27 Jul, 2018

Trump threatened Turkey with “major sanctions”

Trump threatened Turkey with “major sanctions”

President of the United States Donald Trump promised to impose “large sanctions” on Turkey due to the fact that in Turkey, the imprisoned American pastor Andrew Brunson.

The United States will impose large sanctions on Turkey for their long time detainment of Pastor Andrew Brunson, a great Christian, family man and wonderful human being. He is suffering greatly. This innocent man of faith should be released immediately!

On the introduction of sanctions by the US authorities against Turkey, if Branson is not released, also told reporters, US Vice President Michael Pence. According to Reuters, the administration of the US president decided to increase pressure on Turkey on the next day after the court of the republic decided to transfer Branson under house arrest after 21 months of imprisonment.

In 2017, Erdogan offered to exchange the pastor for Fethullah Gulen, who since 1999 lives in the US and does not return to his homeland because of fear of reprisals. Ankara repeatedly asked Washington for his extradition, but was refused.

Briefly about the main …..


Kindergarten with beds and pots

Colleagues of Poklonskaya thwarted the meeting of the State Duma commission headed by her. Out of the 17 members of the commission, only two people came to this meeting, appointed at 15:45, one representative each from the Communist Party and “Fair Russia”.

Answering Interfax’s question, does not she see a boycott in this situation due to the fact that she violated the factional discipline and was the only one who voted against the bill on raising the retirement age,

Poklonskaya said: “It’s funny: maybe in the kindergarten such boycotts could be arranged by colleagues on neighboring beds and pots, but here is a serious organization – the parliament of the country.”

“Of course, I will be reported to the chairman of the State Duma about today’s failure of the meeting of the commission.What reasons, I hope, the leadership will find out,” she said.

Earlier, the “United Russia” faction decided to hold a consolidated vote on the draft law on raising the retirement age.

The total judicial debt of Russians rose to 4.4 trillion rubles

Of 4.4 trillion rubles. debts account for almost 40% of liabilities to banks. At the same time, the number of executive proceedings due to debts for housing and communal services increased by 18%. Recall, in 2017, the bailiffs wrote off 2.2 trillion rubles. bad debts of Russians, which is 16% more than a year ago

Visa centers in Russia were threatened with closure

The adoption of the law on mandatory accreditation of visa centers can lead to their closure, the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) told. As the press secretary of the PCT Irina Tyurina explained to the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the companies managing the visa centers will find it very difficult to meet new conditions.

Moscow authorities will demolish the set of the show “Dom-2”

The Metropolitan Municipality notified the owner of the site where the reality show “Dom-2” is being filmed, – the company “ETK-Invest” – about the seizure of land. About this RBC told the first deputy head of the department of development of new territories of Moscow Valery Shkurov.

Both these territorial units were formed in 2012 as part of the expansion of the territory of Moscow. Before, they were near Moscow. Now, according to the project of the Moscow authorities, a road from Salaryevo to the village of Marino in the southeast of Moscow must pass through these districts.

A source at the Moscow mayor’s office then clarified that the officials did not know that taking the appropriate decision, that “Dom-2” was being removed there.

The State Duma refused to equate cohabitation with marriage

State Duma deputies voted against amendments to the Family Code, which proposed to equate the long-term joint residence of men and women in the presence of their common household to “actually marital relations.”

Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences opposed the evaluation by Rosobrnadzor of the work of universities

The members of the “Club of July 1” – an informal community of academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences who spoke in 2013 against the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, did not support the extension of the powers of the Rosoblnadzor proposed by the government.

In Britain, legalize marijuana. But only as a medicine

The British government decided to allow the use of marijuana and drugs on its basis. True, you can buy it only by prescription. The ban was lifted personally by the Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom of Sajid Javad.

In Altai, they condemned the “knocking out” police confessions

The former deputy head and police officer of the police department of the Tretyakovsky district of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Zmeinogorsky, received seven and six years of imprisonment for exceeding authority in 2015, the press service of the SUSK of the Russian Federation for the Altai Territory reports.

Named the most popular entertainment of Muscovites

Theaters and museums of Muscovites are visited on average six times a year, this category of entertainment takes 33% of the total number of expenses of citizens. On the second place – cinemas, which accounted for 27% of the funds spent.

The third most popular were quests, shooting galleries, paintball and go-cart racing – 10% of expenses.

Next are children’s playrooms and attractions, tickets for circuses, zoos (and also dolphinariums and oceanariums), excursions, water parks and bowling.

Less often Muscovites prefer to rest for playing billiards and spend time in computer clubs, reports RIA Novosti.

Regions were asked to bring half the roads to the norm

The regional government received a letter from the Ministry of Transport with a recommendation to bring to the regulatory state no less than half of the roads by the end of 2024. Now this figure on average in the country does not exceed 44%.

Court arrested the former deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Shlyakova

The Tverskoi court of Moscow arrested the former first deputy head of the Emergencies Ministry, Colonel-General Sergei Shlyakov, accused of fraud. This is reported by TASS correspondent from the courtroom.

Two more participants in the hunger strike of miners in Transbaikalia were taken to the hospital

The doctors took two more miners from the Darasunsky mine in the Trans-Baikal region to the hospital, who went on a hunger strike to protest because they did not pay their salaries. This was reported on Friday by TASS participant of the protest, underground mining drilling and blasting master Andrei Mikheichev.

The Central Bank postponed the terms of the increase in the OSAGO tariff

On June 14, the Central Bank published a draft specification of the maximum rates of base rates and insurance rates for OSAGO, as well as the procedure for their application by insurers in determining the insurance premium. It was planned that the new tariffs would come into effect in the summer.

Krasnoyarsk debtors turn off hot water

Under the law, consumers can deactivate for a delay of two months. The defaulters, who this time were blocked by hot water, were reminded of the need to repay the debt, they were handed a pre-trial claim. Residents have ignored even the decision of the court, so had to go to extremes.

Passenger planes could not get into Pulkovo because of Medvedev’s visit

Several planes had to go to the second round, so as not to interfere with the prime minister’s aircraft to land. The board with high-ranking officials arrived at 19:00. Also it is specified that it was necessary to circumnavigate in the sky planes, flying from Samara and Finland.

At the music festival in Sweden banned smoking

Organizers of the bardic festival in Sweden, which opens today, July 27, on the island of Holmen, banned visitors to smoke.


The government was thinking about the utilization of bicycles

Until October 1, the Ministry of Industry and Trade should decide whether to introduce a recycling fee in Russia for bicycles and bicycle frames. This follows from the minutes of the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on June 27, which discussed measures to support the aluminum industry (Izvestia has it).

Shares of Facebook as a result of the day fell by 19%

US stock indices on Thursday fell mainly against the backdrop of the sharpest in the history of a one-day drop in Facebook shares, according to the auction. The NASDAQ index dropped 1.01% to 7852.18 points.

Coca-Cola will raise prices due to the introduction of Tramp duties on aluminum

The American Coca-Cola announced plans to increase the cost of its drinks due to the introduction by the US President Donald Tramp of import duties on aluminum (from this material banks for a drink are made). This is the general director of the company, James Quincy, told CNBC News.

The creation of passenger ships from the budget will allocate about 1 billion rubles

Almost 1 billion rubles will be allocated from the Russian budget for the construction of passenger ships. This was announced on Friday by Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, speaking at the International Far Eastern Marine Salon.

International reserves of the Russian Federation for the week decreased by $ 2.4 billion

The international reserves of the Russian Federation as of July 20 were $ 457.9 billion, which is $ 2.4 billion lower than the level of the previous week, the Bank of Russia said. As noted by the regulator, the reduction in reserves by 0.5% was due to a negative revaluation.

The ECB did not change its base rate

The European Central Bank (ECB) has maintained the benchmark interest rate on loans at zero level. The corresponding decision was made following the results of the meeting of the Board of Governors of the ECB, according to the website of the regulator.

The IMF called on China to provide a more flexible exchange rate of the yuan

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects that the Chinese authorities will continue to increase the flexibility of the renminbi exchange rate. July 25, it reached the minimum value against the dollar in more than a year.

The Central Bank gave the sanated banks “extra” 700 billion rubles

On July 27 it became known that the credit organizations, sanated by the Central Bank of Russia, placed 700 billion rubles on its deposits, which may be considered excessive from the total amount of capitalization by 1.9 trillion rubles. However, neither the Central Bank, nor banks, nor even experts are ready to recognize them as “superfluous”.

In Russia in the first half of the year, lending to citizens increased 1.5 times

In Russia, for the first half of the year, the volume of loans to citizens increased by 1.5 times and exceeded the mark of 3.67 trillion rubles. New loans were issued in the amount of 18.34 million rubles (+ 18%). Statistics provided by the United Credit Bureau.

Amazon’s revenue increased 39% year-on-year to $ 52.9 billion

The company Amazon.com published a report for the second quarter of 2018. The first thing in the corresponding press release says that the operating cash flow for the past 12 months increased by 22% – from 17.8 to 21.8 billion dollars. Sales for the quarter amounted to 52.9 billion dollars

Investments in the Crimea for the year 2017 increased by 92%

The volume of investment of participants in the free economic zone (CMEA) in the Crimea and Sevastopol in 2017 increased by 92%, amounted to 36.4 billion rubles. This July 27, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

In Yakutia, mammoth tusks are planned to be sold through electronic bidding

Acting Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Vladimir Solodov instructed in the shortest possible time to create sites in the form of electronic trading, which will sell mammoth tusks, the press service of the republican government reported on Friday.

Saudi Arabia has suspended the transportation of oil in the Red Sea

The world’s largest oil exporter temporarily suspended all transportation of oil through the Red Sea after the Yemeni armed group of husits attacked two large-tonnage tankers.

BHP Billiton sells shale assets in the US BP for $ 10.5 billion

The American division of British BP buys from BHP for $ 10.5 billion 100% in Petrohawk Energy Corporation, which operates in the shale pools Eagle Ford, Haynesville and Permian

Gas ceased to be the main source of income for Novatek

In the second quarter of this year, Novatek received only a third of its revenue (34%) from gas sales, the company’s materials show. In the second quarter of last year, gas was the dominant position in Novatek’s revenues – 44%.

The gasification of Ingushetia this year will spend 1.7 billion rubles

This year, Gazprom plans to allocate 1.7 billion rubles for the development of gasification and gas supply in Ingushetia. Between the gas holding company and the government of Ingushetia an agreement has been signed, which is valid until 2020. At present, most of the gas networks in Ingushetia are worn out.

Net profit Repsol jumped in the I half of the year by 46%

The net profit of the Spanish oil and gas company Repsol grew by 46% in annual terms in the first half of 2018 and reached 1.546 billion euros. The upstream (exploration and production) division recorded a profit of 647 million euros in January-June, which is 1.9 times more than in January-June 2017.

ConocoPhillips has reached a profitable level

Quarterly profit, excluding one-off factors, was $ 1.09 per share. Experts interviewed by FactSet, on average, predicted this figure at $ 1.08 per share. ConocoPhillips did not publish revenue figures for the previous quarter.

The net profit of “Yandex” for the second quarter increased by 857%

The revenue of “Yandex” for the past three months increased by 34% compared to the second quarter of 2017, to 29.7 billion rubles. EBITDA for the second quarter of 2018 increased by 23%, to 8.8 billion rubles

“VTB Insurance” will be the only insurer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees

The government approved VTB Insurance as the sole insurer of life and health of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees in 2018-2019. The corresponding order is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.


US senator promised in the “coming months” new sanctions against Russia

An American Republican senator and a representative of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, expressed confidence that the US will approve new sanctions against Russia before the midterm elections to the Congress in November. This is reported by the agency Bloomberg.

Congress is likely to adopt a bill on sanctions against Russia this year. – Bob Corker, American politician

The UN reported a shortage of funds

The United Nations is in an “alarming financial situation” and its funds are beginning to run out. This was stated at a briefing by the representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarrik, according to the website of the organization.

The DPRK transferred the remains of 55 soldiers to the US after the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un

The press service noted that an agreement on the transfer of remains was reached at a meeting between US President Donald Trump and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un, which was held June 12 in Singapore

Macron vs. EU and US Trade Agreement Negotiations

French President Emmanuel Macron opposed the negotiations on a trade agreement between the EU and the US. He said this during his first official visit to Spain, reports Euronews

Leaders of the BRICS countries adopted a declaration on the results of ten years of work

Leaders of the BRICS countries at the summit in South Africa adopted the Johannesburg Declaration on the results of ten years of work of the organization. In the document, they reaffirmed their commitment to the principles of equality and democracy and called for resolving international conflicts peacefully.

Congressmen want to forbid Trump to withdraw the US from NATO

US senators presented a project that forbids US President Donald Trump to withdraw the US from NATO. It is reported by The Washington Post

“Rusal” and the US Treasury conduct “productive discussion”

The whole situation around Rusal is two main issues. First: the US seems ready to lift sanctions from the companies of Oleg Deripaska, and Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin said this for the second time in a week.

Deputy Foreign Minister of China held talks with the Foreign Minister of the DPRK

Deputy Foreign Minister of China Kun Xuanwu during a visit to Pyongyang on July 25-27 held talks with the Foreign Minister of North Korea, Lee Yong-ho. This is reported by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. It is noted that during the meeting the diplomats discussed the development of bilateral relations


ABC reported on US plans to strike Iran with the participation of Australia

The US can prepare to strike at Iranian nuclear facilities with the help of Australia. This may happen next month.

Frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” to join the Navy on July 28

The frigate “Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” will join the Russian Navy on July 28. This was reported on Thursday at the Severnaya Verf.

China will hold the first firing of the S-400 “Triumph”

Recall, the day before it became known that the representatives of the PRC signed an act of acceptance of the first regimental kit S-400. The components of the systems arrived in the Middle Kingdom by sea and since the signing of the act became the property of China. The contract to supply the PLA air defense systems “Triumph” was signed in 2015.

Assad called the long-term military presence of Russia in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad in an interview with Russian media reported that Russia’s military presence in Syria is a long-term one and it is necessary not only to fight against terrorists, Tass reports.

British fighters escorted the Russian Su-24 over the Black Sea

Two British fighters Eurofighter Typhoon, stationed in Romania, accompanied the Russian Su-24 bomber, which approached the NATO borders over the Black Sea, the Royal Air Force said.

US and British reconnaissance planes conducted flights near the Crimea

US UAV RQ-4B Global Hawk and British Sentinel R.1 aircraft conducted reconnaissance over the Black Sea near the territorial borders of Russia near the Crimean peninsula. Both planes hit the radar, and their route was published by the Twitter account Aircraft Spots

The Pentagon is developing space ballistic missile interceptors

The US Department of Defense, the US Missile Defense Agency, will soon begin developing the deployment in space of systems for tracking and intercepting ballistic missiles. The costs of this are laid in the defense budget of the States, RIA Novosti reports.

The F-15X will get a record number of missiles

The American fighter Boeing F-15X will receive a record number (22) of air-to-air missiles, reports The Drive. As an alternative to 22 air-to-air missiles, the F-15X will be able to carry 8 such missiles and 28 guided high-precision GBU-39 air bombs

In Russia, the tests of the parachute system “Bakhcha”

Under the Ryazan state joint tests of the parachute free-of-charge systems “Bakhcha-U-PDS” were completed. According to Igor Nasenkov, the general director of the holding “Technodinamika”, where the systems are actually manufactured, the testing of equipment for the landing of armored vehicles was successfully completed

Husitsky “Samad-3” attacked the airport in the UAE

Representatives of Shiite Husit rebels from Yemen said that they committed a serious attack on Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Representatives of the movement of the Hauti forces reported that their drone “Samad-3” twice struck the capital’s airport.

The US Coalition acknowledged the murder of more than a thousand Syrian residents

The airstrikes of the international coalition led by the United States of America in Syria and Iraq claimed the lives of over a thousand civilians. This is stated in the report prepared by the coalition. It is indicated that at least 1059 civilians were unintentionally killed at the beginning of the operation.

Greek minister named the possible cause of fires in the country

The cause of forest fires in Greece, which claimed the lives of dozens of people, most likely, were arson, said the Minister of Civil Defense Nikos Tosca. In Greece, this week there were several large forest fires, in Attica declared a state of emergency.

In some counties in California, declared the regime of emergency because of fires

The state of emergency is declared in three counties of the American state of California because of natural fires, which resulted in the death of one person, according to the website of the Governor of the State of Jerry Brown. According to the statements published on the website, the emergency situation regime was announced in the districts of Mariposa, Riverside and Shasta.

In London, detained three suspects after the chase and firefights

The police detained three suspects after the chase and gunfire in eastern London, Daily Daily writes. Earlier it was reported that in the Forest Gate area, near the stadium of the football team “West Ham” there was a shootout of law enforcement officers with unknown persons wearing masks.

In the Crimea, eight people were injured in an accident with a minibus

Eight people were injured in an accident involving a minibus and a car that occurred on Friday morning near Feodosia, told RIA Novosti in the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Crimea.

Palestinian injures three Israelis in the West Bank

A Palestinian armed with a knife wounded three Israelis in the vicinity of one of the settlements on the West Bank. This is stated in the message of the IDF on its official page on Twitter.

In an accident in Dagestan killed five people

As a result of the accident, which occurred on the federal highway “Kavkaz” in the Kizilyurt district of Dagestan, five people were killed. This was reported in the press service of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs

The streets of Ulan-Ude went under the water because of heavy rainfall

The streets of Ulan-Ude went under the water – storm sewage could not cope. The list of flooded streets is always the same, and the situation does not change from year to year, and therefore after each rain people have to go through a whole strip of wet tests.

Canadian bear scared tourists, paparazzi

The incident occurred on the highway near Jasper National Park. The bear in Canada did not like being in the spotlight and he decided to drive out the tourists who photographed it. This moment was on the video, shot by an eyewitness passing by.

Four people died in the Moscow region as a result of a mass road accident

In the Moscow region on Novoryazanskoye highway as a result of a mass road accident killed four people. This was reported in the press service of the Moscow Department of the Interior for the Moscow region, reports RIA Novosti. As noted in the message, the incident occurred on the 27th kilometer of the route.

In the Krasnoyarsk air, excess of the norm of formaldehyde

As a result, it turned out that on July 11 the level of formaldehyde concentration was exceeded in Krasnoyarsk, on July 16 the same thing was detected in Lesosibirsk, and on July 25 in the Tura settlement the nitrogen dioxide content was exceeded.

Large-scale forest fires broke out in Germany

In the east of Germany forest fires broke out in the federal state of Brandenburg. The fire has already covered 130 hectares of pine forest

Several natural fires are active in the Middle Urals

We will remind you that within a week the department spreads a warning about fire danger due to the intense heat that has been established in the Middle Urals.

Helicopter of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus extinguishes forest fires in Latvia

To extinguish the Mi-8 began immediately upon arrival. The Ministry of Emergency Situations added that the fire helicopter is equipped with a special drainage device, which can take 2.5 tons of water from almost any body of water. The aviation of Belarus has a wide experience of extinguishing fires in natural ecosystems under difficult conditions.

Forest fires in the US: the bulldozer operator died

As a result of a forest fire in the US state of California, a bulldozer operator died, the Associated Press reported July 27. A man died while trying to contain the flame, in addition to him, three more firefighters were injured.


Alena Vodonaeva was married in Las Vegas

Star “House-2” Alena Vodonaeva married in Las Vegas with her husband Alexei Kosinus. The couple brought oaths of eternal love to each other. Alain and Alex officially registered their relationship last year.

Buzova left the shooting of “House-2” because of the annoying boyfriend

Buzova left the shooting “House-2” because of the annoying groom of the Leader did not like what Roman Gritsenko said, who has been trying to care for her since last autumn. The leading reality show “House-2” Olga Buzova finally confused her fans, how exactly she intends to seek his love.

Maria Zakharova lit a “cigar of the world” with Steven Seagal

Maria Zakharova lit a “cigar of the world” with Stephen Sigal The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry is having fun in Baku. The festival “Heat” in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku is gradually gaining momentum.

Sergei Shnurov “adopted” two homeless people in St. Petersburg

The musician laid out a picture in the Instagram, where he stands, judging by the comments, on the Bucket embankment in St. Petersburg next to two neglected men. Which, probably, were going to eat their simple lunch of bread and add to it supplies from the unchanged black package.
“These are my children, whom shall I leave them to?”

Michelle Williams secretly married musician Phil Elverum

The new number Vanity Fair guaranteed to fly in a matter of hours: in an interview with the publication of the decorated cover, Michelle Williams admitted that she had secretly married. The chosen actress was musician Phil Elverum.

Julia Mikhalkova commented on rumors about the disintegration of the “Ural pel’meni”

Creative association “Ural pelmeni” from Ekaterinburg does not disintegrate. This was reported on her Facebook page by a member of the team, Yulia Mikhalkova, a candidate for the City Duma deputies in Yekaterinburg.

Mishulina told about the mixed male DNA in her blood

The daughter of the actor Spartak Mishulina Karina said she has irrefutable evidence that Timur Eremeev, who calls herself a half-brother, is in fact an impostor. Karina Mishulina admitted that it would not be easy for her to prove her case.

Leader of “Chaif” Vladimir Shahrin supported the participation of the Defense Ministry in the “Invasion”

According to Shahrin, other musicians who refused to perform at the festival, simply “caught some youth HYIP”. The actor was invited to participate in the “Invasion”, and he witnessed the presence of the Ministry of Defense on it – everything was done “gracefully and unobtrusively,” he concluded.

In honor of the birthday of the King of Thailand

Russian pianist Ivan Sharapov, who lives in Thailand, played a ten-hour musical marathon in Bangkok on Thursday in honor of the birthday of King Mach Vachitoralongkon (Rama X) on July 28,

The organizers of the “Invasion” sued for 7 million rubles

The application to the Moscow Arbitration Court was sent by the Russian copyright society. They believe that the money was not received by the authors of the musical compositions sounded at the festival last year.

The amount of the claim was calculated on the basis of the data of the Tver management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the organizers of the “Invasion” that more than 200 thousand spectators visited the site. At the same time, the organizers of the festival listed author’s awards for 884 thousand rubles, indicating that 7 thousand 158 tickets were sold.

As stressed in the Russian author’s society, they several times asked the organizers of the “Invasion” to recount the royalties, and resorting to the court “became an extreme measure”.

The organizers of the festival did not comment on the situation, Tass reports.

Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott will be photographed in the remake of “Charlie’s Angels”

Kristen Stewart and Naomi Scott will be photographed in the remake of “Charlie’s Angels”, informs the information-analytical edition Life

The Grand Prix of the festival “Bitter fest” received the film “The War of Anna”

As part of the out-of-competition program, viewers were able to watch films that, among other things, were filmed in Nizhny Novgorod in the last decade. As a result, the grand prix of the festival “Bitter fest” unanimously awarded the film “The War of Anna” (18+).

Trailer of the film “T-34” by Alexei Sidorov was released

In Russian cinemas, a military drama will appear on December 27. In the film there is a story about a Soviet prisoner of war, who is trying to escape from the Germans on a tank. The main roles in the film were played by Alexander Petrov, Irina Staryshenbaum, Viktor Dobronravov and other artists

In Nizhny Tagil will host an international festival of street cinema

The International Street Cinema Festival will be held in Nizhny Tagil on August 11, as part of the celebration of the City Day. Such an event will be held here for the first time, reports Tagilcity. Fans of cinematography will gather on Fox Mountain, where an improvised cinema hall will be opened in the open air

The film “Everybody knows” with Bardem and Cruz will be released in Russia under a different name

In the Russian film distribution tape Todos lo saben with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz will be released under the title “Labyrinths of the past.” This was reported by the Ovideo portal on July 27. It should be noted that the original picture of Asghar Farhadi was originally to be shown in our country under the title “Everybody knows”.

There was a video with Demi Lovato, who forgot the words of the song

In Instagram there was a video made a few days before the hospitalization of Demi Lovato with an overdose of heroin. The recording was made at a concert, at a time when the singer forgot the words in her own song about sobriety. The single Sober was written in June 2018.

Lizer released the album “Teenage Love”

Rapper Lizer released the album “Teenage Love”, which included 15 tracks and the whole range of teenage experiences.


Russians impose domestic software in gadgets

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) introduced an initiative to the government that would oblige to equip gadgets with Russian-made applications. This is reported by “Kommersant” referring to the “road map” of the FAS on the development of competition, which is in the editorial office.

MacBook will be able to charge “apple” gadgets without wires

If the patent does not get dusty on the shelf (as is often the case) and it gets implemented, owners of portable MacBooks and iPad tablets will be able to use their gadgets to recharge iPhone smartphones without wires.

Samsung tested unbreakable displays for smartphones

Samsung said that they successfully tested new unbreakable OLED-displays. As reported on the site Samsung, instead of glass in the new displays will be used reinforced plastic coating

Windows 10 “taught” to be updated at the optimal time

Representation of Microsoft said that the problem with the time of updating Windows 10, corrected. The reason for this was complaints from users because the operating system was updated at an inopportune moment. This is reported by the publication “Economy Today”.

Brand Tommy Hilfiger has developed “smart” clothes

The American brand Tommy Hilfiger has developed “smart” clothing, which is equipped with microchips that track the movements of customers and the number of things worn by the brand. The line of Tommy Jeans Xplore includes T-shirts, sweat shots and hoodies.

Google created a password-storing electronic key Titan Security Key

Google’s developers have created a Titan Security Key that eliminates users from entering and storing passwords. To access the user, you only need to insert the device into the USB port.

“Blue Screen of Death” got to the new iMac Pro and MacBook Pro Retina

In the models MacBook Pro Retina and iMac Pro 2018 there is a spontaneous reboot. According to users, it is caused by an error in the Bridge OS system, which is the basis of the T2 processor. The error is compared to the “blue screen of death” in Windows.

The sales of the first “smart” display with Google Assistant started

Google announced the launch of sales of the first representative of a new category of devices equipped with a voice assistant, a clever display from Lenovo, which is called Smart Display.

In the development of 3D NAND technologies, the Chinese reached the world level

The difficulty lies in the development and protection of technology at the world level. China is new to the 3D NAND market, while world leaders are engaged in the development and production of NAND flash memory for about three decades.

The manufacturer of clever bracelets Xiaomi bought the American company Zepp

The company Huami Corporation, which is the manufacturer of smart fitness bracelets Xiaomi, announced the acquisition of an American company Zepp International Ltd. Zepp International Ltd. is engaged in the production of all kinds of sensors and sensors for the sports industry.

Experts told about the inadmissibility of using a smartphone when charging

Modern gadgets are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are heated when powered by mains, and if this is forced to work, the battery can swell or even explode.

Telegram launched a service for storing user data

In the message of the messenger it is emphasized that the information is protected by end-to-end encryption, and the Telegram administration does not have access to it. Previously, the media wrote that the Telegram Passport service is intended for the Telegram Open Network

Over 11 million network users have been shadowed

In AdGuard noted that this practice is contrary to the policies of all application stores and extensions, but utilities are still in the public domain. In total, more than 11 million network users have downloaded spyware.

Flash requires removal from all US government sites

Obsolete and insecure technology Wyden proposes to launch a pilot program, which, by March 1, 2019, would partially replace Flash-based solutions with safer counterparts, and by August 1, 2019, it would have been removed from all government computers.

MetaMask was unexpectedly removed from the Chrome store

Yesterday, the Ethera-wallet MetaMask was unexpectedly removed from the Chrome Extension store and Google Play. The developers of the extension wrote on Twitter that no one from Google notified them about it, and were surprised by this decision.

Applications for the card-cutting allow you to steal a car

The analysis of Kaspersky Lab (LC) was subjected to 13 mobile applications of the services of the card-making from the Russian Federation, Europe and the USA. Experts have found that these programs have vulnerabilities that allow attackers to steal personal data, as well as steal a car.

Google released a completely new Chrome browser for smartphones

The AKKet.com edition found that Google has released an entirely new Chrome browser for smartphones, at least it feels so. This is due to the fact that users are waiting for a new interface, design, fonts and even features.

Looking for an alternative to Google and Yandex

Google collects not only requests and IP addresses, but also personalizes this information, uses it to display ads and even shares it with third parties. Fortunately, there are good alternatives that respect your privacy

Microsoft Bing, Yahoo! and Qwant, developed in France. They are joined by four more concepts of the search engine, which focus on privacy protection: DuckDuckGo, StartPage, MetaGer and eTools.

Google updated the guidelines for assessors

The other day, Google updated its guide for assessors – experts assessing the quality of search. Now assessors will analyze not only the reputation of the resource, but also the reputation of the author of the content – an article or a landing page that is evaluated.

The system of recognition of persons confused politicians with criminals

The American Civil Liberties Union decided to test the new Rekognition face recognition system created by Amazon. As a result, the system identified 28 congressmen as criminals.

It’s worth noting that this may seem like an amusing fact, but Amazon actively advertises its system for police and security organizations and some already use it, so the price of such a mistake can be quite expensive for the one who was identified incorrectly.


Rostech: A parachute designed to evacuate people from buildings

Unlike the parachute evacuation system “Chance”, the new model is designed in such a way that it allows the evacuation of people from a low altitude – from 30 m. This is the height of a nine-story building. So, with the help of this parachute, people can be evacuated from burning buildings

In Mexico, archaeologists discovered a cave with ancient Mayan drawings

The cave with ancient rock paintings, left by representatives of the Mayan civilization, was discovered by archaeologists on the Yucatan peninsula. According to The Latin American Herald Tribune, this is a very important discovery for the region. Yucatan was the center of Mayan culture from the fourth to the tenth century.

The future has already come – the robot-lifesaver is at your service

The Centauro robot, capable of operating from remote operator’s teams in difficult and dangerous conditions, was presented by developers from the Italian Technological Institute and the University of Bonn, transmits the edition of the IEEE Spectrum. The earlier Momaro robot is based on the design.

Biologists have discovered consciousness-supporting neurons

Researchers from the Rockefeller University (USA) discovered neurons supporting consciousness. They told about this in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the human brain, there are cells that are responsible for the activity of the nervous system.

Weak night lighting intensified the hunt of wasp-riders on aphids

A group of researchers from Exeter University, led by Dirk Sanders, studied the influence of different levels of night illumination, from 0.1 lux (slightly weaker than the full moon in a clear sky) to 100 lux (very cloudy day) on the behavior of aphids and parasites on them, riders.

Microorganisms of the soil have successfully processed “alternative” plastic

New experiments have shown that PBAT is effectively destroyed in soil by microorganisms. Soil microorganisms decompose PBAT, processing carbon in its composition and releasing carbon dioxide.

Chilean scientists created a water-soluble plastic

Two chemical engineers from Chile have created a technology for the production of environmentally friendly plastic bags that dissolve in cold water. Scientists have replaced petroleum products, traditionally used in the manufacture of plastics, for ordinary limestone

Scientists have found a new mineral in the meteorite

A unique mineral was discovered by a group of scientists from UrFU together with Novosibirsk colleagues and scientists from Ulan-Ude. The wreckage of the meteorite was found in 2016 in Buryatia during the search for gold. The scientists presented their discovery to the Assembly of the International Meteorological Society, recently held in Moscow.

Scientists have discovered a new relationship between smell and memory

The special relationship that exists between smells and memories has become the subject of research by neurobiologists from Canada. Scientists have managed to describe the microbiological mechanism, which is responsible for vivid memories associated with smells

Created the world’s first aerosol with nanobots

Represented by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, nanobots are able to successfully perform operations of virtually any orientation.

In particular, they can both with high accuracy diagnose various diseases that affect the body, and effectively identify, for example, potentially dangerous leaks in the pipes.

Scientists are convinced that the nanorobots sprayed have a really great future. It is not ruled out that they will soon begin to be actively used in various fields of activity.

Physicists discovered new quasiparticles in semiconductors and called them collectons

German physicists have discovered with the help of photoluminescence spectroscopy a new type of quasiparticles that arise in semiconductors with an increased degree of degeneracy of the electron gas.


Black hole confirmed the theory of Einstein

A star is discovered that changes its orbit after approaching a black hole. According to astronomers, this behavior of the planet confirms Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Mercury will launch a research mission BepiColombo

Representatives of ESA said that on October 19, three spacecraft will be sent to Mercury in the framework of the BepiColombo research mission, organized jointly with Japan. In the message of the European agency it is noted that the devices will be launched into space with the help of the Ariane 5 launch vehicle.

The asteroid Ryuga was covered with large boulders

The Hayabusa-2 spacecraft received a new snapshot of the asteroid Ryuga from a distance of six kilometers. It turned out that the entire surface is covered with large boulders, which had not previously been observed on similar sites visited by other vehicles, according to the mission website.

The Hubble telescope took high resolution images of Mars and Saturn

The Hubble telescope made a series of high-resolution images of Mars and Saturn. This became possible due to the correct construction of planets in their orbits. At a time when the Earth and any other planet line up in one line, telescopes can make the most accurate photo of the celestial body.

Scientists: The seasons on Mars abruptly replace each other

Scientists have established that the seasons on Mars very sharply replace each other. Between these transitions there are no intermediate phenomena and relatively warm temperatures are quickly replaced by a significant frost. Mars almost completely repeats the Earth, except for minor differences.

Parachute system for a new spaceship

“Rostegh” first showed the parachute system being created for the prospective space ship “Federation”. The demonstration took place on July 23 at Kirzhach airfield, the correspondent of RBC reports.

SpaceShipTwo ship broke its own record

In the United States, the third test of the suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo of the Unity model was successfully completed. The development and testing of the aircraft is overseen by the US company Virgin Galactic

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