22 Feb, 2018

Trump offered to equip teachers

President of the United States Donald Trump proposed to allow teachers to carry weapons for self-defense; This was discussed on Wednesday at a meeting with teenagers who witnessed shooting at a school in Florida, which killed 17 people, writes The Hill.

It would be, so to speak, concealed wearing, when the teacher had a hidden weapon with him. They would have received special training. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Briefly about the main ….


The site of “MBH Media” Mikhail Khodorkovsky blocked in Russia

The editorial board of MBH Media told Mediason that the publication had not received any notifications from the Prosecutor General’s Office or Roskomnadzor, and the reason for the blockage is unknown. Recall, “MBH Media” was launched after the blocking of the site “Open Russia”.

Moscow State University will relocate students who will be interfered with by World Cup 2018

Students of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, who will be hampered by holding the World Cup, will be moved to other rooms or hostels. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the hostel department of the Moscow State University Andrei Vodolazsky, TASS reported citing the press service of the university.

1000 rubles for 0 minutes parking at the airport “Krasnoyarsk”

The passenger of the airport “Krasnoyarsk” received a check for 1 thousand rubles, where it is indicated “0 minutes” of parking. She described this on the page “Revizorro Krasnoyarsk”:

“At the first entrance, the old one, hangs a familiar sign, with tariffs: 10 minutes free, then 200 rubles / hour. And then, before the new terminal, there is a second barrier […] I did not see the scoreboard with quotations, so the amount of 1000 rubles. for 26 minutes of stay, to put it mildly, surprised […] Parking time 00 h 00 min! For what then 1000? “

The airport press secretary Nikita Palekh specified the “7 channel”: the red-mover parked in the VIP zone, where from the 10th minute every hour of parking costs 1 thousand rubles. Time on the check is not worn because of a technical failure:

“A person paid for parking for more than 10 minutes in the zone where 1 thousand rubles., Where the payment was correctly accrued. It’s another matter that we have a malfunction, which we really know about, and the parking time is not displayed on the check itself. “

Shields with rules and prices for VIP parking, according to Nikita, hang right by the barrier and on the station square. If a woman has a monetary claim to the airport, she can go there and sort it out, the press service added.

Ecologists: natural dehydration. Irkutsk hydro power plant harms the environment

At the round table “The Importance of Water Conservation in the Strategy for Ecological Safety in the Irkutsk Region,” which just ended in the capital of the Angara River, scientists and environmentalists once again asked the question of how important it is to monitor the regulation of water discharges at the local HPP

Transfer to the Russians part of the cost of medicine

Experts of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) Alexei Kudrin and the Higher School of Economics have stated the need to increase spending on health care from 3.2% to 5% of Russia’s GDP

“The increase in medical care needs, together with the rise in the cost of new medical technologies, will require an increase in public health expenditures by at least 1.8% of GDP (from 3.2% in 2016 to 5% in 2035),” News »text of the report” Health care: the necessary answers to the challenges of time “.

Sberbank plans to open “Islamic windows”

In his turn, adviser to the Deputy Chairman of the Savings Bank Behnam Gurban-Zade informed that Sberbank will not be the first credit institution in Russia, where there are similar windows. “Islamic windows” are in the branches of banks in Bashkortostan, Tatarstan.

Islamic banking implies the conduct of banking activities in accordance with religious norms of Islam – in particular, loan interest and various financial speculations are prohibited. Religion prohibits Muslims from engaging in usury, so Islamic banks do not issue money at interest.

Investors of collapsed banks will enter the register of lenders online

It is possible to get into the register of creditors of the collapsed bank through the state services portal, it follows from the amendments of the Ministry of Finance to the law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)”, which Izvestia got acquainted with. The innovation of the Ministry of Finance will significantly reduce the time of depositors when applying to the DIA.

The number of regions with high payments for compulsory motor TPL insurance for 2017 doubled

The number of regions where the average payment for OSAGO exceeds 100 thousand rubles. (with an average level of 78.3 thousand rubles.), doubled in 2017, TASS reported citing the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA). According to the RSA, these data indicate that fraud in compulsory motor TPL insurance is increasing.

The situation in Russia is very uneven – in some regions these figures go off scale. For example, in 13 regions of the Russian Federation, the average payment is higher than 100,000 rubles, including the maximum amount of 160,000 rubles. A year earlier, such regions with oversized average payments for OSAGO were almost 2 times less. – Igor Yurgens, Russian economist

Twitter tightened the rules for fighting bots

The leadership of the social network Twitter announced the toughening of measures to combat bots. This is reported on the site sotsseti. The company changes the rules of behavior in the social network, which, in turn, should positively affect the result of combating bots and propaganda

In Poland, dismantled a monument to Soviet General Karol Sverchevsky

Monument to the Soviet and Polish colonel-general of the Red Army and the General of the Armor of the Polish Army, Karol Sverchevsky, was dismantled in the Yablonka area in Poland. This is reported on Wednesday, February 21, the Polish Press Agency


Railways will send 18 billion rubles for the reconstruction of the Sakhalin railway

RZD in 2018 will allocate about 17 billion rubles for the reconstruction of more than 50 km of railways, several stations, as well as the construction of 32 bridges, the government of the Sakhalin region reported. New rails will be laid on the stretches between Chekhov, Novoselovo and Tomari, as well as from Ilyinsky to Arsen’evka.

The ring line of the St. Petersburg metro will cost 300 billion

The governor of St. Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko, during an interview with the television channel “St. Petersburg” told about the design of a new branch of the city underground.

Metro is a priority in the development of the city’s transport infrastructure. This is the fastest form of transport for today. Sufficiently comfortable and convenient, so we will build the subway under any circumstances. – Georgy Poltavchenko, Russian politician

The Central Bank approved a plan for the rehabilitation of the bank “Soviet”

The CBR approved a plan of participation in the implementation of measures to prevent the bankruptcy of the bank “Soviet”. This is reported by the press service of the regulator. As part of the plan, the functions of the interim administration for managing the bank will be entrusted to the Fund for the Consolidation of the Banking Sector from February 22.

Maduro announced the imminent release of a new crypto currency

President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro announced the imminent release of a new crypto currency – Petro Oro. This is reported Globovision.

“I do not want to rush things, but we have a surprise relative Petro gold, which will have the same parameters as the Petro Petroleum. This is the theme for next week, “he said.

Weekly inflation in Russia remained at the level of 0.1%

Weekly inflation in Russia in the period from 13 to 19 February remained at the level of 0.1%, as in the previous two weeks. Such data are provided on the website of Rosstat. Since the beginning of the month, consumer prices have increased by 0.2% by February 19, and by 0.5% since the beginning of the year.

The aggregate debt of the regions decreased by 2% for the first time in seven years

The aggregate debt of the regions of the Russian Federation for the first time since 2010 decreased by 2%, it became possible due to a large number of bonded loans, which also broke records since 2010, showing an increase of 20%, or 91 billion rubles.

The Central Bank began reorganizing the National Standard Bank

Department of admission and termination of activities of financial institutions of the Bank of Russia began the procedure for the reorganization of the bank “National Standard” (Moscow), according to the regulator’s website.

Moiseyev spoke out against the branches of foreign insurers

Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Alexei Moiseyev opposed the opening of branches of foreign insurance companies on the Russian market, IA “Prime” reports.

I’m against branches … They also live by someone else’s regulation. It is not clear whether the legal entity is a person or not a legal entity. If this is not a legal entity, then it can not be applied to the Code of Administrative Offenses. … And if you can not fine, then how do we make them live by the rules. A lot of problems arise. – Alexei Moiseev, Russian actor

Rostekh will transfer to Tatarstan up to 6% of shares of KAMAZ

State corporation “Rostekh” will transfer up to 6% of KAMAZ shares in favor of Tatarstan in exchange for assets in the republic. According to the head of the corporation Sergey Chemezov, the company will consider for exchange the most interesting assets.

The IMF and the Bank of France will allocate almost $ 3 billion to low-income countries

According to the agreement of the parties, the allocated amount will go to provide new loans for PRGT in favor of the IMF member countries with low incomes. To date, the IMF has already concluded 15 such agreements, within which about $ 16.5 billion has been allocated.

Net profit of NOVATEK fell in 2017 by 39%

The net profit of NOVATEK according to IFRS, related to shareholders, amounted to 156.4 billion rubles by the end of 2017, which is 39% less than the result of the previous year, the company reports.

Gazprom has completed the construction of two exploratory wells in Bangladesh

Gazprom’s subsidiary Gazprom International completed the construction of two exploratory wells on the island of Bhola in the south of Bangladesh – Eastern Shahbazpur-1 and Severnaya Bola-1, the company said.

Gazprom estimated the debt of consumers in Russia at 170 billion rubles

According to preliminary data, the debt of domestic consumers increased by 9.5 billion rubles. Among the most problematic categories are heat supply organizations. Their debt is about 35% of the total. Their share also accounts for two-thirds of the increase in debt.

Northgas will pay dividends for the first time in 2017

Previously, the company did not pay dividends.

“For the year ended December 31, 2017, Nortgaz announced the payment of dividends for a total of 4.766 billion rubles, of which 2.383 billion rubles were attributable to Novatek,” the materials say.

Amendments to the EU Gas Directive do not prohibit Nord Stream-2

EC in November 2017 proposed to amend the EU Gas Directive. Their goal is to ensure that certain norms of EU energy legislation are applied not to some, but to all gas pipelines on the territory of the EU, which come from or to third countries.

“Rusenergosbyt” in 2017 increased the supply of electricity by 3.5%

Energotraider Rusenergosbyt in 2017 increased electricity supplies by 3.5% compared to a year earlier, to 50.7 billion kW / h. This was said in a statement


Nebenzia demanded that the US post-representative not call the Russian government “regime”

The Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Basil Nebenzia, demanded from his American colleague Nikki Haley that she, observing diplomatic etiquette, not call the Russian authorities a regime.

I want to remind Ambassador Hailey that Russia is not a regime, but a legally elected president and a designated government. I would ask the American delegation in the future to observe at least an elementary diplomatic decency. By the way, in Syria, too, a legitimate government, like it someone or not. – Vasily Nebenzia, diplomat

US accused Moscow and Damascus of attacks in East Guta

The United States accused Moscow and Damascus of attacking residents of East Hutia. Such a statement is contained in a written statement issued on Wednesday by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Vučić said Serbia will not support the West’s sanction against Russia

Serbia will not join the Western sanctions against Russia. This opinion was expressed by the President of the country Alexander Vučić during the visit of Serbian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Serbia

The United States sounded the conditions for refusing to deploy nuclear cruise missiles

The United States of America does not plan to deploy a sea-based cruise missile in nuclear facilities if the Russian Federation executes an agreement on the elimination of medium- and shorter-range missiles.

Ankara contacts Damascus through Moscow

Turkey is in contact with the Syrian leadership through Russia, the press secretary of the Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalyn, said. This statement is made against the backdrop of the fact that since January 20, the General Staff of Turkey is conducting a military operation “Olive Branch” in Syrian Africa against the Kurds.


Russian officers were armed with secret mobile phones for 115 thousand rubles

The commanders of the Russian army, admitted to documents of “special importance”, began to issue domestic mobile phones worth 115 thousand rubles. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

The devices allow through civilian cellular networks, including from abroad, to enter the encrypted lines of military communications of the Russian army.

We are talking about the M-663C Atlas phones, the filling and operating system of which was created in Russia.

The US will supply Sweden with Patriot PAC-3 complexes for $ 3.2 billion

The United States decided to sell the Patriot PAC-3 anti-ballistic missile defense complexes to the amount of about $ 3.2 billion, according to the US Department of Defense for Defense Cooperation and Security (DSCA).

South Korea spent 223 thousand dollars on a visit of a delegation from the DPRK

South Korea spent 223 thousand dollars on a three-day visit to the country of a delegation from the DPRK. According to the TASS, in 120 thousand dollars cost accommodation of four people and 18 members of the staff.

The White House planned to take additional sanctions against Russia

The White House plans to take additional sanctions against Russia, senior officials in the Trump administration said on condition of anonymity at a closed briefing for a group of reporters

The Ministry of Defense will receive the first batch of electric motorcycles in the spring

The first production batch of electromotots produced by the Kalashnikov concern will be delivered by the military this spring. This was reported by the head of “Rosteha” Sergey Chemezov

Netanyahu: Israel helped prevent a terrorist attack on an airplane in Australia

Israeli scouts helped prevent a terrorist attack on an airplane in Australia, as well as dozens of other terrorist attacks. This was told by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, RIA Novosti reports.

Israeli intelligence services prevented the collapse of the Australian liner – an unthinkable homicide, which would also lead to a major disruption in the work of the world’s aviation industry. And this is only one of dozens of terrorist attacks that we have wrecked around the world. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

In Syria, 12 civilians were killed in a strike by the US coalition

Peaceful Syrians were killed as a result of a blow by the US-led coalition in the province of Deir ez Zor. The international coalition struck air strikes on the village of Hazhin in the northeast of Syria. As a result, 12 civilians were killed.

Counselor Trump described how the US is preparing for “Star Wars”

The United States intends to increase the allocation of funds for the development of space defense of more than a billion dollars in 2019, and in the next five years – an additional eight billion. This is stated in the budget proposed by President Donald Trump for the upcoming financial year.


Agata Mutseniets and Rita Dakota quarreled over the names of daughters

The daughter of the actress Agata Mutseniets and the actor Pavel Priluchny is called Miya. And the daughter of singers Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky is called Miya. And Polina Gagarina called her daughter Mia.

Polina Gagarina almost drowned in the Atlantic Ocean

Russian singer Polina Gagarina almost fell victim to the tide of the ocean during a photo shoot in Portugal. The actress told about it in personal Instagram. According to the singer, she decided to take pictures with her husband on the Atlantic coast in Portugal.

Olga Buzova decided to help the ex-lover build a new relationship

Olga Buzova said that she was not angry and did not take offense at Gritsenko. She initially saw that the relationship was doomed to failure. Now the singer is ready to help the ex-lover find a new love and build a relationship with a new girlfriend.

Victoria Romanets accused Feofilaktov of the collapse of the family

The ex-participant of the TV station explained why Anton was unhappy with Zhenya. According to Romanets, the ex-spouse Guseva did nothing to maintain relations with her husband, which is why he often did not spend the night at home.

Julianna Karaulova told why she canceled the wedding

In December 2016, the man made the singer an offer, but the wedding did not take place. Fans suggested that the lovers parted, and they made a mistake – in the relationship between Julia and Andrew, everything is fine. As it turned out, the couple decided to postpone the wedding for some reason.

Bill Gates will star in the series “The Big Bang Theory”

Bill Gates will perform in the series in the traditional, as is customary in such a format, the role of the guest star. This is not the first experience of participating in filming for a businessman: in 2001 he starred in the series “Fraser”, where he played himself

Oksana Samoilova torments herself for the sake of children’s happiness

Oksana Samoilova and rapper Jigan raise three daughters – Leia, Ariel and Maya. Large parents make everything so that heirs receive the best. They do not spare themselves for the well-being of adored children

Fans did not recognize actress Irina Pegova because of thinness

Domestic actress Irina Pegova won the hearts of Russians with her magnificent forms in the recent past. Today, fans did not recognize their favorite, because she lost a lot of weight. In the social network Instagram Pegova published a new photo, which shows that the actress is very much thinner.

Ed Sheeran received “world recognition” at the Brit Awards

The popular British musician Ed Sheeran won the Brit Awards music award in the category of “world recognition”, the best British band became Gorillaz, in the “best international team” category, Americans won Foo Fighters, according to the website of the award.

Angelina Jolie knew in advance about the divorce of Aniston and Teru

Actress Angelina Jolie said that the news about the divorce couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Teru did not become a surprise for her – the actress clearly did not hold out to her ex-wife. According to Jolie, the star of “Friends” was always “shallow” and “vanilla”

For one night the model Emily Ratakovski laid out 4 photos of topless

For one night, Ratakovski published in the Instagram 4 photograph of topless. The model of 26 years has got on the cover of gloss Vanity Fair. Of the 5 photos taken during the exclusive photo shoot, only one was not made topless.

Fans compared the performance with the participation of Buzovaya with a dirty orgy

The popular TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova took part in the production of the Variety Theater and shared the result of her work with subscribers in Instagram. According to her, public interest in the performance goes off scale.

Against the creators of the film “Form of water” filed a lawsuit about plagiarism

The lawsuit against the director of the film Guillermo del Toro, producer Daniel Kraus and Fox Searchlight studio filed in the court of Los Angeles. The film studio believes that the charges are put forward against the backdrop of a vote to award the Oscar for the purpose of pressure on the studio.

The release date of the third part of the film “The World of the Jurassic Period”

Scenario of the third part will be written by Emily Carmichael and Colin Trevorow. The latter was the director of the first part of the “World of the Jurassic Period”, released in 2015. The premiere of the film “The World of the Jurassic Period – 3” is scheduled for June 2018.

Three years in prison received a Spanish rapper for the glorification of terrorism

The Spanish rapper received 3.5 years for songs about terrorism and the royal family. The Supreme Court of the country also agreed with this decision, informs El Pais.

The most important villain in the history of the movie called the experts

Named the most important supervillain in the history of cinema. The first on the list, which included 25 villains, was the Joker, whose role was played by actor Heath Ledger. For the role of the psycho Joker in the movie “The Dark Knight” actor was awarded posthumous “Oscar”.

Mel Gibson will remove the detective series “Dancing Bear”

Actor, director and producer Mel Gibson will begin work on a detective series called “Dancing Bear”, the customer was the USA Network television channel. The basis for the script chosen novel by James Crumley.

The Berlin festival showed the first big film, shot by iPhone

The eternal experimenter, Stephen Soderbergh, showed in the competition of the Berlin Film Festival a full-length feature film, entirely shot by iPhone.

Shnurov reported about joint film shootings with Bekmambetov

Information about the work on the film was published on his page in the social network Instagram leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov. This became known from the message of the publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Petersburg”.


Facebook users will be able to publish 3D posts

3D-posts support the display of textures, lighting settings and object rendering. Some brands have already tried the innovation.

Critical vulnerabilities are detected in the torrent client uTorrent

Specialists of Google Project Zero found critical vulnerabilities in two versions of the torrent client uTorrent, through which cybercriminals can access the downloaded files and the history of downloads on the computer. This is written by the portal ArsTechnica

Apple faced an unexpected threat in the production of the iPhone

With unexpected threat, the production of iPhone. Apple is concerned about the possible shortage of cobalt, which is required for the production of lithium-ion batteries. In this regard, the company’s management is in talks with mining companies on direct supplies of metal.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released on March 16

The official presentation of the smartphone will be held this Sunday, February 25. But from Wednesday, February 28, will start pre-order for the novelty, pick up the ordered smart phones will be from 9 to 15 March. On the shelves of stores Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + will not appear until March 16.

The head of Amazon is building watches, designed for 10 thousand years

The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos posted on his Twitter video, which shows the work on installing a huge clock. The work of a more than 150-meter (500-foot) mechanical device will be supported by transitions from day to night temperature cycle.

Hackers broke into the cloud account of Tesla to mine

Hackers penetrated the cloud account on Amazon and used resources for mining the crypto currency. In addition, the data of the company’s employees and their vehicles disappeared from the account.

Fans of Tinder and fast dating were at risk

Programmer from India Anand Prakash shared with the general public his discovery, which he found in the Internet service Tinder. In the service for fast dating, he discovered a vulnerability that allows criminals to hack into user accounts.

Instagram Direct will show the function of self-destroying photos and videos

In Instagram Direct with the next update of personal messages there will be a function of self-removal of photos and video, reminiscent of the work of Snapchat

Experts found the spreading virus-cryptographer Saturn resource

Security experts have discovered a resource that distributes a crypto virus with the name Saturn among all those who wish. For their services and the use of malware, the creators of the Internet portal take up to 30% of the commission.

Chrome began to reduce excessively long links

With the new update, Chrome’s browser has begun to cut back heavily long and useless links. Now they look like a URL link, not an unordered set of letters, numbers, and different characters. The new feature works in Chrome 64 when you click the “Share” button and when you manually copy the link.

FireEye claims that a group of hackers APT37 is conducting reconnaissance for the DPRK

The American company FireEye, specializing in computer security, claims that the North Korean group of hackers APT37 carries out intelligence activities in favor of the DPRK authorities. This is stated in the report of the firm

Qualcomm introduced the reference VR-helmet on the platform Snapdragon 845

Qualcomm Technologies company, without waiting for the opening of the exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, introduced a new reference platform for virtual reality helmets (VR). The basis of the reference device is the advanced mobile processor Snapdragon 845

AOC AG352UCG6 Black Edition: curved monitor for gaming systems

AOC company, according to network sources, is preparing to release the monitor AG352UCG6 Black Edition, intended for use in the composition of gaming systems. The novelty is equipped with a curved display measuring 35 inches diagonally

Scientists have developed a laser that charges smartphones at a distance

A team from the University of Washington demonstrated how lasers can be used to charge devices at a distance and without wires. The team mounted a power cell on the back of the smartphone and sent a narrow laser beam in the near-infrared region of the spectrum to it.

The first ARM-tablets and laptops based on Windows will appear until April

Qualcomm and Microsoft announced the immediate availability of the Always Connected PC line (always connected to a PC), including laptops and hybrid tablets with an ARM-based Snapdragon processor and a full-fledged Windows 10 operating system.

Scripts for crypto currency mining can work inside Word documents

Malicious JavaScript code can also be executed inside Word documents, since recently Microsoft Word allows users to embed video clips directly into document files.

Microsoft developed a VR-cane for the blind

Developers from Microsoft have applied the principle of virtual reality in the noble cause of helping visually impaired people. The invention of specialists is a cane that “sees” obstacles at a distance.


The effectiveness of the carbohydrate and lean diets was the same

American nutritionists conducted a study involving 609 volunteers aged 18 to 50 years, who were divided into two groups. In the first group, the participants of the experiment followed a non-carbohydrate diet, and in the second group, the volunteers consumed low-fat foods.

Ants have health standards

Entomologists from Australia studied ants and found out that they can cure their sick brethren without getting infected. The ability to cure sick brethren without getting infected from them was found in black garden ants.

Engineers developed a creeping robot with snake skin

Engineers have developed a pneumatic robot that, thanks to snake skin, can crawl along vertical surfaces. Such a coating helps the robot crawl up, the creators say.

Scientists have combined AR, 3D printing and robotics

The International Research Group is implementing a project in which it has succeeded in combining just three advanced technologies: augmented reality, 3D printing and robotics.

Scientists created the world’s first solar reactor for night testing

It is noted that this device is able to work even at night, when the sun’s rays do not fall on it. So, the reactor will not be discharged in the absence of direct sunlight, and alone compensates for the lack of ultraviolet radiation

The Spanish startup has created disposable paper batteries

Startup from Barcelona Fuelim introduced eco-friendly paper batteries, each of which can only be used once.

Scientists have developed a “black box” for cells

A team of specialists from the Broad Institute and Harvard University undertook the development of a “black box” for cells based on the CRISPR mechanism and achieved success. Now it will be possible to record the events that occur with the cells.

A new danger of alcohol is revealed

Scientists of the Institute for Mental Health Research (Canada) found that the constant use of alcohol increases the risk of developing dementia of all types. This is reported in a press release on MedicalXpress

Scientists have announced an unexpected health impact of GMO maize

Scientists have analyzed more than six thousand studies of GMO maize, which were conducted in the last 21 years. According to specialists, GMO corn is not only safe for human health, but also has a beneficial effect on it.


Volvo officially introduced the new generation of the Volvo V60

Automakers continue to declassify their innovations on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show. So the company Volvo showed a new station wagon Volvo V60, which is built on a modular platform SPA. The car will receive gasoline and diesel engines, as well as two hybrid plants.

In Russia came into force new inspection rules

The new inspection rules, approved by government decree, began to operate from February 22. The document, in particular, prohibits the operation of a car with damage to the power steering.

Driving on a car with one faulty windshield wiper and washer is now also unacceptable.

Under the prohibition is the installation of colorless or colored optical parts, as well as gluing the film to the headlights.

Under the new rules, the installation of studded rubber is possible simultaneously only on four wheels. Until now, some car owners have put spiked rubber only on the wheels of the driving axle.

The same for all tires should be a tread pattern.

In the car, there must now be a completed first-aid kit. Until now, this only concerned a serviceable fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign.

Peugeot turned the Rifter van into an SUV

At the International Geneva Motor Show, the Peugeot brand will present the all-terrain vehicle concept built on the basis of the Rifter van

Crossover Rolls-Royce Cullinan got retractable from the passenger compartment

Representatives of the company note that the sliding leather seats with a table from a special compartment in the trunk will allow “to admire nature or watch the children.” The official presentation of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan will take place in the summer of 2018. And Russia will get a crossover in 2019.

The updated Ford Edge crossover is officially presented

By and large, the Ford Edge for Europe is no different from the crossover for the United States market. The only difference is that in America there will be a “charged” version of the ST with a 340-horsepower engine, among others, and a “sports” version of the ST-Line

Hennessey Performance introduced the 1000-horsepower Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Famous American tuning studio Hennesey Perfomance presented a “charged” 1000-strong version of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 sports coupe. First of all, the tuners upgraded the car’s engine, increasing its power up to 1000 horsepower

SsangYong brought to test the updated Tivoli crossover

According to some reports, an extended version of the XLV was seen on the tests. However, one can definitely say that the upgraded version of Tivoli will have substantially revised the front end, where there will be new bumpers, headlights, as well as a new radiator grille.

Declassified a new hot hatatch Cupra Ibiza from Seat

“Seasoned” from Seat brand Cupra prepares for the Geneva Motor Show its first-born. At the exhibition will be shown a hot-hatchet Cupra Ibiza, whose appearance on the eve was declassified on the Internet by photo sponges. Under the hood of the Cupra Ibiza model is a two-liter unit with a supercharger

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