25 Mar, 2018

Trump agreed to send Russian diplomats

US President Donald Trump agreed with the recommendation of his advisers who spoke in favor of expelling some Russian diplomats from the country in response to the poisoning in Britain of ex-GRU employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter, reports Bloomberg on Saturday, citing two acquaintances with the source situation .

The report indicates that it may be about deporting “dozens of Russian diplomats from the United States.”

“Trump agreed with the recommendations of his advisers.” The expulsion is likely to be announced on Monday, “Bloomberg reports. In this case, the sources emphasize that Trump can still reconsider this decision.

According to agency sources, Trump is ready to take such measures, but wants to be sure that his European allies will also take similar measures against Russia.

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Media learned about the plans of 20 European countries to send Russian diplomats

The United States and up to 20 European countries are preparing to expel Russian diplomats because of accusations of Russian authorities in involvement in the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia

New adviser Trump will dismiss disloyal employees, write media

New adviser to US President Donald Tramp on national security John Bolton plans to conduct large-scale personnel cleansing in the American National Security Council, in particular, to dismiss officials disloyal to the head of state, Foreign Policy reported citing sources.

Court in Kiev arrested Savchenko for two months

A deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Nadezhda Savchenko, was arrested in Kiev for two months.

Take Savchenko in custody in the courtroom. The term of the Sauchenko detention warrant is set for 59 days, until May 20. – Yevgeny Sidorov, essayist

Klitschko thought about the participation in the presidential elections in Ukraine

The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, did not rule out participation in the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019, informs Ukrinform news agency. However, the mayor said that first he needs to fulfill the promises given to the inhabitants of Kiev.

You’re talking about presidential elections next year … I think. But I would like to finish everything I promised the people of Kiev. – Vitali Klitschko, Ukrainian politician

Survey: almost 85% of Serbian citizens do not support joining NATO

84% of the population of the country are against the entry of Serbia into NATO. This is evidenced by the survey data of the Institute for European Affairs. As noted, for the membership of Serbia in the North Atlantic Alliance expressed 10% of respondents, another 6% of respondents found it difficult to answer.

The Verkhovna Rada was told about the conditions for Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Non-factional People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Viktor Chumak said that Ukraine will join NATO if new standards of relations develop between the country and the North Atlantic alliance, NewsOne reports.

The Spanish court decided to issue an international warrant for the arrest of Puigdemon

The Supreme Court of Spain has decided to issue an international arrest warrant for the former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemon, who fled to Belgium, and a number of his associates. This is reported by those who also hide from justice. This was reported by the newspaper El Pais

Tumblr deleted more than 80 “associated with” accounts

The American social network Tumblr has removed 84 accounts associated with the Russian government and the “disinformation” campaign in the US presidential election in 2016. This is stated in a statement Tumblr. “We deleted all accounts and informed law enforcement agencies,” it was informed.

The British court issued a warrant to search the offices of Cambridge Analytica

The British court issued a warrant for a search in London offices of the company Cambridge Analytica, which is suspected of illegally using user data about 50 million accounts in Facebook for the needs of the election campaign of Donald Trump, said on Friday the BBC

China declared its readiness to defend its interests in the sphere of trade

Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC, chief economic adviser to the PRC Chairman Liu He in a telephone conversation with US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said that Beijing is fully prepared and has all the opportunities to protect its national interests in the trade sector, reports China Central Television.

Former US President Carter volunteered to help Trump in negotiations with the DPRK

Former US President Jimmy Carter in an interview with CBS said that he would like to help the current American leader Donald Trump in the negotiations with North Korea.

I am ready to help Trump in North Korea. As president of the United States, I spent about 20 hours negotiating with the top leadership of North Korea. And I understand what they want and what they need. – Jimmy Carter, American politician

Trump signed the US federal budget for 2018

US President Donald Trump on Friday said he had signed a draft federal budget of $ 1.3 trillion for the remainder of the fiscal year 2018 (ending September 30), despite having criticized this document a few hours before and threatened a veto.

In connection with the fact that this is a matter of national security, I signed this draft law on the budget. But I told Congress that I would not sign such a bill again. I will not do it again. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

The US Finance Ministry has extended sanctions against Iranian citizens

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on 10 Iranian citizens for involvement in cyberattacks.

In Serbia they remember the victims of the bombing of NATO

The Russian ambassador in Belgrade, Alexander Chepurin, took part in a ceremony commemorating the victims of Serbian bombings by NATO forces in 1999. Memorable events were held on 24 March in the town of Aleksinac, which suffered greatly from the bombings in April and May 1999

Activist threatened with blockade of the Crimean bridge

“Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people” * intends to “do everything” to impede the movement of traffic along the Crimean bridge, said one of the leaders of the organization, the initiator of the blockade of the peninsula Lenur Islyamov.

If Ukraine can not stop this movement, at least it is necessary to fix all the transport that moves from Russia to the occupied Crimea. Fix all people. By name. And to impose sanctions wherever they move. – Lenur Islyamov

Russia will require London to disclose a program to develop chemical weapons

The diplomatic mission noted that Russia will now demand that London open a program for the production of chemical weapons. Earlier Aitkenhead stated about the strictest control measures in the laboratory in Porton Down, thanks to which nothing can “leak out of the four walls of the object.”

For the first time in the history of Italy, the Senate was headed by a woman

Members of the Italian Senate on Saturday elected their candidate for the right-wing party “Forward, Italy” Maria Elizabetta Casellati, the Roman media reported. She won in the third round of voting.

Peskov: Putin will not allow to stand up for the red lines of Russia’s interests

Russia’s foreign policy remains consistent and constructive, and President Vladimir Putin will not allow anyone to stand up for the red lines of the country’s national interests, spokesman for the head of state Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.

Everyone also knows that our president will not allow anyone to stand up for the red lines of Russia’s national interests. And in this, too, the absolute dominant support of Russians is felt, which united around their leader. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman


Russians will be able to pay for utility services without management companies

In the final reading, State Duma deputies passed a law according to which the owners of housing can directly enter into contracts for housing and communal services with resource-supplying organizations. The management company is withdrawn from this chain, the contact goes directly with the end user.

It is a direct contract. From this chain the managing organization is displayed, and the contact with the end user is directly connected. At us gas supply, electrosupply for a long time across all country work under this scheme, and, other things being equal, at them higher collectibility. – Galina Khovanskaya, Russian statesman

In the American city they argue about the installation of a monument to Soviet pilots

The authorities of the American city of Elizabeth City (North Carolina) can not decide whether to put a monument to Soviet pilots who died in the distillation of amphibious aircraft from the United States to the USSR. This was told on Saturday, March 25, in the materials of the newspaper Associated Press (AP).

Donald Trump restricted transgenders in the right to serve in the army

Transgenders were given the right to serve in the US Armed Forces under Barack Obama, June 30, 2016. In August 2017, Donald Trump restored the predecessor’s ban on the service of transgender people in the army.

The Netherlands published a book about fake news

A new book titled “The Explosion of Fake News” was published in the Netherlands. The presentation of the publication took place on Friday evening in The Hague in the journalistic center Nieuwspoort

In the US, teachers were given buckets of stones to protect them from shooters

In the US state of Pennsylvania, teachers of the Blue Mountain school district were given buckets of stones to confront possible armed intruders.

Poltavchenko announced plans for St. Petersburg to fight for two Olympics

“Given the plans of St. Petersburg for a possible nomination as a candidate city for the holding of the Summer Olympic Games in 2032 or 2036, I consider it necessary to preserve this territorial resource for placing facilities that can host competitions of this level,” the governor said in a response.

The court refused to accept the collective claim of Telegram users to the FSB

Meshchansky Court of Moscow did not accept the collective lawsuit filed by users of the Telegram messenger to the FSB because of the requirement to provide information that allows decoding users’ correspondence. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the press secretary of the court Julia Bocharova.

Insurers of Russia do not plan to raise prices for insurance in Egypt

Insurance conditions and prices for policies for Russians who plan to travel to Egypt after the resumption of air services between Cairo and Moscow in April are likely to remain unchanged. This was stated by experts of leading Russian insurance companies.

The Central Bank predicts a rise in prices for cigarettes in 2018 by 3.6 rubles per pack

A pack of cigarettes in 2018, on average, will rise by 3.6 rubles, according to a report on monetary policy of the Central Bank

The prices for gasoline in Russia will grow up

The Bank of Russia does not exclude that in the current year gasoline prices in the country can grow by 5.3%, subject to the full transfer of the increase in excises at retail. This was reported by the website of “Gazety.ru” referring to the report of the regulator.

The Central Bank noted that in 2018 the process of excise tax increase is planned in two stages – from January 1 and June 1.

In general, for the year excises on motor gasoline will increase by an average of 17%, which will lead to an increase in prices for 1 liter of gasoline by 2 rubles. 7 kopecks. The increase in the excise tax on diesel fuel will be 11.4%, which will cause an increase in the price per 1 liter of diesel fuel by 76 kopecks – a report.

Meanwhile, in Russia, excises for fifth-class gasoline and diesel fuel have risen by 50 cents per liter since the first day of 2018. Corresponding amendments to the Tax Code entered into force on 1 January.

At the same time, Russian fuel stations can begin to assign special stars of “quality”. Evaluate the five-star scale will be both the characteristics of gasoline, and additional services and amenities: the availability of cafes, toilets and technical services.

About 150 thousand people went to New York to march against arms

About 150 thousand people took to the streets of New York for a rally against the sale of weapons in the United States. This was reported in his Twitter Mayor Bill De Blasio, who also participates in the procession.

Ministry of Culture reported on the growth of salaries of workers in the sphere of culture

The average salary of cultural workers in federal institutions has increased threefold between 2011 and 2017. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Culture on the eve of Day of the worker of culture

Yashin accused the media of harassing his grandmother because of the upcoming mayoral election

Opposition politician Ilya Yashin accused a number of media of harassing his grandmother because of the upcoming mayoral elections. On his Facebook page, he stated that “the customers of this meanness are in the Moscow City Hall”

In Mallorca, fines for tourists more than doubled

The authorities of the resort region of Calvia on the Spanish island of Mallorca made a list of the most frequent violations of tourists and raised fines for them from two to four times, reports ATOR

So, for antisocial behavior in 2016 it was necessary to pay 250 euros, now – 400 euros.

In the list of the 16 most common violations, there are often points related to alcohol consumption: in public places, with discomfort to others and loss of self-worth. Penalty for any such violation is 520 euros.

In Buguruslan, the administration illegally overstated the tariff for capital repairs

The supervisory authority received a collective appeal from tenants of apartment buildings located on Prigorodnaya Street and Promyslova Street in Buguruslan. Citizens complained about an unreasonable increase in the tariff for capital repairs. The amount of payment was increased three-fold.

In Kaluga, the priest consecrated the military unit

According to the Kaluga diocese, priest Priest Sergius Denisov consecrated living rooms and classrooms.

“Together with them, sergeants and enlisted men were prayed and helped. Father Sergius after the end of prayers blessed the soldiers and gave them spiritual instruction, “the message says.

Experts proposed to make the healthcare system free from the market

The president of the “League of Patients” Alexander Saversky said that it is necessary to take measures to reduce market regulation in public health systems, replacing it with a planned administrative one. He sent an official letter to WHO, which justifies the need for a global review of approaches to the organization of health systems.

“The recent trend has clearly shown that the business is too burdensome for citizens and states, the price of medical services is a barrier to getting help,” the letter says. “And since, in general, health has no price, bringing it to the market , as a commodity, causes enormous damage to economies, spinning the value of value into a spiral. “

A patient who needs medical care is not an ordinary “consumer” who can independently assess the quality of the services needed and decide whether to take advantage of them or refuse them.

Vologda residents actively podszhivayutsya on a credit needle

Vologda actively take loans for various needs. About 3.3 billion rubles of loans were issued by Sberbank in the Vologda region, the press service of the Vologda branch of the Savings Bank.

Russia and China opened a copyright protection center in Beijing

The Russian-Chinese Center for Intellectual Property began operating in Beijing, the capital of China. Its goal is to establish cooperation between countries in the field of protection of rights for advanced scientific, technical, industrial and other developments


Ukraine was going to export gas

Ukraine intends to become an exporter of gas in 2020. After that, the country will be able to independently form a price for energy and reduce its cost, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said. This is reported by the “Ukrainian Truth”.

“We need to stop importing gas. We have concentrated on the program to increase the extraction of Ukrainian gas, “the prime minister said, adding that in 2017 Ukrgazvydobuv already has increased gas production by 700 million cubic meters.

Alekperov announced the withdrawal from the management of the company

For the current shareholders of LUKOIL “the time is right” when it will be necessary to depart from the management of the company. This was during a speech at the investor’s Day company in London, said the head of LUKoil Vagit Alekperov, the correspondent of RBC.

Who will be the successor? In a timely manner, you will learn about it, I think about that person who could replace me. These will not be my close relatives. – Vagit Alekperov Kommersant

Bank of America will pay $ 42 million to the state of New York

The financial conglomerate of Bank of America agreed to pay $ 42 million to the New York State authorities in exchange for the termination of an investigation initiated in connection with the revealed violations committed by the bank during electronic trading. This was reported on Friday by the agency Bloomberg

Minvostokrazvitiya proposes to include Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the zone of WSS

The RF Ministry for Far East Development will propose extending the preferential business regime in the Free Port of Vladivostok (SPV) to Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Khabarovsk Territory, the press service of the Minsk region informs.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation removed from the Criminal Code of the function of the temporary administration of Binbank

The Bank of Russia withdrew from the management company of the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCCC) the functions of the temporary administration in Binbank in connection with the formation of the bank’s management bodies. This is stated in the order of the regulator signed by the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin.

Russia and Germany discussed cooperation in energy efficiency and gas projects

Roman Marshavin, the head of the department of international cooperation of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, discussed energy cooperation between Russia and Germany with his colleague, the head of the department of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of Germany, Ulrich Benturbush.

“Hole” in the capital of the bank “Yugra” has grown to 143 billion rubles

The “hole” in the capital (the negative difference between assets and liabilities) of the bank that lost its license, Ugra, grew to 143 billion rubles based on the results of the survey, it follows from the CBR response to the request of the State Duma deputies available to Interfax,

The Ministry of Finance decided to risk the reserves of Russia

The Ministry of Finance intends to invest the National Wealth Fund (NWF) in risky assets with a higher yield, writes Bloomberg. Interest in similar investments from Russia arose against the background of an increase in its reserves due to additional oil and gas revenues.

The monetary base in Russia increased from March 7 to March 16 by 51.4 billion rubles

The volume of the monetary base in the narrow definition in Russia as of March 16 amounted to 9 trillion 682.3 billion rubles, the Bank of Russia’s press service reported. As of March 7, the monetary base in Russia was 9 trillion 630.9 billion rubles.

MKB attracted from Western banks a syndicated loan for $ 400 million

The funds will be received from major lenders from ten countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia for a period of 1 year with the possibility of prolongation for another year. The organizers and bookrunners were Commerzbank, ING and Rosbank.

In 2018, the welfare of Russians will grow for the first time after the crisis

Incomes of Russians in 2018 in nominal terms can grow by 9%, in real terms – by 6%, amounting to 60 trillion rubles. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the macro forecast of the Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ukraine plans to become a transit country for Romanian gas to Eastern Europe

Ukraine is going to become a transit country for Romanian gas to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe after the contract for gas transit between Gazprom and Naftogaz expires, the press service of Ukrtransgaz, the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS), reports.

Depositors took from the Latvian banks € 365 million for a week

According to the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK) of Latvia, during the week, depositors collected deposits of € 365 million from Latvian banks.

Belarusian liberalization does not get off the credit needles of the European Union

As the Belarusian authorities are accustomed to not get off the credit needle, getting involved in new debts, so the liberalization of the Belarusian economy can not take place without foreign participation, especially without active lending support from European “partners”

Since the beginning of the year, the amount of money in the hands of Kyrgyz people has been decreasing

Since the beginning of 2018, the volume of funds in circulation among Kyrgyz citizens has been decreasing, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic reports. Money in circulation is the population’s funds, taking into account the balances of funds in the cash departments of credit institutions.

Central Bank: mortgage rates will remain above 6-7%

The growth of mortgage loans contributes to reducing inflation, on this background, long loans are becoming more attractive, she added. On Friday, the Bank of Russia lowered the key rate to 7.25%.

Mortgage is growing at a good pace. We are interested in that we have a high-quality mortgage, so our regulation is adjusted and will be adjusted further to ensure that the quality mortgage has grown and people have taken out mortgages, realizing that they can serve them. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian statesman

Bosov offered Rosprirodnadzor a world dispute over 1 billion rubles

Bosov asked for a discount Arctic Mining Company (AGK, part of VostokUgol Dmitry Bosov and Alexander Isayev) suggested that Rosprirodnadzor conclude an amicable agreement, reducing the fine almost twice, from 954 million rubles. up to 429.1 million rubles. This is stated in a letter of the company’s general director Vadim Bugayev, sent on March 13 to the head of Rosprirodnadzor Artem Sidorov (a copy is from RBC).

Russia proposed Japan to create a “green corridor” for pharmacists

Moscow suggested that Tokyo create a “green corridor” for companies involved in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets before the meeting with the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan Hiroshige Seko, TASS reported.

For a week, Facebook’s capitalization fell by $ 58 billion

Capitalization of Facebook for a week fell by $ 58 billion. The cost of one share of the company in the US stock market fell from $ 177 and 1 cents on Monday to $ 159 and 39 cents for Friday’s close, reports Reuters. Experts do not exclude further decline in the value of Facebook shares – up to $ 152.

American crypto investors were reminded of taxes

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) decided to remind citizens of the need to report back to the state. According to CoinDesk, in accordance with US law, crypto-currency transactions are taxed and therefore must be listed in declarations.

Ebralidze sells Taleon Imperial Hotel for 20 billion rubles. in the Internet

The owner confirmed to Fontanka his intention to sell Taleon. Buy 24 thousand square meters on Nevsky Prospekt, 15, is proposed for 20.8 billion rubles


FAS has opened a cartel of food suppliers for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The conspiracy was identified between the companies LLC “Khleb” and LLC “Etalon”. Anticompetitive agreement they concluded and implemented from May to August 2016, participating in the auction for the supply of food for PKU “North Caucasus District Administration of Material and Technical Supply of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.”

The British flight has compelled to sit down in Canada because of aviadoboshire

The plane of the British airline Thomas Cook Airlines, carrying out the flight Manchester – Las Vegas (USA), made an emergency landing in Canadian Winnipeg because of the airbuses. This is reported by the CTV channel. As soon as the plane landed, five passengers were detained and taken out of the plane in handcuffs

When a fire in a children’s hospital in Krasnodar evacuated 150 people

Because of the flare-up fire in the regional clinical hospital in Krasnodar, 150 patients and employees of the institution were evacuated. This was reported by the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

In Iraq, eight policemen died, having ambushed the IG

In Iraq, at least eight people died in an ambush set up by militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” *. This is reported by Anadolu agency referring to law enforcement officers of Diyala province.

In a skirmish with the police in Rio de Janeiro killed seven people

Victims of a skirmish with the police in one of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro were no less than seven people, police said.

The self-made apparatus caused a fire on Khabarovskaya street in Moscow

“The cause of the fire was the outbreak of alcohol-containing products,” the department said. The TASS source in the emergency services added that the homeowner had exploded in the apartment. This cotton was taken by residents of the house for a gas explosion, the agency’s interlocutor noted.

In Germany, before the flight was detained drunk pilot

In Stuttgart before the flight was detained the second pilot in a state of intoxication, Welt reports. According to the police, the pilot was detained by an airport employee.

A strong explosion occurred in Alexandria

The attack was directed against a motorcade of one of the local security chiefs. The explosion occurred near the hotel Tolip, said Al Jazeera

In the United States, volunteer firefighters died in an accident on the road to a call

A truck with volunteer firefighters in the state of West Virginia, who went to the challenge, himself was in an accident that killed two people, the local newspaper West Virginia Metro News writes.


Lolita told about getting into the clinic after divorce from Tsekalo

Lolita Milyavskaya became the next guest of the television program “Hello, Andrew!”, Which is on the TV channel “Russia-1”. On the air of this TV program the singer told that after divorce with Alexander Tsekalo she had health problems, reports StarHit

Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya told about the disappeared real estate of Dzhigarkhanyan

The former wife of the People’s Artist of the USSR Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya told about the real estate actor. She denied the allegations of fraud and said that all transactions were made with the consent of the ex-spouse.

Actress Irina Rozanova became completely unrecognizable after Botox

Famous domestic actress Irina Rozanova became after Botox completely unrecognizable

Vasilieva and her son saved Dobronravov from death

Tatyana Vasilyeva, who worked with Fedor Dobronravov, noticed signs of a stroke from a colleague still on stage. Thanks to the vigilance of the star, the actor managed to avoid death. Dobronravov demonstrated real talent and patience, making sure that the audience did not pay attention to his dangling hand.

Olga Buzova told how she washed floors for 50 rubles

Native school No. 631 in St. Petersburg Buzova graduated with a silver medal. As her former classmates recall, already at school Olya began to brightly show off and throw herself dressy: Buzova mowed under the then gaining popularity of Britney Spears

In the Maldives, Yana Rudkovskaya danced lezginka in skates

In turn, Rudkovskaya interceded for her husband in an unusual way. The girl danced lezginka in skates on a plastic skating rink, which her husband discovered in the Maldives, and signed the corresponding video recording with the words that “she is not weak”.

Lena Temnikova convicted Olga Seryabkina of hypocrisy

The singer could not reconcile with her ex-girlfriend. After the revelations of Olga Seryabkina about how hard it was for her to leave the group, Temnikova tried to talk with her ex-colleague. But the soloist SEREBRO did not even greet her.

The aged Natasha Koroleva pities the fans

Some attentive users noted that the singer has aged. One of the subscribers called the singer a panda for dark circles around the eyes and suggested that Natalia was not lucky with her husband. The Queen aroused pity from many fans.

Anastasia Kostenko criticized for his inability to do advertising in social networks

Recently, the pregnant wife of Dmitry Tarasova, Anastasia Kostenko, is increasingly advertising in her microblogging, thereby earning money in the family budget. And recently the model was criticized for its inability to adequately present the goods in Instagram.

Photos of the first tour The Beatles sold for $ 357 thousand

A collection of more than 350 unreleased photos from the band’s early tour of the band The Beatles was sold for 253 thousand pounds (357 thousand dollars) at the Omega auction in the UK.

Rod Stewart called Elton John’s farewell tour “not rock’n’roll”

British musician Rod Stewart criticized his colleague at the workshop of Elton John after he announced the end of the tour tours. This, according to Stewart, looks like an attempt to sell more tickets and contradicts the traditions of rock and roll, the Russian service of the BBC reports.

Rapper Pharaoh published the track “The Ties of Moba”

A week after the release of the song “The Assassin,” the rap singer Pharaoh published a new track “Moby’s Tie” on social networks and on YouTube video sharing. The composition will be included in the “Red Yum: Redflix Serie”. Web users are actively discussing the track “Moba’s Tie” from the Pharaoh

Steven Spielberg: “Netflix movies should not qualify for an Oscar”

Recall that Spielberg’s films regularly claim the most prestigious professional awards, including the American Academy Award.

“Black Panther” became the highest grossing film about superheroes in history

The film by Marvel “Black Panther” about the adventures of the eponymous superhero gathered at the box office $ 624 million, which allowed him to become the highest-grossing superhero film in the history of cinema. This is reported by Rolling Stone

Spice Girls will voice superheroines

Pop group Spice Girls will take part in creating an animation tape about superheroes. This is reported by the portal Variety. The film will be dedicated to the adventures of superheroes, voices and images that will give the participants of the group.

The Cannes festival banned a selfie on the red carpet

Director of the Cannes Festival Thierry Fremo ordered to ban the Selfie on the red carpet and cancel the morning press screenings before the evening premiere of the contest pictures, the newspaper Variety reports. The possibility of such a ban was started several years ago.

Film Festival in Dublin opened a film by a Russian producer about the Great Irish Famine

The dramatic thriller “Black 47th” by Russian producer Arkady Golubovich, which tells of the Great Famine, in the middle of the XIX century, took away several million lives of the inhabitants of the Green Island, became a film for the opening of the Dublin Film Festival

Nikolai Baskov accused Ozzy Osbourne of plagiarism

“Golden Voice of Russia” Nikolai Baskov accused British rock musician Ozzy Osbourne of stealing the idea of a promo poster. About this, Nicholas told in his address to Ozzy. As Nikolay states, the idea of a poster was born to him a year ago and was realized in reality.


Created obedient slippers and robots barista

Traveling in Japan, tourists in one of the local hotels saw “obedient slippers.” After one press of the button, they return to their place. In the bar of customers served by barista robots

Viber will not comply with the requirement of the FSB to decrypt user messages

The popular Viber messenger, as stated by the representatives of the parent company, will not be able to fulfill the requirements for deciphering the messages envisaged by the “Yarovoy package”.

The virus in the service YouTube steals logins and passwords of all users

Today, on March 24, 2018, Doctor Web announced the discovery of a dangerous virus that steals personal data of all users – logins, passwords and others. Attackers use YouTube’s flaws to infect Windows-based computers with dangerous malware

Experts pointed out the downsides of Google AdWords

Experts pointed out the disadvantages of updating the Google AdWords contextual advertising service. The full version of this will be implemented and available for all before the summer of 2018, however, according to experts, users can experience disappointment from it, according to VladTime.

Ilon Mask removed the pages of SpaceX and Tesla from Facebook

American billionaire Ilon Mask removed pages of companies SpaceX and Tesla from Facebook, reports Reuters. This happened on the eve, after the entrepreneur communicated with his subscribers on Twitter. He was called to join the boycott of Facebook and delete the SpaceX page

Drivers of Yandex. Taxi »will be authorized by voice

The application called “Taximeter” defines the driver by face and voice, the developers report.

The vacancy of “overseer for robots” appeared on the labor market

The official title of the new profession has not yet appeared. While specialists in this area are called technicians, “drivers” and “supervisors” for robots, as well as “robots”. Similar vacancies have already been placed by the shipping companies: Robby, Marble and British Starship Technologies.

Apple introduced 13 new emoji for the next versions of iOS

American corporation Apple continues work on creating a new variety of emoto for the next update of the mobile operating system iOS. On the eve of the network published images of another set of emoticons from 13 emoji.

Experts predict a rise in price of Android-smartphones due to Apple

According to the media, at the moment, Android device manufacturers are developing a technology analogue, which is present in the iPhone X – Face ID. This is due to the need to compete in the mobile device market.

Casio presented WSD-F20SC – the most durable “smart” clock

Manufacturer Casio officially introduced the most solid smart watches, working on the Wear OS. The new Casio WSD-F20SC was named the most wear-resistant watch, as they are not afraid of strikes and submersion under water. The watch case is made of very durable materials and is aimed at travelers.

Huawei Mate 20 will receive a subscreen fingerprint scanner

Specialists of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei are busy developing a new mobile device Mate 20, equipped with a fingerprint scanner, located under the display. Corresponding sources shared sources from the Middle Kingdom.

Meizu began selling unique backpacks in Russia

The company Meizu decided to please its customers in the Russian Federation with quality and budget new products. In the official Meizu store, they began selling unique backpacks for all occasions. The price of the issue fluctuates around 1090-2990 rubles.

Gamers told how to shoot shooter Far Cry 5 in 10 minutes

On the eve of the official release of the popular shooter Far Cry 5 experienced gamers told how to reach the finals just ten minutes after the start of the game. As noted in the previous version of the shooter, the final credits are shown right after the start of the gameplay.

Huawei for sale is preparing a budget version of the smartphone Honor 7A

Popular company Huawei for sale is preparing a budget version of the smartphone Honor 7A. A new version will be presented with Face ID and a frameless screen


A new device collects water from the air of any climate

Specialists used the possibility of extracting water from the surrounding air, and this is possible both in arid climates and in the desert. The device has already been tested, which showed successful results. Indicates an instrument capable of extracting available moisture in any dry climate

Biologists for the first time filmed a pairing of fish-anglers

The video was taken with a submersible at a depth of 800 meters near the Azores. These shots were obtained by the spouses Christine and Joachim Jacobsen, reported in the journal Science. The video captures the female angler.

Scientists have told about a new way of treating liver cancer

Experts told about the found anti-cancer protein, which allows you to fight liver cancer. In their study, scientists compared the activity of 4,000 proteins in pathological and healthy tissue, considering their activity using a mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma.

In the US, the operation of an acoustic laser gun was shown on video

The work of non-lethal weapons was shown on a video posted on YouTube’s video hosting. In the presented frames, it is seen how white, round with installations with laser devices begins to unwind, issuing a bright glow and loud noises.

NASA with the help of showers predict the formation of landslides around the world

NASA plans with the help of showers to predict the emergence of landslides around the world. A special computer model will help to make a short-term forecast of natural phenomena, warning the death of people.

China builds the most powerful hypersonic wind tunnel in the world

In February, it was reported that China was developing an aircraft capable of transporting people and cargo from Beijing to New York in two hours. Phys.org notes that a powerful Chinese wind tunnel can also be used to test hypersonic missile technology

Chemists managed to synthesize a conductive polymer

Scientists-chemists from the USA managed to synthesize conductive polymeric material, which does not need interconnected connections. This feature of the polymer is due to the fact that in its structure there are radicals-conductors. Due to the transparency in the polymer, no additional sources of electrons are needed.

Since 1980, the number of floods in Europe has quadrupled

The EASAC document notes that since 1980, the number of forest droughts and fires in Europe has doubled, and the number of floods and other hydrological events has quadrupled. In other words, the situation is quite serious

Cells of living organisms are capable of transmitting more than 2 bits of information

Absence of the “agreement” of medical drugs with the cell leads to their weak digestibility and accumulation in certain areas of the human body, being the primary cause of allergies to a particular medicine

Russian scientists have taught the neural network to doubt like people

Russian researchers have taught the neural network to doubt. Researchers of the international collective with the participation of workers of Saratov State University named after. Gagarin modeled a state of uncertainty when making a choice by a person when the brain approves a solution.

Scientists have created a miniature device for studying the brain

Scientists from Britain have created a miniature device, designed to study the brain. The device resembles a helmet with wires connected to it, not interfering with the free movement of a person. Sensors transmit readings to a computer and a 3D printer that creates a brain prototype for digitization. Innovation will allow doctors to help people with mental illness.


A supporter of the theory of flat Earth made a flight on a self-made rocket

After reaching the maximum point of the flight, Hughes parachute landed in the Mojave Desert, about 450 meters from the launch site. Hughes said that he feels well, complaining only of the pain in his back. About whether the flight changed its views on the theory of a flat Earth, is not reported

NASA showed an animation with a “ghost” on Jupiter

In its Twitter, NASA has posted a gif-animation with a slow image of the cyclone, which is moving on the southern hemisphere of Jupiter. Storm was christened STB Ghost, which translates as “Ghost”.

“Hubble” photographed “star nurseries” from the Small Magellanic Cloud

NASA employees report that the Hubble telescope photographed the “star nurseries” in the Small Magellanic Cloud in the NGC 346 nebula. The picture is posted on the website of the American Space Agency.

Specialists uncovered the mystery of the alchemical manuscript of Isaac Newton

The US Chemical Heritage Foundation was able to obtain at its disposal a unique alchemical manuscript written by Isaac Newton himself. After completing a detailed study of the document, they were able to partially decode the text.

In space, they found a star with characteristics of a black hole and a star

A sensation found in the depths of space by experts, discouraged scientists, since the celestial body, which fell into the center of attention of astronomers, simultaneously possesses the characteristics of a black hole and a neutron star.

Coloring asteroids can change the trajectory of their movements

Scientists suggest to change the trajectory of motion of dangerous space objects to paint them. The dark part of the asteroid absorbs light, and the light part reflects. A new color of the asteroid can increase the effect of the Sun, which heats the object and provokes a change in the trajectory of motion.

Darkness is coming: scientists gave a terrible explanation for the prolonged winter

Scientists associate cooling with a decrease in solar activity and predict: in the next 30 years, our lives will not change for the better.

Scientists have suggested NASA to send a DNA detector to Enceladus and Europe

Scientists have suggested NASA to send the device for DNA detection to Enceladus and Europe. The dispatch of the device can occur in 2020-2030.

NASA revealed the remnants of a supernova, called the Jellyfish Nebula

The Jellyfish Nebula is about 300 light-years away. The photo shows a reddish color, but it gets a little more color when viewed in an optical lens with a wide field: It is also worth noting that in Medusa there are several cosmic oddities hidden

NASA is considering the destruction of a dangerous asteroid

The explosion of a nuclear warhead near an asteroid may not spray it, but it will definitely push it in the opposite direction.


Infiniti showed updated SUVs QX60 and QX80

The company Infiniti declassified the updated SUV QX60 and QX80 in the Limited version, the official presentation of which will be held later this month at the Auto Show in New York. The start of accepting orders for these models will open this spring, and before the dealerships they will reach the summer.

In the network appeared images of the new generation of the car “Niva”

Apparently, the artists too literally took the words of the chief designer of AvtoVAZ Steve Mattin that the new “Niva” will preserve its identity and will not be a clone of “Duster”

The concept of the future car Lada Triangle-X 2025 showed on video

Designer Arina Tarasova published a video on the concept of the future domestic car Lada Triangle-X 2025. The footage was posted on YouTube. It is reported that this project has become part of the graduate work of a beginner designer.

Crossover HTM Laville based on Hyundai ix35 will appear in Russia in April

The cost of a new Chinese car on the Russian market will be 999 800 rubles a minimum. A new compact crossover will be the model, which in China is known as New Santa Fe, and in fact is a transfigured copy of the Hyundai ix35 2010 model year

On the market came an updated pickup Dongfeng Rich based on Nissan Navara

Autoholding Dongfeng announced the beginning of sales of the renewed pickup Rich, which is based on the Nissan Navara 1998 model year. “Fresh” cargo SUV was awarded with a modified grille, other bumpers and slightly modified optics.

There was a teaser of a promising cross-coupe Ford Mustang

Independent designers of the Motor1 edition showed how they see an electric car based on the Ford Mustang model.

Volvo at the Auto Show in New York will present two new items

Cars Volvo V60 and XC40 belong to the 2019 model year. The day before it became known that it is these new products that Swedish manufacturers will present to the public at the New York Motor Show. There is practically no detailed information on new cars at present.

Tuning studio Manhart presented 550-strong BMW M4 Coupe

In Manhart introduced their new model Manhart MH4 550, which is built on all the famous BMW M4. In the Bavarian car, a 3.0-liter engine was substantially modified. Specialists managed to squeeze 550 horsepower from it.

There was some information about the new sports BMW M5

Some technical parameters of the new sports modification of the BMW M5 model became known. Information about the features of the vehicle was published by the user of the forum Bimmerpost, who, apparently, issued an order for a car

There was some information about the new sports BMW M5

Some technical parameters of the new sports modification of the BMW M5 model became known. Information about the features of the vehicle was published by the user of the forum Bimmerpost, who, apparently, issued an order for a car

According to the user, in the engine compartment of the car is a 4-liter turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity of 603 hp. What torque model, not specified.

In addition, it is known that the front suspension has been reduced by 7 millimeters, and the rear suspension by 10 millimeters. The car will be on the conveyor as early as next month

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