18 Mar, 2019

Trump accused Google of helping the Chinese army

Google is “helping China and its military, but not the US.” About this in his Twitter wrote the American leader Donald Trump. The good news, according to the president of the United States, is that Google helped “rogue Hillary Clinton” (she was Trump’s rival in the 2016 elections).

Google helps China and their army, but not the United States. Awful But the good news is that they were helping dishonest Hillary Clinton, not Trump. And what came of it? – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

On March 14, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, Joseph Dunford, at a meeting in the Senate, said that Google’s work in China “indirectly benefits the Chinese military.” He noted that Washington is “observing with great concern” the work of industry partners in this country.

Briefly about the main thing …

US media predicted US bankruptcy due to military spending

The author of the publication CounterPunch claims that the ever-increasing costs of the army are turning the US into bankrupt, and the government and officials are constantly deceiving the population, demanding more and more funding for military needs.

Uralvagonzavod decided to supply products to Syria

Uralvagonzavod began promoting its road-building equipment and moving trains to Syria. This in an interview with RBC, said the Director General of the UVZ Alexander Potapov

Japan will develop a rocket with a range of 400 km

The Ministry of Defense of Japan intends to create a cruise missile, the range of which will be 400 kilometers. This is planned to be done so that the fighters of the Japanese Air Force can attack the enemy regardless of the range of his air defense systems.

IMF has blocked Ukraine transfer 500 million euros

Ukraine will not receive the second tranche of macro-financial assistance from the European Union of € 500 million, Vesti.Ru reports. It clarifies that the IMF has so far blocked this transfer. The EU is currently working on an assessment mission from the EU, which makes its conclusions.

The Russian Embassy called the Nazi procession in Riga a disgrace

The Russian Embassy in Latvia condemned the march on the occasion of an unofficial day of commemoration of the Latvian Legion Waffen SS in the center of Riga, which took place on Saturday, March 16.

Journalists have compared pensions of former presidents

According to the newspaper Argumenty i Fakty, British ex-premier Tony Blair receives $ 633,000 a year (3.4 million rubles a month). In this case, most of these funds go to the protection. For the former leaders of Germany they pay € 233 thousand (1.4 million rubles per month), Italy – € 100 thousand (610 thousand rubles per month), Finland – € 130 thousand (794 thousand rubles per month). The pension of the former US President Barack Obama is $ 17 thousand per month (1.1 million rubles), and the pension of George W. Bush – the youngest – $ 16 thousand (1 million rubles). The smallest pension came from the ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak – he gets only $ 339 a month (22 thousand rubles), the former Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze received only $ 410 (26.5 thousand rubles) during his lifetime. In February, the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk complained about a small pension, calling it a “disgrace”. He noted that he receives a pension of 18 thousand hryvnia (about 43 thousand rubles).

The Pentagon intends to acquire 10 thousand missiles against Russia and China

The US Department of Defense plans to purchase more than 10,000 guided missiles in the future to be able to strike at Russia and China. According to the Task and Purpose website, the agency proposes to include in the state budget for fiscal year 2020 expenditures in the amount of about $ 1.4 billion for 10,193 guided missiles of the earth-to-ground class of a multiple launch rocket system

Residents of Venezuela supported the change of power in the country

Venezuelan company Meganálisis, which is engaged in the study of public opinion, published the results of a survey of residents of the country, from which it follows that 88.9% of Venezuelans would like Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to leave his post.

Guaydo warned of an international response in case of his arrest

Guaydo warned that international allies had expressed his full support and promised to give an unprecedented response in case of detention. “These actions would be very convincing,” added Guaydo.

Under the Chelyabinsk create a second squadron of Su-34 bombers

As part of an aviation regiment stationed in the territory of the Chelyabinsk Region, the second squadron of Su-34 multifunctional fighter-bomber will be created. It will be formed before the end of 2019

Su-57 fighter will receive a fifth-generation plasma engine

The chief designer of the Lyulka Design Bureau named after Yulia Yevgeny Marchukov told journalists that the newest front-line fighter in Russia, the Su-57, will be equipped with a plasma engine, the Tsargrad TV channel reports. This is a fifth-generation engine, codenamed “Product 30”, which was created taking into account domestic and foreign experience. According to the designer, it will be installed on the aircraft by 2020. New power plants will be more powerful and cheaper than the previous ones. Motor traction is 10 times higher than its own weight ….

Macron accused the French protestors in an attempt to destroy the republic

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the protests of the “yellow vests”, calling their participants people who want to destroy the republic.

What happened today on the Champs Elysées is no longer called manifestation. These are people who want to destroy the republic. All those who were there are involved in this … I want us to make strong decisions as soon as possible so that this does not happen again. – Emmanuel Macron, French politician

United States sent F-117 stealth aircraft to Syria to deceive C-400

In the sky over Syria, the F-117 stealth planes were recorded, which were written off by the United States about 10 years ago. The exact reason for their appearance in SAR is unknown.

“Uralvagonzavod” intends to develop an unmanned tank

The Russian T-90MS tank developed by the Uralvagonzavod corporation can become fully robotized. This was announced by the company’s general director Alexander Potapov in an interview with RBC

In India, said the emergency situation at a nuclear facility in Pakistan

From the material: Satellite imagery makes it possible to say that an emergency situation could have occurred at the nuclear weapons site in Khuzdar as a result of Pakistan’s attempts to bring its nuclear arsenal into increased combat readiness.

Russian-made Pantsir-S1 spotted in Ethiopia

At the disposal of the armed forces of Ethiopia appeared anti-aircraft missile-gun systems “Pantsir-S1”. One of the complexes took over duty in the area of ​​the Hidase hydroelectric station under construction on the Blue Nile River. In the same place, the Ethiopian army deployed other Soviet and Russian-made air defense systems. The Russian military equipment was filmed by the Ethiopian television channel ETV. The video is actively sold online.

Maduro announced the start of military exercises in Venezuela

In his Twitter profile, the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro announced the organization of complex military maneuvers “Ana Carina Rote” aimed at protecting the country’s strategic services. As Maduro wrote, the Venezuelan authorities will not allow “the enemies of the motherland to once again steal the calm of the heroic Venezuelan people,” RIA Novosti reports. It is emphasized that the purpose of the exercise is to protect national electricity and water supply systems against a blackout background that lasted for several days.

Unknowns poured paint over the walls of the Ministry of Economy and Development of Greece

According to Sky TV, a group of five people approached the building of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development of Greece at night and doused the front door with paint and then the walls, and then broke one glass. After that, they fled the scene.

Shinzo Abe announces plans to reform Japan’s self-defense forces

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he plans to develop and improve the effectiveness of national self-defense forces against the background of deteriorating security in the region.

In the children’s museum cleaned things Michael Jackson in the US

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum in the United States has removed three items from the collection of pop singer Michael Jackson. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. As noted, this decision is associated with the scandalous documentary film “Leaving Neverland”, in which the star is accused of pedophilia. According to the director of the museum, he wants the exhibits to tell about people with high principles.

One meter long highway

Romanian businessman Stefan Mandachi built a one-meter-long motorway in Suceava to draw the attention of the authorities to a poorly developed infrastructure.

The girl was poisoned by fellow villagers for a letter to Putin

Tasia Perchikova and her mother Elena moved last year to the village of Tomsino. Mother tripled to work, and the girl attended school in a nearby village, due to the fact that in their village the only institution was closed. Secretly from Mom, Tasia decided to write a letter to President Putin, where she complained about problems in their village and asked for help for her mother, who had to work in two shifts, and after being on duty in intensive care, receiving no more than 12 thousand rubles for her work.

“Mom has a very good job, but the salary is very small and not enough for existence. I love my mom very much. Please give her a walker and a mini-tractor. It is hard for her, ”wrote Taisia.

However, the letter did not reach the president. In January, a letter came from the Social Security Committee of the Pskov Region, which stated that it was not possible to help the family

After publication on the Radio Liberty website, officials from the Pskov Region said they nevertheless intend to offer Perchikova to sign a social contract for the purchase of a mini-tractor.

A rally against the optimization of health care was held in Okulovka

In Okulovka (Novgorod region), a rally against the optimization of health care agreed by the authorities was held, our correspondent reports from the scene. According to various estimates, 200-250 * people, including residents of Borovichi, Moshensky districts and Novgorod, took part in the action.

Not price lists, but recommended donations

The ROC has condemned the establishment of price lists for baptism, weddings, or other rites, reports Interfax. Meanwhile, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church explained that there are recommended donations in the church. But their sum is called only after the person himself expresses a desire to make a donation. Russian believers were urged to report on the introduction of fees. To do this, you must write a letter in the name of the manager of the affairs of the patriarchate or in the name of the patriarch himself.

In Rostov, a rally against garbage reform

On March 16, in Rostov, on the avenue of the 40th anniversary of Victory, a rally was held against garbage reform; the Rostovites demanded that the reform be stopped and those officials who invented it should be dismissed, writes Privet-Rostov.ru.

British Thomas Cook is preparing to buy a tour operator “Biblio-Globus”

Thomas Cook is a British travel company. In Russia, she owns the tour operator Intourist, which was fully bought out of AFK Sistema in 2018. Biblio-Globus, founded in the mid-90s by Alexander Tugolukov, is one of the largest tour operators in Russia.

Central Bank of Russia began testing a prototype of the registry of collateral

The Bank of Russia has developed a prototype of the collateral registry, on the basis of which testing the technical aspects of the system will be analyzed, the regulator said in response to bankers’ questions.

In Kazakhstan, gasoline is 1.5 times cheaper than Russian

Not so long ago, the media and social networks discussed an unpleasant fact: the prices of products in Russia were almost equal to the German ones. This is despite the fact that the average salary in Germany is several times higher than the Russian one.

“But what about the FRG, it is far!” No less marvelous comparisons are found literally under his nose, ”writes analyst Andrei Nalgin in LiveJournal.

For example, a resident of Russia went to Kazakhstan on his car. And I saw the price of gasoline at a gas station the same Gazpromneft, as in Russia. 1 liter of AI-92 from the Kazakhs is – in terms of the exchange rate – about 26 rubles. In Russia – a little more than 40 rubles. The price of raw materials is about the same. The costs of processing and distribution are essentially equal – the company is the same. But the price tags at the gas station differ by more than 1.5 times!

Central Bank: Russian banks in 2018 reduced the number of units

The Central Bank notes a decline in recent years, bank service offices and ATMs: in 2018, the number of units decreased by 10.9%, and ATMs – by 5.5%. This is stated in the materials of the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergei Shvetsov, prepared for the meeting of the Central Bank management with bankers in the boarding house Bor.

Established new payout rules

The Ministry of Labor has explained the mechanism for paying vacation pay to workers, reports PRIMPRESS with reference to the magazine Salary. As stated in the letter of department No. 14-1 / OOG-7157, vacation pay must be paid to the employee no less than three calendar days before his departure for a well-deserved rest.

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