9 May, 2018

Трамп разорвал ядерную сделку с Ираном

The American leader said that a nuclear deal with Tehran would not bring peace and accused the republic of developing nuclear weapons and enriching uranium, despite the agreement, Tass writes.

Today I declare that the United States will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal … We will introduce economic sanctions of the highest level. Any country that helps Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weapons can also get under heavy US sanctions. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Briefly about the main ……


Netanyahu supported Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran

The Israeli Prime Minister thanked the US President for the “historic step”. The head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, approved the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Israel fully supports today’s bold decision by President Trump to drop the terrible nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Tehran. Israel from the outset rejected this deal, since it did not block Tehran’s way to nuclear weapons. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the second time visited the DPRK

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Pyongyang, where he will hold talks about the meeting of the leader of the DPRK and US President Donald Trump, reports Reuters. It is expected that he will also discuss the possibility of the release of three Americans detained on the territory of the DPRK.

In the parliament of Chechnya, it is proposed to extend the powers of the Russian president

The Parliament of Chechnya has prepared and at the next meeting will discuss the introduction in the State Duma of a bill on the extension of the powers of the Russian president.
Deputies propose to amend the Constitution, according to which one person will be able to serve as president three times in a row, instead of the current two.

“This amendment does not detract from the democratic foundations of the state and enables the people to determine their future,” the explanatory note to the bill cites the press service of the Chechen parliament. The next meeting of the Legislative Assembly should be held on Thursday, May 10.

CNN named the reason for the interest of Müller’s agents to Vekselberg

Agents of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller really questioned the Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg, and they were interested in payments that related structures were transferred to Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, CNN reported citing a source

In the US, an ex-CIA official was accused of collecting classified information for the PRC

The US Department of Justice said that the former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Jerry Chun Shin Li, was accused of collecting secret information for the Chinese government.

Prime Minister of Japan called the condition of the restoration of relations with the DPRK

Earlier, the South Korean leader called on the Japanese government to resume a dialogue with the DPRK on the normalization of relations between the countries. Mun Zhe Ying said that at the inter-Korean summit, Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-un expressed readiness to resume the dialogue with Japan “at any time.”

Armenian Parliament elected Pashinyan to the post of prime minister of the republic

Mass demonstrations for the resignation of the government continue in Armenia since April 13. Under their pressure, the country’s Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned, having been prime minister for only a week.

Court in Ukraine left under arrest the captain of the Russian vessel “Nord”

The Court of Appeal of the Kherson region left the captain of the Crimean fishing vessel “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko in custody, told RIA Novosti Tatiana Tihonchik, a spokesman for the Crimean Prosecutor’s Office (a structure created as part of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office after the reunification of the peninsula with the Russian Federation).

Media reported about Kim Jong-un’s secret visit to China

The official confirmation was not a visit. In March, Kim Jong-un paid a visit to China together with his wife to personally congratulate the head of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping on re-election and discuss the situation on the Korean peninsula.

Pashinyan announced plans to meet with Putin on May 14

The meeting between Pashinyan and Putin will take place on May 14 in Sochi at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council. Armenian parliamentarians voted on May 8 in the election of a new prime minister, the only candidate was Pashinyan.

We expect, of course. This is a very important participant, an important partner. Moreover, as a rule, bilateral meetings are held on the margins of such events, of course, depending on who will represent Armenia, we expect that bilateral contacts will also take place. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Pashinyan declared readiness for negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh

Leader of the opposition Nikol Pashinyan was elected to the post of Prime Minister of Armenia. His candidacy received the necessary number of votes in the country’s parliament.

We are ready for negotiations with the leader of Azerbaijan. But I want to note that the talks can not be considered effective until the leadership of Artsakh participates in them, which is stipulated in the documents of the OSCE Minsk Group mediating in the negotiations. – Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian politician

Russian hackers accused of threats to the wives of US military

The Associated Press published an article saying that in the history of threats to the wives of the US military by the group CyberCaliphate in fact implicated Russian hackers from Fancy Bear. It is claimed that they called themselves “cyberjackists”.

Personal chef Netanyahu insulted Abe with a dessert in his shoe

The personal chef of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu served dessert in a shoe during an official reception on the occasion of the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The newspaper The Jerusalem Post writes about this.


Israel led the troops in a state of high alert

The press service of the Israeli Defense Army reported that the Israeli military has been put on high alert in response to a possible attack from Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran late Tuesday, May 8, of deploying “very dangerous weapons” in Syria.

The US postponed the commissioning of an atomic aircraft carrier for four years

The most expensive in the history of the US aircraft carrier Gerald Ford broke during the voyage. The newest development damaged the main thrust bearing on the power plant

Ukraine plans to build 15 ammunition depots in 2018

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in 2018 intends to build 15 ammunition depots on three military arsenals and equip them with modernized fire fighting systems. This was announced on Tuesday by the press service of the department

The Ministry of Defense of France did not rule out repetition of attacks on Syria

According to Parley, the April 14 attack on the UAR was a warning character and was aimed at preventing the head of state Bashar Assad from repeating the chemataka. If this happens again, France will consider the possibility of repeated strikes.

The aim of the strike against Syria was to prevent Bashar Assad from repeating such blows. If this happens, we can consider the possibility of repeated strikes. – Florance Parley, French politician

The Ministry of Defense named the official version of the Ka-52 crash in eastern Syria

The bodies of the dead pilots were found and taken to the airfield of the basing. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could be a technical malfunction. This is the second case of the death of the Russian military in Syria since the beginning of the month.

UN accused Afghan Air Force of killing 36 civilians

More than a hundred people were injured as a result of the air raid of the Air Force of Afghanistan, inflicted on April 2 in Kunduz province. At least 36 civilians were killed. This conclusion was reached by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Interfax reported.

Poroshenko named the number of “Russian soldiers” in Donbass

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied the participation of their troops in the armed conflict in the Donbas. As President Vladimir Putin said a few years ago, there may be Russians in the region, but there is no regular army there.

We have confirmed figures that in different periods their number ranged from 10,000 to 2,500. Plus, they have almost 50,000 so-called Russian volunteers, who were recruited through the Russian mobilization system and sent there. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

In Syria, terrorists shelled the place of gathering of buses, exporting militants

Terrorist groupings subjected to mortar shelling the place of gathering of buses transporting militants from the Syrian settlement of Er-Rastan in the northeast of Syria, the Syrian national agency SANA reports referring to its military correspondent.


The ROC is concerned about the growing estrangement of Russians from the Church

The priest and writer Alexander Shumsky, a cleric of the ancient church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki in the center of Moscow, drew attention to the cooling in relations between the Orthodox clergy and laity, especially the youth.

This year, for the first time in 25 years, that I serve in the church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki, on Sunday after Svetlaya Sedmice (week 2 on Easter), we did not have a single Sacrament of the Wedding, and this year was not only in our church – although in all the previous years we had a desire to get married that day, so many that we had to refuse many.

The priest considers such situation abnormal and frightening. But that is not all. This also applies to the Sacraments of Baptism – fewer and fewer people come to be baptized.

Officials forced subordinates to keep their posts in social networks

In the Voskresensky district of Moscow region, teachers and employees of cultural institutions were ordered to register in social networks, add high-ranking officials of the district to their friends and put their messages to their friends, writes Medusa referring to a copy of the order called “Regulations for the work of a specialist in social networks.”

In Sochi, tourists will be required to register from May 25

May 25, the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on registration of tourists arriving in Sochi will come into force. The special procedure for registration of citizens will be in force until July 25 – for the period of the World Cup 2018. This decision was made to ensure security in all cities that host matches mundialya.

Women in Saudi Arabia will be able to drive from June 24

In Saudi Arabia, on June 24, women over 18 will be able to apply for a driver’s license, the Daily Mail reported citing a government statement.

Mortgage will become less popular by 2027

The mortgage market will survive a decline in popularity. By 2027, it will decline by more than 17%, according to a study of the credit history bureau “Equifax”, RIA Novosti reports. Experts drew attention to the negative impact of the “demographic hole”.

50% of Britons believe that it was their country that defeated Hitler

It turned out that only 7-11% of the inhabitants of these countries share the opinion of the British. In their view, the United States played a decisive role in the victory in World War II. This was stated by 56% of the French, 47% of Americans and 34% of Germans.

Telegram appealed the court’s decision to provide the FSB with encryption keys

The Telegram messenger, which was blocked in Russia since mid-April, appealed against the decision of the Supreme Court, which recognized as legitimate the order of the FSB to transfer keys to decryption of user messages to the special services. This is stated in the appeal

After the tragedy of “Winter Cherry” in Russia, a third of shopping centers were closed

After the tragedy in the Kemerovo shopping center “Winter Cherry” in Russia, as a result of fire safety checks, a large number of shopping centers were closed. It is about a third of all similar facilities in the country. At the moment, about 30% of shopping centers are closed, Kommersant reports.

The Metropolitan Lucky Veterans Free

The right to free travel on May 8 and 9, 2018 has representatives of all the above categories of citizens, regardless of their citizenship and place of residence.

Ministry of Health developed standards for centers for the rehabilitation of drug users

According to Oksana Guseva, director of the department of organization of emergency medical aid and expert activities of the Ministry of Health, the centers for non-medical rehabilitation of drug addicts must comply with SanPiN’s requirements and not use methods that degrade human dignity. We are talking, in particular, about riveting to the battery.

In total, the draft standards contain 24 requirements: 14 – mandatory, 10 – optional. To include the organization in the register of non-profit organizations – performers of socially useful services, it is necessary to comply with all compulsory requirements and at least six optional ones.

To re-enter the registry two years later, eight optional requirements will be required. Also, in order to re-enter the register, it is necessary to achieve at least 30% of annual remissions and the rate of 50% of patients who were detained in the rehabilitation program for 18 months of work.

Violators of traffic regulations will help road construction

Regions will be added money for the maintenance of highways due to fines From 1 January 2019 regional road funds will receive a new source of funding – there will be fines for violations of traffic rules.


Ilon Mask bought shares of his company Tesla by almost $ 10 million

American businessman and Tesla founder Ilon Mask spent $ 9.9 million to buy shares of his company against the backdrop of record losses, CNN reported. According to the publication, the businessman purchased 33 thousand shares at market price, increasing his share by one-tenth of a percent.

Argentina began negotiations on a new credit line for $ 30 billion from the IMF

Argentina began negotiations on the provision of a flexible credit line with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Such a statement was made by the President of the country Mauricio Macri. According to him, IMF director Kristin Lagarde has already confirmed that she will begin work on an agreement

The trade turnover between the PRC and the USA for January-April increased by 13.2%

The trade turnover between China and the US in January-April increased by 13.2% to $ 191.5 billion, according to a report published Tuesday by the Main Customs Office of the People’s Republic of China

Labor migrants in Poland transferred to Ukraine for the year $ 3.2 billion

Labor migrants for the year 2017 transferred from Poland to Ukraine 11.7 billion zlotys (about $ 3.2 billion). This is reported by TVN24Bis with reference to the National Bank of Poland. It is noted that the level of transfers from Poland to Ukraine was the largest in comparison with transfers to other countries

Iran plans to start deliveries of a new grade of oil

After 2016, Iran began to supply only short-term contracts, hoping to regain market share. The new export terminal will allow Tehran to supply West Karoun oil without mixing with other brands, directly to buyers

Net profit of Petrobras almost doubled

The company’s announcement says that in annual terms, Petrobras’s profit increased 1.56 times. In addition, the South American energy giant emphasizes that diluted earnings per share for the first three months amounted to about 0.15 dollars

Lipetsk officials gave a contract to road workers from Belarus

The Lipetsk administration has allocated a road contract for 236.9 million rubles to the Belarusian JSC “Road construction department No. 1, Rogachev”, follows from the auction documentation.

As follows from the technical specification of the purchase, within four years the renovated streets will be under warranty. In case of damage to asphalt or tiles, the Belarusian contractor will have to repair defects at his own expense.

It is worth noting that specialists from the near abroad became the only contender for the contract. Lipetsk authorities did not organize electronic bidding, having carried out the purchase from a single supplier.

Gazprombank and Rostekh become co-owners of Mail.ru Group

Gazprombank will acquire from Leftbord 35 percent of the shares of the ITF, USM – 9 percent, and Rostek – 11 percent.

Over three years, more than 430 billion rubles will be allocated for building roads in Moscow.

Until the end of 2020 for road construction in the capital will be allocated 431.45 billion rubles, said in an interview with Interfax, the head of the construction department Andrei Bochkarev.

“The city’s address investment program for road construction provides for allocation of 161.7 billion rubles this year, in 2019 – 134.8 billion rubles and in 2020 – 134.8 billion rubles,” A. Bochkarev said.

The head of the department said that such financing will allow building about 100 km of roads in the capital every year.

Russia’s income from oil exports since the beginning of the year increased by 21.2%

As reported by the agency “Prime” referring to the statistics of the Federal Customs Service, the revenues of the Russian budget from oil exports in January-March increased by 21.2% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $ 28.2 billion.

Rosatom in the summer will file documents for a license to build a nuclear power plant “Paksh-2.”

Rosatom State Corporation will submit documents necessary in the summer of this year to obtain a license for the construction of new Paks nuclear power plant units in Hungary (Paks-2 project), RIA Novosti news agency said Rosatom CEO Alexei Likhachev.

“We have to hand over the documents in the summer to obtain a license for (construction) Paks-2, and the customer will give them to the regulator for six months, so this year is the year of licensing,” Likhachev said.

The course on optimization: the Ministry of Agriculture prepared amendments to the Tax Code

The first change introduced by the bill is the new collection rates for a number of aquatic biological resources.

The Ministry of Agriculture indicates that when establishing new rates, the economic effectiveness of their influence is determined on the basis of the ratio of the rate to the average price of producers of products from this type of bioresource in the previous three years. At the same time, a single approach was used to determine new rates.

“The new rates are calculated at a level of 4.8% of the average producer price for the sale of products from this species,” the report says.

“KamAZ” in April increased the production of trucks by 8%

“KamAZ” in April 2018 increased the production of trucks by 8%, to 3.4 thousand sets compared with April last year. This is reported in a press release of the Russian company.

Earlier it was reported that KamAZ’s net profit attributable to shareholders, according to international financial reporting standards, increased 5.3-fold to RUB 3.4 billion by the end of 2017. Revenue for the past year increased by 17.9%, to 156 billion rubles.

The company’s share in the heavy truck market in Russia is 51%.

The export of Ukrainian pig iron since the beginning of 2018 has doubled.

Ukraine in January-April 2018 increased the export of pig iron in physical terms by 87.7% compared to the same period last year – up to 1.02 million tons.

According to the customs statistics of the State Fiscal Service, exports were mainly in the United States (47.66% of deliveries in monetary terms), Italy (19.33%) and Turkey (10.94%).

At the same time, for four months Ukraine imported 414 tons of similar products for $ 256 thousand, whereas in January-April 2017 – 1,02 thousand tons for $ 522 thousand.
Import was carried out from Russia (67.97% of deliveries in monetary terms) and Germany (32.03%).

In the first quarter of 2018, the demand for gold declined by 7%.

According to the World Gold Council (WGC), in the first quarter of the year the demand for gold decreased by 7% in annual terms, to 973 tonnes. The supply of gold in the market grew by 3%, to 1,064 tonnes. Purchasing demand for gold declined by 6% to 743 tons, from 790 tons in the first quarter of 2017. Total investment demand decreased by 27%, to 287 tons, according to a report on trends in demand for gold in the first quarter of 2018 WGC.

Net profit of AK Steel for the 1st quarter fell by 66% by 2017

According to Nasdaq, the US AK Steel Holding Corporation reported net income of $ 28.7 million, or 9 cents per share in the first quarter of 2018, which is 66% below net income of $ 84.4 million or 26 cents per quarter . However, the profit, however, exceeded analysts’ estimates by 3 cents.

Kaliningrad region will allocate Hyundai 200 million rubles

The governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, offered the Korean company Hyundai a subsidy for 200 million rubles in case of construction of a factory for the production of automobile transmissions in the Russian exclave. He said this at a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Russia, Yun Gyn.

“In addition to the benefits that exist in the special economic zone of the Kaliningrad region, we are ready to compensate the costs of 200 million rubles for the construction of the plant transmissions here,” the head of the region said.

The authorities expect that the future plant will work not only for cars that are produced in the region, but also for the needs of the Russian auto industry. According to Alikhanov, this position is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it became known that South Korea offered to build in Kaliningrad plant for the production of transmissions Hyundai.

In Ukraine, supplies of Kazakhstan LPG through Belarus began.

According to the consulting company UEPCO, during the period from May 1 to May 6 from the railway station of Brest, 318 tons of ATSTs produced by the Atyrau refinery were shipped by road. According to the consulting company, the recipients of the resource in Ukraine were OKKO, SOCAR and Atlas Consulting.

The seller of SPBT was the subsidiary structures of the international trader Vitol, registered in Belarus. The company Nefteynka was informed that it shipped liquefied gas to Ukraine, which it had previously purchased at a tender in Kazakhstan. In Vitol they added that they also sell spot volumes of Kazakhstan LPG directly, with delivery to the Ukrainian-Russian border. Let’s note, that earlier import of the Kazakhstan gas through Belarus was not made.


In Dubai, allowed transit passengers to leave the airport without a visa

Dubai authorities allowed transit passengers to leave the airport without a visa, provided that the docking time exceeds four hours, the Arabian Business newspaper reported on Tuesday. For passengers who want to explore the city, special tours will be organized.

In August, the First Tourist Week of Russian regions will be held.

Multinational color of Russia (folk art and music, exhibitions of crafts and national cuisine of the regions, thematic master classes and much more) will be presented on the site.

In Hawaii, they want to ban sunscreens to save corals

According to local scientists, the care of their own health tourists kill marine organisms: the kilograms daily settling in water bleach coral and cause genetic damage

A discount card for tourists appeared in Georgia

The Bank of Georgia announced the introduction of maps for tourists, which will allow visitors from abroad to enjoy discounts when visiting restaurants and various attractions

“Mobile patrols” will appear in the resorts of the Kuban

Specialists will ensure the safety of tourists on the water, tourist and sightseeing routes, in hotels and hotels

Eco-fans wait for falconry and Owl festival

Passengers of “EcoElectrics” are invited to falconry and the Owls festival, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region reports. The events will be held on May 26 and June 2. The owl FEST will be held on May 26 at the Dmitrovka biostation in the Taldom district.

Mallorca banned to rent accommodation to tourists

From July 1, tourists will not be able to rent accommodation in the apartment buildings of the capital of the Balearic Islands – the corresponding ban was taken by the city council of Palma de Mallorca. This measure is designed to withstand the uncontrolled influx of tourists who use the sites for the selection of private housing to find inexpensive apartments.

The ban will not affect private villas or individual houses in which a single family resides, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

Southern part of Solovki will be available to tourists for the first time since June

For the first time new objects will be included in the tourist route: the picturesque Cape of Peak and Cape Berezovy, where the remains of the monastic buildings are preserved. Tour organizers hope that this will attract already experienced tourists to the archipelago.

The Regional Library resumes excursions around Krasnoyarsk

The State Regional Universal Scientific Library resumes pedestrian excursions along the historical center of Krasnoyarsk. The first excursion will be held on May 19, its participants will get acquainted with the sights of Lenin Street

The Saudi authorities will issue visas in one day

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia ordered all visas, including investors and businessmen, to be issued in Saudi consulates abroad for a period not exceeding one working day, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom for consular affairs, Ambassador Tamim ad-Doseri, said.

“The term for the issuance of all visas, including visas for investors and entrepreneurs, in representative offices of the kingdom abroad should not exceed one working day under normal circumstances from the time of filing a passport and completing all required procedures,” said Ad-Doseri.

Oman simplified the rules of entry for Russian tourists

The Sultanate of Oman once again simplified the rules of entry for tourists from Russia: now, to obtain a visa, there is no need to confirm the presence of a sponsor in Oman, the Times of Oman reports with reference to the Royal Oman Police on Monday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are included in the list of countries whose tourists can enter Oman without a local sponsor,” the newspaper quotes the statement of the police responsible for issuing visas.

A large international regatta will be held in Samui

The popular tourist island of Koh Samui has announced one of the most popular events of the summer season – the International Regatta. In the yachting competitions will be attended by about 500 athletes and 40 yachts from 22 countries.

The International Regatta will be held on Samui from May 26 to June 2 at Chaweng Beach.

Until May 14 in Cordoba will be held the Patio Festival

In Cordoba, there is another traditional Patio Festival, during which the residents of old houses decorate their patios with flowers, placing pots with plants – mostly geranium and jasmine – not only on the floor and windowsills, but also on the facades and roofs of buildings. In some places light effects and small waterfalls with fountains go in addition to the colors, which only enhances the visual effect.

Girona is decorated for the upcoming Festival of Flowers

Every year, with the arrival of warm spring days, Girona prepares for one of the most beautiful festivals in the city – the Temps de flors, or the Time of Flowers. This holiday has more than sixty years of history, and every year collects more and more participants from all over the world who come to enjoy this beauty. Dates: May 12-20.


Kristen Stewart showed all the shortcomings of the figure at the festival in Cannes

Without fashionable failures on the red carpet has not been. So, American actress Kristen Stewart chose a long black Chanel dress with open shoulders, a frill and a translucent hem.

“Drunken” dance of Anastasia Volochkova enraged her fans

On her page in Instagram dancer Anastasia Volochkova published a video, in which she dances in her underwear. “Drunken” ballerina dance enraged fans. On Волочковой it is put on a minimum of clothes – боди and shoes on a high heel.

Actress Kirsten Dunst first became a mother

Actress Kirsten Dunst first became a mother and gave birth to her first-born from her 30-year-old lover Jesse Plemons. Solemn replenishment in the family occurred over the weekend. Kirsten Dunst gave birth to the first-born from Jesse Plemons, who is no less than his beloved is happy for the long-awaited child.

Ilon Mask appeared in public with a new girl

Ilon Mask began to meet secretly with the singer Grimes. As the publication of Page Six, their romance began with a joke about artificial intelligence. The head of Tesla and Space X companies appeared with a girl at the charity event Met Gala.

Kirkorov was called a blasphemer for a robe with icons

A new video by Philip Kirkorov in Instagram outraged the faithful. In the video, the pop singer appeared in a dressing-gown with icons. The dissatisfied public called Kirkorov a blasphemer.

Zurab Tsereteli will open a monument to Marina Tsvetaeva in Moscow

Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin March 14, 2018 signed a decree on the installation of the monument. In Moscow, there is a monument to the poetess – he was opened in 2007 in Borisoglebsky Lane, opposite the house where she lived in her youth before emigration. Now the house-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva is located in the building.

The daughter of Alexei Batalov is preparing for a new court for country property

The daughter of Alexei Batalov is preparing to file a new lawsuit for the property. At the end of May last year, the Shcherbinsky court of the city of Moscow submitted a resolution on the demolition of a bath in the dacha section in the DSC “Michurinets”, located in the settlement of Peredelkino. The building was illegally built by a jeweler living in the neighborhood.

Nyusha can no longer hide her pregnancy

At the beginning of last year, after the engagement of the girl with Igor Sivov, rumors began spreading about her pregnancy. Nyusha herself did not say anything about such information. In social networks, the girl continues to publish archival photos showing her flat stomach

Angelina Jolie will make a new biopic

Angelina Jolie told about her new project. Over the film, it will work together with Box of Daylight Productions.

Polina Gagarin was named “Volochkova” for unsuccessfully parted legs

The last published photo of Polina Gagarina did not like many followers. In the photo the singer is imprinted on a tree in an ugly pose. For the extended legs, the actress was compared to the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who often shocked subscribers with unsuccessful and funny poses.

Olga Buzova published a video with her friend

Olga Buzova in a new bed video with a friend made during the “work” in the Seychelles villa, showed how much she was exhausted by constant work. Olga Buzova has repeatedly argued that because of strong employment, she often goes to bed only in the morning, and awakening is given to her very difficult

Drunk Johnny Depp made a fight on the set of the film

Actor Johnny Depp has become a participant in another scandal, reports the publication PageSix. The incident occurred on the set of the film LAbyrinth, where the eccentric actor plays the detective of the Los Angeles police.

Star “House-2” Ivan Barzykov hijacked the car of the former girl

Anita went to rest, and Ivan Barzikov sold the car in her absence. Anita Vyatkina wrote a statement to the police on the ex-lover – scandalous participant of the project “House-2” Ivan Barzikov. According to the girl, during their relationship they bought a very expensive car, but soon quarreled.

The date of the premiere of the third “Sherlock Holmes” with Downey Jr. became known

Studio Warner Bros. announced the official release date for the third film from the series “Sherlock Holmes” with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, Deadline reports. It is planned that the viewer will see the picture on December 25, 2020 – on Catholic Christmas.

Charlize Theron will play in the second part of the “Blasting Blonde”

Charlize Theron told the Watch What Happens Live show that she will take part in the creation of the second part of the spy thriller “Blasting Blonde”. American actor Chris Hemsworth said earlier that Charlize is ideally suited for the role of a spy in a skirt.

The screenwriter “Beauties and monsters” will write a sequel of “Brightness”

Evan Spiliotopoulos, who worked on the pictures “Beauty and the Beast”, “Snow White and the Hunter 2” and “Hercules”, will write a script for the sequel “Brightness” for the stream-service Netflix. David Eyre, who produced the first film, will take the director’s sequel

Bradley Cooper first appeared with Irina Sheik at the Ballroom Institute of Costumes

Supermodel denied rumors of her pregnancy. Irina Sheik, having appeared with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper on the Met Gala – the Ballroom of the Costume Institute, taking place at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, aroused universal admiration: the couple looked simply amazing

Director of the Cannes Film Festival spoke about the reasons for the prohibition of selfies

Program director of the Cannes Film Festival Thierry Fremo has forbidden to do selfie on the red carpet. At an extraordinary press conference, he spoke about the reasons for the decision. Fremo noted that the guests of the event visit him to watch a new movie, and not admire themselves.

The release date of the third part of the film “Sherlock Holmes”

Company Warner Bros. announced the release of the third part of the film “Sherlock Holmes.” This is reported by the publication Deadline.

The role of the famous detective will be again performed by Robert Downey – Jr., and his assistant Dr. Watson will play Jude Law. Information about who will act as the director of the picture, has not yet been disclosed. In the first two parts, this position was occupied by Guy Ritchie.

The film’s premiere is scheduled for December 25, 2020.

On the Net, there were data on the sequel to the movie “Brightness” from Netflix

Many film fans appreciated the film “Brightness” from the entertainment company Netflix, in which Will Smith played a policeman living in a dark fantasy world. Recently, the web has information about who will act as the creators of the sequel of this picture.

Trailer series “13 reasons why”: All the secret becomes clear

The second season of the series “13 reasons why” will become available to Netflix subscribers on May 18

Ewan McGregor will star in a remake of the comedy “The Cow and the Soldier”

Ewan McGregor will star in Mark Forster’s film “The Cow”, a remake of the classic French comedy “The Cow and the Soldiers”. The Moulin Rouge star will reincarnate as an American BBC pilot, who is captured by the Germans during the Second World War.

The final trailer for the sequel to the movie “Mamma Mia” was released

The network has a final dubbed trailer for the musical film “Mamma Mia 2”, starring Amanda Seyfred, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth.


Roskomnadzor unblocked six Google subnets

Roskomnadzor has unblocked six Google subnets that were blocked as part of the execution of the court decision to limit the work of the Telegram messenger

Russian advertisers have learned to deceive Google

Google Inc. acknowledged that advertisers from Russia are deceiving her system of placing contextual advertising. Therefore, the company claims, in the search issue there is advertising of goods and services banned in Russia

Advertisers use methods to bypass the verification of the self-learning AdWords system by specifying the address of the web page displayed in the ad, which by name and content is in no way associated with illegal activities.

The displayed web page addresses were set up so that when going through ads from IP addresses owned by Google, these pages displayed “legal content acceptable”. But from all other IP addresses, the user was redirected to sites that were not permitted by law

Instagram will have music stickers

Popular social network in the near future will release an update, which will introduce music stickers. Users will be able to publish their “stories” by attaching their favorite musical compositions to TechCrunch.

VKontakte added a search by phone number. You can find everyone

Apparently, anonymity in Russia really comes to an end. While the country’s authorities are struggling with encryption of data, blocking Telegram, the social network “VKontakte” decided to add a search to the phone number of any person.

Chinese video network became the leader in downloading in Russia

The Chinese mobile application Kwai, which is aimed at promoting video content, has become the most downloaded in Russia. So, the mobile application took first place in the number of downloads per day in Russia in the ratings of Google Play and the App Store on April 28

In the application Circle Invest appeared support for Montero crypto currency

It is worth noting that a week before the addition of Monero in the application Circle Invest, there was another currency ZCash. Now through the application you can work with bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, ZCash and Monero

Twitter will show messages with encryption

In the popular microblogging service, it will be possible to send encrypted messages, transmits TechCrunch. This became known after studying the APK-file of the new version of the application for Android, where experts found a hint of this function.

Microsoft announced a blocking application for Azure

The announced application was called Azure Blockchain Workbench. The Workbench program offers scaffolding for an end-to-end blocking application and is installed very quickly on media, this happens, according to developers, in just two clicks

In WhatsApp you can now play video from Instagram and Facebook

Earlier it was reported that in the application there will be group video calls. It is also known that the company is testing the integration of Instagram’s “stories” into an instant messenger, such an opportunity already exists in “Facebook”

Hackers turned off Canon’s security cameras all over Japan

More than 60 security cameras from Canon have been hacked and proved to be unsuitable for use, in particular in key seaports, the fish market and the medical center for people with disabilities, according to the Kyodo News

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