name in honor of Vey Dhyanjun, chairman of the parent company.

Kia brought to the tests of Soul a new generation

The company Kia began testing the crossover Soul a new generation. On the eve of the first spy photos of the novelty appeared on the web. The current Kia Soul with minor improvements has been produced for nine years.

Koenigsegg prepares for the premiere of the “diamond” hypercar Agera Thor

The Swedish company Koenigsegg very soon officially will present the unique diamond hypercar Agera. It is reported that he must enter the line of cars Final Edition, which has already been called “farewell”

Skoda prepares for the premiere new compact crossover Vision X

Czech company Skoda has introduced official images of the new compact crossover Vision X with a hybrid motor on the web. It is expected that the world premiere of the new model in the line of SUV Czech brand will take place at the upcoming auto show in Geneva, scheduled for March this year.

The new Jeep SUV will receive two versions of Commander and Grand Commander

Two weeks ago, the Jeep brand declassified the new Grand Commander SUV. Yesterday it became known that in the Chinese market the car will be presented in two versions: the five-seater under the name Commander and the seven-seat – Grand Commander.

In Geneva, will show the first serial flying car PAL-V Liberty

Company PAL-V will bring the first serial flying car PAL-V Liberty to the showroom in Geneva. As a result, the developers will be the first in the world who will present a serial version of the flying machine. Flying car PAL-V Liberty will be a breakthrough in transport

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