20 Feb, 2019

Trump is considering “all options”

The United States wants a peaceful regime change for Venezuela, however, “all options are being considered,” US President Donald Trump said during a speech in Miami to immigrants from Venezuela.

In addition, Trump called on the Venezuelan military and officials to accept the proposal of the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaydo, about the amnesty and to refuse the support of the current president, Nicolas Maduro, RIA Novosti reports.

Briefly about the main thing ….

CIA accused Russia of forgery during the rocket 9M729

The Russian military on January 23 showed not a 9M729 missile, but some other cruise missile, the Daily Beast reported February 18 with reference to the CIA and the US National Space Defense Agency. According to Washington, the shown rocket does not correspond to the size and design, which in the USA is considered inherent in the 9M729 rocket. Recall, the United States called the 9M729 missile the main evidence of Russia’s violation of the INF Treaty.

16 US states sued Trump

A lawsuit against US President Donald Trump filed 16 states of the country. This was told the New York Times on Monday, February 18.

“A coalition of 16 states, including California and New York, on Monday challenged President Trump in court because of his plans to use the authority to introduce a state of emergency,” the publication said.

Thus, Trump plans to get about $ 8 billion to build a wall on the border with Mexico without the approval of Congress.

Trump warned the military of Venezuela about the possibility of “losing everything”

“You can accept Guaido’s generous amnesty offer to live peacefully with your family,” Trump said. He added that if they continue to support Maduro, they should not count on an “easy way out” and a “safe haven”, because they will “lose everything”.

If you continue to support Maduro. If you choose this path, you will not have a safe haven or easy exit. You will lose everything. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Facebook explained blocking pages related to the RT company

The management of the social networking site Facebook explained the reason why the pages of the German company Maffick Media, linked to RT, were blocked. This Tass reported in the press service of Facebook. The company stressed that users should be aware of who “stands” behind certain pages on the social network.

“Now we are gradually launching an update for pages with a large audience. The update will allow you to display information about the key countries from which these pages are managed, ”the message says.

In Venezuela, this year will complete the plant for the production of AK-103

By the end of 2019, the AK-103 production plant in Venezuela will be commissioned. At the moment, the company is not yet completed, but it should be completed by the end of the year. Earlier, on February 18, an agreement was signed between Russia and India, the plant will be launched there in 3-4 months.

We have fulfilled all our commitments, only the construction of a plant for the production of Kalashnikovs has not been completed. This work will be completed by the end of the year. – Sergey Chemezov

China’s S-400 missiles were destroyed

The C-400 anti-aircraft missiles that China ordered from Russia were destroyed. Currently, new missiles for air defense systems are being manufactured as part of a contract with Beijing.

Our contract has already been signed a long time ago, we should have already delivered everything, but, unfortunately, an accident occurred – the ship that was carrying these missiles fell into a storm. We had to destroy all these missiles, now we are making new ones. – Sergey Chemezov

British deputies called Facebook “digital gangster”

The Committee on Digital Technologies of the House of Commons published a report entitled “Fake News” – the result of an 18-month investigation, including on the basis of complaints from software companies about unfair competition. The reason was the revelation of the informant Christopher Wiley – a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, who reported that shortly before the Brexit vote, the base with the personal data of a million users of the social network came into its possession.

Manturov said that the prototype of the Aurus SUV will be ready in March

“The prototype of the SUV will be ready in March 2019. When the prototype is ready, we will need time for certification procedures,” he said.

In the Middle East, it will have a high demand, Denis Manturov, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, told reporters at the IDEX-2019 international defense exhibition.

The launch of serial production of the MS-21 aircraft was postponed due to sanctions.

The release of the first mass-produced MS-21 aircraft is postponed to the end of 2020 due to a halt in the supply of composite materials for the wings, said the head of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov.

We move on to our composite materials. The necessary developments and Russian partners, in particular Rosatom, already exist. Now the tests are being completed, so the start-up date for mass production of the MS-21 shifts somewhat. – Sergey Chemezov

EU threatened to respond to new US auto duties

The representative of the European Commission Margaritis Skinas said that the European Commission will respond quickly and adequately to actions that are detrimental to European exports, reports Reuters. According to available information, soon the US Department of Commerce will issue a conclusion on the need to introduce tariffs for exporting cars from the EU.

Medvedev promised additional support for Russian microelectronics

The Russian government is developing additional measures to support the development of the microelectronics industry in the country, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on February 18 at a meeting with his deputies.

Ministry of Economic Development estimated the damage from sanctions against Russia

According to the ministry, at the end of 2018, 62 countries introduced 159 restrictive measures against Russia, while the estimated damage from them amounted to 6.3 billion US dollars.

In Venezuela, calculated the losses from US sanctions

Venezuela’s Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menendez, said that the direct losses of the national economy from US financial sanctions are estimated at $ 38 billion, reports Prensa Latina.

Seven deputies left the Labor Party of Great Britain

Due to dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Labor Party of Great Britain, seven parliamentarians left at once. This split has become the largest in 38 years.

Putin has included Alexander Beglov in the Security Council of the Russian Federation

The document is published on the official portal of legal information. In accordance with the decree, the Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov is included in its composition as a member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

Venezuelan authorities organize an anti-war concert on the border with Colombia

Venezuelan authorities intend to hold a concert in support of peace in the country on the border with Colombia on February 22 and 23. This was announced on Monday at a briefing by the Minister of Communications and Information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez.

Maduro intends to create its own weapon system in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday about the need to create their own weapons system in the country.

“We need a solid core to create our own weapon system for the sake of the concept we have in terms of national defense – the war of the whole people,” Maduro said at a meeting with scientists. His speech was broadcast in Periscope.

France and Estonia showed unmanned anti-tank complex

Two companies – the French MBDA and the Estonian Milrem Robotics at the international defense exhibition IDEX-2019 in Abu Dhabi showed an unmanned anti-tank complex based on the THeMIS platform. It is equipped with a fifth-generation anti-tank complex and a machine gun.

UAE purchased $ 1.5 billion Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems

The armed forces of the United Arab Emirates bought US Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRS) worth more than 5.7 billion dirhams ($ 1.5 billion) during the IDEX 2019 exhibition in Abu Dhabi. This was reported to the TASS correspondent by the brigadier general of the UAE Supreme Soviet Mohammed Khamis al-Hasani.

Corvette “Daring” will be launched in the spring of 2021

In the autumn, the gas turbine unit is expected to be delivered, and the launch of the ship pledged in 2016 is scheduled for spring 2021. Corvette Project 20386 is designed to protect maritime communications and objects of maritime economic activity.

Bangladesh Workers Party: Military Treaty with Saudis Unconstitutional

The leader of the government coalition of the Workers’ Party of Bangladesh, Rashid Khan Monan, said that the recently signed agreement on military cooperation with Saudi Arabia contradicts the country’s constitution. This is reported by Bangladeshi news agency “Prothom Alo”.

UK and Israel sign trade agreement after Brexit

The United Kingdom and Israel signed an agreement on the continuity of trade between the two countries after Brexit, said the British Ministry of International Trade.

Banks asked to make mortgage more accessible for families with children

Several large banks immediately appealed to the Ministry of Finance with a request to improve the conditions for preferential mortgages for families with children in order to make it more affordable. This was told to Izvestia in the largest credit institutions of the country.

Banks will be able to receive subsidies for concessional lending to IT companies

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media proposes to subsidize systemically important Russian banks that provide loans to Russian IT companies on concessional terms. The corresponding bill was published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

Japan recognized Guaydo as interim president of Venezuela

The government of Japan expressed support for Juan Guaydo as the interim president of Venezuela. This was stated by Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

Subaru introduced the teaser Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept

In early March, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese automaker will present its conceptual model Subaru Viziv Adrenaline.

Citroen introduced an ultra compact electric car

Citroen has declassified the electric car, which can be operated even without a driver’s license. The novelty is called Ami One Concept and is considered by the French as an alternative to public transport, as well as individual two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles, scooters, scooters).

In Russia, sales of a new liftback Mercedes-Benz AMG GT started.

Sales of the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT liftback began in the Russian market. For the model, dealers ask for from 6.51 million rubles. The car is built on a platform that is used on the E-Class and CLS-Class sedans.

The developers of the “Federation” became employees of S7 Space

As it became known, the test-cosmonaut RSC Energia Mark Serov, who was the head of the test section of the flight test department, as well as five other people who worked on the creation of the Federation ship, joined the ranks of the private company S7 Space.

NASA will print chips on a 3D printer

The American agency NASA is developing a 3D printing method, in which ready-made chips will be released immediately from under a special printer. This will simplify the creation of electronic instruments for planetary rovers.

Ikea made boats to clean the rivers

The boat was named Good Ship IKEA. As noted, it was modeled on the basis of toys for the bathroom SMÅKRYP, but it has great functionality. It uses a special technology that allows you to collect up to 20 kilograms of garbage: with this in mind, we can assume that a small group of such boats could keep the river in a relatively clean state. With remote control, the operator is reportedly getting a “first-person view” – thanks to the camera mounted on the boat.

Facebook is working on creating chips for AI

The ultimate goal of Facebook is to create a “smart” assistant who could talk with someone on any topic. In addition, the company wants to use AI for monitoring content posted by users on the social network to block prohibited content in real time.

Sharp RoBoHon Singing Robot

Sharp has released the second version of smart robots RoBoHon. This is a robot smartphone that can sing and dance. Along with expensive models, the second-generation RoBoHon line includes a cheaper “sitting” bot, which costs about $ 715.

Instagram stickers will appear for donations.

Technicians at the popular social networking site Instagram are testing the upcoming update. These are donation stickers that will be shown in Stories. This became known from the words of Jaina Manchun Wong, an enthusiast in the field of application research.

Hackers stole the personal information of Artsy users

Hackers stole the personal information of users of the Artsy online platform, which carries out online trade in art objects and at the same time, is an information portal on contemporary art issues.

Experts: The picture “Savior of the World” could not write Leonardo da Vinci

Art historian Jacques Frank wrote an official appeal to French President Emmanuel Macron with advice not to appear at the exhibition, as this could turn into a scandal. Experts say that the likelihood of authorship pictures Da Vinci assistant is quite high.

“Wedding Album” John Lennon and Yoko Ono will re-release

The album will be released on March 22, 2019 on the Secretly Canadian / Chimera Music label and will be timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the wedding of John and Yoko, reports Pitchfork

In Italy, opened the exhibition “Open Book”

An open book exhibition has opened in the Italian city of Aquileia. The exhibition shows the influence of religious subjects on the work of Russian artists. The exhibition is presented in the National Archaeological Museum in the palace Meyzlik.

LEGO will release a set on the series “Friends”

In LEGO Ideas approved a new project, which was proposed to users and fans of the designer. This time the set will be created on the TV series “Friends”. Information about this appeared on LEGO Ideas.

Pushkin Museum presents paintings by London Tate Gallery

In total, 80 paintings by six masters will be presented, which experts attribute to the founders of the movement – Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, and RB. China, Leon Kossof, Lucien Freud and Michael Andrews, as well as four artists whose biography and style allow them to be counted in this direction – Ewan Aglow, David Bomberg, William Coldstream and Paula Regu

Palliative care bill passed second reading

The State Duma approved in the second reading the government bill on palliative medical care, according to the website of the lower house of parliament. The document expands the concept of palliative care and specifies the patients’ rights to pain relief with narcotic drugs, including at home.

“Rostec” creates a new arms holding

Rostec will unite the manufacturer of small arms of the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITOCHMASH) and the developer of cartridges. Design Bureau of Automatic Lines (KBAL) LN Koshkin in the new arms holding, RBC reports with reference to the press service of the state corporation. The structure will be headed by the former head of Tractor Plants and the son-in-law of director Nikita Mikhalkov Albert Bakov.

KTO regime introduced in Derbent district of Dagestan

The counterterrorist operation regime (CTO) was introduced in the territory of the Derbent district of Dagestan. This was reported by a spokesman for the operational headquarters of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee in the republic.

British and EU policemen may terminate cooperation after brexit

British Interior Minister Sajid Javid said that representatives of British law enforcement agencies may stop cooperating with colleagues from the European Union after Brexit, if the kingdom’s exit from the union goes without an agreement.

Maduro urged scientists to make Venezuela independent of US technology

Venezuelan scientists with an unusual request were made by the legitimate president of this country, Nicolas Maduro. He urged them to develop their own technologies for the development of industry and telecommunications in order to “gain independence” from the United States.

Putin promised Russian farmers enhanced state support

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a welcoming telegram to delegates and guests of the congress of the Association of Peasant (Farm) Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia, noting the enormous role of farming for the development of Russian regions and the national economy.

Volodin proposed to investigate fake media reports on bills

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin proposed to fight fake news about the work of the lower house of parliament. He stated this during the plenary session, which was broadcast on the official website of the State Duma.

Our citizens should not be subjected to constant stresses, which are far-fetched, and we should do everything to protect the truthfulness, objectivity, openness, but at the same time it is impermissible for anyone to invent something that is not there. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The first All-Russian Fathers Forum is held in Yekaterinburg

On February 19 and 20, the first All-Russian Fathers Forum takes place in Yekaterinburg. Its participants discuss the role of the father in the modern family: state policy and new perspectives, the organizers of the event told a REGNUM correspondent.

Abe will discuss with Trump preparations for the US Summit – the DPRK

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to discuss on the phone with US President Donald Trump by phone the preparations for the second summit of the leaders of the United States and the DPRK. He said this at a meeting with members of the government

Indonesia intends to introduce an air defense system on the island of Natuna

Indonesia plans to introduce the Swiss air defense system Skyshield on the island of Natuna in the South China Sea, according to Mata Mata Politik. Skyshield is a short-range ground-based air defense system.

The State Duma eased the mortgage burden for debtors

Deputies of the State Duma adopted a law to ease the position of mortgage loan debtors – now banks are entitled to require them to pay an executive fee only if it does not exceed 7% of the amount to be recovered from joint and several debtors

Russians explained why food prices should rise

Andrei Tsyganov, deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS), explained why food prices should increase. According to RIA Novosti, he pointed out that this should happen, because otherwise the producers will not be able to receive adequate profits and develop.

The head of the Ministry of Energy proposed to extend the TOR regime to the Arctic

Energy Minister Alexander Novak made a proposal to include the Arctic in the territory of advanced socio-economic development (TOR). The head of the Ministry of Energy explained his idea in the column of the magazine “Oil and Gas Vertical”.

Most banks turned out to be unprepared for hacker attacks.

Banks are not ready for attacks. According to Group-IB, most financial organizations that have been victims of hacker attacks did not have a response plan, could not mobilize the work of specialized units in a short time, organizationally and technically resist the actions of the attackers.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia will simplify the export of domestic pharmaceutical substances

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced the start of the development of changes to the federal law “On Circulation of Medicines”. Future innovations are designed to simplify the export of Russian pharmaceutical substances, reports Kommersant. It is expected that the bill will already come into force in March.

China for three years increased deliveries of black caviar to Russia five times

Over the past three years, official deliveries of black caviar from China to Russia have increased fivefold, said Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Vasily Sokolov.

The placement of funds of the National Welfare Fund brought more than 70 billion rubles

Placing funds of the National Wealth Fund in 2018 brought 70.52 billion rubles to the federal budget of the Russian Federation. This is reported by the Ministry of Finance of Russia. So, by the end of 2017, the same indicator was 50.84 billion rubles. At the same time, in 2018, the total volume of the National Welfare Fund increased by 283 billion rubles. According to the ministry, interest on foreign currency accounts with the Bank of Russia amounted to 12.33 billion rubles. At the same time, income from investments in other financial assets is 58.19 billion rubles.

Arab Fund will receive a 36% stake in the manufacturer Aurus

According to the Russian government, the Tawazun Foundation for Defense, Security and Development of the United Arab Emirates in the near future will receive more than 36% of the shares of Aurus, which is responsible for the production and sale of the new line of Russian Aurus cars.

The entry of the Tawazun Fund into the Aurus project is a clear indication that the luxury car line developed in Russia has every chance of becoming a successful product in the global market, and the project itself is commercially effective and attractive to potential investors. – Denis Manturov, Russian politician

Medvedev instructed to increase the volume of construction of cement concrete roads

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed before March 27 to submit proposals to increase the volume of construction of roads with cement concrete pavement, according to the website of the Cabinet.

Central Bank will create a register of questionable companies for banks

The Central Bank plans to begin work on the register of counterparties with an increased risk of participation in suspicious transactions. For a complete list, the regulator will merge with the customs and tax services, Central Bank Deputy Chairman Vasily Pozdyshev told Izvestia.

The Ministry of Finance wants to set minimum prices for alcohol

The Ministry of Finance wants to get the right to set minimum retail prices for all alcoholic beverages, Interfax reports, citing a project prepared by the agency.

“Alfa Group” will buy the Sochi hotel bankrupt “Mostovik”

The hotel is being planned to be bought by Manhattan Ltd., owned through a chain of companies from the Luxembourg company A1 Investment Holding S.A. According to the Luxembourg Registry, Mikhail Fridman and German Khan were among the managers of this company. A1 is an investment division of Alfa Group.

Russia in December increased investment in US government bonds

Last December, Russia increased its investments in US government bonds to $ 13.216 billion, which is 402 million more than in November, according to data from the US Treasury website.

Ministry of Economic Development raised its inflation forecast to 5%

In Russia, the inflation forecast for the current year has been raised from 4.3% to 5%. Information referring to the statement of the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin provided the news portal “Actual news”.

Mortgage rates at banks in South Korea rose to 4.9%

Rates on mortgage lending in banks in South Korea rose to 4.9%. It is reported by the YTN television channel with reference to representatives of the Bank of Korea

Arab Monetary Fund Provides Record Credit to Jordan

It is worth noting that this loan was already 23, which Jordan received from the Arab Monetary Fund, and the total amount of loans reached 780 million dollars.

Quarterly profit of the largest bank in Southeast Asia increased by 8%

DBS Group Holdings, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, increased its net profit by 8% in the fourth quarter and made a record profit last year.

Matvienko: Russia sees great prospects in Brunei

Russia sees great prospects in the development and expansion of military-technical cooperation (MTC) with Brunei. This was announced on Tuesday by the chairman of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko.

“We see great prospects in the development and expansion of military-technical cooperation, especially since important documents have already been signed, there is a legal basis for such cooperation, contacts of our specialists in this field continue,” Matvienko said at a meeting with the Chairman of the Legislative Council Brunei Abdul Rahman Taib.

Electricity production in Russia increased by 2.6% in January

Electricity production in Russia in January 2019 increased by 2.6% compared with the figure for the same period last year – up to 107 billion kWh, according to Rosstat materials

Ethiopia and Djibouti signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline

The agreement between Djibouti and Ethiopia entered into force more than a year after POLY-GCL signed a memorandum of understanding with Djibouti to invest $ 4 billion in the construction of a gas pipeline, an LNG plant and an export terminal located in Damerog, near the Ethiopian-Somali border .

In Moscow, the number of apartments is growing at a price of 1 billion rubles

In Moscow, in new buildings and in the secondary market, 34 apartments are being sold at a cost of over 1 billion rubles. According to Newsru.com, more than half of all objects for sale are concentrated in three districts of the Central Administrative District (Presnensky, Tverskoy and Khamovniki).

Minstroy does not see the need to subsidize mortgage rates

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia in the near future is not going to develop a program to subsidize mortgage rates, according to Izvestia, citing the words of the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction Nikita Stasishin

The volume of investments in Russian real estate for the year decreased by 45%

According to analysts, for the second year in a row, the most sought-after segment in the Russian market is retail real estate, but the office segment may come to the fore in the volume of investments already this year by improving the market situation of office real estate and stable demand from tenants.

Medvedev approved the system of assigning stars to hotels

The ministry guarantees that within five days after the submission of documents, the hotel or the object that claims to receive stars will receive the necessary qualifications under this system.

Previously, all these classification stars were assigned at the request of the hotel itself: whoever wanted, he drew these stars for himself, regardless of the actual services they often provide. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

The deputy proposed to teach children in schools using computer games

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, Vladimir Petrov, proposed to the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, Olga Vasilyeva, to place a state order for developing computer games for teaching children in schools.

Medvedev signed documents for the implementation of the national project “Ecology”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed documents related to the organization of environmental policy in Russia. The Prime Minister said this at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council on Strategic Development and National Projects.

Regions may introduce their own, regional environmental standards, but they can not be below the federal. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

In Minstroe thinking about parking reservation system

A system of early booking of parking spaces may appear in Russia, Deputy Minister of Construction of the Russian Federation Andrei Chibis said in an interview with Interfax. The official noted that in large cities there should be parking with a convenient method of payment and the ability to see in the application free parking spaces.

Payphones will notify citizens of emergency situations

Payphones will notify citizens about emergencies The Ministry of Communications is preparing a large-scale program to re-equip all 148 thousand payphones remaining in Russia. They can be equipped with means of warning the population about emergency situations.

Almost 3 million conversations of inhabitants of Sweden with doctors got to the Internet

About 2.7 million personal conversations between Swedish citizens and medical institutions were open to the Internet, Computer Sweden reported.

MP called for an increase in fines for using gadgets behind the wheel

The first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation, Vyacheslav Lysakov, called for an increase in fines for using devices behind the wheel. He told this to journalists at a press conference on Monday, February 18.

I would have fines for talking on the phone as much as possible would increase to 5 thousand rubles. And not just for talking, but for any actions with any gadget. For this it is necessary to punish, it is dangerous. – Vyacheslav Lysakov, Russian MP

Two-meter mutant in the lake scared the inhabitants of the Chinese Guangzhou

An incomprehensible creature similar to a fish, a turtle and a snake at the same time and found in the lake of Chinese Guangzhou Park has caused a stir among the local population, the Daily Mail writes. We noticed the “mutant” in the Baiyun pond even on February 9.

Debts of unemployed convicts estimated at 140 billion rubles

The debt of convicts not employed for unliquidated obligations is estimated at 140 billion rubles. This was announced by Senator Sergey Fabrichny on Monday at a meeting of deputies of the region with members of the temporary commission of the Federation Council.

Foundation for geeks got a license to sell alcohol

Educational Foundation for Gifted Children “Talent and Success” on February 14 received a license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, follows from the data of the SPARK database. It was issued by the Department of Consumer Sphere and Regulation of the Alcohol Market of Krasnodar Region.

On the Internet, it has become fashionable to imitate a vacation

Some users of social networks using household items imitate the interior of the aircraft, pretending that they are on vacation, reports The Sun. The main trick is to use something that looks like an airplane window.

India simplifies visa regime for 166 countries

Innovation concerns tourist visas, which will be multiple to visit the country throughout the year. The maximum period of continuous stay in India is 90 days. In addition to tourist, it is also planned to issue business electronic visas, according to which entrepreneurs will be able to stay in the country for up to six months (180 days), reports TASS. Previously, the entry documents, issued in electronic form, gave the right to stay in India for 60 days and were not subject to extension. In addition, the list of air ports where electronic entry documents are accepted is expanded to 28. On them you can now get to India through the Andaman Islands (Port Blair airport) and Bhubaneshwar (Odish state).

Vladimir regional power and the Russian Orthodox Church will sign a cooperation agreement

Vladimir Sipagin, Governor of the Vladimir Region, and Metropolitan Tikhon of Vladimir and Suzdal, will sign an agreement on cooperation between the regional administration and the Vladimir Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The agreement concerns the spiritual, moral, military-patriotic and civic education of young people. And it will also contribute to the “development of charity on the moral foundations of Orthodoxy.”

Camera installations should be in places agreed with the traffic police

The State Duma announced the need to return the traffic police authority to agree and approve schemes and road traffic management projects. Moreover, the installation location of cameras photo and video recording of violations should also be on these schemes.

On the repaired highway near Novosibirsk the protective coating peeled off

On the track from the Novosibirsk Academgorodok in Koltsovo over the winter, a protective coating was worn off – it was laid at the end of last summer. For the repair of nine kilometers of the route allocated nearly 40 million rubles. Remarks on the quality of repair appeared to the locals immediately after the completion of the repair work.

The length of toll roads will grow by 60% by 2024

Predict the size of tariffs in 2024 in the “Avtodor” did not. “It’s premature to talk about the size of tariffs for 2024 today, it depends on many factors,” a company representative told RNS.

London has allocated 23 million dollars to OneWeb satellite operator

The UK government has announced the allocation of $ 23 million satellite operator OneWeb through the European Space Agency.

The party “Movement” 5 stars “spoke out against the transfer under the court of the Interior Minister of Italy

According to the official blog of the Movement, the majority of the five-star voters who voted on the Internet opposed the transfer of Salvini to court for decisions taken on 177 migrants, whom he forbade to go ashore from the Italian Navy ship.

China will increase the competitiveness of its agriculture by 2022

China intends to improve the quality of agricultural products, as well as the efficiency of the sector as a whole, by improving its competitive qualities in international markets, according to a plan published jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture and six other ministries and government services in China.

Honda plans to close the plant in the UK

Honda intends to close its plant in the UK in three years, Sky News reports. According to the newspaper, in 2022, the Japanese automaker will stop production of cars at its factory in Swindon.

Overweight women protest during London Fashion Week

The activists marched through the city center with posters “The world of fashion should not shame us,” “Our beauty is immeasurable,” “Fashion should inspire us.” They indicated their professions on their T-shirts to show that a beautiful body is not the most important thing in a woman. The protest was led by 26-year-old American actress Hayley Hasselhoff and models Felicity Hayward and Sonny Turner.

Queen will perform at the Oscar film awards ceremony

The British rock band Queen will perform at the official Oscar film awards ceremony, the press service of the American Film Academy reports on its Twitter page.

Film studios continue to report to the Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture continues the policy of strict demand from film studios for disrupting the delivery of films for the production of which state funds were allocated.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” received the main prize of cinema workers

The Society of Film Sounds Employees presented awards at the 55th CAS Awards solemn ceremony. The main prize – “Outstanding Sound Mixing Achievement” – was awarded to Brian Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody painting. As noted by Deadline, the film claims a similar award at the upcoming Oscar.

Four non-existent artists hit the top of Apple Music

In the top albums of the Russian Apple Music, four positions were taken by unknown performers whose songs cannot be found on other platforms. This was reported portal The Flow. Unknown artists have one thing in common – they are united by pseudonyms.

Netflix closed the series “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones”

Streaming Service announced that it will not extend the series “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones” for new seasons. Previously, Netflix closed the “Daredevil”, “Luc Keijd” and “Iron Fist”.

Billionaire Jack Ma created a foundation for the education of African entrepreneurs

The founder of the world-famous Chinese e-commerce site, Jack Ma, officially created a $ 10 million fund to support outstanding African entrepreneurs, the Xinhua news agency reported February 18.

The best audio recordings of Russian academic music will be awarded the “Clear Sound” award

The international prize for the best audio recording of Russian academic music “Pure Sound”, established by the Russian Musical Union, is receiving applications. The prize will be awarded in the nominations “Opera”, “Choral Works”, “Chamber Vocal Music”, “Symphonic Music”, “Concert for Solo Instrument with Orchestra”, “Chamber Instrumental Music (Ensemble)”, “Chamber Instrumental Music (Solo) “And” Edition of archival audio recordings. ” The award ceremony for the Pure Sound award winners will be held in Moscow in the autumn of 2019.

Vasily Livanov spoke about the work on the film “The Bronze Horseman of Russia”

People’s Artist Vasily Livanov told how Russian President Vladimir Putin helped him in his work on the film “The Bronze Horseman of Russia”, and also shared the details of the just-completed film. According to him, the president became interested in the film immediately after the award of the actor in the Kremlin.

Vladimir Mashkov will act in the continuation of the series “Liquidation”

Filming and premiere will take place in 2019 – 2020, reports Intermedia.ru referring to producer Ruben Dishdishyan. According to the producer, the work on the continuation has been going on for three years.

Museum of the history of the military commandant’s office to open in Moscow

The history museum of the military commandant’s office will appear in the capital. Its opening will be held on February 21, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of Russia reported.

Kinotavr will show films for people with hearing and vision problems

All films will be shown with modern technologies of standard commenting (off-screen description of the video sequence). For the first time, the project “Unlimited Opportunities” was implemented in 2018. Then the screenings adapted for people with hearing and sight problems of the cinema enjoyed tremendous success.

The first exhibition of the artist Gampelna opened in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow

The first monographic exhibition of paintings by the deaf-and-dumb portrait painter Karl Gampel opened on Monday at the AS State Museum. Pushkin in Moscow to the 225th birthday of the artist. The exhibition features about 200 works by the artist from 23 museums and four private collections. On February 20, the second part of the exhibition dedicated to Gampel will open in the Historical Museum for visitors. Gampeln’s exhibition in the Pushkin Museum will run until May 19, and in the Historical Museum it will run until May 13.

Festival Tinkoff STEREOLETO-2019 announced new members

Among them are the popular group Little Big, the main young pop star Coin, Shortparis, “Refining”, hip-hop duet “AIGEL”, Son Lux, Shortparis, “AIGEL”, “LAUD”, Tosya Chaikina, Karpov not Kasparov.

In the Kazan Theater fired artist due to small growth

The management of the Tatar Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Musa Jalil terminated the contract with the artist due to his “small” growth, RIA Novosti reports. Representatives of the opera singer Khachatur Badalyan in the art agency “Premier” explained that the theater signed an agreement on the participation of Badalyan in two productions – “Madame Butterfly” and “La Traviata” – and two gala concerts. January 20 for the preparation of stage costumes in the theater sent the necessary measurements of the artist. But when Badalyan arrived at the rehearsal on February 3, it turned out that the costumes are much larger.

Manowar has announced a farewell tour called Finale Battle World Tour.

A total of 50 performances are scheduled. From March 1 to March 23, 2019, the team will give 9 concerts in the cities of Russia: in Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar. On March 12, Manowar will perform in St. Petersburg, in the Yubileiny Sports Complex, and on the 14th in Moscow, at VTB Arena. The musicians will perform all their main and classical hits.

Milonov urged to ban Shnurov and Leningrad

State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov spoke negatively about the leader of the Leningrad grouping and called for banning the musician’s work. About this reports the news agency “Moscow”. According to the official of the song “Leningrad”, alcohol is being promoted, which gives a negative example to young people.

Little People will perform in Russia for the first time.

Little People is a project by the Englishman Lorent Clerk, who recorded three full-length albums and founded the label Future Archive Recordings.

China will launch the first commercial launch of the Jelong-1 rocket

The first commercial launch of the Chinese Jelong-1 launch vehicle is scheduled for the first half of 2019, the China Daily reported.

China is preparing to build the first space power station

Chinese space ambitions rise higher and higher. Despite the dubious success of the mission to the “dark” side of the moon, China is preparing to build a solar power station in space

SeaBubbles has created an electric “flying” boat

SeaBubbles has created an all-electric “flying” boat. The boat combines the technology of marine industry, aviation and software for lifting the hull of a boat out of the water, writes Naked Science.

In Russia, began to prepare for space flight, the Japanese astronaut

Even Akihido Hoshide will teach to use the equipment located on the Russian segment of the ISS. The Japanese astronaut made two previous flights to the ISS in 2008 and 2012, when his third visit to the station will take place, is not specified.

Instagram tests donation sticker in Stories

Instagram is experimenting with a potential donation sticker for its History feature, as app researcher Jane Manchun Wong noted. This feature is similar to the one that Facebook offers with fundraising tools and donations for charitable or personal purposes.

The Chinese Communist Party launched an application dedicated to the country’s leader

All members of the Chinese Communist Party are required to use the app daily and accumulate their points. The application allows users to send each other messages that automatically disappear after reading, as in Snapchat. The Chinese application Xuexi Qiangguo, dedicated to the President of China Xi Jinping, was developed by Alibaba. It is reported by Reuters, citing sources.

Smart Engines will show mobile recognition technologies at MWC 2019

This year, for the first time, MWC specialists will show Smart Engines recognition of driver licenses of all US states, visas of various countries for airline applications, bank cards in photographs for Internet and mobile acquiring services, as well as a solution for searching for signs of compromised documents in a video stream and in individual images.

Nissan introduced the concept of the camper Nissan x OPUS

Nissan Energy and OPUS Campers jointly developed an “intelligent” concept car – a camper car. It uses batteries from electric cars Nissan, to provide tourists with autonomous power supply during the week – to travel “away from the power grid.”

KT Corporation has launched a service that provides information on fine dust.

The provider of integrated wired and wireless telecommunications services KT Corporation has launched a special information service, through which you can get information about fine dust and smog in real time, reports YTN.

Nike officially released smart sneakers Adapt BB

Nike has officially released smart shoes Adapt BB. Adapt BB designed for basketball players. They are smarter than Nike HyperAdapts, thanks to a mobile application that connects to shoes via Bluetooth and allows users to adjust the tension of the laces.

Tests blocker advertising content refuted the statements of Google

The tests of browser extensions that block advertising content have shown that they have virtually no effect on the operation of Google Chrome.

Twitter has kept deleted user posts for years.

Security specialist Karan Saini reported that the Twitter social network has kept deleted private messages for years

Carbonite acquires Webroot

In 2016, Carbonite acquired an EVault division from Seagate, which enabled it to begin offering large enterprises hybrid backup and recovery tools. Webroot was established in 1997. It ended the last fiscal year with revenue of $ 215 million.

Krasnoyarsk scientists have deciphered the larch genome

Scientists at the Siberian Federal University have completely deciphered the larch genome. Coniferous tree genome is 4-9 times larger than human

Scientists have tested anti-aging therapy in humans

The University of Texas, which is located in Austin, found a way to resist age-related diseases and achieve healthy aging. Researchers have proposed ridding the body of obsolete cells. New method they have already begun to test in humans.

In January, scientists from the United States announced the results of studies conducted in which 14 people with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis participated. They were given drugs for leukemia for 14 days that are capable of removing aging cells. At the end of the experiment, patients began to feel better and were able to travel longer distances than at the beginning of the test.

Scientists first made stem cells “invisible” for immunity

Genetics from California created a gene therapy that makes stem cells “invisible” to human immunity, and successfully tested it on “humanized” mice. Their findings and prospects for the use of such cells were presented in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Russian scientists have found a way to change the properties of an electron

Employees of Tomsk State University have found that by changing the shape of the electron wave, it is possible to control its internal characteristics. Now scientists can create beams of particles that will be useful in determining the electromagnetic properties of different materials.

Robot farmer SwagBot taught to recognize and destroy weeds

Developers from Australia presented a modernized version of the agricultural robot SwagBot, which now knows how to see and fight weeds on any field, spraying pesticides pointwise.

The number of push-ups from the floor will determine the risk of heart disease

The ability to do more than 10 push-ups significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as scientists at the Harvard School of Health have found.

A new danger of sweet and fatty foods has been discovered.

Experts are convinced that sweet and fatty foods contribute to the weakening of immunity, which increases the risk of sepsis several times. But such an infection is not easy to treat, it spreads quickly and, as a result, leads to death.

Karelian scientists discovered a settlement of the early metal era

In the area of ​​the Karelian village, archaeologists discovered a settlement, which is supposedly about five thousand years old and belongs to the era of the early metal. As the correspondent of “RG” was informed in the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientists will work for three years and will start as early as April this year.

NASA may send an expedition to Mars in mid-2030

A manned expedition to Mars can be sent in the mid-2030s. The technologies necessary for such a flight will be preliminarily checked during flights to the Moon, said the director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Jim Brydenstein, in an interview with MSNBC. With regard to specific technologies and devices that are planned to be used in flight to Mars, they will be worked out and tested during lunar missions, quotes Bidenstein MSNBC

Launch complex at Baikonur will be closed ahead of schedule

At Baikonur, one of the two remaining launch complexes for the Proton will be decommissioned three years earlier than previously planned. So, the dismantling of this launch complex will begin next year.

The media learned about the change of the decree on the creation of a super-heavy rocket

The decree on the creation of a new Russian superheavy rocket, intended for a flight to the moon, will be adjusted for new tasks. Reports February 19, RIA Novosti, citing a source in the rocket and space industry. According to the agency, the document will specify the development cooperation that will be involved in the project implementation. So, before, the general designer was called RSC Energia, now it is planned to provide the lead role to the RCC Progress. In addition, the decree will complement the details of the project for the study and exploration of the moon.

Astronomers have recorded the strongest poison in the comet’s core

In December 2018, Comet 46P / Wirtanen passed at a distance of 11.6 million kilometers from Earth. This convergence allowed astronomers to observe the ice guest in detail, which they used at the ALMA observatory.

Budget crossover Ford Territory received a new version

Judging by the images, the novelty will receive two sockets for connecting to charging, there will be a front connector for fast charging in the front, and for the usual one at the back. Modes of transmission will not switch the lever and buttons. The characteristics of the electric motor are currently unknown.

Citroen will bring the C5 Aircross crossover to Russia

The French car concern Citroen announced the date of the launch of its new crossover in Russia, called the C5 Aircross. New products will reach dealers in our country in the second quarter of 2019.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Series Pickup Delayed

To bring any concept car to production takes a lot of time – just look at the mid-engined Corvette or the new Jeep Gladiator. Another expected model is the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck based on a concept first introduced in Detroit in 2015.

Updated 2019 Mazda6 has received a modern design

Were identified the main advantages of the new version of the Mazda6. According to experts, the main advantage of the new variation of the specified vehicle is the excellent design.

Geely will soon officially introduce a new electric model sedan

The Chinese company Geely will soon officially unveil a new electric model of the sedan, which will become a serious competitor for the American counterpart of the Tesla Model 3. By now, the new product is codenamed GE11. The total capacity of the electrical installation will be about 177 hp The remaining details about the new product are not declassified yet.

Audi Q8 crossover will get two new engines

Audi is going to present two new versions of the full-size Q8 crossover on the European market. This February 18 reports Motor1.

According to the publication, the first modification will receive a 3.0-liter petrol turbo TFSI, with a capacity of 340 hp The second version is equipped with a 231-horsepower diesel engine volume of 3.0. Both versions have an eight-speed Tiptronic, all-wheel drive system, as well as an auxiliary starter-generator, powered by a 48-volt network and powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Walter de Silva will present in Geneva a new supercar Arcfox-7

The electric car brand Arcfox, created in 2016 by BAIC, at the March Geneva Motor Show officially presents itself to the European public and tells about the model lineup. At least two new electric cars will be presented. The first is the evolution of the Arcfox-7 sports prototype.

Changan is preparing two new models for the Russian market

Next year, the Chinese auto brand is planning to increase its influence on the Russian market by expanding its lineup. To the already sold Changan CS35, Changan CS75 and Changan S111 will be added several new representatives of the SUV segment.

GM and SAIC will release an inexpensive hatchback Baojun 310

Concern General Motors and the Chinese company SAIC are preparing for the premiere of an updated version of its bestseller – hatchback Baojun 310. Fresh spy photos with a novelty and some technical characteristics of the car published edition Autohome

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