21 Jul, 2018

Trump threatened to impose duties on all goods from China

The US authorities can impose duties on almost all goods imported into the country from China. In an interview with CNBC, US President Donald Trump said that he was ready to increase the number of Chinese-imposed goods tax-exempt at times.

“I’m ready to reach five hundred [billion dollars],” Trump said. In mid-June, the US president announced the introduction of duties on goods from China for a total of $ 50 billion, and by now the US, according to CNBC, has already imposed import from China on $ 34 billion, to which China responded with mirror measures.

The realization of the threat of Trump, as CNBC notes, will lead to the imposition of duties on almost all imports from China – in 2017 in the US, Chinese goods were imported for a total of $ 505.5 billion. China can not answer this measure with a mirror, because American goods, he imports a lot less. In 2017, the total value of US exports to China was less than $ 130 billion.

“I really like President C, but it’s very unfair,” Trump said, assuring that the increase in duties was not due to a bad attitude toward China or political considerations, but for the sake of benefiting the United States.

July 11 it became known that the administration of Donald Trump prepared a new list of dutiable goods from China for a total of about $ 200 billion.

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